but like w0w

skinship!au ft jaeno/nomin (jaemin & jeno)

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( a/n ; hello! so this is my first take on writing this kind of imagines. i always have plots in my mind but i’m not sure how to write it out as a fanfic because of the lack in my english writing :^) i took 2 weeks to write this bc i kept changing plots and stuffs o u o ; anyways, i hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! + i’m sorry but i don’t take requests, however you can still suggest here~ i only do gay/yaoi/boxboy ships that i approve c: )


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yall i was just thinking……how turnt* is evry1 on this site abt to be when graham drops this album tho (whenevr that may be)…like can u Imagine. w0w. damn 😪

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I think that you are an absolutely wonderful person and I'm honored to have befriended you. You're gorgeous and funny and I cherish every moment knowing I've met someone as lovely as you. Plus I look at you and I'm like "w0w I'm Gay"

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I don’t know who you are but I am SO FRIGGIN’ HAPPY that you are in my life~! I just, I mean, I’ve JUST GOT A LOT OF FEELINGS right now omfg.

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Every time I open my mouth and share an opinion I’m like w0w I wish I could erase my existence from anyone’s memory and become a pile of dirt

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which boy do you think would be the best kisser?

You probably expect this answer bUT JONAH.
Like, his lips look so soft. I feel like he’d be a gentle kisser, like very light kissing at first and then he’d turn it into a heated make out session and just start kissing you harder and wOw some one tell him to kiss me plz

OR JACK!!! Have to seen his lips? Like w0W the thi-