but like theyre eggs

Oh my god imagine the team touching down on a planet because they picked up a distress beacon from someone who crashed and they get there and find a room with a bunch of eggs and theyre all like “what the fuck is this??” and one of them is checking out an egg, and Lance has a really bad feeling because this feels so familiar???? aND THEN THE EGG OPENS UP AND IT HITS HIM AND HE’S “OH FUCK” AND SHOVES HIS TEAMMATE OUT OF THE WAY LIKE “LOOK OUT” AND THE FACE HUGGER JUMPS OUT AND MISSES THEM AND PULLS HIS BAYARD OUT SO FAST AND SHOOTS THE DAMN THING LIKE “FUCK THIS SHIT”


oh if you’re in europe and need a lot of butter (for cookies or whatever) it’s probably cheaper to make your own by over-whipping heavy cream… unless the butter crisis is also affecting cream prices? which I imagine it would but ?

these are 2 of my ocs ryker and z

Listen I get that tumblr is so for like emphasizing that when you overreact your emotions are valid and thats amazing! Because they are valid! But I don’t think people on here realize that overreacting is literally not an appropriate response to whatever it is that happened to you and getting upset when people ask you to learn how to express your emotions more appropriately and to properly process your emotions is very immature. Like people shouldnt constantly feel like theyre walking on egg shells around you because thats so stressful and nobody should have to dedicate so much emotional labor to one person. Like I’m mentally ill too, i get that it’s hard, but literally all im asking is that you guys be more considerate of others as well.

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congrats on your decision to go vegan! i just became vegetarian this past year but my end goal is to fully incorporate vegan into my diet, im at a point as well that meat and dairy/eggs have become nauseating, so im learning how to cook vegan :)

sweet!!!!! i actually never eat eggs like at all, im not a fan of them. i only use them for baking but there are so many ways to bake without eggs so theyre pretty much useless. ive never liked pork and i can live without beef but my problem is…… chicken and cheese…. especially cheese like its so fucking good and vegan cheese just isnt the same yknow? plus its super expensive. i hate that cheese is about to become a luxury for me. but its worth it because ill be doing something good for animals and the environment.

i have avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (in simpler terms im an extremely picky eater) so the switch to veganism is hard since i have to get used to a whole bunch of new unfamiliar foods and ill have to get rid of nearly ALL of my safe foods, but like i just said my love for animals and the environment are my #1 motivator to recover from this eating disorder thats plagued my existence since forever.

anyway. sorry for rambling on i just never get to talk about veganism in a way thats positive and not full of shitty discourse about ~annoying vegans~ or whatever. good luck on your journey towards veganism and whenever it gets hard to give up certain foods just remember youre doing something good for this world and becoming a better version of yourself and this is what truly matters!!!!!

Jonghyun/Taemin; a good egg; PG

“What’s wrong?” Taemin asks quietly. Jonghyun makes another noise, a quiet groan, an unintelligible mumble, and curls himself up even tighter in Taemin’s arms. Taemin curls with him, squeezing him just as much as he likes. “Tell me,” he whispers.

but like tw for super self-esteem problems

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kt omg please think about jay and harley going grocery shopping and wearing hoodies and taking turns sitting in the cart

  • they get into Serious Debates over which sugary marshmallowy cereal they should buy and from which brand
  • joker never checks the expiration dates, he just throws it in the cart and then harley has to go through them all and by the time she’s finished they’re like three aisles away from where they picked it up
  • harley trying to make joker eat eat healthier and it devolves into her stabbing him repeatedly with a carrot while he’s trapped in the cart with nowhere to run
  • “are the chances of us eating this before we get arrested high enough to warrant purchasing it in the first place??”
  • so many donuts. too many donuts
  • cashiers thinking theyre celebrities hiding from the paparazzi and asking for their autograph
  • cashiers recognizing them and asking for their autograph
  • cashiers recognizing them and going into a panic and theyre like ‘dude please we just want our eggs and milk come on we gotta eat too’
  • fighting over what to get at the redbox
  • running into other supercriminals at the grocery store and it’s awkward for everyone but harley

like digital painting and traditional painting are just…two different media…..with different limitations and different possibilities. hating on digital painters because you think theyre cheating is like an egg tempera painter in the renaissance trekking up to northern europe, seeing oil paint for the first time, and going “NO WAY DID YOU DO THAT YOURSELF THE BLENDING IS TOO REALISITC!! THIS ISNT YOUR WORK YOU STOLE THIS FROM JESUS” or something