but like theyre eggs

while im at it uh… anyone wanna take some competitively viable vulpix / dratini off my hands


((click for better quality))

have some bad platonic egg valentines day cards cause i couldnt find any lmao

these are 2 of my ocs ryker and z

I give my friends really terrible nicknames related to food so people get confused when I talk about them
“Ah yes this is Lucien, he’s a McFricking bacon egg and cheese muffin”
“Arcade!! A head of lettuce!!”
“Anyway have y'all heard of my friend Britt? Yeah she’s a living breathing spoonful of sugar”
“Wyatt is a fucking can of sea salt”
“*giggles*then there’s Patrick *giggles again* he’s a turkey breakfast sausage patty and I’m a plate of runny sunny-side-up eggs”
“Lol Alan is a weed brownie”
“Alex with the rainbow hair–a really cheesy pizza.”

Jonghyun/Taemin; a good egg; PG

“What’s wrong?” Taemin asks quietly. Jonghyun makes another noise, a quiet groan, an unintelligible mumble, and curls himself up even tighter in Taemin’s arms. Taemin curls with him, squeezing him just as much as he likes. “Tell me,” he whispers.

but like tw for super self-esteem problems

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