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In celebration of this hardy number, I’m going to have a giveaway!!!

I will randomly select 3 PEOPLE, who will each get 1 drawing like in this style:


  1. Must be following me! New followers are welcome!
  2. Only REBLOGS count
  3. Reblog as many times as you like!
  4. Requested character must be an original character or a fan character, please do not request canon characters from games or movies etc.
  5. Deadline is the 5th of April 2017, 4pm GMT.
  6. Winners will be randomly selected! If you win I will inbox you and ask what you will like drawn.  Please answer within 24 hours or I will give your slot to someone else!

Thank you for your continued support so far and in the future!

YOI Artist Blogs
Master Google Database for all YOI Artist Blogs! Open for anyone to edit!

As a huge fan of the incredible fan art that’s been produced in YOI fandom, I thought I would start a master database of all of the artists in YOI! 

Since I can’t possibly follow every single YOI artist in all of Tumblr, I’ve only listed the artists I follow currently. 

If anyone else wants to help collaborate by editing this doc and adding to it, please feel free to do so! If you are an artist, please feel free to add yourself; if you’re a fan, please feel free to add someone else whose art you like. 

Click here or the title for the link to database

This database categorizes artists by: ships/characters drawn; NSFW; requests; commissions; repost policy; and preferred language!

I wasn’t able to figure out some of the answers for categories for many artists, as they did not have an FAQ page, or it wasn’t immediately apparent on their page, but did my best! I know I’m missing a TON of amazing artists, so if anyone wants to help, I think this would be awesome. :D 

Currently listed artists include:

@1o8k @aina-p @alpakappa @amelin-art @ask–viktor @ammeja @badlydrawnyuurikatsuki @badlydrawnseung-gil @blau678 @brilcrist @campaignofmadness @chaotichero @cookiecreation @crimson-chains @cubisticking @dedemidianart @doodlesonice @dorkishdorkish1905 @gairanelixir @hasuyawwn @kaciart @kamisartvonkunst @kantonliu @lamenart @mikkapi @minatu @nerfitisketch @niyaokul @redzonest @sakihokoru @seek-victory @shynii @themightynyunyi @yukipri @yurionniiice

If you are an artist above and would like to be properly categorized, please check out the doc. ^_^

Please reblog! <3 

If you have any suggestions as to how this database can be improved, please let me know!! ^^



Villainous x Reader HCs!

A/N: So @notjustclones is someone I look up to a whole lot (if you like the clone wars go check them out!) and they’ve done some stuff like this and I thought it was a cute idea!! So here is the crew cooking with their significant others (other than 5.0.5, who I always feel is more of a friend or pet, but honestly it’s however you wanna think about it). I know I have requests pending, but maybe this’ll satisfy a bunch of you just requesting characters with no story? I dunno! I just had to do this!!!

Dr. Flug:
-This adorable little bagged genius is actually a decent cook once he calms down.
-He really loves baking with you, and sharing a nice treat once the sweets are done!
-You two flirt back and forth, but in the most nerdy way possible. (i.e. “Man! Once these are done they’ll be the second sweetest thing in this house.” Or “Careful, the oven is almost as hot as you are.”)
-He drops things a lot, being a clumsy and rather nervous scientist. You enjoy watching Flug if he doesn’t notice the timer is about to go off because he jumps a bit at the sudden loud ringing.
-Flug definitely has an apron with the molecular structure of chocolate printed on it. He also got you an apron with a cute little thing on the front too!

-What he lacks in cooking skills, he makes up for in pure enthusiasm.
-anytime you bake bread or cake or something of the like he is completely amazed at how the dough or batter can become this light fluffy thing! It’s like magic to him.
-he really likes when you let him lick the mixing spoon
-usually just sits/ walks around the kitchen waiting for you to be done cooking so he can eat or play with you

-usually forgets to preheat the oven
-her knife safety skills are atrocious, yet somehow she’s always fine
-she doesn’t especially like baking, just you, so she deals with one to get the other
-also enjoys getting to lick the mixing spoon
-anything that will not produce sweets she finds especially boring, so normal cooking isn’t something that happens often. She will gladly just wait for you to finish dinner.
-typically she’ll go watch TV in the other room or dance around wildly to loud music with you while waiting for you to be done cooking
-once the food is done, she’ll run in, hug and kiss out out of appreciation, then quickly grab food.

Black Hat:
-Cooking? No. He doesn’t do that. Don’t ask.
-….Fine, but only because he doesn’t completely hate you.
-This guy can surprisingly handle himself in the kitchen. He knows where everything is and how to use it, but that doesn’t mean he likes it!!
-Black Hat doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. If he does begrudgingly agree to cook with you, it will usually be meat.
-That being said, he will occasionally stir something for you, or preheat an oven when you’re baking multiple things at once, but he’ll never admit to it.
-If you’re baking or he isn’t interested in cooking, he will still sit in the kitchen with you, filling out paperwork or brainstorming ideas for new products. Sometimes he’ll even tell stories about destroying heroes and cities and such.
-sometimes, if no one else is in the mansion, he’ll come up behind you while you’re chopping food or what have you, and wrap his arms around you from behind, lay a head on your shoulder and say nothing other than perhaps a soft grumpy hum, as if to say, “See? I am showing my love for you, you are welcome, also this time together is…nice.” Then he’ll stalk off without a word, grabbing a binder of paperwork to put back in his desk.

Well, since I’m kinda having a bat time right now… let’s do it!

There’s my commission sheet! The pictures will be made on this style and full body. If someone wants to request one, just PM me with a picture of the character you want me to do it!

I can do

  • SFW
  • Furries
  • OCs
  • Characters from an anime, game, etc (as long as you give me a picture with them)
  • Basic things like hugging, holding hands, etc

I can’t do

  • NSFW
  • Too detailed armors (remeber, I draw in chibi style!)
  • Kissing (;u;)
  • Too detailed characters
  • Any type of gore (I know that gore is part of the NSFW group but… I only can do things like Geno’s gash, sorry :’D)

And that’s much everything! The payment is via Paypal so I’ll give you the mail once you PM me and we talk abou the commission. I may not answer in a few days but don’t worry, I’m not ignoring you. I don’t have internet in my house actually ovoU

If you can’t request, you can also help by rebbloging this. That will help me a lot, thank you! uvu) 

ALSO: I´ll soon annouce the winner ship for the 2000 followers special!

Every persona game has subtle characterization of the silent protag via the options it gives you to choose from and a few other things. but akira has arguably the best characterization because:

  • the ability to say “savage” when futaba calls mishima a npc
  • ^alternatively “he’s the protagonist” sweet child
  • “so what if it’s true?” ALL THE FUCKING TIME
  • “ghostly”
  • “beep boop” when makoto says someone thought of her like a robot
  • *time to button mash* when pretending morgana is a toy cat that meows when you press their head
  • “I’m not interested” so often (but especially when ryuji is talking about how hot the girls are)
  • SPOILER: “I mean, I died…”
  • SPOILER: Character: *attempts to murder him* / protag: “I feel like our bond has become closer”
  • (child please)
  • “please don’t cry”
  • “Give me their name” or “what’s their full name” or “what was their name again”
  • (seriously tho the fact your co-ops have mementos requests is great)
  • “I was just standing here” when ryuji thanks him
  • ^”But I was just standing here” when ryuji equates his help to running a marathon at his side.
  • “i believe in him”
  • honestly watch him play that shooter with the kid it’s so funny how different from in the metaverse that is

I can’t think of anything else, but feel free to add more

Mashima Hiro interview by Character JAPAN (10/5/17)

Character JAPAN posted an interview with Mashima Hiro just after WebNewtype published theirs. Most of the questions are the same as what I’ve posted here, but there are a few extra questions in the Character JAPAN interview and I’ve translated them below.

Article ©Character JAPAN
Translated by thefairystales | DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE SOURCE
Please credit by linking back when using. (usage rules)

When did you become aware of “manga artist” as a profession?

I’ve wanted to become a manga artist since I was in primary school. However, after entering high school, I felt that being in a band would make me more popular as compared to drawing manga (laugh), and there was a period of time when I was engrossed with that. However, when I entered a certain contest, and the winner was a teen around 13 years old, I thought that “I can’t survive in the same circle with such a talent around!” and returned to manga.

I went to Tokyo and entered various competitions, and I think I was really lucky back then. There were hardly any fantasy manga published in Weekly Shonen Magazine when my serialization first began, and I filled this niche (laugh).

Are there movies that you have used as a reference in your work?

I’ve liked fantasy from the start, and I’ve used The Lord of the Rings movie as a reference. I like the original work as well. The buildings and scenery in Fairy Tail use medieval Europe as a motif, and Magnolia, where Natsu’s guild is, is based on the townscape of Paris.

Mashima-sensei’s weekly serialization is currently ongoing. Did you get mixed up since you were working on the story of the manga and the story of the movie concurrently?

I got mixed up (laugh). I drew the storyboard for the movie quite some time ago, while serialization of the manga was also ongoing. Miraculously, the movie and the climax of the manga were revealed at around the same time. It might have been better if the movie was released slightly earlier.

How did you come up with the original characters for Fairy Tail Dragon Cry?

I started by thinking “It would be interesting if this character were to battle against this character”. “If someone were to battle against Gray, he should have this kind of ability.” I conceptualize each character by following this train of thought.

Did you request for particular seiyuus to voice the original characters?

I left the decision to the anime staff. I participated in the audition back when the anime of the TV series began, and requested for the person who matched the feel of the character the best.

Natsu’s seiyuu, Kakihara Tetsuya-san, looks just like Natsu. They seem to resemble each other more and more each year!

They resemble each other to the extent where I wonder who is the one becoming more like the other person. There have been times where I could hear Kakihara-san’s voice while drawing the manga.


Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul requested by @ah-luna​​

Aesthetic for a Kedamono who was terrified of his Popee

Kink/ddlg/cgl(re) don’t interact



  • All transactions are Paypal only
  • To give you proper credit, provide a link to your Tumblr when sending your request.
  • You reserve a slot by paying upfront after I accept your request.
  • Please provide VISUAL references for your character. (A current full body reference.)
  • Complex designs might modify the price.
  • Pose references aren’t required, but it would be very helpful for me.
  • No NSFW. Pinups are negotiable.
  • You can request characters that aren’t yours as long as you let me know where they’re from so I can give credit properly.


Got an idea for a character you’d like drawn? Interested in seeing your pre-existing character being given my personal spin on their design? Well, now’s the time to see it happen!

all rules for regular commissions apply with a few additional ones

If you want me to make  character from scratch, I’ll need a shot description of them along with reference pictures to help me get an idea of what you’d want them to look like.

For original characters, you may use the design for personal use as long as I am given proper credit.

If you want to request someone else’s character, you’ll have to get permission from them first.

Contact me at oolongeg@gmail.com if you’re interested in placing an order! 

Okie dokie my dudes!! You know the drill!

-If you reblog this post you will have a chance of winning shit

-Reblog as many times as you’d like!

-likes will NOT be counted

-If you do not respond to me within 24hrs I will give the prize to someone else


1st prize — a mystery box that includes traditional\fully coloured chibis from a fandom of your choosing, candy and a mochi plush

2nd prize — doodle sheet of a bunch of characters or a requested ship (fully coloured)

3rd prize — sketch sheet of a requested OC


@kabukigirl1977 asked: 

I love your Spidey comics! Is Silk going to show up at some point? She’s my favorite superhero and I’d love to see her in your style

@kakuseiofficial asked:

If you’ve heard of her, ah, what would cindy moon look like here?

@avenger09 asked:

Any plans to include the rest of the Web-Warriors. Iron-Spider,(Who could be Flash in a suit the simulates spidermans ability) Scarlet-Spider Kid Arachnid, Slik, Spiderwoman, Spider-Girl (Gwen). And the evil spiders like Kaine (Who could be the Wolf-Spider) Tarantula. Wow there’s a lot of them.

Here’s Cindy Moon as Silk! 

I say more under the ol’ cut here

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dusty18  asked:

Is there a underdecay papyrus? ;o; Sorry if someone already asked this im new to your blog and so far im loveing your encredible are style!! But if there was once a underdecay papyrus can we see him hugging sans? Sorry you don't have to i just thought it would look adorable in your amazeing art skill ☺️ BTW i cant believe you took my request for grillby as a kid thank you so much i was like screaming with joy!!! ;v;

Well. I need to update his ref since my style changed so much, though I DO have a proper reference of Papyrus~<3

You can find all the character design and detail about the lore over here.

Papyrus and Sans used to be really close, but for some reason that I won’t explain yet, they grew apart from each other.

Tuesday Night (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Request: Can you please do “You’re mine. I don’t share" and “you’re so fucking hot when you’re mad” with Phillip Ham?

Word Count: 844

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

AU: Modern

Warning: Cursing, alcohol mention, drunk stranger, cat calls?

Note: Heyo! Another Philip Hamilton x Reader! Requests are still open for Prompts! Click on the link if you’d like and then let me know which character along with a few numbers! I can’t guarantee when it would go up. I have a few to get through, but I have many ideas!!

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But her...

Request: Can you do a Murphy x reader inspired by this quote? “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But her, oh god. I loved her so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Yes, of course! This idea is super cute.

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by lachicainmortal

For Bellamy, it was an odd thing to see Murphy act so… so relax and sweet. So caring. This wasn’t the Murphy he’d trusted and then sent away like nothing. This wasn’t the Murphy that had lusted after killing a child because of a death he got blame for. And this was definitely not the Murphy he’d be strung up by and taunted by all for revenge.

This Murphy was almost, childlike. Smiling and laughing with his hands around your waist in enjoyment. Murphy almost didn’t care that he, Bellamy, was standing right before him, his eyes stuck on the two figures before him. If this had been any other time, Bellamy was positive that the boy would’ve flung forward to hit him or punch him or kick or something.

Instead he was too busy laughing at something you whispered in his ear.

Bellamy before had thought Murphy wasn’t even capable of loving something. Bellamy knew for a fact the boy didn’t even love himself, despite how hard he tried to hide it. Bellamy could see in the boys eyes the hatred he felt for himself, because now, Bellamy felt the same way. 

There was a darkness in his eyes that could only explain his rather arrogant and bold act, because he was trying to protect himself from being hurt. But now, that was lost and was replaced by happiness.

“Bellamy,” said man blinked, confused as he refocused on the image of you and Murphy. You smiled at him, waving. “You went silent, everything okay?” You asked, Murphy just watched on with a small smile, not really saying anything.

Bellamy grinned, even if he didn’t mean it and shook his head; “no. I am fine.”

 “You sure Bellamy?” Murphy asked, his voice rough with the hint that he may not care.

You rolled your eyes, “if you don’t mean it, don’t say anything John.” There was another thing. You called Murphy ‘John’ which was odd in itself, Bellamy heard that Murphy never allowed anyone to call him by that name, but you were apparently an exception.

“Anyways,” you suddenly clapped. “It’s nice of you to join us, Bellamy. I am gonna just take a shower, get settled.”

With that you walked away and Bellamy and Murphy were left with their awkward silence. Murphy walked up to the stove, playing around with the soup he’d been working on before.

“How?” Bellamy murmured.

“You’re gonna have to be more clear than that Bellamy.” Murphy teased, not looking at Bellamy.

“How can you love her?”

“Excuse me?” Murphy asked, his voice rough and suddenly cold. He turned daggers at Bellamy, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with Y/N, so-”

“No, you can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.“ Bellamy shook his head, confused.

Murphy stayed silent, before it clicked. “Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But her, oh god. I loved her so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.” With a small smile he finished, he turned back to the stove leaving Bellamy in his thoughts.

Elim Garak again.  Personally, I liked his profile view that I drew, but someone asked for something more expressive… And we can never have enough Garak, can we?  Please let me know which one you guys prefer!

As for my earlier post, Ziyal turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.  So, I’ll be revisiting her another day.  In the meantime, I’ve had requests for Shran, Gandalf, and Frank Turner (a musician), so you may be seeing them pop up at some point. 

Trying to get an art base before I open a Society6 page, but in the meantime, I am still open to color and character suggestions.  Do you guys like the black and white, or would you like to see some color?  Do you want to see them digitized, maybe with some texture?

And as always, commissions are open!



  • Half body - 25$, 15$ for additionnal character
  • ¾ body - 35$, 20$ for additionnal character
  • Full body - 45$, 30$ for additionnal character

I don’t draw:

- porn (non-sexual nudity is ok) 
- complicated backgrounds
- OC + canon character 
- furry/anthro

Please, remember: price may changes to the complexity of your request (clothing, extra objects like animals, armor or weapon, etc.), but it always can be discussed. 

  • Payment is full upfront and only via PayPal. I use invoices. 
  • Contact me at hatteee.ho@gmail.com

If you want to see more examples of my works, you can click this link.

Thanks in advance, and feel free to ask me about any other info! (。・ω・)シ 。・☆

cynekixbakuia  asked:

May I have a scenario where Bakugou's and Shouto's (separately) shy s.o says "I love you" for the first time and after that they hug them to hide their flushed face (///^///) ♡ thank you and wuaaa someone who loves Bakugou ♡♡♡♡ Good luck with your block dear ♡

CUUUUUTE~! Also, I went with reaction headcanons since your request exceeds the number of characters for scenario requests.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou honestly felt like the universe was screaming “you big idiot you let her/him say it first” when he was actually planning to tell you those words himself but it just never seemed like the right time (at least that’s what he tells himself but in reality he was a nervous wreck). He feels an enormous weight has been lifted off his chest when you confessed your love to him, but on the other hand he feels like this huge coward for not being brave enough to utter those words to you. His lips tug into a grin and he places a firm kiss on the top of your head before he tells you to look at him because he wants you to see that he truly means it when he says, “I fucking love you, too.” 

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki stands there completely stunned and hadn’t expected you to say that you loved him out of nowhere, and even though he heard you declare that statement loud and clear he still doubts his hearing senses. It takes him a fairly long moment to let the words fully sink in and he feels terrible that he didn’t say it back right away and left you hanging, as you were squeezing him tightly and he could feel the warmth of your cheeks through his shirt. Would it be weird if he says it back now even after the silence has surrounded you two? He brushes his thoughts away and his strong arms securely wrap around your form and with a calming voice he tells you that he loves you too.

Introducing Forever Boys, a Jikook/Kookmin-focused Fic Exchange hosted on AO3!


  • April 28: Sign ups open
  • May 10: Sign ups close
  • June 25: Assignments Due
  • July 2-5: Works revealed
  • July 6: Authors Revealed


  • All works must be focused on the pairing Jimin/Jungkook. Other pairings are allowed, but do not include their ship name (ex: Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster/Min Yoongi | Suga) in your request/offer/fill/etc unless they play a prominent enough role in the story that fans of that ship would be satisfied reading it.
  • You must have an AO3 account to participate. If you don’t have an AO3 account, you can either request an invitation through AO3 directly here, or you can contact us through our email or Twitter account and we can get you an invitation link quicker that way.
  • A minimum of 1,000 words is required for this challenge. You’re free to make your fic as long as you like, however! The longer, the better. <3
  • Your fic must be ‘complete’ when you submit it. It can be in any form you choose (chaptered, oneshot, longshot, etc) but if it’s a chaptered fic, this means all chapters must be present in your fic by the deadline.
  • Be respectful of the prompt you’re given. If someone requests a Harry Potter AU for their fic and you write them a Lord of the Rings AU instead, you aren’t being respectful of their fill and that person will feel left out. You’re free to let your creative mind go wild, but make sure to stay true to the original request!
  • You have complete free reign on the content of your prompt, so long as they aren’t unwriteable. This means you make it as sfw or explicit as you like (wink)! However, it is important to note that including certain warnings in your prompt (ex. Rape/Non-con, Major Character Death, etc) may drastically reduce your chances of finding someone willing to write that for you. In the event that this happens, we will contact you about the contents of your prompt and see if we can work something out.
  • Don’t talk about your assignments publicly until after the author reveal. As this is an anonymous challenge, we’d like to keep everything spoiler-free until the very end! You’re more than free to discuss your fic with friends privately, but please don’t announce your assignment to everyone on your Twitter or Tumblr account and spoil the surprise. That’s no fun!
  • Let us know if you need to drop out. It’s totally okay to drop out if you have to, and we understand. However, please don’t wait until the very last minute– the sooner the better, so that the pinch-hitter that takes over your fill will have enough time to complete their fic in time for the deadline. Please contact us through any of the various contact forms we have to let us know if you plan on dropping out of the exchange. If you drop out without letting us know, you will be banned from all future challenges.

If you’re interested in participating, sign up for the exchange here!

too little too late

pairing: thor x reader

Plot: the reader is in love with Steve and he knows that but he never gives her the time of day so she starts hanging out with Thor (who also happens to have a crush on you) and she starts to develop feelings for him. When Steve notices the reader is spending all of her time with Thor he starts to become jealous and shows up everywhere the reader and Thor are. On the night of one of Tony’s parties Thor makes an announcement that Steve doesn’t like and decides to start a fight with him.

A/n again the first person let me know in the comments how many movies are in the  trilogy will get a personalized fic with the character or actor/actress of their choosing. Here’s the link to the characters/actors I’m accepting requests for http://marvelismylife.tumblr.com/post/157632999387/in-my-thor-fic-im-going-to-be-posting-tonight

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Originally posted by luvinchris

Today was going to be the day you finally asked Steve out on a date. You have been practicing what you were going to tell him over a dozen time because you wanted it to come out perfectly.

You’ve tried so hard not to make your crush noticeable but you had a feeling he already knew you liked him. For example you would be the first to volunteer when Steve asked for someone to go on a mission for him or running errands for him.

Your heart started racing when you spotted Steve looking through some files while he was walking by “Hey Steve I was wondering if maybe you’d like to grab dinner with me tonight, just the two of us, like a-”

“I can’t I have a mission but maybe some other time” Steve interrupt without looking at you before he left the room. You were so disappointed that he had left without making eye contact with you that you didn’t realize Natasha was standing behind you.

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