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who the actual FUCK is Cheryl? I can't check bc their blog is now gone

very long story short cheryl made a tumblr a few days ago and was already obsessed with cam @jack-o-dantern and when she heard cam was in the ogrelords she wanted to be in the ogrelords too but she couldn’t because apps are closed and then she got mad bc ppl who hadn’t applied were getting added so she sent cam hate anons with the intention of then swooping in off anon, condemning the anon and befriending cam. this kind of backfired bc we joke about everything and cheryl couldn’t take being made fun of

so she kept sending really bad anons over the next week or so and cam was getting sick of it so cheryl went to zayan who also made fun of cheryl so we then compiled a list of ogrelords for cheryl so she could come to all of our inboxes one by one and roast us bc it’s fun. she then gave a few too many hints about who she was, we found her blog and uhhhh all hell broke loose

most of the ogrelords were sending her messages and asks, she was a homophobic little shit and said ableist slurs and told us we all needed jesus and then she called me lame so i got into the fight and then cam told her to deactivate so she did? so yeah that was the wild ride of cheryl


Guys by the way, starting Friday I’m not getting on Tumblr until I’ve finished Stranger Things 2, which might take a little while bc I have a voice competition the morning after it comes out, so I can’t stay up all night to watch it ugh. But once I’m back I’ll be posting like crazy!! I’ll prob do one mega reaction post too. Also, I will tag all of these with either st2 or st2spoilers!!


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A couple anons asked for some 2Ps so here ya go! I’ve never drawn them before and dunno much about them so I hope this is ok! :) Also, I got a new drawing tablet and its the bees knees cuz I draw so much faster omg


Usernames and anonymous words are still people with lives, a house, hobbies, passions, problems, dreams, all that behind the screen. Never forget that.

I’m always doubting about doing these types of posts, but I thought maybe I could speak up every once in a while lmao. I apologize if I don’t word my thoughts correctly. What I’m trying to say is, I know it’s sometimes hard not to snap at inconsiderate/angering questions and sentences coming from young people who probably didn’t think about looking for answers or connecting their brain together. I know some of us can find works or reactions from young people “cringy” or “overdone”. I know it’s infuriating to see kids reposting, tracing or recoloring art because they still don’t know how important it is to respect the artists: the thing is, I believe we all had these parts inside of us when we were younger, too. We had things we liked that we find insufferable now, we had a younger self we’d like to punch in the face. There are things we regret. But thinking back at it, although unfortunate events in my life had made my childhood a personally hard time to go through and I expressed myself through childish actions, I’m glad I did go through these steps. It made me grow into who I am today: a person who’s willing to keep growing. I’m thankful I went through many experiences that now put me in the position to guide young people who perhaps need that guidance, one way or another. Let’s be firm, but compassionate. Don’t sugarcoat kids either, you’re allowed and SHOULD speak up when you feel like you’re suffocating. But always take a step back, and try to think for both sides. These “cringy” kids maybe ARE future mature creating geniuses!
We are tomorrow’s inspirations, models, and constructors!

Let’s be nice and understanding to youth and distance ourselves from online problems so we can focus on making it better instead. :)