but like really they are both so adorable

Honestly that thing with Amber and that guy is really really fucken cute.  Her reaction was adorable, but frick. I feel like because it’s been publicized there’s gonna be so much pressure and awkwardness.  Because now the fans have found his instagram and are obviously being fans asking him to follow her back etc.  blahblahblah. We don’t know if she actually likes him we just know that she thinks he’s cute and that he’s her type.  I’d ship it. They’re cute, but my overactive writer imagination already has all these ideas of the both of them feeling uncomfortable (him more than her since she’s got to be more used to it as an idol) and things going weird because of it. ya know? maybe i’m just tired. idk. I just don’t want us to be the reason that things possibly become screwed up and weird for her because of this. i’d feel really shitty for it tbh. 

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What inspired your tattoos? I'll be 18 in a few months and I would really like a tattoo to cover my scars. Your so beautiful, I just adore your first one!

Both were inspired by my hardships. The first was to simply remind me of my strength, and the second serves as a constant reminder to take each day as it comes and appreciate that which is around me. Good luck x

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Im really impressed by Matthew Wolfenden and Natalie Andersons acting throughout this, they are usually portrayed as the 'dippy jokers' in the village (which they are so good at) but I am also impressed how good they are when given proper meaty material to work with. They are doing amazing and I also just adore how far David goes to defend Alicia, hes so protective it makes me cry :((


Oh god yes!

David and Alicia are like, on of those power couples you get? And oh man, I am SO SO SO happy with how they both are being written, it’s just so touching to see how protective David is of Alicia, and the way he stood up to Lawrence today, I just - urgh, yes.

I’m so happy they’ve been given a very … serious storyline to get their teeth stuck into and bring out this side of them.

I’ve no doubt that we’ve still got some brilliant scenes and acting waiting for us to see by Matthew and Natalie!


2/28/14: Jonathan Toews with Make-a-Wish’s Nicholas Skretkowski (NHL Revealed, ep 6 )


'cause we can give it time, so much time, with me


sir! control your mouth or get in here and make a proper use out of it!

started from the bottom

now we here

I adore Disney (maybe too much) and I appreciate every film and character they give us, bu it’s true that they often miss the mark on diversity. Out of all of the 54 animated classics, 14 Pixar films and Marvel films, I’ve only found three major characters that look somewhat like me (Naveen, Aladdin and David), with two of those dubiously representing me as a mixed race brown guy (even though both of their ethnicities aren’t confirmed.)
So yeah it feels shit when someone whitewashes Aladdin and Jasmine beyond recognition, or includes all of the 9 white princesses in a post while missing out Poca, Mulan, Jas and Tiana, because you’re telling me that the little representation we get as PoC isn’t good enough for you?
Nah, I’m tired of this, so if your “preference” is whitewashing, then my preference is to unfollow you thanks


Revolution Cast | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tim Guinee* (x), Stephen Collins (x) + Tracy Spiridakos (x)

*Due to Californian water restrictions Tim chose to do 'the dirty bucket of mop water challenge' instead.

This has to be my favourite kiss to date - in the second season anyway  - I still have a very strong spot in my heart for the S1 kiss in the rain.

This kiss though - it speaks so much for both of them. Kotoko - in how free and unreserved she is with him. Yes, she’s always been free and demonstrative with her feelings but there’s also been a level of uncertainty in her. Here though, she’s like an adorable little puppy bouncing in freedom around him, wanting to know the secret.

But Naoki - he’s the really big difference here. His whole body language is just wonderful. This is a Naoki who’s dealt with his feeling of jealousy, grown even closer to her and now been deprived of her presence for two months. He’s probably been lying in absolute stillness on his bed each night wishing she was there making the bed shift and shake each time she rolls over in the night, missing the weight of her arms and legs flung over him - because Kotoko most likely sleeps how she lives. Now in this moment he turns to her, reaches for her, even though he’s keeping a secret his body language is so open and inviting and accepting of her - all with one hand still in his pocket! Moments like these are what makes Yuki Furukawa’s version of this character my favourite. He manages to say so much with so little movement.

Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo | Episode 12

Teacher AU

So imagine Taire as a teacher for art and PE. He always wears a large white shirt with paint and coffee on it, some blue jeans, boots, beanie and he’s just pretty chill like sure you can listen to music when you draw and sure we will talk about how to draw batman if thats what you want and everyone just adores him. And then there’s E, who is really young and has no expierence at all and he is really strict and you dare to yawn in my class and they all hate him until they realise that he just really wants to teach them something and that he has a really good heart. And at first, E and R hate each other bc they cannot understand how the other one can teach like that and they both make mean and teasing comments about the other one and the whole school ships them so hard and then they finally start to talk and realize that they’re actually kinda cool and they become friends and help each other like what you cant correct these papers? Alright, I’ll do it for you for a coffee or Hey Enj, my art class wanted to draw you, can you come over for an hour or so? I drive you home for exchange and ugh I want this. Please. I mean just imagine they talk about the LBGT club and E is like “So, does a teacher lead it?” and Taire smiles “Sure.” 
"I dont think it’s useful to let a straight teacher lead such a club" bc Enjolras thinks of them all as straight and Taire just laughs "He’s gay." 
"Oh yeah who is it?" 
And thats how Taire tells him about his homosexuality and pls I need this 

  • 俺ついでじゃん
  • Hosoya Yoshimasa, Masuda Toshiki

Hosoya was jealous and sulking

this man really needs to stop being so adorable. also, Hosoya using ‘ore’ instead of ‘boku’ is a treasure

purikura refers to the pictures taken at the photo booth

Masuda: Niisan, look at this, because you asked them (listener) to send their purikura, they sent it
Hosoya: Let me see. So this is the girl, she’s cute. There’s “Damassu daisuki” written here and “of course, Niisan too” in a really small letter.
Masuda: No no no, she means that she likes both of us
Hosoya: ‘sulking” She just wrote this incidentally right
Masuda: It’s non incidentally
Hosoya: It is
Masuda: It’s not
Hosoya: It is, just look, even the thickness of the letter is different. She actually forgotten about me already right when she wrote this
Masuda: That’s not true. It’s because Niisan asked them to send their purikura so they sent this for you and maybe she think “there’s not many being sent for Damassu” that she sent this one
Hosoya: But she didn’t even write “Niisan daisuki” right there! So the young ones are better huh!
Masuda: That’s not true!
Hosoya: “not listening” So it’s like that huh!
Masuda: Niisan, please listen to me
Hosoya: What is it
Masuda: Like I said, this girl is the type who can say “I like you” directly
Hosoya: She did, and that was for you right! And the one for me was just incidentally!
Masuda: Wait, let me back up this girl. She sent it because you asked for it, but she was embarrassed to say “I like you” directly
Hosoya: Well, that might be true but still, it’s incidentally
Masuda: If you say that then until now, they didn’t even write anything for me
Hosoya: The only thing that was written is “I sent purikura because niisan likes them so much”
Masuda: Because they like you
Hosoya: No no, that was not written. They sent it for us right
Masuda: That’s not true. Even at the beginning she wrote “Niisan, Damassu, nice to meet you” she wrote “Niisan” first
Hosoya: That’s because I’m the older brother!
Masuda: Why?
Hosoya: Of course! It’s because I’m the first son!
Masuda: It might be that the one she wrote first is the one she likes
Hosoya: No! Even the title of this radio is “Hosoya Yoshimasa, Masuda Toshiki no Zenryoku Danshi” right!
Masuda: What if this “Damassu daisuki” is actually a trap?
Hosoya: What do you mean by trap? Wait, would a direct person do something like that?
Masuda: Like I said, what if

then the sound of the bell stopped their fight

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Can you tell me the story of your relationship it sounds amazing ❤️ if it's too much though it's ok

Hey, I’m so so sorry for my horrendous reply I haven’t had access to a laptop for ages and my phone messes up long asks but anyway, yes of course I can. 

So we met in 2013 in school just as we were finishing our GCSE exams (I say met, we had gone to the same school for the past five years but had never really been close). We didn’t get along before April-ish but decided to be civil for the sake of a mutual friend and started to message each other as we were both struggling with various mental illnesses and neither of us were in a very good place. 

After a few weeks of messaging, I had developed feelings for her and on April 28th I told her I liked her and we were both so happy and that was the last time we both did anything stupid and aw it was adorable. 

On May 30th we made it official and I remember it was the day after I had seen tonight alive and I had stayed over my friends house and I said ‘oh fuck it, will you be my girlfriend’ and she said yes (no way) and I was so happy I fell off the bed and my friend was like what the fuck is wrong with you haha.

We both has severe anxiety problems so we were both really nervous about being together and our firsts and everything so we decided to fuck it and I went to her house and we had our first hug when I got off the bus and it was pouring with rain and we ate gross ice cream and cuddled and watch films and fell asleep in each others arms and had our first kiss and it was fucking perfect.

We had our first summer together which basically consisted of Charlie sleeping because it was boiling hot and me trying desperately to wake her up because I get bored easily, although we had super cute photos and day trips to the river and the park and the woods aw. 

Now nearly two years down the line we are both a lot healthier mentally, we’ve stopped doing stupid self destructive things, we are madly in love and she’s still as perfect as when we first met. We can’t wait to move in together, get married and have our first child (Henry Percy Chilcott Hanley) and have a newfoundland dog to cuddle.

Sorry this is so long but there you go <3 

no but i hate it so much when people talk about grantaire like he worships enjolras completely like a god i mean yes that would be unhealthy but he doesn’t

he’s always breaking him down and goading him and he ties enjolras down as much as enjolras keeps him afloat really (COMPLEMENTARY, my dear watson)

he sees his flaws and mortality and still adores him and loves him despite that because icarus is a boy and his wings will burn and they both know this but it’s the only way enjolras would ever want to live (live! gods don’t live, they are) because to breathe and do nothing wouldn’t be living at all

enjolras is no god, and grantaire wouldn’t have him any other way

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Drabble where both Katniss and Peeta work at Disneyland "you know like the people who dress like characters and stuff", excuse my english :) -sorry if you got this twice, my browser went crazy for a minute-

your english is great!! :) Here you go. This really isn’t what you wanted, though, I’m afraid. 

The guy who plays Hercules is sort of adorable. Stocky and broad shouldered. Blond and handsome, with dimples – totally unfair – and a big smile that only seems to double in size when he kneels down to get to eye level with a kid who comes up with an autograph book for him to sign.

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Splish Splash...

This is for Abby, @tumbling-addicts-anonymous. Hi, there! I am your CSSV, and I had a great time talking with you!
For your gift, we talked about CS babies. And we both agreed on Liam and Leia are the future prince and princess to grace the lives of our incredible ship… So, I completely adored your vision of Leia, and I was inspired by  this gifset.

Life has been really busy lately, and I’m just happy I finished this on time. I hope you like it, Abby! I know that this was a Valentine’s project, so I hope that you don’t mind that this doesn’t contain Valentine’s feels, but instead future domestic family feels…

He knew that it was more or less a fact for most children, but trying to get Leia through her nightly bath seemed to Killian to be even more of a difficult task. Her brother hadn’t been that way when he was five.

Liam is also a boy, was Emma’s answer for the difference. And, she takes after you: she’s a lover of the water. And you love it…

It was that explanation that made Killian smile as he watched Leia dip down low in the water, her chin and mouth disappearing underneath the water that was already shoulder-level. Yes, that’s how her tub had to be filled. She made it her own personal swimming hole for as long as they let her do so- which sometimes could be half an hour. It wasn’t until her body was pink and pruned from fingers to toes before she would allow herself to be removed.

“Careful now, love,” Killian warned, watching her experiment with that water level.

Those bright eyes were twinkling up at him. It was then, all of a sudden, that she popped up from the tub, splishing and splashing all the way.

She was reckless, this young one, Killian realized for the umpteenth time as he watched Leia practically dive from one end of the tub to the other. Crouched down beside the tub, there was only a hint of a smile on his face as he tried to remember that that recklessness was not completely without caution. And that the tub, with its protective mat, was not deep enough to cause any harm as long as he was near. There was still a part of him that wondered if there should be no smile at all- instead there should have been a hint of sternness where her rebellion came into play. But in front of him, he saw a mixture of himself and Emma. So how could he possibly be strict in a moment like this?

“Leia, love.” Killian strived for a deeper tone, hoping against hope that it would be enough. “May I wash your hair now?”

She popped up from the slumping mode that had made her whole body to her shoulders disappeared under water, now standing up pink as could be.

“Right now, Daddy?”

He didn’t have time to fall for those big mysterious steel grey eyes and the pink mouth that had formed a perfect small O. Because she had once again splashed her way back onto the floor of the tub.

“Aye, little lady.” An eyebrow rose sharply as his hand found her head. His missed the spiraling curls that were distinctly Leia (although they did remind him at times, when he let his mind go there, of his brother Liam. And whenever he did think of seeing traits of the extended Jones’ family in either his Leia or his own Liam, it sent a warm spot deep in his belly).The tight black as night ringlets that were normally full and thick were instead plastered to her head, only making those eyes pop even more.


He saw the wheels turning. He saw her indecision and need for compromise as she began to wade in the water, her arms held out to her side to help balance  her.

Killian’s hand smoothed over her head, waiting patiently for Leia to finish that thought. She was thinking of some type of barter, and it was adorable.

“Daddy?” she whispered. The way those unique eyes- that were not quite his and not quite her mother’s- lingered on his face with a fair amount of curiosity piqued his own interest..

“Yes, Leia?”

“You can wash my hair, Daddy,” she said as she scrambled back up to stand, “if you let me wash your beard.”

Aye, and there was the rub!

And her small grabby hands came up to reach for his bearded cheeks and smoothed over his chin.

“That is the deal you want to make?” Killian asked her. There was a slight turn of his chin there, watching her closely while in deep thought. And her fingers smoothed over the underside of his chin, rubbing and rubbing.

“Yes,” she answered with a single nod of her head.

“Then the deal is struck, my love.” This time, with those fingers roaming the entire bottom part of his face, it was a little more difficult to keep that smile in.

He reached for the shampoo bottle that sat on the edge of the tub.

“How about we start with you, yes?” he murmured. And he waited until she sat back down in the tub before squeezing just enough of the thick soap right at the top of her head.

His fingers massaged gently over her head and into her hair. Even with their deal, he knew his daughter. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before the act of sitting patiently would be lost on her. But for now…

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