but like max and his voice omg

Never Have I Ever - L.H.

Request: can you do an imagine where you’re going through a rough break up and luke comforts you

Summary: Y/N’s boyfriend goes over the line at a party and Luke steps in when he goes too far. 

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

A/N: THIS IS NOT GOOD I AM SORRY OMG. I teamed up with the genius @cliffxnada and hopefully soon (depends when my procrastinating ass decides to start it) we’re starting a series inspired by the same request but like totally amplified to the max and yeah it’ll be good. :)

“Next round!” Ashton called out, his voice slurred after his umpteenth shot of alcohol. He pondered the next question, tapping his fingers against his chin with a curious smirk as his eyes scanned the crowd. “Never have I ever… had sex.” 

A series of groans rang from the circle of partygoers around him as they threw back the shots of tequila in their hands- everybody taking the shot except for Y/N. Y/N just sat there awkwardly, staring down at the alcohol in the glass that remained untouched in her hand for the last few rounds. 

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Probably what was in Flint’s head in 4x04

This is so awful I’m sorry

Warning for silly pink shipper glasses

Today we’ve taken back Nassau, with all the blood and bodies the town looks much dirtier then usual. Didn’t know it’s possible. 

Hoe’s eyes are so beautiful… His voice is so soothing… Wait, what was he saying? I just heard he admired smth… Me? OMG

Max. Who the hell is Max? Ah, probably that girl with whom hoe fucked me up with gold. Twice. There were the days. But I don’t even know what she’s looks like. Do we have her? Okay James play it cool. “Unfortunately, I don’t think we have Max. Do we have Max? Does anyone know where she is?” Ok, we don’t have her. Or maybe others don’t know how she looks like too?

Dooley still looks at me as at his captain, I’m still cool!

Hoe is so angry I could even feel sorry for Billy.

I do feel sorry for Billy.

Did he just said “the closest to me”? OMG hoe loves me too!

So that’s how Max looks like.

What does hoe’s new ginger murdery friend wants from me? I don’t like him. He is more ginger and murdery than me. That’s enough to start a war. 

Hey hoe wut’s up. Wut’s happened there, huh? Wait… Did he just brushed me aside? Life has no meaning anymore, bye.

It’s been 35 minutes since he rejected me. Why? Did I do smth wrong? Or am I just not cool enough for him anymore (I know it’s hard to be cooler then his gf but I really try to get close)? He’s now talking with that Max. Is she cooler than me too?

It’s been 1 hour 12 minutes since hoe said he hated me. Maybe I should try to kill myself again so he could save me again? Sounds like a good plan. I always have good plans yeah.

It’s been 1 hour 56 minutes since… OMG hoe talks to me! Okay James play it cool. “Do I need to be concerned that you took almost two hours to tell me about it?” Yeah, nailed it. I don’t soud offended at all. 

That’s so sweet, he loves his gf more than anything. And more than me… Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know. There were times someone loved me more than anything… Wait… What did he just said? Ok no, I didn’t actually ask for this, bye. I need books and hella beautiful cups of tea to angst over my long lost love rn.

Did she just said to surrender himself? Oh hell I’m so into it! They for sure have books and tea and English to whom I can say how I hate them! Sorry hoe, I luv u, but I luv books, beautiful cups and my angst better. Good luck with war, treasure and the other things, bye.