but like literally what are the chances

surveying my romance options like
  • Josephine: hi. I'm a caring person who is good at her job and wears a bombass outfit. I've made you laugh on several occasions, and giggle once, very enthusiastically. I am best friends with your girl, Leliana, and you love that, because you love her, and because you love me, and you get very emotional about your friends having friends. We haven't had the chance to go too in-depth yet, mostly because you refuse to advance the plot, but whenever the advisers talk, I'm the one you agree with. Also, this is shallow, but you've seen pictures of my voice actor, and boy, oh boy, are you into that.
  • Solas: I'm an egg with an eight pack, and you're increasingly into that. I'm smart as hell and I love when you ask me questions and show curiosity about the world, which is great because you literally can't stop asking questions to everyone you meet, and I'm the only one who respects that. I flirt better than you expected, and god do you love flirting. Put me in that sexy armor again and come ask me questions about the worldbuilding.
  • Me, a humble player: gosh how do I chose between these two respectable romances??
  • Blackwall: I'm fifty and mean
  • Sera: I literally just stole Cullen's helmet and farted in it
  • Me, a humble player with shitty, shitty taste in shitty, shitty people, sweating very nervously as the Heart Wants What It Wants: fuck. fuck.

going home is weird just like. ive been here a month. maybe over a month? im not sure i don’t know anyway it’s weird. i think im in a better place to leave than i was last time and im going back to php and not straight to outpatient so i feel, optimistic? i think I maybe have a chance maybe? i still go back and forth literally from minute to minute about how i feel about. whether i want to give myself a chance or whether any of this is worth it or whether im ready for this or ok with this or what i want. im just. people keep telling me don’t even take it one day at a time do it one minute at a time and i see the reasoning there because it really is like that for me right now I guess. for the foreseeable future

I keep seeing humans are weird posts going around and talking about things like our ability to domesticate animals and all that but I have yet to see a single post on human reactions to music Like our brains process songs so uniquely Music literally affects our emotions And we will turn anything into music given the chance so long as something in the sound is slightly rhythmic In my opinion it would be really interesting if our capabilities with sound and music were what made us strange to alien races

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Let's say you have a chance to pick any 4 people to have been blessed with magic for this following question. Meaning , you can answer with literally anyone. What celebrity would be the head of each hogwarts house ?

We’ve decided to only use celebrities who have openly stated their house, as to be as genuine as possible in our choices to who they are as people.


Daniel Radcliffe. I mean I know it seems like cheating cuz he’s Harry Freaking Potter, but he’s so much more than that…and he’s like 90% shenanigans and a thrill for adventure that I’m just all about.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - Which was kind of a hard choice, considering Thomas Sanders and Eddie Redmayne are both also Hufflepuff.


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Alycia Debnam Carey, although we are not as familiar with her, she’s declared she’s a Ravenclaw!


Lin Manuel Miranda

Anders: No wonder they call this the Dragon Age. The bloody things are everywhere.

Anders this is literally the first place where we’ve run into any dragons, other than Flemeth and you weren’t even there. Although I guess to be fair that’s just this game.

Speculated dialogue from right before the Bone Pit boss dragon fight:

[everyone peering from behind a boulder or something]
Hawke: Well, that miner wasn’t wrong, that is a pretty huge dragon. So… has any of you actually fought one before, by any chance?
Fenris: No.
Merrill: Like I just said, never even seen one. Apart from Asha'bellanar.
Anders: Yes.
Anders: …What? I’m a Grey Warden. You seem to keep forgetting that even though it’s the reason you sought me out in the first place. The Archdemons are dragons.
Hawke: I thought you weren’t recruited until after the Archdemon was defeated.
Anders: Well, yes. But. I’ve still fought a dragon, with the Hero of Ferelden.
Hawke: That’s good then! Any tips?
Anders: Uhh… pretty much both ends and also the sides bite, so have fun with that, Fenris, Hawke. Also their breath does spirit damage, no wait the Commander said it might but it was lightning, no actually the normal ones probably just breathe fire? And may or may not turn into a bunch of energy orbs mid-battle?
Anders: Look, I don’t even know. The one we fought was actually a dragon ghost made out of lightning. …I’d love to be able to say that’s the weirdest thing I saw while traveling with her.

Once Chowder gets over his initial shock of Jack and Bitty’s announcement, he begins to gush about Jack and Bitty and also ask a bunch of questions (when did it happen, how did it happen, etc).

Meanwhile, Nursey and Dex have turned so they’re face to face (their faces only about a foot apart) and begin having an entire conversation only using facial expressions.  It goes something like this:

Dex: so Jack and Bitty
Nursey: pretty cool, huh?
Dex: yeah
Nursey: so
Dex: hoe don’t do it
Nursey: what? I just think now would be a good time
Dex: you’re literally suggesting we try and steal their thunder
Nursey: no I suggest we piggyback
Dex: that is the same thing
Nursey: c’mon this is the best time
Dex: it’s not the best time
Nursey: Dex…we’ve been looking for the right time for ages…now is the best chance we’ve had yet
Dex: okay fine

By now, Chowder can’t gush any longer, and has run out of questions to ask, and they’re all just staring at the two of them.

“Uhhh,” they both say in unison, before they proceed to elbow, jostle, and generally push each other around, trying to get the other person to say it first.

“Y’all, what’s going–,” Bitty starts to ask before both Jack and Chowder shush him.

“Let them figure it out,” Chowder says.

After a long minute, they both stop before blurting out at the same time, “We’re dating!”

Bitty’s eyebrows arch high into his hairline.  He’s genuinely and incredibly surprised.

Chowder just looks at them both with the most unimpressed look on his face.  “No shit,” he says, with more sarcasm than anyone thought he could muster.

Then Ransom and Holster enter the room, and all hell breaks loose.

I’m just embarrassed and ashamed like -

Every time someone from Bangtan drops a mixtape or track, like for example Agust D or Change, you have people coming out of the woodworks spewing some ignorant garbage like “American rappers should learn from this!! There’s no chains!! Or half naked women!! Or money!!! Just real feelings!”

Like, do you even know how fucking dumb you sound? The whole fucking basis of hip-hop culture was created out of rebellion and fighting against oppression. Hip-hop was literally created in America by Black Ameicans so no, American rappers don’t need to learn nothing from anyone.

Also, literally what rock have you been living under to say shit like this like??? Chance the Rapper, an independent, CHRISTIAN, rapper, just won 3 Grammys and is using his money to fund schools in Chicago. Kendrick Lamar, literally famously known for rapping about growing up in Compton and police brutality won Grammys the year before. So yeah, socially aware hip hop is alive and well.

It also exposes y'alls anti-Blackness that you’ll just easily believe any and all stereotypes that hip-hop is just “”“dumb black ppl music all about money and disrespecting women”“”. Some of you only listen to idol rappers, and that’s fine. But don’t sit there, completely obvious to American hip-hop and point ya racist fingers

Sasuke Uchiha.

- Likes animals?? Literally pets most animals he sees.
- Doesn’t follow the rules just because. Challenges authorities.
- Risked his life and chances of accomplishing his goals to save his precious person.
- Deep voice™
- All he ever wanted was justice.
- Was willing to sacrifice himself so no one would go through what he went through.
- Loves tomatoes… my heart.
- So intelligent and resourceful? Appreciate him.
- Graceful and elegant. 

 - Uses his opponent’s hands to complete the hand motions for a jutsu. 

 - Helped Konoha and the other villages during the war, he didn’t owe them anything. But he helped them nonetheless. (and saved their asses, too).

 - Best style award. No one had better outfits. 

- Trained for days restlessly to strengthen his katon no jutsu when he was a little boy.

 - Loved his brother. 

 - Loved his mom so much. 

 - “What I’m calling for, what I’m bringing forth, that is, REVOLUTION!”

- His story and ambitions were swept under the rug, I’m still heartbroken. Deserved better. 

 - His small little “heh” when he chuckles. 

- Will end you with one arm.

- Hair style icon. Name a more iconic hairstyle than his duckbutt, I’ll wait.

- Not here only for shipping material, a complex, beautiful character that stuck to his morals even as he was inches away from death.

- Not to be dramatic or anything but if it hadn’t been for him team seven would have probably died in part one.

- Had to rewatch his brother (and favorite person) murdering his family approximately half a million times throughout his life and y'all still have the nerve to call him “dramatic emo”. Leak your address I just want to talk.

- Went through everything I’ve mentioned and more through the first seventeen years of his life. Had to grow up a lot faster than anyone else.

- Defended Naruto when Sakura tried to say he was lucky for not having parents. Went to look for him because he was worried that he didn’t show up for breakfast. Spent the night training with Naruto and semi carried him home afterwards.

- Have you heard him saying Niisan.

- I love him.

About Jin and Jimin

I will not, under any circumstance justify what Jin said to Jimin in today’s Episode, not a chance, not at all. He was wrong, what he said was uncalled for and in a way hurtful. But I will not stand for this Jin hate bandwagon. Why are you all (specially maknae line stans) like this?

Your fellow fans are literally sending death threats to Jin publicly (proofs below) and saying foolishness such as he should leave the group, that he is cancelled or that his jealousy and/or recent popularity (?) got to his head. (Some of you even tweeted that to their public account). 

(There are more comments like these)

BTS unfortunately has always made jokes about weight, eating habits and calling names that can actually be seen (and are) fatphobic… and it should stop, really. Bangtan should not use being “fat” as an insult, and I totally understand if you feel triggered/upset about what Jin said, it’s totally okay to be mad and disappointed… but what it’s not okay is all the hate Jin is getting. 

Remember when Yoongi called Jimin a pig and all the backlash he got? It’s the same now with Jin though a different situation but still bad.

I know that Jimin’s weight is a delicate matter within the fandom and it’s used to insult him, but please stop inventing diseases and/or eating disorders we know nothing about… and for those people saying Jin does not care when someone calls him “pig” or that he didn’t went through any diet/mental stress over it…

And he was also called pig countless of time over this… even by his managers any time they saw him eat. His answer?

When Jin gained a little weight how did everyone else treat him? 

Yet he had to endure that, pretty much just like Jimin had to countless of times. I’m not comparing nor justifying. I repeat, what Jin and BTS in general does is wrong, it’s uncalled for, ugly. But you are attacking Jin, calling him names when he has to go through this since probably before debut? This has to stop, Jin got called fat so many times and no one bats an eye, it’s deemed as “a joke among friends”, but now that Jin did make a mistake and apologized right after and checked how Jimin was (in a game in where they had to diss each other, but still bad), he’s being criticized (and it’s okay) but to the point in where he’s receiving hate and threats.

Not cool guys, you can be disappointed, mad, upset… but don’t send them death threats, it’s worse, it’s ugly. And by the end of the day Jin and Jimin are best friends, they love each other, they have lived together for so many years… you think you know better than them? You don’t. If you don’t like Jin then just say it, but don’t use this as an excuse to hate on him, it’s nasty.

Okay, but imagine

like, what if Hawk Moth didn’t become active until a couple years later? And if Adrien was denied the chance to go to public school?


  • Adrien, so sheltered and lacking the freedom that going to school and being Chat Noir gives him, eventually *GASP* rebels against his father.
  • Featuring Adrien, A Little Punk Shit Who Pretends to Be a Bad Boy (but he’s still so soft and smol on the inside like-). He quits modeling and does literally whatever he can to get his dad’s attention. And he gets a bajillion times the media attention because what’s even more interesting than our sweet, perfect, golden boy is an ex-sweet, perfect, golden boy that is now so flirtatious and always gets caught sneaking into places he shouldn’t and secretly wears eyeliner to look like Jagged Stone even though his perfect hair still makes him look like he belongs in One Direction just-

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How to get proposed to faster in RF4:

1- Invite your love interest(s) to an adventure! Make sure you already saw all of their sub events beforehand, for better results.

2- Immediately go to sleep with them on your party.

3- Have no concern about where or even if they’ll be able to sleep. They’re worthless.

4- When you wake up, there might be a chance of one of them leaving because they have “something” to do. The event might start!

5- If they don’t leave, go back to sleep and try again next morning.

6- Repeat until it happens.

What I want for “ToA the dark prophecy”

- Parental Apollo. It’s just so sweet

- More Solangelo


- Apollo finally starting to feel comfortable enough with his mortal body that he’s starting to flirt with literally everybody again, not just blushing the whole time

- Percy’s baby sister

- Annabeth being like “Oh yeah, even if we succeed in saving the world there’s a big chance it’s going to be destroyed anyways bc of norse stuff”


- Apollo being the adorable dork he is

fic: No Strings

title: no strings.

genre: smut/humour

word count: 3000

description: Phil really misses sex and it turns out that Dan really misses sex, too. So…they just decide to have sex together. No strings. FWB minus the usual dramatic storyline that follows. Hilarity and #bants ensues.

“Just sex?” Phil repeats, “No strings?”

“Yes,” Dan nods, “that’s generally what no strings means,”

“Literally just sex?”

“Fucking hell. Look, Phil, I can spell it out for you or you can put your dick in my ass - it’s totally your choice. Have sex and be satisfied or wank alone to a Muse song again. What’s it gonna be?”

a/n: this is obviously smut but it’s actually funny too i promise, and it’s not like super graphic smut where you’ll cringe or whatever it’s…well, you’ll see. just read it and trust me.

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All the conservatives defending Trump are like “just give him a chance.”

First off, you all got dragged kicking and screaming into Obama’s presidency. I’ve seen so many people say (literally) “when Obama won, I shut up and let him see what he could do.” No. No you didn’t. You posted conspiracy theories about his birth certificate until Obamacare came around, and then you literally shut down the government to stop him from doing anything.

But the other point is, you don’t just “give” someone a chance as President of the United States. That’s something they should have to earn. Trump hasn’t done anything that would qualify as “earning” his shot from millions of Americans. So excuse us as if we aren’t exactly accepting him with open arms.

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this may sound random but I'm just really curious... RFA finding out MC used to be in a gang

(my friend buddy pal you have NO idea like omg this is my FAVOURITE SCENARIO EVER literally I COULD WRITE A 10K fanfic about this bc I love Gang!MC So. MUCH!)


  • MC never really considered telling him
  • sure, it was part of what MC had been in the past-
  • but damn
  • Yoosung is just, so pure and nice
  • maybe he’d feel put off by that?
  • it just seems like he has this image of MC
  • where he sees them as an innocent and precious being who came from the heavens to help
  • and something tells MC that being part of a gang isn’t something he’d ever fathom
  • they know that if Seven didn’t reveal it when he had the chance, it means they’re being given a chance but still
  • eventually, as their life advances, MC just forgets they never told Yoosung?
  • they’d been having such a normal relationship they just forgot?
  • and they probably wouldn’t have ever told him
  • until one day, MC and Yoosung are at the mall
  • there’s a creepy person trailing behind them, and MC suggests they leave
  • the creep follows them out the mall and MC acts on reflex when they see the creep’s hand reaching for Yoosung’s shoulder
  • Yoosung is in shock
  • MC just aprehended this person and is holding- a knife? MC flipped the creep over and is holding a knife to their throat?
  • MC had just followed their instincts and did to the man what they’d do back then when someone from a rival gang tried to attack
  • suddenly MC realizes they’re doing this in front of Yoosung
  • let go of the man, throw the knife elsewhere, take Yoosung’s hand and run
  • “Woah… Where did that come from, MC?”
  • MC bites their lip, but hey, what’s even the point of hiding it anymore?
  • “… Well, I was in a gang when I was younger. It was, er, just something I remembered from back then.”
  • Yoosung is… Well, he’s shocked
  • “Are you still there?”
  • “No, I left when I joined the RFA. Figured we had enough of a dangerous person with 707.”
  • MC is not in danger, so he’s really not angry or anything
  • Mostly surprised, and as long as MC promises to stay out of dangerous stuff like that, he’s seriously not worried


  • MC could see Jaehee not trusting them in the first days
  • I mean, she had her reasons not to, but it still felt a bit fishy to MC
  • for all Jaehee knew they were a normal person right??
  • but then MC realizes
  • that’s exactly why Jaehee doesn’t trust them
  • because they could be anyone
  • So, MC decides to just drop their personal information (besides, that hacker dude probably already has their info, no?)
  • When Jaehee connects, MC just drops a huge list
  • Full name, birth date, birth place, gender, family, education, past jobs, hobbies, height, etc.
  • Just thing after thing
  • “MC? Why are you telling me this?”
  • But MC is not done
  • “also to top it off I was in a gang. Not in it anymore, so please don’t worry. I’m not doing anything that could damage the RFA now”
  • Jaehee just assumes gang as in, y’know, some teens drinking liquor behind 7/11 and driving underage, egging houses and stuff
  • “… I’ll add all this to your file. Thank you, I suppose?”
  • from there on though, Jaehee does seem to trust MC more- I mean all the lowkey flirting in the chatroom probably happens due to MC’s blatant honesty the first day
  • In the party, Jaehee mentions how surprised they were to see MC was in a gang
  • “You didn’t seem like that kind of teenager to me, to join a gang and all. It’s amazing how time can change a person, right MC?.”
  • Teenager?
  • “Actually, I was in that gang up until I joined the RFA, and then I left.”
  • what
  • Jaehee realizes that was no small fry gang when MC explains a bit more
  • “Yeah… I guess it wasn’t the healthiest group, and all. I- I didn’t do anything too illegal, and my criminal record is clean though. I didn’t get caught doing anything and now I never will, so don’t worry Jaehee.”
  • um
  • she worries for like, half a week and then calms down because if MC smuggled weapons and now invites people to parties maybe they’re safe now


  • did someone mention Zen was in a motorcycle gang??
  • MC reads that and they’re pleasantly surprised
  • “ahaha wow same I used to be in a gang too!”
  • Zen also finds this amusing and starts telling his experiences in the gang
  • “Yeah the only parts that sucked was when your leader was mid-deal with another gang and you were guarding, and the police showed up so you had to run from them making sure they didn’t shoot ur boss ;;”
  • Zen is. Sure this is not what they did at his old gang
  • running away from police??
  • sure but they did that to avoid being given tickets for speeding and stuff
  • “what do you mean avoiding your boss being shot?!”
  • MC realizes hey maybe your gang was nearly a mafia and not everybody has that kinda experience
  • “oooooh wait nvm forget that”
  • Zen never really forgets
  • but MC never brings it up again so???
  • he’s just a bit scared MC would get into shady businesses again
  • luckily, MC can tell he’s worried when they meet him
  • If I did that, I’d make you look bad no? I don’t want to harm you, Zen. I’m out of that, mkay?”
  • reassuring words work miracles for him
  • so now when he’s telling his old gang stories MC always one-ups them with their actually dangerous real deal gang stories


  • being in a gang was… Well, not something MC was ashamed of
  • it did shape them a bit as a person
  • but also not something MC wanted to bring out about themselves
  • and since nobody ever asked they never said anything
  • still, after the party and once they’re in a secure relationship with Jumin, they’re still on that “ask no questions receive no answers” mindset
  • on a miscellaneous day MC is walking down the streets with Jumin- probably after MC insisted on walking around after a long day 
  • suddenly, out of an alley a suspicious looking individual comes towards MC
  • it’s a woman, dressed in short ripped shorts, wearing a fishnet shirt with a black bandeau underneath, a handkerchief covering her mouth, many strange tattoos, and a knife in her belt
  • Jumin’s bodyguards start getting ready to act up
  • Jumin slowly wraps his arm around MC in case the woman tries to do anything funny
  • but MC just slips out of his grasp
  • and walks towards the woman with a large smile??
  • “Boss! It’s been a long time!”
  • the woman smiles and bumps fists with MC
  • “MC! Darn, how have ya been? I was scared somethin’ had caught ya, dropping out so suddenly!”
  • Jumin is, with good reason, confused
  • MC talks a bit with this boss woman, asking things like “how was everything running without them”, “if any new members had joined”, and “if the police had stopped trying to track down the hideout”
  • eventually they say goodbye and MC returns to Jumin’s side
  • “MC… Who was that…?”
  • “Oh, the boss of a gang I used to be in.”
  • back at home, Jumin tries to ask more
  • MC replies truthfully to his questions because what’s the point in hiding it??
  • Jumin is a bit surprised MC would ever join such dangerous people
  • also, he increases the amount of bodyguards for MC because what if an old rival gang attacked them?? 


  • he knew it was a bit more intrusive than he should be, but he needed to make a background check on MC
  • he enters their old chatting app acount and find some rather interesting chat logs
  • messages such as
    • “can’t hang out today, the boss has a deal w another gang and I  have to help out”
    • “can you believe I get to teach newbies how to shoot this is amazing maybe I’ll be the next boss!”
    • “be careful, the police are searching for our hideout and they’ve been lurking near. wear something that covers ur face and don’t bring guns today because if they catch you with those u r in trouble”
  • clearly not just, normal standard texting with friends
  • he can figure out pretty easily what they mean
  • he decides to bring it up on a call out of sheer curiosity
  • “MC, what did you do before the RFA?”
  • “I used to be in a little gang thing back then, also a couple odd jobs…”
  • he insists on knowing the gang name
  • and when MC tells him, he quickly makes his research
  • ok maybe not that bad but the gang is not rainbows and sunshine
  • he’s actually worried MC left the gang and now they hold grudges to them?
  • leaving organised crime organisations is never easy
  • still, MC insists it was just a small little side thing
  • Seven knows it was much more than that but he can tell MC doesn’t want to creep the others out
  • when he comes over to Rika’s apartment to fix the whole fiasco with the hacker thing, he actually scares MC
  • they didn’t expect him to get there so fast
  • he’s shocked bc when MC senses danger their hands move on their own
  • where a gun holster would usually be
  • MC admits that they’d been pretty used to having their gun handy-dandy 
  • also when he starts with all that “stay away from me I’m dangerous” MC is like
  • boi
  • “listen up if it weren’t for the gang’s shady contacts I can assure my criminal record would be the worst and I’d probably be in jail so don’t even try to tell me that”
  • eventually he’s like… chill?
  • like it’s in the past sure ok maybe MC was in a gang but he’s a dangerous hacker so who is he to speak
Ever stop to think about all the Christian imagery in Sherlock? Because there's one everyone seems to overlook.

I’m going to save my energy and not list every allusion to Christianity in BBC Sherlock because, honestly, we could be here all day. Moriarty, like a snake, offers Sherlock the apple. Sherlock, long-haired and barely dressed, gets beaten while strung up like the crucifixion. Sherlock dying to save others blah blah blah you get the point.

So what about John literally having the word “Madonna” written across his forehead?

Is there a chance the word “Madonna” being associated with John is a measly coincidence in this imagery-dense television show? No. No, there is not.

Mary, Mother of God, was engaged to her partner but conceived a child before the marriage. She conceived because of the intervention of a third party (Holy Spirit). Mary and Joseph were not the biological parents of that child. One was, but not the other.

So. Still want to freak out about John’s “biological” child? You know, the one that doesn’t exist in the books? I certainly do not.

i honestly hate how everyone is reacting to the fact that minzy was upset over the fact that 2ne1 made a song without her. you guys are acting like she left just because she wanted to and that she wanted more than what yg generously gave her. what you don’t seem to understand was that everyone was given the opportunity and chance, except her. everyone had a solo, everyone had promotions, everyone was on reality shows and photo shoots, except minzy. she hasn’t even done a single collab with anyone, for crying out loud! you guys are acting like she was ungrateful when yg literally gave her nothing. i don’t care that she left 2ne1 because it showed that she was finally standing up for herself and putting her foot down and putting herself first. she’s finally being happy and producing her own music and doing photo shoots and being in variety shows by herself, she’s finally doing what she wants. but, what you have to remember is, she was in 2ne1 as well. she was still in the group just as much as everyone else. and to say ‘she left the group why does she care?’ is like saying to your child 'oh you left the house ages ago, why should you care what happens here?’ no matter what 2ne1 was her home and it’s where she came from and although she isn’t there anymore, she still deserved to be on that track just as much as anyone else. bom left the company and she was still featured on the song, so to say that since she left yg she shouldn’t be featured in the song is complete and utter bullshit. i absolutely hate the fact that people are saying she shouldn’t care about her home. yg treated her like shit and she’s the bad guy for standing up and walking out when she knew it was time for her to spread her wings and do what she deserved all along. anyone who says she shouldn’t care about 2ne1 at all after all the time and effort she put into it, is just as insensitive as yg. and yg was just as shitty to not even notify her about the song as well. minzy deserved better.

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT and I am actually legit excited at the prospect of a Gen 2

Think about it:

- How cool would it be for Travis to play an intelligent character?? I love INT 6 Grog but Travis is very clever (like check him out in the Heist oneshot holy shit) and can you imagine what an incredible strategist he’d be if his character permitted it? I have a feeling a Travis high-Int character could run the damn party.

-Also like. 80-90% chance he’d be a werewolf or one of those werewolf blood hunters, and 90-100% chance we would all be thirsty for him.


-On that note I wonder if someone will ever play someone of a different gender? Literally the only person to do that on the show (besides Matt) was Chris Perkins. That’d be really exciting. I nominate Sam.

-Also Laura kind of got screwed by the 5e Ranger rules, which are terrible, but I would actually die to see her play a class with legit firepower. Also, also, hear me out here. Laura’s got the highest charisma stat at the table in real life, in my honest opinion. She wrote that kickass limerick too. Hear me out. 

Laura Bard-ley.

- (Or at least a CHA-based sorcerer or warlock. Just let her full-on 20 Charisma straight to my heart.)

- Also we keep hearing that Marisha and Keyleth are very different people and I just wanna see how much variety that actually implies. It would be so cool for her to play somebody morally sketchy. And on the one hand I think she’s a great caster so maybe she could be a Warlock, but on the other I have the image of her being a Rogue or Monk in my head and being sad she doesn’t have spells anymore and it’s a funny image. Funnier than that? Barbarian!Marisha.


-On that note, Liam constantly says he’s magic-stupid so I have a feeling he’d be a physical class, but not a rogue. Maybe he’d want to go full paladin with a lil handful of spells, and see what that would have been like? Or maybe Monk? (I really want a monk in the party. Basically the only class we haven’t seen used to its full potential on CR). I also really want Liam to get to have fun because he has a great sense of humour and Vax is a teeeeeny bit limiting in that regard. Sometimes. Not always.

- SAM AND TALIESIN. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOURSELVES. For everyone else I kind of see what parts of their characters they’re pushing against, and where I think they’d have fun experimenting more, but Sam and Taliesin just seem to be Scanlan and Percy incarnate.  I don’t even want to guess for those two, because I know anything they’ll pick will be a surprise.

- Except yeah I really do want Sam to play a girl.

- And I am very amused by the idea of Taliesin as a cleric or paladin of any kind. Just. Go as far anti-Percy as possible. Also I want him to have spells so Marisha can constantly pester him about how hard it is to be a caster

- P.S. It will be weird for Liam and Laura’s characters not to be related? Maybe they will be.

- P.P.S. I am desperately hoping at least one character is a Secret Vox Machina Baby. I highly, highly recommend this plot twist and can vouch for its effectiveness ( @maddmurdock they say I look just like my mother). The obvious choice atm would be a bb half-elf gunslinger de Rolo and wouldn’t that just be the cat’s buttflap pyjamas. 


- All of these will be 100% disproven whenever Gen 2 starts and I don’t care I’m having fun speculation is my drug of choice after fusaka

(Rubs my tiny hands together) Time to overturn 90% of Klance fics lol

  • Pidge wouldn’t know SHIT y’all, not unless someone told her. And even then there’s like a 85% chance she wasn’t listening. Pidge goes into the kitchen for some goo and finds Keith and Lance hugging and is like “what the fuck is this”
    • Lance: Pidge, I went to you for RELATIONSHIP ADVICE
    • Pidge: Yeah and I laughed cause I’m 14 and a LESBIAN Lance, I thought you were joking because how the FUCK was I supposed to help you.
    • Keith: I literally told you I was in love with Lance last week?
    • Pidge: Okay, awkward confession, but last week you hung out with my experimental hologram.. Sorry boi.
    • Lance: … Babe, you’re in love with me?
    • Pidge: (out the door) Bye.
  • Shiro: (coughs into fist) Please… Do not… Do anything anywhere I might sit.
    • Keith: Shiro oh my god we literally just started going out???
    • Lance: Right now our current record is holding hands for five minutes straight. Keith has been doing really well, I’m super proud of him.
    • Keith: Lance… (tentatively hooks their pinkies)
    • Lance: Babe, not in front of Shiro omg
  • Keith: Lance called me a ‘motherfucker’ today in Spanish.
    • Hunk: Oh man, do you want me to talk to him?
    • Keith: Nah, it’s fine. I called him an asshole in Korean first anyway.