but like just stuff i really wanna wear

What is it with my aversion to being connected to people? I’m lying in bed thinking about my NYE makeup tomorrow and just knowing everyone is gonna be wearing glitter tomorrow makes me really not wanna wear it. Like I only wanna go all out on normal days and then when everyone is going all out I really don’t want to. It’s just makeup but I feel like it’s such a reflection of my life. I don’t think it’s really a good thing. I’ve definitely benefited from it in some ways like I feel a really strong sense of individuality from going against the grain so often, I have no problem doing stuff I wanna do that’s weird or abnormal. But it also causes isolation, which I’m so comfortable with and used to that I don’t even realize sometimes when it’s motivating me. Idk I’ve just been thinking a lot about that lately. Isolation sucks. We need friends. We need to feel connected. I’m still not gonna wear glitter tomorrow hahaha but I’m just thinking I don’t wanna be so far removed from everyone. Even if I dress different I still wanna act united. I wanna feel connected to something. I’m such a loner I can spend days by myself comfortably but then I start to go crazy and do weird stuff when in reality I should just be sharing myself with people and opening up my soul to other humans. I’ve never had a problem saying no to things but I do really need to work on saying yes, to life in general. In 2017 I wanna open my heart. I grew a lot in 2016 but it was just scratching the surface in comparison to what I wanna achieve in 2017 on a personal level. Like I really wanna grow in how I treat people and myself and how much I trust and share myself with others. I wanna be a connected individual cuz I really am not right now. I got a long way to go but I know I’m gonna get there.



Oh look, Liz got me a bingo. And Mordred was soooooo close.

I decided to do some Female Armor Bingo for my least favorite designs in FGO. I don’t think it’s really worth it to write any pieces on these armor selections because I don’t wanna tire myself out on something no one else is going to read, so this is a much simpler way of venting my opinions.

For the ‘no head protection’ bit, I just went with ‘the character has stuff in their hair that serves no purpose as armor’, rather than ‘they aren’t wearing a helmet’ or anything like that (or, in the case of Mordred, ‘they used to have a helmet and now it’s gone). Liz should technically have that, but I don’t know if her horns are decoration or not, so I decided  might as well leave that be.

You know what I want?

I want to see more stuff from after post-PP. I mean, ik we all think the episode sucks and it doesn’t exist, but like what I’m getting at here is like

I wanna see more of these cute interactions that Danny would have after revealing himself, seeing kids walking down the sidewalks holding their own Phantom plushies, things like that, and seeing how many people really do love him for who he is by seeing them wear his merchandise, and wearing the DP logo and whatnot.

Like, just imagine how happy that would make Danny feel, that people don’t care that he’s half-human and half-ghost, just that he’s the superhero who saved everyone in the world, and this is their way of appreciation and how much they love him and even stop him when they see him on the street as Fenton just to say hi and thank you to him and just

Idk, I just really wanna see kids and teens with Phantom plushies and merch and showing them off and Danny just feeling completely overwhelmed by love from it haha

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Is it legal in the US for employers to force employees to wear Christmas themed stuff if it's not a part of their original uniform? My boss just gave us santa claus-like fedora hats to wear that i really don't wanna wear because a) I'm Jewish, b) i've come to really hate the holiday season because i'm not Christian, and c) they look ridiculous. Like, I'm not bothered with all the Christmas decorations and pastries that we're selling, but I want to draw the line at wearing Christmas clothes.

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BLS my deaf voltron tag is “deaf paladins” and “voltron deaf headcanons” but my main deaf tag is just “deaf stuff” kjnfdkjnfkjdnkf if you guys ever wanna look through it all 

Some more hcs: 

Hunk ‘I can HEAR you’ Garrett who has really rad hearing aids and sometimes everyone forgets he’s wearing them and they start talking about how much they love him like he’s not listening kjnkjnj

Shiro ‘I would give my other arm to see Allura smile’ gane is the cutest deaf mute you’ll ever see okay, like he is always fucking smiling and really expressive with his face and aaa he’s so cute i love him (personal hc: agender deaf shiro who just vaguely shrugs when asked what gender he is) 

Keith ‘stares at you when I’m mad because I’m deaf mute’. He loves!!! music!! He just really loves music sm,,,and you’ll always catch him sitting somewhere with headphones just tapping his leg to the beat,,,bls

Lance who likes to give everyone really cute and creative sign names and everyone uses them cuz theyre actually really cute and Lance’s name for Keith is Pretty Boy and he insists it’s an insult,,,but,,,we know the truth

Pidge who is an absolute HOH gremlin who sits at the front of classes and raises her hand really high up and is just “WHAT DID U SAY” but it’s mostly just to mess with people/teachers because she can literally read lips perfectly but it’s not like they know that fkjnkjdnfj 

Allura ‘wtf did you just say to me??? please repeat it, i didn’t quite catch that and would hate to seem rude’ is Partial Deaf and has hearing aids but still can’t quite hear all too well. Sometimes she just smiles and nods. 

Coran ‘HELLO YES IM SORRY I TALK LOUD ITS JUST I CANT HEAR MYSELF TALKING IF ITS TOO QUIE-’ is HOH and he’s also an expert at reading lips and him and Lance get along really well because they both took speech therapy and since they both talk kind of loud it’s easy for them to interact


posts like “neck kissing makes me want to commit sins” or “list of tiny turn ons” or whatever confuse me like how the fuck are you turned on by people rolling their sleeves partway up? Are you gonna kill someone after they kiss your neck??? Steal their bike maybe????? I’m worried about those people

No offense, but I want a revival of What Not to Wear, but where instead of finding ppl who don’t have a good fashion sense, trans ppl can volunteer to be on the show and there’s like the ceremony of throwing away all of their old clothes, and then they get however much money to buy a new wardrobe of exactly what they wanna wear and like they can get binders or other stuff that they couldn’t otherwise afford. And like they could have one episode every month or smth where they bring a teen on and like change their life bc being a trans teen sucks sometimes. And it’d just be so great. And where can I get someone to make this show for me.

You know i really appreciate the aesthetics and fashion of oswald and ed and how beautifully unique they are.like ed has this whole 50s nerd vibe at the start ,which has only upgraded to Hot Ass Nerd ft.Suits. And its such a cool choice (maybe a choice mayb cory just wanted a new cut) to give him such a modern hairstyle combines really well with that i think.and i cant!! wait!! to see the extents for the riddler costumes.i wanna see the question mark cane so bad u guys. Then you have oswald with lil dapper 20s suits and cane, and how his fashion/makeup changes as he progresses social status is BREATHTAKING i love it !!! Like sure those suits are nice but the stuff he wears in season three is so lovely?? (sorry i cant find good words to describe its brilliance) Overall big kudos to the costumes designers its what keeps me loving gotham even more.

am i the only one who cried during this episode bc it was so lighthearted???

like ok but

  • dean probably wears shorty shorts while washing the impala and he definitely blasts music and dances bc what a dork
  • sam and dean washing the impala together and messing around is what i need in life. how much u wanna bet someone got a bucket of soapy water dumped on their head huh??
  • and ok dean blasting music while he and sam are driving and ofc sam just gives dean this look like ‘really’ bc dean is really getting into it and its a little embarrassing but they both end up singing on the top of their lungs
  • night moves
  • and omg sam shyly asking someone for their number like.. ok just shy and clumsy sam in general do i hear cutie alert. imagine how much dean teases him 
  • and we can all agree on that little thing dean does when the impala is having trouble starting and he kinda just closes his eyes and wills baby to start like ok. dean and the impala bffls tyvm
  • basically dean and sam not figting or lying to each other atm and actually having a good time

So today I was walking home after buying groceries. I was wearing a crop top (with a blouse, but no coat) and jeans that make my legs look amazing. Now I’m hardly insecure about my body these days and where I live it’s safe to walk around like this during the day and besides, I didn’t look half-naked.

Two guys in a Volkswagen Polo (probably a 2000 edition or something) were staring at me and muttering stuff to each other. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but decided to keep walking. Then one of them whistled and in a stupid reflex I turned my head.

And he yelled “Hey you! Love what you did with your hair! The blue really suits you.” Sometimes I really fucking love people. And oh how I misjudged them.

- Mod Jewel

i really wish that i can find the fashion that i feel comfortable in that isn’t black and “boyish” as everyone keeps saying. i want to wear cute skirts and cute tops but i dont feel like im in that category of pretty to wear stuff like that. it just bugs me that i dont have the confidence to wear something different to black skinny jeans and a dark top