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It’s not about hating Sidney Crosby. It’s about hating the NHL’s bias toward him and other big named players like him. It’s about the danger that comes along with protecting the NHL’s golden boys. In the eyes of the Refs, players like him can’t do any wrong, and because of that, players like Methot get seriously injured. This isn’t necessarily Sid’s fault. He didn’t ask the NHL to protect him unnecessarily, but he needs to be held accountable for his shitty actions. He got away with two dangerous moves, two games in a row.

If you think that it’s okay for someone to take part of someone else’s finger off with no repercussions, just because “Well, he’s just really good at hockey,” then you’re part of the problem.


I was just going to make a fun little sketch but 2 hours later I ended up with this.

How these things keep happening beats me, but here she is and I hope you enjoy.

(Some extra versions where I was playing around with stuff under the cut)

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a requiem beyond the shore

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pairing: jimin x reader
genre: angst, fluff, dream!jimin
word count: 10,727
summary: you fall in love with the boy who is only known by your dreams

a/n: hi i’m zero and i’m coming out of my cave to drop a fic

You are seven years old when you first meet him.

The sky arcs above you in all its cerulean glory, and if you were to extend your hands towards the heavens, you could pluck the clouds right off the sky. That’s exactly what you do, watching in quiet awe as the white diffuses in a massless haze through your fingertips, crystallizing into tiny diamonds that soundlessly fall to the ground.

The boy stands alone by the shore, waves of transparent greens and blues rushing up just far enough to nip at his bare ankles before receding back into the ocean. He barely contrasts against the pale background, bright strands of pink hair billowing softly in the wind. The water is quiet, grounded against the horizon as it stirs lazily back and forth, and without the boy’s motionless form to focus the scenery, the salty breeze would surely have carried the white dunes across the sea to be forgotten.

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drew something for a school project
can you tell my laziness;; I can’t draw males to save my life haha;;


Body Harness Fashion ft. Pretty Setter Squad

*procrastinates by doing art yet procrastinates finishing the said art like a lazy being I am*

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Jon Bernthal slayin’ SDCC 2017 → “When we were making Daredevil the folks at Netflix said ‘ya know that guy that plays The Punisher, he should probably have his own series’, and ya know…we agree.” 



Not witchcraft, ~*~MAGIC~*~

I could combine BATIM with SPG for stupid comics all day xD I’ll also stay up until 3 AM making said comics and be exhausted - WORTH IT THOUGH.

edit from the following morning - help im dead inside

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sOOOOO today I was *that person* who wanted a page of their favourite chapter signed at WorldCon. Gave GRRM a chuckle and prompted him to ask if I’m a Brienne fan!

sorry for lazy editing and crappy pictures but sdfghjkljkhjghfdsasgdfghhgkfjdhsgasdfghgfdsgashjfkghgfjhsgagshdfgfdsfghfgkfdsasgd

Why ToZ X Is Actually Just Bad

Beyond the obvious issues of tossing the main plot out the window in favour of this new amalgam of ToZ’s universe + ToB Spoilers + Fan service to placate Alisha Fans.*

I wrote a lot. Sorry fam @ mobile users.

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minjoon things i can’t stop thinking about:

  • jimin joking about him and namjoon dating + calling namjoon the girl
  • namjoon smiling and giggling whenever jimin does anything
  • the way they fall all over each other when they laugh
  • the fact that namjoon appears to be the most comfortable doing skinship w/jimin
  • that time jimin told namjoon that girls like his dimples and then namjoon replied “are you a girl?” insinuating that jimin has said he likes his dimples too
  • every time namjoon tenderly tilts jimin’s chin up 
  • namjoon openly admitting on numerous occasions that he finds jimin cute and sexy; even going so far as to saying “when i look at him…i can’t help but think he’s really sexy; he’s really attractive”
  • how namjoon often talks about how similar their personalities are 
  • the way they touch + hold onto each other for support when they need it

anonymous asked:

Hey qbanalras, I wanted to say that i really like your frisk, your sans and basically everyone you do! I really apreciate your art! I'm not asking for you to change anything, because as I said, I like your male Frisk, but could you do a drawing of Female!Frisk ? Just for us to see what it would be : )

Hey, thanks. It’s really nice of you.
/sigh/ Yeah. I can. But probably no one will like it. Pff, whatever.
I do it this time :D

And US Frisk will be pretty the same as boy… and I’m lazy, it’s like 3 a.m. So… yeah.
Oh, and that anon(they know), you were just a rude piece of shit so I deleted your ask. But you where right. I don’t know how to draw sexy women.

Loves ya, fruits <3

Here comes a thought..

What if Lotor captured Keith and Lance being immediately drawn to the blue paladin and intending to make him part of his harem where areas he mistreated the red paladin but as interested because like himself, Keith is a hybrid. He kept Lance well-nourished and treats him as a glass; never forcing himself to him (queue the Stockholm Syndrome he desires from the blue one) while he kept Keith away, in a dark cell room and plays with him every time he endures Lance’s stubborness. He also spouts lies to Lance that Keith escapes leaving him and telling him he’s not worth it. Lance, being insecure himself (also he’s helplessly in love with Keith), become heartbroken but still endures; not giving Lotor what he wants. But you see after so long he sort of loose hope and was about to confess Voltron’s secret when BOOM- team Voltron came crashing and saves him but they didn’t find Keith as Lotor overpowers them. They take an enraged Lance and flee. Once in the Castle of Lions Lance outburst and asked them if they still needed him why didn’t they come sooner and well the hell is that snake Keith. Shiro, being Keith’s practically older brother, explains apprehensively that they haven’t found him yet and was still in captivity. Shocked, Lance have an emotional breakdown with the team supporting him. They paln their next move: rescuing Keith from Lotor but was surprised when said nemesis send them a video ft. Him with Keith at his side looking like a galra and- Altean.. (oOoooooOooH boi..)

Monsta X when they get jealous:

Anon ask: What are they like when they’re jealous?


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  • cold
  • a bit distant
  • won’t tell you until you start bugging him about it
  • maybe not even then
  • will tell you what’s wrong with him when you’re about to sleep
  • looks away from you a lot because you keep laughing at him
  • tells you stop hanging around I.M because he’s an evil maknae 
  • and that he always makes these weird faces when you hang out with him
  • blushes because he’s not used to being this open


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  • gets really petty about it
  • “why don’t you go hang out with ____?!”
  • gives you stink looks for the rest of the day
  • tries to be cute when you make ramen
  • once he’s done eating he goes back to ignoring you
  • gets defensive when you ask if he’s jealous
  • “Me?! Jealous?! Never!”
  • will never admit it because he’s the denial queen
  • literally does this ALL THE TIME
  • “you know you love me” ;3


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  • “Well that’s none of my business” -_>
  • kermit sipping tea is basically how he’s acting
  • “Well it’s not like I don’t have girl friends either.”
  • would also ignore you
  • locks himself in his room 
  • overthinks everything when he’s alone
  • stomps out of the room and gets angry at everything
  • eventually letting out why he’s upset
  • feels better after you spoil him 


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  • gets dramatic
  • “Who’s that?”
  • “Where’s he from?”
  • “How long have you two known each other?”
  • acts weirder than normal
  • is also a queen of denial
  • thinks he knows what’s happening between you and this other person
  • “AH HA!! I KNEW I-… wait what?”
  • feels dumb when you explain that the guy was just a friend
  • “Oh… yeah I totally knew that! I was testing to see how you would react if I was CRAZY jealous.”


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  • is basically chillin’
  • doesn’t see a problem with it
  • “You come home to me anyway”
  • lowkey confident AF!
  • “he didn’t trap you first” 
  • “U MAD BRO?” attitude xDDD


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  • “Well well well..”
  • interrogates you with an ass ton of questions
  • goes on a rant about how all men except for him are bad
  • and that you need to stay away from them
  • “I don’t like him. Delete his everything from your life”
  • plays the “I’m your oppa” card
  • feels bad about overreacting because you look mad
  • hugs you and explains his feelings
  • tears up a bit so that you don’t yell at him
  • also gets spoiled afterwards


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  • “He’s no competition”
  • lowkey jealous
  • highkey cocky and annoying
  • doesn’t like your friend because he’s taller than him
  • “he doesn’t sit right with me”
  • talks to himself about what would happen if you left him for your friend
  • gives your friend stink eyes every time their eyes meet
  • scares your friend away
  • mostly because he said he would send Shownu on him
  • feels bad but also lowkey triumphant because your friend is out of the picture.

a/n: This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, and I mostly did it because I was lazy. These probably aren’t  even accurate, but they’re kind of funny so that should be good, right?

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So that means xNFJs can find introspection boring sometimes too?

Well tbh, I’ve never met an introspective ENFJ before. I know some exist, but with tert-Se, all the ENFJs I know are always on the move and going out and making new friends. They seem to enjoy being on the move so much that they tend to neglect insecurities they may have and how it affects their behavior and turns them into a dick. LOL

That being said, I’d guess that 5w6s and 9s wouldn’t particularly like introspection. I don’t know why, but 9s just feel like they want to avoid their problems and pretend it doesn’t exist while I’ve read that 5w6s are usually focused outwardly.

I in particular don’t exactly enjoy introspection as a hobby because it’s just… Idk. When I indulge in it with no goal in hand, I feel like I’m looping. It’s a bottomless pit of questions about myself that I’ll probably never answer on my own. Ni-ing about myself is like falling into a black hole. One question leads to another question which leads to another question until the only answer I’m left with is, “Why does anything matter anyway? We’ll all die someday. My problems don’t matter in the cosmic perspective and I don’t either.” I feel like I’m going crazy. Fall too deep into a black hole and you will eventually die. That’s what constant introspection feels like to me.

Focusing outward is just better. Plain and simple as that. You don’t obsess over yourself to the point you demean yourself to death or put yourself on a high pedestal. The way introverts work in general is that they have to focus beyond themselves to solve problems and make progress. When I get out of loops, I realize that I may not have any answers and that’s okay. If we all die anyway, I might as well focus my attention on what I love the most. And also, people are more interesting than I am. Observing the way people are and trying to deduce the reasons behind it is fun. I may not be drawn to action to help myself, but it’s better than getting into a rut, you know?

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Punk/rebel girl falling helplessly for the good girl? (I'm a sucker for cliches)

“You’re so warm in the sunlight,” G murmured. She cuddled closer with a sigh of soft content. Lazy as a cat basking in the light. Sun catching over delicate cheeks and pink lips - so breathtakingly beautiful that it made P’s chest squeeze. 
“It’s all the black clothes,” she said to hide it. She brushed G’s hair back from her forehead, and felt her breath catch as G took the opportunity to tip her head and press a kiss to P’ fingers. 
“Like a radiator.” 
 “Well, now I know what you keep me around for, and I thought you liked me. I’m heart broken, just so you know.”
“Want me to kiss it better?”