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Wait (You don't have to answer this if youre tired of the fe questions) but i was wondering, what is sexist in fe13 and 14? I didn't notice any blatant sexism in fe13 and I don't want to be ignorant to it so I was wondering. :\

i am a bit tired so i’ll just show you some examples off the top of my head

^ this is the SAME CHARACTER. left is fe10, right is fe13

anyway…… this is really all im gonna say on the matter but….. me, my friends, n the majority of this fandom are either queer, trans, mentally ill or all three and if you shit out a post about how you find it “sad” that people headcanon things in order to feel like they belong (since most media doesn’t often portray characters that align with our identities) you can and will be dragged for that shit. as I said before, if you don’t like the content of our blogs please just unfollow and forget. we won’t miss you. that fact that people target lorellaigilmore about…. literally anything…. is such a fucking unreal concept to me because abby is such a genuinely caring person. if ur sending hate to abby you have fucked up.

anyway im aware that a lot of people who follow me are younger so I try to be a decent person abt this shit tho im sure i don’t always succeed. i know in the next few months theres gonna be more ppl coming to this fandom n following me bc of this revival and i want this to be a caring place where ppl feel wanted and most importantly ACCEPTED. yall should be able to imagine whatever u want abt whatever characters u want in any fandom. i fully support yall. identify however u want, headcannon however u want….. ur all creative n wonderful ppl and I love sharing my dash w u!!!

MTVS Epic Rewatch #35

VM 1x11 Silence of the Lamb

Stray Thoughts

1) I gotta be honest, I’m not sure why this episode doesn’t work for me. There are a lot of things that I like about it: Mac’s storyline, Neptune students hiring Veronica to dig up dirt about their parents, Jesse Pinkman, Keith and Leo saving the day, Clarence Weidman and the cliffhanger. But as a whole, it just doesn’t do it for me, you know? I don’t know what’s the fandom’s consensus about Silence of the Lamb, but this episode definitely isn’t among my favorites.

2) Like I said before, I think the fact that her classmates start approaching Veronica to ask her for help is a very important part of this episode for two reasons. Firstly, all the cases that Veronica had taken so far involving some of her classmates had come to her either via Mars Investigations (1x02,1x07, 1x09) or because they affected someone she cared about (1x01, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x08, 1x10). The only exception is Meet John Smith. This is the first time her classmates sought her out because they acknowledged and valued her skills. Secondly, this is exactly what paves the way for her involvement in a lot of cases to come, both in season 1 and season 2. And it’s definitely something that will help her in raising her status from a pariah to a valued member of Neptune High student body. If you think about it, the ovation she receives in Not Pictured has a lot of to do with how she slowly started getting involved with her classmates and helping them out, even if she never really liked them and even if she never truly cared what they thought about her. She might not have finished high school with a lot of friends, but her classmates respected her, and that’s something not a lot of people can say.

3) I can’t honestly believe for a second Madison was so thrilled about a string quartet playing The Beatles… nothing about that screams “Madison Sinclair” to me.

4) “ The day I go back to work at the sheriff’s department.” This was just a sad reminder of what happens to Keith in The Bitch is Back. He never got his dream, guys. And he gave it up in order to protect his daughter. He gave up so much for her. Sad.

5) Look who’s here! Schmidt!

I mean, Leo!

6) “With your sleuth prowess and my programming skills, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that we would rule the entire known universe.” First, I agree with everything in this statement. Second, I love the reverse parallel with the movie. Here we have Mac approaching Veronica to combine their skills in order to make profit out of digging up dirt on people’s lives, whereas in the movie Mac gives up a pretty good salary to join Veronica in fighting the good fight. They came full circle.

7) Also, don’t you think Mac would’ve been able to dig up the info about her parents on her own?

8) “ How do you live a normal life once you find out you were switched at birth?” Does anyone know the answer to this question? I’d love to know…


LAMB: Strappin’ on a guitar. Does it get rid of feelings of inadequacy?
GABE: Does strappin’ on a gun?

Yes, this guy was a creep and a murdered, but that was an A+ burn.

10) And look who was pleasuring himself in a shady hotel room…

My precious baby Jesse! <3

11) I just love this shot of Mac, Veronica and Wallace, okay?

12) These photoshopped pics of Madison are really bad, aren’t they?

13) Weevil helping Veronica out in this episode is just the best. To begin with, he didn’t have anything to gain from this other than showing Veronica, yet again, that she does have friends. Then, his whole speech to Leo is just priceless (and so on point):

I need to talk to someone about the noise level  in my neighbourhood which is truly out of control! I mean, you got motorcycle gangs, gunshots, heavy metal music? It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even sleep at night. I’ll bet that if my zip code ended in 0909, you’d have a patrol car swinging by the house every 10 minutes.  "Good evening Mr. Weevil. Is there anything we can do for you?” That kind of service. But no, it’s the barrio. So you figure, hey, they’ll sort it out themselves. And don’t get me started on what this is doing to the property values in my neighbourhood! I have a good mind to run for the city council and if I win, I’ll promise you this.  Heads will roll. I’m wondering if I’m better off speaking with your supervisor. Well then you leave the sheriff a note: he shouldn’t expect Eli Navarro Esquire’s vote this year!

And then…

<3 Weevil

14) I think one of the worst things the writers did in the show (and that’s saying a lot…) is introducing this huge life-altering storyline for Mac and then dropping it altogether. I might be mistaken, but I don’t think it’s even brought up in casual conversation ever again? Isn’t that weird? Especially considering she had been switched at birth with another regular character in the show. Granted, in this episode there are a few small yet highly emotional moments for Mac. But there’s so much wasted potential in this storyline and what it would’ve meant for Mac’s identity, you know? 

15) Oops, somehow I’d forgotten Leo saves Keith in the end?

16) And what does he get in return? A suspension because evidence was stolen during his watch. 

17) I don’t have any words for this moment…

18) Clarence Weidman! Yet another underused character in the Marsverse. Man, I just loved the music playing while he opens the envelope and finds out someone has been stalking him and his family. ( Put yourself, put yourself in my place

19) “ Two words for you, Clarence Wiedman: game on.”

20) All in all, an okay episode with some great moments here and there. 

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what do you like about ffxiv?

I love how immersive the experience is when I’m in Eorzea. I have never gotten this feeling with any other game. It’s as if I become the character in question. Like many have said before “FFXIV isn’t just a game. It is a lifestyle” and that is very much what it is like to me. It is an alternate reality, the person I really wanted to be and the life I really wanted to live. Eorzea is a beautiful place full of enjoyment and wonder and I want to be able see all of it but I know I’ll never be able to but I’ll carry on searching. This is why I Love FFXIV.

Bernie Sanders hasn’t officially reported the contributions he received during the first quarter of the campaign period before the FEC (federal election committee) deadline, but some are saying it’s around $8 million.

Meanwhile, Clinton broke records by raising (at least) $45M in that same period – over five times that of Bernie’s, with about a fourth the number of donors as Bernie.

Like I said before, if Clinton did raise $45M with 50,000 donors, the average donor contributed approx. $1000. If Bernie received 200,000 donors and raised $8M, the average donor contributed just $40.

While this speaks unfavorably for Bernie in terms of total profit, the fact that he’s really connecting with the true lower and middle class is more than evident.

Hillary, it could be argued, loses in terms of her image because she says she’s trying to help the middle class but most of her donors contributed hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands, each. But image, no matter how bad (see: Donald Trump), doesn’t have nearly as much influence as the ability to advertise heavily and widely.

It’s an interesting development, especially when Hillary’s record-breaking contribution success today was quickly overshadowed by the surrealness of Bernie’s 10,000+ turnout for just an average campaign speech.

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like i said before, i don’t care why/how it was, the fact that it was in the first place is what’s making me bummed

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Please elaborate 1/2 it was an ask awhile ago "We already know that Hoechlin don't ship Sterek or even see it as romantic. I mean, he said it before in cons. I feel like everytime, he's like " don't see it possible for my character"people r angry 4 like 5 days and then suddenly 4get it like he never said anything. Made my peace with it, don't care if actors like or not ships because even if it's for pure curiosity, shouldn't matter &amp; have any weight in our various opinions in fandom. Anon:

2/2"They didn’t forget, trust me, have a LOT to say on this matter and some con experience &amp; other quotes from him lead me to believe he was invested in sterek, but then was told to tamp it down. A lot of what he says it’s doublespeak. I may be giving him too much credit, but it’s always something that needles at me. I’ll say more when I’m actually awake, lol!“

So natural disclaimers: I know nothing,, no nobody, this is purely coming from the conjecture in my brain and experiences.  

Because Hoechlin is so prolific at cons I feel like it’s easier to shift the blame for Sterek to him.  Also, he’s TERRIBLE (or so it would seem) at statements about Sterek until one day he suddenly wasn’t.  People give him a lot of crap about his religion, but I honestly don’t feel that plays a factor.  I’ve known a TON of homophobic people and the way that Hoechlin interacts with his fans, specifically his male ones leads me to believe there’s more to the story.

Now of course, I know what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander so I get the thought process of “just because he’s nice to gay people doesn’t mean he wants to play one on TV”, which is valid, however he’s clearly benefiting from just the allusion, as an actor he had the chance to be on the forefront of a movement that would have broken barriers in Hollywood.  And for something that big, I don’t feel like typecasting would be an issue, especially if they did make them bi, have a breakup in between seasons, got him a girlfriend and then he eventually went back to Stiles. 

Because they would have been the first, they could have done it anyway they wanted to and got so much credit for it.  In the podcast we talk about how early ‘90s Joss Whedon was successful because he took a risk and fought for his fans.  Jeff Davis and MTV had a similar choice and took the money. 

So these statements about it being “disrespectful”? That sounds like purposeful language, meaning he’s basically spewing to us what was said to him.  I believe that statement had a purpose as well as the statement that came later.  I think the initial withdrawal and clarification was Hoechlin himself.  

I’ve found several times he would seem to be dismissive of Sterek, but when he does the same kind of wave off or shrug for other questions, it seems to indicate hurt, rather than indifference.  This is especially huge when you ask him about head canons for the show.  One telling factor is how he used to have ideas for what he wanted to see, and that dwindled into “I don’t like to say it because I never know where it’s going to go” which means he’s sad that he can’t truly get invested in his character because he knows his feedback will fall on deaf ears. 

I could go on and on and on, but I think that he would have and wanted to do Sterek, I think he was told that no it wasn’t happening, and I think that bothers him so when he speaks about it he always seems unprepared because he tries to not appear overly emotional about it. 

Again I could be giving him way too much credit, but that’s my feelings on it.  Hopefully one day we’ll find out the truth. 


Let’s Play!: Dreamtalia: Chapter Zero (Part 6)

It’s the grand finale! With the crown on, there is not much more to do than wait.. Reve having to live with his decision to the point of being delusional with just a doll of his “papa”.

Like I said before, this was just a preview so this is not availble for download! thank you all for watching and it was super fun to play this asldkas holy frick And for those who wanna keep up with the updates of the project, check out RussiaAdvice on deviantart, and also for any quesitons or comments !

Well, the theme park and the dinosaurs are back, this time with actual people paying to go to this park. What could possibly go wrong? Jurassic World is a fantastic film, and possibly the best sequel to the original so far. The story revolves around a park that gets destroyed by a genetically altered dinosaur named Indominous Rex. The movie makes many tributes to the first film in the series, especially with cinematography. The T-Rex in particular makes a wonderful scream at the end, which is, no doubt, the most obvious tribute. The film has already set many box office records, including surpassing last year’s Transformers 4 which originally held bust box office opening weekend of all time. Universal certainly has a movie to be proud of, and I look forward to the next inevitable sequel.

Michael Giacchino composed the music for Jurassic World, with the help of John Williams’ older themes of course. Giacchino has, like I said before, had a spectacular year so far, and this film can easily be up there on his list of incredible accomplishments. Giacchino made sure that he paid tribute to John Williams in this sequel, making the most jaw-dropping moments in the film sound like Williams and the park itself stays true to the original theme park sound.

The score for Jurassic World is, without a doubt, one of the most important works Giacchino has ever had, for anything with Jurassic in the title is bound to have importance to movie-seekers. “Bury The Hatchling” starts the soundtrack and immediately the horns have a John Williams vibe, with a small ET feel to it. “Welcome To Jurassic World” is a “condensed” version of the original Williams theme and it is so damn marvelous to hear this on the big screen. Compositionally, it focuses more on choir, but the majestic feel is definitely still there. Just a reminder; this is still an incredible composition.

“As The Jurassic World Turns” is Giacchino’s take on creating a Jurassic Park theme and he nails it wholeheartedly. The horns are still very Williams and the bass clarinet and contrabassoon is sliding around everywhere to make it quirky. Then the trumpet anthem comes in and it has such a theme park feel to it, which makes it extremely impressive. The majesty is spectacular and compositionally the emotion of the chord progressions still reminds us of Williams. The strings are just gorgeous here with the clarinet solo and flute trills. And, of course, at the end of the cue during the helicopter scene, Giacchino pays tribute to another iconic Williams’s theme from the original, which still sounds spectacular.

The action themes here are also spectacular. “Indominous Wrecks” is actually a scary theme, with sliding going on everywhere in the strings. The brass tensions and the harp glissandos make for an incredibly tense composition. The running piano in the background also calls for a tense lower atmosphere, which is so addicting. “Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours” has this same feel and provides incredible tension at the end of the film. What a finish. “The Park Is Closed” closes out the film with a beautiful piano solo of the original Williams theme, providing us with a wonderful ending to an incredible film.

Jurassic World is possibly one of the most entertaining films of the year so far, with wonderful gestures towards the original film. Spielberg was producer here, so it makes sense that so many references of the first would be in the new one two decades later. Giacchino was definitely the best possible choice for this film, giving him one of his best scores to date so far. I’m sure John Williams is tipping his hat somewhere.

Music As Written For The Film: 5/5
Music As Heard On The Album: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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I'm with you both. I respect the hell out of Peggy and appreciate and mourn the what if potential of her and Steve in MCU, but I definitely appreciate the comics more because the heart of Steve's story is Bucky, and CA3 could either honor that or completely trash it for some selfish 'move on or cling to the past' Steve plot, and I'm wary that it'll be the latter.

I’m sure they will find a way to mess it up. And like I’ve said before, watching somebody die horribly and then finding out they were horrifically victimized is lot more of a tragedy than “boo I never got to date my first crush” especially when said lady crush had a good life and found somebody she chose to have a family with. Steve was less than two years of her life. She presumably had a life with her husband that lasted for decades. Steve should be happy for her. But making it about Steve and the past kind of lets Steve treat Bucky and Peggy as possessions that were taken away from him rather than people, and neither deserve that.

Please don’t be a selfish jerk, Cap3!Steve. Please be happy for the life Peggy had and please be upset that horrible things were done to your best friend and care for him properly, with respect that he is a person and not something that belongs to you whatever he wants.

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All those video game characters you love and those OCs you spend hours making before even playing... How many are fat? None. Fitness =/= thinness but that's what society has you believe. Society LOVES AND ADORES thin people. Not even plus sized models are fat. The world caters to you. The world loves you.

I wasn’t trying to get into a fight or a debate over this, and, like I said before, I never equated fitphobia to fatphobia. I just think it’s not right to shame ANYONE about their body, and of course I understand that people who are overweight are ostracized more in society. it’s extremely unfair and I was never denying that. I’m not shaming anyone – everyone has the right to choose how their body should be and love their body.

I was just trying to make a point about my own experience on tumblr (it was a response to a meme about me after all), since I’ve been unfollowed before for posting fitness progress and I’ve seen body shaming on my dash – but I was in no way trying to say thin shaming is an equal or bigger problem than fat shaming.

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I want to act after high school, but I'm afraid of failing and not going anywhere in life.

I think you should try. Like I said before, it’s your life, live in a way that won’t make you regret it. 

Acting is risky, but their success outside of broadway and hollywood. I would say, really study the industry, really perfect your skills, be the best you can be 

If you don’t try, you’ll never be successful

If you do try, you still have a chance

go on anon and tell me a secret


Different… and yet, so alike. It’s like two sides of the same coin. [insp]


His eyes were large, long-lashed, like Helen’s; unlike hers,his eyes were mismatched. One was Blackthorn blue, the color of water. The other was gold, hazed through with shadows. - City of Heavenly Fire, Cassandra Clare.

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