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"Ne, Lu-chan. How do you really feel about him?" Levy murmured. "Who?" Lucy asked as she took a sip of her drink. "You know..." Levy replied with a hints of amusement and impatience. "Natsu."

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“Ne, Lu-chan, how do you really feel about him?” Levy murmured.

“Who?” Lucy asked as she took a sip of her drink.

“You know…” Levy replied with a hint of amusement and impatience. “Natsu?”

The flush that crawled up the back of Lucy’s neck was easily spotted from Levy’s seat and she grinned into her own drink.

“What do you mean, really feel?” Lucy spluttered. “We’re friends and teammates, that’s all… If anyone is feeling anything, it’s you, Levy-chan, for Gajeel.”

The tables having been effectively turned on her, Levy released an “eep” noise and sunk into her seat, hastily saying, “We just worked together for a year, that’s it!”

But Lucy’s smug grin said she thought differently.

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My boyfriend said he loved me tonight.. I was in shock for like 3 minutes before I said anything.. it was so unexpected & it made my heart melt, & I love him & I just thought I'd share because I'm super Happy... idk, sorry, haha 😙


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hello.. um sorry for bothering but could you please tell me how did you deal with sleep paralysis? been suffering through this and it's exhausting.. ;_;

Hi anon, I will try to help you with this! But honestly I learned everything by myself after having it maaaany of times. I can have SP when I’m going to sleep and when I’m waking up, so let’s begin!

When I am going to sleep, I can actually feel when I am almost being induced into SP, so I can stop it! I can feel my limbs being paralyzed one by one and my mind kinda almost sleeping so I get a little confused, but still aware that it’s beginning to happen so I fully awake myself. I only learned how to do this after a long time, like I said it before.
Also it’s important to not go to sleep after you wake yourself up, because it’s going to happen again, try taking a walk by the house, watch a little TV, until you are confident enough that you are ready to going back to sleep :)

BUT when when I’m waking up, it’s different and worse, I can’t stop the SP, and I’m pretty sure no one can, so it’s important to stay calm and think to yourself “this is SP, it’s not real and I am fine”, a lot of people get desperate to get out of it and it just makes it worse!

Here’s the secret to get out of it: Keep moving your toes to stimulate brain activity so you can awake, I also breathe heavily, since this are the only things I have control on my body when I am having it. After a few minutes (when I’m lucky only seconds), I am fully awake!! :)

ALSO DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES DURING SLEEP PARALYSIS. You are already hearing voices and feeling hands touching you (at least this is what happens with me but with some people it might be different), so opening your eyes and seeing those demons it will definitely scare the shit out of you OTL

This is how I deal with SP anon, I hope I could help you. If I didn’t, here are some articles that could:

9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis
How to Cope with Sleep Paralysis
The Art of Waking Sleep Paralysis

 I tried to make it explicit to say that maturity also depends on the personThere are very many stupid old people as there are wise young people.  i taught a 17 year old who was a child soldier and had killed people in war.  I mean, I am never going to get to his forms of life experience, no matter how old I am and what I do in my life.  I am commenting more generally, but i’m also putting forth opinions on what I consider how we structure our society and the values we place on certain things.

So like i said before, of course young people have a place in education, and of course there are things they bring to the table that old people don’t have (ie. your examples of memory of what it’s like to be in high school and my example of technology).

And I think what you said actually backs up my sentiment of experience (i’m very much a supporter of Dewey if you are familiar with his philosophies of education).  I think it’s a mistake to consider teaching as just about having modern teaching techniques (although maybe this is not what you meant), and your example of using relevant, real-world concepts is a testament to that.  Being able to relate to your students and be relevant is based on experience.  I think with age comes experience - but I am also very much aware of the fact that that’s not the case all the time.  You can be 60 years old and have never seen anything outside a 50 km radius.  You could be 17 years old and have been a child soldier!!

Which is why it’s so important for us as society to provide the necessary resources for teachers to be able to gain certain knowledge and understanding that is outside “the textbook”.  You can have all the most modern teaching techniques in the world, but when you’re faced with a former child soldier, there’s nothing in my teaching techniques book that’s going to help me relate to that kid.  teaching is as much a “feel” as it is a “skill”.  and that feel comes from living - but not just any old kind of living either - like i said, you might have lived a long time but that doesn’t mean you’ve experienced anything.


Akagami no Shirayukihime episode 1 - Review

It’s finally arrived! The splendid manga has been adapted and it was on point! Like I’ve said before, if your want to watch a new anime, really watch shirayuki but, as many other people have said… do not go into this show thinking it’s going to be like Akatsuki no Yona, Yona is a completely different story, theme, characters. Just because both of the main heroines in both stories have red hair doesn’t make the two shows the same. Really keep that in mind. Okay, that’s out of way, let us begin!

So I have read the manga and I’m going to try my best to not spoil anime-only watchers in my reviews. So this episode was a fantastic first episode! We are introduced to our main heroine, Shirayuki… believe me she is gonna get great character development throughout the course of the episodes. Same with Raji, he is a huge idiot in the first chapter but he gets superb character development later on. Don’t hate him please, he is a good boy.

After Shirayuki leaves Tanburn, we meet Zen. ZEN MY BOY!! HE IS AMAZING AND YOU WILL LOVE HIM. It was so great to hear Zen’s voice, it was just as I imagined his voice when reading the manga. At first I thought his voice sounded like Tatsumi but, it wasn’t and I’m cool with that. Mitsuhide and Kiki were amazing! Like exactly as they should be, Bones you did really good. Shirayuki and Zen become friends and it’s gonna so much fun seeing their relationship develop all over again.

After being poisoned, we are back in tanburn and Shirayuki defends herself from Raji! THATS MY GIRL, SLAP THAT HAND! Zen got an awesome fight scene! Defends Shirayuki and scares the crap out of Raji… we find out Zen is actually the second Prince of Clarines, Zen Wistalia. Hehehe he’s awesome. After all the crapping of thy pants, Shirayuki makes the decision to join Zen on his path.

OPENING TIME!!! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!! My favorite part was when Shirayuki and Zen put on their coat and cloak at the same time… to me that represents their relationship in terms of although they are fond of each other, they both have their duties to do even though they both share the same path. I might be thinking to far into it but, whatever. GOT TO SEE OBI!!! SO HYPED TO SEE HIM GET INTRODUCED AND GET THE AMAZING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT HE GETS!! The opening song was nice, fit very well for this series. Overall this first episode of Akagami no Shirayukihime was amazing. I can’t wait to watch this series and experience it again with even more hype. Can’t wait for the next episode :D

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what disney films best suit teen top? what disney film would they be in?

I’m going to answer as what character from which movie they’d be in^^

C.A.P - Li Shang (Mulan)

Li Shang is a high capable leader and is really determined. He has both good looks and a good physique. He is reserved, independent and thoughtful, and has a calming influence. Shang is a rather complex and interesting man and I think that this (just like what I’ve said before) also applies to C.A.P 

Chunji - Prince Charming (Snow White)

Chunji is quite prince-like, and there’s something quite classic about it so most princes from the old disney classics would most likely fit him. And there’s the singing factor I mean

L.Joe - Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a good and generous person at heart, and he’s also quite charming, and so is L.Joe. Both are funny, playful, carefree, bold but also gentle. They’re ambitious, adaptable and well, slender. I also kinda get this adventurous vibe from L.Joe, and he looks like he could be cunning.

Niel - Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

The most obvious common characteristic would be the beautiful voice both have. Ariel and Niel are free-spirited, curious, kind, bright and bubbly; they’re artistic, sassy, charismatic and mischievous. They’re somewhat naive and childlike, but they’re loving, caring, polite and sweet.

Ricky - Patch (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)

Like Patch, Ricky wants to show what he’s capable of and to be seen as more than just “cute”, both want to be taken seriously, however they’re not so much, which is frustrating for both. And though I do see Ricky as more than just a cute boy and though I do take him seriously, I have to admit that Ricky still has a cute and naive factor to him, just like Patch.

Changjo - Prince/Beast (Beauty and The Beast)

Changjo would be a prince, but not in the same way as Chunji. Both Changjo and the Beast are quite temperamental, reserved, powerful and prideful, in my opinion at least. One you break the Beast’s shell, he’s a pretty nice guy, I feel like Changjo could be like that too. Also when the beast gets transformed back into a human you can see he’s a pretty handsome man and who else is a very handsome man? changjo u.u

- Admin Momo

I ever tell you guys the story about how I inadvertently, kinda-sorta met Gillian Anderson’s baby daddy Mark Griffiths? It was so fucking awkward. It was at the IBG event in Beverly Hills in 2011. I was walking to stand in a line to ask Chris and Gillian a question, but I wasn’t looking ahead of myself and, what do yah know, my entire body crashed into him. We both sorta froze there in the middle of everyone. Then I looked up at him and just said “I’m so sorry” like 3 times before he smiled, nodded and shuffled away. Then throughout the rest of the event, every time we saw each other we just fainted smiles, acknowledging each other because what else are you supposed to do?????? eeeeehhhhh

so i currently only have 2-3 threads going right now (my fault for disappearing for so long), and i’d really like to start some more! i’m willing to do one-liners, but i’d like to do an actual thread with a plot (any length is fine with me). I’d like to find another person who i can constantly throw ideas at and have threads with and just be comfortable around (like i said before, i’ve been gone and now i feel kinda awkward talking to my partners. I need to work on that). So whether you’d like to rp or add me on skype or whatever, please message me!!

John Logan should be fucking ashamed of himself. 

I might just not watch season 3. Like a said before.

He killed a trans character and the only other POC on the show.

One for the white people. One for the while blonde cis woman. 

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Dain totally has ceremonial tusks with fillegree and carved tusks that tell stories, a bit like scrimshaw.

!!!!!! Yes, yes, and yes again, lovely Dain anon! Or…Don. Yes, Don! How cool would that be? I bet he has an entire case of them, each with their own specific look and story. Maybe one traced with strong rows of iron, and as dark a red as the stones of his homeland.

Maybe another with a delicate latticework of gold and silver, so beautiful one is almost afraid to touch them, yet Dain can handle them with perfect care.

Perhaps another with the mark of Durin’s Line, with a ring of rare mithril around the base?

Looks like tusk headcanons are a thing for me now.

Speaking of, I’ve said before that I like to think he got those metal braid casings from his mother, but the tusks? All Nain. 


Different… and yet, so alike. It’s like two sides of the same coin. [insp]


His eyes were large, long-lashed, like Helen’s; unlike hers,his eyes were mismatched. One was Blackthorn blue, the color of water. The other was gold, hazed through with shadows. - City of Heavenly Fire, Cassandra Clare.

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