but like i said before


G-Eazy: The Pri$e of Fame

On food, time, and ease...

“So, like I said before, it’s not really hard for me to wait for these eggs because I know in my bones how much I like eggs. The ‘work’ I need to do right now is just to wait. And it doesn’t feel like 'work’ because it’s easy.”

                                                                                           –Hannah Hart 

“If I had to sum up what it’s like to be with Hannah, to be spending time with her, I would say that… It’s like a wonderful dinner that lingers late into the evening. And you don’t even notice how late it is because it’s just… so… easy.”

                                                                                           –Ingrid Nilsen

coloring the kagune was my favorite part. Coloring Kaneki was not my favorite part. bby i love you, white hair and all, but your color palette is that of a ghost. 

I think this is also the first time i have drawn since semester got out, so like 2 months.

So like I said before, this is for the Belle Fleur AU, but it might take a while before we get there…. and it might not be that happy cuddly in actuality either…


OK here are all the games i’d like to get rid of. as i said before my family’s in a bit of a tight spot so any help is SUPER appreciated. 

they’re all $10 +free shipping~ (inside US only please! shipping elsewhere is super expensive and complicated lol…) Also note Fragile Dreams is a Wii game, not ps3 ;)

if you’d like any of the games please email me at gachichubbs@gmail.com~ price is USD, first come first serve, and i will be using paypal invoices ;v;

thanks in advance TAT

Just a quick thank you edit to show my appreciation. Seriously, Ren and I couldn’t have done this without your support. You’re the reason this movement has reached the success it has in such a short amount of time. The response we have received is incredible and it’s still 6 days away! It just goes to show what The Sandow Movement is capable of. Like I said before, when we join forces and work together, anything is possible!

anónimo perguntou:

Heyyyooo what's your favourite video game i you dont mind me askin :)

Well, as a general rule, they have to have good soundtracks. And also someone who can read out the dialogue because of the whole ocular situation I have going on here

Like I said before, I used to love the Zelda games and I still like listening to them being played. That music is sensational

I’ll tell you what is fun though, taking the wheel in racing games (MarioKart is always the funnest) while someone else tries to direct me across the track. It’s like a trust game that doesn’t involve actual physical falling

I need

>a skype call (if I turn you down don’t get offended I need it with only super close friends I won’t talk about kms maybe a bit but I just wanna talk about my special interestsand make my self feel better)
>talk to someone about special interests like I said before I just need someone that I can talk to about the only things that make me happy in life it’s silent hill and pokemon that’s it that’s fucking it
> watch a show that makes me happy I’ll probably watch the pokemon anime or k on something happy I might even watch a show for toddlers anything light hearted
>another dog

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If they don;t go through with the terminator sequels,what project do you think Jai will tackle?Or what would you like to see him in (and you can't say pornLOL)

Hmm…i’m not sure! He has The Kaiser’s Kiss lined up so far, so maybe he’ll just focus on that? He’s been going crazy the past year, filming all sorts of movies. Maybe a holiday is in order!

AND I WASN’T GONNA SAY PORN. You little pervs are just beginning to rub off on me(; Anyway! Like I said before, I’d love to see him in a romcom. I need flufffy!Jai in my life.

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I don't go to the tag. I go directly to yours, scienceofsherlolly and other sherlolly-centric blogs. I'm shocked to see the hate from johnlockers. Why? I don't understand. Are we such a threat to them? They can ship JLock without putting down sherlolly, dont they know that? Anon because they be cray and I dont want them sniffing around my blog.

It is truly bizarre. Honestly, I never knew behavior like this existed before being on this site. As I’ve said before, I’m just here for fun. The writing and shipping and stuff is a little hobby. I have no desire to talk about or cut down other ships or shippers. That’s not fun. The ship that I love is where the fun is at and I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t just use that logic, regardless of their ship.

And also, I’m so glad to be a blog that you enjoy visiting for Sherlolly fun. :D Thanks for the message, anon! ;))


“Almost ready!” Kacie yelled out of the dressing room. Chris just smiled and looked at the door. She emerged in her first outfit, a patterned dress that brought out the blue in her eyes.

“I like it!” Chris said as Kacie twirled in the mirror before heading back into the dressing room. “One more.” was all Chris could make out as Kacie mumbled behind the door.

The next outfit was a hippie style jumper, “I love this one, I think this is it!” Kacie couldn’t help but feel beautiful. After two long years of being homeless, she felt joy as she looked at her new outfits and her gorgeous husband. They weren’t rich but they had enough to get them by.

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What did you make of the Candice's fart comment? I'm not sure Grant farted. I think he just made a farting noise when he picked up the box. I heard that the phrase that she used is a funny pick up line. If you google it it comes up under that heading of funny pick up lines. She definitely said it to him in a very sultry way. I wish we got to see his reaction to what she said. Of all the footage why do you think they decided to use that one of Candice? Odd choice. I think she liiiikes him.

It’s possible he may have made the sound, but it was still funny/???/cute nonetheless. It kind of makes things even more interesting if he was playing around lol. Which, again, means they are cool with each other. Like I said before, I thought it was flirty and sultry as you put it. I can’t really figure out the right word to describe how she said it, but it had like a bit of sexiness too it? What I’m not sure of is if she was flirting, or if that’s how she is, because I know people have mistaken me as being “flirty” before without even intending to. Honestly, what this clip does is put together all the playful “evidence” I’ve been collecting on these two. lmao

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I bet you'd like spanking with me :)

I bet I wouldn’t.
Do not send me asks like this. I am not comfortable with them.
I have said it before and I’ll say it again and again. I’m dating gh0ul-king and I’m very happy to stay where I am, so please fuck off because I really do not appreciate asks such as this one.

why is that marshmallow wearing people clothes we just don’t know


Here’s the Facebook post since I’ve gotten so many questions:

Now a lot of you have messaged me about an interview that no one can actually find. What I think might have happened is that some of you got this post confused with an interview. Now as far as the validity of this Facebook post goes, there is no “official” Vic Fuentes Facebook page. It doesn’t exist. Also Vic has written the lyrics for four albums, graduated high school, and was accepted into college but somehow can’t spell the word “whether.” This post is full of grammatical errors. The boy uses punctuation in his tweets. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be careless enough to write “a addiction” or “it serious” especially when writing about such a serious topic. I’m sorry if I seem upset but it’s not fair to Vic to have so many rumors going around about him because someone wrote a post impersonating him.