but like i said before


After taking so many photos and videos and seeing them and feeling really bad about myself because certain angles made me look bad and then my confidence flew out the door I wanted to try and remember the good feelings everyone gave us during the con.

Like I’ve said before, yes, I’m chubby, always have been, I’m working on it. I also struggle with social anxiety and taking pictures let alone video is something EXTREMELY hard for me and I cried about this alot waaay before the actual convention.
Some pictures have surfaced where I feel like I look 10x bigger than i actually am, same with videos.
I’ve seen some mean comments, and yeah, I should sorta be used to it but…
I have to remember how sweet and wonderful and amazing everyone has been with us. Some people so excited they could barely speak. They didn’t care how big or small I was, they were just happy to see us with their own eyes, and I think that’s more important than any bad picture or video of me out there. 

I had an amazing time with Dalton and Luke too. It was so amazing meeting so many amazing people!! 

My biggest fear going to this convention was the thought of people being dissapointed when they finally saw me, (since Dalton has no problem showing his face for the channel, people knew what he looked like for the most part). I was afraid of that, but what we got instead were people so in awe and so happy - it’s just mind blowing, and an amazing confidence boost.

Anyways, I wanted to share these pictures, one of myself a couple days before the con I really liked, and a last day of con picture with me and Dalton. 
We had a really great time, and I won’t let a couple negative comments about my appearance get me down. (And thank you so much stevraybro for the confidence boost as well, you’ve been so sweet and so great words can’t even describe.)

Whether you see my face or not, like that I’m chubby or not, it won’t change who I am, or who Jaltoid is, and how great it feels to know how much we really are loved. So really, thank you so much everyone

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As a trans man I call myself a feminist ally b/c i'm not a woman and do not belong in their spaces. I'm also always kinda skeeved when a dude refuses to call himself a feminist ally at a woman's request like...what other desires is he gonna ignore if he can't even do something that small.

Right, like I’ve said before, I consider it a sort of litmus test.  If a guy wants to be included in the feminist movement but throws a tantrum at the thought of being a called “feminist ally” rather than a “feminist”, he is making it clear that his priorities have always been about himself and the titles he gets to claim more than actually BEING a good, compassionate, altruistic feminist man.

can i just talk about mark for a sec

I found Mark through someone I follow on tumblr. I’d see him on my dash every now and then, and eventually I got curious enough to click on a video. What I was met with was a bunch of loud obnoxious noises and screaming, so I promptly closed the video and moved on. It took maybe another week before I went back and clicked on another video, which I closed out of almost as quickly, vowing never to give him another chance.

But I kept finding myself thinking “oh I wonder if that screaming guy played this game”, and then I’d be opening up his channel, searching through his vids. And even though he didn’t make me laugh as much as, say, Pewds, for example, there was something about him that kept me coming back. So one day, I relented and subscribed. 

The more I watched, the more I loved this screaming dork. It took me a while to understand why, but now I can say he is my favorite YouTuber.


A few days ago I posted here about the similarities of the rings in Once. Then I saw the video about Daniel’s reincarnation in Emma and I ended fucked. Really fucked. Like I said before the theories about those rings wasn’t mine, but I need to make a post with the rings anyway. The first couple of images does not need any explanation. The similarities between both rings (Emma’s necklace and Regina’s engagement ring) are amazing. Even when Daniel’s ring is a little more thick than of Emma’s, I can’t avoid see them very similar. I don’t know how Emma got that ring in OUAT because I lost the first seasons.

But whatever that this means, I think that the theory of Emma being Daniel’s reincarnation is absolutely heartbreaking.

Now. This part I really don’t understand. The emerald rings. The theory that I read about this second couple of images confuses me. That post claimed that Emma was Regina’s Prince Charming. So crazy like it sounds, after see Operation Mongoose and Emma dress up like her father, I think that in OUAT all is possible.
Is the ring questions. The producers just love torture us.


gâteau de crêpes for nicole’s birthday! the filling is vanilla bean and grand marnier pastry cream. also made salted caramel ice cream (and the salted caramel pieces to mix in). not too shabby.

Teen Wolf Peter - Confessions

This was requested, here is the exact request “Could you write an imagine/one-shot where Peter says he loves the reader mid-smut but immediately plays it off but then the reader is hurt, possible mortally wounded, during a battle with one of the packs enemies and Peter is by her side admitting he’s madly in love with her and can’t live without her?” 
Thank you for your request!  I hope you like it!  I think I said this before when I answered this ask but I’m not going to include the smut part because I don’t feel comfortable writing smut and also I’m not entirely comfortable with Peter imagines either.
Word Count: 826
Requests for oneshots are closed, requests for ships and preferences are open.  I am in multiple fandoms, please send your requests here.  If you want to check whether or not your request has been received I have a page on my blog where I post all requests to be published, although it may take me a while to update it with time zones etc. 
Oh!  Quick note about requests I will assume the reader is human unless specified.

It had been a week since Peter had admitted his love for you at, well a pretty awkward time.  It had also been a week since he brushed it off, claiming it was the heat of the moment that had made him say what he had said.  You had been hurt but had tried to hide it, you couldn’t let him see that it was bothering you, you coulnd’t show him that you actually felt the same way, not after he had brushed it off so easily.

It had been a week of avoiding all contact possible, this included being anywhere near him, and when you did have to be near him avoiding eye contact.  You couldn’t tell if he knew that something was up, you two didn’t speak much to each other in pack gatherings anyway and you had been keeping yourself busy the past week.  

You had considered speaking to him about it, after all you had had some pretty intimate situations and were sort of dating.  Sort of because you two hadn’t exactly made your situation explicitly clear.  You had thought that you were dating, that is what it had seemed like to you but maybe he felt differently about whatever it was that you two were, he definitely felt differently about you than you felt about him.  

You had managed to avoid all contact with him until Scott had called a mandatory meeting at Derek’s loft, claiming it was urgent.  You knew you wouldn’t be able to get out of it so went along.  Peter was there but you placed yourself at the opposite end of the room, busying yourself in a conversation with Lydia to avoid talking to him.  Scott claimed there was something coming for the pack, and he had called everyone there to prepare for the very real possibility of battle.  You had been in battle before, but had always managed to stay near the back, out of harms way.  You were human, there wasn’t a whole lot you could do but you did your best. 

The fight was going okay, so far you had avoided the worst of it, sticking near to the wolves.  Then, they moved forward, going for one of the creatures and you were left alone.  You didn’t see it coming.  It came at you from behind, it’s sword digging into your side.  As you fell it pulled it out, the blade shining with blood, your blood.  You clutched the wound in your side and the creature whirled to deal with someone else, clearly believing you were dead, or near enough.  Your hands came away sticky when you pulled them up to inspect them, a droplet of blood falling onto your face.  The pain was agonizing, but you kept quiet, biting your tongue and only allowing the smallest moans of pain to escape.  You didn’t want to distract the pack from the fight and have them worry over you.

The pack didn’t notice you, lying on the floor in a puddle of your own blood until the last of the creatures disappeared, killed or otherwise you didn’t know.  Your eyes were clenched shut as you gripped your sides.  “{Y/N}!”  It was Peter’s voice that made you open them.  “You’re going to be okay.”  He kept muttering as he roughly pulled your hand away from your side, using his werewolf abilities to sap away your pain.  “You’re going to be okay.”  You didn’t speak, unsure on whether or not that was actually true but chose to believe it to calm yourself down a little.  “We’re going to get you to the hospital.  Don’t worry.”  He assured you, lifting you up off of the floor as you stifled a groan of pain.  

The others made to follow the pair of you but Petet waved them off, telling them to meet them at the hospital once they finished dealing with their own wounds.  “You’re going to be okay.”
“Peter.”  You sighed and winced when it hurt your injured side even more.  “You don’t know that.”
“Yes I do, you’re going to be fine.”
“You are going to be okay.”
“Peter, it went pretty deep.”
“You will be fine.”  He was still taking your pain.  “I’ve, uh, been meaning to speak to you about last week.”  Your breath hitched and it had nothing to do with the injury to your side.  “I’m sorry.  I meant what I said, the first time I mean.”
Your heart fluttered.  “Peter, you don’t just have to say that because I might be dying.”
“You are not dying, and I mean it.  I just thought you wouldn’t feel the same, I panicked, that’s not how I wanted to say it to you for the first time.”
“Well, let’s forget about the first time then, let’s pretend that never happened.  Say it now.”
“I love you {Y/N}.”
“I love you too Peter.”  You let loose a small giggle before he placed you gently in the back-seat of the car and drove you to the hospital.

Hi hello welcome once again to Rainy Rambles About Jojo this time we’re covering the first episode of the Dio’s World arc!! 

This is Part 2 of 5  (ノ゚▽゚)ノ Part 1 can be found here

Also I fucked up there’s 100+ caps in here and the thing totals almost 6.7k words LOL breaking it up into single parts was meant to make these shorter oh well have fun kids 



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Ugh.. That anon was so mean.. I don't understand why they would do something like that.. On the other hand I love your blog so much ✨

Like I said before, maybe they had a painful poop earlier. That always puts a damper in my dosido. But thank you!


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ok im sorry for bothering you but i just wanted to tell this to someone. imagine like. neurodivergent witches/wizards/magical folks who have magic fidget toys and stuff like that. idk someones probably already said it before but i think the idea of neurodivergent magical people is rlly cool

being that I’m a pagan/witch and a neurodivergent stim-loving nerd I couldn’t be happier about this concept like think of the potential for all kinds of stimming like never before

all kinds of chew stims that change texture and flavor on a whim

fidgets that are like magically ‘alive’ like little faux-living rubber snakes you can twist around and play with

wands that change texture/smell/shape/squishiness for the user’s comfort

being able to shapeshift yourself or parts of yourself for sensory stimming (like big fangs to chew with or a tail to wag or hold or wings to flap excitedly/anxiously)

neurodivergent specialist potion shops with all kinds of sensory spells

like the possibilities are endless omg bring me the neurodivergent magic

you know

the dog vs. veterans with PTSD posts in terms of who people decide deserves more courteousness with fireworks those are like

exactly the kind of shit im thinking about when i said before that there are times where it is fucked up and socially irresponsible to drop everything and go “actually i care about animals more than people”

i dont like how we place ourselves above all animals either it feels wrong. but we need to attend to each other and to the entire populations within the human race that are disadvantaged or held down in various ways. it’s what we got a responsibility to prioritize. and when you pull this, whether it was your intention or not, you’re giving those disadvantaged people the biggest smack in the face.

unicornempire said: I know you’ve likely heard this before, and I’m certainly not against Macs, they’re great machines, but at this point in time you really will get more bang for your buck getting a PC instead. Mac was worth the investment 5-8 years ago, not now = /

I’m considering it :/

The only problem is I have no idea what would be comparable to what I have now, and tbh I’ve have a horrible experience with PC’s, but I might have to give it another go at this rate.

For real  though..

it was anon haters that brought pimp-daddy-jack officialomahalane & inlovewith4australians together so I guess I should thank all you Jadison Shippers, the only nice thing you’ve ever done for me. But really none of us have to justify anything to you we don’t like Madison or “Jadison” and that’s that now I am done talking about this so keep your anon messages to yourself and not in a confession blogs inbox. Like I’ve said before, I can be real nice but if you get on my nerves I will turn into a bitch.


Different… and yet, so alike. It’s like two sides of the same coin. [insp]