but like how can people not see it


I hate all you fucking nasty fangirls. You’re disgusting. The boys can see these comments you freaks. They know English, they can read. And really?? A shipping comment is the one with the highest amount of likes? Of COURSE they’ll see it then!

They’re friends. They’ve known each other for years. Don’t make their relationship weird for them!!!

As a gay man, I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing girls fetishize mlm relationships, especially east asian ones. People aren’t gay for your entertainment.

Any time a guy shows ANY affection for another man, you immediately conclude that they’re fucking. Can’t you see how toxic this is? Can’t you see it further pushes the idea that men can’t be emotional? The second a guy has a close friendship, you call it gay. No wonder men are so stoic, they don’t want everyone assuming they’re fucking their best friend. I’M TIRED. STOP IT. Fuck I hate fangirls who do this. You’re all disgusting.

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y'know that one post where it's like *best friend calls me and asks abt what color my dress is for prom so he can get a matching tie and i asked "since when were we goin to prom and he's all like "fuck i forgot"*? how about that but with josuke bc i can totally see that happening with him, sweet precious babby (please and thank you, i need more josuke fluff in my lif e)

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@freaky-zombie-chick submitted:  Okay I got let my inner The Walking Dead fangirl out and say: Edge has to be Negan. And for those who don’t know, Negan is the current bad guy The Walking Dead tv show.

External image

Here me out on this. They both have the iconic red scarves, both look good in the leather jacket and boots, and have an army that follows his command no matter what. And let’s not forget they have the red and black color scheme going on!~

External image

Just imagine Edge wielding a bone attack like a blunt weapon, now imagine that bone attack as a baseball bat wrapped around in barbwire named Lucille. Edge using it to point and threaten people that upset him, or just to get all the good candy first.

External image



the tortoise’s two cents:  Okay, I agree with this.  I need this to be his costume because damn, he’d look fine in that leather jacket with his red scarf.  

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Andrew Ryan Headcanons?

oh boy. get ready. 

1. Super polite. Like, the most formal upper crust detachment, at least until he loses his temper or gets more interested in the conversation. His cold shoulder is pretty freaking formidable, too. 

2. He would rather die then go out looking less then perfect. His suits are always starched and pressed. Growing up as a refugee had made him keenly aware of how clothing can present people, and he wants to appear calm and in control at every turn. 

3. Has a grudging respect for cats. Will pet them if he thinks no one will see, but hates getting their fur on him.

4. Occasionally swears in Russian. As a kid, Russian bad words were the first bad words he learned, and he falls back on them when particularly stressed. He  actively tries to suppress it, however, as to not sound to alienating to others. It mostly comes out in private. 

5. Still has a taste for Russian dishes, especially pelmeni and medovik.


ever since the IT movie came out i have seen countless people comparing pennywise to characters n all that shit but not a SINGLE FUCKING ONE has compared him to Syndrome???? like fuck how can you NOT SEE IT?? ITS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU PEOPLE AND NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YE NOTICE

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i still haven't quite figured out my sexuality yet. from a very young age i've always kind of been like "whoever i fall in love with is whoever i fall in love with." i think it's okay to not have a label too, ya know? i also know that the first time i seen harry pick up a pride flag i cried and ever since then, no matter how many times i see it, it never fails to make me cry. whatever he's bringing out in me, i thank him everyday. life wouldn't be the same without him.

this is so powerful i never wanna see people saying things like that don’t make a difference he has so many young and impressionable fans and spreading love like that can work wonders

so, i used to run a message board for like 10 years and absolutely loved it… i just thrive for community based events and getting to know people through shared interests. so i’ve been kinda noodling around in my brain how to transfer that desire into this completely amazing community.

so the question was: how can we create a community based event that will hold said community’s interest?

i initially kicked the idea around on twitter. it needs to be simple. start a post with a word or an image and have people build off of it. have people make headcanons and work together to collaborate–collaboration being the key. but it seemed stiff. maybe not enough direction.

then we have @hexotic‘s perfect post[x] come up, and @damn-danchou‘s round-robinesque post[x] are EXACTLY what i was looking for.

so i have a proposal–just to see if there’s any interest to even give this a try.

an eruri noteboard (name pending)

basically it would work like this:

* submissions would be open for people to submit a photo or a word or a single line of text
* a submission would be chosen and posted once a week
* people can choose to contribute to the noteboard however they want (fic, fanart, edits, cosplay, headcanons, etc. it’s open to everybody!)
* after a month, that noteboard will be reblogged on the main blog and “closed” (people can keep adding to it of course, but it will be “archived” at that point)

the goal is to have non-committal, quick and easy, collaboration fun together. if you don’t like a “prompt” for the week, you can pass on it. if you see the prompt grow into something you like on week three and choose to contirbute, you can.

the beneficial side effect is that we all get to know each other a little bit more–make new friends–find new followers.

stupid idea or…???

Should I try The Witcher?

I’ve seen people talking about the Witcher series, and I’m wondering if I should give it a try?

I am not an RPG fan for the sake of rpgs (Skyrium was kinda meh for me). I like Dragon Age for the lore and the characters. That’s more important to me in any game. Previously, my only understanding of the Witcher was a gritty rpg where you could have lots of sex. But seeing people talk about how satisfying they find the lore and the characters has peaked my interest.

My main concern is the combat sounds really overwhelming. I’m the kind of player that throws themselves into combat and hacks away. Definitely doesn’t seem like that’s something you can do with Witcher. The ability to dodge and parrying (and reposte? There’s three different dodging mechanics?) seem pretty important and I never remember to do any of that (actually really loved the Prince of Persia reboot told you when to dodge because I would have been dead otherwise). The various menus also look pretty intimidating.

Watching a Let’s Play right now, and there’s bombs, traps, signs, potions, and omg so much what? I am never going to remember all of that after the tutorial, not unless the game reminds me as I die repeatedly.

I mean, the characters and lore sound really interesting, but if I can’t actually play the game then there’s really no point.

I suppose I could see if my husband wants to play it and watch him?


Well damn! Seems like just yesterday I hit 50 followers. Thanks for following my decent into B.A.P madness, I hope you enjoy the ride.

*people normally tag their fav mutuals and blogs here right?*

I dont know, i love everyone who comes to this blog and sees my antics with my friends and decide to follow me. But im gonna get sappy and tell you how i got into B.A.P.

Rewind to late 2014 (the dark ages, srry)

I was in gym class with my friends and they were talking about kpop and me being the weeaboo that i was, wasnt interested but then they told me to look up B.A.P one shot mv because (death tw) the way Daehyun got shot in the music video was funny so i go home and look it up and i get a chuckle out of it nothing more and then I see No Mercy (jp) and im like ‘i fucks with this’, i learned the dance and that was it. I also watched some of their other mvs (warrior and never give up👈 this is where i first fell for zelo) A couple of weeks later I learned about the lawsuit and my exact words were 'damn, that sucks I’ll come back to this when they settle or go to a different agency’ (cause people were talking about the probablility they will change agencies) fast foreward through 2015 and 2016 (where μ’s and klab owned my soul) and March of 2017, I remembered on my birthday about B.A.P and decided to check up on them. They were back! But with the same company….👎. But they were having a comeback! But i knew nothing about them not names not faces but the first thing i watched was One Fine Day and it was hilarious. It took me two weeks for me to be able to identify them by face and name. Fast foreward a little more to late May, @daehdream was having a giveaway and im like 'i like free things! and free b.a.p things are even better!’ but the requirements were to have a 70% b.a.p blog so im like yeah im just gonna stuff my existing blog with b.a.p and maybe ill have a chance but then i decided to make a sideblog for it keep my kpop shenanigans separate from everything else and ultimately this blog was born.

I didnt win that giveaway but i got so much more from that, i got new friends.

@7btobap6 @jongup-is-an-enigma @dreamermoonchan @himchans-eye-dimple @daestopiaa @daehyuns-matoki @take-yoo-there @yooaremydae @bangyongguktigger @zeloswaffles @chiquitabae @sera-chyeah @doitforbangyongguk @chaliceofroses @bestabsoluteperfectcrack @bestabsoluteshitposts @bap-time. I wanna thank you guys its been a hell of a ride

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"Hello there, sir! You must have more experience with this than I do, so I swallowed my pride and decided to ask you something. Have you ever liked someone, but not been liked back? How would you deal with that? Forcing them to like you, maybe? Or kidnapping them? Or bribing them? What would you do?"

That hardly ever happends I’m a very likeable person

By force doesn’t really work. But by force you can grow a reputation
by which people will be more MOTIVATED to see things your way

kidnapping actually works rather well with women BUT you need to re-enforce it with the sweet promise of marriage that you keep to

Bribing sucks on the long term. Eventually people will take things for granted.

What I would do?
Well I would not be bothered in the first place. It is not my concern what another thinks of me. Just as much as my feelings are not someone elses concern either. If I like someone then that’s just that. If liking someone makes me feel miserable, then I have something to work on. I’d try to think of it in another perspective. But as I said, there are very little people who dislike me.

Create a Sim Inspired By ~ @justkeeponsimming!

Rules: Using any Sims game, create a sim based upon the style of one of your favourite simmers! Be sure to tag them and your friends! :3

I  created a sim based upon the sims style of @its-lunnarise She has an amazing style with her sims and her love for alien sims like me. I love how creative her style is, her edits are out of this world and she makes flipping amazing cc you can see featured on this sim I based off her, please go check her blog out if you haven’t! Give my lovely cute friend a follow and some love too! <3 she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve meet on here and I love her too bits! 

I tag the following simmers to have a go at this too: @gh0ulishness, @wonderlandishsims, @its-lunnarise, @extrovertsim, @voidfeathersims, @ohare-lane, @riverstonesims, @josiesimblr, @imming-say, @starryllamas, @storylegacysims,  @pxlunicorns,

If I didnt tag you please go ahead and do this! It’s such a cute idea! I hope Elizabeth you like the sim I made??? 

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Hi, big fan of the page. Keep up the good work! I've been dealing with some real stupid people on the no side of the campaign on Facebook. Like they claim they're not homophobic but somehow by denying equal rights to the LGBT+ community, isn't prejudice to LGBT+ people. Fucking no. That's in the definition of homophobia. Like how can you be so stupid. Not to mention the fact that I'm yet to see a single valid argument as to why they're against it (which is backed up by facts and evidence).

Did someone say: FACTS AND EVIDENCE? My favourite thing in the world! Here’s an article with a shit ton of citations and sources for the 10 points it makes about debunking myths about gay people. Go forth and back up your points.

But also: that sucks. I know that feel. “I don’t hate gay people, I just (insert reason here that’s clearly motivated by hate)” is a classic excuse. It’s terrible and I’m sorry you have to deal with that nonsense.

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What do you think about some people saying that huntress wizardx finn is ''too forced''? I don't care much but it looks like some people doesn't want him to be happy :/ (how dare you)

Forced? Nah! If anything, it was a little sudden. In Flute Spell, Finn spent about two weeks with Huntress Wizard off-screen, enough to develop feelings for her and she also developed attraction for him, but she ultimately decided to leave those feelings aside, as seen in the episode. Then you had Huntress apparently following Finn around, giving the idea that she still was interested in him.

They have a nice dynamic and I definitely can see them having a good relationship, they are like buds. Finn has matured enough and has resolved most of his personal issues; Huntress has apparently left behind her ascetic way of living and decided to dive into closer interpersonal relationships, accepting the feelings she had for Finn.  Did the Forest Spirit say something to her about running away from her feelings? Maybe. I plan on writting a fic about it, don’t worry

I would have liked more screen time for them (maybe we will see just one (1) more episode about them) but it’s a nice and cute pairing imo

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ahhh I know this sounds really dumb because it is but all the shipping discourse really makes me feel shitty for liking scars. Like ? I love Seong ?? Very much ??? But then I see all these scars stans doing all these mental gymnastics to prove how Seong is 'ruining the story' and I just uGHHH.. I can't stop associating this thing that makes me really happy with these really mean people and I just wish we could get along for what we all have in common, yknow? Our love for this really great comic?

Yeah I know exactly what you mean by this, I’ve had the same problem to be quite honest. I’m sorry there are these intense fans ruining it, but you’re by all means allowed to like shipping scars! You can ship Seott or Seolars or any variation of the pairings.

Please don’t let the hate and discourse stop you from enjoying the characters and comic ❤️

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After all these little beautiful gems you've received today, such as "But the Stuarts are dead, who would rule?!?!" and "Not all Imperialisms!". The fact that you can still be so level headed and understanding of the simple minded English shows how much of a saint you really are. Personally, I'm one more idiotic argument away from squatting over the border and taking a big steamy shite on the English side AND I LIVE IN ENGLAND! I'd travel up to Scotland just to squat back over the border!

It’s not the English people I have a problem with, it’s just that there’s some entitled ‘Brittania rule the waves’ batshit idiots who like to be heard.

I’ve blocked whoever they are now, and after seeing them going after others I’d recommend you all ignore that piece of shit.

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Hiya! I really see CP being pansexual (like me-buts that's not why.) Any hcs for her coming out to her parents? Thank you very much!

Joker is pansexual and helps her feel not so alone because she can come to him and talk about how she’s feeling and be assured shes validated.

CP is worried that Joker and Harley will treat her romantic partners differently and they promise that they will intimidate and terrorize them all equally for having to share her love.

Harley teaches her daughter how to stand up for herself and fight back against people who would have a problem with her being pan, having dealt with similar ignorance against her bisexuality. 

So people can’t see how minors will copy her and keep a knife in their drawer when EA is basically someone who TELLS people what to do. She suggests things. Like the “numbers” being okay? You know why people really probably ask her about her tattoo? “Holocaust victim in the family?” And people are gonna deny her fans now are making a mockery of mental health? Okay then. She also implies that doctors are bad. Without them. She’d be dead. That’s the kind of person she is.


If you send me anons using hateful slurs and unnecessarily gross language – even if it **is** about antis – I will likely just start blocking you.

I’m not a hate blog. I don’t come to Tumblr to be hateful, and I don’t care for anons that aren’t productively addressing issues in ways that I can justify answering.

Be mindful of how you word anon messages because (1) I’m not answering messages that use words like, “slut” and (2) I’ll probably start blocking people who send asks like that… sorry, but it just makes me really uncomfortable to see it in my inbox.