but like he's like lovingly watching him play

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DUde,,, Ross is so fucking cute. Like honestly I just cant not imagine him being like all extra cute with everyone. Like kissing Arin on the cheek or playing in Danny's hair and being super duper sweet to Brian, listening to him go on about science

That’s really cute! I feel like often Ross is underappreciated. I feel like people one-note him a lot as an annoying little shit when he’s not really like that. He’s really endearing and cute and he tries to share a lot of himself and his time with his fans tbh. 

in the sense too of shipping I like that Ross would act differently but still lovingly to all his partners. He and Arin I could see bickering like a married couple just from the length of time knowing each other but I can also see Ross snuggling into Arin’s side and watching him play games or they curl up together to discuss things they are working on together. 

With Dan Ross likes to give him a hard time but also likes Dan’s attention in the sense he’ll slide his feet into Dan’s lap and Dan is like “Ross go put some socks on,” but he’ll still rub at Ross’s bare ankle. 

With Brian Ross thinks he’s so smart and interesting and he’d listen to Brian all day if he could but also he likes to be sassy at Brian and give him some shit because they have a good back and forth. Brian letting Ross give him backtalk and giving it back just as much. The two of them laughing at each other. 

Also bonus Barry!: Ross is comfortable and quiet with Barry. He’ll be lowkey affectionate. if things are kinda rough he goes to Barry because Barry has a way of settling things into this calm state. Barry is always good for showing some cute or funny stuff to Ross to cheer him up. 

Bangtan + Mornings

Hoseok: First off, Hoseok would walk up to you and just peck every inch of your face. He’d smile and tell you how much he loves you while wrapping his arms around your waist. Hoseok would be extra affectionate in the morning because he loves to wake up to your cute face right next to his.

Jin: I think Jin would be super hyper in the mornings. He’d wake up early and bug you until you’ agree to watch the sunrise with him or take a brisk walk outside. You’d complain and complain about how cold it was, but he’d pout and ask “You don’t like me anymore?’ and of course, he’d keep “being sad” until you’d give in and give him a big kiss on the cheek.

Jungkook: Jungkook would usually like to stay in bed with you for an hour or so and lovingly play with your hair, hold your hands, and give you sleepy smiles. Eventually, when you did finally get out of bed, you’d both make breakfast but it always turned into a big mess because you and Jungkook would play fight way too much.

Namjoon: Namjoon would love mornings with you. Usually, Namjoon would wake up early, but stay in bed and listen to music while smiling at you sleeping. when you woke up, Namjoon would kiss both your cheeks and you’d cuddle and listen to music until you were both ready to get up. Most of the time, Namjoon would trace patterns on you back and you would almost drift back to sleep.

Yoongi: Yoongi would smile as you both woke up. The first thing you’d see is his cute gummy smile and you’d smile back at him. Spending the morning with you is actually very very important to Yoongi. (When he was away in tour he’d always be a bit more crabby because you weren’t there next to him, but he’d never say that even though everyone knew that was why). He never fails to give you a kiss on the forehead and he’d love it when you cuddled into his chest.

Taehyung: Mornings with Taehyung would consist of lots of giggling. He’s always, always the one to wake up first. He tries really really hard to let you sleep in a bit, but his patience runs out an before you know it, you feel a cold finger poking you awake. When you finally opened an eye, he giggle an say “You’re finally up jagi,” and mutter under his breath “took you long enough.” Then you’d glare and he’d realize you heard him, but you could never stay mad at Tae.

Jimin: Jimin would shower you with so much love in the mornings. He’d always have an arm around your waist or shoulders. He’d say “I missed you so much jagi.” and you’d say “Jimin, I was sleeping right next to you.” and he’d reply, “I hope you dreamed about me at least,” and blush every time you said “whatever,” but still kissed him on the cheek.

A/N: Yooo, so it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. School’s beem tiring me out man. Also, those two anons i haven’t replied to yet, I’m so sorry your requests are taking forever but I promise, promise, promise they’ll be done soon! pls don’t hate me.