but like he says

okay but think about this.

Trans Carlos taking a job way far out in this town he’s never heard of because there nobody knows who he used to be. Then he gets there and some guy on the radio is talking about him so he assumes Cecil is making fun of him for still looking kinda-feminine, so Carlos goes out and gets a haircut to look ‘like a boy’ because he can’t handle being harassed in this town. Then he realizes that Cecil really meant it and they actually slowly awkwardly fall in love.

Anyways yeah I think about trans Carlos a lot.


G-Eazy: The Pri$e of Fame

ok so i get that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but there comes a point when your opinion - no matter how true it may be to you - does not need to be verbalized. there comes a point when you use ‘it’s my opinion’ as a way to mask your venom. your opinions do not need to be broadcasted or verbalized if the only purpose they serve is to bring something, or someone, down. there is no need to put that kind of negativity into the universe. you know that feeling you get when something makes you so happy? cling to that feeling, hold tight to it, and try to only put out thoughts & energy that replicate that feeling. do good by others, be kind, try to make the world a happier and more accepting place. we could all use a little more love but we gotta give love too.

So if any followers have a minute to send some good thoughts my dog’s way. He ate a worrisome non-food item last night and I’m doing the waiting game here. I went to bed crying last night, but this morning I’m being less emotional and just figuring it will come out one way or another. I’ll worry and panic if he starts acting sick. Anyway, some positive thoughts might help. Thanks. :)

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Please tell me that gwyn and augus will get some hugs and cuddles after that fücking trauma!?


Lots of tactile contact and embracing and all sorts of things over the next few chapters actually. Gwyn’s instinct to deal with distressing things alone never really gets a chance to kick in, with how present Augus insists on being, and how much Gwyn needs someone to lean on. (We’ve never seen Gwyn deal with a significant loss like this before, but he is the kind of person to want comfort - despite never being given it by his family).

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HElp me please i read an anti phan blog and idek but they linked to a video where PewDiePie said: "Everyone wants to see them f*ck but it's not gonna happen" like what if he basically just told us theres no hope im in tears pls help me believe in phan again help ME REGAIN THE MAGIC

that isn’t exactly the most reliable anti-proof i’ve heard like . cmon 99% of everything pewds says is a joke i really wouldn’t take him too seriously lol