but like half the trailer is yellow

half a yellow sun

Summary: “Do you come here often?” asks Gamora, tilting her head.

“No,” says the girl. “I’m just here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

The birds coo.

“Would you believe me,” says Gamora, “if I told you that I, too, am here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

I had this thought last night and after a month of writers block i sat down and wrote the whole thing in two sittings God Bless America. i guess like it’s set right before infinity war??? idk i took a couple details from the teaser trailer and also HOW PURE WAS SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING here have an obscure fic where gamora and michelle jones hang out on a bench. @ygrittebardots and @taxicabsandcupcakes u both shamelessly encouraged me to write this so im tagging you. title is from chimamanda ngozi adichie’s book which is have been meaning to read forever and sounds like something MJ would read. enjoy!

There’s a girl sitting on the bench beside her, her nose buried in a paper-bound book.

Gamora resists the urge to look over curiously and scope out its cover and pages; she hasn’t seen pressed paper since a mission on an old Xandarian moon outpost nearly ten years ago, and it’s not like she thinks back on that experience with fondness. It’s just – information is more easily stored in mechanized databanks. Everyone knows this.

Gamora cannot help but think that Terrans have a stubborn tendency to do things for the sake of sentiment instead of practicality. For the first time since they touched down on Terra, Gamora thinks that in this, Peter reflects his home planet absurdly well.

In other things – he’s been gone for a long time, is what Gamora has let her thoughts settle on. He hasn’t said anything, but – it’s Peter. He’s not an awkward person by nature, but she’s known him a long time by now, and she’s trained to be observant, and it becomes more evident by the second that he’s out of his depth. It’s in the erratic flick of his eyes, widening from point to point and landmark to landmark, skating up buildings and narrowing at transport vehicles. Cars, he’d called them, she remembers, and files away the knowledge that Terran technology advances swiftly. It’s in the way he holds his arms, close to his sides when he thinks no one is looking at him, and the exaggerated swagger to his walk that she stops herself from calling out because she’s had it mentally categorized as a defensive mechanism from roughly the third minute after she met him.

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I know we're talking about Weiss right now but right up there in fandom mischaracterization with her is Yang. I see plenty of fics that have Yang as varying levels of a stupid, crass, slutty, mean-spirited person. And I'm just like, "Have you even been watching the show? Like at all?" That's the kind of interpretation of her character you could get from half way watching the Yellow Trailer while drunk but I still see it to this day.

Yeah I see that a lot too. Saw it in a fic I read this morning and it kinda came out of nowhere. Like the story was really good but then Yang suddenly became awful and annoying and SO antagonizing to everyone, especially Weiss and I just hated it so much. People gravitate to Yang because she has such a warm and welcoming personality.

Interview with Doug Nelson, Senior Designer on Saints Row

Doug Nelson is a Sr Designer at Volition, and worked on the original Saints Row. He took some time out of his day to talk with our Community Manager, Mike Watson, about the creation of Johnny Gat and other parts of the game.

Mike Watson [MW]: Could you tell us about the process of creating the character of Johnny Gat?

Doug Nelson [DN]: I was a pretty new designer at the time work began on Saints Row. I didn’t really have a notion of making a strong iconic character or anything like that. I was just trying to make sure we had a solid distribution of good guys and bad guys in our game. I kind of approached things in a very systematic way.

So, I’ve got each of the four different gangs that the player would be confronting the whole game, right? The police as one, then we had the Carnales, the Vice Kings, and the Rollerz, and they all had their own schtick. I kind of wanted to make sure that the player had lieutenants to go talk to, to get missions for each one of those gangs. Gat was simply the lieutenant for the Vice Kings. As we got into the thick of production some of the plans kind of fell off. For example, we ended up not having as much focus on the police as a “gang” to deal with, and that was going to be Troy’s purview.

[MW]: So Troy wasn’t originally a police mole inside the Saints?

[DN]: There was always a plan there… The plan was to do something with him in that vein, even from the very start. I wanted each of the four lieutenants to have something different going on with them. A lot of the characters in the game were set up in opposition to each other. Dex was setup to be “Mr-Over-Think-It” or “Mr-Strategy-Guy”, and Gat was supposed to be “Mr-No-Plan-At-All” with being super impulsive. Dex and Gat were originally written simply to be foils for each other.

[MW]: What about Lin?

[DN]: Lin was supposed to feel different from the other guys. She was a double agent embedded in the Rollerz. We tried to give each lieutenant their own feel from the get go. We really tried to play that up. To be honest, I’m actually not the personality type that Gat is. I’m a little more of the “Think-It-Through” sort of guy, so I identified the most with Dex, unlike most of our players. [laughs] Who knew, our fans just like to be crazy and have fun! Gat’s whole thing was, “We don’t really need a plan. We just need big guns. We’re going to go in there and be badasses because that’s just what we do.”

[MW]: So, you wrote the initial framework of the story?

[DN]: I was trying to tell a little bit of a morality tale with the game… well, maybe not so much morality but that at least there are consequences if you do things a certain way. So, things went too slow if you over-plan it like Dex, and things go too wrong if you don’t plan it at all, like with Gat getting captured and shot. I was trying to say “Oh, you can’t have it all one way.” When the lieutenants and the player work together and use some of each type of strategy, things work out better.

[MW]: How did Troy fit in?

[DN]: The Troy thing was sort of… We were originally going to let the player go and do whatever they wanted in any order they wanted, but then bring it together at various points. Every time we did that it was going to be a “deal with the city” or “deal with the police and the government” type situation. That’s when Troy was originally going to show up. Unfortunately, removing some of that stuff along the way resulted in losing some of the Troy development. I do think we ended up focusing on the right things though.

[MW]: So, Troy was going to take less of a role with the Rollerz originally?

[DN]: Yeah, we tried to figure out a way to keep Troy in the game, because we still felt he was important. We definitely had initially planned for Lin to be the main lieutenant for the Rollerz, and she would be the one that the player would get missions from. Another thing is that with the original design, we tried to make it obvious for the player that if you talk to this particular lieutenant that’s because you want to do a particular type of mission; mayhem type, planning type, infiltration, etc.

We also tried to make the rival gang leaders very distinct with how they were portrayed, and how you took them down. There was Ben King who you don’t actually kill. He teams up with you, Gat, and Julius and he’s helping you out. There was Hector Lopez who gets killed midway through the game, which was like “Whoa!” [laughs] You don’t normally kill the boss so early, and we thought that was an interesting twist. Of course, we set up his brother to be like “Heeyyy! I was living this charmed life, and now it’s all about revenge”, and all that stuff. The Rollerz and Price, he was there to the bitter end and his was the big showdown.

All of this wasn’t like an attempt to be high literature or anything. [laughs] It was more trying to give the player a diverse experience. Our big focus was, here’s all the gameplay that we want the player to experience, so let’s come up with a plot and characters that will just deliver you to the game as opposed to simply watching a story. The story and characters were just a way to get you into the gameplay.

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Moons and Maidens

So, remember how Monty said in one of his Q&A things that the moon’s phases has more than just aesthetic significance?

Maybe it’s a meter for the maiden’s power somehow?

As you go through the trailers, it goes from full to half broken:

External image
External image
External image

Maybe this is the point where Amber got attacked and the sky itself is broadcasting how half of her power has been broken apart and stolen.

But, then at the end of Yellow:

External image

As the one moon’s breaking high in the sky, another, fully-formed moon is rising on the horizon.  This makes sense if each season essentially has its own moon. (So, there are four moons orbiting and each one’s individually visible as the seasons change.) 

We have yet to see anyone in the show make any sort of big deal over the moon breaking apart, as though it’s a regular occurrence.  Maybe each Maiden’s moon breaks apart after her death as her power is transferred to the next host.  It is later replaced by a new, full moon when the next Maiden comes into her power.

Also, on the Yellow screen cap: If you follow the theory that the members of RWBY will be the next Maidens, the fact that the moons are positioned directly with Ruby and Yang seems like a possible parallel.

Other times a moon shows up on-screen:

V1 Ep8 - Camera pans down to Torchwick:

External image

Taking this as Amber’s moon, it’s still stuck as half-broken.  Even though it broke apart rather quickly from the Red trailer to Black, it seems to be stuck in a half-dead / half-power state, much like Amber herself.
Also, taking this as Amber’s Fall moon, it would line up time-wise with the girls’ first semester at Beacon being in Fall (assuming Remnant has a similar school schedule of starting new school years in the Fall).

V2 Ep10 - Ironwood and Glynda talking.  Then at the ruins with RWBY:

External image
External image

With a new semester, we’re likely seeing Winter’s moon (or maybe Spring’s, depending on how much time has passed) fully in tact as the season’s Maiden is still in possession of her full power.

V3, when we learn about Amber, we haven’t seen the moon(s) in any of the actual episodes.  However, it does show up in the opening and in a WoR episode:

External image
External image

We once again see this half-destroyed moon. (Once again directly associated with Ruby specifically, make of that what you will.)
Following that the moon breaks apart every time a Maiden dies, one would expect that the moon would break apart rather quickly as the old Maiden dies and the new one takes her place (maybe reforming slowly as her powers grow).  The thing that WOULD be out of place here is that this moon is trapped in a half-formed, half-broken place as Amber lingers on the verge of life, robbed of half her power.

Bonus:  You can interlink this theory with others floating around like, “Dust comes from the moon” and “Dust is formed from remnants of the Maidens’ powers.”  The moon breaks apart, releasing Dust upon the world.  Then, the new Maiden’s spirit/will powers the formation of the new moon.  Maybe the nature of the Maiden herself (personality, semblance, etc) affects different aspects of the moon (size, colors, surface formations), and even the Dust that comes from it (quality, element, application).

Also:  Cause magic, I’m assuming the moons are fairly low density balls of Dust/energy/Aura and don’t have huge tidal effects on Remnant cause, if that were the case, there would be so many natural disasters whenever a Maiden died that it would cause a LOT of damage.

- @pyramaniac