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I’m in the process of relocating to the other side of the world, so I’ve opened and revamped my character commissions.

Here’s what you get:

  • Basic Portrait £20 - broad strokes, a bit rough around the edges, important detailing only, background from main image.
  • Portrait £25 - more details and textures, clean edges, roundels/halos, sympathetic background colours.
  • Tarot Card £45 - a tarot card of your choice for your character, featuring angles, art-nouveau inspired linework, and metal effect decoration. 
  • Process Gif £2 - chuck an extra couple of quid my way and I’ll remember to make regular PNG saves of the piece and compile them into a fun little gif for you, and is posted at the best quality tumblr will allow for that particular image.

Please note - the prices are the minimum hourly wage for the UK


  • I just do portraits, that’s it. I won’t draw anything else.
  • No fetish, furry, mecha etc.
  • Have visual references ready - screenshots, face claims/fan casts, your own art etc.
  • I will aim to have it finished within a fortnight.
  • PayPal only

I will send you a sketch so you can check details and give me time to make adjustments. Once you are happy with it, I will send you an invoice to be paid upon receiving your finished commission.

Contact me through tumblr  to request a commission

ok like honestly??? I understand the hate on jdonica but I also don’t. Like obvi it’s unhealthy as hell but honestly?? It’s not that horrible. Like antis make it out to be this atrocious, horrifying thing but truthfully it’s not. It’s a fucked up relationship, but that doesn’t mean it deserves all the hate it gets. Makes me sad :/


[Cassandra slightly disapproves]

Trouble in Canada has over 500 notes😭😭 this is amazing i’m very 😭 about it😭😭 thank you all so much for reading it and giving it some love!!! part 2 will hopefully be posted sometime this week!! thank you all like 50 billion times i love you all😭💜😘🤗

“I like to make several heroes for each game. It’s fun to create new characters with completely different backgrounds, personalities, and relationships!”

[All my Wardens are best friends with Leliana]

[All my Hawkes are best friends with Sebastian and Fenris]

[All my Inquisitors are best friends with Blackwall and Sera]

Yup…totally…varied…not biased at all…