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Ignis: Noct, do you seriously mean to do this?!  ( °Д°)

Prompto: Noct, come on man, not cool!!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

I’m noct serious guys.


noah is my puppy son so i drew him with the puppy filter(s)

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Oh wow, that's exactly what I thought about B&M and G&GR! Both couples were together for years and broke up multiple times. Both couples put so many years in with each other, they probably thought getting married would help. It's kind of heartbreaking. I think that's why B&G are so happy. They finally found a true love relationship. Like Adam said, they haven't even had their first fight yet!!! ❤❤❤

That’s definitely different from the beginning of Blake and Miranda’s relationship… But Blake is also older and more mature which I think is at least part of it.
Anyways, I want to know what they do fight about. Like, they’re bound to have at least a couple disagreements. Not fights, but like “I wanted sushi for dinner and you want steak so we’re going to fight it out”… Or do they not even fight over food?

Adam needs to realize that it’s not just about the money when it comes to child support. It’s also showing you can be a responsible adult. Yes Chelsea and Cole make good money but if Adam feels like he doesn’t need to pay, he needs to terminate his rights. When my aunt met my uncle she had a 2 year old from a previous guy. My uncle took him in as his own, and his biological dad had no custody. My aunt would let him go see him but he would always come home reeking and be really dirty. Eventually his biological dad terminated his rights because he couldn’t/ didn’t want to pay child support anymore so my uncle legally adopted him. Chelsea has really given Adam every chance to look like a decent person and he just makes himself look more like an ass every time.

——————————————————– I think the reason Adam doesn’t is because Aubree is his main source of income.