but liam just keeps looking at him

dunkirk || part two

(part one)

y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier? 


“What the hell just happened?” Harry scoffed, glaring at the front door you had just slammed shut after storming out, claiming you needed some ‘fresh air’. “Remind me never to bring up Kendall around Y/N ever again.” He joked, the smile dropping on his face when he noted the boys’ stoic expressions. “Wha’? Are you guys mad at me too??” 

“Oh my god, I just remembered. How could we be so stupid??” Liam gasped lightly, his eyes widening as he looked over at Niall. His memory was a bit fuzzy, but Liam did recall you accidentally blurting out your feelings for Harry. Of course, you had made him pinky-promise to keep it a secret, since you didn’t want to risk jeopardising your friendship with Harry. Liam was usually good at keeping secrets, but he had to tell Niall. And then Niall and to tell Louis - Heck, even Zayn knew! The only person who didn’t know was obviously Harry. 

“I t’ink she’s mad cos I took the last juice box t’is mornin’. I left her wit’ the orange juice when I knew she wanted t’e apple juice.” Niall muttered, slapping himself on the forehead gently. “Do ya t’ink a whole Costco sized container of juice boxes would make her happy?” 

“No, Niall, don’t you remember what I told you a couple months ago? About Y/N and her..” Liam trailed off, pointing to Harry very subtly. 

“Oh, right!” Niall’s eyes lit up as he sat up straighter before letting out a breath. “T’ank god I didn’t do anyt’ing wrong. It breaks my heart when Y/N’s upset.” He laughed lightly, looking over at a very confused Harry. 

“I literally have no idea wha’ you guys are talking about, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything wrong. And let’s be honest, she’s probably a little miffed about that last juice box, Niall.” Harry leaned back against the couch after picking his phone back up. “I know Y/N. She’ll cool off in a couple hours, we jus’ have to leave her alone, s’all.” He shrugged casually, the rest of the boys staring at him in astonishment. How could Harry not know why you were upset? Was he really that oblivious? 

“Do you really think Y/N would be that petty to get so explosive over a fuckin’ juice box?” Louis furrowed his brows, raising his hands in surrender when Harry did nothing but nod confidently. “Alright, then. You do you.” 

“Stupid Harry. Stupid Harry and his stupid war movie.” You grumbled to yourself, sucking up the remainder of your juice before angrily tossing it into the bin. “I’m taking her as my date, he says. Didn’t even get a thank you for ironing his dumb costume. Should’ve tossed the costume into the ocean when I had the chance.”

Life just wasn’t on your side. You had always been there for Harry, supporting him with whatever decision he made. He wanted to wear that floral suit to the AMA’s, fine! You were the one who picked it up for him. He wanted to chop all his hair off for charity (and for the movie, obviously), of course! You were the one who physically cut his hair, and you even dropped it off at the charity itself. You helped him during outfit changes for his Another Man shoot. But no, you didn’t get anything in return. You weren’t even invited to go on that damn yacht. All you were in Harry’s eyes was his little assistant - Could you even call yourself his best friend anymore? Probably not! People were always calling you up because they thought you were a representative for Harry. 

“You’re not all that, Harry Styles.” You muttered, rubbing your hands together for warmth before shoving them into the pockets of your coat. (It was Harry’s coat. You liked wearing his clothes.) What were you even doing with your life? Your days including running all over town to do things for Harry, and you weren’t even getting paid for it. Harry had just been taking advantage of you right under your nose, and you thought he was taking you to all these things and asking you for all these favours because you were his best friend. The sudden feeling of your phone buzzing in your pocket snapped you out of your thoughts, making you stop in the middle of the street. You took your phone out and walked into an empty alleyway, your brows knitting together at the sight of none other than Harry himself calling you. 

“Y/N? Where the hell are you, love? It’s nearly 10.” You told yourself to stay calm when you heard Harry’s voice from the other end of the phone. You raised your wrist to glance at your watch. 

“You took four hours to call me and check to see where I went?” You asked in an unimpressed tone. You could practically see Harry trying to come up with an excuse as to why he didn’t call earlier. There was a moment of silence before Harry cleared his throat and spoke up again. 

“I figured I’d give you a little alone time to blow some steam off.” 

“Oh? Blow some steam off? And what makes you think I have steam to blow off?” You scoffed, raising your free hand to make air quote gestures. 

“Cos you were clearly upset when you left. Niall said he’d replace your damn juice boxes, Y/N. You don’ have to be so immature about it.” Now you were the one in shock. He thought you were upset over.. juice boxes? 

“You- what? You think I’m- Can you give me another reason as to why I could be upset right now? Because I think I’m over the juice boxes.” You scoffed, hearing Harry let out a small groan of frustration. 

“Can yeh just come back? We can talk about this.” 

“There’s no need to talk, Harry. You, out of all people, should know why I’m upset.” 

“Well, I don’t know why! You’re going to have t’ help me figure out why you’re upset!” Harry’s voice became a little more gruff at this point. 

“I shouldn’t need to help you!” You snapped, clenching your fist so tightly you could feel your nails digging into the flesh of your palm. “I’m just so.. Sick of you!” Again, nothing but silence. 

“You’re sick of me?! I’m sick of you! You’ve been so moody and childish lately!” Harry growled, cursing quietly to himself. 

“Maybe I wouldn’t be moody or childish if you could just figure out what you’ve done wrong!” You gasped, a little offended by his words. “God, I don’t even wanna talk to you right now! I was in a decent mood, and I was actually alone with my own thoughts until you call-”

“You know what? If you’re going t’ keep acting this way - jus’ don’ even bother coming home, then! You always think I need you around, but guess what? I don’t! I don’t need you!”

Your heart pounded wildly in your chest, a lump beginning to grow in your throat. How could he say something like that? “You don’t need me around?” All you could hear was the heavy breathing of Harry on the other end. 

Y/N-” You didn’t give Harry a chance to explain himself before you hung up and shoved your phone back into your pocket. 

He didn’t need you around anymore? Fine. If that’s what Harry wanted, that’s what he’d get. 




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Requested?: Yes

Author: Katie

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Liam

What it’s about: You’re best friends but you and Brett get closer and during an argument he admits he likes you.

“You said you were free tonight?” Liam whined down the phone you were holding.

“I know but you didn’t say anything was happening for definite, Brett was sure.” You responded rolling your eyes.

“I’m pretty sure that’s been your excuse for the past week.”

“Look whatever, I promise ill make plans to come over tomorrow, okay? I promise.” You heard Liam sigh then sigh and reply a quite sound that sounded like him agreeing.

Fair to say you didn’t keep your promise.


You were surprised the next week when you didn’t see Liam waiting for you by your locker in the morning, for once it was just Mason.

“Where’s Liam?” you frowned as you opened your locker and placed your books in your locker.

“He said he had to go see Mr Yukimura or something.” Mason replied while looking down and shuffling his feet.

“Mason, Kira’s dad isn’t working at all this week.” You placed your hands on your hips as you looked past him down the hall and caught sight of a familiar jacket walking into a classroom. “Hold my books will you?” Mason hardly had time to answer before books were dumped into his arms and you were zooming down the hall.

You opened the handle to the classroom and saw Liam sitting on a desk with his head I his hands. He turned his head and you saw that his hands were bleeding.

“Are you okay?” You ask cautiously. He scoffed and turned towards the front of the classroom. “Why are you avoiding me?”

“I just thought you’d be with Brett, you know now that you guys are getting pretty close. Y’know?” he said while he rolled eyes.

“Is this seriously what this is about?”

“Yes it is! Even Mason has noticed how you’re spending more time with him!” H shouted standing up. You flinched and backed away slightly as Liam’s eyes started glowing yellow.

“Liam, you don’t understand what’s going on at all.”

“I understand perfectly, you’re completely forgetting about me to go run off with a guy you’ve known for a month compared to me who’ve you’ve known since kindergarten. Well news flash darling, I know what you’re like and he won’t appreciate you like I do.” Liam had started walking towards you and you noticed he slowly started to sound sadder as he went on. “I love you (Y/N) and he doesn’t.” You smile and look down shaking your head.

“Liam, you’re an idiot. I was helping figure out whether he liked Mason or not.” You laughed a little. “And I would never forget you, not for anything anyone could possibly offer me. I thought you knew that.” You lightly placed a kiss on his cheek before walking towards the door. “And I love you too.”

Liam smiled and walked past you before opening the door. Mason, Brett, Stiles, Scott and Kira all fell through the door.

“I can’t believe you guys.” You laugh and shake your head before climbing over them and waling to your class.

Goodbye (part 2)

Requested by @trashbutnotforyou

A/N: The italics are flashbacks.

It was official.

You hated Liam Dunbar.

At first you were best friends, you were inseparable. Maybe even something more, given it time. Then she came into the picture. He hated her and then he loved her. 

And in the process of him figuring out his feelings for Hayden, he lost you.

It wasn’t just him and his feelings for Hayden that made you hate him, it was the fact that he picked her over you.

“I just wanted to let you know that he’ll never love you, not the was he loves me.” Hayden leaned against the lockers as she smiled smugly at you.

“I don’t care.” You shut your locker, turning to face her while mimicking her smile. “I don’t like Liam like that, and to be honest, you can keep your pathetic little relationship and PDA because I don’t want it.”

Hayden’s smug look was now a look of shock but it was quickly replaced by anger. “You’re just saying that because he’s with me now.” She gloated, folding her arms over her chest.

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closer [2] || liam dunbar

prompt: the reader wants nothing more than to find the strength to tell liam she loves him. but with hayden in the way and the supernatural drama that’s been keeping him away from her, she can’t help but wonder if she should just let him go.

(a/n): this is the 2nd (and last) part of closer. if you’d like to read the first part, click here. btw this is kind of long soooo i’m sorry but also not sorry, u feel?

It was Monday morning, and the air outside was cool from the previous nights’ rain. The sun that was usually so prominent in Beacon Hills, California was hidden behind a cover of dark clouds, and the wind had picked up since you’d left home. 

The shrill sound of the warning bell echoed throughout the halls. You closed your locker with a huff and slipped your textbook into your bag. Your science final was in less than five minutes, and as you trudged to class you hoped that your night of studying would pay off. 

You hadn’t spoken to Liam since the incident in the library, and he hadn’t been to class in a week. You didn’t want to admit it–but you missed him. And as you plopped down onto your chair, you couldn’t help but wonder if you were the reason he’d been skipping class. 

The previous week felt longer than usual with him not there, and your weekend proved equally boring without his company. You tried to think of the bright side; with him gone, you didn’t have to feel so uptight or awkward. You could go on with your life, and finally forget about the supernatural drama you always found yourself being dragged into. And most importantly, you didn’t have to see him with her

You glanced at the empty seat beside you. The black table top was covered with his pencil drawings; stick figures and random doodles that he’d penciled in when he deemed the class not worth paying any attention to. His grade had dropped–something that didn’t come as a surprise when he’d told you–and he’d needed help bringing it up. You were so eager to tutor him; you hadn’t hung out one-on-one in weeks. Sure, it wasn’t exactly “hanging out”. But, you weren’t complaining. 

Hayden had showed up then, and suddenly it was like you were all but a distant memory to him. He skipped out on your tutoring sessions so many times you didn’t even know why you bothered showing up. But, when he finally did, you realized why–you loved him. And you didn’t want to let him down. So, why did you push him away like that? Why, for the first time in months since you’d known and befriended him, did you suddenly put your foot down? 

The classroom door opened just as the final bell rang, and Liam rushed in, hair tousled and textbook in hand. He ignored the teacher’s dissaproving gaze and dropped into the seat beside you. You were grateful for the distraction when the test had been handed to you, and hurriedly scribbled your name at the top. The faster you were done meant the earlier you could scoot out, and you didn’t want to waste any time.


You froze at the sound of his voice. You glanced up from your test and eyed your teacher, watching as he fiddled with something on his computer, and turned toward Liam. His hair stuck out in several directions, and the bags under his eyes were dark and unmistakable. He’d had a rough morning; and as much as you wanted to ignore him, to be angry at him and tell him he’d hurt you, you couldn’t find it in your heart to do so. 

“What’s up?” you whispered. 

He nodded at your pencil pouch, and you had to fight the smile that was tugging at your lips. Of course he needed a pencil. You unzipped it and held out a pen, your fingertips brushing his when he took it from your hand. You felt a familiar heat rise to your cheeks, and turned back to your test. You couldn’t seem to think straight as you bubbled in answers, and once you’d finished and turned it in, you didn’t even want to think about what the results would be.

You shrugged on your jacket and grabbed your bag from the floor, all the while avoiding Liam’s curious eyes. You hurried out of the room, relief washing over you when he was finally out of sight, and plunked down onto a bench near the courtyard doors. You pulled your legs to your chest and rested your cheek atop your knees. Your head had begun to throb, and you wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl back into bed. 

“[Y/N]? Are you okay?” 

You looked up through the curtain of hair that had fallen past your shoulders and watched as Liam knelt down in front of your hunched form. He took your hand in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze, his brows furrowed and his eyes filled with some emotion you couldn’t quite place your finger on. “What’s wrong?” he whispered.

You pulled your hand away and threw your hands around him, the familiar scent of his cologne filling your nostrils when you rested your cheek on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Liam”, you murmured. “I’m so sorry.” 

He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest. “Why are you sorry?” he whispered. “You didn’t do anything; this is my fault. I shouldn’t have put you off to the side.” He pulled away to cup your cheeks and lifted your head. “I shouldn’t have pushed you away. I’m sorry.” 

“It’s not your fault–” you began, but before you could finish, his lips were on yours. The kiss had caught you off guard, and once he’d pulled his swollen lips away from yours, you had to catch your breath. “Wow.” 

He rested his forehead against yours and chuckled, his arms still wrapped tightly you. You relished in the feeling of being in his arms; they were strong, inviting. You didn’t want to ever have to leave them. “I love you, Liam”, you blurted out. You hadn’t been able to stop yourself, but you were caught up in the moment and couldn’t bring yourself to care. He smiled and leaned in, his breath tickling your cheeks.

“I love you, too”, he murmured, and swept your lips into a sweet kiss once more.

"Don't..." (Part 2)

Part 1


L I A M: “Don’t grab the stick like that!” Liam exclaims smiling . 

“I don’t know how to hold it Liam, I have never played this before,” You look at the lacrosse stick and then at him with a confused look.

“And that’s why I’m trying to teach you, emphasis on trying.” He tells you playfully.

“Well, sorry to break it to you but you’re not a very good teacher,” You tell him with a playful grin, “Maybe I should just go ask Scott to teach me.”

“No!” He exclaims quickly, looking slightly offended. “Keep your cute ass there because I will teach you how to play.”

“Okay.” You tell him mockingly, dragging out the y, with a hint of playfulness in your voice.

T H E O: “Don’t you know how much you hurt me?” You look at Theo, with tears in your eye’s, in disbelief. “Every single time I think you’re fucking changing you go and do something that hurts me or my friends!”

“Baby- ” he interrupts you with a pleading look.

“No Theo let me talk for once,” you tell him harshly with cold eyes, “I look at you sometimes and all I see is a man who hurt my friends, who tried to kill my best friend Theo, and I-” a tear starts trailing down your cheeks before you harshly wipe it away “I just can’t take it anymore okay! I can’t just forget what you did as much as I love you, I can’t anymore.”

“No y/n! Take it back please!” He looks at you with glossy eye’s.

“Goodbye Theo, I love you okay. Please just talk to me when you actually change for the better.” you tell him before wiping away more tears.

“Stay! Y/N STAY WITH ME PLEASE! I’LL CHANGE I PROMISE YOU!” Theo sobs as you walk away quickly while crying harshly.

He falls to his knees sobbing. “FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.” he yells knowing that the one he loved just left him.

B R E T T: “Don’t say that Brett, this book is not too cliche.” You look at him with a grin.

“Y/n you know it is, you just don’t want to admit it.” He glances at you with a smirk.

You take a quick look at the cover of the book, knowing that he was right but not wanting to admit it “Oh hush Brett, go play lacrosse or something.”

“Ha ha ha, very funny sweetie,” he tells you sarcastically. “C'mon baby let’s go eat.” He whines, lightly tugging on your arm like a small child.

“Brett I already told you I’m trying to finish the book today.” you chuckle lightly at him.

“Just for little bit baby, you’ll finish your book today,” he looks up at you pouting “Just for a little, I promise.”

“Okay I guess I can make an exception for,” you tell him rolling your eyes playfully “But I want Chinese.”

“Of course baby, as long as you’ll come with me.” He tells you smiling.

“Let’s go then.” You laugh as he picks you up quickly and throws you over his shoulder. “Brett put me down, I can walk myself!” You yell laughing while hitting his back lightly.

P A R R I S H: “Don’t say that Y/n, you know I love you and only you!” He yells looking you in the eye.

“Jordan, I honestly don’t even believe you! You haven’t even been talking to me these last two weeks, you ignore me and act like I don’t even exist” you yell back at him “We’re supposed to be a couple, damnit! I don’t know about you but couples shouldn’t ignore each other!”

“Y/n please you’re overreacting, calm down.” He tells you in a low voice turning away.

“I’m sorry that I’m mad at the fact you’re spending time with Lydia instead of your own damn girlfriend,” you tell him your voice lowering, “I want to spend time with you and not be ignored or ditched because Lydia needs you.”

“Y/n, I’m sorry you’re right okay, ” he tells you looking down in shame “I should spend more time with the girl I love than Lydia.”

“Jordan be honest with me right now,” you tell him getting closer and softly putting a hand on each of his cheeks and bringing him closer to you “Do you like Lydia as more than a friend?”

He moves both his hand so that they’re on top of yours, “No of course not Y/n, I love you and only you.”

“I love you too Jordan.” You whisper back as you lean in to kiss him.

This is part 2 guys, it’s also on my wattpad @ariannasimagines. Head’s up I might write a part 2 for Theo. Yeah that’s all for today, remember you can request an imagine just ask. 

-Arianna :)


“So, they finally let you out of the basement? I thought they were planning on keeping you trapped down there forever.” You joked with Stuart.

“You’re confusing me for the other brother; don’t worry, I don’t blame you he looks just like me, but he isn’t as smooth.” Stuart said smirking at you. You rolled your eyes and threw your pillow at him. “In what universe are you smooth?” 

“I got you, didn’t I?” He said smugly. “You ‘got me’ because I felt bad for you. Really it was all just a pity date.” You said trying to rile him up. “That’s it, now you’re in for it.” Stuart said getting up from the couch. “What are you gonna–ah!” You let out a small scream as he tackled you. 

“Just a pity date, huh?” He asked as he tickled you. “Stop–please–okay–okay–you win!” you shouted through your laughing fit. “That’s what I thought.” He said smugly, he leaned down and placed a kiss on your lips. 

You grasped onto his shirt collar and deepened the kiss. 

“What the heck?” You and Stuart broke apart and that’s when you saw the pack at the door. “Hey guys.” You said before you pushed Stuart to the ground. “You two? How long has this been going on?” Scott asked. “Awhile, about a year maybe?” You said looking at Stuart who nodded in agreement.

“What about Malia?”

You looked at Scott confused. “What about Malia? She has nothing to do with us.” You said. “She has everything to do with this. She’s his girlfriend for crying out loud!”

It hit you then what was going on, Scott was under the impression that the person he’d seen you making out with a second ago was Stiles, and not his twin brother. You glanced at Stuart who wore a confused expression, he looked over at you wondering what was going on. You shook your head signaling for him to keep quiet and not voice his concerns. 

“Scott, it’s an open relationship. Me and Malia get together just as often as me and Stiles do.” You said, you tried not to laugh as Scott’s and everyone else’s eyes grew ten times the normal size in shock. 

“And you guys decided to keep that from us? You didn’t think that this was something we needed to know about?” Scott asked sounding something like a cross between hurt and anger. 

“It’s personal, not really something we’d advertise.” Stuart said shrugging his shoulders. “This is serious, if something goes bad between the three of you then it can possibly affect the entire pack. You should’ve told us.” He said sternly. 

“Should’ve told who, what?” Stiles asked as he and Malia came into the room. Kira, Lydia, Liam and Scott looked between you and Stuart then to Stiles and Malia. You let out a small chuckle. “Guys, this is Stiles’ brother and my boyfriend, Stuart.” you said introducing him and clearing up the situation. 

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Top 5 Captain Swan Looks #5 - Hook knows something is wrong

Something we never thought possible happened and Emma actually got to meet Liam when she went to the Underworld to save Killian … the only problem was that Liam wasn’t too thrilled with the way Emma had turned him into a Dark One and told her as much … when Emma came downstairs, Killian picked up right away that something was wrong.

You alright?

Emma is so not alright but the last thing she wants to do is to ruin this reunion Killian gets to have with his brother.

Let’s keep looking.

There is just something about the intense way he looks at her that he just knows something isn’t right.


5.  Hook knows something is wrong

Other Top 5 moments under the cut!

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“Okay, so we’re going to let you go IF you promise us you’re not going to kill Brett.” Stiles told Liam. “I promise.” Liam said while looking down, not really knowing if he’s going to keep his promise or not. “Besides, you have nothing to worry about. Y/N just turned him down.” A smile crept on Liam’s face. “Really?”

44. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that?” Malia Tate

“Hi.” Malia smiled at you and grabbed your hand, pulling you close. “Kiss me?”

“Always.” You smiled back, tangling your fingers in your girlfriend’s hair and pulling her head down to meet yours.

“Aww look at you cuties.” Liam wiggled his eyebrows as he passed you two in the school hall, on the way to class.

Malia growled and you pulled her down to meet you again, giving Liam the finger behind her back.

“You’re just jealous.” You called after him. “She’s amazing and she’s all mine.”

“Whatever.” Liam rolled his eyes and disappeared into an empty classroom. “You lovebirds just keep it pg.”

You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to Malia. “Where were we?”

She merely grunted, staring at the door where Liam had disappeared. A small crease appeared between her eyebrows and her lips parted the way they always did when she was deep in thought.

“Baby?” You rubbed her arm, looking her up and down. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” She nodded slowly. “It’s just, lovebirds?”

“Yeah.” You rolled your eyes. “It’s a saying–”

“I know.” Malia interrupted. “But why did he call us that?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “Maybe because I love you.”  

“What?” Malia looked at you with big brown eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Um, yes I’m sure.” You laughed. “I wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t.”

“Oh.” Malia frowned again.

“What’s wrong?” You tilted your head to the side, looking her over. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m just thinking.” She said. “I’m just worried. Are you sure you want to love me? With my parents, my family? With…” She trailed off and let her eyes pulse blue.

“Baby.” You breathed, reaching up and running a hand through her hair again. “I love you. I love you with brown eyes, I love you with blue eyes, I love you with crazy sociopath fathers and assassin mothers and everything else.”

“Are you sure?” Her blue eyes searched your face, and only you would notice the way her hands trembled slightly. She was nervous. She didn’t want you to leave, to not love her. It made your heart hurt.

You stood up on your toes and pressed your lips against hers, hoping that would answer her question.

She pulled back. “Even though I’m a killer?”

“Malia.” You cried, exasperated. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that?”

She nodded, a smile tugging at her lips.

You raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms. “Don’t you have something to say to me?”

“What?” There was that confused frown again.

You gave an exasperated laugh. “I just told you I loved you like six times. Don’t you want to say something back to me?”

“You want me to say I love you?” Malia asked.

You nodded.

“Of course I love you.” She said it like it was the most matter of fact thing in the world, but she was smiling as she said it. “I wouldn’t have been so worried about if you really meant it if I didn’t.”

“Well that’s good.” You smiled. “I was a little worried that I would say all that and then you wouldn’t say it back.”

“No of course not.” Her hands were on your shoulders and she leaned down, pressing her lips against yours gently. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You breathed.

There wasn’t much talking after that.

I hope you like this one. It’s my first tim e writing for one of the girls, (actually my first time writing for any girl,) so I’m not quite sure how it is. Please message and let me know what you think, and feel free to send in some requests. I’m running low. Enjoy!

1D as things my best friend said while watching one direction funny moments
  • Liam: good god they're all so *whispers* not straight
  • Niall: I love one direction, I love one direction. I Love One Direction
  • Louis: harry styles is just so goddamn pretty
  • Harry: I mean, ya gotta admit that Louis guy looks like an angel. can I keep him?
“He’s My Baby!” What a Baby Pt.2 (Pack Imagine)

Request by anon: Please do a part 2 to what a baby where Liam falls asleep in the reader’s lap and he starts to have night terrors and she slowly rocks him in her arms trying to comfort him and the pack look at her like wtf and she tells them to lay off and that he’s practically her baby so she continues to comfort Liam and tells him to ignore everyone’s comments simply be they’re jealous of how much she loves him and cares for him please x

Warning: Anger, i think a few cuss words, and jealousy 

Word Count: 1455


Part 1

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Kiss Me

All day today (c/n) was oddly weird today and it all started when he walked into your house. He seemed more distant than usual which brought you to curiosity. When you sat down on the couch, he sat down on the opposite side which you told yourself just to let it go and keep watching tv. “Kiss me.” You turn from your spot on the couch to face him and he’s looking at you with such seriousness. You shrug your shoulders and tower over to him and plant a kiss on his lips. You never thought you would have a chance to kiss him, your best friend, but you did. After returning to your spot, not words were said and until a few minutes later. He laughed and looked at his lap, looked back up at the tv, then he finally looked at you while nodding, “yep" he says demolishing the silence. You give a look of confusion, “what is it (c/n)?” “I know now that I definitely want to kiss you again,” he says blushing at what he admit. “Well that’s not going to happen with you just standing there". He walks over to your side and with no other words kisses you. You close your eyes and take in the feelings crashing down on you.

You Know I Got You
by writingsofamadchild

Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 15,325

You don’t think I look stupid?” Zayn murmurs, fingers spreading across Liam’s thigh to tug him closer. He keeps his hand there, resting against his inner knee, gently cupping it and smoothing a thumb across the rough material of his jeans.

Liam snorts, he can’t help it. His breath is catching in his lungs just looking at Zayn because he is so beautiful, and he can’t grasp the concept of how Zayn doesn’t get it.

[Alternatively, the one where Zayn and Liam will do anything to protect and take care of the other, but admitting their feelings well -]

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Boos and Broken Noses

Request: Could you do a liam imagine where him and the reader goes to a carnival and in to a haunted house and just really like fluff and fun thanks!

Note: I can’t find a gif that I really want for this imagine… I’ll keep looking but I figured I’d go ahead and post this anyway :)

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” Liam crossed his arms over his chest as we stood in line. Beacon Hills High was hosting a fall festival, and had converted the gym into a make-shift haunted house.

           “Oh, c’mon,” I nudged his shoulder playfully. “Don’t be such a baby. It’s going to be fun.” At the sight of Liam’s scowl, I pat his arm delicately. In my best baby voice, I cooed, “Is little Liam scared?”

           He scoffed, pulling away instantly. “No.”

           “Aw,” I giggled. “Don’t worry; I promise I’ll protect you.”

           “Yeah, alright.” Liam looked around, examining the crowded hallways covered in decorations. “Where are Scott and Stiles? They were supposed to meet us here an hour ago.”

           I lowered my voice. “They might’ve gone inside the haunted house and didn’t come out.” Liam rolled his eyes at my mocking.

           “Y/N, I’m serious.”

           It was my turn to roll my eyes. “Okay, okay. Geez, lighten up a little. I’m sure they’re fine. They’re probably having a lot of fun- something you ought to try every once in a while.”

           Liam’s brows furrowed. “I have fun. I’m just finding it a little hard to enjoy being at a school festival when there are kids our age being experimented on.”

           I sighed. “Look, forget about the Dread Doctors for five seconds. Be a little selfish. Try to have a normal high school experience for once.”


           I shook my head. “No. Shut up. You’re going into the haunted house and you’re going to enjoy yourself, damn it.” Just then, the people in front of us entered, and we were waved forward.

           “Here goes nothing.” Liam murmured as we entered the dark gym.


It was black; nothing was visible except for a trail of pulsing body parts along the ground, lit up and leading the way around. I nearly stepped on a faded heart when we turned a corner.

           “This sucks,” Liam commented over the sound of a cauldron bubbling. “I thought you said that this was going to be fun.”

           “It is!” I insisted, batting smoke away from my nose. “Aren’t you having fun?”

           I could see enough of Liam’s face to be able to tell that he was not having fun at all. Sighing, I pressed forward through the random strips of garbage bags hanging in our way.

            The further we got inside the creepy maze, the louder the bubbling would get. It was almost unbearable; every pop would resound in my ears like gun fire. I couldn’t imagine how it must be for Liam, being a werewolf with heightened senses and all.

           Green light spilled underneath one of the layers of tarp. I moved toward it, knowing that was what it was intended for. To draw people like a moth to a flame.

           As I pushed back a ribbon, I came upon the source of the strange lighting: a large pot with strands of lights in it, tissue paper stuck on top in order to hide the wires. A radio was positioned behind it with a broomstick propped against a speaker.

           I glanced over my shoulder. There didn’t seem to be any other exit. “Looks like we’re going to have to go through the witch’s layer.” I called. There was no response, so I pushed more slivers of garbage bags out of the way and began to cross the room.

           With a great shriek, a figure in a cloak darted at me. The green arms waved wildly. I didn’t think twice: I screamed at the surprise, turned on my heel, and ran away from the supposed witch.

           After a while, I stopped, panting. A swift peek over my shoulder ensured that the witch was no longer following me.

           “You can’t tell me that wasn’t fun.” I wiped my sweaty palms on my pants leg. “Just admit it, Liam.” I prompted- but Liam was nowhere in sight. I spun in a circle, head swiveling as I tried to find my best friend. “Liam? Where are you?”

           No answer.

           “Liam?” I started back in the direction I came from, but I must’ve taken a wrong turn because suddenly the fog from the smoke machine was thicker, stinging my eyes slightly as I ducked through strand upon strand of garbage bags.

           I came to a stop in front of a small graveyard, covered in white haze and complete with a few gravestones from Wal-Mart. Patches of fake grass where uneven underneath my feet as I carefully stepped around the “graves.”

           Something cold and wet wrapped around my ankle; I jerked away with a squeal, tripping over a stone and falling on my ass. Beside me was a “corpse” coated in thick red paint. Although I knew it was fake, I was still startled, and kicked the styrofoam thing away.

           Scrambling to my feet, I plowed through the haunted house, screaming, “Liam! Liam!”

           There was never a familiar reply, just an endless track of cackles and bubbles.

           A red glare nearly blinded me when I charged into another set-up. This one had an open coffin on top of a piano- how had they convinced the choir teacher to let them use it? I had no idea. I didn’t have time to sit and ponder because suddenly a vampire was popping up, spitting at me with a wide grin that had me running all over again.

           Heart pounding, breathless, I tried again, “Liam!”

           A hand gently laid itself on my shoulder. Gasping in surprise, I flipped around and blindly swung my fist, making contact with something soft and warm.

           Whoever I had hit let out a yelp. They were panting, and I could feel their head brushing my leg as they doubled over. Fumbling in my pocket, I pulled out my phone and flipped on the flashlight with shaking fingers. Honestly, why hadn’t I thought of that before?

           Liam’s blond head came into view, blue eyes watering. “You broke my nose!” He cried. “What the hell, Y/N?”

           I just stared at him.

           “Hello? Earth to Y/N?” His speech was muffled slightly due to his hands cupping his nose. “You abandoned me in a haunted house and then you broke my nose. I think I’m entitled to a response here.”

           That’s when I started laughing. Call it an adrenaline dump; say that I was just happy that I was no longer alone in the dark. Either way, the laughter tumbled from my lips before I could stop it. “I-I’m sorry.” I wheezed. “You should just see your face!”

           Liam’s scowl was back. “Can we just get out of here please? My nose hurts.”

           “Hey, you’re the one who decided to tap me on the shoulder- without even giving me any verbal indication that you were there- in a haunted house.”

           “Yeah, well, you’re the one who wandered ahead in the first place.”

           “Huh. I would’ve thought that a werewolf that can track and see well in the dark would be able to keep up with a human.”

           We stared at each other in the bright light for several seconds. Finally, Liam gave up and slung his arm over my shoulder. “Whatever, Y/N. Let’s just go, you big nerd.”



           “Scaredy cat.”

           “Big baby.”

“Come over here and make me”- Liam Dunbar

Can you do number 1 with Liam

Prompt List: http://alpha-imagines.tumblr.com/post/127959717296/one-line-prompts

“Y/N” Liam asked “Do you have to keep singing whilst I’m trying to study?”

You giggled and carried on just to wind him up even more

“Seriously” He raised an eyebrow at you

“Can we do something else now” You stated rather than asked

“Well I need to study” Liam responded without looking up from his textbook

“Well I need to study” You mocked, Liam looked at you and laughed

“You’re not making this very easy” Liam said going back to his book

“I didn’t think you liked easy” You smirked

“Stop talking for like 2 minutes please” He whined

“Come over here and make me” You smirked “Dunbar”

Liam shot up from his bed where he was studying and over to where you were stood, you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his stomach.

“This will be way more fun than studying” You giggled

Daddy Knows Best: Liam Payne Dirty One Shot

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Smut warning: Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship. If this isn’t your kink, this smut is not for you!

His hand pressed against my thigh, and I could feel the desire and the avarice permeate my skin.

“Who was he?” he asked, his tone low. From anyone else, it would be merely a forced but friendly conversation starter. From Liam, it was the final lifeline of the million dollar question.

“Just a boy,” I replied, keeping my voice casual but evasive. I tilted my head downward so that I had to look up at him from beneath my eyelids. “He’s nothing to me, Liam.”

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@schimaere | Shut Up And Fake Date Me

Liam debates saying hello to Theo when he sees him, standing just in front of him on line for popcorn. Things have been a bit awkward ever since Theo saved his life. He still doesn’t like Theo, but he also kind of doesn’t hate him as much? So yeah, it’s complicated.

He’s just about decided to keep his mouth shut and not great him at all when his phone buzzes with a text from Mason explaining that something came up and Corey needs him tonight. I need you. Liam thinks irritably, but doesn’t express. Instead he pockets his phone and turns to the person beside him to make small talk so he doesn’t look like a jerk that not only got dumped this week but also got stood up by his best friend.

“Uh….hey Theo.” he says. “How’s uh…your summer going?”