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Request ➸ Can you make a fluff with Jungkook when you go to bed after a long day at school and you’re really tired but he tries to wake you up and you’re really pouty and ask why and he says that you need to take your makeup off cause it’s bad from your skin but you’re too lazy to so he does it for you EXTRA FLUFFY PLEASE 

Word count ➸ 2k

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You woke up to the sound of your loud alarm clock, you never being gladder to hear the ringing for the first time. In the midst of your nightmare, Jimin successfully captured your boyfriend, Jungkook, heart with a simple air kiss. As much as you loved hanging out with him and the rest of his friends but at times, Jimin seemed more like a rival than a close friend.

You shivered, getting out of bed and quickly getting into the shower. The hot water tingled against your skin, washing away grogginess along with the odd feeling of jealousy that lingered due to your dream. You hoped that you wouldn’t accidentally snap at Jimin the next time you saw him. 

Dressing into a bomber jacket, one of Jungkook’s old white shirts and high-waist jeans, you lazily tied your hair back because the spark that caused you to dress up died as soon as you saw your hair.  It momentarily returned as you did your makeup, although going for a more natural look since you were short on time. You gave yourself a once-over in the mirror that hung on your door before going into the kitchen. You settled for a pear, the juicy green fruit deserved more love than the typical apple. Tossing the core into the trash, you grabbed your bag from the floor where you left it yesterday and noticed one of Jungkook’s socks behind it.

You sighed, the lone sock triggering the memory of when Jungkook asked you to live with him. It was probably three months after you two started dating and after a handful of times when his friends had walked in on the two of you. He was so abrupt about it, you jokingly agreeing to it at first until he showed up to your old apartment with a bunch of classified ads and a red marker. Of course, having a place to yourselves meant no interruptions but getting to know each other in the same house had its cons. Especially since Jungkook liked to eat your leftovers when you specifically tell him not to, or the fact whenever he offered to help you with the grocery, he loved to place your favourite snacks on the top shelf of your cupboard like the evil giant he is. Not to mention his habit of losing socks that turn up after weeks of being missing.

You dryly laughed to yourself, remembering that your boyfriend was currently on a trip for the next few days for his portfolio. That boy loved his camera as much as he loved you, although he couldn’t answer whether he would save his camera or you in a fire without hesitation.

This wasn’t the time to think about Jungkook, you told yourself and picked up your bag. You placed the sock on the coffee table and left the apartment. You caught the bus, rushing up the back of the bus before the driver sped down the streets. You watched the passing cars and bikes, the fall leaves adding colour to the grey asphalt of the road. The familiar scenery of your campus came into view and you got off the bus, walking down the path. People on their bikes pass you, stopping at the bike racks up ahead and you reached the corner where your best friend, Sol-ji usually popped up.

“Boo!” Just as you predicted, she came from behind you to cover your eyes and you smiled at her failed attempt to scare you.

“Halloween ended two weeks ago.”

“I meant that as an endearment.”

“Explain covering my eyes.”

“A magician never reveals all her tricks.”

“Sol-ji, you literally walked up behind me. The only magic here is how you managed to trick yourself into blatant fibbing.” You two walked up the steps into the hall, seeing people sitting in lounge chairs and others rushing up the stairs to whatever class they’re about to be late for.  

“You’re so mean, Y/N~ Did Jimin say he was going to steal Jungkook away again?”

“Only in my nightmare, yes. Sorry for my outburst, I feel strange today.”

“Oh, you miss him that much.”

“I miss not having to climb the counter to grab the peanut butter and my snacks or not waiting for the bathroom in the morning? I think not.”

“The amount of denial you’re having is astounding.” You rolled your eyes, focusing on walking up the stairs as Sol-ji continued to talk to you. She was bashing her roommate, as usual, talking about how she had come home to the floor covered with pictures of cats. Somehow, her roommate hadn’t noticed that her camera was connected to the printer and she had unknowingly printed 50 Polaroid photos of her cashmere cat.

“I’m honestly questioning why I said I was okay with pets on that survey.”

“You were just being an honest person.”

“How did the system think that I and she were 85 percent compatible when she is, 100 percent accuracy, the worst roommate I ever had.”

“Just ask for a change.”

“But she makes the best cookies,” you rolled your eyes, was she seriously going to let her sweet tooth be a deal breaker, “and I might be over-exaggerating.”

“I noticed.” She elbowed your side as you laughed while you two entered the classroom. A few people were early as well and you two sat in the middle rows. You two readied yourselves for class anyways, Sol-ji pouting as she did so.

“Meanie.” You were about to reply but a soft tap on your shoulder made you turn your head to the owner of the finger.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Oh, Himchan.” Himchan was the secretary of the student union which you were the vice president

“I’m just reminding you about today’s emergency meeting at 2.”

“What happened?” You took out your water bottle, taking a sip as Himchan nervously scratched his head.

“Mi-woo’s sick.” You choked on a sip, you quickly coughing to recover. Minwoo, the president, hasn’t missed a meeting since she became a member and usually filled you in on what happened because you were typically late to meetings because of a certain someone.

“Are you alright?”

“It’s fine, how did she get sick?
“The annual cook-off, someone had the flu and everyone there got sick. I’m glad I hate cold cucumber soup.”


“You can’t be late to the meeting this time, alright?”

“Okay.” You slumped in your seat as Himchan left the classroom, your professor entering at that moment.

“Look on the bright side, at least the meetings are just an hour long.” It was as if the universe heard Sol-ji’s words at that very moment and decided that today was the day it should mess with you.

You were on time because one of the other members spotted you and walked with you to the meeting room. It was going smoothly; the group was listening to you and you could see yourself wrapping up the meeting early until Himchan started discussing the holiday event for December and all hell broke loose. It was a shouting match and members shoving ideas at you as they angrily argued which idea was best for the student body. Mi-woo, you lucky wrench, you managed to avoid this. You ended the meeting about 30 minutes late, but your day wasn’t over yet.

One of the fine arts students that knew you through Jungkook needed a replacement model for her art piece and she had the largest puppy eyes (after Jungkook, of course. That boy gives you that look intentionally and unintentionally). You forced a smile as you agreed, and she happily dragged you into an art studio where she spent three hours to paint you, which didn’t look much like you but you didn’t have the heart to tell the girl. It was about 6 when you went out to the bus stop, waiting almost an hour for the bus and you missed your bed more as the bus ride went on.

You took the elevator up, going straight into your apartment and walking straight into the bedroom. You heard water running, your tired mind playing tricks on you as your head hit the pillow and you cuddled up to the sheets.

“Babe?” You were questioning your sanity when you thought you heard Jungkook’s voice and only made you want to sleep sooner.

“Babe, wake up.”

“Why does the universe hate me so much-” You sat up to see Jungkook sitting next to you and your faces were close enough that your nose brushed against his.


“Have I lost my mind?” He laughed, you blinked in response. Jungkook is here, alive and well while you were ready to pass out. Typical.

“Did you miss me that much?”

“It really is you, the same annoying Jungkook.”

“I thought you would be happier to see me.”

“And I thought I would be able to get some sleep.”

“I guess I could remove the towel to make things easier-”

“That’s not what I meant, horndog.”

“Okay, you’re cranky.”

“I had a long ass day and I just was some R&R.”

“You could at least change and take off your makeup.”

“I don’t really care, Jungkook.” You let your head fall back onto your pillow, Jungkook poking the back of your neck.

“That’s not good for your skin, baby.”

“I’m tired, Jungkook.” You heard him tsk at you, taking the sound as a sign of victory as he got up and walked somewhere else. You were barely entering the sleep cycle when you felt him yank the sheets off you and you snapped your eyes open and looked up at him.

“Rise and shine, sweetheart.”

“One day, I’m going to find out your weakness and kill you.”

“Did you eat a lot of sugar because it’s starting to melt into your personality.”

“You’re probably the meanest girlfriend on Earth.”

“I would be a lot nicer to you if you weren’t robbing me of my precious sleep time.”

“Can you at least sit up for me?” You sat up, cross-legged, for him regardless of your sharp tone with him and he pulled the makeup wipes off the nightstand. He sat in front of you

“Shut your eyes for me.” You did so, feeling the cold wipe run across your eyelids one by one and gently over your eyelashes. He ran a clean side of the wipe across your cheeks and lips before stopping.


“You’re so beautiful.”

“So cheesy.”

“The prettiest girl that ever lived.”

“Quit it.”

“Why~ Your cheeks are burning, aren’t they?”

“Shut up!” He placed his hands on either side of your cheeks, verifying the heat in your cheeks as you tried to push him away.

“Your cheeks are going to leave a burn on my hands. You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”


“So that makes the two of us, two peas in a pod.”

“To think I missed you even in the slightest.”

“So you did miss me, huh?”

“Shut-” He cut you off, swallowing the syllables with his lips as he kissed you. Your hands grabbed handfuls of his shirt as one of his hands slipped to your side. He pulled away, you look away and Jungkook poked your cheek repeatedly.

“Should’ve known since you’re wearing my shirt anyways.” He pulled you into his lap, your arms resting on his shoulders and your hands playing with the ends of his obsidian hair.

“Why can’t you be cute and silent?”

“Because my sexy voice shouldn’t go to waste.”

“I can’t believe you just said that.”

“It’s true.” You sighed, how did you manage to find a guy like him? You placed your hand on his cheek, slowly caressing it with your thumb running across the smooth skin.

“I missed you so much, Y/N.” He pressed his lips again yours once again, his movements much more languid and gentle as his body molded into yours. He kissed away the tiredness of a long day, his touch awakened you and his presence made you feel whole.

“Welcome home.”

reddie headcanon

warning: some sexual assault, alcohol, drugs
requested by: @whipashwhipash

-reddie decides to go to a party and while the party scene isn’t eddie’s cup of tea, he goes because richie loves going to parties

-when they arrive, eddie practically clings onto richie, holding his hand and keeping close to his boyfriend as they move through the crowds of people in the house

-“i won’t leave you, okay?” richie whispers into his ear, kissing his cheek

-eddie stays close as richie starts talking to people eddie isn’t familiar with

-richie introduces eddie to this friends and all eddie can do is smile and nervously looks around

-when they make it to the least crowded part of the party, like an hour later, richie asks eddie if he’s ready to go home

-eddie knows richie doesn’t want to leave so early, so he plasters a fake smile on his face and shakes his head

-“we can stay a little bit longer.”

-“are you sure? because it’s no big deal if you wanna leave.”

-eddie shakes his head again and kisses Richie

-they sit around in the kitchen a little while longer, talking a little and richie tries make eddie feel more comfortable and tries to make him laugh adn loosen up

-“can i have something to drink?” eddie asks

-richie nods and grabs a plastic cup off the stack on the counter

-“what do you want?” richie asks his boyfriend

-“something that will loosen me up,” eddie says, nervously fiddling with his fingers as he leans agianst the kitchen counter

-richie gives him a look, not sure what’s going on

-“you don’t drink, eds,” he says, laughing a little

-“yeah, maybe i should try it, though,” eddie shrugs, trying not to look as nervous as he feels

-“eddie, you don’t have to have something to drink because everyone else is,” richie says, his voice serious

-“please, rich,” eddie pleads, his eyes never leaving Richie’s

-richie doesn’t want to, but he hisitantly grabs some fruit punch out of the fridge and a bottle of some kind of alcohol (eddie has no idea what it is but richie does so he doesn’t panic as much)

-when richie is done with the concoction he’s made, he hands the cup to eddie

-richie makes himself a cup of the same thing and they clink their cups together before taking sips

-“hey, it’s not as bad as i thought,” eddie says, taking another sip
-richie laughs

-“that’s because i mixed the alcohol with fruit punch, eds.”

-richie decides to go back out to the party, grabbing Eddie’s hand

-when eddie lets go, richie turns back to look at him

-“you’re not coming?” he asks

-“nah, i’ll just stay here,” eddie says, shaking his head

-“oh, okay,” richie says, feeling uneasy about leaving eddie alone

-“you can go,” eddie says, giving him a smile

-“i don’t want to leave you alone, though,” richie sighs

-“i’ll be fine. i really just don’t want to go in there, where it’s crowded with all those people,” eddie says

-“are you sure you’ll be fine?” richie asks

-eddie nods and richie leans over to kiss him

-“if you need me, i’ll be in the living room, talking to that group of guys you saw me talking to earlier,” richie says before smiling at eddie and leaving

-eddie stays in the same spot for another ten minutes, sipping at his drink, bobbing his head to the music he’s never listened to before, and looking around at the stranger’s kitchen he’s standing in

-“you look like youre having a great time,” someone says over eddie’s shoulder, causing the boy to turn around

-eddie sees it’s one of the guys richie was talking to earlier and he smiles, not knowing what else to say

-“you don’t talk much, do you?” the guy asks

-eddie just kinda of shrugs

-“i’m not good with meeting new people,” eddie says quietly, sitting his drink down on the counter

-“i’m chris,” the guys introduces himself (again), holding his hand out for eddie to shake

-“i’m eddie,” eddie says, shaking chris’ hand

-“yeah, richie’s always talking about you,” chris laughs a little. “I understand why now.”

-that last statement makes eddie feels a little uneasy but the more he talks to chris, the more he feels himself getting loose

-“i’ll be back, i have to go to the bathroom,” eddie excuses himself, heading out of the kitchen and down the hall to where the thinks the bathroom is

-when he comes back, chris is still in the same spot, sipping at his own drink

-eddie grabs his drink from the counter and takes a sip, leaning agianst the counter like was before

-it takes another ten minutes for eddie to realize something isn’t right, and the more he drinks what’s in his cup, the worse he feels

-eddie feels sluggish and his vision is getting blurry and he can barely understand chris as he tells eddie they’re going upstairs

-eddie feels his body moving, but doesn’t know where he’s going and he doesn’t say a word as the music gets louder and the chatter of people fills his senses

-and then it’s quiet again because they’re upstairs in someone’s bedroom and eddie’s being thrown on the bed and then the weight of someone else’s body is over his and eddie doesn’t know what’s going on

-“just be quiet and this will all be over,” chris says into eddie’s ear as eddie starts to squirm and wiggle about on the bed

-eddie can feel chris’ lips all over his body and his hands and he doesn’t like this, but all he can do is mumble “no no no stop” as he tries to get out of chris’ grip

-chris has his hand covering eddie’s mouth and that’s when eddie tries to shout

-“richie!” he tries to call out with chris’ hand over his mouth. “richie, help!’

-and that’s when eddie blacks out

-but just a few minutes after eddie blacking out, richie is knocking hard on the locked door adn he’s screaming out for chris to open it


-he continues to bang on the door for a few more moments, but then he stops

-and then the door is being kicked open and richie comes storming in, a group of people watching at the door as he shoves a stunned chris off of eddie

-richie looks over at eddie, his shirt not on his body anymore and his jeans unbuttoned and he can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t have gotten upstairs in time

-richie saw chris taking eddie upstairs, but his “friends” held him back from following him, as if they knew what chris was going to do and they were helping him

-richie holds back his tears as he stares down at eddie and then rage fills him as he walks over to chris and punches him square in the face

-richie gets on top of chris as he’s knocked down and continues to bash his face in


-richie is pulled off of chris by some random dudes, who richie shoves away, walking straight over to eddie and buttoning his pants back up and grabbing his shirt off the floor, putting it back on his body

-richie carries eddie downstairs and outside to his car, lying him down in the backseat

-richie grabs a blanket from the trunk of his car and puts it over eddie’s body before walking around to get in the driver’s seat

-when he’s sat down, richie breaks down behind the wheel and cries so hard

-he can’t help but feel it’s his fault and he hits his hea don the steering wheel several times, mad at himself

-he doesn’t want to go home, but he knows another place he go

-they get to bill’s house and when bill opens the door, seeing eddie unconscious in richie’s arms, he’s scared and confused

-“what happened?” bill asks, moving out of the way for richie and eddie to come through

-“I’ll tell you about it in a minute,” richie says, still crying a little. “where can i put him?”

-bill leads them up the stairs to his room and richie lies eddie down, throwing the covers over his body, kissing his forehead and moving the hair away from his face

-bill and richie go back downstairs and sit down on the couch in the living room

-richie explains to bill what happened and richie breaks down again

-bill pulls him in and wraps his arms around his friend and holds him while he cries

-“it wasn’t your fault,” bill says. “and it wasn’t eddie’s fault.”

-“i shouldn’t have brought him to that party,” richie says quietly

-“shhh…” bill says, still holding richie, “everything will be okay.”

-about an hour and a half passes and bill makes tea for richie and eddie and says they can stay if they want since his parents aren’t home for the weekend

-richie takes his and eddie’s cups of tea and heads upstairs to see if eddie is awake

-he is and he’s sitting up in the bed, staring down at his fingers

-“hey,” richie says, walking over to him and sitting their mugs down on the nightstand

-richie sits down on the bed with eddie and, pulling the covers up over them and wrapping his arms around eddie, pulling the boy closer into him

-that’s when eddie bursts out crying and he holds onto richie so tight, as if his life depends on it

-“i’m here,” richie says quietly. “it’s okay, i’m here, eddie spaghetti.”

-when eddie calms down, he tells richie all that he can remember and he tells him that he calling for him and he was so scared he didn’t know what to do

-“i’m sorry, eddie,” richie says

-“why are you sorry? you saved me, richie.”

-“i just wished i could go back and not bring you to that party,” richie says. “it was my fault. i’m sorry i let you down.”

-eddie makes richie look at him

-“richie tozier, this wasn’t your fault,” eddie says softly. “you saved me. i’m so thankful for you and i love you so much.”

-he kisses richie’s lips softly and richie pulls him back into his body, holding him close and not letting him go

this was probably shit and it’s really long but i almost cried writing it ok

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Birth of Desire

His smile is what I look forward to every week. Something about his smile lights up the room. Everything brightens up when he smiles at you or just in general. Shawn is smiling whiling writing new lyrics for SM3 and it instantly puts a smile on my face.

“You know you look creepy smiling like a weirdo right?” Shawn speaks up awakening me from my daze. I look at Shawn weirdly as he stares back at me.

“I love your smile” I say giving him my own version of his smile or at least try to. Shawn’s laughs echoes through the studio causing me to let out hesitant chuckle. He leans forward from his seat and clutches his stomach. His hand comes up to wipe away small tears falling down his face.

“T-that’s haha not how I smile. I’m sorry baby, but it looks like your forcing the smile” Shawn laughs again and eventually falls off his chair. I send him a glare as he tries to recuperate from laughing.

“Sorry I can’t do a good impersonation of the ‘Shawn Mendes’ smile” I tell him crossing my arms over my chest. Which oddly enough lifts my boobs a bit. Shawn clears his throat a bit before walking towards me. He takes a seat next to me pulling onto his lap to straddle him. My hand instinctively go around his neck pulling me a little closer to his chest. Shawn let’s out a small sigh as his eyes are concentrated on my breasts. I flick his head a little to get his attention, but it doesn’t remove his gaze from my breasts.

“You should really wear this sundress more often. The sundress makes your breasts look so much bigger baby. And it focuses on all your beautiful curves, no wonder Geoff and Andrew ban you from coming to the studio. I bet if you came here every time I would never get writing done, since I would have you bent over the coffee table.”

“Thanks” I respond with a small voice as he tugs the bottom of the sundress upwards to lay around my hips. Shawn’s hands make there way up my thigh slowly caressing it before cupping my face in his hands. His breath fans over my face as inches his lips closer to mine. Before he can kiss me he removes his hands from my face leaving me dumbfounded.Shawn hands start to travel down my body again and stop once he reaches my thigh. His hands move upwards under the dress and he pulls on the elastic of my underwear and lets it go. A small snap is emitted from his action.

“Don’t start getting shy on me princess! We both know your not shy when it comes to our sex life” Shawn seductively whispers into my ear as his hand keep moving upwards until they reaches my breasts. “No bra such a bad girl” he says as he caresses my breasts gently squeezing ever so often. I feel myself get wetter as his calloused fingers pull at my nipple. I let out a moan as he continues to pinch my nipples.

“Shaw-“ his phone rings on the side table interrupting us. I let out a sigh of relief as I watch him answer the phone. He taps my thigh so I can get up. I straighten my dress out and turn away to regain my composure. His hands wrap themselves around my middle and pull me back into his lap. I try and question his actions and he puts a finger to his lips.

“Yes, Andrew I’ll have the date set on the Calendar” Shawn responds as he hums in between Andrews responses. His hands trail their way to the hem of my dress bunching it around my waist. Shawn’s fingers inch their way down my panties and cup aroused core into his hand igniting a whimper from deep within my throat. He pulls me back not to hard, a hand around my throat he whispers in my ear “shh… you need to be quiet while I talk on the phone can you do that princess?” I nod as he keeps my body leaning on him.

“Sorry Andrew can you repeat that?” Andrew starting talking again and Shawn hand move my underwear to one side allowing him to to separate my folds. His cold hands send a shiver down my spine as he continues to move up and down my slit. My head turns to face his neck and try to quiet my moans as best as I can. Shawn’s fingers make their way to my throbbing clit rubbing harsh circles. My hand comes up to my mouth to diminish the constant moans and whines that leaves my lips. Shawn let’s go and I’m regaining my breath before I know his index finger pushes into me.

“Ohh Sh- Shawn what was that?” Andrew asks through the phone after I cover my mouth. Shawn sends me a glare before he clears his throat.

“Its Y/N, I don’t know what she’s doing right now. So what are our plans for the next album and upcoming tour?” Shawn resumes conversation with him leaving me to cover my moans again. In no time I’m a withering mess as my orgasm takes over my body. My thigh close trapping Shawn’s fingers from removing themselves. His fingers slowly thrust in me to ride out my high. I so badly want to scream in ecstasy as all the pleasure washes over me.

“Geoff thinks it’s best if we start in North America before moving the tour to Europe. He wants to check with you first before we start calling venues and hotels for your arrival. I also think it would be a great idea to give you a bit more time with Y/N. So Shawn what do you say?” Andrew says through the phone as Shawn looks at me. I’m in a daze trying to regain my composure. Shawn slide me off his lap and stands up.

“I think that’s great! Maybe she can be with me during the North American tour, yeah? This so great and all the buzz of SM3 is amazing.” Shawn hums to Andrews response more and my eyes slowly start to close. The undoing of a belt buckle makes me immediately open my eyes again. Shawn stands before me phone between his shoulder and neck a he undoes his pants. In two minutes tops Shawn stands in all his naked glory before me. The conversation with Andrew continues as Shawn sits back on his couch and pull me on to his lap. He presses the phone to his chest to avoid Andrew hearing our conversation.

“Take everything off and sit on my lap now” I listen to him and quickly remove any article of clothing I may on. I make a move to straddle Shawn’s lap, but he turns me around so I’m facing the large view windows looking out towards the city. We are only a few floors above the city, so anyone who looks while see my naked body on full display. It makes me wetter at the thought of being caught by people walking.

“Andrew it’s hard! I can’t have three songs recorded by midnight without anyone here! Yes, Y/N’s here….. I’m not kicking her out! ANDREW!” Shawn yells into the phone followed by Andrews response trying to calm down Shawn. I can feel his erection poking my back and I reach behind and give a gentle squeeze. His hips buck up at the sudden contact and he groans into the phone. I bite my bottom lip and start to slowly move my hand up and down his thick erection. His grunts and groans encourage me to continue.

“A-And-Andrew, I-I’m g-going to call you back!” Shawn rushes the words out and throws the phone somewhere in the room. His hips continue to buck to meet my movements and I speed up my movements. His breath becomes rapid and ragged as I move my thumb over the slit of his member.

Previn layers the tip and I rub my thumb in the in the slit in which I receive a hiss fro Shawn.

“Fuck! I hate how innocent you look and yet your a deadly tease when it comes to intimacy” Shawn utters before he hisses once again. I remove my my hand from his throbbing member and start to inch my thumb with Shawn’s precum towards my lips. Shawn hand yank me back by my ponytail as he watches me lick my thumb. I lick it as if it were a lollipop and keep my eyes on Shawn’s. He rolls his eyes back realsing my hair while he rubs his hands over his face.

“You’ll be the death of me Y/N” Shawn groans as he pulls at the end sod his hairs.

I let a smile take over knowing this wasn’t the time or place, but I couldn’t let a opportunity like this slip through my fingers.

“Say swear to god”

“Seriously?” Shawn groans while opening his eyes to me.

“Say it”

“I swear to god” I pull him in into a kiss without noting that his is slowly lifting me up. As the kiss continues a sudden pain is felt as Shawn thrust into me unexpectedly. I whimper into the kiss as the sudden penetration which halts the kiss. My head lays tucked near his neck as he lifts my legs onto the couch. I lost hum as the move at send a pleasure through my body as his erection slowly moves thrusts in me. A hand comes to my throat and gives a gentle squeeze while the other travels down my body leaving a path of goosebumps. The warmth of his touch adds a much needed arousal to my aching clit. The anticipation is killing me inside as Shawn traces my hip bones before making their way to my throbbing clit.

“So precious and only for me” he grins as his fingers open up my folds to gain contact with my clit. As soon as his fingers rub my clit I’m a withering mess on his lap. My eyes roll back as I desperately try to add friction and bounce myself on his erect member. I won’t last not like this. My legs are giving out on me, I’m so close and need a release.

“Stay open for me baby” Shawn growls into my ear as he has a tight hold around my neck. My moans arms muffled as he squeezes my throat to send me closer to the edge. His lips are on my leaving a dark mark that will be hard to hide tomorrow.

“So close Shawn!” I scream out as I few the heat building up in my abdomen. His breath is cold against my heated skin. There is a new sensation and I see Shawn thrusting his hips up in a taping pace without removing his assaults on my throbbing clit. My legs keep threading to close on me and Shawns separations then again. It’s like a small battle which I losing. Small sobs escape my lips as his fingers start to flick my clit over and over again. This could be a punishment and it would matter because anything he does is with care and love.

“Shhh.. it’s okay princess. Just let go-ahhh” I interpret Shawn as my orgasm washes over my sweat covered body. My abdomen muscles clench and I clench at the force of my orgasm. Shawn’s halts his thrusts and slowly rubs my clit to ride out my high. It feels like pure bliss, but the moment soon diminishes in thin air. Shawn expertly turned me over so I did a full circle on his erect member. Our chests touch and my hands place themselves on his shoulders. His hands trace down towards my waist he slowly moves me in a riding motion in.

“So precious, and I can’t get enough of you” I hum as I watch sweat run down his forehead. His lips part and soft grunts leave his mouth. Shawn’s neck vain is prominent as he moves my hips faster on his lap. His hands hold onto my hips harder surely to leave bruises. His abs clench together signaling his close, and watching him become out of breath throws me over the edge once again.

“Fuck!” Shawn groans outs as he halts my movements bucking his hips up uncontrollably as he orgasm washes over him. My head falls onto his sweat covered shoulder and I bite down on it as Shawn’s fingers place themselves once more in my sensitive clit. I whimper and whine as he starts to rub harder and faster.

“It’s okay baby…. just one more. I know you can give me one more, can’t you?” He whispers in my ear before trailing his lips down my neck. I hesitantly nod and before I know it my third orgasm washes over my body blurring my vision. My chest heaves up and down with the overstimulation. Shawn hands wrap around me and pull into his flushed body to try and calm me down. Tears fall down my cheeks when he rubs my back in soothing circles.

“I’m so sorry baby” he says over and over again as I shake my head against his neck.

“Don’t be Shawn” I tell him knowing that I could have used the safe word, but I haven’t felt this close to him in so long. There’s a loud knock on the door startling us both as we jump and try to dress ourselves. The knob on the handle moves and loud banging comes with it. Shawn runs to the door and opens it and sees Andrew with Geoff on the other side. So glad we locked the studio door, but they will never let me come along to one of Shawn’s studio sessions again.

“Hey” I come up behind Shawn and look at Andrew and Geoff then back at Shawn. Andrew looks at me and then Shawn as do I. My eyes go wide as I spot the bite mark I left on his shoulder. I smack Shawn repeatedly which cause him to look down at me. I forgot he wore a muscle tee today to the studio.

“Umm… Shawn you have a little something right here” Geoff points to Shawn’s shoulder and he touches it and hisses in pain. I look down in embarrassment as Andrew sends Shawn a glare. Geoff tries to stifle his laugh as Andrew pulls Shawn into the hallway to talk.

“You know I’m never going to let you guys live his down right?” Geoff tells me as he looks through Shawn’s prompts for new songs. He hums in appreciation as he lands on one. I look over his shoulder to read it “birth of desire.” My cheeks redden knowing there’s more to the title. The door opens and Andrew comes in with Shawn who looks irritated and embarrassed.

“Well we’ll let you get back to work Shawn and we mean the lyrics portion” Andrew comments leaving the rooms before Shawn has the chance to throw a pillow at him for is comment. Shawn sits down on the couch and rubs his face.

“So how are my chances for coming to another studio session?” I ask him while placing my head on his shoulder. He looks down at me and shakes his head before laughing.

“Andrew said ‘this is your last chance Shawn or we are only going to have songs related to sex’ but he’s not wrong” Shawn finishes causing me to send him a playful glare. I give him a kiss before pointing at his journal to continue writing lyrics for SM3. He groans before taking the journal and flipping through the pages to continue writing. He sends me his famous smile which causes me to my heart to flutter and butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

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#8 royality? It being their first kiss maybe? Or a first kiss after one of Romans long adventures?

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward 

Pairing: Royality (romantic) 

Patton was waiting for him, when Roman finally made his way back into the commons, and Roman almost broke down right there. 

A month. An entire month he’d been gone, deep in Thomas’s subconscious, battling demons he’d thought he’d put to rest ages ago, and all he wanted to do now was collapse and sleep for at least another month, maybe two. 

But Patton was there, and he was waiting, and it was obvious he’d been waiting for some time, and Roman couldn’t stop the tears that rose instantly in his eyes and started down his cheeks. 

“Roman!” Patton cried–he’d been asleep, but at Roman’s soft sob, his eyes had flown open. His shoved his glasses, which had been set askew on his nose, into place and blinked at the prince, as if afraid he might disappear. When it was obvious Roman was there–really there–Patton’s eyes filled with tears of their own, and he scrambled out of the nest of pillows and blankets he’d made for himself on the couch closest to the door. 

Roman met him halfway, as Patton finally got to his feet and launched himself into Roman’s arms, clinging to him, his hands scrabbling at Roman’s broad back. Roman curled around him, burying his head in Patton’s shoulder, and as he breathed deeply of his cherished scent, his own tears doubled. He let his sword fall to the ground with a clatter and wrapped his arms around Patton, clutching his back, trying to just breathe

“Roman, oh Roman, Roman–are you hurt, are you–is–are you okay? Oh, Roman, I missed you, I missed you so much–!” Patton broke down again, almost wailing into Roman’s shoulder, but there was a hitch at the edge of his sobs–something Roman realized after a moment was laughter. Happiness. His own lips curved up into a smile, and he hugged Patton harder, so hard he heard the other facet squeak a little. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled, managing to make himself let go and draw back just a little. 

“No, no no, it’s fine, it’s–” Patton broke off and reached up, cupping Roman’s face between his hands, staring up at him with wide, wet eyes. “You’re home,” he choked, grinning broadly, and it was that grin that finally broke through all of Roman’s resolve. 

He leaned forward, giving Patton time to stop him, but though the moral side’s eyes went very wide, he didn’t resist. That was all the encouragement Roman needed. In the harrowing days and weeks of his quest, during all the cold and lonely nights when he thought he might never make it home again, he’d regretted nothing more than the thought that Patton would never know how he felt. 

Well. No more. He was done hiding. If a month of near-death experiences had taught him anything, it was that there were things far worse than the possibility of rejection. 

He pressed his lips to Patton’s, and immediately felt strength surge back into his muscles. Aches and pains faded completely as a wave of pure joy washed through him. He caught his breath, sparing a moment to wonder if he was feeling his own joy or Patton’s, then decided it didn’t matter. From the way Patton wrapped his arms around Roman’s neck and clung to him, and the way his lips were moving fervently against Roman’s, trying to figure out where one ended and the other began was pointless. It was their joy, and they shared it between them as easy as breathing.

The kiss lingered for several long minutes. Roman was a little too shy to deepen it much, and settled for tracing Patton’s lips delicately with his tongue just before he finally drew away. He pressed his brow against Patton’s, trying to catch his breath, and finding he couldn’t quite bring himself to open his eyes, afraid of what he’d see in Patton’s. What if he’d been wrong? What if Patton had hated that? What if Roman was a bad kisser? For all his boasting, he hadn’t actually ever technically kissed anyone before, and–

“Roman,” Patton murmured, and Roman could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re thinking too loud.” 

Roman smiled, Patton’s voice putting him immediately at east. It was absolutely drenched with love, and Roman knew then he had nothing to fear. Nothing at all. 

He finally managed to open his eyes, his arms still wound around Patton’s waist. And then his breath caught in his throat, because the smile on Patton’s face was beautiful, even if his eyes were still closed. Roman reached up and used the pads of his thumbs to wipe away the tears that marred Patton’s cheeks, and Patton looked up at him at last, lashes clumped together and eyes shining with new tears. 

“Welcome home, Roman,” Patton whispered, before reaching up and drawing Roman’s mouth back down to his own. 

Roman went willingly, heart singing. Home. Yes. He was home. 


Let Me Go

Description: The reader’s brother is eaten by a demogorgon so she turns to alcohol instead of grieving properly.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Underage drinking, mentions of things like addiction, This Is Gospel reference……

Word Count: 583

I stare down at the beer bottle in my hand. I know I should stop. I know this isn’t okay—but the idea of getting help, of facing reality is too scary.

I can still remember the day my brother went missing. I thought he was just at a friend’s house. I was so sure he was alright. Then the bullshit came raining down and I got mixed up in a huge gumbo pot of insanity and alternate dimensions. It gave me hope—hope that my brother was fine and well. It broke me to find out he wasn’t, and what was I supposed to tell my parents? That their son was eaten by a creature from the Upside Down? Of course not. My parents are just as broken as I am. Misplacing their anger and grief on me they ignore me. I’m non existent. Invisible. This is the easiest way to cope.

A knock on the door alerts me through my slowed senses, “Go away,” I rasp, my voice dark and gruff from not speaking for a long time.

The door opens and I curse myself for not locking it. Out of the corner of my eye I see Steve walk through the threshold. His eyes widen at the state of my house—beer bottles scattered across the floor, crusty unwashed laundry in small piles all around the room, god awful smell of bo, sour milk and alcohol clinging to the air. Kicking aside some clutter on the floor he turns to look at me and his eyes instantly soften, “Babe…” he breaths softly.

“Go home, Steve,” my gut churns with shame at seeing at way he looks at me.

He rushes to my side and kneels down in front of me, I refuse to look him in the eye.

“Babe what the hell I haven’t seen you in weeks,” anger and disappointment contorts his face when he spots the beer bottle in my hand, “What is this?! Babe! I thought you were done with this!”

“Yeah well that was before I saw my dead brother’s gooey, rotten remains on the floor in an underground tunnel in another dimension, Steve!” I spit at him, tears of rage and grief brimming my eyes.

“Honey…” Steve coos, rubbing my shoulders comfortingly. I shrug him off.

“You have to stop. You have to stop. This isn’t healthy, this isn’t right. You need to let me help you. Let me go get help for you. I love you.”

“I don’t want to get help, Steve. I’m. Fine,” I growl authoritatively.

“Y/n. We all love you. We’ll all help you. You need help,” he stands up and heads for the door with a mission in mind.

I grab his wrist, “Please…” I plea. I can’t have all my friends looking at me like I’m weak and broken. I’d rather wallow then have everyone I love look at me the way Steve just did.

Steve’s expression softens and he leans down in front of me with my hands in his much larger warmer ones, “Babe. If you love me let me go. Let me go and get you the help you need. You need to grief properly instead of downing yourself in alcohol. This will kill you, Y/n…” the break in his voice and the wetness in his eyes convinced me. I nod softly and look at the floor in shame. The door closes and I hear the revving of an engine.

How could I do this to him?

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Hey can I get some headcanon for how the paladins and Allura would react to getting caught by the kiss cam at some sports game with their S/O who they aren’t dating yet?


  • this is honestly shiro’s dream come true, like he couldn’t imagine his first kiss with you going any better than this
    • plus he was already wanting to kiss you before this, so this is the perfect timing!!!
    • also, this would really kick start your relationship with him and maybe kind of accelerate things to the dating level if you were okay with it because he certainly is
  • he’s so cool about the kiss, he just turns to look at you, waits for an okay since you two aren’t dating yet, cups your cheek and then just kisses you… it’s honestly magical for him
    • everyone totally thinks you’re a couple too by how natural he just laid one on you
  • from there he’s totally trying to nudge things into a more romantic way
    • but he at least waits until you two are far from the game so it’s not like he just wants you because you let him kiss you lol


  • unfortunately, keith is one of the few paladins who might not actually go along with the kiss cam
    • he’ll honestly be a bit too nervous because he was put on the spot like that
    • he doesn’t know if you’d be okay with it either!! so of course he’ll worry, it’s justified
  • but don’t worry toooo much, all you have to do is give him a bit of encouragement and he’ll give you a cute little peck
    • that’s all though, but that’s such a big step for keith considering his small fear of rejection, especially with it being in public
  • the kiss gave keith a little hope in the fact that there could be something between you two but his fear of rejection is totally getting in the way?
    • he continues to grow feelings for you, of course, but he’s kind of waiting for you to take the wheel in the relationship and let you steer things to where you want to go
    • he’ll take more control once you’ve indirectly convinced him that he can trust you and that he won’t be rejected, so no worries


  • the first thing that he’ll do when he realizes the cam is on you two he’ll gasp and quickly try to get your attention
    • he’s honestly so excited for this even if he doesn’t know how things will turn out?
    • he grows a bit jittery but asks you if you’re down for it anyways
    • he tries to sound as platonic as possible because he doesn’t know if you have feelings like he does
  • when you say yes to the kiss, this literally makes his life and he just gives you a simple but still great kiss?
    • there’s obviously no tongue, but the angle is just right and it’s so sweet and…
    • basically you wouldn’t have expected him to kiss you in such a way for how he asked you.
  • after the kiss hunk continues to take things slowly, like just because you two kissed doesn’t mean that he’s going to force anything on you
    • he’s going to basically ttake everything at your pace because he doesn’t want you to become uncomfortable
    • but no worries, he’s still pursuing you whether you know it or not


  • okay, if lance knew that you were returning his feelings, he’ll of course try to get you to kiss him
    • like this is only if you two are in the stages before dating, though
    • he wouldn’t want to ruin anything if you two weren’t even that far yet
  • he’ll hesitantly look at you for confirmation and if you give any signal for him to kiss you, he’ll lay it on you real fast
    • he’s probably never been so eager to kiss anyone in his life
    • he practically had his first kiss… in general, but it was all thanks to a kiss cam
  • all aboard the lance and you ship because it’s definitely going to sail and he’s most definitely the captain of it
    • he already knew his feelings for you before the kiss at the game, but after that it gives him a bit more initiative to get closer to you and to really try to light that spark that you two need to start a relationship


  • poor pidge would be so terrified by this scenario, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take up the opportunity when it’s presented to her
    • she may be nervous, like literally her heart begins to beat so fast but she’ll just turn to you and give you some hopeful eyes
    • when you say yes though, her eyes just light up but that doesn’t mean she’s not nervous anymore
  • when it comes down to the kiss, even though it may be a little awkward, it still happens so you can at least be thankful for that??!
    • she just grabs your cheeks (a little forcefully) and plants a nice peck on your lips, but hey it was completely spur the moment
  • this kiss is definitely the awakening of her feelings for you, like she could have been holding them back
    • this may mean that she’s a bit skittish around you now but that’s just because she doesn’t know how you feel (even about the kiss included, rip)???


  • you’ll probably have to be the one to kiss allura first in this situation
    • she’s a bit too shy to even ask if it’s okay for her to kiss you first because she doesn’t even know if you’re on that level yet???
    • she’s not about to ruin anything that you two might have just with one question because of a kiss cam…
  • if you ask or if you don’t ask, either way she’ll be okay with it and is completely welcoming your lips with hers
    • the kiss is completely up to you, but no matter how the kiss is, expect a very blushy and sheepish allura for the rest of the game
  • this may cause her to freak out a bit?? but not in a bad way??
    • it’s just that she’s now hyper aware of whatever you two have going on romantically, or the lack there of
    • she was definitely interested in you going into being friends with you, and this just confirmed what she was feeling basically
  • from then on she’ll totally be trying to low key get you to take her on dates, or even if it comes down to it she’s the one taking you

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How'd the 2p!allies react when their daughters tell them that they need to go bra shopping

2p France: “Here, go.”
Francois wouldn’t want to go with her, so he would give her money to go. He wouldn’t want to go into the store with her. It is pretty impossible to flirt with people and try to get them to come home for some dirty fun if they are shopping…and more likely, Francois would be thrown out of the store. So he would avoid it all together and just send his daughter out with the money to buy some bras. 

2p Canada: “Okay.”
Matt wouldn’t care either way. He would go with her and let her do whatever she wanted. Matt, however; wouldn’t fully realize that his demeanor and intimidating stature may make others uncomfortable in the store. Though to be honest, Matt just wouldn’t care. He was there to be a good father to his daughter, and that was all that mattered to him. 

2p America: “Bras? So how much will we be spending?”
Allen would bite his lip and look at his wallet. He would know it would be expensive and would do anything to make ends meet so his daughter can have bras that fit her and will last. He wouldn’t want to get anything cheap for his daughter, so even if it puts him under personally, she will get the best of what she needs. He would bite his tongue in the store so he didn’t get kicked out, but he would be a protector of anyone in the store form any creeps outside. 

2p England: “Of course! Let’s find some pretty ones!”
Oliver wouldn’t care if it was expensive, he would just want his daughter happy. Though he would also be the one pulling any pretty bras and asking if she wanted them. Anything pastel, cute lace, bows, or ribbons would be the top picks from him, though he would visibly be uncomfortable around any type of lingerie that was revealing or overly sexual. 

2p China: “Sure, how much do you need?”
Zhao would ask if she wanted to go by herself so he wouldn’t embarrass her. If she did, he wouldn’t be upset, but he would give her the money she would need. If she wanted him to go, he would try his best to be quiet or at least not make jokes super loud. For once, Zhao would be mature and make sure his daughter got everything she needed…they could always joke around in the car. 

2p Russia: “I see…let’s get you sized and get a good amount.”
Viktor wouldn’t be too embarrassed, he would just see it as something he must do as a father. So he would take his daughter out to good stores that aren’t too expensive or known for cheap materials, and would have her sized so that her bras are good and will last. He would not want to buy cheap ones that won’t last for long. Viktor would, however; stand outside the store and wait just so he does not intimidate other shoppers. 

Good on you, Steven. Just like when the CGs first recovered Lapis from the Malachite fiasco, he understands, and he’s letting Lapis go. He’s not going to be her prisoner– he doesn’t ever want her to feel trapped again.

So I suppose the biggest question is what Peridot thinks– and whether or not Lapis will come back, just like the post-Malachite instance I described.

Yep, called it. It’s good to see some powerful hydromancy again… This is the most impressive thing Lapis has taken since she stole the world’s ocean. Okay, maybe learning to smile again after dealing with the mirror and Malachite is more impressive– but still!

The meepmorps shall travel the stars.

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Okay, imagine being tattoo artist!tom's girlfriend and going to get a thigh tattoo from him. When you sit down in the chair you lift up your skirt a bit to uncover your thigh. He was surprised to see that you weren't wearing any panties and he immediately gets turned on. Let's just say he closed up shop early and that thigh tattoo never got done. But tom sure did you 😉

i choked on my cheez it dAMN IT

tattoo artist! thursday ♥︎


Seb: Okay so Mr. Barks will be back soon but for the mean time, you said you don’t know what’s going on?

Daisy: Ah, no… Ayan just mentioned it to me a few moments ago but I don’t know everything.

Seb sighed.

Seb: Basically, that one time you were crying and I came up behind you to ask if you were okay and uh… I hugged you… Well anyways, someone snapped some photos of it and posted it. 

Daisy: What the f-

Seb: I would let you off the hook because I know it wasn’t like that but to others it may seem like I’m trying to protect you which strengthens the idea that there’s something between us.

Daisy tried to intake all information but was at complete lost.

Daisy: Man… Why would someone do this?!

Seb: I don’t know but it’s either because they have something against one of us or even both of us. Or… They just did it for fun.

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I get the other anon's worry and the love behind it is great but we have no idea what's going on in jin's life rn; maybe he's feeling ill, uncomfortable in a new environment, received bad news from home or maybe he's just not in the mood. We'll never know but all that matters is he's okay and making him pretend he's super hyped when he's not is depressing. So if letting jin be his honest self means he'll lose out on a few fans then so be it, we're just gonna support him harder to make up for it.



1. Name, Age, Country? (I always like seeing country Cus it’s incredible how widespread the community is sometimes)

Mau, 21 (nearly 22), The Netherlands

2. Appearance? (For all you artists you can draw some pictures of yourselves!!)

Right now I don’t have a artpiece of myself, I really should change that huh..
Anyway the person in my icon right now is actually me, but for a less spooky version, here you go

3. Hobbies?

Animation, Illustrating, Gaming, I guess cooking as a hobby kinda died off..

4. What is your dream job?

Animator or Graphicdesigner

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?

Okay for this let’s just use my schoolbag
- My laptop
- My mouse for my laptop
- My charger for my laptop
- A bottle of fizzy lemon water
- A few pens and pencils, if I have artclasses usually colorpencils and markers too
- Painkillers (had an accident last year and every now and then I need them)
- Notebook
- Lunchbox
- Headphones

6. How would you describe your personality?

Rude, Harsh, Blunt, and awfully honest about it, I have very strong opinions and I’m not afraid to talk about them. Some people call me funny or sweet but honestly I think otherwise.

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?

I think it was late 2014/early 2015. I wasn’t really active on tumblr back then but I kept an eye on the JSE tumblr community every now and then anyway to see what was going on, but didn’t interact myself. I started doing that in October 2016 because of Anti.

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!

Vintage Anti/Jameson - Chase Brody - Dr. Schneeplestein

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? (Multiple answers are fine, I know I’ll find it hard to answer)

I don’t know really, I’ve always liked the Uncharted series, Turmoil, Any Anti related video I guess. Layers of Fear was a real cool series too.

10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?

Absolutely. I’m mostly very active.

If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

I know everyone basically recognizes me as that girl who puts out rants about this community and about how shit it can be and the captions and everything. Though I wished for a better ending on all that, I still very much enjoy making theories and posting some artwork every now and then.

@no-strings-puppet <- credit for promptlist

I think its a mixture of cold medicine and lack of sleep, (lol oops), but I really wanted to say thank you to my amazing group of friends who are so lovely. I never thought I would be able to make friends on this tumblr, let alone with such amazing people. Plz ignore my sleepy/medicated ramblings and just go follow them if you don’t already. They are all super cool. 

Also, I hope you guys like my picture that my drugged up self whipped up in 3 minutes. Cool thanks love you guys. and sorry if i missed someone, or if i tagged the wrong person,im sure your lovely too. okay bye <3

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how did you feel about the episode? and what do you think will happen? dean's gonna be :/ when cas leaves next episode to find jack (at least im hoping) he /just/ got him back and now he's gotta go

I didn’t like the plot, and I felt that they tried to force too many humor in Dean, which is something I don’t like. It’s okay to put some humor on him, but don’t turn him into a joke.

But I enjoyed the dynamics with Team Free Will and Jack, and I loved seeing Dean and Cas together, again. I just wish they had a deep talk about what they’ve been going through these months, especially Dean.

All we know is that Cas is going to leave again (why writers can’t let Cas stay? ugh.) and it’s going to be painful. I just hope that when he comes back to the b unker, he stays for longer. Pulling Cas away from the Winchesters is something writers do EVERY single season, and we hate it so much. Just let Cas stay with Sam and Dean. Stop making him go away.


Noah: “Tawny, it has been really lovely getting to know you. And I definitely will never forget our shared karaoke experience …”

Tawny: “But you’re not picking me to continue on?”

Noah reaches for the nape of his neck as he sheepishly looks to the ground, feeling bad. Now it is getting harder to let the women go. He finds himself growing more attached to them with each passing day.

Noah: “Yeah – I’m really sorry, it has been nice getting to know you. You’re very lovely. I’m just not feeling the romance blossom between us.”

Tawny: “It’s okay, Noah. There are some very lovely women here, one of them is going to be really lucky.”

@justkeeponsimming Thank you so much for sending me this precious little sim soul. She is a very delightful sim, I’m really sorry that she didn’t make it all the way! However, their shared karaoke experience is by far one of my favorite moments. Hopefully, she’ll be able to find someone in the world! ♥

okay, i am (tentatively) back!

i wanna thank everyone again for reaching out and offering to help, it was very nice of all of you who offered to talk or listen or anything else i needed <3

one small change: i won’t be writing any smut for the foreseeable future, so please don’t send me any smutty prompts as they’ll just go unanswered. if this changes, i’ll be sure to let y’all know~

  • anatole: let's talk about your likes and dislikes. how about your favorite food? what would that be?
  • ippolit: oh, milk steak.
  • anatole and helene: hmmm?
  • ippolit: milk steak.
  • anatole: i'm not putting milk steak.
  • helene: just put steak, just put "regular steak."
  • anatole: i'm gonna put "steak."
  • ippolit: don't put steak, put milk steak. she'll know what it is.
  • anatole: no, she won't know what it is. nobody knows what that is. okay, all right, what's your favorite hobby?
  • ippolit: uh, magnets.
  • anatole: magnets? okay, what, like making magnets? collecting magnets?
  • helene: playing with magnets?
  • ippolit: just magnets.
  • anatole: i'm gonna put "snowboarding." we'll put snowboarding. all right, what are some of your likes?
  • ippolit: uh, ghouls.
  • helene: son of a bitch. what are you talking about now?
  • ippolit: you know, funny little green ghouls.
  • anatole: what? like in movies and cartoons? what are you...
  • ippolit: little green ghouls, buddy!
  • helene: don't write ghouls!
  • anatole: i'm not! i'm putting "travel." jesus christ! what are your dislikes?
  • ippolit: people's knees!
  • anatole: oh, come on, dude! come on!

Let’s try this way: For whoever asked for Jimin again during Hobi’s VLive.

I’m not mad. I’m just going to explain you a little thing.

I understand everyone has their own taste, their own preferences. It’s perfectly okay. But it’s a choice to force your preference into others. Some of us wants Jhope. Yes, we truly want Jhope. Not for pity, no for charity. We want Hoseok’s speaking and eating by himself for hours to ends. Like you want Jimin. In the exact same way.

Now that is clear. Why do you ask for Jimin during Hobi’s VLive? Do you see Jimin? No? Well, it means he is not there and you can leave the Live if you don’t want to watch Hobi speaking a language you might not understand for who knows how much. Seriously just leave and let us enjoy OUR time. Us and Hobi together. Like you enjoy your time with Jimin. In the exact same way.

And last point of the post: Do you think Jimin is happy to see his fans asking for him during his members VLive? We all know how kind and angelic is Jimin, how much he cares of his members, in fact it was Jimin himself that asked Hoseok to do a solo VLive to talk about his thoughts with ARMYs and we also know that Jimin watches his members Vlives. So Do you think Jimin was happy seeing you hurting his brother because you wanted to only see him and not his friend? I might not know Jimin personally, but I know the answer to this question.

No. Jimin wasn’t happy to see his fans asking for him during his friend VLive. I bet my soul that Jimin after the VLive went straight to Hoseok’s room asking if he was okay and cheering him up.

You don’t want to see Hoseok’s Live? Leave. Just leave and let the people who wants to see it, having their time with the person they like. Asking for Jimin doesn’t make anyone happy. Not even Jimin. So I’m going to ask again. Stop asking for others members during someone VLive. It only makes everyone sad. Let’s just enjoy the time they dedicate to us, and if you don’t want to see it, leave. Let people really and truly enjoy their time.



Alex flicked the lights on and they turned to see the young women, smiling away, giving a reassuring look to Melody who was soon battling with another contraction. Avery quickly got up and started frantically asking questions.

Avery: I-Is this normal? Is her blood pressure okay? Is the baby okay? Is it time? Shall we go? Or what do we d-

Alex: Right! The contractions are getting quite close together so, let’s go to the delivery suite and monitor the rest of Melody’s progress there. Everything is going perfectly well. Try not to panic Mr Masters. *laughs*

Avery: Alright good… Gah I’m sorry I just feel so helpless right now, like I can’t help her.

Alex: Well you better find some confidence because she is going to need you a lot now for the next few hours.

Melody: A-Avery?

Melody called out to her husband, her tears drying up. Avery slowly got her up, taking her hands and then embraced her. She was shaking a little but, but that was fine, it was okay for her to be nervous, as long as Avery keeps her anxiety as low as possible, they will be fine.

Alex: There you go! Right, let’s go deliver a baby!

gingersamson18  asked:

Also, what was the aftermath of the King's crash in Cars?

I’ve written a couple different asks on this already, so if you want the long version, go search through my posts and you’ll find it sooner or later.

The short version? As soon as the initial interviews were over, Tex got him to a hospital right away. He wasn’t about to let his star racer just sit there and be miserable any longer than he had to. It took months to fix him, and he spent a lot of that time unconscious. Lynda rarely left his side this whole time. Cal drove halfway across the country just to see Strip and make sure for himself that he was going to be okay. They had lots of visitors - racers from all around and family members came to see him. In a way, it kind of brought the racing community together and really showed how honest and compassionate most of them were. Ultimately, the mechanics all did a fantastic job, and he was back on his wheels before the end of the year.

In terms of racing, the race officials realized that a wreck like that shouldn’t happen with only three cars on the track. They made some more regulations that would hopefully limit the use of majorly ill-intentioned maneuvers in a race.