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Fall 2017 Update!

Hey, this blog still exists! It’s been about half a year since I’ve written anything up, and it’s been a bussyyyyy time in my life. Got married, started a new position and found out I’m going to be a father next spring! Amidst all of those changes, I’ve still somehow managed to see a bunch of movies over the last 6/7ish months. I wanted to do a kind of catch-up on here to make up for lost time, a kind of ‘speed round’ for the blog. I’ll still do my end of year top 8 early January I’m sure, but I wanted to get something up before then (and I’ll be honest, we ran out of work at my job today and they’re making us watch Hocus Pocus on a super small TV in the auditorium so I’m boooorrrred). So anyway, here’s some thoughts on a selection of movies I’ve caught over the last few months!

I wanted to write about this one from earlier in the year because I wrote about Director Nacho Vigalondo’s other film ‘Timecrimes’ way back in the day for the blog (check it out with the archives link above if you feel like it). This movie was a ride. From moment to moment, I had no idea where this movie was going next. Vigalondo makes movies that nobody else could, straight from his wild imagination. Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudekis are both great in their roles, especially the latter in a shockingly dynamic role that I won’t spoil here. There are a lot of gender politics at play in this one that I wasn’t expecting, but it makes for a poignant finished product that I’m super glad I caught in theaters. Check this one out at Redbox if you want a dark, funny and totally original, unpredictable experience.

What else could I say about this one that hasn’t been said by most critics and obviously the worlds box office. This movie clicked with seemingly everyone, taking the #1 spot at the box office for 2016 so far, surprising everyone. I had a blast with this movie, with it’s creative and beautifully shot action scenes and measured pace. Wonder Woman isn’t afraid to slow down and let its characters breathe a bit, creating one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie between Steve and Diana. Gal Gadot is revelatory as Diana and Chris Pine is as good as ever. I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan, but I’m truly happy that the DCU finally got a win, and I hope they have plenty more to come.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the latest from Edgar Wright and as expected, it did not disappoint. The guy is one of the most exciting new directors working right now, possibly the MOST exciting, and his latest is a pure blast of energy like only he can deliver. More akin to a musical than his usual dark action/comedies, he’s doing something different and more challenging with Baby Driver. He’s getting even better as an action director, and the editing especially in this movie deserves an Oscar. This is one of the most fun movies you’ll see all year, and I’ll recommend it to everybody I meet.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that director Bong Joon-ho is one of my favorite directors working today. I wrote about The Host and Snowpiercer on here, and his latest might be my favorite work of his yet. His usual balancing act of tones is on display in Okja, a movie that is equal parts a Spielberg Amblin-era film with some Miyazaki, and a good amount of dark satire to top it off. It’ll make you second guess eating meat for a while after watching it. Okja also has one of the most bonkers, out-there performances of the year with Jake Gyllenhall’s psychotic TV nature-show host. This one is a Netflix exclusive, so definitely carve out some time for Okja.

The third attempt at Spider-Man finally nails the character like only Marvel studios could. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Raimi’s Spidey 1 and 2, but Tom Holland is the PERFECT Peter Parker AND Spider-Man. The movie is more of a coming of age story than a typical superhero movie, and it benefits from having a much smaller scale than a lot of the typical Marvel/superhero movies. It also benefits greatly from taking place in this universe Marvel has been crafting for almost 10 years now. It also has probably the best Marvel villain yet in Michael Keaton’s ‘Vulture’, a character as grounded and human as our heroes. It’s another great addition to the MCU, and I can’t wait to check this one out again.

The second to last one I wanted to write about is ‘It’, the surprisingly huge box office sensation. I didn’t expect much out of this movie for one reason or another. The trailers were effective, but I just expected a run of the mill jump-scare fest. I had also watched the original movie/miniseries awhile back and thought I knew what to expect. The movie definitely has plenty of jump scares, but I was surprised at how much heart the movie had. The cast of child actors were great across the board, and I was surprised at how emotionally engaged I was with their journeys through the movie. On top of that, all of the creepy clown stuff really worked for me, and Skarsgard killed in the role of Pennywise (no pun intended). I was surprised at how much I enjoyed It, and I’m stoked to see where the story goes next in part 2

I really can’t believe this movie exists in its current form. The fact that Marvel locked down Taika Waititi for a ‘Thor’ movie is ridiculous, and that he didn’t quit mid-production is even more shocking in this Hollywood climate. Thor Ragnarok is a breath of fresh air for not only the Thor series (yes it’s obviously the best of the three) but really, for Marvel as well. In my opinion, it one-ups Guardians vol. 2 (which isn’t on here but I really enjoyed) by being a straight-up delivery machine of fun and hilarious moments. Jeff Goldblum at his Goldblumiest, Waititi as the scene stealing ‘Korg’, and Thor actually being an awesome, badass character?! Yes!

That’s going to do it for this speed round on the blog! I just wanted to do a bit of a catch up on some of what I’ve been watching lately. I’ve seen a lot more than these, and will definitely write up more near the end of the year. Some of these might be on my faves list but most won’t be. If there’s something surprisingly absent from here, chances are it’ll pop up later this year. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and as always hit me up to talk about any of the above movies! I’ve been busy with my movie podcast ‘Director Showdown’ that I make with Adam Daufen, so go check that out on iTunes if you haven’t and thanks for reading!

All Tangled Up

Original request from my darling rose @formyfandoms:  Good Evening, Miss Erin! I was here, wondering if I could get a request? I’m thinking maybe a Steve thing, where your super close to Tony, Bruce and Vision, until one night, you’re having a super tough time, and the three are busy with one thing or another, and Stevie, who let’s say has been ‘crushing’ invites himself into your room to watch Netflix, and have cuddles, and then falls asleep with you, and wakes up cuddling you, and lil kisses? If you can do this, thank thank you so much! Love you!

A/N: Okay, it might not be 100000% true to the prompt, but it’s damn near close and I’m pretty proud of it. I really hope you like it!!!!

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 1615

Warnings: None

“Bruce, where are you guys?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), but Tony and I were asked to bring Vision to the New York sanctum. You know that Strange has been trying to study all of the infinity stones he has access to.”


“We don’t know what his magic can do, and we don’t want to piss him off. You know what happened last time we underestimated someone with manipulative powers.”’

“Yeah, I know.”

“I know it’s tough, but I promise we’ll be home as soon as we possibly can.”

I nod, regardless of whether or not he can see. “Okay. Alright, I can work with that.”

“What?” Bruce’s voice sounds distant, like he’s holding the phone away from his face. “It’s (Y/N). What? Tony, you have to look at me when you’re talking to me. Tony-Tony, please, I’m trying to talk to- what?” I hear him sigh in exasperation. “He wants to know if he can talk to you.”

“Of course he can.”

The other end is silent as Bruce hands off the phone to Tony. “Hey, kid, how’s it going?”

I roll my eyes. “I’m not a kid, Tony.”

“Whatever,” He laughs. “What’s up? You doing okay?”

“I’m having a rough day. I miss you guys.”

“We should be home soon, don’t worry. We could be done faster if Mr. Mysterious would let go of Vision’s head and let him show the good doctor what he can do!”  From the volume of his voice I can only assume he’s leaning away from the phone and yelling at the sorcerer, trying to get him to do what he wants.

“It’s okay, Tony. I can figure out how to deal until you get back.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, just don’t get yourself killed while you’re there.” My brow furrows. “Sounds like you’re already picking a fight.”

“Don’t worry, (Y/N). The guy has some pretty fantastic facial hair. We’ll bond. Soon we’ll be awesome facial hair bros. It’s going to happen. Just you wait and see.”

I laugh. “Don’t forget to trademark that one.”

“Don’t worry, I’m already contacting a paralegal to make sure it happens. I-what?” Tony’s voice fades away as he pulls the phone away from his mouth. “Sorry, looks like I have to let you go.”


“We’ll see you as soon as we get back.”

“Alright, see you soon.”

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Love Letters to Bucky


Summary:  The reader decides to do something nice for Bucky and writes a series of cute letters for him. At first, the letters were friendly, but as time progresses and she writes more letters, she discovers that she is in love with the super soldier.

Fluffy/kinda cute/kinda angsty

Reader x Bucky Barnes

You can also find it here!

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What are we going to do on Christmas

Summary: You never loved Christmas but your boyfriend do so when the time come you let him choose do whatever he wants od the special date. You just didn’t think that he would use this chance for surprising you with the most perfect Christmas that you ever had.

Words: 2676 ( Officially the biggest thing I ever wrote.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy and Smut (oral sex, spanking and unprotected sex be safe kids.) You might want Steve as your boyfriend when you finish reading this.

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

 .“What are we going to do on Christmas?“ You look at your boyfriend Steve on the bed with you "I don’t know what you want to do?” He looks at you like you just had killed a puppy and you are confused “You don’t know? The person who plans her birthday six months earlier, the one who throw me a surprise party with a 40’s theme, the only person who Tony let have an opinion in his party’s don’t know what is gonna do on Christmas the biggest holiday of the year?“

“Yeap that one.” He gets up and you can see that he is hurt and confused by the look in his eyes “But you love the holidays … What are we gonna do now?” You get closer to him putting your hands on his “We are gonna do whatever you want to do, you can even boss me around if you want to. Anything for you have the perfect holiday.”

“I don’t like to boss you around.” Why he couldn’t understand that you just weren’t in the mood for a big party? You would do whatever he wanted to do. “Of course you like Steve you even get off on that.” Your sex joke put him in a better mood “Only when you are naked.”

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Insomnia Cookies: Letting Go

Summary: Bucky gets a chance to finally move on with his life. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

Word count: 1674

Read previous parts here

Check out the end for notes!

“I’m moving out,” Bucky announced, unceremoniously.

Steve stared at him, his spoon halfway to his mouth. He, Nat, and Sam had all been eating breakfast at the island in the kitchen when Bucky walked downstairs. Bucky had decided there was never going to be a “perfect” time to tell Steve the news, so he figured he might as well get it over with quickly.

Sam’s jaw dropped open, and Nat gently grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the kitchen.

“I think that’s our cue to leave,” she whispered, grabbing her bowl of cereal.

“But…he…what?” Sam stuttered as he obediently followed Nat.

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What a Disappointment (Part 2/2-Final) (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes x reader)

Requests that I can tie in to this one:

1. The reader leaves the Avengers when something bad happens to her, so she opens up her own bakery. Where the avengers keep trying to convince her to come back?

2. I’ve been holding onto this one for a long time. On a mission, the main leader of Hydra lures them to the boiler room. And the Hydra leader is giving his grand soliloquy, but really, he is going to shoot the gas containers and sacrifice himself for the death of all the Avengers. The reader notices this and steps right in front of the bullet. The reader blacks out. When she wakes up, all the Avengers thank her for saving their lives. Can this have a lot of fluff and a happy ending? Thank you!


Part 1

Immediately after the jet landed and the door opened, you ran from the hangar and to your room, with Bucky quickly following so he could try to stop you from leaving.  He was calling for you to stop, but you consciously tried to block him out, knowing that seeing or talking to him would only make this harder and would likely break your resolve.  Once you reached the door to your room, he was there, grabbing your arm to hold you back.

“Damn super soldier speed,” you mumbled to yourself, “Buck, let go.”

“(Y/N), please wait.  Talk to me. Don’t leave us, please.”  He still wasn’t releasing you, his grip almost too strong and beginning to sting your skin.  “I need you to stay.”

You squeezed your eyes shut and yanked your arm firmly to release his hold with a small grunt, “Bucky, I’m sorry.  I have to focus on what I need to do, please understand that.”  Still refusing to look at him, you pushed your door open and slammed it shut behind you with as much force, hoping that he wouldn’t try to follow.  

Of course, Steve was right behind Bucky, joining him as the door closed but pushing him aside so that he could attempt to talk to you about your plans and what it meant to the team.  He wouldn’t openly admit it if asked, but he also wanted to know what it would mean for his friend if you left, worried that it could affect him more than either of you realized.

“(Y/N), I need you to open the door,” Steve said calmly, doing his best to hold in his anger.  

“Go away, Steve!”

“I can’t do that, (Y/N).  I’m your S.O., and you will open it now.  We need to talk about this.”

“You need to mind your own business!”

“(Y/N),” he said calmly and evenly, “I didn’t know, okay?  I had no idea that he was your dad.  I swear.  Just let me in.”

“Fuck off, Steve!”

Steve sighed and turned to Bucky, completely exasperated and angry with his lack of progress with you.  He rubbed his hand over his face in frustration and lowered his voice to whisper to himself, “I’m gonna end up kicking this door in, and Tony isn’t gonna let me hear the end of it.”

“Steve, is that really-“

With a quick glance to his friend, he planted his foot firmly against the door, sending it flying into your room with a crash that shook the floor beneath your feet.  Steve turned back to him, completely straight-faced yet looking slightly pleased with himself.  “Yes, absolutely necessary.”

“Have you completely lost your mind?” you yelled, rushing forward to stand facing him, your fists clenched at your sides, “I said not to come in here!  I thought you were the one with manners around here!”

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“What part of ‘I’m leaving’ isn’t sinking through your thick skull, Steve? It’s not your concern where, you only need to know that I won’t be here.”  You turned to return to your packing, frantically throwing your clothing and other random items into your suitcase.  “I need to distance myself from the Avengers as far as I can.  I need to become someone else.”

Both Steve and Bucky took a few steps towards you, but you shot them a warning glare that stopped both men quickly in their tracks.  Steve nodded his head for his friend to try to talk to you, knowing that he was unlikely to get any farther himself.  

“(Y/N), we can protect you here.  If you leave…if you hide…what if something happens and we can’t find you? I can’t let that happen to you.”

“I’m sorry, Buck,” you whispered, your voice cracking, “I’m sorry that I don’t see any other way, and that this has to end for your safety as much as my own.”  You were trying to hold your emotions in check, beginning the process of distancing yourself from him, beginning the pain that felt as if it were tearing you in half.  “You can’t change my mind.”


“No, you guys, listen to me,” you said sternly, throwing your last few items into the suitcase harshly and yanking the zipper around it.  “one of two things are going to happen now. My dad was the head of HYDRA, and now he’s dead.  I’m the one who killed him, and they all know it.  Either they’re going to kill me, or they’re going to take me and brainwash me into their new leader as his successor.  Do you understand me now?  Do you see why I need to disappear?  Either option isn’t an option for me.”

“Where will you go?” Steve asked quietly, giving you a small nod of understanding.  He knew that the Avengers could do their best to protect you, but any mission involving HYDRA would become problematic if they needed to keep you safe from them at the same time; your presence could compromise the job.

“Where I hope that you’ll never find me, Steve.”

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Always (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: another request down. I’m so behind today. This gif, just because.

Prompt: Can I request where reader is Steve’s ex gf and she’s the one who found Bucky so it’s Iike he only trusts and talks to her and steve gets jealous bc of this and tries to win her back? Tnx ur writing is amazing

Originally posted by myworldrevolvesaroundfood

You were currently at your apartment, sitting on the couch, with an arm around your shoulders. But how come it wasn’t Steve? Oh, that’s right because you two were done now. But it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, seeing as it was his best friend, Bucky. Okay, well maybe it was. Having your ex-boyfriend’s friend over your apartment to talk was a little sketchy. You were just walking around New York when you ran into a guy. When you looked up to apologize, something clicked in your head and you realized his face. This man was familiar for some reason. Oh my, is that Bucky? After confronting the stranger, and finding out it was Bucky and explaining how you knew about him, you offered to call Steve right away. However, Bucky objected and agreed to go back to talk, only if Steve wasn’t notified. Weird, but okay. So now the two of you were sitting on the couch, talking.

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