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Being an undercover agent and attending a party where your target, Steve Rogers, will be. Fury already knew about your intentions and informed him, but he still decided to play along. He asks you to dance and starts questioning you, letting you know that he’s well aware of your identity. He keeps a strong hand on your lower back making sure you can’t escape nor make a scene until he escorts you out of there for further interrogations to find out who you’re working for.

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It's probably just salty karamel shippers hating on Lena. Which is sad.

To be honest anon, I will have to disagree there. I haven’t seen any Karamel hate directed at Katie over this news. Really, I have met several that actually really enjoy her. I’ve met several people from all corners of the fandom that absolutely love Lena and Katie.

As I said before, it is best not to point fingers or make assumptions, in my opinion. Everyone has their own feelings about this, but regardless it is wrong to hate on Katie and each other :)

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*deep inhale* oKAY LET’S GO

Honestly, I love them so so so so much. I think the thing I love about them is how well they developed, both as individuals and as a couple, over the course of the series. Like in the beginning, there wasn’t a lot of focus on romance between them (though it was beginning to be implied once Sango recovered from “THAT ONE EXPERIENCE” after Miroku groped her), and there was instead camaraderie. I love how well they work as a team, and for the longest time they were friends with little hints here or there that prodded shippers to ship them (from the groping to the jealousy - both pretty stereotypical anime characteristics, but that’s kind of what I love about them).



This is supposed to be an “honest brutal truth” thing but it ended up being a ramble instead. Long story short, I think they both developed as individuals and as a pairing over a long period of time, and I think Rumiko Takahashi did it very well. They have some of the stereotypical anime character characteristics when it comes to a relationship, but it’s difficult to find pairings without (even Royai had a little jealousy going in the manga!).



“Heeeey, after what, a year of going iconless, Peach finally decided to make icons for me!”

“I… don’t really know why it took her so long, actually, especially since my own daughter has more icons than I do, but… that’s not important! I’m just glad they exist now!”

I’ve officially been promoted to a senior payroll specialist OH GOD THE EXCITEMENT BUT ALSO THE HORROR OF INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY

Aaaaand my raise is more than expected soooo that’s fucking awesome



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Ok guys, so if you want to be tagged in my updates post for passing ships let me know! I’m starting from scratch - my original tag list was like 300 blogs and most of them didn’t end up responding to the story even when tagged, so I’m just starting from the beginning :)

(mutuals, if I’ve tagged you before in the posts, then I’ll continue to do so until you tell me otherwise)

but maybe the real style was friends we made along the way

Anyway I’ll still going to spill it out, because in all holywars regarding Crystal and manga style I’ve always been bugged about it. Strap in, this is going to be a huge post. This is more of a category of “your mileage may vary” and certainly is on fan theories territory, but

Naoko Takeuchi’s style is TOEI Animation. 

Well, of course, “old” TOEI Animation, which was giving a fuck about quality. A wild guess? Maybe. But I had the long train of thoughts about it which hit me.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

Mahou Tsukai Sally, also known as Sally the Witch. Created in 1966 by Mitsuteru Yokoyama under the influence of American sitcom Bewitched, she attracted attention of a young animation studio Toei Douga, who by that moment was just 10 years old. 

And by doing this, they achieved the status of the studio who created the first magical girl anime.

(the first magical girl manga, Himitsu no Akko-chan, will be animated by TOEI in 1969)

If you are familiar with Osamu Tezuka, and I hope that you are, well, then you might notice the noticeable similarities. Kabu’s (the boy) hair in particular just screams Astroboy for me. And despite the modern tendencies of blaming people for “stealing!”, it’s perfectly okay. Artists has always taken inspiration from their seniors, and who wasn’t back then inspired by Osamu Tezuka at least in some way. The man himself was greatly inspired by the efforts of a particular famous American animation studio… who would then be inspired by Tezuka itself, but that’s another story.

So, Sally.

Featuring better animation than Sailor Moon Crystal, it was less of a what we now expect of magical girl anime and more of what we expect from Tom & Jerry (the opening shows all, really). Style-wise, the studio was treating its origins well, and what Sally started, eventually evolved into what I like to call “generic TOEI shoujo”.

You might recognize this cheerful face. 

Growing up, I encountered several TOEI girls. The first one I quickly forgot due to the fact that I was 2 years old, the second was Usagi Tsukino, the third was her. Candice White Audrey, surname is a subject to different readings because Japanese. 

Anime Candy-Candy, created by TOEI Animation in 1976, ran till 1979, parallel with the Candy-Candy manga, and you might recognize this airing model.

I used to hate this anime. Hate with the wild disgust passion, never wishing to encounter it on TV again and always switching the channel if I saw it, except when I saw just the OP or ED. I used to love the songs even back then, and the fact that I detested this anime was saddening me, because with no internet or any kind of anime culture around I knew… this looked eerily similar to Sailor Moon. 

(I hated the anime because I hit the jackpot and the first episode of it which I saw was the one where the thing happened with Anthony. My squishy child’s mind wasn’t prepared for this even after Sailor Moon)

But this wasn’t the thing for many other people. Including a certain someone.

That’s where I am sorta starting getting to the point. As we can see here, judging from Naoko Takeuchi’s own words, Candy-Candy was a beloved anime/manga for her. And a great inspiration for pursing her own career, I think.

I can’t blame TOEI for using their own “generic shoujo” style there, because Candy-Candy was drawn in “generic 70′s shoujo” style in a first place. If you compare Lady Georgie to Candy Candy (same artist), the characters are even more visually inseparable than Naoko’s own. And come on, the guys basically crafted it for years. They created their own school. Was it perfect? Not really.  But it evolved. It inspired others. It was their style, and even then they still could perfectly adjust manga style to animation (see: Galaxy Express 999 and Pataliro). The circle of inspiration rolled and rolled - animators were following mangakas, and mangakas were following animators.

And I am pretty sure that this was the major thing in the development of Naoko Takeuchi’s own style, taking her own personal traits in account too, of course.

I am definitely projecting my own experience onto this, but I am not alone in being charmed by an anime for life. 

But I base my wild guess not only on Candy Candy. Meet the first love TOEI girl of my entire life:

Hana no Ko LunLun, started in 1979, who for some reasons was constantly dubbed as Angel of Flowers or just Angel, despite the suspicious lack of angels in the anime.

As far as I know, it wasn’t based on any manga - the internet has shown me fanzines, but nothing “official”, so it was TOEI’s original show. And I have no confirmation whether Naoko Takeuchi was watching it or inspired by it, but I definitely have the reason to suspect it…

This thing.

The transformation pen, which confused many, because it quickly outlived its usefulness and for the most part became obsolete except for some minor moments.

This thing is straight outta LunLun, where the titular character used the magic little key to call upon power of flowers to change her dress for a while, and the effects varied from solely vanity dresses…

…to concealing her identity by attempting to pose as someone else…

…to fucking knight armor set.

Because she didn’t have any battle attire, it was an item on which she relied almost in every episode. And I perceive the Transformation Pen as a curtsy towards that little key. And even this TOEI clearly borrowed from themselves and manga which they adapted in 1973…

Cutie Honey, which also rolled around the concept of “transform into [x] to get enhanced powers”. As far as I know, Cutie Honey did have battle attire, but… eh… I know nothing about Cutie Honey, sorry. Never watched even a single episode - I only read about it a long time ago in a special issue of some journal which was about Sailor Moon. Who knows how many other magical girl shows went under my radar.

And I think that it’s a pretty logical conclusion that a young Naoko Takeuchi, who clearly loved anime and manga, watched anime and read manga which were created back then. And drew inspiration from them… and majorly from TOEI Animation/Douga.

So maybe the real Crystal style should’be been friends we made along the way all this time. 

But TOEI lost them around 2010′s. 


Sally got a sequel in 1989, 21 years after they ended the original.

Both story- and character-wise it got enhanced in every possible way, and featured an animation style which progressed, not regressed in comparison with the first series. And that’s how you do a fucking renewal, TO…


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