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Otabek time. One more and I will finish this series. I am very happy about how this has turned out. It’s late and I’m very sleepy, I’m sorry if what the cover says has nothing to do with Otabek’s personality, we all know he will never going to give an interview, he’s too damn cool and badass for that x3, but I didn’t know what to put there, so, let’s pretend he answered all the professional questions and the others ones like “no comments” :)

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we are contradicting souls
—like the sun and the moon;
living in the same universe
but i loved you still even if
it will hurt me because
you’re so close yet so far
and i always wanted to
cross the distance between us
i wanted to risk everything
for us to be together and
i wanted to prove my love for you
so let me defy our differences
and just pretend that we were the same
since the beginning of time
and let me come to you and
we will create a rare yet beautiful scenery
—an eclipse.
—  r.b

Gareth stood in front of the memorial, built in a hurry-a mismatch of pictures, crosses, and other handmade remembrances. He must have just missed the city’s latest tragedy. But no doubt New Orleans would band together and bounce back. Like always. Exhaling slowly, he moved away from the sad sight–he felt his own emotions strongly, it wouldn’t bode well to hang around a place with so much grief.

It almost moved him–truly. But he wasn’t here to sympathize, he was here for a reason–and a damn good one at that. But reaching his goal would take time…patience–luckily, he had one of these things in abundance. 

But power could wait. At the moment, there was only one thing he desired.

“Who does a guy have to kill to get a decent drink in this godforsaken city?”

The fact that “Klangst” is an enough popular tag to appear everytime I want to tag my klance posts worries me.


let’s just pretend I don’t spend my days ploting angst fics


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Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

A bit late for TAZladies week buuuut here’s everyone’s fave halfling carpenter babe Julia !!

[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.


guess who has no impulse control and watched the leaks it’s me!!!! I love the pearls so much I’m going to marry them ALL