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I said this to @adifferentkindofson the other day but all of this baby stuff makes me think of someone trying so hard to fix something they fucked up a long time ago. Imagine you’re baking a cake and you realize once you’ve already put it into the oven that shit, you’ve forgotten the flour. Instead of just realizing that what’s done is done and you can’t fix it, you take out the “cake” and add flour to the baking mess, hoping against hope that this will help you and that you’ll have the cake you intended to have in the first place. Except of course it doesn’t work because you’ve already missed a crucial step and no amount of flour or anything else can fix what you’ve done. 

That’s what they’re doing with this baby mess. They’re trying so hard to make it look convincing now when they should have put actual effort into it months ago. It’s too late now. It doesn’t matter what they do, we’re not going to forget all of the shadiness of 2015 just because a few more things have been thrown at us. That’s not how any of this works. You either get it right the first time or you fail.


Riley: [Farkle] saved my life. He did it twice! Not once, twice!

Moments later

Baby!Riley: ♪ I’m dreaming of a hero…who will treat me like a princess! ♪ (implying Lucas)

Baby!Farkle: ♪ Like me!! ♪

Baby!Riley: ♪ Not you! 

Oh Riles, when will you realize that Farkle is everything you want Lucas to be?

Just imagine Neil gets his first smartphone because he gets really into fighting people on Twitter and wants mobile access. He would be so confused on how to use the phone and he’s always asking Nicky for help. ‘What the hell I just wanted to text Andrew why did all of these faces pop up??? Where are tHE LETTERS???“ He’d proceed to accidentally send Andrew a bunch of emojis and then follow up with a “fuck sorry I don’t know what I’m doing” text when Nicky changes the keyboard back.

Ok but remember the first time Teru tried lifting Mob, he had his defenses up & it was sO HARD FOR TERU

but then afterwards they became friends & just

and also more recently

“Go ahead and take a nap! I’ll just float you around ‘till we get to school.”

wukongandsun asked:

The trailer is queerbaiting, it's what the RWBY staff do.

listen to me!!!! I’m here trying to open my heart and let love in again!!! I’m trying to let go of my anger and learn to trust again!!!!!! did we get burned once?? yes!!! but I’m trying, Jonathan, I’m trying to be the woman you met when we were eighteen, I’m trying to remember how it felt when we were young newlyweds and the whole world was ahead of us!!! before the lies and the gambling and cheating!!! I’m trying to save this relationship!!!! the least you can do is respect that!!!!