but let's be honest is louis even a louis

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Yes! Thank you. I have so many issues with harry's promo, but so did I with Louis'. But it was so much easier being around back then because people were open to discussion and I didn't feel so alone in my fandom corner. Now if I don't reblog 627282 quotes about how honest and open Harry is (no, I don't believe my Harry, the person I love so much is the same with his image) and cry about his pink suit, I suddenly hate him?

yeah i would really really like to know why being critical about louis’ team and louis’ promo was not only okay but actively encouraged but the same isn’t true for harry.

there’s always been a gigantic double standard between the two of them where the fandom is concerned but people aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

like let’s talk about people acting as though dan wootton keeps showing up to harry’s promo events uninvited. harry’s team wants him there and they have an arrangement with the sun. dan’s not just crashing the party and harry’s not being forced to deal with him against his will HIS TEAM IS ARRANGING IT.

Here Part 4

Part four is here at last. Sorry it’s taken so long but I’m finally happy with it. It’s a little longer than normal but stick with it cause it’s a goodnen

Y/N and Harry’s first date doesn’t go exactly as planned. 

Enjoy, I x

Y/N placed Alfie on the soft woollen blanket her grandmother had knitted for him when he was born when the sound of the doorbell echoed around the house, mixing with Alfie’s pained screams. She wanted to continue to hold him close, hush him and rock him but it made no difference. The closer she held him the more he seemed to resist, his cries had only got louder and he kicked and pushed away from her body. The harsh screaming sound he was letting out subsided and changed to dull, monotonous crying as she left him in the living room and  made her way to the door.

Louis greeted her and she stepped in out of the cold quickly which she was grateful for. The house was well heated and Y/N was dressed in yoga pants and a sports bra as she had been running through some choreography whilst Alfie napped, but the sudden change in temperature made goose bumps quickly appear on her skin.

‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Louis asked as Y/N closed the door behind him and turned back to Louis. He was dressed in black joggers, a velvet maroon Adidas jumper and a white t-shirt, he looked warm and gentle. ‘What’s up?’ Louis asked as Y/N looked up at the ceiling chewing on her bottom lip. Him being there made her feel it was ok to finally let her own emotions out. The longer she’d tried unsuccessfully to calm Alfie down the more she’d wanted to burst into tears and now Louis was there she allowed them to fall. A sob racked her body and Louis stepped forward pulling her close and resting his head on top of hers, his slightly taller frame enveloping hers. ‘You gonna tell me?’

‘He just won’t stop crying and I don’t know why’ Y/N said pulling back from Louis. Her speech was muffled from crying but she felt better for getting it out though she was still more than concerned. ‘I dunno what to do Lou.’ She told him wiping her face with the back of her hands. Louis simply nodded taking her by the hand through to the living room. Alfie didn’t look to the doorway when they entered though he’d sat himself up and was pulling roughly at the blanket.

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It's hard to fathom that the sensitive and caring Harry we are seeing now (which has always been my honest image of him) could sit back and allow HSHQ to sabotage Louis. Even if they are not together, they were once friends so I am confused why he would let this go on with all Louis has gone through. Savan & Ryan comments and especially "airport" in my opinion were pushed by HSHQ which I believe Harry has a say in. Seems he puts other's feelings and well being as a priority, except Louis'

Anon, I think the apparent (I say apparent because I am aware we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes) difference between Harry’s situation and Louis’ situation is part of why some of the Larrie blogs and so quick to lash out at people.

If you’ve been pushing the idea that they make up a perfect relationship, and that a bee tattoo means something (have I mentioned lately how much I hate the bee), then what we’re seeing makes no sense.

And instead of admitting they don’t know jack, or they were wrong, it’s easier to lash out.


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Click on the underlined words to see their clothes. Read of how you and H met here.

Harry is nervous, there is no doubt about that. Nervous might be an understatement actually due to the mood changes, loss of appetite and enormous amount of butterflies traveling around his stomach. He finds you wonderful, and he’s never quite found anyone this incredible since well, his mother possibly. 

“Have I even got anything to wear?” He mutters to himself, examining his closet for the seventh time. He pulls out his yellow sheer shirt, the same one from the History music video. 

“Too much.” He sighs, placing it back in. All he wants is for you to like him as much as he’s grown to like you over the days of nonstop texting, with a few FaceTimes. 

Harry walks into his living room without sans a shirt, letting out an exasperated sigh.
“You don’t know what to wear?” Niall raises an eyebrow, “She must be one special girl then.” He concludes, sitting from H’s couch where he is beating Louis at FIFA in the process. 

“No fucking way,” Louis bitterly swears as he watches the replay of Niall’s winning goal. “there’s no fucking way you didn’t cheat there Niall!”

“Can’t even cheat ‘cause I don’t know how.” Niall replies back, his Irish accent thick as ever. Louis groans but Niall continues, “I’m an honest man Lou.”

“Could you be so honest enough to tell me if this date idea is a shit one?” Harry mumbles from the corner with his hands in his face.

Louis rolls his eyes, “Mate, you’re over thinking this! She clearly likes you and whatever idea you’ve put together, as sappy as this one is, I think we all know she’s gonna love.”

Niall’s phone rings from his pocket before Harry can respond. It’s Liam, over FaceTime. 

“Hey lads!” Liam speaks to the phone, “I’m at Tesco’s right now, Harry what sort of chocolate did you want again? ‘Can’t really read your handwriting here.“ 

Harry rubs his eyes as he talks, “Just the regular Cadbury milk chocolate, incase she’s allergic to anything.” There is a pause before he continues maundering, “I know her favourite has got to be Kinder Bueno, but you can’t really melt that to dip things in. Can you? Dammit, do you think she’d prefer the Kinder Bueno? I-“ 

“You’re so nervous for a date that hasn’t even gone wrong yet, calm yourself for a moment. From the amount you’ve been going on about her in the last few days it doesn’t seem like it matters what sort of chocolate ‘cause she’ll be focused on you.” Liam consoles a very conflicted Harry. 

“Now go put on a shirt and tell the other two to get the things out to start preparing." 

"Liam!” Harry whines, “I can’t pick a shirt." 

"Right mate I’m going to text you the number of someone that I think’ll really help.” With that, Liam hangs up. Harry waits a moment to receive the same number of a Lou Teasdale. He frowns before pressing dial, realising she might be of help. 

“What can I do for you Harry?” She asks.

“Louise!” He can already feel Lou rolling her eyes, “I’ve got a date tonight and.." 

The discussion continues for another ten minutes after debate and process of elimination, he finally decides on one of his classic YSL button up’s, a simple black background with small white dots all over.

He fluffs and tucks his hair back in its usual place, sniffing once more in front of the mirror before texting you. 

Him to you: 

Hi darling, I’ll be there in ten minutes to pick you up. Can’t wait to see you. xx 


On your end, things are just as jittery. 

"FUCK.” You scream, seeing the text from Harry. Your best friend is over, trying to help you get ready.

“What?! Has he cancelled?” One looks over to see the text. Her eyes widen, “Ten minutes?!" 

"You’ve got to work a bit faster darling.” You urge as she tends to your hair. You tap your fingers while staring at the outfit in front of you. 

“Do you think he’ll like it?” You wonder out loud, biting your lip in displeasure. You’ve gone through about ten different ensembles and your entire wardrobe twice before narrowing it down to that one.  

“I mean he said casual, and I’m okay with that but do you know how many different forms of causal there could be?”

Your friend rolls her eyes, “How many?”

“There’s causal as in jeans and a t-shirt for a trip to Sainsbury’s but I mean then there’s street casual as in a music festival, then there’s formal casual for a dinner out with friends so do you think that it’ll suffice? He wouldn’t tell me anymore of what we were supposed to do so-”

“Hey,” You hear her cut in, “stop rambling first of all. And I don’t think your clothes will be the make or break of a date with him." 

She stops to set your hair down, turning you around on the chair to ruffle it up a bit.

"He likes you, okay? So don’t be so insecure about it because I’m sure if he didn’t he wouldn’t have asked you on a date.” She laughs. You breathe for a moment knowing she’s right. Harry’s the last judgmental person you know of.

“Now,” Your friend says finally, “get your clothes on because if I’m right you’ve got about two minutes to do so.”

She’s right about her timing, Harry’s finger presses against the doorbell in two minutes time. He’s holding a bouquet of flowers and messes with his hair once more before you open. 

Harry himself is a jumble of nerves, with excitement and anxiety raging in him. He only gets this before going on stage, but I guess him wanting you to have a great time and not fuck things up makes it all the same.

“H,” You speak with a tone that would match his feelings at the moment. Neither of you know that you both share the same feelings. 

His lips curve upwards as he sees you.  

“You look breathtaking.” He communicates in a small voice, not being able to comprehend your beauty to him. Your cheeks burn when you take the flowers reached out for you. 

“Thank you. These are gorgeous.” You respond with the utmost gratitude. He’s making you feel special and you’ve only been with him for thirty seconds. “and you look handsome yourself.”

“Come in.” You invite him into your flat which is much smaller than his home but nonetheless you still love.

“You’ve got a lovely flat.” He compliments sincerely and you smile again, “Thank you Harry.”

“Right,” You say after placing the vase full of his flowers onto your table, “I think we should get going, yeah? To wherever you won’t tell me, for some odd reason.”

He laughs, “It’s for a good reason. I think you’ll like it. I hope you do." 

You lock your door behind you as you fake gasp, "You aren’t taking me to the woods to murder me or anything right? I’ve just paid my Netflix bill for the month and I’d like to get my money’s worth before anything like that happens.” You joke. 

“No, not that extreme.” He rolls his eyes while opening the car door for you. “Stop asking questions! You’ll see when we’re there love.”


“Are we going to some house party?” You joke, pulling up to his home.   

He smiles, “No, but you aren’t allowed to look yet.” He pulls out one of us old rag scarves from his bandana days, gesturing for you to come over. You stand in front of him as he lays it over your eyes.

“I’m putting a lot of faith into you right now Styles.” You say menacingly. His hands fall to different places: one to your hand and one to the small of your back. 

“Careful there love, there’s a few steps up.” His deep voice booms into your ears. You hear both your shoes and his click against his hardwood floors. 

“Stand here for a moment.” He instructs. The sound of a latch opening a door fills your ears. Harry’s warm hands soon return back to where they were before to guide you.

“A couple more steps love.” You hear him say causing you to nod.

“Here we are.” He announces, a sense of pride at the sight before him. He undoes the bandana on front of your eyes and you’re speechless at the sight in front of you.

There is a blanket and a few pillows set up on the grass. Next to it is a small table with a couple bowls of pasta with some bread and some wine. To decorate the area itself, there are fairy lights strung around the trees with some more flowers and lanterns on the floor. Lastly, you see a projector on another table, facing the white screen that is in front of everything else.

Harry studies your face as you take in the scene before you. He admires the light in your eyes, proud that he is able to do it.

“Oh my god,” You utter out, “it’s amazing, Harry.” You cannot find the right words to describe all that is going on. No one has ever gone through that much trouble for a first date for you. 

He laces your fingers with his as you two step forward to it. 

“I got the help of a few friends, can’t let that go by. But I do hope you like it.” He tells you shyly, “Since I can’t really take you out on a picnic in elsewhere without being followed by those damn paps, I decided to make one here.”

You grin widely whilst squeezing his hand once, “It’s perfect, H.”

Sitting at the table, you inhale the delicious smelling food before you.

“I um, I hope you like pasta. I cooked it myself today.” He admits softly. 

“It’s my favourite.”

The next few moments are spent with laughter,  making the insecurity he held about the plans vanish. That’s what you do to him, make any negativity vanish. You admire the way he throws his head back laughing and the sound he makes while doing so.

“You have a lovely backyard.” You compliment, this time making his cheeks turn pink.

“Thank you, though I still wish I could’ve taken you to a place a bit more public, I had this idea at Holland Park-” “No, no.” You stop him, twisting your fork into food, “There couldn’t be anything better than this.”

“And I don’t think I would miss trying your cooking, it’s delicious.” 

He laughs, “Why thank you. I try.” He raises his hands as if there’s an applaud around him. He then stops eating for a moment, just looking straight at you.

“What?” You blush at his intense gaze, feeling yourself melt just a bit.

"Nothing.” He smirks, picking at his food.

“No no! Say it H.” You urge.

Harry reaches over to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, just as he did before. You feel yourself turn vermillion at the gesture.

“You’re beautiful.” He speaks lowly, voice grazing your eardrums with pleasure.

You set down your fork and blink at him, a smile slowly reaching your face. You swallow as you breathe, “Why me?”

You add, “What makes me so special compared to anyone else?” In the many times you’ve spoken to him, you think back to all the beautiful women he is surrounded with as part of his role in the music industry. 

He smiles, having wanted to talk about you for a while now. 

“There is no comparison. You’re intelligent and breathtaking and so wonderful to be around. You’ve made me feel the best I’ve ever felt, and that I can’t ever get from anyone else. You make me feel something I can’t even describe, and I think the best things don’t need an explanation.”

You don’t even notice that he’s locked your hands together. He pauses for a second to admire the blush on your cheeks, “You’re beautiful Y/N, that’s why.”

For a moment you think you’re going to cry, and you might just at his words. Out of all the people, he’s chosen to have you for a date. And it’s in something indescribable that he’s found a quality so dazzling, but he dares not question what. You’re growing into him faster than the speed of sound, and he’s okay with that.

You drop your jaw in shock, believing right then and there that you’ve never heard anything more marvelous. Harry has broken more barriers with you in the past few days than any other man ever. 

“I-I.. Harry, I.. thank you.” You simply voice, not trusting yourself with proper wording. 

“You’ve erm.. I think you’ve made me feel how you’re describing and yes I don’t think I could put it into words.” 

“See!” He throws his arms out. “But it’s best that way, because then there’s other things you can do to show it.” You blush deeply as you have an idea of what.

Dinner is finished with and he brings out a couple bowls full of strawberries, bananas and the melted chocolate he had Liam bring.

“I’m allergic to fruit.” You say seriously and the colour drains from his face. He opens his mouth a few times to try to explain but after a few seconds you can’t take it and you cave. 

“I’m joking!” You chuckle and he breathes again. “Although I do know someone who is and it’s quite tragic they’ll never know the sweetness of an apple.”

Harry sets the bowls down as you two move to the blanket. You adore the way he looks in this light, with the sun having set but there’s still a few minutes before it turns completely dark outside. 

To set dessert off, Harry takes a strawberry, dips it in the chocolate then feeds you. You’re completely aware of how cheesy you two currently are and still are a hundred percent okay with it.

The stars finally come out a few minutes after the fruit is gone. You and Harry lie back down on the pillows, with his arms encompassing your body. You settle into his touch as if it’s been the one thing missing to your comfort- and in a way it sort of is.

Harry kisses the top of your head gently before tracing strands of your hair. He hums a tune you haven’t heard before and you wonder if it’s a new song.

“I wrote it with Niall yesterday, I could show you later if you’d like.” 

You nod softly, urging him to continue on.

His fingers play with yours as you listen to his heartbeat match the pace of yours. You blink at the perfection of the moment, never ever wanting it to end. You stare at the stars and ponder on how you’ve come to this. 

“It’s odd to think about,” Harry starts, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

“There are so many undiscovered worlds and planets out there that we might not ever get to to touch. I read online of how many there could be and I swear there has to be another Earth out there.”

You feel the rings around his finger as you chortle a reply, “I hope that Earth isn’t as screwed up as this one.”

He nods, “Everything from news around the world to a petty crime across the river is making this world so much colder than it should be. It’s a bit ironic though, because climate change is melting the ice caps.” 

You sigh at the truth, wanting world peace more than ever.

“The world is a crumpled mess of hypocrites and fools, broken down by what we always think the other can’t or won’t do. It happens anyways, making us doubt how everything is. But what’s ‘supposed’ to happen is far from what truly goes on, and even more surprising, the world still seems to go ‘round, despite the loss of hope.” You declare.

“Hope is weird isn’t it?” Harry states, “It’s difficult to know when to have it and when to forget about it, because first you’ve got to decide if you should still hold on, then you have to have faith that what you want will work.”

“Should we start the film now?” Harry asks after a pause of silence, “A bit too serious for what’s supposed to be a fun date.” You both laugh. He reaches over to switch on the film and you see that Notting Hill begins to play. 

“Oh my god I love this film.” You claim, making Harry mentally high-five himself in his head. “I hoped so. If you didn’t then I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” He jokes, though part of you wonders if he’s actually kidding.

The fairy lights are turned on and everything around you is absolutely magical. You see a few clouds in the sky but think nothing of it, however half of you knows how mental London weather can be. 

And as both you and Harry hoped it wouldn’t, it begins to rain.

“How many mistakes did I make?” 


“Damn it.”

Is the scene that goes on in Notting Hill when you begin to feel raindrops on your skin. You cross your fingers wishing it would stop at just that but as time progresses, the two of you have to move in.

“Dammit.” Harry repeats after Julia Roberts. “There goes another projector.” He says, staring out at the harsh rain. 

You giggle, “Another? What happened to the first?”

“I, er..” He smiles embarrassingly, “I had a barbeque with a bunch of friends and we were going to have a movie night as well, but Louis tripped Niall and in the process Niall spilt beer all over the last one.” You laugh at his story. “The teenager at the store was looking at me weird when I purchased a second one.” 

“Are you alright though?” He inquires. “I could give you a blanket or one of my sweatshirts? Whatever makes you more comfortable.”

“We could share a blanket on the couch.. if that’s what you want as well.” You offer and he nods as though it’s the best idea he’s heard all day.

Getting comfortable together again, you peer at the item on his table. It’s a leather bound journal with papers sticking out of it. You pick it up once he settles in with you.

“What’s this?” You share a small smile. He picks it from your hands to touch the material. 

“It’s sort of my everything journal. I’ve got a few entries from tour, drawings and written songs. Like the one I wrote with Niall yesterday, I can show you if you’d like.” You agree and he stands to get his guitar.

In your mind you’re screaming, as a fan you’ve seen photos of Harry playing guitar but never have you seen or heard him play it. You think of the millions of girls that would kill to have this and feel butterflies, he’s doing this for you.

“Okay, erm, so it sort of goes like this..” He commences a beautiful song, one you never want to stop hearing. He maintains eye contact with you as the song is a love song, and both your hearts are soon becoming for each other. You hum along to the beat of the song, an ache growing for him.

The song finishes minutes later and he sets his guitar down, his eyes not ever leaving yours. The room is quiet with only your guys’ steady breathing, smiles all around.

Subconsciously you’re both leaning closer to each other until his hands cup your cheeks, yours around his torso.

“Erm, can I-” “Kiss me you fool.” 

There are not enough words in the English language to describe what kissing the love of your life is like. Of course you both have not admitted it yet but you two are for each other. A kiss is what you do when there are no words to be able to convey how you feel. Sparks fly, there are fireworks, all that cheesy but could not be more true is how his lips feel on yours. 

They move in sync as he kisses you with a deep passion. His tongue meets yours in a battle whilst pleasure courses through both your veins. This kiss has needed to happen for a long time now.

Detaching your mouths for air, you have never looked more beautiful to him than at this angle. Your hair is slightly disheveled from the day’s events, lips reddening from the kiss. Your eyes are bright with a light that he’ll idolize for the rest of his life. 

Harry himself look breathtaking as always. His hair has managed to stay the mess it is, only a bit damp from the rain. You lick your lips while glancing at his ever-plump lips, his green iris’s dilated from seeing you. 

There’s the feeling again, only multiplied to an unfathomable number. Everything is beautiful, and that is admitted with sincerity. And in that moment you and Harry know that you’re the happiest you’ve ever been.

Oh how I wish, that was me. Yes I wrote that in Zayn’s voice.

So there you have it my loves, the first date :) I got a couple requests for it and decided to do it as now is my spring break. I hope it suffices for you all, I might make a few edits later on. But damn is that a cute date idea, now I have high expectations for a first date.

Apologies for the kissing scene, as much as I love reading and writing smut, I didn’t want to get too detailed as they still are just on their first date.

About to go eat a snack and watch How I Met Your Mother. Don’t forget to shoot me a request  if you’d like. Actually, PLEASE TALK TO ME IM A KIND PERSON I PROMISE. I swear I had a wittier authors note than this. Must be the hunger making me forgetful.

Love to you all, 

Iz xx

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Hello, I'm not a 1D fan, but I saw the things you post about 'Larry Stylinson' and I'm curious. Can you link me to these things Harry and Louis said/did? And explain them please? /post/109108868704/louis-and-id-marry-you-harry-harry-lou-can

-and i’d marry you, harry 

-lou, can i give you a blowjob?

-cos you’ve got that big dick

-now kiss me, you fool

-harry attacking louis’ neck

-my first real crush was louis tomlinson

-drunk in wellington - a.k.a “boyfriend!”

-i’m in love with lou, and all his little things

-i can love you more than stan: the original lyrics are “cos i can love you more than this.” but harry changes it to “cos i can love you more than stan.” the reason why this is significant is because stan is louis’ best friend

-i can’t compete with my boyfriend: original lyrics are “cos i can’t compete with your boyfriend” but he sings “i can’t compete with my boyfriend” instead

-always in my heart, @harry_styles . yours sincerely, louis: this is even more important than it seems, bc it was sent the day louis started ‘dating’ eleanor

-i don’t really wanna talk about it, to be honestit’s about 4 minutes 33 seconds into the video

-are you and louis dating?

-louis’ boner on stageharry’s whisper is about 17 seconds into the video. you can see louis’ boner throughout the video, but here’s an example:

-she doesn’t deserve his heart, let us love: it also says “one and only” “please”

-matching couple tattoos:

-not that important

-don’t knock it till you try it

-serenading louis during night changes:

there are a few videos where harry (very obviously, may i add) serenades louis, but i’m going to put some photos. if you want to watch videos, you can just search ‘night changes live’ on youtube and you’ll find them

-never denying their relationship: whenever they were directly asked about larry stylinson in interviews, louis said the same words; ‘some people genuinely think we’re in a relationship’ which is NOT a denial, but rather a statement. if he himself has said that they weren’t in a relationship, i would’ve believed it. but he’s never said that. (twitter does not count.)

what’s even better is that, louis is pretty quick to shut down engagement rumors with eleanor, but he can’t say he’s not dating harry? ok. 

-looking at each other extremely fondly: there are literally hundreds of examples of this, i’m going to give you some links where you can check out the examples x, x, x, x

-jealousy: some examples;

harry’s reaction to interviewer touching louis

zayn touching harry? nuh-uh, stop there

liam, you might wanna take a step back

louis’ face basically falls when niall touches harry’s hair

External image

stranger touching harry even though he’s saying no? boyfriend to the rescue!

liam has a death wish

liam still has a death wish, also louis is not impressed with ‘narry’

-looking at each other fondly when asked about kids

-“you can’t sit together”13 seconds in, harry asks louis where he wants to sit. “next to you.” is louis’ answer. then harry turns to his right and explains things to a man. the man says “you can’t sit together.”

other examples:

-sign language

if you want to do more research on larry, you can go to this post and check out the resources. hopefully these things will clear your mind and help you see the truth

Harry Styles Imagine.

Jelly Bean.


I walked through the front door of mine and Harry’s house and it was silent. Which was strange because both Harry’s and Louis’ cars were in the drive.
I slipped my shoes off slowly, my feet felt like balloons.
There was only two things I hated about being seven months pregnant; swollen feet and the backache.
I suddenly heard a loud bang come from upstairs and frowned at the ceiling. What the hell was going on?
I walked, more like waddled, slowly upstairs.
“Fuck” someone gasped. It sounded like Louis.
For a second I was actually afraid that after all of these years the “Larry” rumours were true. But then I heard the clang of wood hitting wood and followed the noise into the baby’s nursery.
I crept to the doorway and smiled at the scene before me.
Harry was knelt on the floor, frowning at some instructions so hard that I thought his face might get stuck like that. And Louis was sat on the large chair in the corner, examining two pieces of wood that didn’t look they were meant to be attached but somehow they were.
I took out my phone slowly and smiled as I snapped a picture.
Both their heads snapped up at the sound of the shutter.
A smile spread across Harry’s face “Hey, baby. How was your day with your mum?”.
I giggled “It was good. What are you doing?”.
“We’re trying to put up Jelly Bean’s crib!” Louis said in a sassy voice “But it’s stupid because the instructions make absolutely no sense”.
I held my belly as I let out a loud laugh “It can’t be that hard. Would you like a hand?”.
“No” Harry said quickly “I wanted to do this. It’s a man’s job and I am a man. Grrrr” he said as he bared his teeth and held his hands in fists in front of him.
Louis rolled his eyes “You are useless at making things though, lets be honest”.
Harry shot a glare at Louis and I tried to hold back another laugh “Do you guys want anything? I’m going to put the kettle on if you want tea”.
Louis stood up quickly “No, I’ll do it. Want one, Harold?”.
Harry didn’t look up from the instructions as he grumbled a “Yes please, mate”.
Since I got pregnant, Harry hadn’t let me do anything. He’d make me sit down so he could run around and look after me and at first it was adorable but these days he wouldn’t even let me run my own bubble bath. And the boys; Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn, were all the same.
They all came round pretty much everyday and they’d swan around me like I was some fragile egg that could hatch at any moment. It was kind of cute and I was so grateful for all the help they’d given me since Harry and I found out i was pregnant.
I gasped slightly as I felt a sharp pain to the left of my belly button and my hand flew up to my stomach.
Harry stood up “What’s wrong? Is the baby coming?”.
I smiled at him “No, he’s just kicking a lot today”.
Harry gave me a sympathetic smile and his large hands found their way to my bump. He always found a way to rest his hands on my stomach, even when he was asleep. He just loved to touch it and stroke it.
His face lit up as I felt another kick “I love that feeling” he grinned before kissing me softly on the lips “I can’t wait to meet him but I love you being pregnant”.
I let out a laugh of disbelief “What? Why? It’s horrible. I’m chunky and sweaty and I can’t stop burping”.
Harry laughed, shaking his head “You are beautiful. The most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. And I like you being pregnant because the experiences we’ve been going through have been amazing. I want another one when Jelly Bean is born”.
I screwed my face up at him “Maybe we should discuss another baby when we’ve had this one out for a few months, okay? I’d like to feel normal again for a little while before you turn me into a walking balloon again”.
Harry’s hands snaked around my waist and he rubbed little circles in my back “Okay then, deal”.
I put my hands around his neck and kissed the tip of his nose “You know, you don’t have to put the crib up. We can get a professional to do it”.
He looked at me, clearly offended at my lack of confidence in him “No. I can do it. Louis and I will stay in this room all night if we have to! It’s my mission”.
Harry pressed his lips onto mine again and this time, he was more passionate than before. He licked along my bottom lip before stroking his tongue gently inside my mouth. My body reacted with his immediately and I let out a small moan before pulling away from him slightly “Do you realise how easily I get turned on these days? It’s not fair”.
He chucked “Well, I’ll do something about it when Louis leaves”.
I bit my lip as I thought about what he was suggesting.
“I know you’re having a baby together but do you have to be so bloody in love?” Louis commented as he walked back into the nursery.
Harry pecked my lips once more before pulling away to take his tea from Louis “I can’t help it. Y/N’s my girl”.
Louis rolled his eyes “I know. Come on, lets get this done before she goes into labour”.
“Have fun boys, I’m going to watch Gossip Girl. Shout me if you need anything”. I kissed Harry’s cheek before leaving the room.
“Where the fuck did this bit come from?” Louis asked from behind me.
I giggled as Harry let out a loud sigh.
I had to admit, I quite liked being pregnant too.

From Mar 2012 to Aug 2012

–> Something shifts (again) in March 2012

Payzer : rumors about Danielle cheating on Liam and trying to hit on Zayn back during the XF and also about her cheating with another guy, Danielle answers loads and loads of hate messages on Twitter and Liam (finally) stands up for her against the hate she receives

After Zayn’s departure for a few days because of a death in his family in March 2012, something changes between him and Liam and they seem to be close again. 

It also seems like Zayn’s unrequited love isn’t unrequited anymore !! :

And Liam sports an interesting mark even though Danielle isn’t in the same country (they’re in Australia) :

Be honest, it’s a little bit too marked to be someone (like Louis) messing with him : we saw that most of the times, Liam pushes Louis away as soon as his lips make contact with his neck. And Harry would have let him ? At this point ? Don’t think so. It’s a real lovebite that just had been done. So they’re fooling around but I don’t think it’s official, or even dating, since Zayn posts this tweet in April (obvs about Liam since there is nothing “wrong” about falling for Perrie who seems to response quite happily to his advances) :

Awww, what happened ? I don’t know but I think maybe Zayn talked about feelings in the middle of one of their… sessions, and Liam wasn’t ready and pushed him away ? Or he was afraid ? Of what ? His own seuxality/identity ? For the future of the band ? Many possibilities.

So, at least, they’re fooling around, either because Liam realised Danielle was just with him for the promo after the cheating rumors popped up (depends on your opinion about Payzer : either he realised she was dating/hitting on him/friend with him just for the promo/his fame and money or he was growing sick of pretending/her) or because he missed Zayn too much, or because he wanted to give it a try now he’s a little wilder. Maybe a bit of all of that.

But these speculations get quickly shut down by these sudden Zerrie tweets :

See Zerrie 1.0 and 2.0 

It certainly and conveniently explained (barely, not really, let’s say, if you’re not paying attention : it doesn’t add up, time-wise) Zayn’s cryptic tweets.

Ok, the rest under the cut (to be dash-friendly ^^)

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anonymous asked:

I was telling my sister that Harry likes to cooks and she just laughs and says that Louis probably has to wash all the dishes that are left over as he grumbles and makes faces but Harry just bombs him with kisses as a thank you.

I think it’s even more tooth-rottingly sweet than that, to be honest. Let me explain.

Int: Now, Harry, you live with Louis, is that correct? Alright. He’s not here. So, you can give us the dirt. Is he the messiest?

H: Yes.

Int: Does he do the washing up?

H: Never.

Int: Does he make his bed?

H: Never.

Int: No? Hopeless, hopeless flatmate. Would you rather be with one of these guys?

H: No.

Now, we have Harry at 16 years old saying that he was looking forward to being the domestic one, and cooking and cleaning. We have Louis bragging that Harry does all the cooking. We have Harry gushing about dishes he’s made for Louis. We have Louis saying he brings his washing machine on tour with him. We have Harry admitting that Louis doesn’t help around the house at all, but there is no one he would rather live with. All this makes me conclude that Harry likes taking care of Louis.

I’m sure there are some instances where he’ll ask for Louis’ help in the kitchen, and I’m sure in those instances, it’s very much Louis grumbling about it and then it becomes: “well, I’ll wash if you dry.” I’m sure, should Harry ask, Louis will complain a bit, but he’ll hop up to the task. Or maybe he’ll try and surprise Harry one day by putting the dishes away, even if he puts them away in all the wrong places, and Harry has to take them out and re-put them back in the proper place. Or Louis trying to wash their clothes and end up staining all their garments pink. So, he may lend a hand when asked or for a special occasion. But, I can kind of see Harry being one of those stress-cleaners. I think it probably helps him to sort out the house and make sure everything is nice and neat and tidy, and Louis is happy and cared for and content.

Harry may be Louis’ baby, but I think Harry enjoys taking care of Louis, as well. And I think he enjoys making their house a home.

(I also think Louis repays Harry in other ways, if you catch my drift.)

OTRA Detroit

So I literally never write concert reports just because they’re time consuming and I’m lazy..but Detroit was an experience I want to remember every single detail of. Sorry this is disgustingly long.

I managed to score seats in Section D Row 2. I’ve had good seats before like in catwalk sections in rows 19 and 10 about 6/7 seats away from the catwalk…but I have NEVER experienced anything like this. It was completely overwhelming to be right in front of them and it mostly feels like a dream. Shyla and I were already on the verge of passing out just from seeing how close we were to the stage…but when they came out, we LOST IT.

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Best friends

Chapter 4

Harry’s pov

“So who is this guy?” I ask.
She hesitates, but then answers. “Justin Bieber.”
I don’t know what to say. I feel like I just got run over by a truck. The fact that there was a guy was already pissing me off, but Justin Bieber out of all people. My grip around her waist tightens as I pull her as close as possible. I clench my jaw and I know that my nostrils are flaring. I’m trying really hard to stay calm. She looks at me expectantly.
I swallow hard. “Do you really like him?” I manage to get out.
“Yes.” She answers. “I know you don’t like him, but we’ve been talking for a long time now and I really believe he’s a good guy. Please don’t be mad.” She gives me a pleading look.
She has never really talked about a guy like this. Now that I think about it, she never talks about guys. She has always been very shy. A lot of guys have shown interest in her, but she always thinks they’re just being nice. She believes no one could fall for her. Yet somehow he made her believe otherwise. And as much as I hated the idea of her and Justin together (or her and any guy together for that matter) maybe this was the confidence boost she needed. If she really liked him and he was genuinely interested in her, then who was I to stop this? I couldn’t stand in the way of something that would make her happy. This is good for her. But why does it hurt so much?
I sighed. “If you really like him and you think he’s a good guy, then there is no reason for me to get mad.”
She looks shocked, but that soon turns in to a look of happiness. “Really?” She asks and I can hear the excitement in her voice.
I give her a forced smile. “Yeah, really.”
She wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight. “Thank you Harry. You have no idea how much this means to me.
I hug her back."No problem love.”

I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. Y/n is asleep, but I’m still up. Our conversation keeps replaying in my mind. I need to talk to someone about this. The guys are probably still up. I carefully get out of bed, making sure I don’t wake y/n. I go to Liam’s room and sure enough the guys are still there.
“Hey mate thought you would be sleeping by now.” Niall says when he sees me.
“Yeah so did I.” I respond.
“Are you okay?” Liam asks.
I sigh. “I don’t know. Y/n and I just had a talk and I it keeps replaying in my head.”
“What about?” Louis asks.
“Justin Bieber.” I say his name like it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. I look at Niall. His eyes widen and he quickly looks the other way. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
He sighs. “She told me in confidence, I couldn’t betray her like that.” Niall explains. “Besides, I knew she would tell you sooner or later.”
I let out a frustrated sigh and run my hand through my hair.
“Tell you about what?” Liam asks.
“Yeah guys.” Louis speaks up. “What’s going on?”
“I’m not sure if y/n wants you guys to know about this.” I say.
“Oh come on, we’ll pretend like we don’t know when we see her.” Louis answers.
I groan. “Fine. Y/n has been talking with Justin for quite some time and he has asked her out multiple times, but she kept turning him down because she knows we don’t like him.” I look down at my hands. “But she talked with Niall and he said that we trust her judgement and that if she thinks he’s good enough she should go for it.”
“What did you say to her?” Liam asks.
“I told her that if she really likes him I’m okay with that.” I respond, still not looking up. “I just don’t know why it hurts so much to know she’s into him. I mean if this makes her happy I should be happy too right?” I look up at the guys. Liam and Niall stay silent, but Louis lets out a loud laugh. “What?” I give him a confused look.
“Oh please.” He says. “You can’t tell me you don’t know why it hurts. You’ve been in love with her for as long as I can remember.”
“What?” I have no idea what he’s talking about. In love with y/n? She’s my best friend, you can’t be in love with your best friend, right?
“Oh come on. You don’t even try to make any relationship that you have had last, because deep down you know that you can only picture yourself getting old with y/n.” Louis states. I stay quiet as I let his words sink in. “Just be honest with yourself. Whenever you think about your future you think about starting a family, right?”
“Yeah.” I stare at Louis.
“Well, who is the girl that you always picture when you think about starting a family?”
I think about it and realize that the only girl that I ever pictured in my future is y/n. Could he be right? Am I in love with her?
“It’s y/n right?” Louis’s voice brings my attention back to the conversation.
“Yeah, but that’s not because I’m in love with her?” The sentence sounds more like a question than a statement. “That’s just because I picture her always being my friend, she’ll always be in my life.” I’m so confused.
“How would you describe y/n?” Liam asks.
“What does that have to do with anything?” I furrow my eyebrows.
Liam rolls his eyes. “Just do it already.”
“Well, she has the most captivating (your eye-color) eyes. Her hair cascades down her back and it’s so soft.” I get lost in my thoughts, a smile appearing on my face as I think about her. “She has the most adorable nose and her lips are inviting and plump. When she laughs her whole face lights up and her nose does that adorable thing.” I could go on forever, but Niall’s laugh interrupts me.
“Man you are so whipped.” He says.
I rest my head in my hands. “No no no no, this can’t be happening.” I mutter.
“Why not?” Liam asks.
I whip my head around to look at him. “Why not?!” I exclaim. “Because she’s my best friend nothing could ever happen between us. She probably thinks of as a brother or something.” I start pacing around the room. I’m in love with my best friend, everything starts to make sense. I always compared every girl to her and none of them were ever as funny, pretty, smart or caring as her. She was always better in every single way. I was always drawn to her, touching and kissing her whenever I could. I never really knew why I did those things or why I got so mad when she flirted with Niall or why I would wrap an arm around her and kiss her cheek when some guy showed interest in her. It all made sense, I was in love with her. Why did I not realize this before?
“Man calm down.” Louis said. “She’s in love with you too.”
I stop pacing and turn to look at him. “What?”
Louis shakes his head in disbelief. “Wow you really are clueless. She’s just like you. She hasn’t even tried to get a boyfriend and the way she responds to you.” He sighs. “It’s so obvious.”
“When we first met y/n I thought she was your girlfriend.” Liam admits. I give him a questioning look, urging him to continue. “The way you guys acted around each other, always touching each other and stuff. I had never seen you like that with someone else.” He shrugs.
Niall gasps, causing all of us to look at him. “Is that why you always get so angry when I flirt with her?”
I run a hand through my hair and tug on the ends. “This can’t be happening.” I say as I pinch the bridge of my nose.

yourssincerelylarry-deactivated  asked:

i wanna talk about louis's ass. come on. i'm listening

Do you really want me to talk about the finest masterpiece this earth has been blessed to witness? Do you reall want me to?

Because, just in case you didn’t know, DAT ASS is the eighth world wonder, straight after the lighthouse of Alexandria (and only because it’s actually older than Louis’ bum) and it MUST BE PRESERVED NO MATTER WHAT!

But let’s take a walk down the long and sobbing road *opens her “louis’ bum” folder* *grabs the holy water*:

It was autumn 2010 and Louis’ bum made its first appearance on national television:

In case you didn’t know, the Oxford Dictionary defines the word “brilliant” as a synonym for “hot as fuck”.

Then the Up All Night tour happened and Louis learnt how to show off his best ASSet (RIP braces and colorful pants, you are missed by many):

(if you get close to your screen, you can actually hear the meaning of life whispering to you from these pics).

Since the amount of drool spilled over this blessing wasn’t enough to drown the entire fandom, Louis also learnt how to shake dat ass:

I wasn’t in the fandom in 2013, but people told me these GIFs are not from a leaked larry sex tape (*sighs*) but that he actually used to be such an indecent tease on stage (I don’t know how Harry’s balls managed not to turn VIOLET with his boyfriend constantly moving his body like a professional stripper). 

But let’s move on and talk about a topic REALLY close to my heart (I want a medal for keeping my self from saying “hormones” or “ovaries”):

WHERE THE HECK IS THAT COPY OF HIS BUM??? Can you check it out next to “La Gioconda” in Louvre? That has nothing to do with my thirst AT ALL, it’s just that I have a boundless love for art!

(btw, I’m the other man in the GIF, always ready to get a stiff neck just to have a good view over the gates to paradise).

And now, let the pics talk for themselves (basically because my mouth is a little bit dry after hanging open for the past 15 minutes. I really need  a glass of water):

(Jeggings are a Louis Girl’s best friend)

(look at it! All soft and cuddly)

(For a change: Louis’ bum feat. Harry’s thirst)



Let’s be honest, that bum is so unreal that sometimes even Louis doesn’t believe it is permanently attached to his body (no, the foggy effect of the gif is not because of its low quality, but it’s the actual halo that surrounds his holy cheeks)…



*lays on the floor and cries her eyes, heart, lungs and kidneys out*

whatnameisnotalreadytaken-deact  asked:

Uhm... Louis' tweets... I don't even know. All I can hope is that Plan Glass Closet is a go.

in fact its glass closet not come out.

  • they still on closet.
  • they are trying to openly support lgbtqa+ in reality
  • but they cant admit it online because everybody will see it or hate on them (you know twitter is dangerous place for being honest and people believe that @louis_tomlinson twitter is confirmed thing from reality louis tomlinson)

but louis_tomlinson and louis tomlinson is different

@louis_tomlinson denying all gay rumor

lets thinking about it, how shade that he never deny he is gay in reality then he just deny it on twitter (bullshit tweet and im straight tweet" (?)

its plain rude said relationship with your best friend is “bullshit”

louis tomlinson: never denying his sexuality

in fact the het girl not believe rainbow is stand for lgbtqa+ support and they just … “its just rainbow” or “its jamaica flag”

lovers to enemies to lovers

zayn / louis 13.5k

zouis week | favourite au

Louis looks out the window, watching as some of the grassy lawns and gutters start to become covered in bits of snow. He thinks they might have a snow storm this winter. Like, a really big and dangerous one. It’s not allowed to be this cold unless something happens from it, that would just be anti-climatic.

Maybe he’s just a sadist. He doesn’t really know anymore.

“We’re not, uh, picking up Zayn this time.” Liam struggles to say, avoiding Louis’ eyes, jaw clenching uneasily.

Louis’ chest tightens at the mention. “Yeah,” He says through gritted teeth, he blames it on the weather, “Figured as much.”

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031. The First Paparazzi Shot Of You

LIAM: Usually, you stayed out of the way when the paparazzi were out. You had left clubs a full fifteen minutes after or before Liam, you had checked into hotels under an alias name of “Darlene Peters”, you waited in the car instead of going to pay for gas yourself, and even taken a cab instead of getting into the car with Liam. It was ridiculous, but sometimes it felt very necessary. Often, you were just trying to stay out of the view of fans. While you appreciated their adoration of your boyfriend, you couldn’t help, but think that the less they knew about you the better.

Eventually, someone would get a shot or a video. It seemed like everyone and their dog had a fancy phone that they used for everything, but phone calls these days. You and Liam had been together for two and a half months, that wasn’t including the five months you two were simply decent friends. The fact that you were unknown to his fanbase and the public was nothing short of a miracle.

Standing in a hotel gift shop in Utah, visiting Liam while he was promoting This Is Us, you were picking up snacks and drinks from the back with Harry right next to you, giving you his two cents on every sweet you thought about buying. It wasn’t until your friend texted you, two whole hours later, a link to Perez Hilton’s blog that you knew about the photo. However, he mistook you for Harry’s mystery girl – not Liam’s.

NIALL: For the last week, there had been wide speculation that you were Niall’s girlfriend. Your old junior high school photo was making the rounds on the Internet as your name was mentioned by a “source” in an OK! Magazine article. As Niall led the way, his arm reaching behind him to hold your hand tightly so you wouldn’t be seperated from each other in the crowd, you two walked through a long winding hallway along with his security team and the rest of the band. Their sound check at the Staples Center was over and you were off for a big dinner at a Southern restaurant before the band had to go give promotional interviews with local channels.

“It’s now or never.” Niall checked on you behind his shoulder, winking as the sound of chanting outside was causing the cement walls to vibrate.

“Out and in.” You repeated back the words he had told you earlier. You had to walk out and get in the car. That’s all you were doing. There would be a bit of an obstacle, but you were all going to survive. The door opened and you were blinded by the vicious sun before your ears registered the shrieking and traffic combined. Your fingers tightened between Niall’s and you tried to keep your head down.

ZAYN: It was blurry. Your face through the window of a small bistro in café where you were having a leisurely breakfast with Zayn. A picture of Zayn was always worth gold to magazines and websites, but a picture of Zayn with some random girl would break the bank. Of course, you weren’t just some random girl. The night before, driving home from a party at a friend’s house that you made a quick appearance at, Zayn squeezed your hand over the stick shift and asked how you felt about making things official, no more seeing other people, just you and him monogamously. After just a few seconds, you said ‘yes’ happily. You had talked in length with your friends beforehand about what would come with being Zayn’s girlfriend, the media attention, the negative comments, hectic schedule, and change in lifestyle. You two had just been seeing one another casually before and it required planning and work. Truly, you thought you would have a grip on everything, but this was so much all at once. You had barely put much makeup on or given your hair any care. Zayn suggested going out for breakfast and then you just rolled out of bed to put on something comfortable. You weren’t sure you would let your friends take a picture of you like this and, out there, yelling on the other side of the window as you tried to simply read the menu, two dozen cameras were snapping shots and recording. It was overwhelming and part of you wanted to cry, but you looked up at Zayn on the otherside of the table, sipping his orange juice, and feigned a smile.

“Have you become immune to all this?” You had to ask. It had been a part of his life constantly for years.

“You think the first day is the worst…but there can be worse.” It wasn’t very promising, but Zayn felt he had to be honest with you. “I’ll do what I can though. Don’t worry. I’m not letting you be fed to the wolves.” He checked outside the window, shooting them a surly expression only his face could easily bend into. He was already planning to inform security when he was around them that you were going to need some protection as well from now on.

LOUIS: You weren’t even his girlfriend. Well, not at the time. It was the second time you had met up with Louis, his friend back home one of your mates at work. You joined them going to a club in Manchester simply because you didn’t have to work the whole weekend, which was a rarity, and you wanted to take advantage of that. In the smoking section outside, you stood freezing and keeping your friends company, Louis standing next to you with one hand stuffed into the pocket of his trousers in a lame attempt to warm up. The club took a photo for their website, but it wound up everywhere else first. The next day your phone was buzzing with people asking if you and Louis had boned, if you were his girlfriend, or just how you met him and your mother was freaking out since she went on People.com and there was a picture of you in your little dress.

It was another week before you saw Louis again, going over to your friend’s house to break in his air hockey table with a large bunch of mates that you knew together. He greeted you with a nod of his chin from the other side, smiling, and you acknowledged him back with a simple wave of your fingers.

“You were very cool about the whole thing, thanks.” He mentioned once your turn playing air hockey was up. You were sitting on the couch with a female friend, but she was more engaged with texting so Louis sat on the arm of the couch and drummed up conversation. “I know it’s a real pain.” He had heard that customers bothered you at work and some snapped photos of you while you were on the clock.

“If the rumor going around is that I’m dating some sexy cool guy, I’m okay.” Giggling, you casually swiped the air with your hand as if to say that the whole thing was small potatoes. “It could be worse.” You assured him.

After that, Louis took off with his own work, but you both kept in touch through email. It wasn’t until he came back to visit a month and a half later that you two decided to properly give seeing one another a go.

HARRY: The jig was up thanks to Liam and his overactive motor mouth, calling Harry out in an interview and making it public knowledge that he had a girlfriend. Through magical internet powers that you hadn’t any access to, the world had also figured out that that girlfriend was you.

Harry had never wanted to hide your relationship, but neither of you were going to confirm or deny it if asked. You would keep it quiet since it wasn’t anyone’s business. Since you weren’t actually going to be around Harry for a little while, you were confident that things would be quiet in your world for a while. Your friends had known you two were together from the start and they never caused a fuss. Your Twitter was private at the moment, so if anyone was looking to hate on you or just find out about you, they would be hard pressed.

With every intention of staying in for the day, relaxing and actually cleaning your room and not just moving things around, you went to the front door only to collect the mail. It would probably be all fast food fliers and bills, but it was just part of your routine. Breakfast and then mail.

Your attention wasn’t really anywhere as you stepped out of your front door, reaching around for the red mail box nailed to the wall.

“That’s her!” A man’s voice broke the usual silence and suddenly, all the voices shouting your name out and muffled questions became static. You stood stunned, looking back at them like a deer in the headlights, before forgetting all about the mail. They were taking your picture and filming you, so you slammed the door shut, locked it, and just held your back against it while trying to focus on what was going on. They knew where you lived! You had always hoped you would be wearing something cute when someone snapped a photo of you, a little summer dress with a bright lipstick on and your hair tied back into a ponytail. Instead, you were introduced to the world without a bra on, in your pajama set, with your hair tied up in a messy bun at the very top of your head. You were mortified. 


Naughty Boy knew it would get a rise from the directioners and to be honest, it hurts that Zayn didn’t even give a shit on how he was slightly disrespecting us. Louis on the other hand stood up for us, he knew what he was doing to us. Louis is our superman, he even knew it back in the old X Factor video diaries.

I’m upset with Zayn at the moment, I will always love him, but today he let me down, he let US down! He left the best thing that’s ever happened to him to ‘be a normal 22 year old guy’ yet literally days later he decides to have a solo career. I’m not upset at him having a solo career, I’m upset because he left and lied.

I just don’t know what to say anymore.

Louis Tomlinson, you’re an absolute master of wisdom, you slayed him! ❤️

If any of you guys wanna chat with me, feel free to message me on here or on my Kik: gibbonsofsummer

Over Again

((this pref is based off my book, each boy has a different event that takes place in my book and oh my god i’m so happy with it I hope you like it and I hope you’ll want to go read my book after this))

Zayn: He was a little bit nervous. Okay, maybe a lot of nervous. He swung off his motorcycle, his helmet dangling between his fingers as he walked up to your front door. He straightened his leather jacket and ran a hand through his hair, trying to mat it down. The door swung open and Zayn was vaguely aware of his jaw hitting the floor. You looked beautiful, dark jeans, black boots and a shirt the texture of silk. “Hey,” he said, his eyes flicking over you as his mouth tugged into a grin. He was a bad boy, there was no denying it. And there was no denying the thrill that ran through you as you saw the black Harley gleaming in the back ground. “Hi, yourself,” you smiled, immediately feeling your cheeks flush under his gaze. “You look beautiful,” he said, clearing his throat. You totally knocked him off his feet and he was scrambling for solid ground again. He’d never seen anyone quite so lovely as you. “You look beautiful too- I mean, handsome, I mean- ugh. You look great yourself,” you mentally kicked yourself for messing up so quick into the date. He just laughed. “You might want a jacket,” he said as an after thought as you began to close the door. He had the perfect first date spot in mind and he couldn’t wait to see your face when he showed you. You grabbed a jacket off the hook, following him outside.. “You okay?” He asked, his eye brows raised as you stared at the bike. “Yeah, just a bit nervous is all.” He laughed, handing you his extra helmet. “You;ll be fine, lean when I lean.” He helped you slide the helmet over your head and fasten it. “You look so cute,” he said, flicking the helmet. You grinned, sliding on behind him. He kicked off, sending you both flying and you wrapped your arms around his waist, clinging to him for dear life. At first you were terrified, fingers digging into your shirt but as you went, it felt like flying. With the smell of his cologne and the fresh air, you were intoxicated. our adrenaline was pumping as he drove, the rev of the engine and the vibrations from the bike making you excited. You let out a whoop, your head tilted back into the breeze. Beneath his helmet, Zayn grinned. For a first date, this was going pretty well. For Zayn, he could tell a girls character by the way she approached his bike. And the abandon that you were showing had Zayn hooked.

Niall: He didn’t mean to slam into you, it was an honest mistake. He actually didn’t even see you lying there. He’d gotten too caught up in beach volley ball to take much notice of anything at all. He felt like an ass when he saw how disgruntled you became. You were enjoying your leisurely nap until some ass hole blocked out your precious sun. Your skin was deprived of a tan and you immediately wanted to fix that. But now with some oaf blocking the way, you growled. “Can I help you?” You snapped, your hands shielding your eyes to better make out his face. He knelt beside you, his brilliant blue eyes meeting yours. “I’m so sorry, love,” he said, his eyes skimming you for injuries. Self consciously, you folded your hands over your stomach. “Uh huh,” you said unconvincingly, frowning as he grinned. He was a handsome asshole, you had to give him that. Eyes the color of the summer sky and a brilliant smile, dimples winking out on each side. His blonde hair looked almost white, the sun kissing it and lightening it as it went. “Here,” he held his hand out for you, bringing you to your feet. His eyes took another look down you and you could see the smile he got on his face. His board shorts were navy, hanging off his hips in that way and you gulped. “I’m Niall,” he said, holding out his hand. You slid yours into his, surprised by the warmth and the roughness of his fingers. He was a working man, you could tell that immediately by the texture of his fingers. A tingle ran up your spine as he drew his hand away, his palm rubbing against yours. “(y/n/),” you smiled. “I just moved in,” you gestured to the house that stood proudly just before the beach. He whistled low in this throat, his hands on his hips. “Job promotion,” you said in way of explanation. “Ah, so you don’t know where anything is, do you?” You shook your head. To be honest, you hadn’t gone further than the beach. “Well, I’d love to show you around sometime,” you flushed, hoping that the sun you caught earlier blocked out how shy you were over this gorgeous guy asking you out. “I’d like that,” you finally said. “I figure I owe you one for messing up your nap,” you both laughed and he rubbed the back of his neck. “I have to get back, but tomorrow? 8 ‘clock?” He asked backing away. “It’s a date,” you smiled, grabbing your towel. Day two in a new town and you already had a date? This move couldn’t get any better.

Liam: God, he was going to ring your neck when he found you. Not only did you blow him off to go dance with your work friends, one of the guys who had a major crush on you was there. He had been so furious with you he didn’t know what do do, but he couldn’t relax without checking up on you. Liam was just beside himself. He didn’t trust anyone around his girl. He walked into the bar, the music pulsing around him. Bodies were everywhere, gyrating and dancing to the music and that’s when he saw you- in a ridiculous little red dress with sky high black heels. He felt his blood pressure rise, his hands curling into fists by his sides. He went hard instinctively, watching your hips sway. It was only when he saw a pair of hands grab you did his eye start to twitch. He stormed over, pushing through people as he went. “Hands off, asshole!” he shouted, shoving the man you were dancing with away. “Liam!” You yelled, shocked by his appearance and his anger. “You want to dance with someone,” he said darkly, pulling you into his chest, “you dance with me.” His hands claimed your hips, bringing your back to his chest as he let yo move. Seeing Liam like this was unbelievably hot. He was sensual, demanding, utterly in control. He rocked his hips into yours and you went with it, sliding down his body and up again. Jealous Liam was sexy, you had never seen him like this before. His mouth came down to latch onto your neck, biting and sucking as you moved against him. Both of you were oblivious to the crowd of people in the bar, wrapped up in your own little world. “You’re making me hard,” he bit out as you winked over your shoulder. “I know,” you turned to face him, your arms around his neck. “Babe,” he closed his eyes as you rolled your hips, making him come undone. “Don’t start something you can’t finish,” he warned darkly, his hand giving your ass a squeeze. “Oh I can finish,” you said, looking up at him through your lashes. He drug you up his body, his mouth fastening onto yours. You bit his lower lip and Liam was close to losing control. “We can’t do this here, Jesus,” he said stepping away from you, suddenly remembering where he was. “Are you drunk?” He asked, his eyes narrowing. “No, I just had a few beers, why?” He grinned, a sensual curving of his lips. “Because you’re leaving and you’re mine,” he said, his hand taking yours. “Now.” You had just enough time to wave goodbye to your friends as Liam dragged you out the door.

Louis: He swung himself up on the roof, his hands digging into the shingles biting into his palm. God, he was getting to old for all this gymnastic stuff. But he had a Friday night ritual to keep, and he’d be damned if he ruined six years of a tradition. He walked the small length of the roof back to your window where he knew you would be waiting with a bottle of vodka and a pack of cigarettes. Sure enough, there you were. Faded red leather jacket with black jeans and boots, your eyes flicking to his. “I didn’t think you’d come,” you said, holding the bottle out to him as he sat down. He shook his head, taking a long pull. He shuddered, letting the heat settle into his chest. “And miss my best girl? Please,” he scoffed, taking the cigarette you had lit him. His lips wrapped around the edge, his cheeks hollowing as he took his first drag. “Sweet Jesus,” he muttered, his head falling back against the siding. You and Louis had been neighbors forever, since infancy actually. He was the class clown in school with a bit of a bad side. And to be honest, no one even knew you existed. No one except Louis. You didn’t understand it- what a boy like him was doing spending time with a girl like you. He was laid back and friendly, his wrist casually resting on his knee as he flicked his cigarette. He also had no idea that you were in love with him. He protected you from the bullies and stood up for you when you couldn’t find your voice. He was two years older than you and was intimidating to the kinds in your class. “How bad was it?” He asked quietly, knowing that each day at school was a struggle for you. You were constantly picked on and teased, it made your life a living hell and because of it, your anxiety had gone through the roof. “Oh, you know,” you shrugged, taking another swig of vodka. You cringed, hating the taste but loving the comfort it brought you. “Hey, don’t shrug me off,” he said gently, his hand resting on your shoulder. “It wasn’t as bad today,” you finally murmured. “You try to be so strong, little one, that’s what I’m here for,” you gave him a watery smile as he pulled you into his chest, his cheek on the top of your head. “I’ve got you,” he whispered, his lips moving over your hair. “As long as I’m here you never have to worry.”

Harry: This party was swanky. That was sure. To be honest, he didn’t even know what he was even doing here. He tugged down his suit jacket, making sure it was smooth and wrinkle free. His hands ran through his hair, making sure it was off his face while he waited for you. He knew you loved a good entrance, not that he could blame you. He didn’t really belong in this world of upper class, high profile socialites. He wanted to be back in his apartment, writing song lyrics and doodling your name around. But you had asked him to come, and he would go to a million functions and buy ten ridiculous suits if it made you happy. That’s all that mattered to Harry- your happiness. When he caught a blur of black out of the corner of his eye, he turned. You breezed through the door like you owned the place and Harry felt his heart start to beat a little faster as you walked in. Your eyes met his and you walked right towards him, the slit in your dress exposing a shapely leg and high, silver shoes. He couldn’t believe that you were his. He started moving towards you, the rest of the room falling away as he did so. You smiled when you reached him, smoothing a lock of hair off his face that had fallen down. “You’re stunning,” he rasped, capturing your fingers and bringing them to his lips for a kiss. “You’re looking pretty handsome yourself,” you said, straightening the lapels on his suit. He grinned, holding his arm out for yours. There was a dinner served, rich food and succulent dessert. But Harry’s attention was captured when the band struck up, clad in white dinner jackets and black pants. The singer opened his mouth, the first strands of ‘the way you look tonight’ coming out and Harry was pleasantly surprised to hear how Sinatra like his voice was. “Care too?” He held out his hand for yours and you took it. He surprised you once more, effortlessly moving you around the room, his feet flying. “You can dance too?” You raised your brow, your  fingers playing with the hair on the back of his neck. “I’m full of surprises, darlin,” he drawled, sending you back into a dip. You laughed as he righted you, his eyes soft on yours. “I love you,” he said gently, his forehead against yours. You squeezed him, lost in your own little world as the music played on. “I love you,too,” you whispered back, dancing on cloud 9.

Like Home - Chapter Sixteen

Summary: Louis is on his way to a meeting when a certain curly-haired, homeless kid catches his attention, so much so that he gives him the coat from his back. He never expected to see the boy again, but through a twist of fate (or maybe just a mere act of pure stupidity), the two find their lives colliding again and again.

Masterpost  |  on Ao3

AN: so i’m pretty sure 2013 only lasted for about 5 minutes. in summary, i’m so sorry hello i’m alive this story is still happening if you’re still here bless your soul ilysm i’m baking each of you cookies pls enjoy the gratuitous scene you’ll know which one

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