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Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky

2,900 words

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Twitter? Your thread that spends about ten tweets waxing poetry about the size of my dick? Everyone’s talking about it, the fans are going crazy, I had Victor ringing me up half an hour ago to ask if it was true and if I really had deflowered Russia’s Fairy like that, and I just – what the hell were you thinking, Yuri?”

In which Yuri gets drunk and Tweets some things he probably shouldn’t have.

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So @94mercy made this post that headcanoned that Yuri gets drunk one night and talks about the size of Otabek’s dick on social media, and I immediately knew I had to write it. Otherwise known as me just wanting to join in with all the hung!Otabek content that’s been coming out of this fandom in recent weeks. 

(Also tagging @daddybek because that’s where this all started back in February)

They’ve been dating for a few months when it happens.

Yuri goes round to Mila’s for a few drinks after practice one day, and they steadily make their way through a bottle of vodka, laughing and talking about their respective partners. The music is loud and Yuri feels all loose and giggly as he reaches for his phone, taking selfies and documenting their escapades on Snapchat. He’s never been this drunk before, so drunk he’s not even sure what order his memories from the last few hours go in, so drunk that he can barely stand, so drunk that the room is spinning.

He sits down and opens Twitter, starting to type. He doesn’t even think about what he’s Tweeting, just starts a thread and keeps on going until he gets it all off his chest. Mila is grabbing at his hands and pulling him up so they can dance together again, and Yuri’s phone lies on the couch, forgotten.

So he doesn’t see what he’s done until morning.

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I’m not really sure what to say

I’m sorry that some of you feel Emmerdale is slighting you somehow. That is a terrible feeling. I can relate to that. I don’t agree or at least don’t see it that way but it does suck if that’s how it feels. Cause you should always be heard.

Maybe it’s an experience thing? Maybe everyone imagines that every show is marginalizing us. I don’t think that’s the case but I also don’t think anything they could do aside from breaking all the pre-watershed rules would go much further to change that. 

This show has done amazing things with all their LGBTQ characters over the years but especially Aaron and Robert. Aaron is great product of that. They’ve legitimized bisexuality with a main CORE character and continue to show what bi-phobia can look like and fight against it. 

For me the difference with Emmerdale and other soaps who have gay characters is so striking. I was deep in a ship of a US soap gay couple. At the time it was groundbreaking (this wasn’t that long ago to be honest) and it was exciting for so many of us in that fandom. We had 2 kisses…

….and then nothing, some hugs, a little handholding, one mistletoe kiss THAT WAS PANNED away from so it was IMPLIED rather than seen. 

For over 8 months. Nothing. Once they did kiss, it was a bit easier but then it took a total of 2 YEARS for this couple to have sex. TWO YEARS. And we didn’t see anything at all. 

They moved in together at some point but we were told…not shown. There were a bunch of obstacles that made no sense thrown in the way. Then it ended with them not even together. 

But I could have gotten over that if they had been treated as part of the actual show. They were isolated for the most part, had almost no real interaction with other characters (well one had a bit more than the other but not really all that much) and they didn’t feel like they were a part of the show. They had good emotional depth because the actors were fantastic but – yeah. That was ignorance and fear at work. 

Currently there are several gay couple/characters on US and UK soaps but they have no story (don’t talk to the DAYS fans who are being screwed over right now). Hollyoaks has probably one of the most physical but the writing and stories for them are abysmal and they have no depth as a couple while their other couple has potential but it’s being squandered. Corrie is a little boring to be fair and aren’t front burner. Let’s not even talk about East Enders and Ben, ok? 

I look at them and then I look at Emmerdale. I am astounded. Because they are not marginalizing Robert or Aaron. They don’t stick them in a corner and pull them out when they want to show us “the gay couple.” That’s the thing..they aren’t spotlighted to be that. They are shown to be a COUPLE in love. They have actual jobs they go to (sometimes), they interact with other stories and characters, they have family, they have friends (well, they have at least one friend). They have ENTIRE PRESS JUNKETS AND SPECIAL EPISODES revolved around them. The writers take care so much to write them. I’m sorry but they do. Maxine and Isobel and Jane in particular are amazing with characterization. 

Could it be better? Always. I think everything has room for improvement. I want to hurry their timeline on how they are integrating Robert more and more as they have fleshed him out (but that’s a completely different post, ask me about that later. :)) 

I just – I don’t think that Aaron is being written in the way he is being written because they want to not show a gay couple being intimate. Aaron is being written the way he is because Aaron has ISSUES with intimacy. Always has. He has NEVER been an outwardly physical or emotional character. He rarely let’s anyone outside family and Robert touch him and EVEN then he is hesitant with them. That is who Aaron is. It’s partly his past experiences, his own insecurities and to be honest, his and Robert’s very recent past issues. Aaron has let Robert in more than I think anyone else and that is something important the writers have done.  Robert, oth, is the most tactile character. He shows how he feels way easier. I think for him being physical was his go to when he wanted something or someone. It’s the emotional side of Robert that has needed tending to. And it has gotten that. In recent weeks, we’ve seen more and more sides to Robert, more fleshing out, more thoughts and feelings.

What they have done right is tell this love story between this two damaged men very well and quite truthfully. They haven’t backed down from doing that though. They are leaps and bounds ahead of so many others. And they keep trying. 

I’ve been on the other side of this fence. I’ve been in that writer room watching them try to figure out a way to tell their story effectively while having to listen to network interference. I know how writers are, how much they can care and how much they sometimes don’t. This bunch of writers on this tiny show care so damn much about these characters and their fans. It’s a blessing because many many do not. 

Maybe it’s those experiences that don’t let me see where some of you are coming from. I’m sorry for that. I hope that somehow it gets better and that you can find enjoyment. I hope that you one day find a show who you believe is hearing you and speaks for you. 

I hear you though and I am crossing my fingers and I love you very much. 

Molly Hooper Unplugged.

Series 4 Sherlock is not what I expected. Over all, I liked it. A lot. It’s not without it’s problems though. From a viewer’s perspective that is. I’m not going to trash the writers because, in fact, I have tremendous appreciate for their creative process, intelligence and brilliance.

As with the books, the writers set out to tell us stories in similar fashion to the canon literature. John Watson is considered the narrator but, in fact, is the peripheral story-teller. Sherlock, himself, is the primary narrator. Not only that, Sherlock tells us his stories retrospectively. Meaning that from beginning to end the story has already happened. It’s done and over, with Sherlock telling us: ‘Okay, this is what went down.”

Mark Gatiss made an interesting comment once that he and Moffat write the stories from end to beginning. It’s the only way they can detail the cases, the story-line and Sherlock’s elaborate deductions. Truly, it’s a clever approach. But, and this is important, it’s also why the audience rarely receives the resolution they want, or feel they deserve. Sherlock – as the narrator – won’t say. He gives the viewer what he chooses and then leaves us to figure out the rest.

As I looked back upon every episode from the very beginning, this particular format is consistent. It also explains why there’s an abhorrent lack of Molly this season. Sherlock is her avenue and narrator, and he’s not talking. Throughout the series, there have only been two exceptions to this: The Sign of Three and His Last Vow.

The writers love Louise Brealey. They adore her and they adore Molly. Molly is introduced to the audience in ASiP with Sherlock. It’s their “meet cute” – which tells us she’s important – even though she was initially considered a one-off character. Sherlock, however, had other plans and wanted her to stick around. He’s the one who’s chosen her fate in the stories, not the writers.

I know, I know – it’s a weird and unusual way to look at this. The writers are, after all, penning this series and in charge, right? Yes, of course. At the end of the day, however, they are two of the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan boys and they have deferred many decisions to this fictional character.

So, strange as it might sound, anyone who writes stories knows there’s more than a kernel of truth in this. We might think we’re in charge of the characters we create, but really – we’re in guardianship. Sherlock is no exception to this because he’s a long established character in literary fiction.

Many years ago, the ground-breaking television series, The X-Files, elucidated this fact (in an extreme way) with an episode called, Milagro. The writer, Phillip Padgett, experiences his character come to life, who creates all sorts of murderous mayhem.

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be truth.”

Fox Mulder used that exact quote from Sherlock Holmes in the Milagro episode to convince his FBI partner, Dana Scully, that this is exactly what was happening.

So, if anyone, besides myself, is wondering why we’re not seeing Molly all that much – it’s because of Sherlock. At the same time, he also gives us wonderful clues (because that’s what he does) as to why this is and what happened. All we have to do is observe and don his methods of deductions.

This, by the way, will have little to do with sub-text. That’s a very different animal. Instead, we have to infer and make some logical leaps based upon the evidence given. To be honest, this has been part of the fun of watching Sherlock. But, it can also be frustrating, exhaustive, and even disheartening, when viewers aren’t given any kudos for figuring things out, or for even trying. That does, in my opinion, lie within the hands of the writers. After all, they do have creative latitude.

There are two things that left me saying ‘Huh?’ regarding Molly in series 4.

Her diminished presence.

Her strong resistance to say, ‘I Love You.’

For me to understand, I did a cursory review of Molly’s history, which isn’t hard. Especially as there’s this infuriating, ongoing belief with journalists, casual and not-so-casual viewers, that Molly’s emotional hesitancy in saying ‘I Love You’ to Sherlock is somehow the result of a bizarre form of post-trauma from season one.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Molly / Sherlock ‘shippers’ (and I’m one) know this because we’re not simply watching a television show, we’re observing all the nuances of what’s presented / not presented, that others either don’t see, choose not to see, or believe unimportant.

First, I want to lay the basis that Molly’s “unrequited” love for Sherlock has not remained an issue since A Scandal In Belgravia (s2e1). Nor has she been mocked or ridiculed by Sherlock over her affection for him. The opposite of this is true and also shown.  

Beginning with The Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and Molly have grown closer and share an intimacy that none of the other characters are made privy. It’s not romantic intimacy, that we know of, but a deeply valued and trusted friendship.

Sherlock turns to Molly in one of his greatest moments of need. She becomes his confidant at a time when things are, quite frankly, frightening for him. Molly, along with a host of others, help Sherlock plan his demise. Her role, as Sherlock later reveals, was not only invaluable, but that she is the one person who mattered the most. Whether his comment is based on the Moriarty deal, or a commentary about how he now views her, it doesn’t really matter. What this scene from The Empty Hearse showed viewers is that Molly and Sherlock have grown. Their relationship dynamics have shifted to a new dance. There’s more than a hint of attraction from both, and whether or not you want to ‘friend-zone’ them, the sentiment still stands: they hold a palpable love for one another.  

Viewers are also made aware in this episode that Molly has “moved on” and engaged to a guy who is a distorted facsimile of Sherlock’s physical characteristics. We think that scene is about Molly and it is – but it’s also about Sherlock. The look on his face when he meets Tom is priceless.

Sherlock has never dealt very well when confronted with Molly’s involvement with other men. It’s not sub-text or speculation…it’s shown. Given the fact this man lives in a state of emotional infancy, especially during The Great Game, he might not really understand why he viciously cock-blocked Jim-from-IT-Moriarty, angering / embarrassing Molly in the process.

He does learn, however. Otherwise, he’s not a very good genius.

I’m not sure why it’s hard to understand that series 3 Molly is not harboring unrequited love. Sherlock is. Yes, it’s a strange sort of love because he represses his emotions and impulses, I’ll grant you. He doesn’t show it overtly, but it’s there.

The tables have been flipped on Sherlock, because although his seeping emotions are masked behind logic and rationalism, or ridiculous excuses – he’s actually the one seeking out Molly.

Molly keeps him on his toes by her openness and authenticity. She even shared that she’s having quite a bit of sex, which really does blow the gasket in his Vulcan mind. He has no idea how to process this info. Ironically, her words are sort of a call back to his from The Great Game, when he’s having a hissy fit and tells John he’s not interested in the solar system, or who’s having sex with who. Molly’s having sex, Sherlock. Does it need mentioning that their romantic involvements have always mirrored one another, too?

Sherlock does find a way to get in another deliberate, but very subtle cock-block regarding Molly’s fiancé during John and Mary’s reception. Of course it bothered her, somewhat. She wasn’t devastated or traumatized over the fact that Sherlock just showed her, again, that her choice in men will always be woefully inadequate compared to him. She’s really rather proud of him in this episode, and swooning a bit.

Truthfully, both Molly and Sherlock have some version of brainiac jealousy / possessiveness going on, but still, Molly adores him, OPENLY, by the way. She’s not hiding it.

All of this gels to demonstrate that Molly’s emotional 180 in The Final Problem over saying ‘I love you’ is NOT because she’s been sitting around for seven years, crying in margaritas over this guy.

It’s about something else entirely. The timeline between TSoT and His Last Vow hold the answer. Something happened between them that came very close to destroying their relationship. Sherlock gives us a few clues in HLV. First, there’s this:

“How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with. And how dare you betray the love of your friends. Say you’re sorry!”

“Sorry you’re engagement’s over, although fairly grateful for the lack of a ring.”

Great dialogue! Especially if we’re looking through Sherlock’s eyes and know he’s been staying at her beautiful home, which we find out later on. This bit of info comes from Molly, when she breaks the fourth wall of television by interacting with viewers directly.

We can take Molly’s scolding of Sherlock at face value. He’s using (drugs) and by doing so letting down his friends and himself. Bad Sherlock.

I believe, however, this is more than chastising Sherlock for reckless behavior. The following, by the way, is about subtext, because that’s where we have to look and infer. Subtext, while a valid form of information, can be a dangerous little guy, because we project based upon our individual filters and desires. It’s important to keep this in mind when inferring possibilities.

I’m also not being dismissive of drug use, at all, but attempting to fill the blanks that currently hold cognitive dissonance based upon everything we’ve been show up until now. We went from HappyMolly and HappySherlock to ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’?

Clearly, whatever it is, it’s origin lies in love and betrayal. And, other than in Sherlock’s mind palace after being shot – we only see Molly one more time, when she tells us about her bedroom as Sherlock’s bolt hole.

His Last Vow ends without any resolution between the two. Or so we believe.

But, I’ll get back to this.

There’s head canons and fanfic to fill in the missing gaps of HLV, but The Abdominal Bride does a great job at summing things up in a nutshell.

This episode, in which Sherlock sets about solving 121 year old murder case from the Victorian era, is about the long-lasting consequences of using, objectifying, misleading, abusing, disparaging and basically the all around diminished and misogynistic treatment of women.  

There’s also quite a bit of symbology wrapped up in Sherlock’s psychedelic trip. He’s solving a crime from another century, but he’s still got his Scooby gang by his side. They’re all consistent with their modern, present day counterparts, filling the same functions and roles when Sherlock isn’t following Alice down the rabbit hole.

With the exception of Molly.

The role of a pathologist / medical examiner was not typically filled by a woman in this era. As a result, Molly has to be concealed as a man. Perfectly reasonable. What’s different, however, is the relationship between she and Sherlock. It’s cold, if not a bit derisory and bitter.

John’s role is interesting regarding Molly because it’s not John, but instead Sherlock’s projection. Victorian John tells ‘Dr Hooper’ that he’s not Sherlock’s puppy, that he can see through her disguise and sympathizes with what one has to do to be recognized in the world.

We can take that conversation at face value. It is what it is. But, maybe it’s worth considering that this might also be Sherlock’s conscience seeping through, imprinting itself on the state of affairs between he and Molly. In Sherlock’s words, John is a “romantic” - he sees things Sherlock can’t - so there is some validity with the idea that he might need John’s ‘eyes’ to see his way through this. To see Molly past the façade of anger and self-protection. I’m sure there are other great interpretations.

From a symbolic perspective, TAB was Sherlock reconciling, or at least beginning to make amends to Molly (as well as other women he’s used: Janine).

Now is where speculation comes in regarding the timeline between TSoT, HLV and TAB.

Let’s say Sherlock was using Molly’s home as a bolt hole. Maybe not the first time, so he likes it, and it gives him the space and privacy to work on the Magnussen case. If this is true, it’s probably because it’s too complicated for him to work at Baker St, especially as he’s fake wooing Janine to get to her boss.

The other thing that’s taking place is that he’s using. How often and how much is unsure, but he did look pretty strung out at the hospital. And, when Sherlock uses, he’s a very different person.

Molly and Janine mirror one another, although Sherlock’s feelings, thoughts and opinions toward each are drastically different.

Dependent upon when Sherlock began using Molly’s home, if he’s using her home (he does have other bolt holes) – she might still be engaged to Tom. It’s conjecture, but she probably is. Sherlock tells John that he’s been fake dating Janine for a month, which means this started almost immediately after the wedding.

Realistically, I don’t think anyone expected the engagement between M/T to last, but it doesn’t mean Molly wasn’t sincere or didn’t love him. So, Sherlock’s presence and the use of her home – especially her bedroom, a space that implies intimacy - is bound to inflict some legitimate strain on a relationship that’s already falling apart.

Any number of scenarios could have played out. Tom might have given Molly an ultimatum? M/T might have decided to take a time-out? Guess away.  

Sherlock might be influencing Molly through subtle means to end her engagement. He might turn up the charm and possibly – in one way or another – woo her as well. Maybe lead her to believe something was possible between them? Which he might consider true, at some point. He doesn’t want her with other men, but won’t allow a proper resolution to their attraction. His use of drugs could make it easier for him to make those personality / conscience shifts necessary to do what he’s doing.

If this happened, and there’s nothing to say it did – just using TAB as a blueprint since Molly was included with the ‘brides’ – it really is unconscionable on his part. Although, and this is NOT in any way an excuse of his behavior – his superiority and arrogance did slap him hard - because he actually cares and loves Molly, so his potential motivations with her are very different than with Janine. Knowing this does not make it better or right. He’s taking drugs - he’s in ‘the Game Is On’ mode and not making good decisions.

Perhaps Molly found out about Janine and they had a chat? Yeah, it’s a bit soap opera-ish – but how else would Janine know Sherlock used her? John? Magnussen? She was very quick with her ‘for profit’ revenge plan. More than likely Magnussen told her…he enjoys the suffering of others.

However she found out, Molly would have confronted Sherlock. Sherlock might not have shown any remorse for using someone as a ‘means to an end’ (Janine), while attempting to deduce Molly by saying her LOVE for Tom was equally specious. He did say, during his best man speech, that All emotions, and in particular love, stand opposed to the pure, cold reason I hold above all things.” We know this isn’t entirely true, and he knows it as well. But, if he attempted to make a point to Molly about her actions, as a parallel to his, all while HIGH, wow – it crashed and burned.

I’m not saying this is what happened. Just tossing out the idea. But, it does make the M/S hospital scene even more poignant. It’s their break-up fight.

If Sherlock did any of this, it would be hard to forgive. Molly would have to dig really deep inside her to make a journey back as his friend. Their relationship is fractured and rests on a precariously balanced fulcrum. Betrayal by love is a huge theme in His Last Vow.

There are two external events, which help pull them back into each other’s orbit.

Sherlock is shot. Sherlock murders Magnussen.

I’m sure this would help soften Molly, in as much as tragedy can put things into perspective very quickly. Being deeply wounded by someone you love doesn’t mean you stop loving them – although it’s possible. Maybe the time between being shot and killing Magnussen Sherlock made a sincere effort to make amends with her? I imagine he would, but their relationship has been severely strained and Molly keeps clear distance.

I’m really, really, really speculating on this one – but, maybe Mary reached out to Molly as someone to lean on? We never see these two interact (other than the christening) which is a shame. There is, however, an ever-so-slight seed that might suggest Mary’s involvement, which we got in TAB. Mary is the one who discovers the brides. And, Mary is put on the case by Mycroft. So, maybe Mycroft knows there’s been a fall-out. Again, sounds like a twisted sort of soap opera – but there’s some precedence for this, too.

Mycroft knows Molly. She was a the most significant person in TRF plan. We’ve also seen him request her assistance at the morgue prior to this (ASiB). Who knows. What we do know, is that when Sherlock uses and comes off drugs – Mycroft calls in as many resources as possible. If there is a fracture between Molly and Sherlock, it will be seen as a risk, which requires a fix. Mary could help with this. Furthermore, in TAB, Mycroft tells Sherlock this is a war (women) he (they) must lose. Meaning, Sherlock fucked up. Big time. He’s got to set it right.

Some headway is made, because the bride scene in TAB shows Sherlock acknowledging his mistakes and remorse. We then see where the relationship is left between M/S with two words: “Hooper / Holmes.”  

They can face each other, be in the same room, but it’s chilly.

Series 4 reflects this in Molly’s absence as well as her presence. But, she and Sherlock will continue to be pulled together through more external events.

They are Rosamund Watson’s godparents and on speaking terms.

They are also hit with a devastating, irretrievable blow: Mary’s death. This, along with profound grief, is enough to set aside any personal differences to come together and focus on the needs of others. Even though Sherlock takes himself to ‘hell and back.’

Molly speaks with Sherlock in TLD, and even acquiesces to his request for an ambulance. Molly does this on faith - she really doesn’t know what’s going on. There’s still an edge between them. He’s using, she’s stressed, he’s dying. She’s agreed to do her part in watching Sherlock through his withdrawal days, and meets he and John for birthday cake.

Concessions are being made.

Now we come to The Final Problem, where Molly is Sherlock’s third task. He has to get her to say I Love You, but their relationship remains somewhat perfunctory and cool. A lot of water has passed under their bridge and blind trust has not been established.

If anything remotely took place between them such as the above – whoa – it’s no surprise why this scene went down the way it did.

It also makes sense of Molly’s words: “Leave me alone.” “Why are you making fun of me?” “You know why.” “Of course you do.”

There’s two different events taking place that cause an intense emotional build-up and break-down between these two characters.

Molly is unable to push down her stress and sorrow any longer. It’s risen to the surface. There’s been too much, in a short amount of time, and something’s gotta give. We see her ignore Sherlock, which is an eye-opener for him, and even when she does answer her phone she’s direct and not interested in idle chit-chat.

Sherlock’s stress is mounting too. By virtue of Eurus’s game and the previous month’s events. He needs to ask something of Molly that he knows won’t be received well. Even if he tries to convince himself otherwise and feign ignorance.

It was a life or death moment from Sherlock’s perspective, but a ‘push come to shove’ for Molly. Both of them went through an emotional vivisection. Still, they said I love you and it was sincere and authentic.

At the end of that scene, however, neither one knows the consequences of this event. It’s not a happy moment, but instead filled with uncertainty and possibly more loss. Sherlock killed a coffin. Molly looks absolutely forlorn.

The ending montage is disappointingly neglectful of resolution. This is where the writers could have used a more creative latitude – more than .3 seconds of Molly’s happy smile. At least it was nice to get that, but gees, really?

If we’re looking at this from Sherlock’s point of view – Molly is happy. More than happy – she’s vibrant. Personally speaking, I can’t see any reason Molly would be presented this way had she and Sherlock not achieved some satisfactory relationship understanding regarding romantic love.

My heels aren’t dug in the sand regarding the above. I am truly open to other interpretations. For now, though, this was my exercise in explaining what wasn’t explained. She might be an insane murdering psychopath and brilliant beyond Newton, but Eurus was right when she said - context is everything.

yuri-puppies  asked:

That's such an interesting fic meme idea! I'd like the Leverage OT3 version of Let Us Speak of a Letter, please

Ohhh, that’s such an interesting premise!

Hardison is the one who wakes up in a strange city and a strange time. And, because Alec is Alec, there are no doubts about that - those phones, those cars, they’re not anything like he knows, and the newspapers confirm it, he is definitely a bit more than a decade into the future. Some sort of conspiracy? Future!Alec has made some sort of time travel tech? He doesn’t know, but that’s kind of lower on the priority list.

Look, he’s consumed a ton of scifi and fantasy and comics, being thrown forward into a possible timeline is something Alec’s wrapped his head around and imagined a hundred times.

He’s also not at all surprised to crack open his wallet and find a bunch of fake IDs - Alec already has a couple, even if they aren’t quite as good as these. Future!Alec has an FBI badge, which seems heart-poundingly risky but also rad as hell. The idea that he’s still a hacker, well, that’s not weird at all, even if Alec himself is still learning a lot of things.

The weird thing is. Well, the weird thing is mostly that he owns (co-owns?) a brewpub. That he has - friends?

Because Eliot and Parker are definitely dating one another, it’s obvious in the way their eyes dart like some of his foster siblings do but not at one another like threats, the way they’re casually physical with one another.

Seeing Alec seems to throw them for a loop. Eliot scowls as he figures out what’s going on, arms crossed defensively across his built chest, and Alec’s heart seizes with the instinct of meeting too many angry jocks, but Eliot just points viciously at the couch and then, a few minutes later, drops a sandwich in front of him. Parker edges around Alec, peering at him with discomfort and something unhappy, intense, but she also calls him Alec (Eliot says, immediate and familiar, “Hardison”). Whatever, it’s a damn comfortable couch and a damn tasty sandwich.

Which is to say, Alec isn’t wrestling with who he is, but. It takes him most of the week to realize that Future!Alec is dating them too. That he must love them, that they must love him. That he has a safe place of his own, that he has a place of his own, warm and comfortable and high tech and thoughtful in the way Alec is scared to show anyone he can be. There’s an easy generosity to what Alec knows is his own work, the way there is to Eliot’s cooking, to whatever it is that occupies Parker’s attention on her fancy phone.

Alec knows his Nana loves him, but. But he’s not used to anyone wanting him, choosing him, making space for him. That’s the fear that grips him deep in the night, that he drowns in the blue light of the computer screen, that he’ll always be alone (Nana’s medical bills are starting to mount, she’s old and Alec knows it).

The future, with its WoW expansions and pending Star Wars (with a black man! A black man as a hero! Alec’s future self had damn well better be appropriately excited) and its technological advances, is pretty great, and he delights in exploring it, in letting Parker and Eliot share Portland with him. Alec doesn’t tell them that he’s figured it out, because, well, he can acknowledge it’s weird, he’s read fanfic, okay, he knows that meeting your lover as a kid is squicky as hell, but knowing that future him is loved so deeply and known so well… it heals some cracks deep down, quiet little hurts that Alec hardly dares to acknowledge.

And meanwhile. Meanwhile. Parker calls Sophie and barely has to say anything, because she mostly only likes talking through things like this with Alec, who is not Alec right now. Sophie, though, is kind, and doesn’t once offer to come sweeping in, which Parker appreciates. Parker is so used to feeling like a cornered animal, so used to looking past Eliot’s terrified snarl, that she never really realized how much Alec hurt too, because he’s got the hunted look at the corners of his eyes, not easy with them and their home. Anything that isn’t Alec’s, he barely touches, like he’s still expecting to be uprooted in a moment. It makes a keening noise build up in Parker’s throat, one she can’t let out.

And meanwhile, meanwhile. Fae magic has a distinctive feel. Eliot isn’t amused. He does his best. Eliot gets on with teenagers, but this is Hardison. And seeing Hardison wary of him again is painful, and even when he relaxes, Eliot feels like there’s no way he can be delicate enough about this. Parker is edgy about this, too, he knows, and Eliot doesn’t know how to be the glue here, has always appreciated Hardison, but missing him and how he balances them both strikes Eliot deeply. He just… does his best, and tries to be as honest as he can. It’s Eliot who meets the faerie (he thinks Parker has an idea of what’s going on, but she all but bares her teeth about the Otherworldly, so he doesn’t ask), Eliot who pours a glass of milk and crosses his arm, and doesn’t buy any of the fucking bullshit about why.

There’s no challenge, no trial this time. Yet. Eliot isn’t holding is breath. (He is, though, feeling like his chest is tightening as he waits, waits, waits, each hour immeasurable.)

Alec wakes up himself again, still bubbly with the giddiness of knowing there’s magic (that this future felt like magic), and fuck faeries, man. He goes to them, and kisses them, and he’s home.

He has a home. They have a home.

(Those cracked and burned places, already scarred, start grow a little greener still.)

Our First and Last (Ch. 2)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 |  Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 4,462
  • Description: That year, Jungkook was twenty-three and undoubtedly hot as hell, and that’s not an attempt to describe his temperature. He was always handsome, with chiseled features, a tall nose, plump lips, and that pair of dark chocolate doe eyes that you’ve known since the first day you saw him. In all honesty, his appearance hasn’t really changed all that much from the first time you met him seven years ago, but it was your attraction to him that did. 

The second time you saw Jungkook was on the morning of your eleventh birthday.

Your parents had been in shock when you begged them to forget about throwing you a birthday party and you just wanted to spend a day at the park alone. They even questioned if you were feeling sick, in which you vigorously shook your head and told them you were actually feeling better than ever.

It was the honest truth, or at least part of it.

As much as you wanted to at the time, you didn’t tell anyone about the life-changing event that happened on your tenth birthday. No one you knew in the Yin Dimension would even believe you anyways. Being able to come in contact with anything, let alone anyone, from the Yang dimension was blasphemous, and you were not planning on becoming a laughing stalk or have your parents worry about your mental well being at such a young age.

Besides, keeping such a secret just made you feel giddy and excited on the inside, and you figured it was probably the way some kids feel when they had an imaginary friend that only they could see.

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The Edge of the Night

She wasn’t sure why it had come to a head at 1:17 AM on the last day of July, but that’s when it happened.

Tom didn’t know why he’d woken up, but even in the dark he knew right away that Taylor wasn’t in the bed alongside him.  He pulled on a t-shirt and left the bedroom, walking down and finding her in the den, curled up on the corner of the couch, surrounded by darkness.

“Hey,” he said softly when he entered the room.  He didn’t want to startle her. “Whats wrong?”  He sat down beside her and rested a hand on her back.

“I can’t do it, I’m sorry,” she said, turning away, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t go back with you. It’s too much.” She stood and walked to the other side of the room and looked out the window at the pitch black backyard. “I’m sorry.”

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MONSTA X Bodyguard Wonho 'Catalyst'

anonymous asked: Could you do a Drabble expansion for wonho bodyguard au?

A/N: Normally I try to remain vague about the reader’s occupation but I felt this one needed stated given the plot. And yes it’s cliché but indulge me. ^^ 

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” –Carl Jung

There were days you regretted your choice in career. You loved the hands on work of archeology but the bureaucratic red tape was enough to drive you mad. Last month on a dig you’d made a discovery. Important artifacts that could have significant impact on the known timeline of civilization in the area. At least you hoped. You wouldn’t know for certain until everything was fully excavated. But any future grant money to continue the operation depended on it.

In the meantime people got wind of the situation and all hell broke loose. Your intentions were to excavate, study and then donate the findings to the local government. It was their culture, their past. It was theirs to do with as they wished. However a few members of high society were backing looters to try and steal articles from the site. Whether items remained intact or partial fragments apparently didn’t seem to matter. There was big money to be had for anything even hinting at being an authentic relic from the site.

After receiving death threats and a tense night spent with a rifle across your lap you decided you needed help. So you hired a bodyguard. At no point while studying in the silverfish lined halls of academia did you foresee needing to hire muscle. But there you were.

To be honest, even after a month you didn’t have him figured out. He went by Wonho although you’d bet a year’s salary that wasn’t his given name. Always quick with a smile, he was very playful and confident. Charm oozed from every pore and he was absolutely aware of it. At first you thought you’d made a poor choice until one day he’d deftly intervened on your behalf.

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Drawn for @homestuckartists fan troll/kid day.
I was pretty reluctant to post this, since I’m weird about any sort of fan characters I make. (Original Content OCs and stuff for like, D&D and the like are fine.)
But I figure I might as well.

Heir of Hearts. Even though it’s probably totally stretching what it could do, I interpreted the inheriting of souls to be an inheriting of other selves from other timelines and universes (including things where he’s a troll, blood swapped, or other things entirely.) Usually had him experience their lives through dreams, picking up skills and forming bonds with people he’s never met (or yet to meet) causing a lot of confusion, along with a tendency to make references from movies no one’s ever heard of. Technically it’s a skill that could allow him to become a jack of all trades, except he tends to hyperfocus because his various selves are still him and tend to like the same things best.
As he comes more into himself as an Heir of Hearts, he begins to truly know himself, which is something of an amalgamation of various species and quirks making him a little strange from the perspective of any single one. In general, he’s a pretty loving person who puts the people he has relationships (romantic and platonic alike) with over anything else. He’s also bluntly honest, as lying just creates confusion and problems. Unfortunately, he’s also terrible at explaining things, which leads to more problems.
If he ever through various time/space/whatnot shenanigans ends up on the same world as another of his selves, one will always remain unconscious, dreaming of what the other version is doing. Waking one up will cause the other to immediately pass out, similar to how dream selves work on derse/prospit for most people. This also means that he remembers his deaths pretty vividly.
I actually find the concept of the power set interesting and will probably play with it someday as something original.

Wow this ended up way longer than I was originally intending. I could go on more too, which just goes to show I really shouldn’t let myself talk about OCs, holy shoot. >3>;
(Also a final note, most my OCs tend to be pretty nice, just because it’s easier for me to empathize with in general. @_@ If I post more stuff of them, this might be a pattern, so I’m just gonna call myself on it now before anyone else can. So, there, I guess?)

Pin-Up (one-shot)

Because these days I need distractions, and what better distraction is there than robots in lingerie?

Truthfully, this fanart by @larrydraws (link is nsfw) has haunted me for literal months now, so I finally decided to sit down and write something about it. And here’s the results of that, haha.

And I went with Swerve as Minimus’s partner which means there ended up being fluff for days.

Title: Pin-Up

Series: MTMTE/LL, no specific point in the timeline besides after everyone found out about Minimus

Pairing: Minims/Swerve

Rating/Warnings: M or E for sexual content (lingerie kink, sticky, oral and penetrative), fluff, and Swerve using the nickname Minnie. I was definitely imagining the fanart for how the lingerie looks. Only difference are I made the stockings sheer and Minimus is in his irreducible form.

Fic Summary:

Swerve had called them ‘Pin-Ups.’

Or he had once he had gotten over the initial embarrassment of Minimus catching him scrolling through his small archive of them on one of his many datapads filled with human media.

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Blint fanfic list

AnHere’s the list of all Billy Bones/Captain Flint fanfics in English, with authors’ summaries. Titles clickable. Hopefully, there’ll be frequent updates!

Read below <3

Originally posted by maxaholic

Originally posted by sexyeclectic

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Episode 85, part 2: this blimp is definitely haunted tho

(part 1 is here!)

In the rest between the first quarter-final and the second, Kaiba has sent his team of suspiciously highly trained doctors to tend to our first coma victim #justYGOthings and Honda and Otogi have been rescued from the consequences of their suicidally foolish blimp-top wrestling match by a ~mysterious~ white-robed figure.

Yugi is sorting through his deck, like a nerd, smiling at his cards, like a nerd, when he’s interrupted by a ~mysterious~ presence. Like a nerd.

try KNOCKING, motherfucker

Yugi begins to ask him how he got in without unlocking the door or making a sound but then just goes “eh fuck it, you do all sorts of weird impossible shit” which frankly I think is letting Shadi off the hook. But anyway.

Aside: Tumblr is NOT BUILT for long image-heavy text posts and that’s like 80% of what I do here, please send help. Preferably in the form of MAKING IT NOT TELEPORT MY CURSOR TO THE TOP OF THE FUCKING POST EVERY TIME I DO ANYTHING, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.

Right. So. 

Storytime with Shadi!

“You’ve lost five of the seven. Three of which have been explicitly stolen.”

“Look I never said I was a GOOD guardian.”

“And boy, did I fuck him up!”

Shadi tells of how Pegasus got really into the archaeological remains of the ancient version of Duel Monsters, conveniently skipping over the part about how Pegasus only got interested in this after Shadi lied to him and forcibly replaced his eyeball with a priceless artefact but ANYWAY. He explains that Pegasus found out there were three ancient god monsters associated with Ye Olde Duele Monsteres.

… Okay look, they’re not cards. We all know that, right? There’s no cards yet. And when there are cards, they’re made by Pegasus, based on ancient stone carvings. I guess it’s less streamlined to say “He then finally decided to locate these God Ancient Stone Carved Tablets himself” but, really. 

Also where did Pegasus get all these people willing to traipse around a desert looking for possibly-mythological evidence of card-game characters?

Okay, okay!

I am so curious about these poor eejits going along with him. He must be SO ANNOYING to work with and he says the most ridiculous shit in the most ridiculous manner with the most ridiculous voice.

Props to him for wearing a neat and stylish cravat in the desert heat tho. #sufferforstyle

So then this asshole shows up and points out that the Gods are sealed by, quote. some “Power of Darkness”


like whyyyy would you trust Shaaaaadi??

like okay maybe the first time, but post-eyeball-destruction?

Whatever. Let’s go find out where Marik and Isis live.

Through a dry, dry desert…

Down a deep, deep well…

Through a creepy, creepy cavernous hall…

yeah no shit


They don’t meet any of the Ishtar family or associates, because SOMEONE summons the powers of the darkness to shield the evidence of their passing from the inhabitants of this sacred place, since they have sworn to protect it at any cost and you’re not REALLY supposed to bring curious game-designers down here on a whim, like.

… They all must have been so surprised to get out of this creepy hallway alive after this shit goes down. I mean, mysterious white-robed figure brings you down into the echoing caverns of an ancient lost tribe? That’s where you die, 9 times out of 10.

Also I would really like to see a documentary of this. That taller henchman is carrying a pretty sweet camera, they could have done this. Duel Monsters definitely got popular enough to have an audience!

But instead…

…. I wonder if he remembered the figures? Okay Kaiba’s hair isn’t ostentatious enough to be obvious, but Yugi/Yami’s sure as fuck is. And the addition of the dragon and the magician would definitely be enough to connect “Yugi” and Kaiba to the stone, once Pegasus saw them at Duelist Kingdom or shortly before. I mean, he had a lot on his mind at the time, but I wonder if he wondered about it?

Christianity confirmed! (In a RIDICULOUS accent, I must say) Pegasus was either Christian or was around Christians / Christian-influenced culture enough to have picked this up. Which would make sense if he’s supposed to be American. (Although I still prefer my theory that he’s a mad Japanese man who insists that he’s American for fun.)

… How long has he been looking for these? How long does he, a millionaire (billionaire?) CEO of an increasingly popular games company, spend wandering around a fucking desert??

ALSO, isn’t it weird that Duel Monsters is SO big and SUCH a big deal and there are SO many players and Kaiba can do things like close city streets for it, but it’s only like, a year or two old at the very start of Yugi’s story? Everyone’s timelines are really compacted, to keep everyone the anime-requisite 16 years old, though, so I guess that includes the game itself. 

Although now that I think about it, Pokémon GO got huuuuge immediately

Actually the entirety of YGO was more weird before Pokémon GO came out. Now I totally believe that Niantic could take over a city centre, or that people would stop on the street to watch streams of huge Pokémon battles, or that people unrelated to any magical plot would be willing to kill to get their Pokédex to 150.

Anyway, in much more mysterious mysteries, this is how they got down the well:

they do NOT show how they get back up, which is tragic, because NONE OF THEM WERE USING THEIR LEGS AT ALL and I really wanted to see if they could all climb upwards on arm strength alone. 

Okay, I’ll be honest, I mostly wanted to see if Pegasus could do it, since the other two are non-entities and Shadi is probably made of shadows and malcontent rather than flesh and blood. Pegasus is demonstrating serious core strength in that screencap but he does NOT strike me as a gym bunny. #eternalYGOquestions

Sans Evidence Master Post

This is a huge master post containing tons of lines of dialogue and all the proof and my logical interpretations of Sans. Here is the TL;DR.
Sans is highly hinted at as being in a costume. He eats food that  he can drink through the immobile teeth in his mask,  eating more than monsters, he is always tired and sleepy, he can teleport, use magic, and has advanced powers, he may emit slime, he knows about humans, he once lived in a place different from the current surface world and gave up using the broken machine to go back, he is linked to science and some organization that monitors and protects timelines, he knows things only someone that has lived in human societies would know, he lacks any determination, he doesn’t have a visible human soul, he is trained to investigate and perceive timeline related changes and alternate universes despite not being able to save or reset or remember resets.  Sans also has a connection to Gaster, and knows about determination.

He isn’t a skeleton, he isn’t a normal monster, and he isn’t a normal human. 

want to know more or want evidence because youve got a bone to pick with my interpretations? read below!

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Let’s Talk: Poison Ivy

Hello everyone! Today we’re doing another character analysis. This week we’ll be focusing on everyone’s favourite eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy. There’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get right into it! This is a long post, so make sure you click Read More to read the whole article!

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Guillotine Girls/Gang? Just anything really

i did type this up last night but my computer deleted it rip 

also yes i know the raven boys (and blue) are 16/17, but personally i see the guillotine girls as starting their journey when they’re a bit younger (like fifteen going on sixteen for no other reason than “there’s no canon so i can do what i like”)

aimee bouchard

  • aimee is the world’s worst liar. honestly, you’d think she’d be better, being the more well put together one of the group, the one that always looks like she knows what’s going on. luckily, sarah or teresa are there to pull her out of trouble.
  • she is an overachiever, ever since her death and eventual revival, she’s tried her hardest at everything, jumping at every oppurtunity, knowing that next time she dies (which could be soon), she won’t come back.
  •  she is embarrassed about how long it took her to figure out who the guillotine queen was. super embarrassed. to be fair, she was eight, but then again, she is the french one.
  • she sometimes forgets who she’s with, because she lived in france most of her life and speaks french at home, and sometimes starts talking to the others in french and the others just sort of nod along like “yep aimee we so got that”. natalie knows a little french, but not enough to keep up with aimee properly when she’s talking fast.
  • aimee is bisexual (with a huge crush on jett and also maybe teresa you cannot convince me otherwise)
  • aimee is also the oldest of the group! unless you count melissa, because technically with her death being years ago, she’s older than all of them (but if they stick to her age when she died, she’s about in the middle)
  • aimee’s birthday is september 25th which makes her a libra (yes i made the fashionable one a libra fIGHT ME)
  • aimee and teresa are best friends. but she’s more likely to watch movies with sarah (and sometimes jett) because teresa is just like “this movie is shit can we watch something with better cinematography please” (teresa is pretentious as hell sometimes, but they still love her)

teresa damasco

  • teresa once spent a summer learning how to swear in multiple languages. and she uses them often. spanish is her favourite though, as, similar to aimee, she grew up bilingual. (although aimee didn’t learn english until she was a little older)
  • teresa is always covered in paint of some sort and aimee refuses to let her anywhere near her clothes in case she ruins them.
  • teresa’s room is an absolute mess. it has some super cool and weird things in it though (if you can find them under the piles of crap). the girls all learned not to leave important things at teresa’s if they didn’t want to lose them forever (sarah once found a shoe of hers a year later)
  • when her father was found beheaded she didn’t talk to anyone. usually she’s the most outspoken of the group (closely followed by aimee and natalie and possibly jett) but she refused to talk. aimee wouldn’t leave her alone, eventually convincing her that the reason for her father’s death was to do with the stories she’d told her. she still doesn’t talk about it much. ever. not even to aimee.
  • she’s aroace but didn’t figure out the aro part until after the whole kiss incident, she thought she had a crush on aimee but it turned out it was more of a platonic thing? and she likes being friends with her anyway so that was All Good.
  • she is always ready to fight. and she is a lot tougher than she looks. her and jett are probably the most likely to actually start a fight with someone.
  • teresa’s birthday is april 8th, making her an aries and also the fourth oldest i think.
  • best friends with aimee. argues with jett a lot even if their opinions are very similar. also gets on well with melissa. 

sarah miller (aka my fave and resident cinnamon roll)

  • sarah is a lot smarter than people give her credit for. yes, she’s either barely awake or hyper as hell, but she’s pretty smart too. not like, aimee levels of smart, but, she’s also a lot less oblivious to real life things than aimee “let’s chase a ghost around the world” bouchard.
  • probably the quietest of the group, does not get a word in much between aimee’s excited ramblings, jett and teresa arguing and natalie and melissa’s jokes. who would?
  • she wants nothing more than to get out of this town, so when the others suggest following the track, she jumps at the chance.
  • she drinks waaaaaay too much coffee. like, sometimes teresa will hide all the coffee so she can’t get it (and then she’ll go and find some red bull). she doesn’t sleep much, she has important things to do. 
  • sarah is definitely ace. her romantic attraction was once described to natalie as “i like cute people. i also like kissing cute people. but i don’t find many people cute”. (she finds natalie cute though so…)
  • she will fall asleep anywhere, as long as it’s comfortable. the others like to tease her about it, but they let her sleep because they all know how awful her sleeping habits are anyway.
  • sarah is the youngest! her birthday is july 22nd, making her star sign cancer.
  • her best friend is natalie, but to be honest, she gets along with all of them pretty well (mainly because she’s the one least likely to start an argument), especially aimee and jett (the movie crying team, although both jett and aimee swear they don’t, everyone knows they do)

natalie czerny

  • okay so i finally figured out a timeline for natalie (because her brother died seven years ago but is still seventeen, because you know, he’s a ghost). basically, she was eight when her brother died and doesn’t talk about him ever, unless it’s three in the morning and sarah’s the only one awake.
  • sarcasm. fucking sarcasm. does she ever stop? no. it really doesn’t help that sarcasm often goes right over sarah’s head. melissa appreciates it the most. 
  • she is very honest. sometimes too honest. she’s learned to be careful with aimee and sarah though (although she still speaks without thinking). jett likes this about her a lot. she’s like “good. good. brutally honest. i can appreciate that.” so they actually get along pretty well.
  • natalie was the first to meet melissa. they both live in the same town, after all. melissa was her brother’s girlfriend. except she didn’t love her brother, she loved her best friend. so that was complicated. they actually get on well though. 
  • natalie is demibiromantic, and has only really ever had a crush on two people, sarah and some guy from her town who she was friends with before the whole thing.
  • second oldest, her birthday is december 17th making her a sagittarius
  • best friend is definitely sarah. but also probably melissa. they talk about noah sometimes. not about his death, but what he was like when he was alive.

melissa moore

  • she died seven years ago which would actually make her twenty two, but she’s still fifteen. that doesn’t stop sarah and aimee from making her a birthday cake for her “sixteenth birthday”
  • honestly, she loves flower crowns and stuff like that. only she can’t wear them. because she’s, y’know, dead. she’ll still make them for everyone else though.
  • she was never “in love” with noah. he was more of a best friend that she kissed a lot, because, hey, it was something to do. ironically, the one person that was just “a best friend that she kissed a lot” was sandra, the one who killed her. she’s very bitter about that. and still a little in love with her. or something like that. it’s very complicated.
  • unlike noah, there’s no smudge on her face. mainly because she was stabbed, not beaten to death with a skateboard (although if you look closely at her shirt, you can see the ghost of a stain ghost of a stain i’m so sorry)
  • melissa is a lesbian, and still kind of in love with the girl that stabbed her which is Not a Good Thing. just as well they’ll never see each other again. and even if they did, sandra’s seven years older now and melissa’s still the way she was. she’s more in love with the sandra she used to know, the sandra she used to kiss whenever she got the chance.
  • she’s technically a lot older than the others, but everyone forgets that. her birthday is may 3rd making her taurus.
  • her best friend is jett. her and jett are sort of the outsiders of the group and more independent than the others, but they stick together. she’s also pretty close with natalie and maybe teresa. finds sarah a little annoying but wouldn’t ever tell her (because natalie would probably kill her lbr)

jett muraski

  • jett probably has the most relaxed parents out of the group. they’re basically cool with whatever they do as long as it’s not too illegal and not hurting anyone. 
  • at first with the name guillotine girls, teresa was like “but jett’s not a girl? wouldn’t they be pissed being called a girl?” but jett was like “fuck it i went to a girl’s school for so long that i think i can be in a girl gang.” as much as jett and teresa argue, they would literally fight if anyone insults the other.
  • they dye their hair like almost every month. aimee, melissa and natalie sometimes bet on what colour is next. 
  • literally gives zero fucks half the time which can land them in trouble a lot. okay, honestly, most of the trouble the gang get in, is due to jett not thinking.
  • jett is pansexual but doesn’t really care about relationships much, somewhere on the aro spectrum. thinks they’re kinda stupid, who needs to depend on someone else when you have yourself?
  • birthday is november 2nd, making them a scorpio. 
  • best friend is melissa. but also, if i’m being honest? they get along vERY well with teresa. okay they fight like 24/7 but not in a mean way? they’re honestly super close.

i seriously have so many but i guess that’s it for now!

I haven’t figured out precisely how (or, more accurately, where) I’m going to do my “I can totally do 1,000 recs over the course of the next year!” project, but I am definitely planning on using it to motivate me into sitting down with all that amazing fic that’s piling up on my reader. And, hell, this list alone is full of FEELS AND PORN which are my favorite things and I want to force myself to find time for them on a regular basis again!

untitled by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki,NSFW, pre-movies, 2.1k
    Ah, yes. I believe “awkward blow job in a cave” is all the title, summary and warning you need. Thorki, 2,2k, NSFW.
With Brother Like This, Enemies Are Redundant by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, mildly nsfw, 1.8k
    Anonymous asked: I wish you would write a fic where…loki could be a little shit (like he is!!) , but wont let anybody but him, treat his brother like he does. also he has a weakness for thor and angry sex :D
Heat by fatcatwrites, thor/loki, NSFW, werewolf!thor + werewolf!loki, 1.6k
    A fic of in heat werewolves Thor and Loki meeting for the first time.
flow by lokisbubblebutt, thor/loki, NSFW, watersports, mild embarassment, 2.3k
    Loki shifts, trying to wake himself up enough to make sense of his surroundings, and feels his bladder twinge uncomfortably in protest. So that’s what woke him.

Hold Me Close (But Not *That* Close, What Is Wrong With You) by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor & loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    They are boys, still. Loki tells himself that, when he lies trembling in his large bed with the covers pulled tight over his head.
untitled by pro-antagonist [ mobile ver. ], loki & sif, suicide ideation, 1.8k
    Loki and Sif (Gen). Loki struggles with suicidal thoughts.
Appetite and Need by Mythtaken Identity (Shadowland), agent!loki & verity willis, 1.4k
    Tricksters are all appetite and unrelenting need.
The Lullaby Singer by TheOtherOdinson, odin & loki & other asgardians, divergent timeline, 27.4k wip
    Odin hasn’t left Asgard in over a thousand years. When he finds out Loki is still alive and preparing to launch an attack on Midgard, he could send Thor to stop him. Or Odin could go himself.
Now and Forever by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki, pre-movies, 1.7k
    After a night of heavy drinking, Thor is feeling chatty. Loki would like for them to make it home without falling on their faces.
Bait and Switch by Mikkeneko, thor & loki, pre-movies, nsfw for violence/torture, 10.9k
    When political enemies of Asgard capture Thor, they think they can use Loki as leverage against Thor. This doesn’t turn out well. For anyone.
In Sickness And In Health by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor & loki, sick!loki, 1.4k
    Loki gets the flu.
Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men by ariadne_bee, 616!thor & agent!loki & verity willis, 5.9k
    Thor needs a place to stay, and Loki has a couch. Also featuring Chinese food, boys playing Xbox, Christmas decorations in New York, snow flurries, family, friendship, flirting, and people swearing they’re not flirting.
Of Ends and Beginnings by Rynfinity, thor & loki, 1.6k
    The sun beats down, and the streets are alive with people. There is indeed the smallest hint of the Realm Eternal here, in the bright skies and sweeping vantage point. What Thor cannot help but notice almost immediately, though, is how very much the place reminds him of mother.

full details + recs under the cut!

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New Experience

Characters: Reader x ???


Summary: Moving day is coming close, and everyone works to get ready!

Part 8 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, and Part 7 here.

Alright, enjoy, guys!

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Hey late night Tumblr peeps!

So I’m very excited about my big collab I have coming up this weekend. I’ve already got 20 YouTubers’ finished videos and I have 46 people confirmed. I’ll probably round the number to 50 in the video to be honest. No biggie.

However, on the topic of the collab, I talked a lot about it during my live show last week. Due to the nature of things, I wanna just put some stuff out here which deliberately has not much context. I saw some comments about my show on a YouTube video so I just wanted to clarify a weird thing… Cherry Wallis is going to be in my collab. Yes. Cherry. From Birmingham. I hadn’t wanted to reveal any names yet, but figured in the liveshow I’d cheekily give one away as her name fit my sundae analogy so well. I even snapped at the wordplay. I’m a bit surprised not many of you picked up on that, but I guess that just means I’m better at keeping secrets than some people would make you believe! *airhorn.wav*

I don’t know how many people that left random comments on this video actually follow me on Tumblr, but I’m assuming if they did, they’d read this post and go “ooooooh….oh…” and if you’re a random passerby confused as to why I needed a wall of text to announce one friend was in my video, enjoy your blithe state. 

This is the vaguest, yet least vague post I’ve ever made. 

While you’re here though and I’m still jetlagged looking at the clock and thinking, I figured I would chat about that thing that happened this morning. For the most part, I hold negative people from me with a 6 foot pole. Living with Dodie has been a blessing as she’s always full of positive energy. I will miss her greatly. However, I do know many people that thrive on negativity. I don’t make it a mission to hang out with these people. If I’ve had to “stand up” for friends who these people will happily talk shit about behind their backs continuously as if their lives revolve around it then I try to avoid them in person as much as online. I’ve always disliked the notion of “YouTube cliques” and for the most part, I don’t consider myself part of any of these “boxes” of friendship groups. I don’t pretend to be friends with everyone. I consider myself light friends with a many, but I only truly have 4 close friends, Dodie, Connie, Gabby, and Lucy. I hang out with lots of people and I get on really well with many more, but if I’m ever upset about something (losing job/moving/etc) I can always rely on these 4 to help me. Each interestingly enough has their own group of friends separate from the rest for the most part as well. 

In terms of negativity, I don’t post any. At the end of the day, I’d like to have that as a personality trait. At Playlist Live 2 years ago when I had a chat with Louis I realised I’d never once heard him say a negative thing about a soul. I thought that was such an amazing quality and so I began to transform myself that way. The only reason I’ll get involved in anything nowadays is if I wanna make a joke about it. For instance, I’ve never met the Fine Bros and tbh I haven’t ever watched one of their videos spare the one that blew up, but I didn’t agree with their trademarking of “react” so I tweeted a joke or 2 about it. For the most part, the joke is about this trademark issue and not really them. Like I said, I don’t know them at all to say anything of them really. Then again that doesn’t stop a lot of people.

But! (this is finally coming around) I don’t wanna see negativity on my twitter timeline especially when it’s against someone I’m also friends with. That’s not cool. Like heaven forbid if someone I know decided to be a dick to Dodie; idk what I’d do. No matter how many times I’ve asked her not to get involved with situations, Dodie will always defend me when I’m needlessly attacked. I’m thankful I haven’t had a chance to return the favour. ANYWAY, after reading the offending post, I just sighed. It was just an old rehashed attack at someone I consider a friend. Half of me was tempted to just unfollow and let it be, but I felt it disingenuous not to at least inform her that I found what she said in poor taste. I didn’t want to get involved past that. It wasn’t my battle nor is it in good taste, especially publicly. 

In the end, Lucy made a great post summing up everything right and wrong with the post and all was well. 


  • Don’t spend your life putting down people you don’t like; it makes you bitter. Raise up people you do like instead. Add positivity to the world; it’s got enough negativity without you.
'The Writer'

requested by anonymous

summary: Ashton would never compare himself to Shakespeare but he is the most influential playwright of our era

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anonymous asked:

How do you keep inspiration when writing? I suffer from extreme writer's block very often but the other day an idea struck me and I wrote it down, expanded my points and came up with a semi-decent overview of this new story I wanted to write. I could hear the sentences in my head, see the characters, /feel/ the characters...but now, only a couple days later I don't want to write it anymore. It seems boring, tasteless, over-done. But I still kinda like the idea. I don't know how to solve this.

Don’t give up! 

Let me be honest with you. There are days when I read over my answers to you all and think that I am the greatest wordsmith ever to walk this earth and that I deserve vast legions of fans and a cookie. Then there are days when I read them over and think that I am literally the worst person ever to touch a keyboard,and I wonder why on earth anyone listens to me.

Everyone goes through periods of thinking their ideas are not good enough. Everyone. I guarantee it. I know the last thing anyone in this position wants to hear is “get over it/it doesn’t matter/suck it up,” so try some of this instead.

You don’t want to write it. Why is that? Pick it apart and see what isn’t working.

  • Is something amiss in the plot, that makes it feel bland? Throw ideas at it until something sticks and clicks and makes you gasp with how amazing a twist it is, remove one element at a time until you can pinpoint exactly which variable is dragging everything down, cycle through other things you can use in its place, or try writing it anyway and see if something comes to you along the way.
  • Does one of your characters make you want to pull your hair out? Give them a total personality makeover, yank their motivation out from under their feet and replace it with something different to see how they catch themselves, or force them into a situation that makes them unfathomably uncomfortable. Make them work as hard as you do.
  • Does the story progression feel tried, but no longer true? Stick it in a blender and piece it back together in a different order that may or may not work, change up the involvement of the characters and how they interact with the MacGuffin, or dropkick everything off the balcony except the inciting incident and set it loose in a world of your creation.

But you also do want to write it. Why is that? Figure out why precisely  you love your idea and run with it.

  • Do you love your characters? Write up character sheets and rave at length about how their character arc is more phenomenal than any other, play with a million dress-up games to figure out how they look and how they carry themselves, surf TvTropes until you can explain their entire character arc in tropespeak.
  • Do you love your plot idea? Spin it out on a sheet of paper and see where you can take it, throw it up on a chalkboard and make a timeline of your favorite events from it, pin your character sheets against it and map out when and where and why things happen.
  • Is there an element you love and want to do more with? Rig it to the center of your plot and refuse to let anything bump it out, give your characters a crash course in its uses and send them on a journey to spread its good word, or refuse to tell them how it works and make them struggle to figure it out on their own.

Enjoy the process as much as the product. Writing is a craft. It is an art as well as a science, it is creation and destruction and it comes from the mind and the heart. You will get stuck, and that is fine. That is great. That is to be expected and dealt with and moved on from. When you get stuck, something isn’t working. Sometimes, that something is you. You may need a break: step away and relax. Read something, goof off on the Internet, play with a pet or grab a drink. Writer’s block might mean that you are honestly trying too hard, and so your brain is rebelling and refusing to work. Take care of your brain, too.

Write terribly. Be awful. Write dreadful turns of phrase, splice your commas and split your infinitives, write things in brackets to come back and add to later, keysmash your way through a passage, but however you do it, write. Get through the doldrums of writer’s block and come out the other side triumphant with a handful of pages, maybe even a draft. Get it all out, even and especially if you can’t stand it. Once it’s all out of your mind and onto paper, get out your red pens and highlighters and attack until it bleeds. Whip it into shape and make it shine. Sometimes the best part of writing is the editing, once it’s all said but not all done.

Nothing is perfect. Writing can be a chore sometimes when it comes to kicking everything into shape and editing the heartwrenchingly bad prose out of your amazing idea, but remember, remember, that nothing comes out perfect on the first run. We undertake the adventure of writing because we love it. Maybe not all the time: we hate the bad days, we hate that sentence that never sounds right, we hate the characters who just don’t mesh no matter how hard we try, we hate the plots that have no satisfactory resolution. One of the most wonderful parts of writing is that if ever you don’t love something, you can change it until you do. Take a break and come back with a red pen and vengeance.

Above all, love your words, because they are yours. Love your ideas, because they are yours. No one can do what you can with them. There is a beauty and a candor in putting your thoughts to paper. Never, ever belittle what you come up with. Never.

It is within you to succeed, never forget that. Once you have something, let me know: I will bake you a batch of cookies myself.


You Must Remember This, a Kiss Is Still a Kiss

A different take on Iris’s first kiss.

“I guess in my mind, you’ll always be Barry, and I’ll always be Iris. And we always find each other,” she declares.

Where her head rests against the wooden beams of the porch stairs, Iris nods with a hint of finality, an attempt to convince herself that going along with the team’s collective decision to remain unaware of the obscure other timeline Barry induced and experienced was the best course of action to take for everyone.

“We do always find each other,” Barry confirms, his voice earnest. “Not just in your mind.”

Iris goes still. She thought she was satisfied, but now she wishes Barry didn’t say anything further. She can sense her curiosity beginning to unfurl the way it always does when something strikes her fancy. Her inquisitiveness had always been her greatest strength and biggest weakness. It’s certainly accounted for her respectable reputation in investigative journalism, but she acknowledges she still has trouble figuring out when the desire to know is unwarranted.

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