but let me tell you a thing

“I think it looks pretty good on you!”

Bit of sweetiebloom to start the semester. I’m trying to shake the rust off but it might be a little bit before I fully return to form again, I can tell I’m regressing to old habits and such but I’ll get back to where I once was soon enough. In the meantime I guess you guys will just have to put up with sub par bobdude fillies

In the spirit of getting back into the swing of things, I may start up a weekly stream schedule just to get me committed. Sunday night vibe nights with bob or something, who knows. I’ll let ya know. Hopefully some of you can make it a part of your day when I get my ideas for it all fleshed out.

Just another skk long post

Don’t worry, it’s just a frame by frame collection of pictures from a gif I really love. I just can’t help but notice something after staring at this beautiful thing repeatedly for 5 minutes.

Let’s focus on Chuuya’s facial expressions:

Now, let’s cut it one pic each.

#1 “What are you up to, Dazai?”

#2 (How big Chuuya’s eyes here just struck him as beautiful than ever, idk if that’s just me.)

#3 Beautiful

#4 Irritated but still beautiful

#5  Irritated but still beautiful (2)

#6 Chuuya looks really annoyed here. But on the next one…

#7 He still looks annoyed, although there’s something else on his face that tells another thing. Is it more annoyance? Disappointment for his old partner? 

#8 “Tsk. You never change.” look. 

(I also love how Dazai closed his eyes at the same time Chuuya did but that’s another thing.)

#9 “You’re plotting something again, I’m frustrated that I don’t know what it is and you just won’t tell me.” look.

#10 “You make my skin crawl.”

(I’ll continue on a next reblog since the limit for posts are 10 pictures only)

I’m working on the next chapter of “The Defective Uzumaki”, which I suddenly realized I have neglected for about half a year. Whoops.

Here is a teaser, inspired as always by the wonderful clan matriarch AU work of @yomi-gaeru who drew the above picture:

“Well, Onee-chan is always saying that being a wife to an important man means being ‘diplomatically astute’.” She was slowed down now to lug the case up a slope. “I didn’t think I would be very good at it. Although, to tell the truth, I don’t think she’s always that good at it either.”

“You really should let me take that,” Madara said, and this time put his action over her protests and pulled it from her grip. “What’s in this? Rocks?”

“Just my things,” she huffed. “If it’s too heavy for you I can take it back!”

He was glad Izuna wasn’t waiting around when they returned to the compound, especially because when they got in, took off their shoes, and Madara set down her case, Sakura gripped him around the waist. But not at all in a lover-like manner.

“What are you doing?!”

She puffed and grunted in exertion. “I’m trying to lift you!”

Madara looked down. Her face was turning as pink as her hair as she struggled to get leverage. He crossed his arms and laughed.

She released him and huffed again. “You’re heavier than you look! I am actually really strong! Everyone says so!”

“Hn. Well. Now that you’ve worn yourself out, you should sleep.”

“You just wait until I manage the seal,” she grumbled.

(yomi-gaeru’s art is used with permission)

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Tell us stories about your boyfriend he seems really nice

Oh god. Im blushing thinking about the cutesy shit, but let me tell you the stort of the one thing i have never let him live down in the four years since hes done this.

So way back, we were still trying to get used to each other and we both liked to kinda train our bodies to push our limitations. Still do actually!

Well, this incident has a new established rule of “Training together, training smarter.”

He wanted to see the pain tolerance of jumping out of a vehicle.

Now, i had no FUCKING CLUE he was gonna do this and im driving nearly 30 mph (48.28 kph, for my non-US followers). And in the middle of me turning to ask me something, hes jumped out of the vehicle.

I hit the brakes and parked in the middle of the damn road, ran to him, ignored the man yelling at me for thinking i pushed him out (my friend explained everything to him), and Ive run to the boyfriend to make sure he wasnt fucking dead.

This is one of two times that he has seen me livid. The only other time was when my ex-roommate suggested breaking into my parents house to get my furniture. I do not tolerate disrespect, nor do i tolerate idiocy causing harm.

Thankfully, he walked away with only a few cuts cuz hes a dumbass and didnt actually jump. He more or less fell out. So he hit all gravel.

I was able to sanitize and bandage the wounds,but I didnt even talk to him without so much as a snarl for nearly an hour.

To this day, if we ever even slightly disagree, I will just smile and go “why dont you just jump out of the car!”

I have told this story to all my family members and he is so embarrassed anytime he gets in a car and my aunt says “Now sweetie, i put on the childlock so there will be no extreme stunts.”

Nearly five years into this and its still the funniest story to be told, right next to using my height to my advantage and yelling in a child’s voice “BUT MISTER YOU PROMISED ME CANDY” and everyone in that aisle just staring.

We talk about gender dysphoria a lot on trans blogs - because it can hurt so much and feels so intense. It affects our lives in big ways. But I wanna talk about something we don’t talk about as much. 

Gender Euphoria!

If gender dysphoria is when we’re feeling low because our body doesn’t match who we are, gender euphoria is that explosively happy feeling we feel when we make progress towards living as who we are! When we find things we like about how we look and it feels SO GREAT. That feeling of relief and peace when you don’t hate the mirror. 

Tell me about times you experienced gender euphoria! I want to hear about those moments when you are in love with your gender! Lets talk about when it feels good to be us.


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Castiel and your favorite guy headcannon of what they would say/how they act during sexy time. 😘

  • Castiel is just as snarky in bed as he is in everyday life, but depending on the mood he can also be very a very romantic guy. Sometimes he likes to be the more dominant one, taking control and being bolder. Saying things like “You like when I do that?” or “Tell me how you want it, babe.”
  • When he’s feeling sweeter he’ll say things like “You’re so amazing” or “God, you’re beautiful.”
  • Likes to spice things up all the time or he gets bored. Expect him to occasionally try a new technique on you to see if you like it.
  • He grunts a lot, and bites down on your neck when he’s about to cum. He’ll start thrusting faster and his breathing will get heavier ad heavier.
  • If you’re doing a really good job he’ll let you know. “Damn babe, that feels good”, “Fuck, yeah just like that dollface.”
  • He gets off more by focusing on what his partner is feeling and the sounds they make.  So don’t be shy! Tell him how good it feels. Boost his ego!
  • Really not shy at all when it comes to his or your body, if he wants you you’ll definitely know, he has no shame in blatantly asking you if you’re in the mood.
  • Somewhat of a tease too, really likes edging you on because he loves how built up you get and that look of release on your face at the end.
  • Lysander is usually a very gentle lover, likes to take things at a nice slow pace. He likes taking his time with you, making sure you’re feeling just as good as he is, if not better. But occasionally he can have this very bold side that kinda throws you off guard but turns you on even more.
  • When he’s bold he can say things like “Tell me what you want me to do, love”, or “Show me how good it feels, let me hear your voice.” Or even “I love how vulnerable you are right now.”
  • His normal self usually says things like “You are truly stunning,” or if he’s too into it to speak properly he’ll just breathe out the words “So pretty…” or “Beautiful…”
  • He likes the feeling of being close to his partner so expect him to hold you tightly around your waist. Loves when you wrap your legs around him.
  • He’s not only a gentleman in the streets, but also in the sheets. He loves pleasuring you simply because the faces you make are so gorgeous to him and it kind of turns him on that only he gets to see you like this.
  • Kind of loses himself when you’re having sex so he gets very into it and the way his eyes glaze over with lust is just mmmmyes
  • When he cums he doesn’t really make any noise, his body just tightens up and his grip on you becomes tighter as well, his thrusts become harder and more forceful.

“Don’t you know we were meant to be?” Esme sighed.

“Meant to be? Were we? How would you explain Parker Dean in your bedroom then?”

“That was…alright, so you will finally let me tell you what that was? Yes, I was going to sleep with him. But you have to understand, I just wanted to try something new.”

“I see. So now you’re tired exploring and want to go back home.”

“That’s such a nice way to say it. Yes, I want things to be the way they were. Kiss me now? Happy ending?”

“You’re incredible, Tanner. Why are you still so into me?” Adam hissed. “I’ve been asking this question since the first day of high school. You’ve always tried to get me. But why?”

“You’re handsome. You’re nice. You’re talented. You love art with your whole heart. You…think. A lot. That’s why it took you four damn years to fall for me. You had to think it through. See all the pros and cons-”

“No,” he shook his head. “You’re getting it all wrong. I can’t blame you, I guess, since I never told you the truth either.”

“I’m listening, then. Make it short.”

➳ stability - kim taehyung

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: angst, fluff
warnings: mental illness, dark themes, mentions of death, self harm/degradation (please tell me if there are more)

“balance of mind, mental health, normality, sanity, soundness, rationality, reason, sense,”

—in which an unstable boy writes about the only thing that keeps him sane.

may 8th, 1999

   this is my first time writing in a journal, like, ever. it’s supposed to help me control and let out all the feelings i usually bottle up, that i usually try to keep to myself. i really don’t think it’s going to help at all.

   i’m not going to tell you my name because that doesn’t really matter. the only person who will ever read this journal is my therapist (hey hyunjoo), and she knows me.

   the only rule i have us that i’m not allowed to specifically talk about what happened last april. 

   apparently it’ll upset me and when i get upset everyone starts to worry, and apparently it will just be easier if i don’t talk about what i did last april. it’s kind of stupid, idk. am i even allowed to use abbreviations? whatever. hyunjoo, you’ll understand. 

   anyways, now i don’t know if i believe that, i feel like that maybe it would be easier for me to talk about what happened, but i’ll follow the rules, for now.

   i’m supposed to write an entry every day but i doubt i’ll keep to it. i can’t even remember to take my meds unless someone else reminds me.

   i know this is meant to help me and everything but i honetly don’t see how me writing in here is going to do anything. i know i spelled honestly wrong, you didn’t give me an eraser.

   like, let’s say one day i feel kind of sad. i can write about being sad in the journal, but then what? i’ll probably still be sad when i’m all done, it’s not going to make me feel any better.

   i don’t know, maybe i’m just stubborn.

i’ve always been like this, especially when i was a little kid. my mom said that i never wanted help from anyone else, if i didn’t know how to do something i would figure it out on my own. she used to be so proud of me, she said i was such a smart baby.

   maybe she is still proud of me, i don’t know. i just feel like such a burden to her now, especially after what i did last april. she always tells me that i’m not, but i can tell that i cause her way too much stress now. i used to be so much better.

   (am i talking about it too much? i know that the rule was not to specifically talk about it, so is this alright? i won’t mention exactly what happened. okay?)

   i guess i should talk a little about what i did today. that was something my therapist suggested.

   i woke up this morning, actually it was around noon, and i had a piece of toast for breakfast. my mom reminded me to take my medication so i did. and then i walked to my therapy session. my mom picked me up when it was over and took me out to lunch even though i wasn’t very hungry.

   then i went with my cousin to help pick up my suit for the wedding. my mom’s getting married again. i feel pretty neutral about the whole thing, but i guess i can talk more about this at a different time. 

   when we got back home i went to my room and fell asleep for a few hours. i sleep A LOT. my mom woke me up just a little while ago when she brought home some dinner to eat in my room. i know its messy but i really stopped caring. she knows i don’t like to go downstairs, especially when her fiance and his son are there.

   now here i am, i finally decided to pick up this journal and write something. i guess i kind of like it, i mean, i still don’t think its going to work, but i like writing. not, like, actual works of writing, but the act of putting pen on paper if you get me. my grandma always told me i should put my neat writing to good use, so i took a few art classes in middle school. i guess it’s one of the few things i’m actually good at.

   so i just fell asleep for three hours and then woke up again. it’s 1am now. it was kind of funny, i woke up and i was using the journal as a pillow and now theres ink smudged all over my cheek.

   yeah, so i was saying, i don’t think this journal thing is going to be too bad. just not effective at all, in my opinion. or maybe i’m just not seeing the point. well, i’m probably only going to have to keep it up for a little while, and then they’ll decide that i’m okay again and i don’t need it. i can probably handle that.

   i’ve only been awake for about 10 minutes and i’m already feeling really tired again, so i think i’ll go take the rest of my medication and then call it a night. i have to get up early tomorrow to help my mom with more wedding stuff, anyway.

i guess this was a pretty good start to this journal, right? i’m doing a good job, right? 

let me know, hyunjoo.

Bare: A Pop Opera sentence starters [part two]
  • “It’s a wedding y'all, so clap your hands!”
  • “Now that’s a surprise…where are we?”
  • “You, my companion, you, my best friend, you, my beginning, true ‘till the end…”
  • “I can tell you found love and blah blah blah, its fate.”
  • “I didn’t tell anyone, so don’t worry about it.”
  • “I don’t want it to be like this…”
  • “I just thought that you would call me over the break.”
  • “Things I have don’t last for long,”
  • “I never really cared too much; don’t get attached.”
  • “I let them in, we make some noise. They let themselves out, that’s their choice.”
  • “The phone won’t ring and I become some anecdote.”
  • “My discarded heart has finally found a home…”
  • “Well, I’d like to tape it but honestly ___, I’m not gonna be one of those parents.”
  • “Just listen — I don’t even know where to start. I can’t get the words out, it’s like they’re all jumbled together…”
  • “I’m dying here, I’m all alone!”
  • “I’ve been waiting to tell you this since I was twelve!”
  • “You don’t want to hear it, you don’t want to see me, can’t bare to see me…”
  • “Are you really never going to speak to me again? I miss you…”
  • “In Shakespeare’s time boys played all the parts, so I’ll thank you to keep your ignorance as hidden as possible.”
  • “God don’t make no trash.”
  • “It’s because there’s a black woman inside the soul of every gay man!”
  • “It isn’t all about you! It affects the rest of us, what you do!”
  • “I am so sick of you moping around when you’ve had the world handed to you because you’re pretty!”
  • “I’d trade places with you in a fucking heartbeat!”
  • “You have no idea what I’m going through!”
  • “I’ll say it one more time, I’m sorry I don’t feel the same. We had ourselves a moment, but it’s gone.”
  • “My head’s in thirty different places. Please, just try to understand!”
  • “So tell me how we move on!”
  • “I don’t know what it is you want from me!”
  • “I don’t have time to hear whatever tale you’ve spun!”
  • “Maybe if he weren’t that way, he wouldn’t treat your feelings like his toy!”
  • “But he’s already in love with a boy!”
  • “What the fuck are you talking about ‘my boyfriend’?”
  • “Once upon a time I first held your hand, and love was not a crime…”
  • “Would You take me back or watch me bleed?”
  • “All I needed was his hand in mine, then I lost my way and… Now I know not what I do.”
  • “I know it’s late, but I didn’t know where else to go…”
  • “I’m here to listen, here to understand you. Tell me what lies in your heart.”
  • “Well I’ve tried to be strong, I’ve tried to belong. But I don’t, or I won’t, I can’t, I can’t —”
  • “It’s not something I can be, it’s not okay, not for me.”
  • “If they knew my family would die, they would die…”
  • “I don’t care how you do it, but that best be one hell of a kiss!”
  • “Apothecary’s open!”
  • “Have we come to the ending? Or am I just dreaming?”
  • “The music is gone now, the silence is strange…”
  • “And know that in my heart you were the only one.”
  • “Please understand that I tried.”
  • “Try to see it’s not goodbye…”
  • “I have discovered the one thing that’s real, that I love you and I’ve loved you from the start.”
  • “I can’t hide anymore, I don’t want to…”
  • “We’ll always ask ourselves if there was something more that could have been done…and that’s natural.”
  • “Do you know how much he loved…?”
  • “Did you know how much he cared…?”
  • “Lost in the teaching was a…boy so all alone and scared.”
  • “Father, we were so in love! And that’s what I find so odd, our love was pure and nothing else brought me closer to god!”
  • “You held your mystery so close, but I knew. I knew your way… Never found the words to say. Always thought we’d talk one day…”
  • “How did a simple love get complicated?”
  • “In a world that’s quick to judge, I will try to understand.”
  • “It’s so hard to find your way when you have no voice to guide you…”

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Pink: "The 'Tell Me' thing- but uh-- With normal Yagi.."

If you snuck into my room I would:

[X] Go back to sleep                 [  ] Kick you out
[X] Cuddle with you                   [X] Be like “How in the world?”
[  ] Let you sleep on the floor    [  ] Become angry

If you kissed me (or hugged) I would:

[X] Kiss or hug you back                       [X] Smile and laugh
[  ] Stiffen, and feel uncomfortable        [  ] Push you away
[  ] Be shocked                                       [  ] Strike you

If you asked me to go out with you for a day I would say:

[  ] No          [X] Yes          [  ] Most certainly not.          [ ] Without hesitation.

You are:

[X] Cute          [X] Adorable          [X] Attractive          [X] Beautiful
[  ] Okay         [  ] Ugly                 [  ] Am not going to grace this with an answer

You are to me a:

[  ] Stranger          [  ] Acquaintance          [X] Ally
[X] Friend              [X] Love                        [  ] Rival
[  ] Enemy

I find you to be:

[  ] Pathetic          [  ] Off no consequence          [  ] Intriguing
[  ] Frightening     [  ] Unsettling                          [  ] Annoying
[  ] Infuriating       [X] Pleasant company            [X] Comforting
[X]  Unable to be lived without                            [X] Trustworthy

<Insert muffled squeaks here>

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My dad won't stop using our renewed talking relationship to tell my abusive grandparents everything i say. He got mad at me for a small misunderstanding and told me out of the blue that my mom let me go hungry as a kid so she could buy wine but he was never there, never tried to talk to me or see me til my mom wanted to remarry. My mom doesn't even drink wine. Now my dad's other relatives are not talking to me and hiding things from me on social media. All because i can't keep getting hurt byhim

Hey! <3

Your dad is kind of being a dick, not gonna lie. The things he’s telling you are incredibly cruel and nothing a dad should be telling their kid. 

This is why whenever someone tells me “but they’re your family, you have to love them” I tell them fuck no. Being related to me by blood doesn’t automatically grant you my respect and love. Those still have to be earned and can be lost. 

I’m so sorry he’s treating you like this. You deserve better. I wish I could help more than give you a huge hug <3

I’m always here if you need to talk <3 

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but are you REALLY sure you wanna be with daniel and aren't just feeling some form of guilt,,,,? maybe it's that guilt that's telling you to let daniel join in on what you and david could be even if you don't really feel anything for him

“… daniel is.. sweet, and he’s nice, a-and he remembers things that– that people don’t remember about me.. he’s gotten me a couple gifts and- i really appreciated them.. i-i’m such an asshole and for no good reason really and i think i’ve just– been pretending i didn’t feel anything? because then maybe it would go away and i wouldn’t have to worry about it but- it never really did go away…”

“that’s- that’s why i wanna talk to david.. ask him if we’re like– a thing now and, s-see what he thinks about that… it’s not like i’d just date someone else behind his back, i’m an honest man..”

“m-marriage? i-i hadn’t even thought about that– oh god can i keep not thinking about it? i don’t wanna think about the future…”

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Which of the newsies can solve a rubix cube? Who can solve it the quickest/slowest? Who has never solved one? Who refuses to try? Who has spent the longest time trying to solve one but have never been successful? How many times has a rubix cube hit the wall because someone got frustrated? (This is all coming from me watching my brother solve a rubix cube and not understanding what on earth he is doing)

alright Imma answer these in order and let me tell you it’s gonna be hilarious (if I do say so myself lol)

Which of the newsies can solve a rubix cube?

-Specs, Crutchie, Smalls, Elmer (when he has the patience)

Who can solve it the quickest?

-Crutchie (and Specs is second and pissed, but watching Crutchie solve this thing is practically like watching a magic trick)

Who solves it the slowest?

-Smalls (doesn’t have the most spatial reasoning in the world)

Who refuses to try?

-Spot, Jack (he tried once when he was younger and got so frustrated he swore never to try again)

Who has spent the longest time trying to solve one but has never been successful?

-Davey (much to his dismay and embarrassment), Race (acutally he spent like 30 seconds on it and then got distracted)

How many times has a rubix cube hit the wall because someone got frustrated?

-at least 4 times

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For the character thing: deku with 003

💚👊  Midoriya Izuku 👊💚

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you:

How I feel about this character:

I think Izuku makes a unique protagonist and main character for the show. He earns his stripes the further along he goes, the more he learns and the more relationships begin to build him up. I want him to get stronger mentally, not let what happened in his past anchor him.

Any/all the people I ship romantically with this character: 

Iida, Todoroki, and Ochako, there’s probably more, but I can’t think of any right now. I love when he’s in a relationship where they build on each other.

My favorite non-romantic relationship for this character: 

Bakugou. Only because I want Bakugou (not Izuku!!!) to mend their relationship. Regardless of how terrible Bakugou treats Izuku, I think they have a strong connection. They have a nonverbal type of communication that let’s them read each other in a way that no one else can.

My unpopular opinion about this character: 

Aaah 💦 my only gripe with Izuku is his technique..plagiarizing…??? I can see how frustrating it must feel for Bakugou to see the moves he’s worked his ass off for be taken from him. I mean it’s definitely a good strategy!!! Learning from and mimicking those you admire.

But I think it’s important for the little guy to individualize himself, create his own technique and work it around his own quirk ideally.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

I’m not too sure what to say here, other than maybe screen time with his mama. The scenes that do happen are short lived and lack depth. It’s clear that there’s complex history between then, the guilt and the way Inko feels raising her child alone. I think she impacts him more than she’s made out to be

Favorite friendship for this character:

Todoroki! They continue to build and compliment each other in way that Izuku has never experienced before. I know Todoroki is already king of oversharing akjdhfa, but I think that was a special moment between the two, Todoroki willing and wanting to share his past with Izuku.

My crossover ship: 

omg??? i don’t know but there was this one post about him appearing several times with that little orange haired kid from Haikyu??

Thank you for sending me this!! 

- Panda ❤

Hi everybody lets start a nice conversation. Tell me your favorite thing about The Beatles! Why are they your favorite band? Do you have a special Beatles related memory? Let’s spread some positivity and getting people here talking 😀

Let Me Tell You About My Team

@marvelfanlife, @dontshootmespence, @imagicana@criminal-navy-writings, @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars, @derekmorgansoffice, @acespence, @ultrarebelheart

  Just a fic of Emily profiling the team similar to how Hotch did in 02x23 but with the Season 13 lineup. It’s not my best but I tried and I apologize if there are any inaccuracies.

     There was no doubt that the BAU are good at what they do, especially with Emily as Unit Chief, though there are those who doubt them. After working on a case that nearly compromised the team, the Assistant Director began to question their abilities, particularly Emily’s ability as Unit Chief. Although Emily didn’t mind anyone criticizing her actions, doubting her ability of leading the team was another thing. 

“My team? Let me tell you about my team.” Emily said to the Director before continuing.

“Dr. Spencer Reid is a man with great intelligence. Little did anyone know was that his intellect serves as a shield for all of the personal problems he’s currently facing.
Agent Jareau has come a long way from being the media liason to a full fledge profiler. Her experiences help shaped her in becoming the person she is now.
Garcia fills her office with bright colors and trinkets as a reminder to smile no matter how dark the situation can be.
Dr. Lewis made herself find the humanity within the men and women she counsels, wondering if any of them had a conscience for their brutal crimes.
Luke Alvez is a man who prefers getting into the chase rather than sit around and brainstorm possible unsubs. Despite his persistence, he is able to get the job done.
Agent Simmons is still trying to adapt working stateside as opposed to working abroad though he shouldn’t have to worry cause we’ve all been there.
 And last but not least, Agent Rossi originally came back to the bureau after a period of semi-retirement to take care of some ‘unfinished business’ only to return full-time because the job is what makes him who he is, so he pours his heart into every case we handle.
I stand by my actions and I stand by my team and if you think that you could find a better person for the job, good luck.“
  The Assistant Director was silent, having a loss for words. Knowing her, she knew better than to doubt Emily and question her ability as Unit Chief. Having said enough, she then slowly walks away before the director could say anything else. She is nothing like Hotch nor will she ever be, but she is just as good as he is, only better. She is quite impressive as Unit Chief and the team is glad to have someone like her leading them.  

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You said nothing ever goes right but look at the friends Virgil has made the things you've done together such as Christmas you bought Virgil a CAT for crying out loud! You are all all wonderful family you have people you are willing to fight for you're family too! So don't you tell me nothing ever seems to go right for you. Life has slip ups and is full of bad people but there are enough good people to take down the bad. Sorry for rambling but it'll be okay Logan I promise! We won't let this go

I suppose you are right. I am just tired of people hurting my family. - Logan

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Are you excited for Supergirl tonight?!?!?

Let me tell you! I’m so excited. I really hope things get better. That the storylines start making fucking sense and that a lot of the characters get the screentime they deserve and a better storyline at that. We all know Kara lives cause duh, but here’s hoping everyone kicks some ass and avenge the downed hero. Someone give Alex that Kryptonite sword.

You know how fucked up has to be a fandom to create safe blogs to shippers because there is a part of the fandom that harass them?

I DONT like maxvid,but that doesnt meant that you can go and hurt people because you want

If you are wishing dead for those who ship maxvid,daneil or ships like that let me tell you that you are worst than the thing that you want to delete. One is a fictional ship and the other is a fucking person. God if there is really a pedophile shipping maxvid he need a specialist,not a 15 year old teen saying “maxvid is bad. You are a pedophile. I am going to harrass you because if I do it you will stop being a pedophile” no,thats not haow it works

Also you can destroy a person doing that

In the fnafhs there was a girl that commited suicide because she shiped some ships and do art. The people hurt her to the point that she made a live video commiting suicide. She jump in live,the people that saw it say that she was realy really bad. Now,because someone decide to harras her instead of talking to her she is dead. And like that a lot of taking the time to post that photo of max with the face of david and calling them pedophiles,can you take the time to talk to a maxvid shipper? God,they are persons. In most of the cases hurt persons

And if you want to harass me too you are a fucking shit that prefere to push people to suicide instead of soving the problem

This fandom is going to be like the toxic part of the SU and Mlp fandoms,fuck