but let me tell you a thing


dunno if anyone sees this but thought i’d do it any way

i just want to ask you all who post about how gross a ship is, why? It’s not like everyone is suddenly going to stop shipping it just because you think it’s bad in some way. And sorry to burst your little bubble but you’re not making the world a better place in any way by sending hate to artists and other people who post about things you don’t like.

It makes me so sad to see people still getting harassed by these antishippers telling them to kill themselves etc. Yeah, let’s talk about that for a second. I get that ‘kys’ is kind of a meme by now and that’s fine by me and probably hearing that once won’t make anyone actually do it but CONSTANTLY getting those messages really damages a person. If your problem with a ship is because it’s pedophilia for an example, the problem with that is bc those kinds of relationships are extremely damaging in real life, right? Well, don’t you think that it’s wrong to harass people bc they like something you don’t agree with?

You people are really so shallow, you act like you care so much and are such good persons but still you seem to care more about fictional characters and that they “ABSOLUTELY SHOULDN’T BE SHIPPED WITH THAT CHARACTER!!1!!1”, but you don’t give two shits about REAL people’s mental health. Don’t you remember what happened with the teen who drew steven universe fanart here? YOU who tell people to kill themselves because of what they like and what they draw/write/whateverthefucktheydo, you are the kinds of people who cause these terrible things to happen.

No one needs your permission to like what they want to. You don’t have any right to judge anyone else for these things. Live and let live, amirite? Or are you really just that fucking selfish that you can’t think about anything else than yourself and what you think is okay? No one is forcing you to like it, but others can if they wish to. This goes for so many other things as well.

Everyone has the right for their own opinion. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi, pan, trans, or whatever you want to call yourself. I don’t care if you’re black, white, asian, and I could go on. YOU are what you choose to be. You can be a good person if you want to be and are willing to do some work for it. Or you can be a really fucking shitty person if you want to be. Your sexuality, gender, or race, nothing matters. Your sexuality for an example, you don’t need to shove it in everyone’s face. If you really know it to be true, you don’t need to prove it to anyone.

It’s 2017. Think about how far we’ve become. Don’t fight fights that don’t really exist. Be content with what you have. Be kind and be proud of who you are. Be a good person. Say hi to that person you have been wanting to talk to and were too shy to. Hug your dad. Tell your mom you love her. We have a limited time here, use it wisely. We are all just humans in the end.

tl;dr Every ship is okay, you are not your sexuality,gender,race etc, you are YOU, don’t be an ass, love your cat

-rant over-


Hello! I decided to post about how to buy stationery (in a kind of realistic way) beause almost every post about stationery I’ve read are more like a brand recommendations.
Here you’ll find a few things you should keep in mind before buying school supplies/stationery.
But first, let me tell you that i loooooove stationery and what you’re about to read has helped me a lot when buying stationery.

1.-Before getting new stationery

Ok, so everytime I buy stationery I get excited and want to buy every cute/awesome (or even useless) things.
Think before you go shopping, focus on the important things you need. You’ll save money because you are not waisting it in things you don’t need.
So, keep the following things in mind:

  • How are you going to organize your stuff? maybe you’ll need new folders and loose paper, will you buy blank, dotted, gridded or lined paper? Maybe you want to use notebooks, how many notebooks will you need? Which size?
  • Do you need special supplies? like specific pens, pencils or paper for certain classes,
  • Small things like paper clips, pen refills, eraser, sharpener, scissors, etc are part of the Forgettable Things Team… Please, keep the Forgettable things in mind!
  • Do you need flashcards,post-it notes, page flags, etc..?
  • Do you have to replace something that is broken or doesn’t work anymore? (like a calculator or a stapler)

If you want, write a list!

2. Brands and Aesthetic

Like I said at the begining of this post, this is not a brand recommendation.
You shouldn’t spend lots and lots of money on aesthetic brands or supplies you don’t need just to fulfil an aesthetic.
Yes, I know all the “studyblr aesthetic” thing it’s cool, beautiful and everything but you don’t need to be aesthetic to be a studyblr!
Well, in case you want to fulfil an aesthetic, find your thing!
Would you like your aesthetic to be minimalistic? Or you rather a colorful and flowery aesthetic? It’s your aesthetic, you decide.
Try different options, different brands and decide on what you like best.
Find a balance between practicability, quality, price and aesthetic.

3. Money

  • Good stationery doesn’t have to be expensive. Price can’t define quality. A high-end pen, expensive notebooks or anything else don’t help you to get better grades.
  • Get pen refills instead of whole new pens.
  • Buy only the notebooks you need! Don’t buy a notebook if you don’t know exactly what you are going to use it for.
  • If you are going to spend a bigger amount of money, make sure to spend it in things you will be using almost every day, for example a scientific calculator, a filofax agenda or a fountain pen.
  • When you use a bullet journal, the less important thing is the brand, it doesn’t matter if you are using a Leuchtturum1917 or a Moleskine, the important thing is what you put inside it. You can make a bullet journal out of any joural you have!

Well, i think that’s it. Those are my basic tips on buying stationery, hope you like it. :)

go on, ask me why i’m tired

ask me and i’ll tell you.

i’ll tell you about intensity,
feeling, seeing and smelling everything around me in a way you could never understand
you see,
your world’s in black and white and i’m processing a symphony.

i’ll tell you about obsession,
about dinosaurs, star trek,sharks,
eyeshadow, witchcraft, dogs, manatees, b-movies. you see,
these things keep me grounded and away from aggression.

but let me tell you about aggression.
my failed attempts at suppression when other people are too close
too loud
too sharp
too strange
they make me scream and weep but then those people call it regression.

and i can tell you about camouflage.
how i have a hundred fronts to put on so you don’t realise how hard i’m fighting against your barrage because god knows i wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.

please try and remember i’m just a mirage.
a mirage flickering and changing in front of your eyes to keep up.
to learn, to understand people when they make no effort to understand me.
that’s camouflage.

that’s a masquerade.
i can maintain 5 different personas at once so other people don’t think i’m strange
and then they have the nerve to question what i am:
autistic behind a barricade.

ask me why i’m tired. go on.
ask and i’ll tell.
about hiding and changing;
obsessing, repressing, confessing my emotions to a room full of strangers because i can’t do it face to face when i’m sober
it’s distressing.

distressing that while i’m repressing and professing my love for myself,
for my brain,
for the way i’m processing the world,
that people come second guessing and expressing their doubt when all i’m trying to do is make them comfortable.

but when i try so hard to make life easy for people i admire only for them to ask me why do i tire so,
it makes me want to scream louder,
stim prouder,
infodump and light up the room like a match dropped on

it’s hard.
to explain why i’m tired to someone who’s brain is fundamentally different to mine.
but i like to try while i stand and untie
the faces that have always been tied across mine.

—  autistic behind a barricade // s.l.c

alright i finished my bowl of cereal, time for my thoughts on Infinite and what he is. it’s mostly Infinite’s theme song that makes me wanna yap about this. Mostly, the lyrics. 

Okay so we already had thoughts about how Infinite was Mephiles and all, right? What with the design of the eyes.

But for me I also find similarities in the color scheme, poses, the way they move, and the voice. But I can also see a relevance to Time Eater in Infinite.
Now that might be a stretch, but this isn’t what I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about Infinite’s theme song. Infinite’s theme song is pointing at some things that stand out to me. I’ll put the ones that stand out to me.

‘Cause I was born in this pain
It only hurts if you let it

And after all this time, you’re back for more

So look around you and tell me what you really see
I’m never ending, that’s the difference in you and me

So these lyrics stand out to me for more reasons that Infinite can be related to Mephiles. 
'Cause I was born in this pain” Remember, Mephiles was created as a result of splitting Solaris apart in two. I don’t know about you, but being ripped in half doesn’t sound like it’d be painless. And also, to spend all that time, craving and hungering for Iblis. He’d have to push that away for his plan, “It only hurts if you let it

So look around you and tell me what you really see/I’m never ending, that’s the difference in you and me” Eggman mentioned that Solaris was never-ending when they were put back together. 

That, and we see Infinite has the ability to distort space(?), just as Solaris can. Mephiles has the ability to make portals as well. 

And after all this time, you’re back for more” This stands out to me. What could this mean? Could this mean because Sonic keeps trying to fight Infinite every time he sees him? Or could it mean something else?

Listen I know this is a stretch. Mephiles and Infinite are obviously two different things and im looking over this, but I’m pretty sure that Sonic Team knows we all love Mephiles if they did this with Sonic Runners

You know what makes me even more angry than the new chapter? The fact that fans expect others to not complain about the ending and want everyone to accept Mashima’s decision without stating their opinion. Listen: Yes, a creator has the right to end their story the way they want to and readers should respect that.
HOWEVER! That does not count when the creator teased and teased, just to tease even more and then give nothing in return. You can’t simply get the hopes of your readers high and then be like “Yeah, some of them are together and some aren’t. That’s it” without making your fans mad. An author can still end it the way they want to, but don’t expect your readers to respect your decision after you have spent so many years letting them get excited for nothing.
I don’t like the new chapter and if you are gonna pull the “Don’t get mad over a ship”-card, then let me tell you another thing: Without the shippers the FT fandom would have been already dead. The reason why it was still alive was solely because of the ships, so yeah, I have every right to get angry over a ship because everything else was just a parody about the power of friendship.

I will take everything back if he is gonna fix this problem with special chapters, but until then I refuse to like how it ended.

Zach Dempsey imagine

I don’t own 13 reasons why. “Since when do you fight people (y/n)?” Zach asked. You shrugged not wanting to tell him why you got in a fight with a cheerleader a few minutes before, until Zach and Justin pulled you and her away from each other. Zach sighed and pulled you closer to him, putting his forehead against yours. “Please tell me what’s wrong” he said. His voice was so soft and gentle, you could resist telling him. “ she said that she was gonna take you away from me Zach.” You said just remember what she said made you mad. “ I just can’t let that happen, if I can’t have you no one can, if you ever left me I wouldn’t know what to do. So my head just shot off and the next thing I knew I was punching her.” Zach kinda smirked but he remanded serious. “ (y/n) you don’t ever have to worry about someone taking me away from you baby, your the only one I love. Okay baby girl?” “ okay” you said smiling hugging him happy that you have such an amazing boyfriend.


Requested by anonymous

“So let me get this straight” you said right after the waiter brought you your food “you left Stanford to hunt monsters? You’re a monster hunter”.

“Basically” Sam confirmed with a chuckle. This whole thing was blowing your mind. Sam was an old friend of yours when you both went to Stanford, one day he just up and left . This was the first time you’ve seen him in forever and it was right after he saved you from some sort of monster.

“This is crazy Sam. Why didn’t you tell me, your best friend about this before” you laughed finally taking a bite of your food.

“Would you have believed me?”.

“No, I still don’t believe it but still. Whatever it’s good to see you”.

“Same goes for you. Just sucks it’s under these circumstances”.


louistummynson  asked:

I saw you answering stuff about PR people being able to create the quotes, and I just wanted to add that, even if the client did give a quote, PR has the right to rephrase is any way they want to to make it more presentable to the press, or to let it make more sense. Spoken word is mostly completely different from written, so PR peeps usually make sure the same intent is there, but with better sentence structure and better words.

Thank you!

Or in this case, worse intent and worse words, but either way, the contract would be written that they have the right to change things without repercussion. 

For the people telling me it’s not true, did you read the actual client contract or were you involved with an ethical PR agency that didn’t take advantage of that clause?

anonymous asked:

you make a lot of good points wrt to dream daddy and another thing is like. as a trans man i'm ecstatic? i never thought i'd be able to play a character like me and by pirating/tearing down the game ppl are letting their wallets tell the industry that games that reach out like this don't sell, esp bc as you said OTHER shitty weird (het, cis) visual novels sell like hotcakes. progress this game makes goes away if it flops. idk you don't have to respond or agree just, thanks for saying somethin

things are always going to have things wrong with them. we all want to be perfect infalliable people with perfect ideas and perfect, correct visions. and i try as often as i can to not support things when they reach a point, but sometimes i have to make exceptions for my own happiness and accept that there are many, many problems with the content i consume, but that doesn’t mean i can’t want it to be better and engage with creators as much as i can to let them know they could do better, than tearing apart everything imperfect with the idea of what would be perfect in mind and saying it shouldn’t exist in the first place if it isn’t already there.

so i guess all i can say is that there’s a little spark of joy i don’t feel often with visual novel material that i’ve felt recently over this sim. i have only ever seen one genuinely, by-for gay-inclusive dating sim geared toward an audience like us before this… and it’s still in a demo phase. there are things wrong with it! there are things i could see in it being wrong for other people. but you can just enjoy things sometimes and acknowledge they’re not even close to perfect, but that’s just kind of how we get on the path to getting better.

derpyjeffcarter  asked:

omg just read the motto thing about sterer and let me tell you!!! I've been a fan of this ship for like a week??? and i'm DEEP man. i've read like 20 fics already (in 6 days or so, none of them of less than 50k+ words) and i'm LOVING it (i've been reading your stuff too!!! i have to thank you for that!!!! thank you for writing so well!!)


Also, thank you so much! I’m so glad you found my Steter stuff, and everyone else’s, and welcome aboard! 


you may call me a dreamer though you know that all too well   –   you may call me a believer even though it’s hard to tell,   BECAUSE I KNOW I’M FADING,   &&   i know i’m losing everything you loved about me,   but don’t let me go   –   i can build the pieces of EVERYTHING I BROKE;   just hold it against me   –   i never said this would be easy,   but i’ll try   –   oh i’ll try!!   yes,   believe me   –   keep your faith in me!!   no one will ever understand the feeling of losing things right in the palm of your hand.   now i know what it’s like to be a man   –   it’s when you lose your legs you still fight to stand   –   because i know i’m fading   &&   I KNOW I’M LOSING EVERYTHING YOU LOVED ABOUT ME   –   but don’t let me go;   keep your faith in me!!

                                            ind. sel. canon divergent hunk.
                                                   as loved by emmanuel.
                                                        est. july 19 2016.
                                                              art cred!!

Chris Interactive Preview

So because I fail at updating (I’m blaming the little human growing inside of me and squishing my insides) I’m going to give you the first part of this interactive I’m still working on. Let me tell you, it’s a process and a half. But it WILL be done dammit!!

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Any advice for someone who feels like their friends don't really care about them anymore? Ever since high school ended, all my friends have found significant others and it feels like no one wants to be around me any more. I'm sorry to bother you with this; you get so many requests everyday. Your blog always makes me smile, though, even on my worst days.

You’re never a bother, darlin! I’m not sure if you wanted advice from me or a post with a character, but I’ll tell you what I think, and if you want a new post just let me know, alright?

Leaving high school is a big thing, and it can be hard to stay close to your friends, with everyone going off to college or getting new jobs. And when your friends are dating, they may not realize they’re making you feel left out by spending so much time with their significant other.

If I were you, I would try telling your friends that you’re feeling left out. It can be hard to voice your feelings, but it will help. I hope your friends understand!

anonymous asked:

Hey, so umm. I just moved in with my dad. And he is very homophobic. And I am a lesbian, and my sisters know, and my mum knew, but what should I do? I don't know if I should keep it a secret for now and risk him being mad later, or tell him now and see if he gets over it while I'm gone for the next two weeks or just not tell him at all, what do you think?

((OOC: This is a tricky one. Ultimately, love, this is down to you and what you feel comfortable with. The important thing, first and foremost, is to keep yourself safe. You live with him, he’s your father, and he’s homophobic. I don’t know to what extent, you would know better than I would. You just be careful, alright?))

A doodly-doo I did because of that one fic that actually managed to grasp Wade’s and Peter’s characters perfectly, and that took entirely too much time considering that I’m only happy with their faces.. Also, drawing Wade’s skin was one of the most relaxing and forgiving things I did art-wise in a while so let me know if you’d like me to try and draw more of these idiots! xoxo

P.S. can you tell my Spider-Man is Tom Holland? His features are so difficult to get right

lonelywalkingpotato  asked:

I've never asked for a matchup before but why not? I'm short, about 157cm, black hair, dark brown eyes. I'm a she, and my personality is like,,, half-meme, half–existentialist philosopher, and 2 and ½ part extremely rational. I believe in the concept of fair trade and is a extrinsic nihilist, which means that I don't believe anything inherently has value of its own. Protip, I don't think I'm very appealing to Zen or Yoosung, or Jaehee (since that serious bean needs a fun person in her life) —Yuu


I got yuu ;)  hope you like it!💛

I match you with…Saeran!

  • I know, I know, your first thought is “why??” 
  • let me tell you i know your fav and you can have him but listen
  • this boy really admires your knowledge on things
  • and you help calm him down and think things through
  • he starts having his own process to sort himself out slowly
  • let me tell you that Saeran’s eyes literally sparkle when you talk to him about these things 
  • he thinks you’re so smart
  • but he can discuss these things with you!
  • and when you meme, he actually likes it
  • you start chilling out and it’s like you’re relaxing
  • listen. you even get him into some memes
  • they’re all vine memes i promise 
  • saeran: “i dont have enough money for chicken nuggets” im cryin
  • also?? you’re smol??
  • he likes to carry you around
  • and stare into your eyes because they’re so different from his
  • he finds them comforting

photographeronthemove  asked:

HELLO I would just like to say. That i binged Prompto's Adventures in Celebrity Dating in less than two hours. And I cannot believe how amazing it is. And thank you. Thank you for this.

     You touched it! I’m so happy you decided to read it,
      it’s a very fun fic that @destatree let’s me play around with and just so ridiculous!
      I hope you keep reading as it updates!