but let me tell you a thing

I’m here. I am here now and tomorrow and next week and next month and forever. I am not leaving. I will not let you deal with this alone, I won’t let you feel this alone. You have me now and forever. If you need to talk, I’m here. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here. If you need someone to kiss your forehead or hold you until the sun comes up or someone to scream at, just to let it all out, I am here. I don’t care how hard you try, you can not push me away. I will not let you self destruct. I love you too much to let you ruin the masterpiece you’ve created out of yourself. You can tell me that you’re unworthy of being loved, you can tell me you’re broken. You can tell me every awful thing you feel and you can tell me all about how much you hate the person you are. But it will never change the truth. It will never change what I’ve come to learn about you. You are so much more.
—  What I need to hear//An excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10

i want video calls until midnight. i want to hear you sing our favorite song. i want to tell you you’re beautiful, because its true. i want you to message me a lot and show me you care. i want to laugh out loud with the things you say, and smile so much that i have to hide it so people wont notice. i want to make your days a little better. allow me to make you happy. let me love you.

Oooookay Guys,

good and bad news. Since my precious little translator-chan is super busy with college things right now, we will have to wait a few more days for Hidoku. That’s why we decided to publish Harami Bara chapter per chapter instead of the planned ch 1-5 bundle, so you have a little smutty something for the wait. ^^ 
I’m currently typesetting chapter 1 and the other chapters are ready for typesetting as well, so the releases won’t take that long. 

Please hang in there for Hidoku just a little longer. :)
I got the cleaned pages today and let me tell you…. they’re soooo beautiful!!!

And we hope you’ll like Harami Bara. Those perverted dorks <3 


Kravitz: Taako! Thank the Gods you’re alright. When this all started happening, I- I immediately started worrying if you were okay. H-how have things been? Not too rough, I hope?

Lana Del Rey Songs x Opposite Signs

*This is a relationship post for opposite signs* 💕

Aries x Libra - Off to the Races

“Light of my life, fire of my loins
Be a good baby, do what I want.”

Taurus x Scorpio - Brooklyn Baby

“I think I’m too cool to know ya
You say I’m like the ice I freeze.”

Gemini x Sagittarius - Born to Die

“Come take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain.”

Cancer x Capricorn - Shades of Cool

“But you are invincible
I can’t break through your world.”

Leo x Aquarius - Freak

“Baby if you wanna leave
Come to California, be a freak like me, too.”

Virgo x Pisces - Video Games

“Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you want to do.”

-Admin L ☾ 

Oh, really? You don’t care if a woman is fat or not?

If you don’t care that a woman is fat, why would you write a comment saying that being fat is a bad thing, hm?

Let me tell you why.

You fucking care. You know you do. If you didn’t, it would never have occurred to you to make a comment like this. You didn’t write this comment because you “don’t care.” You wrote it because you literally hate people for their size. You wrote it because you can’t mind your own business, because insulting people for their weight is more important to you than letting people be happy, because you somehow think people care what you have to say about their bodies even though they don’t even know you. 

I will never understand people who feel the need to add these kinds of comments to posts. You want to prove you don’t care? Then let fat people live in peace. Someone being fat does not affect you, so there is no reason to jump down their throats about it and leave rude comments on posts like this. 

You don’t care? Good. Then stop looking at the post, and walk away. It’s that simple.

-Mod Bella


“ You want to tell me what tonight was about?” she spat. 

“ watch your tone…” he warned.

“ No I will not watch my tone. what the fuck was that Teddy, you spent the whole night looking at her and then dissapear off to God knows where. If you think i’m stupid then you have another thing coming… Don’t let it happen again.”

“ Rebecca. I mean it. GIVE it a rest… i’m not in the mood for you bullshit” he snapped. 

“ What the fuck has gotten into you Teddy, you are not normally like this… I’m leaving but when i’m next here i expect an apology.” 

Rebecca left slamming the door behind her. 

Good riddance Teddy thought… “ why had Dillon introduced him to her… she was insufferable.” 

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple - A Little Patience

Word Count: 1582

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, mentions of divorce (kinda lame, really)

A/N:  So my dear good friend @spntrista tells me in great detail about a dream she had about Jensen. It has inspired this series. Let’s all remember that this is FICTION and I do not in ANYWAY condone cheating on your spouse or partner. This is simply a work of fiction, please regard it as such. I mean no disrespect to Jensen or his family. Thank you.

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple Masterlist

I couldn’t believe the life I was living right now. I was Jensen Ackles’ nanny. I wasn’t just the nanny, I had been sleeping with Jensen for more than a week and it was phenomenal. Everything about this man was unbelievable. He was a good cook, he was an amazing dad, he was a great listener and an attentive lover.

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K but fam I need details cause if Dark pulled another anatomy mistake like ulna bone I will laugh forever.

details of what? the persuasion room? well, here’s the description, even if that’s not what you meant

obviously, the first thing i tried to do was leave. bad idea no. 1. he yanked me back to the chair and stood in front of the exit.

secondly, he put on goddamn fourth dimensional handcuffs before i could try and escape again (which we, fucking idiots, mentioned in the general chat) (the fourth dimensional handcuffs, in his words, “would rip you through realities until your physical body was shredded apart” if you went through the door of the persuasion room

thirdly: he finally figured out my fucking name and let me tell you what it’s like to think of hearing your name in h i s voice (jk, imagine it yourself)

i teased him about his fucking tennis racquet. turns out, it’s actually a tennis racquet. y'all never fuckin believe me is2g

and then; here’s where it gets real fun. he brings a fucking thin pole with a sharp, HEATED, tip on it. ya know what he does? he stabbed it into my lung.

lastly, it was a deal of if i came back, that he’d do a strip tease of some sort basically. apparently, by pointing out something he’d said earlier, i weNT BACK (not complaining)
strip tease didn’t happen btw

throughout the whole encounter, y'all are probably thinking i stopped playing my game
oh no
no, no, noooo
i went through that game a l l the way, i literally spat out blood seconds after making a joke

anyways, there is your short recollection. i’ll post highlights soon ~k

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well I'm gonna do the obvious and say skimmons here for it

I really wanted to write today but work was crazy so…this will probably be the only thing I actually “write” today so…Let’s do it! Thanks friend!

Who said “I love you” first:

Daisy had been thinking it pretty much since the very first time they kissed because hello how could you not want to say that to the beautiful Jemma Simmons? But she’s never really said those words before, not since she was little and thought it mattered. So the first time she says it it’s almost an accident, something that slips out while she’s laughing at something ridiculous that Jemma has done and she kinda tries to laugh it off with a roll of her eyes. But she means it, she definitely means it. And later she tells Jemma again without the eye rolling and the laughter because she wants Jemma to know she means it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:

Both of them but definitely Jemma for sure. I mean we all saw who fixated she was on pictures and videos during her time on Maveth so I absolutely believe she’d have the goofiest picture of Daisy possible. And Daisy pretends like it’s terrible but obviously she loves it.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:

Daisy doodles absently because she has a tendency to let her mind wander while she’s in the bathroom. She does some good thinking while waiting for the shower to heat up, okay? So Jemma notices all her absent doodles: lopsided daises or comically large hearts. And then Jemma starts leaving messages for Daisy and mostly she loves the idea of the messages appearing little by little in the steam of the shower for Daisy to notice.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:

I think they would both pick things up for each other throughout their various exploits and Daisy keeps a few of the gifts in a place of honor next to her hula girl. Jemma claims she’s never been one for knickknacks but her work space is a testament to all the places Daisy has been.

Who initiated the first kiss:

Jemma “No Chill” Simmons because hello they could be sucked into an alien rock at any time right? You just never know what might happen and Jemma isn’t apt to wait around for something she wants.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:

Sometimes Daisy has to get up so early it’s still practically night because she’s got a mission or May has roped her into some absurd training. Sometimes Jemma has to get up to go to the lab or leave for a speaking engagement or meeting. Either way, they love the sleepy half-kisses that start their day.

Who starts tickle fights:

Neither. They both have a strict no tickling policy. Tickling is practically torture.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:

Ask? Daisy doesn’t ask. She just hops right in because Jemma won’t mind, right? And she doesn’t, but that’s beside the point.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:

Daisy is always laser-focused in whatever she’s doing, whether she’s working on her computer, studying reports of Inhuman activity or preparing for a mission and sometimes her mind gets so locked in place that she can’t remember anything else outside the task at hand. Jemma always gets a bad rep for forgetting to eat but she knows the importance of three square meals a day and she’s going to make sure that Daisy gets lunch too. Plus they get to eat together, which is always a plus.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:

They don’t really have a “first date” in the strict sense of the word. They’ve had so many dates and firsts and once their first official meeting involved trying to stop a guy from exploding and then they had to keep their airplane from exploding…? Kinda hard to be nervous on a date. But even still, Daisy is more shy and quiet than usual because things like this don’t work out for her and she’s a little terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing that makes Jemma change her mind about moving from friends to something else and it manifests itself into quiet nervousness. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders:

Daisy. Ain’t nobody got time for all those legs.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:

Jemma “No Chill” Simmons and Daisy loves it because her accent gets thicker and her cheeks get all rosy and she puts her arm around Daisy’s shoulder as she alternates between whispering sweet-nothings in her ear and loudly assuring the team that Daisy “rocks her world.” And also that she loves her. In case that wasn’t clear.

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I've been pretty bummed out lately. Schools killing me, making me have constant break downs every week, and I've been sad since I don't have anybody to talk to lately. Everyones busy and I understand that, I dont like to cling onto them, but lately its like my depression is making me think that they dont care about me, that they dont need me, and that im just a burden on them all. i've been like this for almost four days now... and i cant seem to get myself out of it.

Well let me tell you the one thing that i’m sure of:

You are not a burden. You may feel like you are because your depression is telling you that you are, but you aren’t. As you said, everyone has been busy. That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like to see you, who knows? Maybe they’re not in a good space or they’re totally overwhelmed with school just like you. What I would do is reach out to the friend you feel closest to and explain how you’ve been feeling. A strategy I would suggest is using “I” statements. For example, Instead of saying something like, “My depression is bad right now and you haven’t been there for me.” Try saying something like, “I am feeling super down right now and it would be awesome if I could talk to you.” This way it comes off less accusatory and you avoid possible conflict.

Is there anyway you could talk to someone about school? Maybe a parent, teacher, or counselor? If you’re struggling, remember there’s always extra help available! Try starting your homework as soon as you get home so that it doesn’t loom over your day. And if you aren’t doing well in a class keep your eye out for extra help at lunch. 

Sometimes you are going to feel more depressed than usual but these times will pass. When you have negative thoughts also keep in mind that this is your depression talking and that what it’s saying is not true. Remember that if you don’t have anyone to talk to you can always private message me! You are loved. You are cared about. You are going through a tough time but it won’t last forever. I’m going to challenge you to counteract these thoughts you’re having with positive ones. If you think, “No one cares about me,” remind yourself about your family, your pets (if you have any), your friends. If your depression say’s “you can’t do this” tell yourself you can etc…Keep pushing on! I know you’re going to be okay <3 xoxo

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To Reveal a Traitor by Misfortune

Find dandelion root, burdock spurs, elm bark, hawthorn thorns, and yarrow flower. Obtain the tongue of a cow as well. 

Cut the dandelion root into slices, shred the elm bark, and crush the dried yarrow flowers. Leave the spurs whole. 
Bring a pot of water to a boil (one that you don’t use for cooking). 
Add those things to the water.
“Root of Air-like virtue true, 
 Flower of ill that protects from the like, 
 Bark of the tree that will tell me who,
 Spur of Burdock to deliver the strike.” 
Let it boil until the ingredients become well shriveled, discolored, or fall apart. 

Take the tongue. Pierce it with the hawthorn thorns. 
“Let this traitor be transfixed.
 Let them suffer the white thorn bite. 
 Let them feel the cursed pricks
 and no rest be found day or night.” 

Place the thorn pierced tongue in a jar. Pour the hot concoction over it, cap it, and set it in a sunny place. 
Watch closely for someone in your life to suffer a lot of misfortune. When they do, you’ll know who the traitor is. 

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27 baron corbin 😍

#27: “Did you see that? Please tell me you saw it.” (Baron Corbin)

From drabble list #3 here

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      Abandoned amusement parks from decades past are a bad idea for a trip. Trust me on this because I should’ve never let Baron convince me to go with him and because all the things that could possibly happen are dictated straight out of a horror movie. At the same, we should’ve known to stay put when none of the other wrestlers wanted to come with us and when the gate was already open.

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The Catwoman to My Batman- MCxBecca - {Part 2}

The overwhelming response to this is was fantastic! I didn’t think a lot of people were going to be into this, so thank you so much. You asked for part 2, so here it is. Be aware of certain NSFW things restaurant integrated this. Let me know if you want a Part 3. I’m having a lot of fun with this pairing as you can tell!


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Music Shuffle

 Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

I was tagged by @mydnytkiss (tumblr won’t let me tag you…)

I don’t have many songs on my phone, because I mostly listen to the radio, but here it is:

1) Elle me dit - Mika

2) First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - George Michael

3) Arabella - Arctic Monkeys

4) Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

5) No Control - One Direction

6) Fooled Around and Fell In Love - Elvin Bishop

7) Things - Robbie Williams

8) Come and Get Your Love - Redbone

9) Celebrate - Mika

10) Girl Almighty - One Direction

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preview of my next fic (Oliver/Felicity; T)

(this is part of a sequel/companion piece to show me where it hurts (will you make it okay?). in that fic, which is a post 5x17 fic, oliver tells felicity he loves her as she patches him up. this is kind of the aftermath of that. if you want to be tagged in the full thing, like or reblog!)

“I got you coffee,” she tells him unnecessarily. “And I finished patching you up.”

“Thank you,” he says gratefully.

She takes his hand, then, and squeezes it before letting go. “You never have to thank me.”

“Felicity, I -” But he hesitates, because when their eyes meet he finds it impossible to look away, and then he’s lost in the rich sea of grey and forgets momentarily how to form words.

“It’s okay,” she says quickly.

“No, it’s not,” Oliver says. “I - before I passed out. I said something.”

“You did,” Felicity says in a small voice. “But it’s okay You were sleep deprived and tortured by a serial killer - you weren’t thinking straight.”

“Maybe. But I was. And I do.”

He doesn’t mean to be cryptic, but it comes out that way anyway.

“Love me, you mean?” she says in the same small voice.

“Honestly? I never stopped.” And it’s strange that saying those words makes the burden on his heart so much lighter, even as he adds swiftly, “But I didn’t have - an agenda. I meant what I said. You’re better off as far away from me as possible - you, John, the rest of the team.”

“Oliver…” Felicity whispers, and a solitary tear rolls down her cheek. “Don’t say that. Whatever Chase did to you, we’re going to get him and -”

“No, you don’t understand,” he interrupts. “It’s over for me. I’m hanging up the hood. I never… I never should have put it on in the first place.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” she demands. Oliver just shakes his head, though, and to his surprise she softens considerably. “I guess I’m, uh, not one to talk. Seeing as how I’ve not exactly been forthcoming with you recently.”

Without thinking he covers her hand with his own, and when he realises what he’s doing he tries to tug it away, only for Felicity to cover his hand with hers, stopping him. His grip slackens, then, and he surrenders to her touch.

“I’m not really the best example when it comes to keeping secrets,” Oliver says with the ghost of a smile.

“Well, how about… you tell me yours if I tell you mine?” she suggests.

“Only if you go first.”

500 Follower Celebration

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ALRIGHT…so, I decided I’m going to do ships. I cannot wait and I hope your all excited too :D Anyway, here’s what you have to send in/tell me to get one: 

  • send in an ask with a description of yourself. Physical features and details can be included but be sure to mention interests, personality traits and things like that too. It’s hard to do a ship if all I know is you’re a short girl with black pixie cut hair and green eyes
  • Let me know if you want to be shipped with girl, a guy or if it doesn’t matter either way
  • Tell me which fandom you want a ship from. I’m doing ships for: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel, DC, and Sherlock  (Only two at a time but if you want more than two fandoms your more than welcome to send in more than one ask)

Tagging people that could be interested

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I know what I'm being for Halloween!

I know what you’re thinking. “Dream, its March!” “How can you possibly know already?!” Well, let me tell you! First off, last year I wanted to be this. I didn’t know what I was being at the time, but it was too late to change my idea because I was already getting things for the original costume. Second, It’ll be fun! I should tell you what I’m doing for Halloween. I’m being everyone’s favourite tv senior reporter, Wilford Warfstache! It’ll be so much fun! I just need to get some things! I’ll also be dying my hair pink again just for this! I’ll keep you guys updated!

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