but let me enjoy him in those glasses

Try me

Summary: You and Bucky annoy each other with a passion and it seems like nothing could change that until one particular evening that is a tipping point for your relationship.

Word count: 941

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: language, because I have a potty mouth

A/N: This is just a short and fluffy story that I hope you guys will like! Thanks for the feedback on my fics, it means the world to me. Please, excuse any mistakes (English is not my first language) and I hope you enjoy! Feedback is very welcomed!

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“It’s too salty.”

“It’s perfect.”

“It’s like sea water mixed with tomato sauce.”

“No one is making you eat it.”


Nobody knew why you and Bucky didn’t get along. You had never had any bad experiences with each other, neither of you had ever hurt the other one in any way, yet still, you seemed to be constantly getting on each other’s nerves. It would usually start with a snarky comment about something, followed by a witty comeback from the other person which would turn into a full-blown argument. At first, your constant bickering had been considered to be funny but after a couple of days, the whole team had been more than sick of it, wishing for both of you to shut the hell up.

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Midnight (Part 1)

Summary: (Y/N) is a woman that is in an unhappy marriage, one day she visits a dive bar after work and meets Daryl Dixon. 

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Words: 2,217

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Unwanted sexual advances

Midnight is such an ominous time, everything bad seems to happen when the clock tolls. Cinderella was forced to leave the prince at the ball, and sometimes murders take place… However, it might be possible that some good things can occur at midnight. Maybe it was something in your drink that night that compelled you to sleep with him, but even if it was of your own volition it seems to have been a good decision. 

Your husband is an asshole, he’s not abusive, but he’s an asshole. You can’t remember the last time that you had sex with one another. When you first got together we were as close as could be. He would wait outside of your history classes for you, hoping just to do something as simple as giving you a hug. 

About a month into your marriage everything began to fall apart. He became distant and it seemed that there was no way to reach out to him, no way to hold onto him. You had sex, but it never was any good. It was rare that you had an orgasm. It was always quick and loveless, just so that he could meet his own end. 

A sigh left your lips and you closed your eyes for a moment “Alright, class. That’s enough for today. Keep working on your midterm projects with your groups. I will see you in class tomorrow!” You said, a fake smile reaching the corners of your mouth. With that, your final history class of the day was over.

As your class filed out of their seats you began to pack up your copious amounts of paper. You had considered going home, but you decided that it would be a better option to just go to a dive bar. You had been so busy the past few weeks and you felt like you deserved a drink. 

Once your things were packed up you grabbed your worn leather messenger bag and walked out of your classroom. You exchanged a few goodbye’s and good night’s with people as you passed them. At the moment you were more concerned with getting to the dive bar. A sigh of relief left your lips as your approached your black Prius. 

With the click of a button on your keys, the head and tail lights on your car flashed while your horn beeped loudly. The clack of your heels on the asphalt parking lot echoed as you finished the walk to your car. After opening the door to your car you stepped in. 

Once you placed your messenger bag in the empty passenger’s seat you began to drive. You never really played music in your car because it annoyed Shane, your husband. You never played music in your car, wore the color green, wore red lipstick, and you never ever wore tight clothes when you weren’t around him.

Some people might’ve called Shane controlling but to you, he was just easily annoyed. Your ears were filled with the droning sound of the air conditioner blasting to try and combat the aggressive Georgia heat. When you saw the glowing neon sign for the dive bar you pulled into the parking lot. 

Dive bars were never really your “scene”, so you were curious about how out of place you would look. After finding a parking space you got out of your lonely car. Once the door of your car was closed you turned towards the dive bar only to notice that there was a line of motorcycles there “Great.” You mumbled to yourself. 

You had never personally met a member of a biker gang, but you assumed that they were all pigs like in TV shows. You swallowed all of your nervous thoughts as the clicking noise your heels made returned. When you reached the doors of the bar you opened them with shaking hands. A few of the men playing pool turned to look at you, possibly curious as to why the doors had opened.

A quick glance around the room made you notice about six men with leather jackets. “The biker gang.” You thought to yourself. When most of the men had turned their attention away you began to walk towards the bar. Almost immediately after you took a seat at the bar a woman slipped over to you, the bartender “Hey there, I’m Holly. What can I get ya?” She asked with a charming smile on her face.

“I’ll have a whiskey, please.” You said, nodding. Once you had given your order Holly immediately began to pour it into a glass. You never really liked wine or beer, you preferred whiskey or scotch. Despite your dislike for wine, Shane insisted that you drink it over whiskey because he thought that whiskey was too many for a woman.

Holly soon handed you your whiskey with that same charming smile on her face. Your eyes stared at the amber liquid sitting idly at the bottom of the glass. As you were about to lift the glass to your lips you felt at least three sets of eyes on you. You were never normally given this much attention from men. Maybe it was because you were one of the only women in the bar.

Your body jolted slightly when you felt someone touch your shoulder “Hey there, doll.” A tall man with dark hair cooed. Reluctantly you turned your head towards him fully, only to see that he was wearing a leather jacket. You quickly glanced at the patch on the front of the man’s jacket “Negan.” The man said, sitting down on the stool next to yours.

You resisted scrunching your nose up at the name, it sounded pretty odd in your opinion. Perhaps Negan was just a nickname “I’m (Y/N).” You said simply. You were married and you certainly didn’t feel like getting flirted with by a biker. You had nothing against bikers in general, but this one just gave you a bad vibe.

“What’re you drinking there, (Y/N)?” He asked, leaning his elbow on the bartop. You could already tell that Negan was an overconfident man with the amount of sureness that he spoke with “Whiskey.” You answered Negan looked surprised by your answer “Whiskey? Damn!” He shouted, “I thought a woman like you would be drinking some kind of wine.” Negan bellowed. You could already tell that this man was a womanizer.

“Well, you would be mistaken.” You said curtly, not really wanting to talk to him. You were married and not in the mood to be flirted with. Your attention was drawn to his lips as his tongue swiped across them “Let me buy you another drink.” He cooed, leaning closer to you so that his face was close to yours.

You knew very well what those simple words meant, but you weren’t going to refuse a free drink, “Sure.” You answered. He then flagged down Holly and ordered you another glass of whiskey. You enjoyed your second drink with Negan, more so the drink than the company you shared it with. Every so often you would glance at his hands, expecting one of them to come to rest on your upper thigh at any moment.

Once your glass of whiskey was almost empty Negan placed his hand on your thigh, a mischevious smirk perking up at the corners of his mouth. In that moment you were resisting the urge to roll your eyes, only because of the fear that you would offend him. You simply ignored his advance as you sipped at the last of your whiskey.

Negan apparently didn’t get the hint as his hand soon began to inch up your skirt. Your body shivered, not because it felt good, but because his actions disgusted you. You placed your whiskey glass on the bar top calmly. You then turned your head to look at him “What do you say, doll? Want to head back to my place?” He asked in a voice that made your stomach lurch. 

Another shiver. You were completely disgusted. Before you could say a single word his mouth was against yours. You pursed your lips as he tried to kiss you. You began to lurch backward in an attempt to get away from him. After you leaned back too far you fell off the barstool. A small yelp left your no longer pursed lips as you fell into the lap of a skeezy looking middle-aged man. The thinly haired man looked down at your head that now lay in his lap “Hey darlin’.” He chuckled, his thick southern accent making you laugh.

You quickly pushed yourself up onto the barstool once again, mumbling a quick “I’m sorry”. When you were upright again the slightly younger looking man that was sitting on the barstool next to the man that you had fallen against stood up, “Is he bothering you?” The younger looking man asked, glancing from you to Negan. 

The man that had stood up had short light brown hair and a stoic-looking face.He was undeniably attractive, hey, just because you were married didn’t mean that you wouldn’t look at what was on the menu “Ye-” You began to say, “No, you were fine.” Negan interjected, making your blood boil. A frown grew onto both the dark-haired man’s face as well as your own.

The man then stepped closer to Negan, trying to get into his face. When the rest of Negan’s biker gang noticed that their leader was being intimidated they began to flock towards Negan. He immediately waved his hand to signal his men to leave him be “What’s your name?” Negan asked, holding tense eye contact with the man that was selflessly defending you.

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Alive Because of You

Bucky x Reader 


Summary: Bucky has a nightmare that the reader is there to soothe

Word Count: 804 

Warnings: fluff + sad Bucky 

A/N: so I just really wanted to get something published tonight, and I got this idea from a few Marvel vine edits I saw. Enjoy <3 

 It’s one of those nights. 

The nights where I wake up at night to the bed shaking violently and painful yells coming from the body beside me. 

He’d had a nightmare, like he so often used to. It’s getting better, or at least, it was. But after all the experience I had soothing him, it isn’t difficult. But it never gets less heartbreaking. It never will. 

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aliceinsherlockland  asked:

There's a song i like about a guy that plays piano under a girl's house to show his affection and he's waiting for a sign to come up but he never looks at her cuz he's focused on playing and she wishes to signal him but he doesn't look up so they end up staying up all night waiting for eachother to make a move. I just thought it would be cute with sherlock playing the violin for john...

It’s a quiet night in Baker Street.  It’s the dead of winter; snow is falling outside, blanketing all of London in its silence, and there’s a fire crackling in the grate in 221B.  

Sherlock stands by the window, violin tucked beneath his chin.  He’s playing a new song, something he’s been working on for months now.  John knows this because Sherlock had told him in a very odd, flat sort of way.

“I wrote something.  A piece of music,” he’d said about five minutes previously, his fingers tapping nervously at his sides.

“Okay,” John had replied slowly.  “That’s…nice.”

“It’s taken me months.  Would you like to hear it?”

“Um.  Yes.  That would be nice.  Let me just…get a drink.”

And that’s how he had ended up sitting in his chair by the fire, a glass of whiskey in hand, watching Sherlock pull sweet music from the strings of his violin.  It really is a beautiful piece, and John can’t help feeling as if there is something familiar in hit, something calling to him.  He’s always enjoyed listening to Sherlock play, especially when he’s actually playing and not just screeching sounds at Mycroft.  But for some reason, this feels different.

It feels like all those nights that he wakes up from a nightmare and suddenly there’s the sound of the violin drifting up to his room, soothing him, calming him.  It feels like when he comes home from a particularly rough day at work and sinks down into his chair, and a cup of tea magically appears at his side, and Sherlock takes up his bow.  It feels like that night, after the swimming pool, when he’d had a bomb strapped to his chest; when John had been so high strung he couldn’t sleep, and he’d curled up on the sofa and Sherlock had played and played and played until John couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.

John feels warm and safe, wrapped up in Sherlock’s music, and he desperately wants Sherlock to look at him because he’s never been able to say it out loud, but he’s sure that if Sherlock looks at him now then he’ll see it, plain as day, written all over his face, and maybe then they’ll finally get somewhere.  But Sherlock is concentrating hard, his eyes closed, his hands steady on his instrument.  He plays as if it’s all that matters, as if he couldn’t possibly think of anything else he should be doing.

John knows, though, he knows that this music is meant for him; it’s meant to make him feel this way.  And even if he can’t say it, even if he’s too afraid to do anything about it, he can sit there in his chair and listen and let his love play out over his face in the hopes that Sherlock will open his eyes.

Play Your Ace (Part1)

Originally posted by nnochu

» You are forced to cooperate with your worst enemy at the station to solve a murder case. Only, nothing’s going easy, and Jungkook certainly isn’t either.
» Jungkook x OC x Taehyung
» 6.2k words.
» Warning: Smut & graphic content.

Shit happens, I would say. For me to end up in this position, it must do. The temperature was climbing above the ‘bearable’ level and I bit into the shoulder of the man above me. The skin never tasted so sweet. Only when he was covered in sweat, balancing his hips back outside in, did his nerdy look could turn into an alluring sexual aura.

“ D-Deeper,” I whispered into his ear as he was busy spreading me in two. I licked the sweat coming out from his pores like it was some kind of divine water and he groaned at the feeling of my tongue across his neck.

“ Naeun, babe, I am so near. “ He said, accelerating the movement. For over 35 minutes the man had been making me see stars in the most body shivering sex session of my entire life. I was considering myself extremely lucky to have such a dedicated lover, knowing that he was able to last infinitely longer than the average.

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Kiss Me Like a Stranger

Summary: Rob meets a beautiful woman at a bar, thinking he has no chance in hell with her. He offers her a little conversation and a little flirting. He never thought he’d get this lucky though.

Word Count: 2054

Warnings: drinking, swearing, smut… you know, the usual.

Notes: Again, I’m just a sucker for bars and country music. Inspired by Kiss Me Like a Stranger by Thomas Rhett. I’m really digging this album.

Also, sorry for all the fic spam. I’m just trying to get my NaNo count up.

Rob watched her from across the bar. He couldn’t help but stare a little; the way she sat there alone, sipping on her drink and turning down every man that approached her. No way he stood a chance, but given the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, he figured it didn’t hurt to try.

Mustering up his courage, he downed his shot quickly, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose as he prepped himself for a little flirting. It wasn’t something he was very good at, but he had been talking himself through it ever since he saw her walk in.

He slipped away from his group of friends, hoping that they wouldn’t make a big deal out of anything as he approached her. She was beautiful; decked out in a little black dress, her hair loose and teasing her back. She had been sitting there alone for quite a while. At first, Rob thought for sure that she was meeting someone there, but when a half hour had passed and she was still alone, he figured he could keep her company even if he had witnessed a few other men fail.

Rob nervously leaned against the bar next to her, flagging down the bartender and turning to the mystery woman.

“Looks like you need a refill,” he said. She glanced over at him, a slight smirk on her face.

“You’re very observant,” she replied. Rob gulped at the fact that she was talking to him, her voice the most beautiful voice he had ever heard.

“May I?” He offered.

“Jack and coke,” she replied, taking the final sip of the drink she had been working on.

Rob turned to the bartender, placing their order. He decided that since she was at least acknowledging him, it would be okay to sit down, so he did just that. When they had their drinks she thanked him.

“You know, you’re not the first guy to offer to buy me a drink tonight.”

“I noticed, I saw the way you’ve been turning every man away,” he said.

“Oh?” She smiled a bit more now as she looked back at him, “you’ve been watching me?”

“It’s hard not to,” Rob choked out. He had definitely gotten himself caught. “You’re very beautiful, and you look so lonely sitting here.”

“I’m not lonely,” she giggled. She brought the glass up to her lips, and Rob darted his tongue out as he watched those lips against the glass. “I have you to keep me company.”

“I’d be happy to,” he replied. He smiled to himself, picking at the label of his beer bottle, trying to think of what to say next. So far, so good. He had had a few lessons on how to hit on women, but knowing him, he could screw this up in a heartbeat.

“What’s your name?” She asked as she adjusted in her chair, turning her body to face him and in turn, brushing her leg against his.

“Rob,” he replied, trying not to lose his cool over the fact that her leg was still against his.

“Hi Rob,” she reached a hand out to him and he took it in his, grateful for the handshake. “I’m Y/N.”

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you,” she purred.

“I have to ask, what is such a stunning woman doing here all alone, dressed like that?”

“I’m just enjoying a few drinks is all,” she teased. She took another drink, Rob still focused on her lips, a deep shade of red and still turned up into a permanent smirk. “I could also ask what is a good-looking guy like yourself doing here alone.”

“I’m not alone,” he replied. He pointed over to where his friends were sitting, noting how they were trying to casually watch what he was doing now, “I’m here with my friends.”

She looked over to them, smiling even harder before focusing her attention back to Rob. “Well, Rob, it’s sort of rude to ditch your friend to hit on a stranger in a bar.”

“I think they’ll understand.”

“What do you do, Rob?” She was saying his name, letting it slide seductively off her tongue which caused Rob to feel either extremely nervous, or very excited, it was hard to tell at this point.

“Well, I’m an actor and I’m a musician.”

“You have a band?” She asked, eyes lighting up.

“I do actually. I have two bands. I sing and I play guitar.”

“Woah,” she responded, leaning in a bit closer to him. She propped her elbow against the bar, resting her chin on her hand as if she were intrigued to hear more. “I sort of have a thing for musicians.”

Rob grinned now, noticing that she was definitely flirting back and it didn’t even seem to be a joke. “Well, I guess it’s my lucky night,” he replied.

She bit her bottom lips, eyes flickering down to look at his mouth for just a second. “We’ll see. I’m not done getting to know you.”

After a couple more drinks and a bit more conversation, Rob had definitely loosened up. The flirting had become easier, and they definitely seemed to be hitting it off. She’d laugh at his jokes, placing a hand on his arm that sent electricity coursing through him. He couldn’t stop looking at her and he was pretty sure she couldn’t stop looking at him.

“It’s getting late,” she pointed out as she glanced at her phone. Rob frowned, knowing he didn’t want to be done with this woman, but also knowing that she was right.

“I guess it is,” he mumbled. He watched her as she stood up and he wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come. Before he could even try to gather the nerve to ask her for her number, she leaned in suddenly. She placed her mouth against his ear and her breath against his skin gave him goosebumps.

“You know, I also have a thing for guys in glasses,” she teased, “even better when they’ve got a beard.” She brought her hand up to his face as she pulled away from him, teasing her fingertips along the gray patch of his beard.

“Well, I guess I’m just your type,” he responded. She grinned even more at his words.

“You sure you’re just gonna let me walk out of here alone?” She asked.

Rob was sort of shocked by her offer, but he wasn’t about to turn it down. “No, I was just going to ask if you’d be opposed to taking this somewhere else.”

“Your place?” She asked.

“My place would be perfect.”

Rob stood as well and he turned to face his friends who were still looking in their direction at the moment. He waved to them, a huge smile on his face to indicate that he was leaving and he wasn’t leaving alone.

“Just so you know,” she began as she looked up at him, “I really do dig the glasses. It’s a turn on for me.”

Rob chuckled, placing a hand on her hip when he noticed the way she was looking at him. She moved in closer to him, running her hand against his beard again.

“I really do love this too,” she pointed out. Before he could respond, she turned from him, heading out the bar as he followed.

A short cab ride later and they had arrived at Rob’s place. The whole ride, he couldn’t believe his luck. Not only had he successfully hit on this woman, but he had managed to take her home with him.

He walked her to the door, quickly unlocking it and inviting her in. The second they were inside and the door was closed, she went for it. She pressed him against the wall, moving in for a kiss finally. Her lips were soft and pressed hard against his and he melted into how amazing they felt. He nudged her lips apart with his tongue and she gladly obliged, moaning into his mouth as his tongue swirled against hers. There was definite biting at one point and she had definitely sucked on his lower lip, causing Rob to lose his mind for a moment. He gripped onto her waist, pulling her harder against him as she kept him pinned against the wall.

He had never kissed someone quite like this, and he only wanted more.

Before long, their hands were roaming along each others bodies, and clothing was being removed. She kept gasping and moaning against his mouth and as he moved to put focus on her neck, that’s when she really lost it.

“Fuck, Rob,” she whispered. Hearing her whisper his name like that made him moan against her skin. “I don’t normally do this with strangers, but I need you to fuck me.”

He wasn’t about to deny her, so he led her to his bedroom where he promptly pressed her down against his bed. He made quick work of the rest of his clothes and turned his attention to removing the rest of hers.

She gasped as he topped her, her hips moving against his as she waited for him to finally be inside her. She seemed to be growing impatient, but Rob definitely wanted to tease her just a little bit.

He went to remove his glasses, not wanting them to get in the way during what was about to happen. But, the second she noticed what he was doing, she grabbed his hand, stopping him in his tracks.

“I wasn’t joking about those being a turn on for me,” she said.

Rob grinned and let go of his glasses, deciding it would be best to keep them on for now. He took her mouth with his again, and grinded up against her, eliciting another moan from those pretty lips. How he had gotten so goddamn lucky tonight was beyond him.

After a bit of teasing, he gave into what she had asked for. He watched her as he fucked into her, enjoying the look of absolute bliss that crossed her face. In turn, he was enjoying himself very much as well. He groaned with each thrust of his hips, now enjoying the rush of adrenaline he was getting from just being in this situation with a woman he had just met.

He reveled in the way she continued to say his name as he moved against her, and he continued to kiss those lips that he had been staring at all night. She tasted amazing and it was all the more amazing that his name was the one slipping past her lips.

She cried out, muttering his name as she came; her fingernails digging into his shoulders as she steadied herself. He watched her smile, her eyes closed as he brought her through her climax. He followed shortly after, groaning and swearing over how intense it was.

He fell against her, both of them breathing heavy, bodies completely exhausted now.

“Wow,” she muttered as she traced her fingertips along his back.

“I agree,” Rob replied with a chuckle. He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and looked down at her.

“Who knew sex with a stranger could be so hot?” She asked, flashing him another smile.

“Tell me about it.”

“I should do that more often,” she mused out loud.

“What?” Rob asked as he finally pushed himself off of her, lying next to her now on the bed.

“Have sex with strange men,” she replied slyly.

“Babe,” Rob started, raising an eyebrow at her, “don’t push it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she giggled, “I meant, we should play that game more often. I forget how hot you are when you’re in character.”

“You’re really intimidating when you’re in character,” Rob pointed out, “but I do enjoy how you still insist that seeing me in glasses with a graying beard is a turn on for you,”

“Honey, it does still get me hot and bothered,” she said softly, “even after all these years.”

“I must say, I have a pretty amazing wife,” he said as he leaned in for another kiss. She hummed happily against his lips for a moment.

“Don’t you ever forget it, Benedict,” she said with a smile.

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Crazy But Perfect

Request: Hey, hey, hey. Can you do a Crowley fic based off the song “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore? Pretty please? Thanks! Love you!

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 530

Originally posted by spnfans

If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would have to be independent. You were strikingly confident in yourself and knew what you wanted, which was one of the qualities Crowley admired about you. When the two of you became a thing, he had learned very quickly that you weren’t just his plaything. That even though you two had plenty of fun, you weren’t just reduced to those moments, which he was quick to understand.

“Those Winchesters and that angel are trouble, love. Do you really have to help them with this case? It’s dangerous,” Crowley sighed, being stubborn, but you were ten times worse.

“Yeah, I do. People are dying, and you know that I’ll be in good hands. I know you don’t like them very much … I know trouble follows them, but it follows us too. Let me do this,” you replied, being firm, being straight with him. You would not be tied down.

And he knew that. “Call me if things get ugly.” That conversation was left at that, his lips pressing to your temple before you smiled and headed out to your car.

“Have you considered quitting hunting?”

You looked up from your laptop to gaze at Crowley, surprise riddling your expression at his question. “No, why?” You asked, eyes narrowing once you realized where this conversation could be heading. You loved hunting, loved the thrill and the reward of saving people. It was dangerous, and Crowley had to patch you up on many occasions, but you were happy. Plus, it gave you something to do while Crowley ruled over Hell. Both of you had an important job, an important role, and sometimes they even crossed paths, one needing help from the other. It definitely helped the flow of your relationship.

“I could give you the best, set you up in a mansion, have you treated like a queen. I could give you everything if you’ll let me,” Crowley proposed, always enjoying spoiling you when you let him. He held you very high in his life, and you appreciated that, but you warned him about showing you off like a special trophy. This was a relationship between him and you, not you, him, and the rest of the world.

You knew he just wanted to make you happy, but those things weren’t the key to that. “You know I don’t want that stuff, not really. I like moments like these,” you explained, motioning at the space with your hands. Quiet times like these when the two of you had a glass of Scotch together, talked about your day, really listened to each other, were important to you. You didn’t need servants or a fancy house or the most expensive jewelry. You just wanted to save lives with your demon boyfriend at your side. Crazy but perfect.

Crowley listened to your words and nodded, merely refilling your glass and moving to sit beside you on the couch, his arm going around your shoulders.

It was obvious Crowley had to learn a lot very quickly, sometimes the hard way, but he stuck with you, always supporting you, never putting a leash on you. You would’ve snapped it in half anyway.

Just; C.H. 17

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7** Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

“I think we can say this was a very productive day.” Ashton sighs as he rubs his hand over his forehead. After a match between the four of them, three rematches for Michael and Luke to reclaim their honour, a lot of sulking and me ending in the ocean at least three times whenever I considered myself dry, all of us were enjoying the late sun that shone above us. Calum had brightened up just the tiniest bit, but I would take it, I guess.

“You know how we should end this day?” Luke questions, directed at no one in particular. Michael sits up and he grins brightly as he turns towards Luke before his gaze falls over each and every one of us. “A barbeque.”

“Oh fuck yes, you get me Mikey.” Luke groans, patting his stomach and I chuckle as I shake my head, turning on my side to Calum. He turns his head when he senses my movement, a small smile etched on his lips as he lifts his arm to let his fingers thread through my hair. “What?”
“Nothing, change of scenery.” I grin and I see the slight blush appear on Calum’s cheeks.

“Y/N, Sher? What do you say? You up for one?” I hear Michael behind me and I turn my upper body to the sound, raising my eyebrows in confusion. “Hm?”
“Interested in a barbeque at ours?” I raise my arm to give him a thumbs up before turning back to Calum who by now had turned on his side as well.

“Are you going to stay?” He questions as I feel his pointer finger slowly drag along my abdomen, mostly absentmindedly I think as I feel goose bumps cover the flesh.
“With you you mean?” I question, letting my hand fall on his waist, my nails lightly scratching in their place. “Yeah, the night.”

“Ah. If you want me to.” I grin, pulling my lip in between my teeth before letting my tongue dart out to wet my bottom lip. Calum is quick, but the feeling of his lips swiftly, but shortly, pressed against mine is something I still feel burning when he has long retracted. I don’t think anyone has noticed his little act of affection but I can feel my heart swell and my cheeks flame like a high school teenager.

“We should get going soon then.” Ashton sighs, scratching his abdomen before he swiftly gets up into a sitting position. “Come on, let’s bail.”

Calum smiles as me as he sits up, raising to his feet before he offers me his hand to help me up. He hands me his t-shirt, seeing as how he had wet my dress by using it as a fucking towel to dry his hair after he had thrown me into the ocean the first time. “Thank you.” I grin, pulling it over my head. It didn’t cover all that it had to cover, but enough for me to feel comfortable enough to walk to the car.

“You’re welcome.” He mutters as his hand presses against my hair, his fingers weaving into my strands before he presses his lips to my temple. My hands involuntarily raise to rest on his waist, my eyelids fluttering closed at his soft touch. He takes my bag off of the sand as well and starts his strut towards the car, leaving me a little bit flabbergasted.
“That boy is a walking contradiction. But that was so insanely cute I think I might faint.” Sherilyn sighs dreamily as she stops besides me for a second, dramatically fluttering her eyelids as me with that lazy smile on her lips.
“Oh please don’t, I need you to catch me when I do.” I laugh a bit shocked, starting my walk towards the car in Calum’s footsteps.


“Mikey are you sure we don’t have to help?” Sherilyn questions as she makes herself more comfortable on the lounge chair to my left, legs crossed as she throws her head back.
“Nah, you girls enjoy yourselves.” Michael winks as he carries another plate of raw meat towards the barbeque where Ashton is occupying the grill.

“Another beer?” Calum suddenly appears behind me, dangling a refreshing drink in front of my face. I let my fingers curl around the dark brown glass and I turn my head up to show him a toothy grin.
He walks around the lounge chair to drop near my legs, holding a beer bottle of his own to his lips. Sherilyn gets up as she rolls her eyes but shoots me a wink when she stalks off towards Ashton. Those two are so cute together and I hope Ashton is going to ask her out soon.

“Y/N?” I blink a few times as I turn my head to a chuckling Calum. “Sorry, I was zoning out.”
“It wasn’t important, don’t worry about it. Scoot.” He pushes himself up and lays down on the lounge chair Sherilyn was previously preoccupying, but not before pulling mine closer to him.
I giggle as the chair screeches along the tiles of the terrace, Calum wiggling his eyebrows in my direction. “You’re a lunatic.” I laugh, pushing his arm away as I raise the bottle back to my lips.

Calum had switched places with Sherilyn again after a good half an hour, helping Ashton with the barbeque and occasionally bringing Sher and I something to nibble. The sun begins to set in the background and this is the most at ease I’ve felt in quite some time. My stomach has been doing summer saults and I don’t know where this aching comes from.

“I don’t feel so good.” I mumble, rubbing my hand along my stomach as I squint my eyes at the painful feeling. “I’m going to the bath room.” I state, Sherilyn’s features showing concern but I wave her off; “I’ll be fine.”

I’ve been gone for quite some time. I’m standing in the hallway, almost completely bend over near the bathroom door so I can run in whenever I feel the need to. I’m moaning to myself when I hear footsteps approach me. “Y/N, you alright?” Luke’s voice chimes through the almost dark hallway, slowly approaching me, his hand landing on my shoulder as he gives it a squeeze.

“I really don’t feel so great.” I mumble, my head is swirling around and I feel like I could pass out any minute. I’m holding my head in my hands, my eyes squeezed closed. I feel both of Luke’s hands rest on my shoulders, trying to keep me steady. “Let’s go in the kitchen for a minute, I’ll get you some soda.” Luke slurs, guiding me through the hallway.

I’m slumping against the wall of their narrow hallway, Luke standing on the opposite side, leaning against the cracked bricks. His eyes are glossed over, eyelids drooping slightly. He looks completely miserable, and not because he has been consuming an awful lot of alcohol, even though it was more than his usual amount.

“Luke, are you okay? You’ve been – off this last part of the day.” I breathe, the light headedness I have been experiencing slowly fading away. I’m feeling just a bit nauseous but I can’t place why. I’ve only had two beers and I’ve been sipping on it for over an hour now.

“She dumped me.” Luke whines, his large hands rubbing along his stubbled chin, over his eyes before his fingers thread through his hair to pull at the blonde roots. My eyes widen, lips slightly parted when I see Luke fall apart in front of me. “What – Why?”
He almost bends completely over, his hands resting on his knees now as if he’s going to vomit any second. I push myself off of the wall to let my hand fall on his shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze before letting it rest on top of his head.

“She believes I’m not mature enough for a serious relationship. That my soccer and partying are more important than she is.” His voice sounds broken, his head lifting up so our gazes would meet. His eyes are even more glossy now, his lip red from biting it out of frustration and the colour drained from his cheeks. “But when?”
“In a text while we were at the beach. I thought – I mean – “
“Oh Luke, come ‘ere.”

I fist his shirt near his shoulder and pull him towards me, throwing my arms around his shoulders to hug him close to me. He buries his face in my neck and accepts the hug, his arms winding around my waist as he presses our bodies impossibly closer. “I’m mature, aren’t I?” He mumbles against my neck and I hum in response, my hands rubbing soothing circles over his back.

“Of course you are. You’re the gentlest, most caring and amiable person I’ve ever met. She doesn’t know what she’ll be missing. I’m sure you’re an amazing boyfriend, don’t let her drag you down.”

Our eyes meet and I cannot respond fast enough. Luke presses his lips against mine. His lips are soft, his kiss gentle and tender. The exact opposite of what Calum’s lips felt like. I press my flat hands against Luke’s chest and apply just the tiniest bit of pressure, breaking our kiss. He opens his eyes and as soon as our gazes meet, he seems to realize what he has done. “Oh shit. I’m so sorry Y/n, I – I didn’t mean to – “

I shut him up with another pat against the chest, a small smile crawling onto my lips as I stare at my nervous, rambling friend. “It’s alright. Can’t say I haven’t wondered about it at least once.”
Luke laughs nervously, probably thrilled that I’m not slapping him across his face and simply laughing this whole ordeal off.

“Not to offend you but that didn’t feel as I expected at all.” Luke chuckles again and bites his lip, still cornering my body against the wall, but by now his shoulders are slumped and his lazy smile is back on his lips. “Don’t worry Luke, I totally understand.”
“Calum would kill me.” Luke whispers and I chuckle, throwing my head against the wall as I let my eyes drift closed. “I don’t even know what’s going on between us and it’s killing me. Slowly and painfully.”

“Calum is just special. You need to –“

“What’s going on here?” I recognize that voice anywhere and I raise my head again to turn it, seeing Calum at the end of the dark hallway, slowly stepping closer towards us.

Part 18*  

Trump Suit

TITLE:  Trump Suit


AUTHOR: kookiefics


NOTES/WARNINGS: Violence. Gore. Drugs. Smut. Everything I have wanted to write about but never have.

“Loki…” I breathe into his dark hair as he lowers his lips from my face to my body.

The dim, colourful lights… The thump of loud music… The gyrating bodies in the crowded room… The blazing trail of kisses… The heavy breathing… The heavy feeling of being drunk but every cell within me buzzing with life as his hand creeps up my thigh…


Someone tries to wake me. The sound hurts my head. I have a raging headache, my stomach feels like it’s filled with razors and I can hardly feel my legs. Last night was incredible.


I try to open my mouth, but my muscles feel like weights. I’m way too exhausted to move a muscle, literally. I’m lying so still I can feel my pulse bouncing in my throat.

“Skye. Wake up.”

Leave me alone. If I could throw a pillow or grunt at the speaker, I would.  But I just can’t.


A large, warm hand shakes my shoulder so hard that my whole body moves. Piss off.

“She’s freezing!”

What is the problem? Can I not sleep and dream about… Wait, where’s Loki?

“Skye! C’mon!”

What on earth is going on? Usually I sleep until Loki wakes me up to treat my hangover. Then I spend my day hanging around Stark Towers until Loki finds a party or club to take me to. My life has been that way ever since he first took me back to his place, a few months ago.

“Skye, I swear, get up or I will get a bucket of ice water.”

Everyone thought there was a massive security breach when I was found wandering around in a drunken stupor, after the area had been locked down at night for security. But no, Loki just got lonely and chose a pretty girl to entertain him. That must have been hilarious; the confusion, chaos, panic, all because a drunk girl was looking for the bathroom.

“She won’t respond. She’s barely breathing.”

Loki told me my name was Skye, but that’s all he knew about me. In fact, that’s all I knew about myself. The security people in Stark Towers assumed that I was some gutter child that got addicted to drugs and lived permanently on the party scene, relying on someone taking me home for me to survive. Fair enough, I do look like a flower-power, free-hugs, hippy-dippy heroine addict from the 80s.

“Don’t even know what to do about her anymore.”

They tried to find out who I was. They checked every database on earth. Citizens, prisoners, criminals, immigrants, emigrants, you name it. Thor even checked in on Heimdall and he took a look around the Nine Realms. Guess what? They couldn’t find me anywhere. No one in any world knows me. I don’t exist.

“Get the others, she needs help.”

They tried to get rid of me by sending me out to parties without Loki, hoping I would be someone else’s problem, whether that meant leaving me on the side of the road with forty needles in my arm or taking me home and making a mural with my blood. But I would always wake up back in Loki’s room. Apparently it irritated him when they did that, so they stopped. Loki had been getting more powerful and less tolerant around that time, so everyone had started walking on eggshells around him; they were getting scared.

“Look at her. She’s like a corpse.”

I didn’t mind; I was barely sober half the time. I spent my sober hours reading or baking. Strange pastimes for an anonymous party animal, I know, but it’s what I like. Apparently that’s what everyone else likes, too.

“I can’t believe we let it go on for this long. We are the only people who even care about her.”

I’m proud to call the Avengers my friends. Not that I had anyone to tell. The hobbies which I carried out in their own base forced me into their company, which nobody minded after a period of time and we realised we could all get along. Steve and Tony in particular enjoyed my baking.

“She is so stupid.”

While I am baking, I chat with them, feed them, show them my techniques. When I am reading we can sit in silence together or discuss our favourite pieces of literature. Then at night, Loki and I go painting the town in red. Or green, as he prefers. He used to always keep a drink in my hand, a joint between my lips, a straw to my nose or a needle to my arm. Every night I could go mental because Loki would heal me the next morning. In short, my life is fucking awesome.

I don’t have medical training.”

But for the passed two months or so, Loki wanted to stay in and enjoy each other’s company. I didn’t mind, but I after a while I needed the parties. Those were the times I completely let loose and delved into a colourful world through a glass pipe. There was nothing like it, and over time, I convinced him to bring me out again. That was last night.

“Dammit, Skye!”

I have never been addicted to anything. Or overdosed, for that matter. But last night I had tried to compensate for the time I had missed and I may have gone over the top.

“Who other than Loki can treat her?”

Is Loki not around? What? Why?

“It’s only drugs. I’ve treated much worse under more trying circumstances. It isn’t a problem.”

A needle bit into the crook of my arm. Something cold shoots into my arm and I fall asleep.

This was the first time in my memory that Loki didn’t wake me up. I’m not gonna sugar coat it; it was fucking awful. The pain, the nausea, the light. Everything is terrible. Sometimes people try to talk to me, but I won’t open my eyes. Even then, I can’t hear them over my moans of pain.

Only two things actually sunk in over those three excruciating days.

One, there is a limit to the amount of painkillers available when you could have any amount of illegal drugs in your system.

Two, Loki is gone. He would have visited me and made me better if he was within the vicinity. I don’t know where he is, I can’t ask. I want to get better quickly so I can hear what everyone was saying to me. I might have been told four or five times where Loki is right now but I can’t focus.

Finally I can open my eyes for the first time after all the sickness is gone. I’m weak and tired, but I snatch the wrist of a person reaching for the drip in my arm. I look up and see Bruce. He looks surprised and uncomfortable.

“Where’s Loki?” I hiss through my dry throat and chapped lips.

Bruce hesitates, but sat on the edge of my bed. No, Loki’s bed and told me, plain and simple.

“That monster will never come near you again.”

Rightfully Mine (Joker x Sidekick!Reader)

This one probably has nothing to do with my last fic, the never ending ride, but it can if you want. I won’t spoil you with the summary with this, cause it’s just a situation leading in other. No warnings, though there is swearing. And some violence. Also this probably goes with Jared Joker the most. I GOTTA MAKE THE NEXT ABOUT JEROME THOUGH!! I MISS HIM! So sorry, it’s just so easy to write about suicide squad joker, I really prefer Jared or Cameron as my joker so, yeah, you’ll be seeing them often in my fics. Alright. I’ll shut up now. ENJOY

The cuffs hurt but that isn’t any news to me or anyone. My hands were held behind my back and I could already feel nice marks forming around my wrists. Releasing a heavy sigh and keeping my death glare on check, I kept going. It wasn’t nice. I was cooperating and still they were pushing me! Or rather trying to walk over me was a better description for what was happening. I wanted nothing more than to snap at the guard that was dressed like an assassin jostling me, but I settled for shooting a glare over my shoulder though I don’t think he saw. His helmet thing that covered his whole face seemed like looking forward the hallway and he didn’t bother saying anything either so yeah. Fuck it.

I had high heels on. I already had a grape sized blisters on my foot and this guy thought I needed a marathon! God I felt like kicking the guy right now. Taking a peek from between my legs I measured how high I needed to lift my foot for a good shot. Almost about…

I yelped as the guy suddenly pushed me forward. I felt rage building up inside of me like a ticking time bomb going off. My face heated and probably went red as I turned my head over my shoulder again, opening my mouth to-!

”Hey, (Y/n)!” A raspy voice called for me. He got all my attention now and I was met with a humorous smile and brown eyes. Let me open the situation up a bit. Me and mister brown eyes were buddies. Work friends. Coworkers, probably clear now, so he helps me with stuff since, well, my former partner ended up in jail. I didn’t that much enjoy working alone, though maybe I should consider my methods since when I’m with someone else I or the other, at this time both, end up behind bars. But this boy toy, not mentioning names, Ryan, oops, had this gig, which we blew off, duh, and now we were heading to jail. Yay.

”Better save that energy for later. You don’t want a longer cake than that’s already waiting for us.” He winked at me. And no. We are not a thing, we are friends maybe friends with benefits too, but not in a relationship. But like I was saying, he knew which buttons to push to calm me down. At least for a bit. He had nice muscular arms, tan skin, dark short hair and so much unlike my former lover.

I gave him a smile leaving what just happened behind and kept walking. We were shoved into a huge truck, probably heading to jail by now, and pushed to sit down. Ryan sat right across me and while waiting for the car to start I poked Ryan’s legs with mine to keep myself at least semi occupied and entertained. Ryan didn’t mind, knowing this was the only way I could have fun and stay calm. He only rolled his eyes with a smile, but not long till the assassin bastard finally spoke up and with a low and intimidating (inhuman like) voice told me to behave or he’d push me out of the car. I showed him my tongue but stopped.

Waiting and staying on board for twenty minutes felt my brows knit together. The windows were black, we couldn’t see outside or anyone in. I had nothing to do and the silence was killing me. Without pissing off the guards I couldn’t do anything. I still ended up tapping my foot on the floor of the car and after about five seconds the monster voiced man shouted me to quit. You just couldn’t fawn the guy! With anything!

After next couple of minutes the car stopped. Not in lights or for someone to go over the road. It finally stopped. For good. I could feel relaxed, energetic again. Ready to check out the new home, for next couple of months before to figure out how to break out.

Ryan pulled out side first and I heard him whistle while laughing: ”She will love this.” Needed to be a nice place. Or maybe not. Ryan was easily impressed. The asshat of a guard took a hold of my arms from behind and pushed me out. I almost fell, twisting my ankle at the progress if I hadn’t saved my composer fast enough.

The air was chill, the moon behind clouds and no. It wasn’t a full moon. That would be fucking cliche. But even if it was hidden it wasn’t that hard to see outside. But I noticed not long after getting off the car it was because of the well light building in front of us. The air played with my hair and tickled the spots of my body that weren’t covered by clothing which made my mood lighten up. I had a light smile on my face when I lifted my gaze to our new home.

I could feel the blood draining from my face, fuck, probably from my whole body. My eyes went wide and I took a step back, hitting my back against the guard behind me. I shook my head feeling panic taking a hold of me. Or more of a death grip like hold.

”No!” I cried out, the guard pushing me a step forward. ”No, no, no, no, no!” I started kicking and shaking my head from side to side.

”Would you she’d love this.” Ryan said with a smile and a chuckle. Sarcasm. How didn’t I notice before?

”I’m not going in there!” I yelled from the top of my lungs. ”You can’t force me!” I was not entering Arkham. Not now. This was the worst time to be even around the building. I was kept pushed  and half carried forward the front doors my legs still kicking the air.

”Calm down, crazy!” The guard snapped at me. ”he’s locked up. You won’t be hanging out in a same room.” Of course they knew. That had to be the reason why we were brought here. It had to be a plot. They were going to break me. Putting me in the same place with the man I almost killed last time we were in the same place. He had to be fucking furious. He was going to kill me!

”I have my rights!” I yelled in agony when we got inside. ”Let me out! Send me somewhere else! I’ll do anything!” But the guards don’t have hearts. They had to be grinning under their masks.

”You think we are going to follow law after all the two of you have done?” I felt my stomach drop. ”You more than deserve this.”

I watched in horror as the doors closed behind us and started fighting even more than before when a loud boom was heard and echoed from the thick walls around us. ”I’ll complain!”

”Complain all you want, but they will do nothing to change things. You have no reason to complain. You won’t even need to see the guy. You won’t be in any danger. If I was in charge I’d lock you up in the same cell he’s in and even give him a knife.” What kind of sick fuck- ”Move it!”

While I was pushed further the Asylum Ryan was let whispering soothing things to calm me down. Maybe it was because I had been fighting all the time and they were running out of energy, or for reasons I couldn’t even think of. We kept walking for awhile when we came to a tiny hall with only two doors. One made of thick glass and other from metal. There were bright lights on, almost blinding me, but I adjusted fast and was met with a horrible sight. It was him.

”Oops. I might have messed up with the doors.” The guard chuckled sadistically. That bastard! I’m going to kill this guy! If I won’t get murdered first that is…

I let my eyes settle on what was in front of me. Behind those thick glass doors he stood. In a bright orange jumper, which hang open to half way of his front. The color didn’t suit him in the slightest. Maybe if it was more brown?

We had about ten meters in between us, without mentioning the doors that held him away, with an amused smile or rather a grin on his face he stepped as close to the glass as possible to enjoy the view. Only then I started to pay attention how my suit was torn. My thighs showing and the shirt from over my chest had slit further  down than it originally had been. Also his amusement was from the guard handling me so roughly.

”Well, well, well.” He chuckled with no intentions of hiding his enjoyment. His eyes sparkled in a mad man like of way, well that he definitely was, and eyed me up and down. ”Took them long enough to catch you. I honestly thought you’d be here much sooner.”

”Shut up!” I tried to get the guard off me but to no avail. ”I didn’t get caught, besides,” I lifted my head, holding it high and proud while switching my tone to much softer one. ”this is just a misunderstanding. I’m not going to be staying here. They’ll transfer me to another jail soon.”

”Oh, darling, I don’t think so.” Joker said with a heavy voice and grinned dangerously at me. Then his eyes fixed on the figure behind me, to the guard that held me. ”Good work dear boy, I have to admit I doubted you’d ever catch her.” My eyebrows knit together. What was he..? ”Now hand her over.” I felt my heart almost jump out of my chest. Was he going to put me in there? With him? Was he crazy?!

Joker held his hands in front of him, like inviting me to an embrace. My stomach hurt. My insides turned and I felt frozen.

”Okay, wait up.” A voice that had been forgotten even was present at the moment made itself heard. Ryan looked at me, the guard and Joker on turns. He looked puzzled. I hoped he hadn’t forgotten that I and the Joker had a thing before, did he hit his head or- ”You just said, that you don’t have the rights to put her in there.”

”Who is this?” Joker eyed Ryan annoyedly from head to toe.

”Doesn’t really matter at the moment, but guess you paid for nothing, clown.” Ryan smiled and I wanted to run at him and jump in his arms for defending me. ”Well yeah, you got a nice show but you know, you can watch but not touch.” He said in a sing-song tone while smirking. Joker glared. It looked like he was going to explode, then he turned to the guard and snapped at him ”What is he talking about? Throw that idiot out of the window all I care, but give her to me!”

The guard behind me shook his head. ”I can’t. You heard him, I have no rights to lock her in with you. Men and women separated, like in every prison.” Joker was fuming with rage. He had paid for this bastard for picking an item up and bringing here without getting to use it, which unfortunately was me.

”You listen to me and listen good, you brat!” Joker hissed. ”You get her on this side of the glass at this second or you won’t get paid. Oh, and I might even tell my buddies out side of your family. Your son will be thrilled for their visit.” His tone changed at the middle of his speech from deathly to dangerously, madly cheery. The guard that still held me pushed me further, now walking directly to Joker’s cell. I tried to root my feet to the ground to evade the closeness of the Joker but I wasn’t strong enough and in seconds we were right at the door.

The guard had taken his helmet thing off, but I hadn’t even noticed when and was now glaring at the Joker, who paid no attention to him. He had his eyes fully on me. A mad like smile on his lips, eyes wide and a sick plan building in his head.

”You get close to my family and I’ll have you killed!” The guard shook from rage, probably nervous too and scared. Had to be. He was screwed. But so was I.

”What you gonna go?” Joker’s raspy voice, so close to me made me shiver, rang out like a happy song. ”Quit your jump to keep an eye on them? Or stay here keeping an eye on me?”

”You won’t get a word out from here! I’ll make sure of that.”

”Do what you wish, but you won’t be getting away with betraying me that easily.” Joker smiled wider, still looking down at me.

”We gonna stay here the whole night? Next day? Whole week? I’d rather go see my new room, decorate a little. You know, prisoner stuff.” Ryan rambled due boredom making Joker loosen his insane joyful expression to a bored and annoyed one. His eyes left me and looked at the two guards. ”Seriously, who is this kid?” He asked.

”You girl’s new man.” Ryan winked and I could swear I saw Joker’s eyes squinting for a mild second and then he grinned, laying his eyes on me again and smiling. ”Is that so?” He hummed wickedly. ”You enjoy taking what is left of others’ meal? Some left overs, trash?” Now was my turn to glare. My face was going red and I grit my teeth. ”A nervous wreck.” And that was the last straw. I started kicking like crazy, which I was, thank you very much, and screamed threads at the pale man in front of me. My legs hit the glass but made nothing to it, which wasn’t surprising. The guard behind me yelled me to calm down, lifting me up so my legs were in the air. I hit the monitor right beside Joker’s doors with my legs couple of times, hard, before I was pulled far away from the Joker and I was dragged out of the room. Ryan came right behind us, but had enough time to brag at Joker how he was going to take care of me now that he was out of the picture. I didn’t think he minded. Why would he. He only wanted me dead. He wouldn’t mind if I was really going out with Ryan and had fucked him.

Me and Ryan were separated not long after exiting the hall where Joker was, the guard pushing me forward which was no news to me and then locking me in same like cell Joker had been in. The glass door gave a nice view though there wasn’t much on the other side. There would probably be no performances or no one walking down the hallway I had a view of so it was like having a broken tv. It was there but you had nothing to watch.

I fell on the bed with a deep and long sigh. This evening hadn’t gone well. It wasn’t by my action I had ended up in here. Like I said, when there were other counterparts I always got caught. Memo to me, from now on, always work alone. And with that in mind I let my eyes close and drifting away.

It wasn’t long after I heard an alarm go off. Oh what was going on? I jumped up from the bed, pressing myself close to the glass and looking the guards running down the hall in front of me with armors and guns. I squealed in excitement and waited for something. Was there an ambush? Oh how fun! My tv is working again!

In another room there was a party going on. There were people leaking in the Asylum like water. Much of them, with force. Bullet rain going loose.

”It took them long enough.” Joker told himself, rolling his eyes, but when the alarm went on after the sound of a bomb breaking the outer wall, Joker’s cell door opened. The monitor besides the door had broken when (Y/n) had kicked it, and the electricity that went through the monitor while trying to double lock the cell from the alarm had opened the door instead of securing it.

”Well would you look at that.” He chuckled happily and stepped out of the cell, then doubling over to look at the damaged monitor with a wide grin. ”I guess this covers everything she did to me.” He laughs maniacally. ”Probably planned this even.” Out of his mind he was, sure, but this twisted? Yes. He then waited for his men to come and then he told them they were not leaving before they’d go and fetch you for him. There was no way the king was leaving with out his queen.

I was still close to the door, my face pressed on the glass while my eyes glimmered from excitement. I was anxious and hyper. I wished the party wouldn’t die sown before me getting even a peek of it. Damn those guards. I really wanted out now, to kick some ass and kill that idiot guard who kept tormenting me.

A loud boom was heard, my eyes closing, my arms covering my face and the wall that separated me from a hallway was down, dust blessing my vision of what was there and then about five man, armored, came in. They had a bloodied card with them that went for the monitor beside my cell that opened the doors and they slammed it on the thing and the doors opened. I knew enough that the guys were not the guards from the Asylum. I danced a circle and then got out of my cell, smiling and giggling happily. I gazed at the guys and nodded at them in appreciation and even bowed.

”Thank you, you honorable mystery men, but I don’t have any money on me right now, I’ll get in touch when I get some cash!” And as I was about to leave one of the men took a hold of my arms from behind, the same way that douchebag of a Joker’s loyal friend had just this same night had. I struggled a little and snapped at the guy to let go and that I’d surely pay them.

”Oh I won’t be needing your money.” I heard from in front, behind the dust and I gasped. I was so fucked now. Of course he had to be behind all this. Who else would give me a show like this? ”Thanks to you I saved some time with my men.” I gave him a puzzled look. He crouched to my eye level and smiled widely. He put his hands on either side of my face and held on with pressure on his fingers on my flesh. ”Damaging the security monitor was a good and a lucky move, thanks to you I got out before my men even got to me.” He let his thumb caress my bottom lip. I could see his lustful gaze on them and his voice got more raspy than normal. He was turned on? For being so close to finally killing me? Had to be it, didn’t actually surprise me, he was crazy anyway, though so was I. Who am I to judge?

He almost moaned when he straightened his back, pulling me up with him, the hold on me from the henchmen of Joker’s loosening so I could stand up beside Joker, he let his thumb part my lips, feeling my breath on his fingers he closed his eyes.

”I missed this.” He moaned.

I couldn’t help but let a puzzled look overtake my features. Why? Why would he say something like that?

”I missed you, baby.” And then he opened his eyes, eyeing me seriously and then pulling me closer, his hold painfully strong on my face, but I wouldn’t even dream of complaining.

He wasted no time and pulled me into a rough and passionate kiss. His tongue entered my mouth, I didn’t fight or resist him. I let him in and didn’t fight for dominance, just let him do what he wanted.

He pulled away slowly, like he didn’t want to stop and tried resisting on kissing me again, his hands still on my cheeks and holding my head in place.

”You wanna get out of here, baby?” He asked, serious was all he was now and I nodded. ”Careful.” He taunted. Then he tilted his head and chuckled ”There’s always a catch.” I looked at him, feeling lust for his lips. He had captured me again. He longed for me and me for him after how he acted and kissed and even touched me. What ever he wanted, he’d have it. ”What is it?” He smiled. His gaze went serious again ”I want that Roy boy dead.” He looked at me waiting for my agreement. This wasn’t a request, that much I knew. He would kill him anyways, beat me and take me with him if I’d refuse, thankfully I didn’t even want to refuse. Better with him than on my own in here. He was now nice enough to help me get  out of here.

”Deal.” I said running out of breath. I didn’t go for correcting him on Ryan’s name.

”Tsk tsk tsk.” Joker taunted again, holding his head high and looking down at me, then pulling me even closer and leaning his forehead against mine, his eyes intensely on mine. ”Not just him.” He waited for me to show any signs of disagreement. ”Every forsaken soul that has been in any interact with you while I was gone. I don’t want anyone going on their life with having had touched you. You’re mine after all.” He smiled again, kissing my cheek with time passing by and then muttering against my skin ”My queen.”

”Boss!” One of Joker’s henchmen called out and had our attention on him in seconds. ”The police are coming, we gotta get out of here now, or we’ll all be in cage in no time.” He wasted no time for waiting for Joker’s orders but went to a helicopter that was out at the prisons yard. Joker pulled me closer to him, kissing the top of my head and dragged me with him.

”I’ll have to sent someone to finish your boy toy later then.” He had his hand around your waist and when you got out of the Asylum, through the halls and destroyed walls, dust falling around and over us, he pulled me to the helicopter that had drown all the sounds around under it’s loud noise. Joker pulled me to sit on his lap, then pulling the seat belt over the both of us, securing me on his lap and I felt the big machine leave the ground.

Joker kept snuggling me, kissing my neck, cheeks and lips the whole time we were on air, he was needy, like he had wanted this for so long now, like he had missed me more than he let out, but I couldn’t complain. I wanted him too. I could feel his hardness against my ass  cheeks while I sat on his lap and he groaned every time I even winced. He would probably take me now and here if it was up to him, but he had orders to give with the location we were heading into.

It took about thirty minutes when there was just the two of us. Joker had taken over a big old building, it had probably been an old storage house, and he had made it homey for himself in short time. The windows were painted black with HA HA HA written on them with different colors and there were dead animal skins on the floor, a big bed with thick, warm blankets and pillows. The lighting was dim, but nice. It was almost romantic. There was a one wall that was covered in knives, swords and hammers. I eyed the wall spotting my pair of two metal hammers and squealed, dashing at them and taking them in my hands. I swing them couple of times on hand, not facing the Joker. ”Where did you get them?” I didn’t actually mean the question for Joker, just wondering out loud. I had lost the two couple months ago. They were my favorite weapons in the whole world.

”They were with Gordon.” Joker purred which sent shivers down my spine, tip toeing behind me, wrapping his hands around my waist and nibbling my neck. I let the boys fall off my hands, making a loud bang as the metal hit the floor, letting my frame fully lean on the Joker’s and moaned at his actions. ”When I saw them I knew they’d be for good use. Guess I did the right choice.” He bit on my sweet spot, making me gasp. ”But that’s not the only thing I got here for you.” He said and thrusts himself against my ass. ”I got the bed for you too.” He growled and I moaned when he dragged his tongue up my neck.

He turned me around to face him, he stared at me intensely again, just like when he wanted my approval on killing Ryan back at the Asylum. ”But before I claim what is rightfully mine, you need to tell me. Who. Has touched you. While I was gone.” What a mood killer.

”No one.” I told him with a disappointed look. He squeezed his hands tighter on my body. ”Well maybe yes, but not in that kinda’f way.” I told him.

”Better not be lying, baby girl, you know I don’t appreciate it.” He then kissed me hard, his lips crushing my mine, probably bruising. ”And I don’t care if they even touched you by accident, they’re dead to me.” He kissed my forehead and then smiled. ”Now, let’s test the bed, shall we?” And I wouldn’t even dream of disagreeing with that.

Trouble- Harry Styles One Shot

She’s sitting alone, surrounded with dancing strangers. Music’s blaring through the speakers. He’s got his eye on her. Is he her type?
I drummed my fingers on the glass in my hand. My eyes wandered over the crowded club, knot in my stomach becoming bigger with every second passing.
I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be surrounded with blaring music nor all those stranger. I let my gaze graze over the dancing crowd, trying to find her.
For God knows which time I ask myself why I let her dragg me here. Why did I let her dragg me here when I knew she would leave me the second her pink heels touched club’s floor.
My lips wrapped around black straw, sipping on the Coke in the glass. I know I’m lame. I know I should be enjoying myself. Dancing with some random guy, making him want me. I’m just not that. I’m not higheels and tight dress girl. I’m the one who stays at home Saturday night’s wrapped up in a blanket with book in my hands. I’m not a girl who leaves with other guy every second night. I’m a good girl, boring girl. There’s no excitement in my life.
I met his gaze two hours into this long night. Running my fingers through my hair I sat in the booth, wanting the night to end. Then my eyes met his. Breath hitched in my throath as our gazes connected. He was standing beside the bar, leaning onto it. He was dressed in black clothes. His hair was pushed back, mop of curls, patiently styled. I could see his biceps flex, under the thin fabric of black T-Shirt. His hands were covered in tattoos. He smirked a little and light reflected from metal ring around his lover lip. Something in his eyes made my heart pick up a pace and I looked at the ground, hoping not to look in those eyes again. Something in his apperance screamed trouble.

She plopped  down next to me in fluss. My eyes widened a little as she scared me. Her eyes ligth up as she looked at me. Her red lips stretched in a smile.
„You having fun?“ she asked, taking the galss from my hand and taking one big swig.
„Not really. You know—“
„Gee, (Y/N),“ her eyebrows furrowed as she put the glass on the table. „No wonder  you’re not having fun! You’re drinking Coke!“ She emhasized the word, making me roll my eyes.
„You know I didn’t want to come here in a first pla—“
„Babe?“ she cut me once again, and I cursed silently. What a best friend, eh?“That guy is staring at you! Don’t look immediately!“
But before I could stop myself my eyes went in the direction she subtly showed. My eyes widened a little as I realized who she was indicating at. Tall stranger, dressed in black. Trouble. I disconnected my gaze from his.
               „No, he’s not.“
               „Yes, he indeed is. You should do something.“ She took her lower lip with between her fingers, red on her lips matching the color of her nails.“He is hot. In his own bad-boy style. I like the piercings but I don’t like tattoos. Too much ink if you ask me. But hey, if you like it.“
               She shrugged.
„What are you even talking about? He’s just a guy—“
„A guy who’s staring at you.“
„He’s not staring at—“
„Yes, he is.“ She said, interrupting my sentence once again.
„If you don’t let me finish my next sentence I’ll kick you, I swear!“ I threatened and she rolled her big, blue eyes.
„You should go talk to him.“
„I won’t.“
„I know, you won’t. He’s a guy! You don’t have time for guys!“
„Hey! That’s not tru—“
„Yes it is. I know you, (Y/N). I know you’d rather be surrounded with your books right now then be here. And that’s a shame cos I really like the dress.“ She pointed to black dress, that floated down my body.
She got off of her seat and kissed my cheek, probably leaving lipstic trail there.
„Have fun, babe!“ she said over he shoulder. „Night’s long.“
And she was right. About two things. First, night really was long.
And second, he really was staring at me.

               Half an hour later I was ready to go home. I wanted to go home, take a shower, get something to eat and get in bed with some good book. My eyes connected with numbers on my phone. It was too late for a trip to a library.
               My phone light up, indicating there was a new message.
               I click and a message from my crazy brother popped up. I answered him, with a small smile when someone beside me cleared their throath.
               My eyes moved up and I almost choked seeing tall stranger beside me.
               „Yes?“ I managed to ask despite the lump in my troath.
               „Hey love. Is this seat taken?“ He asked, his voice low, raspy, showing at an empty seat next to me in the booth.
               Just as I opened my mouth to say it was taken he cut me off.
               „Don’t bother, love.“ He chuckled. „I’ve been watching you all night. You don’t have a date. Your friend’s dancing with random guys. Thought I’d keep you some company.“
               His voice was quiet, yet loud enough for me to hear over the blaring music. He sat down next to me. I shifted a little, feeling uncomfortable. I was never good at talking to boys. Not good at flirting, not good at making conversation at all.
               „I’m Harry.“ He said, his eyes burning in mine. Not wanting to be rude I took his outstretched hand in mine and shook it lightly. His skin was warm against mine. His hand was bigger than mine, a lot.
               I told him my name and he smiled, lightly, showing a small dimple.
               „Beautiful name. It fits you.“
               I wasn’t comfortable. There was something in his appearance that made me feel weird, uncomfortable.
               „This dress fits you too.“ He said again and I felt blush creeping to my cheeks.
               „Are you flirting with me?“ I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He laughed and his eyes met mine again.
               „Well, if you are, I want you to know I’m not interesting.“ I said, sipping on my drink and looking away from him.
               „Oh, really?“ he smiled, „Am I not your type?“ he asked, his voice challenging. I looked at him. My eyes wandered over his tattoos and piercings. One on his eyebrow, two on his lip, standing next to each other.
               „You’re not my type at all.“
               „And why’s that?“ he asked, sitting so his arm is resting on the booth  back, supporting him. His eyes burned into mine.
               „I’m not the kind of girl who’d fall or have a one night fling with an inked, pierced bad boy. Sorry, but you’re really not my type.“
               „Ahh.. You’d actually surprise how different I am on the inside and on the outside.“
               „I doubt it, but hey, you’ll find a girl that will want you. That girl’s not me but there’s plenty fish in the sea as they would say. And I have to go now.“
               I stood up, taking my phone and purse in my hand.
               „You know, I think I actually am your type. You just don’t know it yet.“
               „Well, that’s confident.“ I said, searching with my eyes for my dear, dear friend.
               „I think confident it what you need.“
               „Once again, I doubt it. Where the hell is she?“ I mumbled last sentence. My teeth engraved in my lower lip as my eyes scanned through the crowd.
               „I don’t think you’ll be going home that fast, love. Your friend is right there and she doesn’t look like she wants to leave yet.“ Harry said, pointing her out to me. Her lips were connected to some guys’ and I knew he was right. I won’t be going home for some time.
               I sat down and sent a quick message to her, hoping she would hear her phone over the noise.
               „Oh, c’mon, erase that frown. Let me buy you a drink.“
               „No thank you. I don’t let strangers buy me drinks.“
               „How can you turn down a free drink?“ he asked, there was amusement present in his voice.
               I sighed.
               „Listen, Harry, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be rude. I’m hungry, I’m tired. I want to go home and read some good book. Make some Tea. I’m really, really not interesting.“
               „Let me buy you a dinner then!“ he said and I rolled my eyes.
               „You know, I’m sure that a lot of girls here would love if you bought them drinks or dinner, I’m just not one of them!“
               „You’re really persistant, you know?“ he asked, squinting a little. That same, confident smirk was present on his lips as he ran his tongue over his piercings.
               „Yes. I’m really stubborn. I get my way, you know. I’ll get you to leave me alone.“
               „You’re wrong, love.“ He whispered and you looked at him, almost jumping out of your skin when you realized his face was only inches away from yours, his breath tickling your skin. „I don’t give up easily. I love challenges. And you are a challenge. You’re also wrong if you think I’m not your type. I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll see you again.“
               His lips touched your cheek for a brief second. You felt him slip something between your fingers. He got off of the couch. His lips stretched in a wide smile, that made your heart race a little faster. He winked at you before turning away and walking out of club. Your eyes followed him entire time, feeling of his lips on your cheek still tickling your skin and small paper with his number in your hand burning.

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