but lena and the series is what made me fall in love with this character

supercorp fanfic masterpost

due to the shitfest that was comic con (except u katie mcgraff, u my main hoe) I’ve decided to post all my fav fics to boost the morale in this fandom bc even tho melhoohaa hurt my feelings i would die for supercorp
also, im VERY sorry to the people who keep asking for me to post this and its taken about 7 years, I’m just a busy lady ok
p.s. im a smut whore so ur welcome for a section dedicated for pure sin at the end

Giant by @coeurdastronaute
90k+, ongoing, this is my fucking FAV, lena and kara meet in high school but not a high school AU, and its super angsty and L O V E honestly. 

my youth is yours by @lynnearlington
182k+, ongoing, my other fucking favvvvv! literally marked my soul and id read this everyday if i could bc never in my life have i read a fic that made my heart hurt this much ily writer

you are the fire (and i’m gasoline) by @lenacorporations
80k+, completed, literally read this is a day and holy fuck THE BEST! pls go and read this if you haven’t. childhood au its so damn cute

It’s in the Stars (It’s been Written in the Scars/On our Hearts) by @homodramatica
201k+, ongoing, another fav!!!! seriously fucking read this now. its like angst and fluff and smut all wrapped up in a supercorp love fest and i fucking ride hard for this fic

Learning Control by FrostedLimits
24k+, completed, kara can’t control her powers in the bedroom and lena is more than happy to help, also periwinkle kryptonite is cool

Mercy by Rykeral
329k+, ongoing, literally the longest and also the SLOWEST burn of all time, like I’m talking slow but its got everything like angst, fluff, action and lenas just a fucking badass.

Paranoia Incarnated by @justmickeyfornow​​
86k+, ongoing, kara gets infected by this stuff and gets uber paranoid and needs to hear lenas heartbeat to calm down and lena doesn’t know karas supergirl and its super cute and angsty FUCKING READ THIS NOW EVERYONE I’m telling ya

Jealous of the way (you’re happy without me) by @blood-inthefields
17k+, ongoing, karas a jealous hoe but its super sad tbh

Supergirl In Training by @wtfoctagon
70k+, completed, if u haven’t read this are u even a supercorp fan?

the heiress, the girl of steel, and the man who fell to earth by @littlekbrother
66k+, completed, LISTEN HERE this is one of my favs and mon-el is actually a good character basically everything supergirl should actually be and you need to fucking read this.

They only lack the light to show the way by @jennysparksandtheauthority
45k+, ongoing, SUPER BABIES

Lipstick On Your Collar by Remyroo17
52k+, completed, lena and kara have a baby together and ITS SO GOOD

The Day Lena’s Earth Stood Still by SuperTweety
60k+, ongoing, kara is lenas assistant, she’s weirded out about aliens but then they make sweet love and its gAY

You’re Never Alone, Lena by HEDA_OWNS_MY_SOUL
79k+, ongoing, lenas a fucking badass and kara and lena love each other

You Wanna Be Friends Forever? I Can Think of Something Better by @myheartisbro-ken
93k+, ongoing, kara and lena just support each other so much i fucking love this fic

Breathe by @silent-rain91
114k+, completed, kara and lena broke up 6 yrs ago and kara finds out they have twins, kara also has a penis but its cool don’t worry guys, one big happy family and oh so much angst

Worlds Between Us by @lycanhood
38k+, completed, lena and supergirl are friends with benefits and angst ensues, also red k kara hello

At Least I Got You in My Head by @queenghostling
25k+, ongoing, this is the saddest thing ever tbh, lena self harms and lillian’s a fuckhead. lena and lucy for a little bit supercorp endgame apparently. TW for self harm and sexual abuse.

i’ll love you till my breathing stops by @poiperoi
41k+, ongoing, boarding school au, and karas just a big fat alien and its so cute.

Impeccable timing by @thatsgaydanvers
22k+, ongoing, lena gets preggers before meeting kara and kara is overprotective and cute af

The Liar Game by @ladyptarmigan
75k+, ongoing, slow burn uphill battle supercorp, still haven’t finished but I’m already hooked!!!! 

Invictus by @annien
43k+, ongoing, lena takes kara to an arcade and kara stripteases for lena and its cute ok

it’s easy (when i’m with you) by @falsealarm
17k+, ongoing, kara accidentally kisses lena and then they are horny little teenagers but also super fluffy idk its a good mixture ok

Protective Custody by @thatsalotofboobs
23k+, completed, lenas in protective custody with kara and its just a big gay sleepover and then they bang.

Not Afraid to Fall by @prettyaveragewhiteshark
38k+, completed, lena and supergirl are sex buddies and angst ensues bc kara and lena love each other also sky sex???

You Wanna Be Friends Forever? I Can Think of Something Better by @myheartisbro-ken
93k, ongoing, this is just a big gay slow burn and lenas just in love with kara and they are cute okay read it

In Rao’s Light by @letswreakhavoc
41k+, ongoing, lena makes a sex room and its just pure sin ur welcome

Red Earth & Pouring Rain by @automaticheartache​​
10k+, ongoing, karas on red k to admit her feelings for lena and its a mess but its a good mess

Super Crush by @dophroll
44k+, ongoing, young pure love help this is cute af, time skips and sin

Bite me… by @kassebaum
13k+, completed, kara makes kryptonite bracelets so she can bang lena

If you don’t love me, pretend (just for a few more hours)… by Khrat9
24k+, completed, kara and lena bang all the time and realise they love each other bc obviously

Restraint by DaniJayNel
17k+, completed, lena basically becomes a kryptonian and gets to finally bang kara at the DEO

Firsts by writerstealth
17k+, completed, supercorp love story told in a series of firsts!!!!!

Duality by @mssirey
36k+, completed, start is pure sin but gets fluffy, supergirl and lena have LOTS of sex and kara and lena love each other idk man its good

Three Days by Silent_Specter
42k+, completed, ANGST AND ACTION AND LOVE

we are what we pretend to be by C_AND_B
kara and lena fake date but like who are they kidding

i’ve just seen a face (i can’t forget the time or place where we just met) by karalovesallthegirls
kara gets drunk and licks lenas neck a lot

In This World, And The Next by @stennnn06

If the Suit Fits by @littlekbrother
lena knows about kara before she comes out as supergirl and designs her suit!!

I’ve Been Outed by SwanQueen4tw
karas outed as supergirl bc of a puppy

The more you know by @spaceman-earthgirl
lena accidentally tells alex she had sex with kara

It was her all along by @spaceman-earthgirl
alex sees texts on karas phone and tries to find out who it is

There for all to see by @spaceman-earthgirl
just realised how many fav one shots i have from this author so just go read everything she has really lol I’m not kidding you won’t be disappointed

Jealous by 8ounce
lenas jealous of mon-el and tries to make kara jealous with supergirl

Oopsie! by Emiko_Scarlet
lenas pregnant and get hurts and karas dramatic obvs

wonderful electric (cover me in you) by @falsealarm
fluff and smut, just read it its cute 

here we are, two helping hands by @falsealarm​​
I Can See You In The Dark by GreyPallet & Sperryjayne
you are everything (please touch me) by PerkyMetalhead
A Dream Reality by ManyaZorEL
Heatwave by yesverygoodallright
Unraveling by gentlesin
Not a Fantasy by wallofcrazy
hands-on approach by exprsslyfrbidden
not quite a damsel by blatant_sock_account
Thunderbolt by chooseredemption
Unavoidable Dreams by C_AND_B
40,000 feet by @kassebaum
All I Want by breakerone
Welcome home by Callmesnowy68
Snapping by freedombeats89
Not so secret by freedombeats89
need you by @icaruslena
That’s how you say thank you by @silent-rain91
Kara Danver’s Most Successful Press Conference by @pendragn
the one where they’re only friends by blatant_sock_account
The Unsuccessful Capture of a Luthor by @nevertobeships
Love & Nudes by loopt
This Place is a Shelter by @trashbb
Yellow and Green by yesverygoodallright


fic recs

alrighty, i know i was only asked about supercorp fics but this quickly turned into my end all be all list of recs. this got long and i’m not even sorry. disclaimer that i am Soft and don’t like Angst or smut

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anonymous asked:

Any recent new Supercorp fics you might recommend? I seem to have read most of what's out there

Welp, I honest to God hope I don’t recommend any fics that you’ve already read (since I’ve read pretty much everything out there too).

Here’s a link to my bookmarked page.

The ones that are currently standing out to me would probably be (I’ll also write short reasons why I like them so much besides the fact that they’re all well-written; as for the ones without reasons, just read them anyway, trust me, some of them can’t be described with words)…

One/Two/Three Shots

- First Contact by TheSpaminator

I really like the concept of Lena being touch averse due to the Luthors being abusive, and I really relate to it on a personal level.

- How Would You Feel by @lenanvers

Angst in a college setting with high school history. I kind of wanted to yeet myself off a cliff (in a good way) when I read this.

- Lena’s Assimilation by @thejollywriter

So everyone writes fics about Lena getting shovel talks and not being accepted as Kara’s girlfriend by Alex and Clark. But this uncertainty stems from Eliza whereas the rest of the gang love Lena and I just thought it was a really interesting read and it made me shed a single tear (I’m pretty emotionless so it’s a milestone).

- Of Soul-Mates and Heart-Ache by Rykeral

Soulmate AU angst so why the fuck not? I loved it.

- Only Human by Khrat9

Angst. Just…angst. Such lovely angst with feelings.

- The Inevitability of Robotics by donteatmyfingerprints

I love this series and the concept of Kara being a robot and Lena constructing and programming her is pretty fucking dope so…

- The Roles We Play by ForeverInsomniac

Lena’s former one-sided love interest returns so cue Kara wallowing in sadness because she thinks Lena still has feelings for her. It is great.

Multiple Chapters

- Banana Pancakes by thisjourneysend

- Colors Must Fit Together as Pieces in a Puzzle (or Cogs in a Wheel) by gaykaradanvers

- Come Back to Me by Justaroundthatriverbend

I’m a slut for Lena recovering emotionally and physically from a red kryptonite infected Kara…

(Okay, but there’s another fic where Lena was pretty much assaulted by a red kryptonite Kara, and I just can’t find it. I think the title was something akin to Monsters Under the Bed/Closet or something like that. If someone could name it I would appreciate it very much.)

- Days in a Lifetime by @stennnn06

Childhood AU angst is my jam.

- Heroism is a Full Time Job by @unicyclehippo

- Hold Onto Me by Idisch_von_Swedish

I’m a sucker for darker fics.

- I’m Kara Danvers by @littlekbrother

- Jealous of the Way (You’re Happy without Me) by BloodInTheFields

I love jealous Kara. And feelings. And angst.

- Making Waves by CSIGurlie07

I really loved the dynamic among Clark, Kara, and Lena. That’s all I’m saying. Also, angst.

- Mercy on Me by @stennnn06


- My Youth is Yours by lynnearlington

You’ve probably heard of this one.

- Nobody’s Fool by @ifourmindbeso

Lena being a dramatic self-sacrificing ho who saves the day again.

- Not Afraid to Fall by @prettyaveragewhiteshark

So I often stray away from fics that have any smut in them, or I usually skip the smutty text, but the angst in here is amazeballs.

- Not What I Seem by Averno

More amazing angst with a seemingly gray Lena. But it hasn’t been updated in ages and it makes me want to cry because it’s so good.

- Ocean Blues by FemslashFantasies

Mermaid AU was something I didn’t know I needed, but it hasn’t been updated in forever as well, so caution here, don’t get invested.

- Offstage by Aerstes

Again, if you’re not a smut person, you can skip this, but there’s angst so I scroll through the smutty parts. It’s great honestly.

- One Night by Cartecka

I like how it goes back and forth between Kara and Lena’s dynamic from when Lena didn’t know about Kara being Supergirl to her knowing. I just really, really, really like it. 11/10 should read. But it also hasn’t been updated in a while so try not to get invested.

- Of Sun and Steel by cascaralatte

Star Wars AU and I love Star Wars plus angst.

- Out of the Dark by @unicyclehippo

Just read it. Just fucking read it.

- Paranoia Incarcerated by SupercorpSmutFluffandAngst

I have so many feelings about this fic it’s not even funny. The relationship between Kara and Lena and their dynamic is portrayed really nicely. And they’re both written as complex and complicated characters with depth as opposed to the show, and it addresses a lot of things the Supergirl writers don’t.

- Past Mistakes by @mssirey

I just really like Kara’s and Lena’s interactions with each other and the plot is great as well, it’s not too many chapters in, but it has great potential.

- Shields Down by UnicornRobot

Once again. Slut for angst and there’s jealous Lena.

- Signs by lostariels

Angst. Angst. Angst. Endless amount. Angst heaven.

- Stuck in the Storm by BuckleUp1698

I got really invested in this fic, but it hasn’t updated in forever so I suggest you go into reading it gently.

- Such Bright Minds and Lives by @teamsupercorp

SCREAMS. Hogwarts AU? I think YES. I just love it so much and I think it’s a great read. It’s a companion to the main one below.

- Such Unruly Heads and Hearts by @teamsupercorp

I really enjoyed reading about Lena’s growth throughout each chapter, or each year, of her stay in Hogwarts, as well as the romance between her and Kara that just made me want to scream. Also there’s angst. It hasn’t updated in a while as well, so I suggest you read this lightly.

- The Fifth Wall by @blackteaandbones

Okay, so I usually stray away from children fics, because honest to God, I’m not a fan of kids. I’m sorry. I’m more a dog, cat, snake, or any type of pet person instead. I just…not a fan of babies. BUT, this fic really makes me change my mind about children. At certain points. Which is honestly really saying something.

- The Heiress, the Girl of Steel, and the Man Who Fell to Earth by @littlekbrother

I really enjoy reading fics where Mon-El isn’t a dickbag and where he is genuinely just a kind of nice guy (like in the goddamn comics), but actually (actually) improves as a person and doesn’t repeat his mistakes. (Side note: I enjoy writing fics where Mon-El isn’t a dickbag either, but there’s so much potential for angst if I do write him as one, so it’s a stalemate for me there.)

- The Wrong Superhero by ThatLesbianFangirl

Jealous Kara? I think yes! And angst is tagged on there.

- Three Days by @thattallnerdybean

Aaaaaaaaangst with Kara and Lena written as more complex characters than the show writers. It made me scream every single chapter I believe. Like, to the point I had to save it for when I got home and in my bed so I wouldn’t disturb the public.

- You Are the Fire (and I’m Gasoline) by youmeandem

Okay, this one is also where I have to tuck myself in bed to read because the angst is just so good.

J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary for the 3D-Collector’s Edition of Star Wars The Force Awakens

So, my copy of the Collectors Edition of TFA was mailed to me on Friday. It’s not actually supposed to come out here until Monday but I had it pre-ordered and thanks to CDON.COM’s early shipment, I got it a little sooner. It’s a 3-disc set that contains the film’s original theatrical release on Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray. An additional third disc contains the bonus materials. Although most of the bonus features have already been released in some format previously. The set looks like this:

The most interesting new feature on it is J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary that I just finished watching, and I wanted to share with you some of the things he said. It wasn’t really all that spoilery about things to come. But there were some very intriguing things that could possibly have some significance to the discussion about the direction of Rey and Kylo’s journey. So now I’m just going to go through the movie again and write down some things J.J. Abrams said about it. Edit. This actually ended up being quite a long post. And by long I mean really long. So be prepared, you have been warned…

Second Edit. Here’s a link to a subsequent masterpost with additional quotes from J.J. Abrams.


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What song would you use to describe each Katie character and which one would you use to describe them all? - (anon)

This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I’m so picky when it comes to music and I wanted to consider legitimate reasons as to why these songs remind me of each character. For those interested, I did create a playlist on Spotify. You know your girl is extra af so it was necessary. Here we go!

Lena Luthor: Rise by Katy Perry

Originally posted by luthorial

I won’t just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can’t write my story
I’m beyond the archetype

I’m sorry but if those four sentences don’t describe Lena, tell me what does! Lena has survived so much and she keeps fighting every day. She knows that even though she is a Luthor by blood, she can rise beyond the dark reputation that comes with the name. There are people out there that doubt her because of her last name and there are others that seek to make her fail but she refuses to give them that satisfaction. It works!

Gloria Miller: Beast by Nico Vega

Stand tall for the people of America.
Stand tall for the man next door.
We are free in the land of America.
We ain’t goin’ down like this!
Come on now!

Sharing time: This is one of my favorite songs. Okay, I mostly just imagine a montage of Gloria kicking serious ass while this song plays (Someone wanna make that?). It’s loud and full of action and a bit of anger but mostly it just sends a message to stand up and fight for your country and for those that can’t fight for themselves. Be a hero. Be a Gloria!

Elizabeth Carruthers: BO$$ by Fifth Harmony

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Supercorp - The Fame AU

Originally posted by katiemcgrathnews

Request: Singer!Kara Actor!Lena  Kara is on tour around the world and Lena is invited to the ellen Show, and they talk about her career and ellen ask her about her life with Kara

a/n: omg this was such a cute idea LOL thank you so much to whoever sent this! This may have taken a little longer than I’d like to admit because I got carried away with “research” and kinda binged Ellen’s interviews on youtube… oops. I love kissing ass, this entire fic is just me kissing their ass and building up the two nerds so hard. You will see what I mean

- - - - -

“Alright, enough, I get it. Stop clapping, I know I’m awesome.”

The crowd laughs and the clapping eventually dwindles. Ellen grins at the crowd good-naturedly before addressing the camera. Before she can say anything, someone in the crowd whoops and instigates another flurry of sound and laughter and she looks into the crowd.

“Hey! One more time and I’m gonna find you so you can be the next victim of my hidden camera pranks.” She scans the crowd and sees various groups of people laughing and whispering. She’s still grinning when she continues.

“Well, I guess you all know her, she’s America’s sweetheart, and she was on the show a few weeks ago before embarking on her Red Sun world tour.” Cheering erupts gradually and Ellen lets the crowd quiet itself. “I mean, this is my show after all, why wouldn’t I be here? You might remember America’s sweetheart, and also Kara Danvers promoting her album-” the crowd laughs and Ellen pauses.

“Right, Kara Danvers, well she’s not here and we’re not going to talk about her. We’re going to get the next best thing that her manager could spare us and I guess we had to settle, so whatever. Lena Luthor, everybody!”

Right on cue, Ellen’s resident DJ, tWitch, plays a short sample of upbeat music as Lena Luthor walks out from behind the stage and waves at the crowd that is excitedly welcoming her. She and Ellen hug and the music dies down when they sit on their chairs.

“You know, I really wasn’t ready for all that. I thought you were going to have more to say after your whole speech. Your producers had to practically kick me through to get me moving.”

“Nope, sorry, we only care about Kara Danvers, and whoever you are, Miss… Luthor? Miss Emmy award-winning lead actress for a drama series Lena Luthor?” The crowd cheers and Lena nods her head, gesturing grandly and exaggeratedly at the crowd’s response.

“Ah yes, that is me, all me, thank you very much.”

“And Oscar nominee for best actress in a supporting role, directing for your own film, The Spacewalker, and also best picture for the movie you were part of, National City?

Lena clicks her tongue and relaxes into the side of the chair. “Ah, yeah, didn’t quite get those. Sore topic still, I’d rather not talk about it.” She smiles cheekily to the audience as Ellen speaks.

“Gee, well I am sorry. It must be so difficult to be so accomplished. Let’s talk about your equally famous girlfriend then.”

Lena breaks into laughter despite her cool facade and Ellen seems smug to have done so.

Lena composes herself easily. “Right. Okay, shoot.”

Ellen smiles, “But really, let’s talk about what you’ve done for a second.”

“My god, make up your mind.” Lena stage whispers to the crowd.

“You’ve been jumping all over the place, haven’t you? I mean, there was your supporting role in Fall From Grace, starring alongside Clark Kent. That was pretty serious wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, that was a bit of a toughie, that one. Took a lot out of me.”

“Really, I don’t think I’ve seen you cry so many times than in that one film.”

The crowd laughs with Lena.

“I got lucky though, Clark is such a sweetheart. His humour made things so much easier when the cameras weren’t rolling. It’s hard to always be so heavy and deep in your feelings, and I’m just not that kind of actor like some are. I’m glad he’s a bit the same way though. I don’t know what I would have done with myself if he walked around set looking like everyone had kicked his dog or something just to stay in character.”

“And right after all this crying and emotional turmoil that I don’t even want to think to get into, you direct your very own film? This is your first film, completely your own and it’s already Oscar nominated, like are you kidding me?”

The crowd erupts in cheers and Lena smiles, thanking the audience with a humble wave.

“It’s become sort of my baby, yes,” Lena says, nodding.

“That was an excellent movie by the way. It really was, no- I’m not just saying that. I’ve even stuffed a copy of The Spacewalker for everyone in the audience to take home. I must have bought too many or something, I don’t know.”

“All that in a year, a truly wild year.”

“Right, do you ever rest?”

“No, I can’t say I do. I’m riding on a bit of a high right now, so why the hell not?”

“What now? What are you going to tell me now? Are you going to tell me you’re writing a book next? That you’re doing voice acting now?”

“I mean, I would like to write a book one day.”

“Save it, please, some of us aren’t so accomplished as you.”

“Though I can’t really say much else but I can mention some work being put into a new video game series.”

“Are you serious? Really? I was just joking about all that!”

“Oh, awkward.” Lena chuckles as she humours Ellen. “But yes, I tell you the truth! Apparently I’ve got a nice, soothing voice with a pleasant accent.”

“Are those the only prerequisites to do video game voice acting?”

“Well they’re allegedly going to strap some face recognition software onto me - if I got my terms correct, some tech reminiscent of headbraces that I may or may not have worn as a child, and they’re going to put me in a big black bodysuit and capture all of my movements to use for their character. It’s going to be me, for all intents and purposes. I’m pretty much virtual now.”

“That’s amazing. That is really something. I am happy for you though, you are just so busy and you have so many great things happening to you. Who better for all this than Lena Luthor, right?”

The crowd roars with cheers and applause again. It actually takes the room a while to calm down.

“You’re so put together, you’re exactly the type of person I should dislike. A very happy love life too if the gossip I read is true. Am I right or am I right?”

“You are not wrong, Ellen.”

A few people from the crowd whoop and holler and Lena smirks as she waits for Ellen’s interrogation.

“I take it that you’re keeping busy? You can’t miss what’s-her-name too much?”

“Who? Oh, do you mean Kara?” The audience laughs and cheers, some “ooh-ing” as Ellen indulges them in their rowdiness.

“You’re dating?”

“I think so?”

“How is that going for you? Do you miss her?”

A soft smile spreads on Lena’s face, and she answers just a beat or two after she takes a moment to herself to remember her girlfriend.

“Yeah, I do actually. Don’t tell her that though. We didn’t really get much of a goodbye apart from a quick kiss before they’ve jetted her off for her world tour. I’m so proud of her, truly! We’d only became official at the end of her Down to Earth tour, so this whole music tour thing is a bit new to me too.”

“Everybody loves you, you know. You two are hashtag OTP goals, according to the consistent influx of fans invading my mentions on Twitter.”

The crowd comes alive in agreement and Lena laughs. “You’re all going to make me blush.”

“I’m getting a call from somebody though. This is so awkward, I’m sorry, I have to get this.”

The studio rings with the tone of a telephone as Ellen answers into the room, promptly ending the ringing. “Hello? Hello? Hi, yes, sorry, I’m kinda in the middle of something. I don’t want the vacuum cleaners you’re selling. Is anyone there?”

There’s a brief pause before another voice fills the studio. “Hello? This thing is on right?” the voice addresses someone else indirectly and seems to remember the phone call at hand. “Oh, shoot. Hello?”

Suddenly, the screens behind Ellen illuminate and indie-pop star Kara Danvers’ face fills the entirety of the panels. Lena bursts into laughter as Ellen grins mischievously (another surprise successfully pulled off), and the crowd is absolutely thrilled as people cheer and clap and some even scream.

“Who is this? How did you get this number?”

“What? You called me! I don’t even know you.” Kara’s indignant huff fills the room and feeds into the delight of the crowd. Despite her own act, amusement twinkles in her eyes.

“That hurts, Kara. I’ve got your girlfriend with me.”

Kara brightens up instantly and this isn’t lost on anyone in the studio as they laugh. “Oh, Lena? Hi, I miss you! Is Ellen being mean to you? Is she being mean to me? Why didn’t you answer my text?”

Ellen and the crowd laugh as Kara’s attention completely shifts to her girlfriend. Lena shakes her head in fond amusement.

“Darling, there is such thing as a time difference.”

Kara’s eyebrows crinkle and she stares at the screen, seemingly staring right into the studio full of people when her face lights up again. “Ah, right. That must have been 4am for you.”

“I was not very pleased being roused awake by N’Sync’s ringtone waking me up with this one’s quadruple texting habits.” Lena points to Kara’s face as she addresses Ellen and the crowd.

“Whoa, okay! Way to expose me, babe.”

Lena smiles at the petname and the audience collectively “aw’s”, only to be mixed with laughter when Kara squints her eyes and playfully glares at her screen, speaking to the people of Ellen’s studio, “Oh, gross.”

Lena sticks her tongue out at Kara, who returns the gesture instantly. Ellen, freely smirking, decides to butt in.

“Kara, where are you right now? What time is it?”

Kara lights up in excitement, “Oh! I’m in the Philippines! It’s like midnight here. The 12 hour difference kind of helps. I love it so much here! I wish I could explore more, it’s so pretty. Babe, we have to come back.”

“Alright, dear.” Lena smiles up at the screen.

“Kara, I’m going to take your girlfriend back now, you’re taking up too much of my segment time.”

“Ah! Why didn’t you say so, alright I love you all! Thanks for having me, Ellen! Everybody, come out to the Red Sun tour, I’ll be coming to a city near you to see all your wonderful faces! Thank you so much for all the love, you guys! I’ll see you there! Lena, text me, I miss you!” Kara blows a quick sloppy kiss to the screen and the crowd cheers one last time before the video call cuts out to Kara waving animatedly.

Ellen hastily addresses the cameras, “We’ll be back after this break. Once again, Lena Luthor, everybody!” She gestures to Lena who waves at the camera.

The cameras pan out and their mics are cut. Lena stands up and leans toward Ellen, opens her arms for a hug. They share a silent conversation; Lena thanking Ellen for the surprise, Ellen grinning easily at her, and the program shifts into the commercials.

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I know you're probably sick of Mayo questions, but how do you see this Mon el thing going down in the show?

Well it’s hard to say. I’m not a mind reader, I don’t actually know what the writers having in store. But I am working toward being a tv writer, and one of the key aspects one takes into account in making choices for a show is longevity

You want a show to last for as long as possible, so the storylines that you really want to stay for the entire run of the show have to be stretched out, or you risk running into a creative wall and ending up either letting it fade into the background or ditching it entirely.

And Karamel, as they have written it, doesn’t really lend itself to longevity.

The leading reason I predicted that Mon-El would leave at the end of the season was how quickly they rushed through several stages of this relationship.

They had an entire enemies to friends to lovers arc during the course of one season: 

1. She thinks he’s a villain

2. He’s not but they still don’t really like each other

3. They reluctantly work together

4. They realize that the other isn’t that bad after all

5. He realizes she’s great, falls in love with her

6. He is dying so he kisses her 

7. “What kiss?” fake amnesia plot

8. He admits to feelings for her, she rejects him

9. She comes to realize that she actually does have feelings for him

10. But he’s with someone else

11. But he breaks up with them

12. And she finally makes her move & they’re together

And that’s only up to episode 12. That’s like… 5 seasons worth of slow burn development.

Then, we have the typical on again off again drama:

13. Jealousy plot / 14. “this is getting in the way of our jobs" plot

15. Break up, get back together

16. “I’m not sure I fit in your family” plot

17. Break up, get back together

18. “I guess they’re finally together for good- wait he did something that really crossed the line. Is this it for them???” Final Boss Breakup™

19. Well now that that’s over I guess we’re together forever now except due to external circumstances-

20. External circumstances

21. More external circumstances

That’s like an 8 season show right there. It’d be almost impressive if the way they had handled it hadn’t destroyed Mon-El’s character and entirely eclipsed Kara’s individual storylines.

I said quite a few times that they were probably doing it that way because their goal was to have as emotionally impactful a finale as possible when he would ultimately leave.

They came in to the season knowing he’d be gone by the end of it and knowing Kara had to be wrecked over it, so she had to be really invested in him.

But, why not drag out the slow burn as long as possible, have them get together around the end, and then tear them apart? Totally plays on the tragic-ness of it all and allows for Kara to feel the same kind of feelings she does now (in fact, it might have felt more genuine a loss if there was a longer build up to her falling for him and she hadn’t already lost him like 20 times during the course of this season).

Why blow through every plot line you can think of right away when you could not do that and be just as effective emotionally? (Hell, why rush a relationship for the sake of the finale you want when you could just push it to next season and it’d make more sense?)

Unless, of course, you don’t intend for the relationship to last. 

Unless you want the relationship to include as much as it can as quickly as possible, because it has an expiration date. A real expiration date, past the finale.

Unless there’s something else you want to get to that has to come after it. 

Which brings me to why I think they wrote this relationship as a stepping stone for Kara. Something to prepare her for a relationship down the line. 

The relationship down the line.

Now, labeling it as a “first love” may have pissed off people who considered James to be Kara’s first love, but they might want to count their blessings because it could very well be the kiss of death. 

Making this relationship part of ‘Kara’s growth as a woman’ makes it feel, to me, like a temporary thing. Like something she had to ~go through~ before she became a real person.

Like… “So this is the first person you’ve had a real relationship with and you’re just gonna… stay with them forever? Never gonna try anything else? That’s it?”

In real life, it happens. 

In fiction? It’s boring

They made it a point to say how he was her first love, not like “the love of my life,” and then they made it a point to have Cat say that her first love will not be her last.

Why say that if they don’t intend to have Kara move on? Why teach the lesson that the first real relationship you have won’t be your last, only to have her fall back on that same relationship? 

At this point, it’d be a character arc regression. And it’d be not that interesting for the writers, and writers are only prone to creating things they’re interested in.

And, again, they got together in season 2. Even if there are complications in season 3, it doesn’t hit a restart button on their sustainability.

Just… no matter how you look at it, if they intend this couple to last the entire series, having it take place this early and progress this quickly is a bad move. 

But who knows? Maybe they did just write themselves into a corner. But if their attention span is so short that they did this on purpose, intending him to stick around, maybe their attention span will be just as short for their relationship in general, and they’ll move on to new things anyway.

I could very well be wrong. 

But when it has come to my “from a writer’s perspective” conjectures, I so far haven’t been. I argued that they advanced Karamel as a writing move to make Kara and the audience attached and I argued that Lena does not secretly know Kara’s Supergirl status because The Reveal is too big a moment to have happen off-screen, and I knew that they’d bring Mon-El back because they left it where he went too open-ended to leave it at that (though I didn’t tell anyone on here as much because it would serve no purpose but to darken everyone’s mood). 

And we can’t be sure of the writers motivations for those results, but they did correlate with my predictions.

All this is just to say that there’s still a chance that they’ll wrap Mon-El’s storyline up this season.

One possibility is that he goes to the future, permanently, to be with the Legion of Superheroes. It’d be fitting, especially, if he was choosing to be a hero over his love for Kara, finally completing his arc into a real hero, a selfless hero. Maybe even show him in a real suit, at the end. 

That’s something I could see the writers doing.

I could also see the writers introducing Brainiac 5- who is in the Legion of Superheroes and is Kara’s biggest love interest from the comics- coming in at this point. It’d be the perfect way to transition from first love into true love, and probably how I’d take it from here if I were writing it.

So, to me, there’s still hope.