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“The One” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 3,393

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: Carl’s POV of “Home” (read HERE), except in this version, the reader dies instead of Carl at the lineup.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, implied smut, death

Thanks, @justthoseimagines , for the request!

Flashbacks are in italics.

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 It was Y/N’s hair that attracted Carl first. It was so long and so beautiful, he couldn’t stop staring at it when he saw her. None of the other girls he had met had hair that pretty.

Carl had met her a long time ago, but the memory of when they first saw each other stays stuck in his head. He had finally just recovered from the surgery that Hershel performed on him, and was able to get up and walk around. He was so happy he didn’t have to be cooped up in that room all day anymore. He was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some water when Y/N walked in, not paying any attention to him. Not that he knew of. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and Carl had thought it was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. He didn’t tell her that, of course.

“Dad, who’s that?” Carl had asked Rick once he left the kitchen. They were standing in the hallway, just far enough out of earshot where Y/N couldn’t hear them talking.

“It’s Hershel’s daughter, Y/N. She’s around your age.” Rick had told him. “Why do you seem so flustered?”

“Because she’s pretty!”

Rick had to stop himself from laughing at the current state that Carl was in. As far as he knew, this was probably the first time Carl had been around another kid his age, let alone a girl, since the apocalypse broke out.

“Just relax, son. Go introduce yourself. She aint gonna bite.”

Carl walked back into the kitchen, and she jumped, like she just realized he was in there. She stared at him for a good moment, and Carl assumed this was the first time she’d heard of him as well.

“I’m Carl.” He told her, trying to remember what his dad said about her not being scary. She really was quite pretty, Carl thought she was the prettiest girl he’d seen in his life.


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Wet [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! I love your stuff! Could u pls write one about rick and the reader going out on a run together and they come across a stream and decide to take a swim bc its so hot outside.. its kinda awkward at first and then things get heated? ;) pls and thank u!

Here you go anon, hope you like it! 💙

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, semi-public sex, oral sex, dirty talk, a little fluff at the end

Words: 3,020

A/N: Sorry if I fuck up my description of Georgia, I live on the west coast and had to rely on Google maps!

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Please? Part Eleven

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2313 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everything was going great, at least as great as things go nowadays. You are helping Carol settle everyone else in, making sure everyone has a room and sorting out whatever rations you could find. There isn’t much, but you all have hope that there is a kitchen and it’s stocked with food.

You hand a bowl of oranges over to Beth and tell her to eat them. She needs her strength. You’re proud of her. She’s gone several months without trying to end her life again. She talks to you every once in a while, says she wants to be strong for her dad. This life isn’t a life for a little girl her age, but she was trying.

“Eat.” You point a finger at her before walking out of her cell, a little smile on your face. This may be your new home.

There are shouts coming from the other side of the jail. Lori and Carol run to the door to see what’s happening as you try to hold Carl back, who isn’t having it. He runs through your arms and over to the door, unlocking it with his keys just as Rick and Glenn show up, pushing Hershel in the doors.

For a moment, you don’t realize what’s happening at all. Maggie is beside herself, running over and hugging her little sister close to her. Beth is starting to cry as well, panic crossing her face when she sees her father on that bottom bunk.

“He’s bleeding out! Get me some rags!” Carol calls, tending to the man’s legs. You look inside the cell, looking through the mass of people already inside.

Hershel’s leg is missing.

You see nothing but blood and bone. Blood gushing out with most of his leg gone. It looks painful, like somebody took his leg and ripped it from his body, leaving nothing but this nasty stump with bits of flesh dangling off.

Turning your head, you realize Daryl did not run in with everyone else. You hurry over to the bars, looking through them to see him perched on the table, his crossbow aimed right at the opposite door.

“Daryl?” You ask gently, your mind still swarming with the gruesome image.

“Stay back.” Daryl mumbles, his eyes never leaving the doorway.

“What is it?” You slide your arm through the bar to rest it on the cool metal. You tilt your head, watching how concentrated he is. “Walkers?”

“Go git in our bed.” He commands.

He tenses and you glance over at the door to see a rather large man appear. His eyes are wide and his stance is strong, glancing around the room. You get the feeling he doesn’t know too much about the outside world, about the Earth coming to an end.

Another man pops out, then another, and another. They all stop, staring Daryl down, most of them looking scared, all but the first guy. He looks pissed, like somebody just stole his bar of soap.

“That’s far enough, fella’s.” Daryl says loudly, his leg propped up on the stool. “Don’t wanna get shot, do ya?”

The first man snickers and his eyes shift to yours, looking you up and down like a piece of meat. “We don’t want no trouble.” He says, not looking away from you. You feel your stomach tighten.

“Ya got trouble if ya don’t stop lookin’ at her.” Daryl lets his leg down and holds his crossbow higher, aiming it at the first guy’s head.

A few of them laugh and the first guy points to you, his gaze shifting to Daryl, finally. “This your old lady?”

Daryl’s cheeks glow a slight shade of red, as they always do when somebody mentions you being Daryl’s anything. “Be best if you leave the prison.”

“Maybe there’s nothing to go back to.” One of the others spoke up. “Why would you people be in here otherwise?”

“Man, I don’t know about you, but I need to check in with my lady.” Another one sighs.

“Fuck this.” The first guy pulls a gun out of his waistband.

T-Dog rushes around the corner, his gun raised. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

A hand rests on your shoulder. You look up to see Rick standing there, looking through the bars. “Go help them.” He pulls you back a little.

You watch Rick disappear into the next room, voices getting louder as they try to tell the prisoners what was going on.

Not wanting to leave Daryl alone with strangers that were previously locked up in jail, you turn around and walk back over to your group, where Hershel is still bleeding out, but Carol seems to have it under control.

You can’t stand watching this, watching a man you have grown to love suffer. You shake your head, covering your ears, and walk up the steps to the pallet Daryl created for you both. It’s about as far away from them as you can get.


When you see Rick and T-Dog again, they’re bringing in boxes and bags of food. You would be happy, but you see no Daryl and no prisoners. It makes you uncomfortable to think that he may be with them, that they may have taken him to the rest of you can have a little bit of food.

You hear from Lori after Rick leaves that he, Daryl, and T-Dog are going to clean out an extra block for the prisoners. It sounds like a bad idea to you, but you don’t say anything. You want to go with them, mostly to be some help and get out of this place for a minute, even if it is fighting off walkers for several strange men.

You grab one of the guns Daryl keeps in his bag for you and you take one of the bandanas to tie around your head, keeping your hair out of your face.

“Carl, open the door for me.” You walk over, looking down at Carl who is playing with some toy men he found in a house a while back.

“I’m not supposed to.” He looks up, watching you closely.

You shrug a shoulder. “I don’t care. Open it or I’ll shoot it open.” You remember seeing it in movies, though that probably wasn’t possible. This was a prison and they were surely well guarded.

He jumps to his feet and unlocks the door for you, letting you through before he closes it and locks it back. Carl watches as you walk around the corner and follow the voices of the men.

You walk into the room, seeing all of them standing around a table with a few weapons. The prisoners on one side, Daryl, Rick and T-Dog on the other. Daryl is watching them closely, his eyes trained on them like a watchdog.

You must have kicked a pebble because there’s a small thump after you take your next step, almost as if a rock hit the wall. Everyone turns to you and you see the hungry look back on the man’s face. He takes you in, enjoying the view. You feel disgusting.

“Daryl.” Rick nods toward you and walks around the table, trying to push the prisoners away. “Alright, let’s head out.” He tries.

Daryl stands in front of you, blocking their view of you. His jaw locks in his place and his crossbow is slung around his shoulder now, impatiently waiting for a few kills. “The hell?” He growls, taking his hand and placing it on your shoulder. He grips a little hard and walks you backward until your back hits the wall. “I told ya to stay back!”

“And sit around doing nothing?” You narrow your eyes. “Let you walk around out here and get hurt? Daryl, let me help!”

“No!” Daryl snaps, his beady eyes looking down at you in anger. You can’t remember the last time he gave you that look. “You go back, help the others.”

“I’m tired of sitting on my ass!”

“Then don’t! Make yourself useful! Sort the food.”

You close your mouth and watch as his face softens, just a little, as he realizes exactly how that sounded. They all still saw you as a fragile little doll that couldn’t do anything but sit back and watch the action. Maggie went with them to clear out the walkers, but you have to stay behind, tend to the food with Carol and Lori.

You pull away from Daryl, causing him to step back a few feet and look down at you. “Fine. I’ll go count each grain of rice, sort it between all of us. How about I shine your shoes for you with my hair?” You turn your back toward him.


“I’m done being treated like I’m four.” You snap, turning on your heel to watch him. “It never fails. You rarely let me hold a gun, yet Maggie and Carol run around with them all the time.”

Daryl shifts his weight from one foot to the other and bows his head. “I’m scared.” He mutters.

“So am I, Daryl. But that’s exactly why I want to be out there, fighting these things and helping rather than sitting on my ass like some trophy wife.”

He looks up, meeting your gaze. There’s something different about him now, something much softer appearing on his face. “I can’t lose…you.”

“You’re not going to lose me.” You look him in the eyes and place your hand on his cheek. He closes his eyes and accepts it, rubbing his cheek further into your hand. “And if I can’t protect myself, how am I going to stay safe?”

Daryl’s eyes open and he looks down at you. The wheels in his head are turning as you run your thumb across his stubble. It seems to relax him, though his shoulders are still a little tense. “Fine.” He mumbles.


“You’re comin’, but ya do as I say, when I say it. ‘Kay?”

You smile and kiss his cheek. “I knew we could work through this.” You slip by him and walk on, following the voices again.


Daryl keeps an eye on you the whole way, unfortunately so does the mouthy prisoner. It makes your skin crawl to know he watches you as you walk. You try to stay behind him, but Daryl wants you at his side so he can teach you. He shows you how to move quickly and silently.

The prisoners can’t work together as well as your group. They’re messy and hardly remember to hit the brains, not the hearts or the stomach. The mouthy one likes to show off, beat one down by himself every now and then.

They keep you in the middle, with T-Dog keeping an eye on you, too. Daryl asked him just before the trip through the prison, especially if things got bad. T-Dog is always such a sweet man, willing to help keep everyone safe.

“Keep together!” Rick yells a few times.

Daryl will pull you behind him when too many show up, moaning and hissing in the next room, slowly making their way toward the group. You try to think of them as monsters and not as prisoners and officers, though it’s hard when they look at you sometimes.

“You okay?” Daryl whispers, wrapping his arm around you after the last herd. He glances over to see Tiny, the largest one, freaking out. He’s been scratches, or bitten, you aren’t sure. You just know that he can’t live much longer.

You nod and look up at him, kissing his jaw quickly before anyone else saw. “I’m okay…” You answer just as the mouthy prisoner lifts his weapon and slams Tiny in the back of the head with it, causing him to fall to his death, landing with a splat on the floor.

You jump and Daryl wraps his other arm around you, pulling you close so you can’t see the man repeatedly hitting Tiny over the head with his weapon. You hear the metal clashing with the flesh and brains, even a few bones cracking like eggs.

“Hey!” Rick calls, but they keep on moving, shoving the prisoners first.

Daryl sticks even closer to you now, keeping in the back so that he can make sure none of them touch you or look at you again. It’s nice that he’s protective like this, that he’s a wee bit jealous of these men, but you also feel bad. He’s not confident enough to know you will stay with him.

Walkers became easier as the day goes on. You successfully kill one in seconds, running up to them and plunging a knife between their eyes. You’re proud of yourself, conquering a big step in this new life of yours where killing things that used to be human is now a sport, though not exactly a fun one.

“Don’t open those doors just yet.” Rick says loudly.

You’ve entered a laundry room, at least that’s what it seems like. There are a few baskets sitting around with extra jumpsuits and shoes. Nothing that anybody can use, really. You aren’t sure why Rick wants to wait, but he pulls T-Dog and Daryl to the side to talk in hushed voices, leaving you in one corner of the room.

There’s a flashlight lying in the floor. You bend over to pick it up, testing it as you stand back up to see if it works, which it does. You smile and slip it in the waistband of your jeans.

“Wait!” Rick yells, causing everyone’s heads to turn and see the prisoner pulling the doors open.

A thousand walkers come rushing out, all of them hissing and growling and most of them still intact, handcuffs and all.

You pull your axe up, ready to fight, when you see one of the prisoners try to slash Rick’s throat.

Prompt #5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Rick stands on the guard post, his rifle in hand as he paces slowly back and forth. It’s a rather quiet day at the prison so far. A pretty day. The sun is high and bright, a soft breeze from the east whips around him, keeping him cool. He glances off toward the yard as Carl and few kids walk through, their lively banter filing the air. His hat is low over his eyes as he kicks a soccer ball with his foot. His ever-growing dark hair cups his face. Rick’s chest swells as lingering thoughts of Lori invade his senses. He looks so much like her. Rick drops his eyes away from his son and swallows, closing his eyes as he lets out a breath through his teeth. She could still be here, if you-

“Don’t,” He whispers, willing her ghost to leave him alone.

A rumble in the distance snaps him out of his trance. He raises his rifle, looking through the scope, and his anxiety lowers just a bit. He spots Daryl on his bike, leading Maggie and Glenn in the truck, with Michonne bringing up the rear with her trusty horse, Flame. He lowers his weapon as Carol, Beth, and Carl run to the gate, the three of them opening it to allow the scavengers back in. He watches quietly as the three flock around the returning members of their clan, smiles and hugs going all around. They’ve been gone for almost five days, longer than usual. Everyone is glad to see them.

His eyes drift to the dark-skinned samurai as Carl gives her a high five. She smiles widely back at the younger boy before tilting her head back and laughing loudly at something he’s said. Carol joins them a moment later, throwing her arms around Michonne’s shoulders before leaning into her, resting her head against hers. Daryl and Maggie are the next to join the group, Maggie hugging Carl swiftly before looping her arm around Michonne’s. Daryl even tugs at a few of her dreads, causing Michonne to swat at him with her long fingers.

Rick sucks his teeth a little as another deep breath escapes him. They love her already. It was a rocky start at first. They, well, he and Daryl mainly, didn’t trust her and she sure as hell didn’t trust either one of them. Glenn and Maggie were really the first to give her a chance. She led you back to us, Rick. She didn’t have to do that. Herschel held off her departure for as long as he could, knowing that her concussion was healed but just not wanting her out there on her own. Next was Carl, suddenly turning a new leaf when it came to the woman after their visit to the old neighborhood. Then, day by day, she lightened up, they all lightened up and now she’s one of them. Except with Rick. She has indeed, not lightened up when it comes to him.

She still side eyes the shit out of him whenever he’s around. If she’s talking, laughing, joking around, it’ll instantly come to a stop if he even acts like he’s coming toward them. In fact, she’ll grab her katana and leave the situation entirely, suddenly needing to check the yard, or help clear the gate. It bothers him. Why? He’s not sure, but she’s good with everyone else, literally everyone; but him. Standing here, watching her interact with everyone makes it even worse. Daryl refused to call her by name when they first met, referring to her only as the last samurai for weeks on end. But here they are, laughing and goofing off like they’ve known each other their entire lives. She forgave him, why not Rick?

She went out of her way to help Carl back in King County when she didn’t even have to. He gave her the slip and even shot off that mouth of his, but he’s her most trusted confidant now. Alright, so he put his gun in her face, multiple times mind you, and told her that she had to go once she was patched up. Is that really that bad? Okay, so he banished her to sleeping out in the yard at night. If she would just talk to him, he could clear the whole thing up. She won’t even give him a chance. Merle! Even fucking Merle gets a small reprieve from her and he nearly killed her! He shoots little comments and slurs toward her all day long, Nubian goddess, sweet cheeks, black mamba. She just smirks, trading barbs with him until he ultimately gives up when he can’t get a rise out of her. She stopped threatening to kill Merle like a week ago, but Rick still can’t even get a glance from her. What does he have to do?

Rick is so deep in thought that he doesn’t even notice Glenn approach him from behind. Glenn follows the older man’s gaze to the group of people below, then steps up beside him, resting his forearms on the railing as he leans over, “Daryl’s wondering where you are. You should go say hi.”

Rick blinks as he readjusts the rifle in his hands, tucking it under his arm, “Maybe later.” He answers, taking a few steps to his left as he continues his glare out beyond the walls.

Glenn drags his eyes back up to the sheriff, a smirk on his face, “Why? Cuz Michonne is down there?” Rick cuts his eyes toward the younger man, tightening his jaw, “Dude, she’s cool. You need to give it a rest.”

“What are you talking about?” Rick asks, slightly annoyed.

Glenn smiles again, looking back down on his family as he catches Maggie’s eye. She covers her eyes with her hand to block the sun, but raises the free one, wiggling her fingers at him. He holds up his own hand to her before she smiles back and turns toward her friends once more. He takes a breath as he looks over the land, the yard, then back on the rambunctious people below them. It’s coming together for them; finally. He tosses his eyes back toward Rick only to notice him watching her again. Watching her place her hands on Carl’s shoulders, shaking him lightly as they move toward the prison. Watching her turn back toward Daryl as he makes some sort of crude joke, probably about her butt. Watching her as she laughs, throwing her head back again before she turns fully and punches Daryl in the arm.

Glenn knows that Rick won’t go down to join them but he also knows why. It’s a little bit of everything really. He’s still reeling from losing Lori and having fatherhood thrust upon him again with a newborn. He’s anxious that the governor is still out there, somewhere, and he’s angry that he couldn’t stop the bastard. And, because he’s jealous. Sturdy, well, not so much as of late but, usually sturdy, gruff, gritty Rick Grimes is jealous. Jealous of Daryl, of Carl, of Maggie, Carol, Herschel, Beth, and Glenn. Because of the new, popular, pretty girl in town. She gets along with everyone but Rick. She likes everyone but him; and it’s killing him. Absolutely killing him.

Glenn laughs a little to himself, leaning back as he grips onto the railing in front of him. It’s funny really, and it’s, dare he say, nice. It’s reminiscent of the old days when you didn’t have to worry about a walker biting your face off. When all you had to worry about was impressing a pretty girl. He turns toward Rick, slapping him on the back, “Maybe try being nice, for a change?” He starts, before moving toward the ladder, “You know, say hi, how’s it going, how was the trip, instead of pointing your gun in her face and telling her she can’t stay in the block with us.”

Rick turns his head toward Glenn, sucking his teeth a little but doesn’t speak, “It gets cold at night man, she can’t stay in that bus forever. Just,” Glenn sighs, stopping on the ladder, “Quit being a bitch, tough guy. Go say hi.” Glenn disappears from sight as he climbs down the ladder, stopping once more to yell, “That’s why she likes us! We’re nice!”

Rick turns as Glenn makes his leave, shaking his head a little. He drops his eyes to his family once more as Glenn jogs to catch up with them, wrapping his arms around Maggie’s waist as they move beyond the second fence and into the workout yard. Rick continues to watch as Glenn disconnects from his wife and throws an arm around Michonne’s shoulder before turning back to face him. He raises his free hand and promptly flips Rick off, smiling all the while as Michonne grabs his hand dangling off her shoulder.

Rick scoffs loudly, smirking to himself before he turns back out toward the outer fence, “Fucker.” He sighs, his blues scanning the trees and grass for more of their dead friends. He bites the inside of his mouth as he focuses in on nothing at all. Glenn’s words float around his brain for a few minutes before he clicks his teeth and sighs heavily. He throws his rifle over his shoulder and heads for the ladder, starting his decent. He moves inside the prison, finding them all in the common area, pulling out bowls and cups as Carol starts on lunch for the hungry, rowdy warriors.

Rick leans the rifle against the wall and heads toward Carl, who is butted up right next to Michonne. He rests his hand on his boys’ shoulder and clears his throat, grabbing both of their attention. She glances at him, quickly, but before she can look away, “Hey,” He pipes up, although lowly, as he drops his eyes some before he makes direct contact again.

“Hey.” She answers briskly, pushing her eyes away from him to grab her katana and standing up to walk away.

“How was the trip?”

She stops, shooting her eyes back toward him, “Um, good.” She says, nodding her head slowly, “Really good.”

“Good,” He answers, nodding his head as well, “Glad to have you back.”

She smirks a little, just a little, and puts her katana back down. She climbs back onto the picnic table they dragged inside and resumes her spot next to Carl as Rick sits to join them, “Thanks.” She says after a few beats.

Glenn watches the pair closely, smiling widely as he elbows Maggie and pushes his chin toward the two of them once he has her attention, “I am so good.” He says, dusting off his shoulder with his hand.

She giggles lightly, “Shut up.”

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Mourn and heal//Rick Grimes

Info: You found yourself in the hospital with Beth, your sister, and separated from your boyfriend Rick. Soon a deal is to be made so you could get back to your group but things don’t go so smooth.

Warnings: mentions of Beth’s death, some gore


“Beth, no matter what, you go first. You get over there and stay there, you hear me?” I whispered to her as we approached the doors.

My fear was the trade wouldn’t go smooth. If they go one of us but Dawn switches it up, I want Beth to get out. She was my priority, she needed to see Maggie again. I took a deep breath as Dawn opened the door, we all walked together, meeting Rick’s group halfway. I saw Rick and he saw me. His eyes turned happy but then had to go right back to his macho front to get me back. I smiled seeing him but tried not to get too excited in case it doesn’t work out. My heart was racing.

Dawn and the others cleared a path for Beth and I to have a better view of them, most likely vice versa but I didn’t mind. I could feel myself shaking, tears could possibly spill out. He was so close but so far. I held Beth’s good hand tightly, she looked at me with a smile and nodded.

“They haven’t been harmed” Rick spoke.

His voice gave me chills, I haven’t heard it in weeks.

“Where’s Lamson?” Dawn asked.

“Rotters got him” A woman cop spoke with Rick close behind her.

“We saw it go down” The man spoke with Daryl right behind him, a hand on his collar.

“Oh” Dawn spoke “Sorry to hear that, he was one of the good guys”

I could see the guilt in Ricks’ eyes as they passed over yours before hitting the ground. There was a tense moment of silence, maybe for Lamson, or for Dawn and Rick to gather thoughts to form into words.

“One of yours for one of mine” Dawn says.

“Okay” Rick nods and signals Daryl to go up with his prisoner.

“Move” Daryl grunted and pushed him forward.

“Go” I whispered to Beth and she went forward.

I saw Rick almost look disappointed that it wasn’t me. I watched her walk into Daryl’s arms and then I was alone. I got more and more nervous. What if Dawn just called it off now, or someone died. 

Dawn took me by my arm and started to lead me. Rick was bringing the woman officer. I was shaking so bad I could barely walk. Finally Dawn let go of my arm and Rick let the woman go. I walked a bit faster before falling into Rick’s arms. He put his hand on my face and ran his thumb over a cut on my cheek before kissing my forehead.

“I love you” He mumbled.

We kept walking back to the others and we were even.

“Glad we could work things out” Dawn said.

“Yeah” Rick said gruffly without even turning back.

“Now I just need Noah, then you can leave”

We all stopped and turned around. I thought the deal was done. I shook my head in disbelief.

“It’ll be okay” Rick said to me and walked forward to Dawn, “That wasn’t part of the deal”

“Noah was my ward, Beth took his place, now I need him back”

Noah inched forward. Daryl stopped him with his hand and joined Rick in front of the rest of us.

“He ain’t stayin” Daryl spoke.

“He’s one of mine, you have no claim on him”

“The boy wants to go so you have no claim on him” Rick corrected her.

“Then we have no deal”

“The deal is done” Rick said tilting his head.

“I-it’s okay” Noah said limping forward.

“No, no” Rick stopped him.

“I gotta do it” Noah says, handing Rick a gun.

“It’s not okay” Beth said, she looked up at me.

Beth took my hand and squeezed it.

“I love you” She said.

My heart raced and stomach filled with butterflies. She was up to something but I wasn’t sure what or when. I couldn’t get any thoughts together. As Noah started to walk forward Beth stopped him for a hug. Her hand left mine, leaving it exposed to the air.

“I knew you’d be back” Dawn says arrogantly.

Beth let go of Noah and walked to Dawn. I didn’t think much of it, she wouldn’t do anything to endanger us. I just shrugged it off.

“I get it now” Beth says.

“Rick” I say trying to get his attention.

Beth had the scissors. She told me about her plan to get them but I didn’t think she’d use them now that we could leave this place. Everything slowed down. Rick didn’t turn to me, he was only watching them carefully. Then Beth did it, she stabbed Dawn in the shoulder and almost instantly a gunshot was sent through Beth’s head. The blood shot out through her blonde hair and I stepped back in shock. I felt sick. Tears welled up into my eyes, Carol had caught me in her arms. We all stood in shock, both groups. Rick wiped the blood off his face. Daryl pulled out the gun Noah just gave him and shot Dawn right in the head. The hospital cops all raised their weapons and we raised ours in response. Carl took me to the back of the group as I was in no state to be holding a weapon.

“Hold you fire” Someone spoke form the opposite side “It’s over, it was just about her. Stand down”

Carol brought me forward again. I walked to Beth’s body, Rick tried to comfort me with a hand to my shoulder but I shyed away. Daryl was preparing to get Beth’s body.

“No” I said to him and he backed away.

“Ya sure?” Daryl asked me.

“I got it” I say and crouched down.

“Just let me know if you need help”

I swept one arm underneath her back and another behind the crook of her knees and stood up weakly. I looked at her face, it was losing color. I kissed her cheek.

“I love you too” I said with my voice cracking.

Daryl led us out of the building to meet the others, I heard that as we were leaving. Rick walked in front of me, ready to help me whenever. Noah held the door open for us and I nodded him a thank you. As I walked out I realized Maggie would have to see this. I didn’t stop walking though. When she saw Beth’s body she dropped her gun and fell to her knees.

“Beth!” She cried out and Glenn helped comfort her.

“Daryl!” I called out feeling myself shutting down.

Rick helped until Daryl got to me. I transferred my sisters dead body into Daryl’s arms and fell into Rick’s. I sobbed and sobbed.

“I’m sorry” Rick said.

“No, I’m sorry. I-it’s my fault. I let her go up there” I told Rick.

“None of us could’ve been prepared for that, (Y/N)”

“She said ‘I love you’ before going up there”

“You can’t blame yourself. You don’t need to add to your hurt right now. Just focus on mourning and then healing. I love you, (Y/N), and I know you can do this”


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LOL bgwp is making a fool of herself again. As if Daryl planned to stay in the funeral home forever, instead of leaving once Beth's ankle gets better and the food is gone. Meanwhile WE get solid proof Daryl loves Carol so much that he chooses to leave her in a safe place, instead of getting the help TF so desperately needs to take out Negan. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of team delusional / bethylers gritting their teeth - don't you think it's beautiful?

Hey let’s all remember when Daryl told Maggie Beth was definitely alive, and then they got out of Terminus and Rick said “let’s go” and Daryl says “Where?” and Rick says “Somewhere far away from here”. And Daryl is ALL FOR IT. 

And then Abe says let’s go to Washington And Daryl’s like YAY!

So yeah, so not only WOULD he leave Beth, he DID leave Beth - lucky for her Carol was outside so Daryl saw the car. 

**WARNING - This Post Actually Contains Real Proof & Canon Scenes - No Moonshine

*Requested to Repost Because There Are Now Claims That Daryl Didn’t Open Up To Carol*


We already know that in “Still” Daryl talks about his past (before the ZA) and shares a slight glimpse of his relationship with Merle - Little Brother followed Big Brother! 
In turn Beth speaks about her relationship with Maggie and reveals some idyllic dreams about how she wanted Hershel to live out the rest of his life, surrounded by family and at peace. 
Therefore Big Brother Daryl and Little Sister Beth bond is formed - adorable!

Daryl Dixon is a man of mystery, he doesn’t share his feelings, doesn’t talk about his memories too much and he doesn’t exactly have an easy time trusting other people. 
The Key aspect of his relationship with Carol was that solid foundation of trust and communication amplified by unconditional love, acceptance and freedom to be just as they are with no pressure or expectations of anything. 

There is no denying that Daryl did indeed open up to Beth and shared significant bonding moments with her BUT not only were the circumstances different, Daryl was different, Beth was different and so was their world. 

We are talking about two broken people who were forced together, who watched everything they love fall apart and who now think they are the only two left.

We have Daryl who had the only family he had ripped apart in front of him, who mere minutes before the worst happened found out that a man he considered family sent HIS Carol away, who watched a man he respected greatly beheaded in front of him by a man he gave up on finding, who is now running away by things that want to eat him alive with the teenage girl whose father he feels he failed…
When Daryl breaks down and “opens up” to Beth he doesnt do it out sheer willingness to share - not only is he under the influence of heavy duty “truth juice” but is literally prodded and pushed into breaking down and revealing himself. This wasn’t a moment he or she manufactured out of closeness or because the time was right - this was raw anger and grief strangling a man who felt responsible for losing everything good all of them had built, a man who was now literally lost…without a purpose, without something or someone to tether to. 

Beth needed Daryl to survive and in turn he needed her to survive as well - nobody makes it alone! Beth knew that catatonic, unemotional Daryl is not the Daryl she knew, the man she trusted, the man they all depended on…she needed to get him talking so he could connect with her.

The moonshine helped things along quite nicely!

After his cathartic breakdown some memories were shared, some not-so-profound revelations were made and Daryl and Beth started on a journey where they knew a little more about each other and understood each other a little more than they did back at the prison.

However meaningful the connections Beth and Daryl forged in the wilderness simply cannot be compared to CARYL because the kind of bond shared between Daryl and Carol is a completely different in nature, strength, depth and longevity.

Insinuations that Daryl had opened up to Beth more than he did to Carol OR let’s take it another degree of lunacy here and say he never opened up to Carol at all; are claims that have absolutely no basis and honestly what it comes down to is individuals supporting such statements either haven’t watched TWD in full, watched only “Still & Alone” or are simply in denial. I don’t get it!

Fortunately 4 seasons of TWD have given us plenty of CANON SCENE examples to help knock down such ridiculousness and essentially prove that Carol likely already knows everything Daryl said to Beth and has a lot more of Dixon secrets up her sleeve.

Scene #1 Suicide King

In season 3 Daryl and Merle are reunited in Woodberry and escape together only to be told by Rick & co. that Merle was not welcome back at the prison, which essentially forces Daryl to make a very unfair choice. Seeing how he was backed into a corner Daryl couldn’t abandon his brother again so he chooses to go off with him. 
Upon returning to the prison Rick tells Carol that Daryl left and her heart breaks into a million pieces. 
Carol being who she is manages to put away her pain and dedicates herself to taking care of Judith and teaching Beth the ins-and-outs of surrogate motherhood.

Beth is angry at Daryl for abandoning the group because it makes them “weaker” BUT Carol acknowledges his reason for going with Merle and essentially “understands” just as Daryl predicted she would.

Beth - “I am pissed at him for leaving…Merle sounds like a jerk!”
Carol - “…Men like Merle get under your skin, make you feel like you deserve the abuse…”

*This scene makes it very clear that Daryl had already shared intimate details about his relationship with Merle and so much so that she understands perfectly why he felt he had to leave with him. Even in her own heartbreak she defends him because she knows him on a deeper level and that’s not the kind of thing that comes from a single conversation.

Carol and Daryl have obviously talked…and he had opened up to her which is why she not only gets him, she doesn’t judge him, she doesn’t blame anyone for the end result and even goes as far as to uplift him in Beth’s eyes too - “Daryl has his code and the world needs Men like that”!

Scene #2 I Ain’t a Judas

Daryl and Merle came back to the prison after their brief adventure in the woods and are more or less welcomed at the prison. 
Carol of course goes to his cell to welcome him back (puts her pain aside again);

Carol - “Just wanted to tell I am glad you are back…”
Daryl - “To all this?”
Carol -“This is our home”
Daryl - “This is a tomb”
Carol - “That’s what T-Dog called it, I thought he was right..until you found me!
Daryl (cue adorable smile)
Carol - “He’s your brother but he”s not good for you! Don’t let him bring you down - after all look how far you’ve come”
*Cue both genuinely laughing*

*That conversation shows right away that Carol already knows about Daryl’s past and is also very well aware of the kind of influence Merle can have on his personality. 

If she knew only brief details or assumptions about the brothers dynamic this conversation would have resulted in either Daryl withdrawing from her or him stomping off in anger to get away. Nobody else would have dared to even bring up something like this but this was HIS Carol - she knew exactly what to say and how to say it in order to get through to him.

In just a few sentences Carol welcomed him home back to HER, reminded him that he became his own man without Merle around, reminded him that his influence could be a slippery slope, AND most importantly reminded him that she was proud of him and that he belonged now. 
This level of understanding and innate knowledge of what a man like Daryl needed to hear during a volatile emotional situation they were all wading through, couldn’t have been created with a quick talk or things Carol overheard or put-together on her own.

Nope - Carol and Daryl talked about Merle and most likely Ed too and at length for sure!

Scene #3 I Ain’t a Judas

This is probably one of my favourite CARYL scenes and I really wish they would have used it in the show BUT even though it’s a deleted scene almost every TWD fan is aware of its genius
I am off course referring to the “Don”t Underestimate” dialogue between Carol and Merle (Daryl in the background), taking place after they return together and Carol notices the older Dixon’s attempts to charm his way into acceptance within the group.

Carol - “Don’t underestimate me”
Merle - “Excuse me”
Carol - “I’ve seen you making the rounds, trying to make nice but if you mess this up for Daryl I’ll slice your throat while you sleep”
Merle - *speechless*
Carol - “Enjoy your dinner!” (Sweet smile) 
Merle - Instant CARYL shipper

*Now this scene makes it clear that not only does Carol have dirt on Merle BUT she also understands the brothers relationship so much so that she knows exactly what kind of crap and manipulation he might try to pull to bring Daryl back to his level and under his thumb. Carol has a very strong bond with Daryl, she has witnessed the transformation he’s gone through and she knows exactly what to do and say to Merle Dixon to set him straight. 

Since she didn’t exactly hang out with Merle before, the only way she would have gotten that kind of information is through Daryl himself and a character like Merle probably required a LOT of conversation. 
It was obviously worth it because Merle never underestimated her and was most likely the most observant CARYL shipper after that day”

All of these conversations came from TWD Season 3 long before Beth even had any significant interaction with Daryl Dixon!
Daryl might have shared a few bad memories with Beth in that cabin but he bared his soul and his heart with Carol a long time ago!

Personally I am glad there was a bond forged between Daryl and Beth and even though the dynamic between the two of them when they are all in the group again is yet to be seen I am sure that their experience in the wilderness will keep them closer than they were before. 

I fully acknowledge that Daryl and Beth now have a connection BUT I do not and will not acknowledge statements that are made to debase an existing relationship between two people just because you want to add meaning and depth to the one you support.

Carol and Daryl shared of themselves since almost the very beginning of the series and they connected because they wanted to, they chose each other’s company, they were integral factors in both of their support systems, they cared deeply for one another, they were there for each other through loss and tragedy, they fought for one another and the show has acknowledged their bond repeatedly as “something”.

And frankly they didn’t need to be thrust alone together in the middle of nowhere, reeling from grief and drunk on moonshine and pain to start speaking to one another

At the end of the day what the fandom and the ney-sayers need to accept is that Beth & Daryl can be Beth & Daryl without killing or debasing CARYL and Carol herself.


Dialing my delusional level down to 1% because it’s impossible for me to actually turn it off…

So, Beth Greene got shot in the head and from a medical standpoint it probably wouldn’t have killed her instantly, because of where the bullet entered and exited, so realistically she should have lingered at least for the few minutes it takes to bleed out, from… I dunno, a cavernous hemangioma?

But, whatever. She died instantly, because the plot demanded it and the bullet changed direction in mid-air, because the plot demanded it

So, Beth. Really dead. 99% sure.

As a fan, I demand an explanation because WTF of all WTFs.

But I don’t deserve an explanation, as I’m just a stupid Beth fan and true good, shiny fans of TWD never question TPTB or point out the flaws of the show, they just eat whatever they are fed without discernment.

There are some people though, who I think do deserve an explanation and that also happens to be the people responsible. If they don’t know why this is a good idea themselves, then it’s probably not a good idea.

Right? How’s that for logic?

And yes, I am aware that they offered explanations, but these limited responses are decidedly weakass.

So, since we don’t actually know who’s idea this was (Kirkman blamed this tipo but how often does Kirkman lie to/gaslight his fans? A lot, is the answer) I’m going to try and put on some different TPTB hats and explore their deal. Because each one of them would’ve had to have been talked into it, by themselves, or by someone else.

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Please? Part 20

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 765 words
  • Warnings: nothing

Rick leaves and puts Daryl in charge. He claims he will only be gone for a day, maybe two. Even after leaving, Rick thinks Daryl is a good guy, the best guy to hold down the fort while he goes off in search of baby stuff and other supplies.

When you wake up, Rick, Carl, and Michonne are already gone. Beth says Maggie and Hershel are outside, keeping an eye on the place. Glenn is taking a little rest in his bunk, trying to get a little shut eye after a long shift last night. You don’t see Daryl anywhere, but Merle is wandering around outside, taking out walkers that are too close to the fence with his knife.

“Carol?” You walk over to her. She’s making some soup for her breakfast. You still haven’t eaten, not since lunch yesterday. All this mess with Daryl, it has you too worried to eat. “Can I talk to you?” You made sure no one was around. Beth has Judith elsewhere, trying to sing her to sleep. You hear the faint sounds of her singing.

Carol nods and glances your way after spooning some soup into a bowl. “Sure, love. What’s up?”

You take a seat and hug your knees up to your chest. You aren’t sure where to start… “Daryl’s done a lot for me. I know our relationship isn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn good. Should I let him walking away before get between us?” You watch her as she takes her own seat and blows a little on the soup that’s still steaming a little.

She licks her lips and looks over at you, dropping her shoulders some. “Since that night on Hershel’s farm… I knew you two were the perfect match. Even before, the way he looked at you and watched you. I tell you, I thought he was no good when him and Merle joined our group. I remember Shane… One night he wanted to throw them out, leave them on their own. That’s when you came in and changed everything.” Carol smiles at you.

“I did?” You are shocked to hear that you had such an impact on things, especially with Shane in charge.

“Mhm.” Carol smiles. She take a bite of her soup and swallows it, tapping her spoon against the bowl. “I would even say that Daryl Dixon fell in love that night. You were all he cared about. Making sure you had a spot to sleep and enough food for the day.”

You feel a smile spread across your face. You recall the night you came to the camp, the first camp. It was nice to have the feeling of a little community and you wonder if you will ever have that feeling again, once everything here is settled. “I always liked Daryl… But I think it was that day on the farm. When he called for me. I think I knew then…”

“Then you go and you get that boy back. Couples have their fights and what have you. It’s the ones that are meant to be that always find their way around them. Or something like that.” Carol giggles, the corners of her eyes crinkling in. In that moment, she feels more like a mother to you than anything else.

You stand up and walk over, throwing your arms around her. “Thank you…” You smile.


It doesn’t take too long before you find Daryl. He’s sitting in one of the guard towers, his feet dangling off the edge as he points his crossbow at a couple of walkers, never actually pulling the trigger. He seems to be deep in thought, which you think about leaving alone, but this was probably a bit more important.

“Hey,” you walk over and stand in the doorway.

Daryl turns around, lowering his weapon so he can see you. He shields his eyes from the sun with his hand and sets his crossbow down. “Hey.”

“Can we talk?” You ask gently.

He shrugs, not saying anything. He returns his attention back to the gang of walkers outside of the fence.

Sighing, you take a seat just behind him, not wanting to feel like you are falling. “We’re a great team. Nothing should ever come between us. We never let anything before, why should we now?” You nudge him with your shoe and smile. “I believe I owe you a kiss.”

Daryl huffs and looks over his shoulder at you. “Yeah, ya do.” He may not want to show it, but you notice a little smile sneaking up on his lips.

Daryl Imagine

So the title is kinda long, but basically you and Daryl hit it off and you get pregnant. Daryl’s really sweet in private, but in public he’s kind of a hard ass. Anyway, when you go into labor, he wants to be there for you. And you live happily ever after.


A/N: So this took forever to write. But I’m finally posting it. I really hope you all like it! I did skip the more graphic scenes. Enjoy.

Your POV
“And that’s Daryl…” Maggie said pointing at the man with the crossbow.
I’d heard a lot about this mystery guy. He was like apocalypse royalty here. This one kid, Patrick, like worshiped him. I’ll admit, he was hot, but he looked like a douche. He did have muscles and a really gorgeous face. Ugh Y/N! Control yourself.
Let’s be honest here, it’s been a while since I’ve…you know…did it. It’s kinda hard to worry about sex when the world is crumbling around you. Not to mention most of the men, who were still alive, were ugly. Or assholes. Or both.
He looked kinda angry, as he walked towards the cells. I watched him until he looked up to me. Blushing I looked away. This is what attractive men do to me. But I didn’t say anything when he walked by. But neither did he.
“Did you see that!” Beth squealed.
She was always trying to set me up with everyone. She even tried setting me up with Rick. I kinda feel bad for her. All her boyfriends are dead. She just wants to see love, like in a movie!
“Urg! What now!?” I joked with her.
“No I’m serious this time! He totally checked you out. I saw it with my own eyes. THE Daryl Dixon. The man who would rather-“
“I think she gets it Beth.” Maggie cut her off giggling.
At this point my face was as red as a tomato. I didn’t usually get male attention. Even before the world ended. I just repelled boys.
“Y/N, mind giving me a hand with dinner?” Carol called to me.
“Sure.” I replied following her to the kitchen.
“Daryl brought a huge deer back. We’ll be eating like kings tonight!” She told me chuckling.
I don’t know how she was always so happy. Even now, the world has crumbled and her family is gone. Yet she’s still so positive. I think that’s why I always liked to work with her.
As we opened the doors to the cafeteria, Daryl was walking out.
“I skinned it for y’all.” He told us.
“Thank you.” Carol replied blushing. “C’mon Y/N.”
“Y/N?” He said as his eyes roamed my body. He looked back up and licked his lips. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”
“I-I don’t think we have.” I squeaked, trying to sound confident.
“We’ll have to change that.” He told me smirking.
“Y/N. C’mon.” Carol snapped, pulling my arm.
I kept forgetting that she liked him. She always denied it, but everyone can see through her lies. Yeah, I felt kinda bad, but he likes me. Call me selfish, but I like the attention.
“You can cut up the deer.” Carol told me.
Yep. She was definitely pissed. But I did as I was told and cut the deer. I couldn’t remember how big I was supposed to cut them, so I just made them smallish squares.
“You’re cutting them too big. You’re supposed to cut them like- never mind. You can just boil the potatoes.” She snapped again.
“Umm. Okay.” I mumbled.
As I was saying before, Carol is always so happy. Note the sarcasm.
“Y/N! What are you doing!?” Carol yelled at me.
The water was boiling over.
“Just go away! I’ll do it myself!” She practically screamed in my face.
That’s when I’d had enough. Tears filled my eyes. I tried to apologize but the words were caught in my throat. Carol never yelled at me.
“Go!” She said, pushing me to the ground, before I ran out of the cafeteria.
The tears poured out of my eyes as I ran through the halls, passing several people. I saw Beth sitting in her cell. As I walked toward her, someone put their hand on my shoulder.
I turned around quickly. “What!?” I cried, a little too loud.
“I’m, uh, sorry?” Daryl said, a little shocked.
“No. Um. I shouldn’t have snapped.” I said, trying to pull myself together.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I just have to t-talk to Beth.” I stuttered, suddenly realizing how close he was to me.
“Your bleeding.” He said looking at my leg.
“Oh, it’s nothing.”
“Yes it is, c’mere.” He said, pointing at the stairs.
I looked behind me, to see Beth still reading.
“Okay.” I gave in, sitting down.
“So how’d this happen?” He asked, opening a first aid box.
“I tripped.” I lied
“Okay.” He said, clearly not convinced.
“Yeah. I was running through the halls and tripped on a…” I winced as he put hydrogen peroxide on my cut.
“A what?” He said smirking.
“…a gun.”
“A gun?” He questioned, wrapping up my leg.
“Yeah someone must’ve left it on the floor.”
“Mhmm” He said, chuckling.
I blushed.
“Well if you need anything else, my room is right there.” He said as he pointed to his perch.
“I don’t think that can be considered a room.” I said giggling.
“Still, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t have to be alone.”
And with that, he left, leaving me as red as a tomato.
That man drove me crazy, and I had barely said 4 words to him. Yet he was always on my mind. I couldn’t tell if he really wanted me, or if he just wanted to get in my pants. You never know these days.
“Y/N what are you doing out here?” Beth said breaking my thoughts. I totally forgot that I was still standing here…by myself.
“Oh I have so much to tell you.”

A Few Days Later

So I’ll just recap what happened the past week.
Carol and I still weren’t on the best terms.
Rick and Carl got into another stupid fight.
Everyone thought Tyreese liked Karen.
I had sex with Daryl.
Oh…and I was late.
Yep you heard that right. My period was 2 and a half weeks late. And I hadn’t told anyone. Not even Beth.
But I could’ve been over reacting. I hadn’t actually taken a pregnancy test yet. That’s why I was going to see Maggie. She was going on a run with Glenn. I saw her up ahead. She was packing her stuff into the dusty pickup truck.
“Hey Maggie…” I said awkwardly.
“Uh, hey Y/N” Maggie laughed. “What do you need?”
“You can’t tell anyone.I whispered.
She became serious and didn’t respond.
“Uh. Okay. I’m just gonna say it.” I took a deep breath before quickly saying. “Ineedapregnancytest.”
“Y/N…” She began sympathetically.
“I know, I should’ve been careful but we did use protection.”
“Who knows?” She asked.
“Nobody. Only you.”
“Who’s the father?” She whispered.
“Uh. Um. It’s uh…” I couldn’t tell Maggie. I hadn’t even told Daryl! It’s not that I didn’t trust her, I just didn’t want to risk it. So I lied “I-I don’t know”
I turned around and started walking towards the cells.
“Bullshit!” I heard her yell from behind me.
I turned around, but ran into someone.
“Oh god. Sorry.” I heard him say as his rough hands steadied me.
I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out. Maggie was still standing there, grinning.
“Well, I’ll see you around.” He said, giving me one of his famous smirks.
“So… Daddy Dixon?” She said giggling. “Your secret’s safe with me.”
I assumed she was still getting me the tests.

2 Days Later

“What does it say!?” Beth screamed.
Maggie shushed her. “We have to wait.”
Beth nodded and sat next to her sister.
I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t even tell Daryl that I probably had his child.
“Are you worried?” Maggie asked me.
“Of course.” I said quietly.
The whole pregnancy thing scared me. Especially after Lori. The possibilities were endless. I could die, pass out, bleed out, have a still born, or even have a miscarriage. The possibilities were endless.
“Times up.” Beth said, clicking the stopwatch.
“If you need us, just shout.” Maggie said, pulling Beth out with her.
So now it was me and the little stick, all alone, in my cell. The stick that’s gonna change my life forever. I picked it up, not looking.
“It’s okay. I’m okay. Everything is okay.” I whispered to myself.
I looked down at the little stick. A little, pink plus sign stared back at me.

Later That Day

“Go in.” Maggie said pushing me into the cafeteria.
As I stumbled in, Carol and Daryl’s eyes were on me.
“Uh. Hey.” I said giving them an awkward wave.
“Hi sweetie.” Carol said, but I could see the coldness in her eyes. She was just acting like this because Daryl was here. She obviously couldn’t look like a heartless bitch in front of him.
“Hi. Can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked Daryl.
He followed me out to the courtyard. It was silent the whole way.
“So what’s up?” He finally asked.
“I’m pregnant.” I blurted out, while I was thinking of the right way to tell him.
I quickly clasped my hand over my mouth, hoping to catch the words before Daryl heard them.
“Well…like last week, w-we…you know…had s-sex an now I’m…uh…pregnant.” I stuttered out.
He stayed silent.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered. Tears filled my eyes as I ran away.

8 and a half months later

“I like Alex.” Daryl whispered to me as he rubbed my plump belly.
“So we’ve finally agreed.” I teased.
“I think we have.”
After weeks of trying to think of names, we settled on Alexandra if it’s a girl and Alexander if it’s a boy. Beth wanted us to call it Dylan. Glenn wanted it to be a Carson. And Carl wanted it to be named Carl Jr. It was actually kind of stressful. I mean this was my baby’s name. What he or she would be called its whole life. It was kind of a big deal.
“Daryl! Y/N!” I heard Maggie shout.
“C’mon lets go.” Daryl said helping me off of the bed, conveniently placing his hands on my butt.
As we reached the top of the stairs, he pecked my cheek.
“What was that for?” I asked tearing up. These pregnancy hormones really fucked with my emotions.
“Because I love you” he replied “and our baby.”
I saw a flash go off from the bottom of the steps.
“What are you doing?” I groaned.
“Capturing the moment.” Beth said in awe as she waved the developing picture in the air.
“Okay can we capture the moment when I don’t look like shit.” I requested, but Beth shook her head.
“We need to talk about how you’ll be giving birth.” Rick said solemnly. “I think we all remember what happened to Lori. We don’t need that happening to you.”
I heard a few gasps as Rick mentioned Lori. It hadn’t hit me that I could go into labor any minute now. I was honestly still trying to deny the fact that I was pregnant.
“Y/N, can you lie down please.” Hershel said pointing to the couch.
He lifted my shirt, just over the baby bump. His cold hands touched my skin and i squirmed.
“Please hold still.” He said, holding back his laugh.
After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence he said “It feels like you’ll be okay to have…”
“Alex.” I said quickly.
“…Alex” Hershel paused. “naturally. Your baby doesn’t feel breeched.”
“That’s good right?” Beth asked.
“Yes. That’s very good” Hershel laughed.

A Week Later

“Hey.” I said wrapping my arms around Daryl’s waist as he talked to Maggie and Glenn.
“Mhmm” He groaned as he slipped out of my grasp.
“What’s wrong?” I questioned.
“Nothing. Leave me alone.” He replied as he walked away.
“You can’t keep doing this.” I raised my voice. “One day you seem like you really care about our baby. And the next you act like you don’t give a shit! It doesn’t solve anything
“I don’t fucking care!” He yelled. I’m not gonna lie, it startled me.
“Did you forget that this is your baby?” I retorted. I felt a sharp pain travel up my spine, but I assumed it was just my back pain again.
He mumbled something incoherent.
“Excuse me?”
“I said maybe we shouldn’t have had sex then!” He yelled. “Living with the dead is hard enough! We don’t need another fuckin kid.”
I gasped. I knew he wasn’t exactly ecstatic about me having a baby, but I never thought he would regret it.
“How could you say that?” I whispered as he walked away.
I turned around and Maggie pulled me into a hug. “C’mon Y/N, you know he didn’t mean it.”
“You don’t know that.”
“We do know that he loves you, and he’ll love your baby.” Maggie told me.
I chose no to say anything. For once in my life I didn’t have anything to say. But my back began to hurt more than before.
“Y/N what’s wrong?” Carl asked as he walked in.
“Nothing.” I said trying to sound calm. “Just the hormones.”
He suddenly began laughing hysterically.
“What?” Maggie asked.
“I think Y/N peed herself.”
I looked down and saw that my pants were wet. As if on cue, pain took over my body, as my first contraction began.
“Carl get someone!” I heard Maggie yell.
After what felt like hours, Hershel hobbled in, followed by Rick.
“Lay her down.” He said.
Maggie grabbed my arms, as Rick grabbed my legs. Slowly they laid me in the ground.
“Where’s Daryl?” I mumbled.
The last thing I heard was Rick yelling at Carl, then it all went black.
—Daryl’s POV—
Why did I say all that shit to her? I didn’t mean it. I saw the look she looked at me when I was walking away. She’ll never forgive me. Hell, I don’t blame her.
“Daryl! Daryl!” Carl yelled running towards me. “Y/N, she’s having the baby.”
He said something else, but I didn’t stick around long enough to hear it. I don’t think I’ve ever ran that fast.
I heard yelling coming from inside the cell block. When Carol saw me she opened the door and rushed me in. Y/N was lying on the floor. She looked like she was unconscious.
“Daryl, she asked for you.” Rick said. “We need you to try and wake her up. She needs to push.”
“Y/N. C’mon wake up baby.” I said, shaking her lightly.
Slowly her eyes opened and she grabbed my hand.
“You’re here.” She whispered, giving me a weak grin.
“Daryl c’mere. Maggie take his spot.” Hershel told me.
—Your POV—
Daryl slipped his hand out of mine and went down to my…lower region.
Maggie grabbed my left hand and Beth grabbed my right. Hershel said something to Daryl but I couldn’t hear them.
“Alright Y/N. It’s time to push.” He told me.
After a few seconds of silence, cries finally filled the room. Even in this much pain I couldn’t help but smile. Tears of joy clouded my vision.
“Look.” Maggie said, pointing at Daryl.
I lifted my head to see him wiping the goo off our baby.
“Whose gonna be the godmother?” Daryl asked me.
“Maggie.” I answered immediately.
Maggie had been there for me ever since I’d joined them. She was there for me during this whole pregnancy. I definitely considered her my best friend.
“Really?” She asked me, dumbfounded.
I nodded and she went down to join Daryl and Hershel.
“What’s his name again?” Carol asked staring down at my handsome little boy.
“Alexander.” Daryl said.
“He’s so precious.” I heard Beth say behind me.
“I can already tell he’s gonna be strong.” Rick said proudly.
Daryl decided to let Rick be Alex’s godfather.
“Judy has a friend now.” Carl said happily.
I nodded, giggling. It was so cute when his innocence showed. I hoped Alex would act like Carl. Tough but smart.
“Can I see him?” Daryl asked me.
“Yeah.” I replied handing him our baby.
As he walked off Maggie said “I told you he loves you.”
“Yeah I know. Your always right.” I replied, rolling my eyes. She nudged my shoulder smirking. And Beth squealed, making me jump.
“Look!” She said.
When I turned around I saw Daryl showing Alex around the cell block. Occasionally pointing to things. Eventually he wandered back to us.
“And this is your beautiful mommy.” Daryl smirked.
“You flatter me.” I said, leaning in to kiss him.

A/N: I’m SO sorry this took so long! It’s actually been ready to post but I thought I’d post it tonight in honor of The Walking Dead coming back on. I’m so exited! Anyway, keep requesting and feedback is appreciated. Kisses ~A

So I have read here on Tumblr and elsewhere that there are many Bethyl and Team D fans who were concerned as to why Daryl was not wearing the accessory that has been ever-present since Beth has been “just gone”–her knife that was tenderly bestowed upon him by Carol. Her knife was missing while he was on the mission with the rest of Team Family to proactively murder the Saviors in episodes 12 and 13 of season six.

My friend @lilly.loup on Instagram presented a theory that she said was more of her personal headcanon, but I thought it was compelling enough and worth sharing with you all here. She believes that Daryl did not bring her knife with him on the brutal mission out of respect towards Beth. He has lost his faith in “good people” that had previously been restored thanks to Beth’s influence during their hallowed time spent together. His faith was then dashed by his negative experience with the two Saviors he encountered, Dwight and Honey, in the burned out forest in season six’s episode number 6–“Always Accountable.” Dwight took Daryl captive, threatened to kill him, and eventually ended up robbing him of his treasured crossbow and both he and Honey rode off on his motorcycle. This was of course despite Daryl trying to save the life of their friend, Tina.

And despite Daryl losing his faith in there still being “good people” in this wrecked world, Daryl knows that Beth would still be disturbed if he used her knife to murder people in addition to putting down walkers. Even if it was a self-protective measure–killing the Saviors before they can do significant harm to him and the rest of Team Family.

So this is a comforting and reassuring headcanon: Daryl leaving Beth’s knife back at Alexandria out of respect for her convictions. Plus, it is also likely that he would want to keep his precious memento of his beloved Beth safe and sound and not getting it lost or taken from him. Why else would he all of a sudden not be shown wearing it??? There is a REASON why he has been prevalently shown wearing it on his belt since Carol gave it to him. And in MY (as well as many others’) Team D headcanon, this is also because he will personally return it to Beth when they are tearfully reunited. And she will give his crossbow back to him. ❤️

All of this also inspired my latest photo edit here. 😍

The Carol Effect On a Dixon

Norman Reedus’s now infamous statement “this show is not about erections” was directed to the shipping community and was presumably inspired by the ever-mounting tensions between certain Daryl-centric ships and his own inherent frustration with the fact that potential relationships received much more attention than the story itself and his own acting performance.

After that interview was released I personally agreed with the sentiment he was trying to convey however as a Caryler I have also witnessed his own sometimes deliberate and sometimes innocent jabs at the ships that were obviously competing for his attention and his acknowledgment.

Situations like the ongoing “shipping wars” need to be handled with much more sensitivity and a lot less ambiguity when it comes to commenting or “trolling” behaviour BUT ultimately I can understand how the desire to “please fans” can lead a well-meaning actor into dangerous territory when trying to choose the right words to balance approval and keep spoiler details at bay.

That being said TWD has a pattern of keeping certain relationships and connections pertaining to Daryl Dixon undefined and straddling the “are they or aren’t they” line, choosing to leave scenes vague and open to interpretation whether they are romantic or just platonic in nature. Norman Reedus obviously supports that method and direction because he’s been very open about his “slow burn” preferance, awkward “questionable” moments and keeping things more “interesting” as opposed to the traditional “romantic”Hollywood type of formula.

He wants more complexity and less cliche for Daryl and as frustrated as this back-and-forth can be I am sure that most of his fans would agree with that sentiment!

Daryl Dixon’s story arc has been significantly impacted by the relationships he’s made with certain group members, which certainly make sense when you consider that his character finds worth and purpose in other people rather than himself and somewhat begrudgingly “needs” to take the “follower” role in order to be complete.

The bonds he cemented after Merle’s absence strengthened Daryl emotionally and socially by giving him a chance to explore a persona of someone he never had a chance to consider being AND it’s my personal opinion that further transformation is to be expected and it just might lead to a greater confidence in his alpha male potential.
He is not there yet BUT he certainly has a chance to at least believe he could be!

The relationships that have had the most impact on Daryl’s personal growth throughout the seasons have been his emotional bond with Carol and his “brother-mentor” like dynamic with Rick, both of which are responsible for who and what Daryl is today.
Other and more brief interactions with Beth and Dale have also left a mark on his character, however it’s my opinion that Carol and Rick have made the biggest difference based on intensity and duration of the emotions involved.

As Caryler I am more “qualified” to comment and assess the connection between Daryl and Carol because that’s the one I have paid the most attention to and the one I have put the most thought in. Norman Reedus himself has acknowledged that Carol indeed was the one to have had the most to do with the changes Daryl Dixon has undergone and the one he’s opened up to and learned the most from.

Carylers instincts about Carol’s influence on Daryl were pretty much validated by Norman himself in the Gold Derby Emmy Chat interviews which has angered some but has also inspired many others who were starting to have some doubts in the face of the recent shipping war negativity.
A prompt asking my thoughts on “How has Carol changed or helped Daryl?” came at the perfect time and as usual I couldn’t wait to share my enthusiasm with all of you!

*Before anything else I want to specifically point out that Daryl was never “bad” or someone that needed “changing” in terms of a personality transformation or who he was on the “inside” - the change or impact we are talking about is his ability to believe in himself, to see himself in a certain light, to realize the potential he always had and to expect more from life and the people in his life.
The primary focus in the transition Carol helped him with is about “self worth”, “confidence” and “rising above” circumstances and the past

*Sophia going missing and Carol’s natural parental reaction to the loss of her daughter albeit tragic to say the least, provided Daryl with the first opportunity to take some leadership along with Rick and step up to do something meaningful for the “group”.

The skills that were honed through his hunting days, especially his expert tracking abilities, along with his own memories of getting lost in the woods and watching Carol suffer the turmoil of “not-knowing” were all factors colliding into a perfect storm where a Dixon is an essential part of the team.

The search itself and his own familiarity with the woods gave Daryl a purpose, a task where he could feel useful and prove his worth using skills others would respect and want to keep around. Finding Sophia was a way for Daryl to start feeling like he could belong with this group of people that up to that point he was just co-existing with and while Carol wasn’t the cause of her daughter being lost she would forever be associated with the time and the reason he was starting to “give a damn” about creating a niche for himself.

*Rick Grimes considers Daryl Dixon his second-in-command or his “brother” today BUT what a lot of people tend to gloss over is the fact that it certainly didn’t start out that way.
In fact once the group settled at the Greene farm Rick seemed to almost encourage Daryl’s disconnection from the group;

Rick: “We got a base. We can get this search properly organized now.”
Daryl: “You got a point or are we just chatting?”
Rick: “My point is it lets you off the hook. You don’t owe us anything.”

That conversation made it uncomfortably clear that Rick didn’t think of Daryl as one of “them” and even if he didn’t want him to go he certainly expected it and apparently didn’t trust him either.

On the other hand there were implicit signs that Carol already believed in Daryl and already saw him as one of the “protectors” of the group - when Andrea goes with Daryl in the woods to look for Sophia she reassures Dale by saying “She’s with Daryl! If something happens he’ll protect her!”.

*Both Carol and Daryl are not people to waste words or engage in pointless conversations AND the dialogue between them or in reference to each other is almost always deliberate and meaningful. Their relationship is heavily influenced by body language and subtle gestures, with verbal communication only punctuating important moments and delivering a specific purpose. The lines that Carol directs at Daryl speak volumes about her intentions and how she sees him;

“I can’t lose you too”; “You are just as good as them”; “You earned your place”
“Look how far you’ve come”; “Daryl has his code”; “I liked you first”

Essentially Carol is always trying to build up his confidence and trying to let him know or make him believe that he is important to the group or more specifically important to her.

*One of the biggest indications of Carols feelings and how much she cares about Daryl is her constant intention to put HIM, HIS needs and what is best for HIM first while group priority and the importance of her own emotions always comes second.

When Daryl pulls away from the group after Sophia’s death Carol reaches out to him because she doesn’t want him to lose the essence of family he was starting to discover with them.
When Daryl assaults Randall to extract information they felt was needed to keep the group safe, Carol practically scolds him for stooping to the level of a henchmen because she knows he could be so much more.
When Daryl leaves with Merle and Beth is upset about the fact that the group is now physically weaker due to his absence, Carol defends his reasoning and explains that he left out of loyalty to family and moral “code”.
When Daryl returns to the prison with Merle she goes to him to welcome him home and remind him how far he’s come without his brothers influence.
When she approaches Merle she threatens him and warns him against hurting Daryl (not the group) because HE is and always had been her priority!

Carol has made it pretty clear on more than one occasion that Daryl is the one that comes first for her - she was and continues to be in his corner, ready to fight for HIM and support him when necessary. She went into Terminus to save the group without expecting to stay with them but after the emotional reunion with Daryl we see her continue or at least take more time to think whether she could continue going on with them.

*The phrase “damaged people gravitate towards damaged people” certainly fits the Daryl and Carol bond, which along with the “slow burn” approach to their relationship has set the foundation for a connection that is built on unconditional understanding, unconditional acceptance and a love that only continues to get deeper and richer whenever they are put together. Carol understands the intimacy problems, the social hesitation and the awkwardness that Daryl exhibits with her AND that level of familiarity is why she has no expectation, no pressure and no assumption when it comes to their bond.

She makes Daryl comfortable to just be who he is, to move at his own pace and discover his own path because she knows that he just as she hadn’t been given that kind of freedom and that kind of security in the past.
At the same time she makes it known that she is Daryl’s number one fan a fact she reaffirmed by moving a little more through the “slow burn” and verbally confirmed what Daryl has always known - she liked (loved) him first.

*Season 5 shows Carol and Daryl in very different places both mentally and emotionally.

There is a clear shift or switch in their roles that are a direct byproduct of Season 4 and the separate tragedies they survived and had to face without one another to lean on for support.

Carol is the broken one and in a very eerie way, shut down and insecure in a lot of the same ways Daryl was in Season 2.

This time around it is Carol that is looking for a purpose, a reason and a source of self-worth to stay with the group much like Daryl did in Season 2.

Fortunately for her it seems that Daryl is at a place where not only is he able but he also very much wants to reciprocate the unconditional understanding and silent, unrelenting vigilance she needs to see and feel in order to both heal and want to keep going in this life “together”.

The writers have purposely introduced the mutuality streak in to their relationship now because with the emotional table turned, it will be important for Carol to see that there is a “love that conquers” demons and grief even when she is at her lowest.
We are seeing Daryl changed and we know that a big reason why he is changed is because of HER, which gives a certain level of expectation and hope that he too will step up for her this time.

So far it looks like he’s on the right track in his mission and the fact that he is almost literally not letting her out of his sight for too long speaks volumes about his commitment and understanding regarding just what is at stakes here.
Only time will tell of course BUT so far so good!

In conclusion;

Not only was Carol the impetus for Daryl’s character changing (something already acknowledged and validated) but the changes she herself inspired, enabled or impeded have always been positive and almost selfless in nature.

Even moments where Carol’s emotional and physical safety could have been compromised she choose to deliberately set that aside in order to put Daryl first - her grief, her pain and own emotional comfort were valued less in order for his to matter more.

Daryl Dixon has proven himself as “observant” and emotions of that caliber and that level intensity were not missed or overlooked by him BUT his response, reciprocation and ways of showing “the care” are expressed differently…

But that’s a completely different story…

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come




Please? Part 32

1430 words

Please? Masterlist

“Fuck these scrubs.” Noah laughs as he yanks his shirt off and pulls on another one. “Man, this feels amazing!” He cheers, tossing you one of the shirts. He found them in one of the buildings he scavenged, looking for any kind of weapons or anything that could have helped.

You catch it and look down at it. It’s a band shirt, ACDC, and it looks like it has been around for many, many years. You pull it up to your nose and sniff it, but there is no scent. “Turn.” You command Noah. He turns his back on you, changing into the brand new pants and shoes he found.

You pull on the new clothes, every bit of them slightly too big for your frame, and very unattractive, though you don’t care about that. You’re thankful to have any sort of new clothing that isn’t those damned scrubs.

“I’ll burn them outside.” Noah turns around when you instruct him to and grabs the old rags. He goes behind the building and before long, you smell the smoke going, but you don’t dare move. You’re still upset, still mad at Noah for letting you leave Beth, and he knows it.

Once Noah returns, he tells you it’s better to just move on, find somewhere new to sleep. The smoke may bring in walkers or worse, other people.

“Wanna talk about him?” Noah asks, picking up a gun from a fallen soldier on the ground. He checks it, makes sure it works, and hands it off to you. You take it, making sure it’s loaded.

“You want me to talk about the man I’m with?” You raise an eyebrow, not believing Noah wants to sit here and listen to a love story, or what would be a love story. Actually, now that you think of it, you should write this and publish it if the world ever returns to normal, which won’t happen.

Noah shrugs his shoulders. “I know that sometimes you gotta talk about them… About certain things. It helps.” He looks over his shoulder at you, smiling. He was always smiling.

“Nah. I’ll save you the mushy stuff.” You have to smile back, even if it’s not real. You miss him terribly.


Noah tells you to stay put outside as he runs into a building. You don’t argue and nibble on some crackers you found. Food is scarce around here, even though it’s a huge place, it seems most people have travelled through here, wherever here is.

You finish the pack and toss the wrapper to the side, dusting off your hands, picking your gun up to examine it. It’s become a habit, making sure it is still able to shoot.

Footsteps rush around the corner. You spot Noah and he looks happy. “Hey!” He slows down when he’s closer. He holds something up, a weapon, and he looks damn proud of it. “Look what I found.”

Your heart sinks in your chest as the memories of that damn crossbow comes back. Daryl…. “You just found that?” You ask, hoping Daryl is around here somewhere. That’s it, he’s around here! He’s been here. He’s looking for you.

Noah shakes his head. “Naw, stole it off some guy and a chick. They could have easily taken me down but that’s whatcha get for being slow.” He laughs.

“What did they look like?” You panic, rushing over and throwing Noah up against the wall. It’s easy when he isn’t expecting it. “Tell me!”

With a pause, Noah drops both his gun and the crossbow. He holds his hands in the air and blinks, trying to remember. “Uh, the lady was older. They both were, actually. She had grey hair and the guy was a little grizzly looking, maybe…”

“Daryl…” You murmur and let go of Noah. You bend down, grabbing the crossbow, and heading back where Noah came from.

“Dar—your Daryl? That was him?” Noah asks, reaching for his own gun.

“I will assume so. And it sounds like Carol, maybe. They found each other… Tell me you left them alive!” You shout, turning back around.

Noah stops and he looks at you, eyes wide. “I… I don’t know if they made it out. They had no weapons…”

“They made it. They’re strong.” You insist and turn around. You’re going to find him, with or without Noah. You hold the crossbow at your side. He held this not too long ago. You think you can still feel the heat from his hand, though you know it’s silly. Wishful thinking.

Noah is behind you the whole step. You don’t know where you’re going, but you know you’re searching for them. You tell him to keep a lookout, tell him you aren’t going to stop until you find Daryl. Noah says he understands, but you aren’t sure he really does.

“In here.” You duck inside a building, it looks to be an old office space, and wander through the halls, looking for any signs. Daryl doesn’t have his crossbow, so arrows won’t be in indicator.

“Y/N!” Noah hisses.

You turn to your right, aim Daryl’s crossbow, and shoot the walker right in the neck. For a moment, you pause. You don’t know how you did that exactly. “Whoa…”

“Nice!” Noah laughs.

You leave Noah to look on this floor, you continue on to the next. You don’t want to call out his name incase there are any others out here, like those cops, looking for you.

Gun shots go off down the hall, where you just left Noah. You assume he’s found a few walkers and continue searching, walking through a couple of rooms here and there, searching for signs of life.

The only thing running through your mind is Daryl. Daryl has to be around here somewhere… He has to be. Carol, if Carol is here, you will be so happy. Maybe Daryl found someone new, someone he can trust. No, it was Carol.

“Y/N!” You hear Noah scream in pain as you descend some stairs. “Y/N!” He shouts again.

You take off, running down the hall, your heart racing. He’s in trouble. A walker has him… The hallway feels long and like it may never end. You take a turn down the hallway and you see Noah limping over. He stops when he sees you.

“Y/N.” He says, relief washing over him.

Another figure shows up in the doorway. The crossbow falls from your hand with the shock. A cigarette in his mouth and a knife in his hand, there stood Daryl. He seems frozen to the spot as his eyes search you, making sure you are really there.

“Fuck…” you breathe and run toward him, throwing your arms around his neck and jumping to wrap your legs around his waist. He catches you, holding you up with those muscles. He smells of sweat and smoke, but you don’t care. You can’t comment on his smoking now, not when you haven’t seen him in… days.

“Goddamn.” A voice flows into your ears like an old memory. You open your eyes and look behind Daryl. Carol stands there, gun in both hands, smiling at you.

“Carol!” You gasp. You reach your hand out and she does the same. Your fingers grasp hers, holding onto her tight.

You feel Daryl sink his face into the crook of your neck, his chest shaking and you soon feel your neck growing slippery and wet. “Baby,” you coo.

Carol lets go of your hand and you sink your fingers into Daryl’s hair, pressing his face closer to you as you hold him dearer, thinking back to all those great times the two of you had, the better times that will come ahead. This time, you have no plans to leave his side.

Daryl murmurs something, though it’s muffled by your skin. You shush him calmly, pulling back to kiss his forehead and to grab his cheeks. You look at his face, taking it in. He has a few bruises and scratches, he looks worn out, but he’s a trooper and he’ll keep going as long as he can.

“Beth…?” He whispers.

“Beth? She’s back at the hospital. She helped us escape.” Noah comments.

“Daryl. They’re here.” Carol is peering out of the window, gun ready to pick up and fire at a moments notice.  She turns and looks from Noah to you and Daryl tangled together.

Daryl’s brows furrow together and he sets you on the ground. He runs behind you and picks up his crossbow, loading an arrow into it. “Time ta go.”

"Daryl was in love with Beth. Him and Carol only have a Mother/Son relationship"

Bethyl(ers): “He carried Beth like a Bride”

Reality: He carried Beth because she was injured

If this is the case, he also carried Carol “Like a Bride”, because she too, was injured.


Bethl(ers) “They held hands, they love each other”

Well Carol and Daryl also held hands in series 3. Yes it was to help him up, but they still hesitated on letting go.


Bethl(ers) : “He cried when she died”

Well duh! He would cry if any of them died!

Same emotion when his SIBLING died. Just meant that he loved Beth, the same way he loved Merle. 


Bethyl(ers): “They hugged”

Correction: She hugged him and look how awkward he looks. He didn’t hug her back, therefore, ‘THEY’ didn’t hug.

This is what you call a hug. One where he runs at Carol and lifts her off the floor. Squeezing her tight so she can’t move/leave.

And then the look of pure love and happiness in his eyes. You can tell that he just can’t stop looking at her and wanting to hug her.


Look how much he flinched when Carol touched him for the first time. This was probably the first time he has ever been kissed by anyone, let alone been touched in a gentle way. He flinched from being scared.

Now look at how far they have come! He just stands there and waits for her to do whatever she wants. He’s not scared.

Then when she eventually goes in for the kiss he allows her to lower his head to her lips, and you watch his face relax a little. A kiss doesn’t have to be sticking your tongue down your partners throat for it to be romantic. The most romantic kisses are the ones that come from your heart and soul and not from wanting to tear clothes off each other. 


And my all time favourite:


I don’t know what sort of relationship you have with your parents, but if you joke about this^^ then you may need legal and psychological help.


If Daryl only loves Carol like a sibling, then I guess he only loved Beth like a sibling. Beth and Daryl were not in love. They spent a matter of hours with each other. She gave him hope. That was it. When she died, his 'hope’ died with her. Carol gave it back to him with the “We aint ashes”.

Carol and Daryl have been through so much. Both abused by people they loved. Lost people they loved (Sophia and Merle). Supported each other through some crap times, saved each others lives so many times over. Please do not tell me that he doesn’t love her. She restored his faith in the goodness and kindness of people. 

Daryl is now self-destructing. Not just because of Beth. Series 4 and 5 has happened in less than 2 months. They have lost Beth, Bob, Tyreese, Mika, Lizzy etc. Not to mention their home and safe place - the prison. Daryl is self-destructing because of everybodies death. Please do not make out that it is just to do with Beth, because its bullshit. The group are tired, hungry, dehydrated, losing hope and are in mourning. Carol will be the one to pull him out of it, just like how he pulled her out of it in the first half of series 5.

This is all I have to say. (Believe me, I could go on for longer but I think I better leave it there). Daryl and Carol give each other hope. They love each other. Will they ever completely act on their feelings? I don’t know. I hope they will. But if they don’t, that is okay too. Just seeing them provide love and support for each other is enough for me. 

Disclaimer: Some of the gifs are mine, and some are not. Credit to the people who made them, and I am sorry I don’t know the original sources of the ones I did not make. x

Some Fight in You

Imagine: Confronting Daryl after he gets himself captured at Woodbury.

Some Fight in You

You were pacing the road in front of the truck. Up and down and up and down and up and down, and finally Glenn said, “They’ll bring him back. Please just try to relax.”

“That dumbass!” You yell, rather than relax or stop pacing like Glenn had wanted. “We were right there. Right there! All he had to do was hop the effin fence with the rest of us, but no-o-o. He just had to run off to do god-knows-what and now his stupid ass is probably dead!”

“Hey!” Glenn said, and you stopped pacing to look at him. He was bleeding and leaning against the truck in exhaustion. “Daryl’s going to be fine. Rick’s going to bring him back, and you’ll both be fine.”

“I should be with them.” You say, biting your thumbnail.

“You’re pregnant.” Glenn says. He’d put up a huge fight about Maggie going back, but even he had to agree that the pregnant lady shouldn’t be doing two rescue missions in one night. “And I need you here in case I pass out or something.”

You nod and open your mouth to agree with him, when you heard rustling in the woods near-by, and both of you raised your weapons, waiting to see if it was friend or foe. Rick was the first to step out of the woods, followed by Maggie, Michonne, Daryl, and a man you’d never seen before.

“We got a little bit of a situation,” Rick started, and Glenn started freaking out.

“What the hell is he doing here?!” Glenn was shouting.

You could no longer hold yourself together. You ignored the chaos that was going on with Glenn and Rick, and stormed past them to stand in front of Daryl. You glared at him for a second, then, as he opened his mouth to say something, you smacked him across the face as hard as you could.

“What the hell, woman?!” The strange man yelled at you.

“What the FUCK was that, Daryl?!” You shouted, crossing your arms and tapping your foot impatiently. “Huh?!” Glenn and Rick had stopped arguing and everyone was watching the confrontation.

“Y/N,” Daryl started, and you cut him off again.

“No. Actually, I don’t want to hear it. You have no excuse. How DARE you run off like that! Do you even care about me at all?”

“Y/N, please.” Daryl tried to put his hand on your arm, and you shrugged him off before putting both hands on his chest and pushing him.

It wasn’t a hard push, so all Daryl did was take a step back, but the stranger had had enough. “You need to learn to keep your hands to yourself, you little bitch.” He said, grabbing you by the wrist.

You were beyond pissed now. You broke your hand out of his grip and twisted his arm behind his back, slamming him face first against the truck and hissing in his ear. “You don’t fucking lay your hands on me ever. Got it?”

“Who the hell are you, lady?”

“I’m Mrs. Y/N Dixon. Who the fuck are you?”

“Whoa, wait, what the fuck?” The man tried to twist out of your grasp. “Daryl, help me out.” Your husband just shook his head. “Daryl!”

“He’s smarter than that.” Maggie said. “He knows better than to piss off his wife even further.”

“Wife?!” Merle yelled, still trying to get out of your grip.

“Yes. I’m his very pissed, pretty pregnant wife. Now do you really want to have this fight?”

“Y/N, just let him go.” Rick said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “That’s Merle. Daryl’s brother.”

You let go of your brother-in-law and suddenly turned on your husband again. “THIS is why you abandoned me?”

“I didn’t abandon you. I had to save him.”

“He LIVED there, Daryl, I don’t think he needed saving. You just wanted him back, which is fine, but last night was NOT the time. You left us. You left me. You could’ve been killed, and then what would I have done?” You got close to him and started poking a finger into his chest. “You have a wife. You’re expecting a child. You have a prison full of family. What are we supposed to do if you die?”

Daryl dropped his eyes. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

All your anger dissolved in a moment, and you fell forward into Daryl’s chest, trying not to cry. He put his arms around you and pulled you closer. “Are we OK?” He asked, kissing you on the forehead and wiping a few tears from your cheeks.

You nod. “Yeah. Just don’t pull any shit like that again.” You say.

“I promise.” He says.

“Wow.” Merle sneers, then makes the ‘whipped’ sound.

“Shut up!” You and Daryl both yell at the same time.

“He’s not coming back with us.” Glenn says, stepping in front of Maggie now that the attention was back on him. “He tried to feed me to a walker, and his friends violated Maggie.”

“We can’t just leave him out here.” Daryl said.

“Daryl, do you really want him around Y/N? Around Judith, Carol, or Beth? Around your baby?” Glenn gestured to your stomach where the little baby bump was just barely visible.

“He’s not a rapist!” Daryl said.

“No, but he’s violent. And his friends are rapists.” Rick said. “Daryl, he can’t come back with us.”

“Well, then we’re not either. Y/N and I will go with Merle.”

You started laughing and everyone looked at you. “Daryl, you’ve lost your fucking mind if you think I’m leaving the safety of our home to go traipsing through the backwoods of Georgia with you and the fucking Terminator over there.” You point at Merle.

“We’ll find a new place.” Daryl tries to plead with you.

“No.” You say, starting to get angry again. “We have a home and a life back at the prison. If you decide to leave all of that, then you’re choosing to leave me. And if you do chose that, you can’t come back. I’ll raise our kid alone.”

It was quiet for a long time as you and Daryl stared each other down. Finally, Daryl said, “Merle’s coming back with us.”

“No.” Rick said again.

“He’s family.” Daryl insisted.

“He’s not a team player.”

“I can make him.”

“Daryl, you have no control over him. No one does, and that’s why he’s dangerous.”

Now it was Rick and Daryl staring each other down. “He’s coming back. He won’t stay in the cell block, and if he does anything over the line, he’s gone.”

It was quiet again for a while, before Rick said slowly, “Fine.” Then he turned to Merle and said, “But if you step out of line at any point, I’ll cut your other hand off myself.”

“Fair enough, Officer Friendly.” Merle smiled and you all started walking again in the direction of the prison.

Once you were on the road again, Daryl started immediately asking you a million questions: did your feet hurt? How’s the baby? Did you need him to carry you? Finally, you said, “Daryl you’re wearing me out. I’m OK, so please don’t worry.”

He stopped, but Merle took his place instead. “So, you’re my baby sis now, huh?”

“My name is Y/N. Refer to me as such.”

“Gotchyerself an Ice Queen, here, baby brother?” Daryl didn’t respond to that. “How’d you meet?” He asks you instead.

“The group showed up on Hershel’s farm about six months ago. I was a friend of Maggie’s and had been staying there since the outbreak. We just kind of got close. Got married a month ago, and now we’re expecting.” You shrug.

“Got baby name ideas?”

“Sam for a boy, Taylor for a girl.”

“Sam’s a weak name.”

You don’t even look at him as you shoot back, “Merle’s not a name, it’s a noise of some sort.”

Merle considers this for a moment, before saying, “You got some fight in you darlin’. I like it.”

“I don’t care.” You squeeze Daryl’s hand, hoping he’d take the hint.

“Merle, leave her alone. She doesn’t need us pestering her.” Merle stopped talking and went to walk a little way ahead of you two.

“Thanks.” You whisper. “I can’t believe you guys are related.”

“He’s the tough one.” Daryl shrugs. “And the smart one.”

“I think you’re the smart one.” You say. “And you’re definitely the kinder one, which is why I like you better.”

Daryl smiles. “Thanks. He’s hard to get along with, though, so I won’t be surprised if he gets kicked out tomorrow.”

“So why even bring him back today?”

Daryl shrugs. “People deserve a chance, right?”

You snake your arms around his and lay your shoulder on his head as you walk. “Daryl, you’re the one, out of all of us, who still believes in people. And I admire that.”

“I admire everything about you.” He says.

“Cheeseball.” You laugh and push him playfully.

“We’re really OK, then? From earlier?”

You nod. “Of course. You’re my husband. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t forgive you.”

Daryl smiled and snuck in a kiss when Merle wasn’t looking. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”



Why Season 5 Episode 10 is so Important

One of the reoccurring numbers that appeared on clocks was 5:10. It was originally thought before the episode aired that this would be the episode Beth would return. Now this episode aired more than a year ago and we still haven’t given up. But the reason we haven’t given up all hope of Beth still being alive is because of all the evidence that we have found to prove our theory. And while season 5 episode 10 didn’t show us Beth it gave so much amazing evidence to show that Beth Greene is still alive. So what I have done is gone through the episode to pick out the evidence and Beth references shown in the episode.

(Feel free to add anything that I may have missed!)

GREENE EYES (See what I did there?)

In the very first scene we have a close up on Maggie’s eyes which is not the first time we’ve seen a closeup on one of the Greene sisters eyes.

(Maggie’s eyes at the beginning of Them)

We saw this in Slabtown when Beth first wakes up in Grady, which can also be linked back to when Rick first woke up in the hospital all the way back to the first episode of the series.

(Beth’s eyes at the beginning of Slabtown)


Now an earthworm might seem like a far fetch and maybe I’m giving the writers too much credit but I did some research and found this

“Earthworm reminds us that no matter how difficult things might have been,

new growth and new hope awaits us.”

This episode we see characters grieving, there is a significant level of lost hope in the group. While this could be referencing the group arriving at Alexandria, I think it could also mean the return of Beth who always was the one to symbolize hope and faith for the group.


Now since I looked into the earthworm I thought I would look into the frog too. And what I found is even better that the earthworm. One of the symbolisms of a frog is “renewal and rebirth” which then connects back to Beth’s biblical symbolism throughout the show. A rebirth would be her coming back to the group after being suspected dead.

(Side note: I chose this picture because even this frog got a burial. The way Sasha tries to bury the frog might be regret for not burying Beth, since we know for a fact that Tyreese did get a proper burial)


Now this is one of my favourites. Although this isn’t just displayed in this episode it is still key. You can see the outlines of a yellow polo and blonde hair, and also what seems to be someone in doctor scrubs, and while I can’t prove it, to me it seems like the frames at the beginning of the opening credits just keep getting longer, however that might not be the case.


I’ve gone to several sites that estimate that in the series premiere that Rick had been is his coma for approximately 3 weeks which adds another parallel between Rick and Beth. Not much more to add but it is interesting at how many parallels there are between Rick and Beth when you really stop to look at it.


“I know you LOST something back there.” Lost is the key word. Beth is never referred to in dialogue as dead. It’s always gone or lost never dead which is very important. The use of words in this case is the most important. The language used surrounding what happened to Beth is one of the most important pieces of evidence to prove that she is not dead but just simply gone.


The music box has since been confirmed to symbolize Beth but since I’m doing this in chronological order, we’ll come back to it later.


I am a strong believer that the main reason Daryl keeps Beth’s knife is to give it to her when she comes back to the group (not that he knows that).

But there’s something else that Carol says in this scene that I noticed when watching the episode through to pick out key details. “We’re not dead” We’ve seen in the clocks that this episode is really important and we all know how The Walking Dead loves some good foreshadowing. And although Carol is directly referring to Beth (Because she thinks she’s dead) it could be a subtle hint at the audience that Beth isn’t dead. Because Beth was the focus of the conversation right before that line was said.


This goes along with the theory that Team Family had to leave Beth behind in a car trunk. I think this theory would explain Daryl and Maggie’s behaviour. Daryl just completely avoids the cars. As soon as he sees them he dashes out into the woods. And then there’s Maggie. You can see some reluctance to opening the trunk in her body language. And when she opens the trunk it’s like she’s seen a ghost. (Also one of the many blonde hair walkers meant to resemble Beth, something they still do well into season 6)

You can see the pain on Maggie’s face when she tries to walk away from the walker and starts hearing it bang on the inside of the trunk. This isn’t a reaction her character would have because of just an ordinary walker, the reason she reacts how she does is because she is reminded of Beth and how they had to leave her behind. Also she’s is ready to blow the lock off of the trunk in order to put the walker down which none of these characters would do unless it meant something bigger. (There is also a theory that they left her in the trunk and went back for her but when they came back she was gone. Which would explain what Maggie says to Glenn “There’s one in there and I shut it and it’s still in there” almost like she expected the walker to just disappear as Beth did.)

And lastly the look of understanding that Glenn gives Maggie. He understands why she’s acting the way she is because he gets it. There would not be that level of understanding if her character was just acting irrationally.


I did some more research on the symbolism of animals and found that the deer symbolizes gentleness and innocence but even more interestingly the magical ability to regenerate.

Just another connection to the fact that for as much as Team Family and most of the viewers know,  Beth is dead and for some her return would almost seem magical.


I remember when I first watched this scene I thought back to season 2 when Beth cut her wrist with a piece of shattered mirror. He did it to feel something. The time Daryl and Beth had together in season 4 affected him more than he knows. After her death he feels numb he need to feel something. He’s using it as a way to grieve (it’s a bad way to grieve but nonetheless).

This isn’t necessarily a reason she’s alive but more so just a way to show more deeply how much Beth affected him and how affected he is by her death.


Another direct link to Beth in this episode is the laces tied around the bottom of Daryl’s pant leg. They seem to match the ones that Beth had on her shoes.

Not really related to the fact she’s alive but just a reference to Beth for those paying attention.


“After a few years of pretending to be dead, he made it out alive.” Here Rick is talking about the stories that his grandfather told him about war. This is important. This is a direct tie to Beth. She’s thought to be dead or ‘pretending’ to be dead and then after a while she will return… alive.


I did some research on sunrises while I was researching all those animals and found that sunrises can symbolize future possibilities and a new beginning. The whole scene with Aaron seems to have a double meaning. A new beginning in regards to the group coming to Alexandria and also the future return of Beth.

Which brings us back to…


When we see the music box Daryl gives it back to Maggie saying “It had some grit stuck in the gear box”. The music box was broken and Maggie assumed that it didn’t work, that the music was dead. And since this episode it has been confirmed that the music box was meant to symbolize Beth. “I have good news”. That quote followed by the music is one of the main reasons I am on Team Delusional. A music box that was thought to be broken starts playing again. And it’s important that it starts playing after that very line. The ‘good news’ has a double meaning just like the sunrise. Aaron is talking about Alexandria but the music box suggests that it’s good news for Beth.


This episode is one of the most important pieces of evidence for Team Delusional. We say the numbers on the clock pointed toward 5:10 and the writers of The Walking Dead don’t do anything on accident. Everything means something.

Because of Beth’s ongoing biblical symbolism I’ll leave you with 1 Peter 5:10

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

I knew it.

If Beth comes back. Then my theory i have been playing with about mirrors (you guys brought that up) and debts was right.

For Beth to live, Noah had to die.

The bill had to be paid.

There were three who wanted to leave the hospital.


And TF captured three cops in exchange for Beth and Carol.


But Rick didn’t plan on Noah getting caught up in the exchange. So he kills Lamson.

But now things are uneven.

We have in theory three hostages, Beth,Carol and now Noah.

But not enough cops. Only two remain.

Shepherd is exchanged for Carol.
Licari is exchanged for Beth.
Lamson was the exchange for Noah.

Noah was supposed to go to Dawn to even things back out.
Beth intervened ,Beth for Lamson.
Beth had to die for Noah to get to leave. A weird accidental gunshot to the head.
But now Noah is dead. Ripped apart quite brutally in front of our very eyes.

Things are once again uneven.
In order for Noah to die, Beth had to survive her accident.

A fair trade. To have Beth back, Noah has to die. But if Noah had lived, Beth would have really died.

It’s like a mirror like everyone said. His reflection was shown so much. He died behind glass. He died..on the other side of the mirror. We kept seeing blonde walkers and walkers trapped behind glass and in vehicles. Beth was most likely left trapped behind glass (a vehicle window) just like Noah. But she got out somehow. “I’m getting out, just like Noah”. But unlike Noah she survives being trapped behind her glass.

The debt was paid. Now that the ‘butterfly effect’ of choices that left Beth at Grady and supposedly dead have essentially fixed themselves, we only await the real reunion.

A damn butterfly effect. Like the movies, where for one to live. The other has to die. If time is a big part of this season and it is fixing itself by using the mirror theory then when Noah dies in this 'timeline’. It means Beth lives. A life for a life.

The bad 'timeline’ was Beth choosing to stab Dawn, Rick choosing to kill Lamson, Tyreese choosing to not kill people. It ended it Beth dying.

The fixed 'timeline’ Noah dies correcting the choices Beth,Ty and Rick made. Time is in a way. Fixing itself, Beth lives.

It will be dark - check (so much chaos)
There will be no hope - check (all the hopeful ones died, Beth,Bob and Ty)
Things will be weird - check (mirrors)
We are playing with time - check (Butterfly effect style time)
But there is hope at the end of the tunnel - pending

I talk a lot when excited. I apologize if this is a lot of things mentioned before but I have been playing with this idea for a while now.

Their Last Words: How the End of Alone Foreshadows Bethyl's Beginning

Earlier this morning, I found this photo edit going through my likes: X. It depicts Beth and Daryl sharing their last words before Beth flees through the kitchen and is ultimately abducted by the Grady cops outside. (It should be noted that visually, she leaves the doorway and goes through the dark hallway to the light of the kitchen, perhaps foreshadowing her journey from the hospital and beyond).

Beth’s last words are, “I’m not gonna leave you!” If you’ve read xbluemagnoliax’s Alone meta, X, (which is amazing) then you know that this line reveals the depth of Beth’s feelings for Daryl. Anyway, her last words foreshadow Daryl’s journey in the rest of 4b and into 5a: He carries her with him and embodies her teachings. Examples include him almost covering Len’s body, telling Joe that Rick and his group are good people, expressing hope to Carol in Strangers, and paraphrasing Beth’s line from Still about why it’s important to start over in Consumed. For the xbluemagnoliax’s metas on the Greene Effect, go here X and here X. (Also check out fabledfangirl’s videos on YouTube, she is amazing at uncovering parallels). Overall, Beth keeps her word and stays with Daryl in spirit, and she will in 5b irregardless if she is alive or not. (I believe she is going by the evidence, and WHEN they are reunited, I don’t think she will ever physically leave him again).

Daryl’s last words are, “Go up the road. I’ll meet you there.” If his last words are also foreshadowing for his second half’s journey, as Beth foreshadowed Daryl’s in a way, then we can assume he didn’t mean her being taken to the hospital. She didn’t “go up the road” when she went to the hospital, she was taken against her will. Daryl’s command was based on voluntary choice and instructed to fuel her survival. (Ending up at the hospital obviously is not support for her survival). So his last words could be foreshadowing that Beth will journey up the road (as in travel north until she reaches D.C.). If Beth’s journey is to parallel Rick’s beginning, then she must meet up with Morgan and most likely they will travel to D.C together. Theories and head canons have been going around about Beth reaching D.C. after Team Family, but I think it’s more likely that she and Morgan will get there first. Even if they lose a month or two with Beth recovering, it would be just her and Morgan. If they find one good car, then they can drive it all the way to D.C., if they can find gas and can avoid herds. Rick’s group on the other hand has 13 people excluding the baby, and they would need to find either a large van or a bus to fit everyone and their gear, since finding at least two or three working cars at once is rare. (They need to find the vehicles at once so everyone has wheels otherwise they’ll all have to go on foot). If Beth gets there first and Daryl then meets her there, she can advocate for the group, because honestly Rick’s group is going to look barbaric to a group of people who have been holed up from the outside world. (I think somewhere someone involved with the show said that by now Rick’s group looks as threatening as Joe’s group). 

Edited 8/17/2015:

Even though Beth still hasn’t appeared, I still stand by this post. She will meet him up the road, and they will finally have their reunion. He still carries her knife, her body still is MIA, and the music still plays. Hell, AMC posted a Bethyl piece just yesterday.

Overall, their last words together foreshadow not an end, but a beginning. A new Bethyl beginning.


Please? Part 33

1303 Words

Please? Masterlist

Reuniting with everyone at the church, it was nice. Carl, Rick, Judith, Sasha, Ty, Michonne, all of them. You spent time with each one of them, pulling them close for hugs and kissing Carl’s cheeks twice. You thought you would never see half of them again, you thought they were long gone by now.

On the way, Daryl told you what has been happening, why they are holed up in some church with Father Gabriel, what he’s been through. He told you about the gang he was with, the gang that tried to take Rick’s life, that’s how he found Rick and the others.

In turn, you and Noah explained what’s been happening over at the hospital best you could, that you believe Beth and Carol will be safe there, after Carol was hit by the truck with the white cross on the back. They took her with them, caring for her. Daryl wanted to dart after them, grab Carol and run, but you and Noah had talked him out of it and told him it’s best to come back with more people.

Daryl tried to talk you into staying at the church with the others, after they set traps and made it a little safer. You weren’t having that, you told him you weren’t leaving him again, that the two of you are a team and you will remain a team from now on.

Outside, he pulls you close to him, wrapping his arms around you as the others load up the truck. “Does this mean…?” He asks in a low voice, not quite sure what to say.

You reach up, taking both of his cheeks in your hands. “I had enough space. I don’t want any more.” You whisper.

Daryl’s face lights up. Surprising you, he crashes his lips to yours in a sloppy, loving kiss. His feel dry and cracked, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the moment. He pulls back after a minute or two and looks down at you, pressing his forehead to yours. “What I said…” He grunts.

“Daryl, Y/N. We’re ready.” Rick calls from the truck.

Daryl sighs and you kiss the tip of his nose. “We’ll talk soon. Alone.” You assure him and walk over to the truck, Noah helping you inside as Daryl keeps his hand on your back.


The plan seems simple enough to you and everyone but Rick, but you do see the holes in the plan, as does Noah. You two know the hospital, understand it. Noah has been there a year, maybe over a year, you were only there a couple of weeks.

You and Noah try to explain everything you can about the hospital, explaining who everyone is and what they do, how many patients are there that you know of, what exactly it is they are trying to do, but Dawn can’t quite make it go her own way.

You’re given a gun and plenty of ammo. Daryl insists you stay close to him, and you agree. You don’t plan on moving from his side any time soon, not unless the moment calls for it.

Noah is the distraction. He shoots his gun and waits, knowing that the patrol car won’t be too far behind him. You and the others, you sit by and wait at the spot, waiting for Noah and the cops to get out, knowing they won’t hurt Noah. He was a good one until he escaped, they would want him again.

It was easy to take them on, two against six, not too bad. You keep a gun aimed as Sasha and Daryl check them over, making sure they don’t have anything else on them. Their hands are tied behind their backs.

Noah walks over to your side. “That was too easy.” He whispers.

“Just two of them.” You whisper back, glancing up at him.

He shrugs a shoulder and nods. Of course you are right, but he senses something is wrong here. This time, things feel great for you. You’re confident that this will go as planned, you’ll get Carol and Beth back and you’ll be heading off toward the church in no time, hopefully with a few extra people at your side.

Tires squealing, a gunshot. A car turns around the corner, someone shooting out of the front seat. Noah grabs you and pulls you with him, ducking out of the way as the car stops and the two cops jump in, slamming the doors as the driver shoots his gun.

Everyone moves out of the way as the car drives off, following them once they stop shooting. You should have listened to Noah….

All of you follow the car down an alley. There’s another open space, this one with lots of burned bodies, half of them still alive, or undead, or whatever you would call it. None of you bother using up the ammo just yet, waiting to use them at the right times.

You follow Noah, knowing Daryl is just in front of you. You think they must have run off, gone back to the hospital, when you hear a groaning and look over to find one of them pinning Daryl to the ground.

Noah throws his arm in front of you. “He told me to keep you safe.” He looks over his shoulder at you.

You glance up at him. Daryl would ask Noah to help watch over you. He didn’t want to lose you, didn’t want anything else to happen to you.

When you look back over at Daryl is on his feet again, Rick pointing a fun to the man’s head.


With three of the cops sitting around, you start to feel a little stuck. You walk outside for some fresh and rub the back of your neck. Three faces you never wanted to see again, three faces you hoped to forget. Part of you does regret coming all this way, but part of you knows it has to be you to rescue Beth. You left her behind, you left her to rot in there.

“You alright?” Daryl asks from the doorway, his crossbow neatly placed in his hands.

You stop pacing up and down the sidewalk and look up to meet his gaze. Those blue eyes are so soft now, so loving. Loving, you think. He has been so affectionate since you two found each other again. He does care, no matter what heart crashing words he spat at you that drunken night. You vow to forget, vow to never bring that up again and if he does, shoot him down. It’s in the past.

You smile and nod your head. “I’m fine. It’s just a lot to see those three again…”

“I bet.” Daryl walks over to you and throws his arms around you once more, after adjusting his crossbow to his back. “Want to go back?” He asks quietly.

“I’m here.” You relax in his arms and pull yours up to your chest, allowing Daryl to hold you as close as he wanted. “There’s no turning back now.”

And that’s all you needed, Daryl to hold you close for a few extra minutes. It won’t last long, Rick or someone will come looking for you, maybe even Noah. They will call you back in there to take action, to continue with the plan to get Beth and Carol back.

Daryl doesn’t want to let go. He holds you, kissing the top of your head and rubbing your shoulders. He mumbles things into your ear, sweet things, wanting you to know how much you mean to him, how much he missed you while you were gone, how he hates himself for leaving you two that night.

Then it stops. A gunshot echoes from inside and Daryl takes off, you right behind him.