but lbr i am perfection

hey hi hello!! i got bored :-) so as u can see, i’ve decided to combine two of my many passions: shipping and astrology!! ready set go!!!

what u gotta do:

-must be following me (yes, i will be checking, soz)
-reblog this post 2 spread the word (i will also be checking this)
-send me a message (wyr, fmk, or ship me!! or just talk to me haha)
-include ur zodiac sign in the message (it can be just ur sun sign, but u can include moon and/or rising as well)!!

what u will get:

-a ship based off of ur sign and who i think ur zodiac would be most compatible with
-the biggest perk of the relationship
-the biggest flaw of the relationship (bc no relationship is perfect lbr)
-a random fact bc i am a fucking nERD

so yeah!! it’s easy!! i will try my best to do all the ships :-) i hope ur all doing well!!

p.s. u can blacklist the tag “cass does ships” if u don’t wanna see them!!