but lauren you can be mine

Alrighty look. I know you all have your dream-casts for John Laurens as Seth Numrich or a time-travelled Jude Law, but I’ve got to say, mine is Dan Stevens from Beauty and the Beast. Because… honestly?

Does he not look very… Laurens?

He can also be very *dramatic* and he can sing! I dunno folks, maybe it’s just me, but he seems like not a bad candidate.

this is pidge’s face when she’s geeking out about the castle. “the tech on this ship never ceases to amaze me, it’s so mathematically elegant”. you can tell she’s awestruck/longing because lance says “it’s not a sunset pidge”. i wonder where else we’ve seen that exact fond smile, those tilted eyebrows, and the lines above the eyes

“The point is that when I see a sunset or a waterfall or something, for a split second it’s so great, because for a little bit I’m out of my brain, and it’s got nothing to do with me. I’m not trying to figure it out, you know what I mean? And I wonder if I can somehow find a way to maintain that mind stillness.”


Happy 50th Birthday, Lauren Helen Graham! (March 16th, 1967) ✨

Life doesn’t often spell things out for you or give you what you want exactly when you want it, otherwise it wouldn’t be called life, it would be called vending machine. It’s hard to say exactly when it will happen, and it’s true that whatever you’re after may not drop down the moment you spend all your quarters, but someday soon a train is coming. In fact, it may already be on the way. You just don’t know it yet.


Yrs for ever
A Hamilton

Four quotes from letters Alexander Hamilton sent John Laurens and one he sent about him (to Nathanael Greene, after John’s death).

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i’m so hippie tbh 🌞🌺

Hamilton Characters As Things I’ve Said/Done
  • Hamilton : “Hey, you never know. I could be gay and only dating you so people thought otherwise.”
  • Lafayette : “I can rap faster than I can offend someone.”
  • Hercules : *wears gown, tiara, and sparkly heels out to the park when it’s 100 degrees out*
  • Laurens : “I wake up at three A.M. in cold sweat to jot down how much I love my dogs.”
  • Jefferson : “Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought ‘damn.’”
  • Madison : “Oh, cough cough, bitch.”
  • Eliza : “You can’t break up with me! I quit!”
  • Angelica : “Free for all, losers! He’s mine!”
  • Peggy : “My arms are practically bulging with muscles from combing my hair.”
  • Maria : “Heterosexuality? I’ve never heard of such a thing.”
  • Seabury : “Oh, my god! She’s verbally attacking me!”
  • Washington : “I’d lie and say I’d be the mom of this group but everyone knows I’d be the hammered aunt.”
  • Burr : *shows report card to friends* “You don’t understand! I’m an Asian, not a Dsian.”
What podcasts I listen to

This is a post that most likely no one cares about since I shitpost whatever I’m into but I wanna get my thoughts about the podcasts I listen to regularly and what I feel about them. 

Welcome to Night Vale - This is the one that got me into podcasts although it scared me at first. I managed to listen to 60 episodes in almost a week so I was pretty hooked. This is about a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful and mysterious lights pass while we all pretend to sleep. It’s set in a H P Lovecraft style of world where the scariest of things are seen as the most normal of things. Things change when a beautiful stranger comes to town but you’ll fall in love instantly. Episodes come out the 1st and 15th of each month

Alice Isn’t Dead - This is done by the same company that does Night Vale and it’s a lot darker and creepier. It is about a truck driver who drives around the country trying to find her wife Alice while discovering things about the towns she goes past. A warning if you don’t deal with gore or violence very well (also spoilers) someone does get murdered in the first episode and the main character does get attacked in a later episode. This show is only done by Joseph Fink and his style is a little scary at times but it’s still good. I recommend binge listening to the first season before the second one comes out because it’s a little easier to keep up with the story that way. I prefer Night Vale over Alice but that’s just a personal opinion. Episodes will continue when the next season starts. 

Wolf 359 - This is one of my favourite podcasts I have ever listened to. Written by Gabriel Urbina, it’s about Doug Eiffel’s life on the Hephaestus Research Station as they orbit the red dwarf star Wolf 359. This a podcast you’ll want more of and you’ll want to know every single plot twist and theory. The characters are loveable and it just makes me really happy. Renee Minkowski is the station’s commander and she makes sure that her boys stay in check (mostly Eiffel). Dr. Hilbert is honestly a little creepy but you can’t hate him and HERA is my computer wife. Every storyline is great and will only keep you guessing. The website also has other cool stuff such as playlists for the characters which are on spotify and there are small little things that are fantastic. The early seasons are very lighthearted and Zach Valenti (@iamzachvalenti) voices both Doug and Hilbert and it’s just fantastic to listen to. Episodes come out every two weeks.

Limetown - Limetown is very different compared to the other podcasts. It’s a news report that follows a reporter, Lia Haddock, as she tries to find out what happened to an entire town of people that just vanished into thin air. The length of the episodes span under 10 minutes to nearly an hour. It’s interesting but Lia is kinda annoying with her methods of obtaining the information she desires but her intentions are in the right place, despite her actions getting innocent people hurt. The podcast kinda stopped in December last year so it’s real easy to listen to but you will want more which is disappointing since you want to know what happens in the next season. It takes a very realistic turn of events so who knows when the next season comes out. If you like realistic podcasts then this is the one for you 

The Bright Sessions - Another personal favourite of mine and I no joke want more right now. The only way I can describe the podcast without spoiling it is X-men go to therapy. It’s an actual pleasure to listen to and it keeps you hooked. Lauren Shippen  (@thelaurenshippen)  has created something thats actually beautiful and has created characters who are relatable in every way. Sam is a time traveller with anxiety, Caleb is a high school student who can feel others emotions, Chloe thinks she’s going insane with the voices of angels then there is a mysterious character who I shall not name. It’s defiantly worth a listen and it’s an A++ podcast. The website also has things that are unique to each person. Sam has a blog, Caleb has instagram and playlists of his own and Chloe has tumblr. This is no joke something I want to make in the future so it’s amazing to me. New episode dates will be released with the new episodes. 

King Falls AM - This is like Night Vale but less creepy and more paranormal. The main characters are Sammy “Shotgun” Stevens and Ben Arnold who host a  late night call in show. I can only imagine this like Night Vale because of the similar format but they are completely different. King Falls AM is what Night Vale would be if the town normal and unusual things aren’t normal. The characters are really loveable and I just love them so much. There are people you will love to hate and it definitely makes you feel like you are a citizen of the town which is great. It brings a sense of community to the small fandom. I want to say more but it’s very spoilery so I will say no more. It’s worth the listen to and I recommend binge listening to this one, trust me you’ll want to. New episodes come out the 1st and 15th of each month. 

EOS 10 - I’ll admit that I haven’t finished this podcast but I don’t think they’ve made new episodes since last year?????? (it was December so I wasn’t wrong). The story follows Ryan Dalias arriving on EOS 10 to check up on the doctor on the ship who has been going through his share of addiction. From what I’ve listened from this, it’s not bad but not my cup of tea. Scifi podcasts don’t work for me but I still enjoy this quite a bit. Warning if you aren’t interested in hearing people do the frick frack then there is a part of episode 3 that you’ll want to skip because it’s a little uncomfortable. The first two seasons are out and god knows when the next season will be available. 

Within the Wires - This is another one done by Night Vale presents. Within the Wires is written by Jeffrey Cranor and the story is based through a series of standard relaxation tapes where you soon realise that yours aren’t standard. The woman on the to the main character and you slowly figure out what that connection is. The tapes themselves are a little creepy but they are sort of relaxing at the same time. Season two may be different and possibly might not be relaxation tapes but that’s the exciting thing about it. I personally prefer this podcast to Alice because I can listen to this and not feel scared when I’m trying to sleep. This one just creeps me out opposed to scaring me so I stay awake. I wouldn’t listen to this before bed though. I recommend to listen to this on a really long road trip because that’s the most comfortable I felt when I heard it. New episodes will come out when the new season does. 

ars PARADOXICA - Imagine if you had accidentally created time travel and you find yourself in 1942 in the middle of the second world war. That’s what Sally Grisham does and she soon discovers that her time travel only goes back so she attempts to find a way to go back to her own time which is a little difficult with only technology from the early 40′s. I’ll be honest, I did really like this podcast when I first started it but the last 4 episodes make me question if I actually want to continue it. The latest episode makes me think that I could continue it. They do give warnings about gun violence and terrible things happening to kids which made me super uncomfortable but the warning was nice. New episodes come out the 1st of each month

The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) - Yet another Night Vale presents project but it’s not written by Joseph or Jeffrey. The story follows the janitor Juilen as he tries to get into the show without getting caught. The podcast is set on top of the Eiffel tower and the most magical things happen such as a bird who can recreate a whole orchestra perfectly and a machine that can make the thoughts of a cricket come to life. There are only four episodes so far but it’s pretty good so far. The janitor is my favourite and he just shares stories about his life that only make me want to get to know him better which is nice. The french accents also make me really happy. New episodes come out every other Wednesday and I high recommend it. 

Podcasts I haven’t started but are on my list



The Penumbra Podcast

Return Home

Our Fair City


I wanted to make this in case anyone was interested with what I was listening to and I would like recommendations with podcasts because I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to

highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Competitive Lauren™) pt. 1

• Joey: “oh shit my chip”

• Ashley: “oh my god Mario kart has changed so much since 2002 you guys”

• Gabe: “we’ve given Lauren bumpers” Lauren: “alright, relax”

• Lauren not paying attention when they started and immediately yelling “fuUCK KOOOPAA”

• the evolution of her saying “bitch” throughout: “hell yeah, hell yeah biiiitch” “come oooonn BIIIIIITCHHH”

• “oh fuck fuck fuck. i always go outta control BUT I LIKE THIS PLANT!”

• Lauren: “shiiit who is that? what asshole just did that?!?! oh can i swear on this livestream?” Gabe: “well you have been this whole time so if we can’t we’re real screwed”

• *gabe gets hit by a shell* Lauren: “HELL YEAH that was me BYEEE BIIIITCHH” Gabe: “do you think youre talking to me? cause I’m in first and you’re in fifth” (it wasn’t even her shell)

• “get ready bitch get ready biiiiiiiitchh”

• “ohmIGOdohMigOdoHmiGOd”

• *evil cackling every time lauren does remotely well*

• Brian: “who are you the king of Red Robin?” Lauren: “what do you get, bottomless fries??”

• Brendan: “what does the one mean?” Everyone: “you got one point” Brendan: “you hear that? I’m number one!” Brian: “dude, NOT that”

• Lauren shouting at the tv over Gabe and Ashley sharing childhood anecdotes

• Gabe: “eat my banana baby!!”

• Lauren: “fuck this. goddammit. this little ghost the little ink ghost” Joey: “it’s a squid. it is, that’s why it’s ink” Lauren: “have you seen how it moves? excuse me”

• “oh fuck me!! BIIIITCHH…”

• everyone sitting casually on the couch but Lauren leaning in really intensely:

• “this is all I have: my fifth place status”

• Ashley: “oh no Brendan is falling behind. Brendan people are invested in how BAD you are at this game”

• Ashley *reading the chat*: “‘there needs to be a swear jar’ no we’re ADULTS we can say whatever the fuck we want”

pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3

Daddy daddy look

My name is Philip

I am a poet

I wrote this poem just to show it

And I

Just turned nine


Sigh, Victor....CHILL!

Yuuri: Talking about flexibility

Victor: Who the hell is Chihoko? Is he better than me?

Yuuri: Talking about sunglasses

Victor: Who is Ray Ban? Is he as handsome as me?

Yuuri: Talking about cars

Victor: Damnit Yuuri, who is Ferrari. I’m cooler, right?

Yuuri: Talking about his favorite alcohol

Victor: Yuuurrriii, who is Absinthe? Do they look good naked?

Yuuri: Talking about dogs

Victor: Wait, who is this Jack Russell? I’m more interesting.

Yuuri: Talking about food

Victor: Oh no, who is Dulce? Is he cuter than me?

Yuuri: Talking about clothing

Victor: Ok, what kind of name is Ralph Lauren?

Yuuri talking about his favorite ice skater

Victor: Who is this Victor? Can he really beat me?

Yuuri: Grinning at Victor, while watching him figure it out

Victor: Yuuuuuri, I LOVE YOU! (tackles Yuuri to the ground in a hug)

  • Normani: Dinah, can I copy your history homework? I forgot to do mine.
  • Dinah: Neither did I. Don't worry. Just tell your teacher you couldn't write it because of... global warming.
  • Normani: What?
  • Dinah: That's what you do nowadays, blame everything on global warming.
  • Lauren: You know, global warming could be a positive thing. Get to wear shorts year round. Guys and girls get sweaty and take off their shirts!
  • Ally: All the earth's water dries up.
  • Camila: So we drink lemonade.
  • Normani: ... All i wanted was history homework.

highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Competitive Lauren™ and Mom Friend Ashley™) pt. 2


• “GOD *incoherent screaming* who keeps doing that?!?!”

• Gabe: “I do it for #Garlos I do it for the fans”

• Joey: “remember when Mario did a crossover with kung fu panda?” Gabe: “nope. did that happen?” Joey: “no.”

• Lauren *falls off track and saved by the cloud guy*: “ah godammit. always gotta get this guy to fucking save me”

• Ashley: “only like 1 in 3 people spell your name right” Brendan: “it’s ok it wasn’t right on my high school diploma either” Lauren: “so you never actually graduated high school” Brendan: “it’s tru”

• “i am honestly so sick of everyone”

• Brendan: “you know, whoever keeps firing things at me you don’t have to. i am perfectly capable of running off the course all by myself”

• Ashley *reading the chat*: “‘Lauren sure does swear a lot’ but the rest of us perfect angels”

• Lauren *starts losing*: +

• Brendan: “guys i got six points that time! oh, i’m still in last place…” Gabe: “it’s a selected number of points. you’ve gotten one point” Brendan: *death stare* Gabe: “i love you”

• Lauren *getting her controller back as the race starts*: “jojo. thank you so muc- JOEEEY!”

• Lauren: “wait, FZERO?? i used to have this game on nintendo” Joey: “well, guess what? this is a nintendo console my DAWG”

• “oh my god this is totally taking me back. i’m doin it for child hood me”

• Lauren *starts losing AGAIN on the fzero track*: “corey it’s broken!! corey stop the game!!!” Corey: *crickets*

• Gabe: “what the dic- who is- noOO!!”

• Brendan *drives off the edge*: “bye everybodyyy…”

• Joey: “lauren’s in first cause she loves this game so much” Gabe: “what??? how is she doing that?!?!” Lauren: “fzero’s my jam biiiitchh”

• Ashley: “Brendan you’re doing amazing sweetie”

• *clayton knocks on the door* “honestly no one can talk when they enter the room ok i’m focusing. ahh it’s bROkeN!!”

• Lauren *almost falls off*: *incoherent hiss/wheeze/growling?????*

• Lauren: “UGHHHH THIS FUCKING GHOSTTT” Brian: “it’s a squid” Lauren: “it’s a GHOST” Brian: “it’s clearly a squid”

• Brendan: “I’ve hit everything I’m not supposed to hit…”

• “oooh bitch. i got a fucki- i got a plant i got a plant biiIITCHH!!! oh shit. i got a plant i got a plaaaanttt”

• Gabe: “what keeps happening?!” Lauren: “Gabe, are you having a fall from grace?”

• “get outta my way. geT OUTTA MY WAAAY!!!”


pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3


books read in 2017: before i fall by lauren oliver

Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow. Maybe for you there’s one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there’s only today. And the truth is, you never really know.

tfc characters as texts i've sent
  • neil: i should be dead how'd i get away with that
  • andrew: it was all my doing i'm glad i've confused everyone
  • kevin: pls remember vegetables exist and they love you
  • matt: sleep well sweet nugget
  • dan: but you know what. maybe I'M risky.
  • allison: i fight dirty and psychological trauma is the aim
  • renee: two people have asked me for directions in the past hour why is my face so soft and trustable
  • aaron: did u not know i only have one friend
  • nicky: i can even play heads or tails in multiple languages which is irrelevant just a fun fact
  • seth: i love death and dying and being dead

1k followers appreciation requests || for @bandaged-chessmaster
→ Oda Sakunosuke (bungou stray dogs)

The last book in the series was wonderful, but there was one flaw. Several pages had been cut out and removed toward the end. Right before the removed section, there was this line: ‘People live to save themselves. You will understand that at the moment of your own death.’

want one?