but laffs

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Do you actually hate furries or are you just making jokes? Cause I know we as a community have some serious issues to sort out but most of us are just regular people who like some slightly out there shit

jus havin a laff mate

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how would you direct jesus christ superstar?

this is the most flattering ask ever like who tf cares

I’d have period appropriate dress for the laff and period appropriate props, but the set would be all shiny and black.

I think jcs would be really difficult to direct bc it’s easy to make it look kitschy and shallow (which… it might be), but then there’s really good dramatic elements you could draw out of it as well. but then if it’s too self-serious then the audience might have to pay attention to the text, which is horrible for everyone. so idk. I think I’d go for a simpler presentation and not really hammer home the ‘Jesus as celebrity’ thing in the staging, so as not to wear that concept thin. otherwise idk.

Jesus should be played by anyone but a long-haired, blonde Anglo-Saxon

he’s gonna start reciting a poem any minute.

the signs as names for phils nips
  • aries: just phils nipples
  • taurus: double trouble
  • gemini: Unnamed
  • cancer: absolute carnage
  • leo: milkies
  • virgo: glittery titties
  • libra: meaty boys
  • scorpio: hairy totties
  • sagittarius: kinda... hot
  • capricorn: uh james
  • aquarius: nopples
  • pisces: Hard Men