but l o l the glowing eye


H E L L • H O U N D (noun)

A hellhound is a supernatural dog in folklore. Features that have been attributed to hellhounds include mangled black fur, glowing eyes, super strength, ghostly or phantom characteristics, and a foul odour. In cultures that associate the afterlife with fire, hellhounds may have fire-based abilities. They are often assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial grounds, or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting lost souls or guarding a supernatural treasure.

Another Child

@caretaker-au Happy Birthday, Chara!

I tiptoed into the dark room, careful to shut the door behind me this time.

Here we go again. I almost sighed before I firmly reminded myself that I would not make a single sound.

The child on the bed was unconscious, sleeping with his pan still tightly clutched in his hand. My brows furrowed as I remembered the decision to not remove the pan from the child. Toriel and Asgore might have their reasons, but they were clearly not considering the fact that the child could wake up at any moment and attack the monsters. A frying pan is a deadly weapon, even to humans.

“But it might be very important or special to them.”

Special my a**.

The child’s neck was partially covered by his apron, which was gently removed, the little splatters of blood washed out, then just as gently replaced by Toriel earlier in the afternoon. Now, the only evidence the blood had been there at all was just a few light stains, which blended in smoothly with the rest of the stains on the apron, stubbornly refusing to be washed out.

Toriel was rather delighted when she tasted one of the redder stains and found it to be paprika, and chatted about how excited she was going to be when the child woke up, as she assumed he was an aspiring cook of some sort on the surface.

She would have kept tasting the different stains had she not replaced the apron and rushed off to look through her recipes.

I carefully slid the apron down so I could see their small neck properly. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

My arm jabbed the air towards his throat, but I was startled by a quick beeping sound.

I looked toward the heart monitor to find his heart was beating faster and faster, and the child sat up with a start…right into my outstretched hand.

Two souls, one red, one purple, flickered as the room turned black and white.

I closed my hand around his neck and he started flailing his arms, dropping his pan.

A purple soul.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I didn’t really like purple, mostly because purple souls were just so stubborn and would not die. I felt anger rising in me just thinking about it.

But I shrugged. I wasn’t going to be picky. We have a plan, and nothing is going to stop it

He tried to gasp out words as I tightened my grip. “Plea…ont…promi…I can”

We locked eyes and I was startled by the utter terror in his eyes. I would have expected fear there, as he was about to die, but not this… I knew the expression. I wore it more often than I would have liked to on the surface.

I felt a small stab of guilt realizing that this was not the first time the child had nearly died to strangling.

As I was thinking about this, he struggled free and grabbed his pan, pointing it at me, his expression of blatant terror creasing into fear.

“P-please don’t, I promise I can keep trying, please, I promise I-I can do it! I promise I can be just like, like-” he sputtered, starting to cry.

I tried to calm him down. “Stop, listen, I’m not going to hurt you,” I lied, softening my voice. I couldn’t take care of him while he was flailing. I needed him to be calmer.

Confusion mixed with hope flickered in his eyes. He relaxed a bit but kept the pan pointed at me. “I can…keep trying…”

Hmm… “Listen, you need to calm down.” I analyzed his responses to my actions, further concluding that that this was linked to a previous beating. “You can…stop trying?”

His eyes welled up even more when I said that, and his arms wavered. “I… I can…”

I put my hand on the pan and pushed it away softly. He didn’t protest. “You don’t have to keep trying.” I was still unsure what he meant by ‘trying,’ but it seemed to calm him.

He sobbed, “I…don’t…don’t…?”

My eyes were drawn to his soul. A crack had appeared in the purple heart.

Is he…dying?

I watched it intently as it proceeded to shatter.

A smaller, green heart floated in its place.

It disappeared and the room bled into color once again. I was vaguely aware of the slowing beeps from the heart monitor.

The child rushed forward and wrapped his arms around me before I could jump back from the sudden movement. He buried his face in my single-striped shirt, sobbing into it. “I…don’t…have…to…to be…” he sighed, content, murmuring words, some to quiet for me to hear…

“I ‘ m  s o  g l a d  I  h a v e n ‘ t  l o s t  m y s e l f  y e t …”

What seemed like an eternity passed. It was even longer with my soaked shirt pressed onto my skin by the boy.

I was startled by a long beeeeeeeeeeep. I looked over to see a straight line on the monitor. The child had long since stopped moving. 

My eyes drifted back to the boy, and I watched as his soul drifted out of his back, the soft green glow illuminating the dark room, warmer than any purple light. Strangely enough, everything seemed softer in the green light, and more…friendly? I wasn’t sure how to describe it.

I cupped the soul in one hand and laid the child back on the bed in his original sleeping position.

I didn’t waste a moment burying the pan the child held deep into the trash can, knowing that this was the most inconspicuous way to get rid of any memory left of the boy, other than what I needed. The pan, along with the rest of the trash in the can, would be left to rot in the Waterfall Dump, lost among the rest of the useless garbage there. I internally congratulated myself for coming up with such a genius plan before realizing I was still standing in a (not so dark now, I realized) and lifeless room.

I looked back coldly at the boy on the bed. Exactly as it should be.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned around.

Even Gaster’s enormous canine skull seemed if not just a little less intimidating in the soul’s light, I observed.

“Hello, Chara. I see you have gotten your hands on a soul tonight.” The white pinpricks of his eyes slid downward. “Oh, what is that heart in your hand?”

I said nothing, unwilling to look at him anymore or even acknowledge his attempt at a joke.

He reached out his hand. Shifting the soul to my left hand, I took it.

A flash of light blue, then black.


Return to the Falls, a Gravity Falls fanfiction

Before heading back to Gravity Falls for the summer, Stan and Ford make a quick stop at an old haunt.  However, they are surprised to also find a familiar face waiting for them.

(Prologue of “Return to the Falls”, a Gravity Falls fanfiction.  The up-to-date entirety can be found here.)


The old man opened his eyes and blinked, confused.  He was in the living room, in the old recliner, the best seat in the house.  He must have dozed off while watching “Duck-tective,” but that didn’t seem right.  That show engrossed him far too much to put him to sleep, even if he’d seen the episode a hundred times.


The TV was turned off, but that in itself wasn’t odd.  If he’d fallen asleep with it on, his brother would have shut it off.  That old nerd hated wasting energy and had gone on a big power-saving kick after getting the house back in working order, insisting that the rest of the family keep their lights off and devices unplugged when not necessary.  Of course, that all seemed pretty rich coming from the guy who built a giant universe portal that ran exclusively on raw nuclear waste.  It was a miracle the thing hadn’t rendered the whole town uninhabitable when it went to pieces.


Stan looked around, frowning.  Had he imagined that sound?  Maybe his hearing aid was on the fritz.  The house seemed to be quiet, after all.  The kids must have been outside.  Or … what time was it?  Afternoon?  Night?  The fact that he’d dozed off didn’t help him much; he could fall asleep in the armchair no matter the hour.  Oh well, he felt no need to worry.  Right now, all he wanted was a nice cool drink to counteract the heavy summer air.

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T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Nótt

The daylight hurts her eyes and so she stays inside, hidden behind drawn curtains and closed blinds. She watches the clock religiously, breath held in anticipation for the second that the sun dips beyond the horizon. It is then that she steps outside, marvelling at her city’s lights, her gaze drifting skyward towards a ceiling of twinkling stars. She feels free, bathed in the moon’s silver glow, dancing in the headlights of passing cars.

( @reaper-dragon-megalo )

* Behind her was an armored dragon surrounded by even thicker black mist. Their eyes were glowing bright red, the light piercing through the mist as if it was nothing. The dragon, however, wasn’t particularly big, being roughly the size of a tall person. Their voice was probably the most intimidating thing about them.

-W e l l, w e l l, w e l l… G r e e t i n g s. I  a m  M e g a l o. S o, y o u  a r e  t h e  o n e  r e s p o n s i b l e  f o r  P h o e n i x  d i s a p p e a r a n c e? * Some black Megablasters emerge from the mist. -G o o d  r i d d a n c e. B u t  w h o  a r e  y o u?

“And the Phoenix abuse still continues!” She’s melting quite a bit, obviously afraid of Megalo. Or, maybe more startled, but still. Seems this is one way she’s trying to cope.

“And she’s gonna be back…in like…two and a half weeks…” She tries her hardest to not sound nervous, but the joker is failing quite a bit. “N-name’s Joker…” She was already starting up Phoenix’s ability of teleportation to get the heck out of there if anything happens.

l a t e  n i g h t  e n d  ;  p l o t t e d .

      EYES STARED UP at the ceiling, lit only by the glow of moon still  d i m m e d 
by window curtains. HE’D BEEN AT THIS FOR HOURSd a y s  practically, with
short breaks in between to SHOW HIS FACE at school or around town. 

     He couldn’t stand it  a n y  l o n g e r .

     Mark sat up quickly, grabbing his phone where it sat  c h a r g e d  by his bed. THE
, lighting up his face in an almost  b l i n d i n g  manner
against the darkness of the room’s remainder. HESITATION. Just do it. He had to.

     When he’d finally willed himself to  u n l o c k  the phone, he continued to open up a
new text and select HER NAME under the contact. SLOW FINGERS TYPED out the
words that had been on his mind for days.  W e e k s  almost. And he  s t i l l  hadn’t
given an answer.

          [ txt.mssg. ] 

                 ‘ I can’t. I’m sorry. x ’ 

     EYES SQUEEZED SHUT, hating the four words that would  s e a l  their fate. A
 as  s a l t e d  tears grew from the corners. 

     Just do it. 

     Finally, A SINGLE THUMB pressed ‘ s e n d ‘ ,  with its chipped and rugged nail
at the tip.

     Mark let himself  f a l l  back against the mattress, eyes finally reopening to stare at
ran up to the corner, feeling like it would  g r o w  and CONSUME the rest of his life with
it. HIS HAND FLOPPED TO THE SIDE, phone screen still  g l o w i n g  from within his
palm. It was there he let the device TUMBLE to the floor, make a distinct  t h u m p 
against carpet until the back light shut off, the bedroom  e m p t y i n g  into darkness 
once more.              @burncut 

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Ina wasn't very interested in meeting any Smiling Gods, much rather preferring to try and get as far away from them as possible, like she was now by trying to get out of Desert Bluffs with her knapsack. However, the glowing deity caught her eye, and apparently, she got their attention too. Quickly, the little girl tried to run off to avoid a confrontation. (asmilinggirl11)

Basma really had been minding their own business for once, but catching the eye of that kid had them curious. The little deity became even more curious when the kid started running.

“H e l l o ~ !” Basma greeted, suddenly popping into existence right in front of her. “G o i n g  s o m e  w h e re ~ ?”



        “Woden’s Hunt, also known as the Wild Ride or Wild Hunt. A myth of devilish riders in the sky accompanied by black dogs, spectral beasts whose eyes glowed with fire, A Bearer of Death and Guardian of the Supernatural, the black dog is also known by its more common name…  

                                                                                                                      T h e  H e l l h o u n d.”

True Nightmare (A DHMIS Fanfic Part 4)

Darkness filled the air around Larry as he sat there in shock, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. One second he jumped in front of Spinach, and the other…


The last thing he heard was the sound of glass shattering into millions of pieces.

He looked around, his whole body starting to tremble.

No, he thought.
N-No…I-it can’t be…!

Larry got up and ran around, trying to find everyone.

“Spinach!! Tony?! Sketch?!”
He yelled.

He continued dashing back and forth, until he finally gave up. He sat down, tears beginning to fall.

“Th-This can’t be…”
He muttered.

He dragged himself against the wall, and as soon as he did, he buried his face into his knees and began to weep.

He didn’t want this. He didn’t want any of this.
He just wanted to protect Spinach.
His lovely Spinach.

“N-No!! G-G E T A W A Y F R O M U S!!!!”

Larry’s head swung up when he heard the voice.

Spinach Can.

Larry looked around, trying to find his way through the darkness to her.

A hiss filled the room.
“G E T T H E H E L L A W A Y!!!”

Larry followed the hissing voice until he found the teachers; Tony, Sketchbook, Shrignold, The Food Group, and even the students, trying to get Spinach away from the corner.
Larry was behind all of them. He couldn’t see her. So, he then decided to go straight through.

Shutters and small gasps filled the room as they felt a sharp chill that went through them.
Larry finally came in front of Meat Man, and looked down in pure shock.

There sat Spinach, her eyes red with dark circles around them, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Larry’s lampshade sat on her head as she cradled all of his shattered glass pieces.

He knew it.

He W A S dead.

And Spinach Can was holding the remains of his dead body.

S P I N A C H ‘S P O V:

Spinach Can clenched the broken glass in her hands, not caring about the fact that it’s cutting her hand open and making her hands bleed. She continuously weeped into the lampshade, remembering everything about Larry.
The good times they’ve had together.
The bad times they’ve had together.

“S-Sweetheart, please, come over here.” Stuttered Steak Guy, his arms trying to reach towards Spinach Can.

She let out a growl.

“Y O U S T A Y T H E H E L L A W A Y F R O M M E.”
She then let out a hiss, causing Steak Guy to take a step back.

“D-Dear, please, come here.”
Fridge pleaded.
“We know you’re scared and upset, but you can’t stay like that!”

Fridge began to slowly approach her.
“P-Please dear…” He whispered shakily.

Steak Guy reached for Fridge’s hand.
“Fridge! NO!” He whispered.

Fridge ignored Steak Guy’s comment and lifted his shaking hand to Spinach.

Spinach’s eyes glowed with fury at the sight of Fridge raising his hand.

He gently placed his hand on her head and began to stroke her hair slowly.

Spinach Can had enough. She shut her eyes in pure anger, ready to explode.

“I bet…Larry would’ve wanted you to calm down…”

Spinach Can’s eyes widened.
Fridge chuckled sadly.
“You know how protective he was over you…always watching your back….”

Spinach Can clenched the glass harder.

“I bet Larry wants you to come with us Spinach…”

Spinach felt tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

“He knows you need comfort from us. He wants you…to feel better.”

Spinach Can looked up at Fridge, her lip trembling, before she let out a sob. She dropped the glass pieces and wrapped her arms around Fridge, weeping out loud, not caring that everyone else was here. Fridge hugged her tightly, as he picked her up. He began to walk up to Steak Guy.

“Spinach…w-we’re so sorry…” Mumbled Steak Guy. He placed a hand on Spinach’s back.

Everyone lowered their heads in sadness, knowing that nothing would ever be the same again.

L A R R Y P O V:

It’s been a few days, and Larry has been in pure darkness, getting more and more insane by the hour. He felt hot tears spilling down his cheeks as he continuously clawed at the floor. His eyes were dark and bloodshot.

“H e l l o, L a r r y~”

Larry looked up at the dark figure. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, his star glew a deep red.

The Tony.
The Tony that nearly killed Spinach Can.

Larry growled and lunged towards The Tony.

“E H E H E H~” he shook his head.

Larry felt something cold lock around his wrists. He looked down, and saw that…
He was chained up.

The Tony let out a deep chuckle.
“N O W, W E S T A R T E D O F F P O O R L Y…” He straightened his bow tie.
“M Y N A M E I S N I G H T H O R R O R T O N Y.”

Larry growled and began to try and. Break the chains.

“LET ME GO YOU FUCKER!!!!!” He screamed and thrashed around.

Night Horror Tony sighed and rolled his eyes.
“L E T A R I P, S H R I G.”

Electric shocks zapped Larry as he began to twitch and jerk from the electricity. After a few minutes, it stopped.

Larry fell on his knees, coughing and trembling.

“N O W, L I S T E N.” Night Horror Tony growled.

“ W E N E E D Y O U L A R R Y.”

Larry coughed.

“What the hell do you want from me.

“W E N E E D Y O U T O B E C O M E T H E L E A D E R, L A R R Y.”
Hissed a voice. Larry looked at the direction of the voice, and there walked Colin.
The Colin.
Night Horror Colin, probably, since they all looked like horrors that came from the depths of the night.

Larry looked up weakly, anger in his eyes.

“W-What makes you…ngh…th-think that I’ll join…y-you monsters…” He growled.

Night Horror Sketchbook hopped toward him, and laid her long arm on his lampshade.
“W E L L, S I NC E Y O U V E D I E D, N O B O D Y H A S B E E N S H O W I NG A N Y S Y M P A T H Y.”

Larry growled and shook his head to get her arm off.

“Th-That’s not true.”
He growled.

Night Horror Tony let out a sigh of disappointment.

“ A R E Y O U S U R E T H A T Y O U T H I N K W E R E L Y I N G?” He questioned.

Larry nodded.
“I don’t k-know why you think I would believe you, monsters..”

Night Horror Tony sighed and waved Night Horror Shrignold over.

Larry began to shuffle backwards.
“N-No! Leave me alone!”

Night Horror Shrignold ignored his pleads and placed his claws on Larry’s forehead.

Larry’s eyes widened as he suddenly could see all the teachers.

“Y O U S I C K D R U N K!!!”

“Thank god he’s dead.”

“Now we don’t have to worry about his teeth going grey!”

“We don’t have to hear his rambling anymore!”

Then, Spinach Can appeared, looking…

“Oy, finally, he’s gone. Now I don’t have to get annoyed by his drunken rambling about dad.”

Larry’s heart pounded in his chest, as his eyes widened in shock.

Spinach Can….
Was happy?

Everything went dim, as Night Horror Shrignold gently lifted his claws.
“W E W A R N E D Y O U L A R R Y….” He sighed.

Larry sat there, clutching his chest, where his broken heart beated.

“W E T O L D Y O U L A R R Y….”
Mumbled Night Horror Colin.

“B U T… Y O U C A N G E T V E N G A N C E F O R T H E I R B E H A V I O R…” Hissed Night Horror Tony.

“Y O U C A N B E C O M E O N E O F U S, A N D H E L P U S C A P T U R E T H E M…”

Night Horror Sketchbook hopped towards Larry.

“W E W O U L D H A V E D O N E I T A L R E A D Y, B U T S A D L Y, W E W E R E M I S S I N G O N E M O R E N I G H T H O R R O R.” She smirked.

“ A N D T H A T S W E R E Y O U C O M E I N, L A R R Y.”

Larry looked at her, shaking and afraid.

“ D R E A M S K E E P U S A L I V E, B U T W I T H O U T T H E S O U R C E, W E C A N N O T S E E K V E N G A N C E F O R W H A T T H E Y H A V E D O N E.”
Explained Night Horror Shrignold.

“S O, I F Y O U J O I N U S, Y O U W I L L N O T O N L Y F U E L U S…Y O U W I L L L E A D O U R K I N G D O M.”
Night Horror Tony smirked and let out his claw.

“S O, W I L L Y O U H E L P U S G E T O U R R E V E N G E, A N D L E A D U S T O V I C T O R Y..?”

Larry sat there on his knees, not knowing what to do. He remembered Spinach Can, always smiling and giggling. He remembered the teachers and students, and how amazing they were, until…

“We’re glad he’s finally dead.”
Spinach Can’s voice echoed in his head.

Larry’s eyes darkened to a pure black as the stark on his chest had a pattern of swirling red and black.

P U R E H A T R I D.

Larry gulped, and looked up, determination in his furious eyes.

He took his hand, and nodded.


Here it is!
Part 4!

Well, my hand kind of hurts..;;-;
Ah well! It’ll be fine!



anonymous asked:

Fanfic request!! What if Rae try's to follow kesters advice and breaks up with Finn but he's not having any of it and keeps trying to get her back

He looked so happy when he saw me, and I felt my heart cracking to bits.  I let him kiss me before he sat down, but then I moved a little further away from him.  He noticed.

“Everything alright, Rae?”

I wanted to cry right then and there but I made myself promise that I would wait until I wasn’t around him anymore.  I wouldn’t be crying over just losing him, I’d be crying over losing all of them.  I knew once I told him, the others would never want to hang out with me over him.

“No.”  I couldn’t breath very well, but I powered on.  "Finn, I can’t see you anymore.“

He laughed.  ”That’s funny Rae, but seriously what’s wrong?”

"I’m not joking! Look, you…us, this thing we have going on is setting me back in my therapy.  It’s keeping me sick and I don’t want to be sick anymore.”

I’d made up the justification on my walk over to the park.  I couldn’t tell him the truth; that the stares at school were too much for me.  He’d never understand.

He stared at me with a confused look. “Thing?  You mean our relationship?”


“No, please Rae, please don’t do this.  If I’m keeping you sick, tell me how to stop!  I’ll try to help you the best I can, just please don’t do this.” He was begging me and I wanted to crumble and say okay but part of learning to like myself was to hold my ground.

“I can’t, I’m so sorry.”  And I was sorry.  Because before I met him I thought I was always the one who got hurt, even if I did it to myself.  But now as I looked at him I could tell I had hurt him.  He dropped his head in his hands and his legs were bouncing nervously.  Then, as though he turned a switch, he stopped moving and looked at me.

“I’m not giving up on us.  So take your time to try and get yourself back on track, and just know that I’m going no where.”  He kissed me again and I pulled back.  I didn’t want it because I knew I’d want more.

Finn’s POV

I was never a cryer.  Even as a kid I didn’t really get upset.  I’d get mad, but never did I actually shed tears.  I cried when my nan died because she was the best part of my family life.  And now I cried because I lost Rae, the best part of my entire life.  I probably looked a right mess, sitting alone in my room.  I didn’t have the heart to put music on and I faced the wall rather than look around at the stuff in my room.

She had spread to so many things in this room even in our short time of knowing each other.  I could still see her looking through my music, smiling every time she came across something she liked.  And I could smell her on my sheets when I laid down, so I sat up.

Our friends had told us (seperately) that they would still be our friends, but there was an obvious shift in the gang.  Chop and Izzy hung around me usually, except when we had our lunch.  Then they found Rae and spent an hour with her.  I didn’t mind because then they’d report back to me on how she was, what she was up to, if she thought of me.  They had the same answers every day; she was okay, she wasn’t up to anything, no she never mentioned me.

Archie and Chloe had begun to hang out exclusively with Rae, only smiling at me if we passed.  On the weekends, I hung out in my room listening to music.  Occasionally Izzy would pop round while Chop was working or attending a family thing, and it’d be nice to hang around someone who was so happy all the time.

I’m not sure if she was easy to talk to, or if I just missed talking to someone but, on the days when Izzy’d come round I’d find myself opening up to her about my plans.

“I told Rae I wouldn’t give up on her, and I haven’t.  I’m trying to figure out a way to get her back, Iz, but I’m out of ideas.”

“Well, what have you tried so far?” She asked.

I smiled uncomfortably and said, “I’ve given her space.  I was thinking that maybe she would miss me enough that she’d come back.”

Izzy threw a pillow at me. “Why are boys so stupid?” She shouted and I cringed back.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Exactly what I said!  You thought you could win her back by doing nothing?  Finn, you have to show Rae she’s worth it to you, worth fighting for.  Do something that will show her that you love her.  Just sitting back and waiting for her to come to her senses isn’t going to do anything but make her think you don’t want her anymore.”

“So what do you think I should do?”

She didn’t talk at first.  She just leaned her head on her hand, thinking.  Then she smiled big and started bouncing on my bed excitedly.

“Do what you did before you started going out!” And she added after seeing my confused face, “Flirt with her, Finn.”

It was such a simple concept I was embarrassed I hadn’t thought of it.

“Izzy, you’re brilliant.” I hugged her and pulled her up with me.

“They’re at the park, we should go see them!” Izzy said and I agreed.

Rae’s POV

The gang splitting was an extra unfortunate side effect of Finn and I splitting.  I was left to only see Chop and Izzy during lunch, and the rest of my day was filled with Chloe (who seemed even more happy since the news of my being single again) and Archie.  It’s not like they were boring, it’s just I can only take so much of them before I missed everybody else. Before I missed Finn.

I missed Finn so much it hurt.  Not only did I miss kissing him and being with him, but I missed being his friend.  We hung out all the time, and if it wasn’t for the kisses we shared every once in a while, it was easy to see we were best mates.  I just missed him.  I went through my room and found some of his shirts he had forgotten, and they still smelled of his cologne.  I had to fight the urge to call him and tell him I wanted him back.

I held back that urge every day, and today was no exception.  He and Izzy were walking up to sit with us as Chloe, Archie and I were each sprawled on the grass.  I became acutely aware of how blob-like I looked, so I tried to adjust my body.  I know he noticed.  He didn’t take his eyes off me the whole time he was walking.  When they finally reached us, Izzy was, as always, super happy to see us all.  Finn acted like usual; quiet and smiling slightly.  He chose to sit near Archie, who looked happy to have his friend back around, but he waved over at me.

“Alright, Rae?”

It was the first time I had heard his voice in a month and it washed over me like rain.  I wanted to wrap myself up in his voice like it was a sweater.

“Yeah, you?”

He shrugged and leant back against the cement pillar. “I’ve been better.  My dad accidently tossed my Stone Roses album,” he explained and I felt his pain.

“How did he accidently toss it?”

And that’s how we started.  Slowly, as the day went by, he moved closer to me until finally as the sun was giving the world an amber glow, he and I fell back on the grass, my legs over his but our hands strictly to ourselves.

We were talking about nothing and everything, sharing secretive looks with each other that no one else saw.  It felt like we were back to the summer, before I had told everyone about the real me.  And it was nice.

I felt his finger on my thigh and my skin tingled.


I tensed.


I closed my eyes.


I felt the tears threatening to spill.  I slide away from him but stayed on the grass.  His hand fell limply between us.

“Why are you doing that?” I asked him quietly, not wanting to be over heard.  The rest of our friends were laughing and drinking.

“Because I think you’re beautiful.”

“Finn, you don’t have to do that anymore, we’re not together.”

“I didn’t do it for you because we were dating, I did it because we’re friends and I think it’s okay for me to tell you that.”

“I don’t want you telling me that.  Don’t you understand how much it hurts?”

He rolled on his side which  made him inches closer to my face.

“You think I don’t know how much this hurts?  Seeing you and not being able to kiss you or touch you or even talk to you for a month?  I love you, Rae, and I want you, I need you, and it hurts that I can’t have you.  Please, just let me have this.” And he traced another word on my arm; P-L-E-A-S-E.

I let him trace more words on my skin because I liked the feel on his hand.  I knew this was only going to make it harder to leave but I stopped caring.

Finn wrote me what felt like a novel that detailed myself.  I had beautiful eyes, my laugh was amazing.  My music taste was impeccable. My body was sexy. On and on he wrote, his words getting harder to understand because his hand was shaking.  We kept moving closer and closer until I could smell his shampoo in his hair.  Our lips were an inch apart and I wanted to close the gap, but I didn’t.  He didn’t either.

He traced one last word on my arm (W-H-Y) and kept poking me until I answered.


“I want the real reason Rae.” He whispered, he first thing he had spoken in twenty minutes.

I felt the words leave my mouth and instantly wished I could pull them back in.

“Because people laughed at us.  I couldn’t stand to embarrass you anymore.  I’m a monster and you’re a god and we don’t match.”

He shook his head and reached a hand to cup my cheek.

“Why does it matter what others think?”

“Because I don’t want to be a monster.  I just want to be a girl who’s dating a boy and I don’t want people to stare.”  It was the most honest think I’d told him and he nodded.  I think he was starting to understand.

“Can I say something?” He asked and I told him yes. “I think that every one else are the monsters.  If they can’t bare to see us together, that’s their issue.  There’s nothing wrong with how we look together, and frankly that shouldn’t be what we’re about.”  I saw his eyes water, but he powered on. “I met you and I was instantly into you.  You liked the same music as me, you could hold your own against any dick thing I had to say, and you were extremely attractive.  You showed up and threw a new twist the our gang and it’s been better every day you’ve come to hang around.”

“Yeah but-”

“But nothing.  Don’t let people who don’t even know your name dictate who you date.  Just be with me Rae.  I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but please just be with me.  I’ll do everything I can to make life easier for you, and I’m sure Kester will help you too.”

I shook my head, about ready to break.

He leant closer to me and said under his breath, “I need you Rae.  I don’t know what to do without you.”

And I kissed him.  I had almost forgotten what he felt like.  He deepened our kiss and his hands traced swirls as I tasted his breath.  We rolled over so he was leaning over me, propped up my on hand while the other was exploring me.  I let mind run up and down his back.  I missed the muscles under his skin.

When he pulled back, he asked me “What does this mean?”

I kissed him again.

“It means I need you too.”

Sans Fight

Hiya! I’m in Camp Nanowrimo, where I, and many other participants, gotta write a story in the month of April. (At least 10,000 words in all, if not more.) I’m writing a buncha one-shots for it! I’ve done fan art for Spagoots, so why not writing? To take up a portion of my word count, here’s Sans’s point of view during @knittinggiantbeanies and @chongoblog’s genocide stream. <3

<From this point in stream>


Warning: Spoilers for Undertale, Genocide route

Word Count: 966

Sans stood quietly, in the golden lighted corridor. Waiting. He stuffed his hands into his pocket, finding material already wedged in there. It took up almost all the space, leaving barely any room for his bony fingers.

He rubbed the material. Soft and silky, long and narrow. A scarf. Red. Papyrus’s. Dusty.

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