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“It’s nice getting older. A lot of people have been saying to me, ‘You are so much more confident and comfortable.’ There was a lot of energy being thrust at me then. I’m not someone who was solely desirous of becoming rich and famous. I can sit here and talk about my movies all day long. It’s what I’m most interested in — as selfish as that sounds. There was just something about the way everything was being ingested by people back then. There were aspects of it I wasn’t even aware of. Now I’ve learned to take it and have it be my own thing.”

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Hi, dear Kristen! 💕😙 I wanted to ask, will you post a link to the compilation of Jonerys moments? I would really love to have the link as soon as you are done putting the video together. 😊❤️

Hi my friend!!!! Beautiful new icon ;) My favorite piece of Jonerys fanart. I am so glad I commissioned it haha.

The video is DONE but it is rendering so I can upload in 1080p. It’s going to take a few hours. There are probably more efficient ways to do this but I don’t know them haha. It WILL be up tonight and I’ll post it here and tag you. Thanks!!!

P.S. I am actually quite happy with how it turned out. It’s my first time editing video and I didn’t change the lighting or anything but I removed Bran’s voice from the sex and after stitching all the Jonerys scenes together with no interruption, you really can see how powerful this season is for their relationship :’)

MTVS Epic Rewatch #172



Soundtrack to accompany your reading of this recap.

Stray thoughts

1) I truly love how this episode begins media res with Veronica in danger and then someone showing up, especially because we don’t know yet if this is the person who was chasing her or someone who could save her, and Veronica’s expression right before the scene fades to black doesn’t give anything away. 

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Here is my beloved and beautiful Kristen Bell because this is my 2000th pick ever guys and I can’t think of anyone more appropriate to pick.  She is probably my number one celebrity crush of all time.  I started watching Veronica Mars in 2004 and I never waivered.  And conveniently she was in a new photoshoot just a couple of days ago so it all lines up well.  It’s like I have always said, it’s meant to be, one day I will have her babies.  And then all of this post is what will be used in the made for TV movie that rightfully makes me look like a crazy person as I foam at the mouth and shout, “We’re meant to be together.  I will have you babies”.  It will be on lifetime.  It won’t be good but they’ll be right to play the scary music when I show up.  Anyway, as always I will give some stats because I do that on landmark posts and people @femalecelebrityoftheday and @femalecelebrityoftheday only loves it.  At this point I have posted 354 different celebrities, from 25 different countries and 6 different continents because I am not into Penguins.  Also there are a few made up countries in there but I don’t really count those because how do you really classify the Mushroom Kingdom?  Anyway, here is a list of my top 30.  There are 31 people because 30th place is a tie.  Why 30?  Cause I did 25 the last time I did this and it’s been more time so I should expand the list.  It made sense when I took the screenshot.

So thanks for following, Kristen Bell is the best by the way.  If you didn’t know. You can read any of her other 54 posts if you want more details.  Or like, watch her in something.  I still recommend the first season of Veronica Mars but the Good Place is pretty great too.  Today I want to fuck Kristen Bell.

so, @queenanceltic‘s post (here) made me think. edward has never sacrificed anything for love (at least not knowingly. but i’ll get to that). he put himself first when it came to kristen, and pursued her until he got her. he always put his needs above hers, including reframing her death to make it all about him and his transformation. (seriously, if you haven’t, go read @rhavewellyarnbag‘s meta on ed killing kristen, here. it’s a thing of beauty.)

sure, it could be argued that ed sacrificed something for isabella, when he tried to break up with her. but he gave that up pretty quickly after she dressed as kristen and they had sex. apparently, isabella showed him that he wasn’t going to hurt her? yeah, okay buddy. (plus, he didn’t even initially try to break up with her himself. he sent oswald to do it, because he was too afraid.)

oswald has grown so much this season. it’s unbelievable. he was willing to DIE rather than give up edward. even after ed tried to kill him. that is unbelievable. i still can’t believe it. even after learning everything ed had done to betray him, oswald still said he loved ed. at GUNPOINT, oswald was still insisting that he forgave him, that he saw the man ed could be, that he NEEDED HIM.

over and over again, oswald has been shown to be a survivor. he has done anything he can to save his own skin. but now he was willing to die, to be literally tortured, rather than let barbara and co hurt ed. and then, at the dock, he didn’t even try to run. ed accuses him of “trying to talk his way out of this”, but if you think about it, that’s not really what oswald was doing.

oswald was insisting that ed loves him. (“this will be the cold-blooded murder of someone you love.” … “you need me, edward nygma.” … “i am the only one in the world who truly sees you as you are. who you can still become.”) even after everything, oswald can clearly see that ed feels something for him. okay, it’s not not selfless, true, love, but ed cares for oswald.

if you compare this to how oswald spoke to jim at the dock, in season 1 episode 1, it’s totally different. oswald was trying to bargain with jim (“i’ll be your slave for life” was my personal favourite line) and trying to offer him things. but, with ed, oswald wasn’t bargaining, or offering ed anything. he was just trying to get him to see the truth – that he does care for oswald.

it is so clear from ed’s expression that he doesn’t want to do this. he’s incredibly conflicted about shooting oswald, and about his own feelings. he clearly psyches himself up to do this. basically all of ed’s dialogue at the dock is about isabella. (”you killed isabella!” … “you killed her, so you die.” … “i loved her, and you killed her.”) because he’s trying to convince himself that this is just. an eye for an eye.

obviously, edward didn’t love isabella. he hardly knew her. so now it’s time for ed to realise that, and to grow himself. oswald is capable of truly selfless love. ed isn’t, yet. he talks about love being sacrifice, but he’s never sacrificed anything for kristen or isabella. you know who he DID sacrifice something for? who he put himself in mortal danger for? OSWALD.

ed pushed oswald out of the way of butch (in season 3 episode 5) and put his own life on the line. arguably the only selfless thing ed has done – the only sacrifice he’s made – has been for oswald.

i don’t know how long it will take, but now that oswald has grown into someone who is capable of honestly, selflessly, loving someone else, it’s ed’s turn. he’ll realise, in time, that his “love” for isabella wasn’t true love at all. and the one person whom he would be willing to sacrifice everything for, is oswald.


I really needed this on my blog so here you go, the most beautiful thing ever created 

Highlights of my snl experience!!

• the friends I made in line

• met two hardcore Kristen Wiig fans they’re amazing omg I want to be the one girl she’s so outgoing

• waiting to get in Olivia Wilde totally just walked right by me so so close and then I got excited knowing Jason was probably here!!!

• watching Alec Baldwin rehearse his trump was hilarious

• Jason was there and I died!!!!!!

• Steve Martin was there!!!

• Kate McKinnon did this gay ass face/wink towards my part of the audience and we died

• Kristen Wiig waved to the audience in between her introducing the musical guests

• Kristen Wiig’s outfits! Full view. Amazing.

• Kristen breaking and spitting out the bit of pillow in her mouth

• Kate breaking 20 ft away from me. So cute

• Whenever Kristen opened her eyes you could see how big a blue and beautiful they were ever from across the room. She’s stunning

• Kristen breaking. Fucking cutie!!!

• Kristen waved to everyone after the show but I don’t think she saw me

• Leslie picked Kristen up when they hugged

• Kate and Kristen hugged when everyone else left. Just the two of them. One big long hug and we all awwwwed

After the show

• saw the target lady costume!

• stared directly into Chris Kelly’s eyes cause I’m a creep!

• walked right by Lorne Michaels and Martin short (apparently) and never even noticed haha

• saw Leslie and Kate very briefly

• Colin jost hung out with everyone and took pics and talked I just stood in front of him and I feel like he was trying to tell me something but idk. He’s a cute baby.

• Vanessa came out but then left

• will forte did the same thing as Colin. He’s so cute and down to earth. The girl made a recording of him saying how much he wanted her hair and how she’s beautiful. Ughhh he’s amazing.

• sasheer was out and took pics as well but left soon after

• I have videos containing Alex, Colin, beck, Kyle, Vanessa and sasheer.

(didn’t get a good one of Kate so I’m not going to post it)


Paris Jackson is now an 18 year old beast! I love her!

So, here is a Paris style/hair appreciation post

She reminds me of Jared Leto and Kristen Stewart. Everchanging styles. Cool philosophies on life. Living like a boss. And always effortlessly awesome. And gorgeous.


NOT. ALL. HOLTZBERT. SHIPPERS. SHIP. THEM. BECAUSE. THEY’RE. BOTH. SKINNY. AND. WHITE. ALL OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS SHIPS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND VALID. I SIMPLY FAVOR HOLTZBERT BECAUSE a) I’M TRASH FOR KRISTEN WIIG & b) THERE’S SO MUCH EVIDENCE IN THE MOVIE THAT CAN BACK THIS SPECIFIC SHIP: •'come here often?’ •bow tie •'Rhythm of the Night’ dance •Holtz almost killing Erin but also saved her life •First pick/Swiss Army knife/‘no woman should walk around unarmed’ •Erin’s face when Holtzmann is explaining her creations. •'I have some questions’/WINK •Holtzmann’s face whenever Erin speaks •Arm squeeze •'sometimes you need the swiss army’ •post-apocalypse hug •'I’d talk to you at an AA meeting’ BONUS: •'you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders’ •'100% jazzed to meet you’ •Jealous Holtzmann •'your big ideas’/TICKLES •Abby and Erin breaking it down- Holtz going from 'Go Abby’ to 'Go Erin’ whilst Erin is shaking her butt •Patty: 'Holtzy tell her not to do this’ during the portal scene. WHY COULDN’T PATTY TELL HER NOT TO JUMP IN THE PORTAL? WHY’D SHE TELL HOLTZ TO CONVINCE ERIN OTHERWISE. •Holtz: 'yes and we’re dating’ (Erin’s denial, Abby’s confirmation) MAYBE THOSE OF YOU THAT DON’T SHIP HOLTZBERT JUST DON’T SEE IT BUT I THINK EVERYTHING I LISTED ABOVE IS PRETTY CLEAR AND VERY IMPORTANT IN WHY HOLTZBERT IS MY SHIP OF CHOICE. IT IS PRETTY OBVIOUS! SO PLEASE STOP MAKING IT ABOUT RACE AND SIZE. DON’T MAKE ME FEEL BAD WHEN I HAVE NO REASON TO. AGAIN, ALL GB SHIPS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND VALID. STOP MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR SOME OF US TO ENJOY WHAT WE CHOOSE. I GET IT! YOU FIND SOME HOLTZBERT SHIPPERS ANNOYING. I FIND TRUMP SUPPORTERS ANNOYING. ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS MORE OF A PROBLEM THAN THE OTHER. LET US ALL JUST LOVE THIS MOVIE AND IT’S CHARACTERS AND BE COOL WITH ONE ANOTHER. IT AIN’T ABOUT RACE. IT AIN’T ABOUT SIZE. ITS ABOUT LOVE! SINCERELY, A FRUSTRATED, THICK PUERTO RICAN THAT LOOOOVES GHOSTBUSTERS AND LOOOOVES HOLTZBERT.

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Here, have some ‘Goddesses Of Creation’ Icons - Vanessa Bayer, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon

 (I am in love with this SNL Sketch…oml…and these are my icons so please don’t take credit - feel free to use them though :D)


Scenes that hit too close to home: American Ultra (2015)

“That car down there has moved so much. Like, it was built in a factory on a production line, and then it was shipped here. But all that time, like for years, like decades really, this one tree has been sitting in this one place not doing anything until tonight when it stopped the car.

This tree that has never done anything, is fucking, like… destroying this really beautiful and fast-moving thing.

Am I that tree?
I think I’m that tree,
and I think you’re the car,
and I think I’m stopping you”

lauracuentasb asked: Could you recommend some really good love books? I do love the romance… Something like beautiful disaster or ugly love Thank you!

Here are some recommendations from Angel (myrandomnessinlife)- my romance liaison haha - she loved Beautiful Disaster and its sequel! I added the sixth one on at the end because it fits…but it’s about aliens so if sci-fi isn’t your thing, then I wouldn’t go for that one!  

1. Rhett by J.S. Cooper

2. Real by Katy Evans

3. Unbroken by Melody Grace

4. Wait for You by Jennifer L. Armentrout

5. Collide by Gail McHugh

6. Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby

Thanks so much for the question! I hope these helped!

Soundtracks of 2013 Film
Soundtracks of 2013 Film

A compilation/ mashup of the best soundtracks from 2013 in film.

(may take a moment to load - it’s a 15 minute mashup!)

In this order:

  • The World’s End - Primal Scream
  • Django Unchained - Rocky Roberts & Luis Bacalov
  • The Great Gatsby - Jack White
  • The Place Beyond the Pines - Mike Patton
  • Spring Breakers - Skrillex
  • Les Misérables - Claude-Michel Schönberg
  • Evil Dead - Roque Baños
  • Monsters University - Randy Newman
  • Star Trek Into Darkness - Michael Giacchino
  • Behind the Candelabra - Liberace
  • Wreck-It Ralph - Buckner & Garcia
  • Beautiful Creatures - Thenewno2
  • Filth - Clint Mansell
  • This is the End - Belief & Karniege
  • I’m So Excited - The Pointer Sisters
  • Kick-Ass 2 - St. Snot
  • Saving Mr. Banks - Thomas Newman
  • Oz the Great and Powerful - Danny Elfman
  • Frozen - Kristen Bell
  • Iron Man 3 - Brian Tyler
  • Thor: The Dark World - Brian Tyler
  • Man of Steel - Hans Zimmer
  • Cloud Atlas - Tom Tykwer
  • World War Z - Muse
  • Oblivion - M83
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - James Newton Howard
  • Rush - Hans Zimmer
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Howard Shore
  • Gravity - Steven Price

Click here to hear (and see!) the rest of my compilation/ mashups of film soundtracks ranging from 2009 to 2014!


Cleaning out the closet

Dear Maya
I was in my closet tonight looking wistfully at my sweaters. I am ready to clean out the summer stuff & start wearing my fall clothes but it is still so hot here!
I can’t believe we are wrapping up September next week but you know what that means! October is almost here! Our favorite girl is going to be honored in one of our favorite cities. Can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the closet to wear to NYFF!

K: Did you feed the kids? Leftovers in fridge

R: Kids fed including furry ones.

K: Furry ones? You fed the dogs lasagna?

R: only whatever fell on the floor

K: Fell my ass! Dude. it’s your fault someone thinks it’s OK to feed the dogs from the table.

R: I swear it was dropped accidentally

K: uh huh.. Accidentally on purpose

R: I don’t complain when you drop things accidentally on purpose

K: just what do you think I drop accidentally on purpose?

R: those tiny little panties you wear for one

K: you & your one track mind…….. hey - you get everyone down for a nap?

R: done. Furry ones too

K: all the dogs DO is nap. What are you doing right now?

R: I’m in the closet

K: what are you doing in the closet?

R: fulfilling twitter fantasy

K: WTF does that mean?

R: they think I’m in the closet

K: your’re on twitter in our closet?

R: actually I’m coming out of the closet. I was looking for my hat

K: the one you gave me to wear this morning?

R: oh yeah. your day for the hat. What about the new one I gave you?

K: the “take your clothes off we need to talk” hat?

R: That’s the one. I like to talk. A lot. Talking is my favorite thing to do with you

K: hahahaha. “Talking”………….right………..we can “Talk” when I get home. Hopefully everyone will still be napping.

R: they just went down. If you hurry we’ll have a few hours and………. I have an idea

K: do I wanna know?

R: maybe we could “talk” in the closet. There’s room for an air mattress…..

K: there’s room for a fucking car in our closet but I am not “talking” in the closet

R: Ok I’ll meet you between the sheets. Don’t forget to accidentally on purpose drop your panties.

K: LOL. Be there in a minute. I’m sitting in the driveway

R: you’ve been sitting in the driveway??? Why didn’t you come in the house?

K: I wanted to make sure everyone was napping first ‘cuz I was hoping we could “talk”

R: will you get your beautiful ass in here. I have plenty to SAY

K: let me just SAY that I love you

R: can’t wait to “talk” to you and to SAY I love you more

So sweet Maya
We have NYC to look forward to now! I can’t wait to see all of the fun. Hats off to our favorite girl and her handsome man. They are going to rule the red carpet. (as if they didn’t already!) It’s going to be OK

Kristen Stewart’s Best Supporting Actress Acceptance Speech

Juliette, thank you. I’m standing in front of a room of people that I do not need to tell the power of Juliette Binoche. You cannot stand in front of her…

Everything that happened to me in that film…I was a mirror and I was reflecting her…thank you and I love you..I couldn’t have done it without you, I love you.

Charles (French pronunciation) Charles (American pronunciation)...you’ve introduced me to a world that is for people like me, American, young actress, whatever, it’s untapped and let’s keep going, let’s run.  I’m like telling you, you’re one of my favorite people in the world…

Olivier, quiet every time, I didn’t think I knew what you thought… I was wondering if you were, you know, without very many words…I realized that I was actually walking down this brilliantly crafted path that I couldn’t even comprehend.  So thank you for being there…

And I’m gonna get out here now. Thank you all, I’m very happy to be here….

(Roar from the crowd) small roar from Kristen!