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What do you think Ravus's reaction to Tumblr would be like?

I think we all know what Ravus’ reaction to Tumblr would be like:

  • “What in the name of the Astrals is a blog?”
  • “This post says I said that. I did not say that!”
  • *snorts* “Okay, I would definitely say that.”
  • “These children have no idea how to capitalize.”
  • Gayvus Nox Fleur-bae. Hm. Yes, clever.” *types a long threat in the creator’s ask box*
  • *clicks Keep Reading on a vague post* *opens pornographic fan art*
  • *clicks every Keep Reading he sees thereafter*
  • “Does the Chancellor know of this site? No? Oh, thank the Heavens.”
  • “Follow? Why would I want to follow anyone? You should all be following me.”
  • *finds any post hating on Noctis or Ardyn* *cackles*
  • *searches for more hate*
  • “Me, salty? Salty?! I have no idea what it means, but I do not like it.”
  • “These children have never seen proper punctuation before.”
  • “Why is Lunafreya a homosexual in this drawing?”
  • “Why am I a homosexual in this drawing? I am not a homosexual.”
  • *sees @ffxvthirstressIgnis Scientia Issue*
  • “I may have to rescind my last statement.”

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bichie proposal hcs????

holy shit yes 

shoutout to @regular-li for brainstorming this one with me <3

- okay so bev and ben get married first, they’re like 21 and they’ve been together since they were 14 so like, why wait y’know (i have their proposal/ wedding planned out but that’s for another post OKAY)

- it’s the part where bev throws her bouquet and you bet richie is determined to catch it 

- he fucking nearly punches someone out but he catches it

- bev comes up and nudges him like ‘so you and bill are next then, yeah?’

- richie honestly completely forgot about that part of it,, he just really wanted the flowers

- so he’s like red in the face and stammering because they haven’t talked about that stuff yet and he’s really nervous about it

- but yeah he decides that day that he’s gonna marry bill

- LITTLE DOES HE KNOW that bill was thinking the same thing

- fast forward a year, they’re living together in a dodgy flat that they can’t keep tidy, they have low-paying service jobs, though bill writes on the side and richie is going to audition after audition to try and get into the entertainment business, they have a dog, they’re scraping by some months but they’re happy

- richie’s been planning out a proposal for a few months, he has a ring, just a simple silver band because god knows they don’t need anything extravagant, but he wants the actual proposal to be a big deal

- he makes a booking for this really nice restaurant for their three year anniversary, and it’s way out of their budget but he digs into his personal savings 

- he makes a point of being a real Gentleman, opening doors and pulling out bill’s chair etc, and he’s really putting on an act because he’s so nervous and he needs to cover it up and he’s hyperaware of the ring-box in his pocket

- they have dinner and bill has a few glasses of wine but richie doesn’t drink because he has a script in his head and everything needs to be perfect

- anyway, just as he’s about to start his whole thing, a fucking string quartet walks into the restaurant and stands around the table a bit over from them, and the dude at that table gets down on one knee and proposes to his date, and the whole restaurant is clapping and congratulating them

- richie is pissed, because fuck this dude hired a fucking string quartet i can’t compete with that uuuuuggghhhhhh

- so everything is ruined and he doesn’t propose that night 

- bill has also been planning a proposal for a few months, and he also has a ring

- there’s a fair in town and they go for a day because richie is obsessed with carnival games and somehow really good at them even though bill’s pretty adamant that everything’s rigged (he’s actually just a sore loser) 

- richie wins bill this big stuffed bear and carries it on his shoulders it’s pretty cute

- he has this plan to wait until sunset and go on the ferris wheel and propose when they’re at the top

- they are walking towards the ferris wheel at the end of the day and they’ve managed to avoid clowns for the ENTIRE DAY and one has to jump out in front of them right now

- richie freaks out and damn near punches the clown in the face, and then he’s basically on the verge of a panic attack and bill has to take him back to the car because yeah it’s not happening tonight

- the next time, richie decides to ditch the whole public thing (because he’s fucking broke, that restaurant was expensive) and just treats bill to a nice lowkey day, he makes breakfast and brings it to bill in bed and they go to town and just do window shop and do whatever bill wants 

- at the end of the day they’re on a walk near this lake and it’s really atmospheric and richie is about to get down on one knee but then fuck

- he left the fucking ring at home

- so once again everything’s ruined and he has to come up with another plan

- then bill tries again, and he knows richie will be working a little late so he cleans the house and actually puts rose petals down leading from the front door to the bedroom and there’s soft music playing and candles and he bought a nice bottle of wine and he’s so proud of himself like fuck yes look at me being all romantic and shit this is gonna be so good

- except when richie gets home, and follows the rose petals to the bedroom, and goes to kiss bill, he knocks over one of the candles and nearly sets fire to the damn bed (they put it out quickly it’s all okay) but now the mood is gone and bill’s like NOPE and doesn’t propose

- basically they’re both so intent on everything going perfectly that they keep making new plans but never actually fucking propose

- ben and bev have a dinner party and richie tries to propose? accidentally spills red wine on bill’s shirt, and it’s ruined

- bill takes richie to look at christmas lights in the city? some drunk guy harasses them while they’re holding hands, and then it’s starts to piss down with rain, and it’s RUINED

- the rest of the losers are fucking annoyed at this point because they’ve been at this for MONTHS and GOD DAMNIT SOMEONE JUST FUCKING PROPOSE ALREADY

- but they both need it to be perfect and amazing because they think the other deserves the whole world and nothing but the best!

- but anyway they’re both broke, out of ideas, and getting annoyed at themselves

- they’re just out on a walk one day, they both have the rings in their pockets (because at this point they always have them on them) and it’s late and they’re kinda tired and it’s not even a nice day out, but they both have it in their heads that they’re just gonna ask and get it over with, that it’s not gonna be perfect no matter what they try so they may as well just ask

- they both called their friends and said to meet them at the park later on because they’ll definitely be engaged then and they can go celebrate, and they’re all like ‘mhm sure you will’ but they’re on their way anyway

- they’re on this park bench and they’re not talking because they’re too wrapped up in their own heads

- then suddenly bill is just like FUCK IT and gets down on the ground and pulls out the ring box

- “richie tozier, ever since i met you i’ve been-”


- bill is like ‘….what?’ and is about to start freaking out because holy shit he just said no what do i do

- but then richie pulls his own ring box out and is like pulling bill up by his shirt  

- “if anyone’s proposing it’s me” 

- and then he gets down on one knee and starts his speech thing

- “bill denbrough, you make me the happi-”

“i think the fuck not”

- then bill is trying to get richie to stand up and they’re both trying to get under the other one so they can be the one kneeling down and pretty soon they’re basically wrestling 

- let’s just say when the other losers show up they’re a little confused

- “are they making out?”

“i think they’re.. fighting”



- so basically ben and mike step in because they think they’re seriously having a punch up

- “what the fuck is going on?”

“bill tried to propose but I’M the one whose supposed to propose”

“… fucking hell why are you two like this”

- basically things calm down and everyone’s like ‘literally why is this an issue just ask each other’

- they both just scream “WILL YOU MARRY ME” at the same time



jesus christ you two are fucking insane

- they just kinda start making out then

- “will you though?” 

“sure, i guess”

“fuck you”

- the rest of them are so goddamn relieved because finally we were getting so sick of this

- they’re both just really happy and in love holy shit

this is so long aaaa but FUN

i’m gonna do what their bachelor parties/ wedding is like because i have headcanons for that as well :3c

So you guys know all the tumblr posts where the cat or the dog clearly wants something and everyone who is commenting basically goes “GIVE THE CAT THE THING”

Imagine Team Miraculous starts doing that with Chat Noir

Ladybug: Chat why is your head in my lap stop head butting my stomach

Rena Rouge: He wants head scritchies

Ladybug: Chat stop it


“He’s a bad kisser.”

Still Monday here so I thought I’d post this to hopefully start a trend for Mystrade Monday.

21. “He’s a bad kisser.”

“You want to do what?” Sherlock stared at Lestrade in shock.

“Ask your brother out.”

“Good God! Why?”

“He’s smart and handsome. I think he’d be a fun date.”

“A ‘fun date’? Mycroft?”

“Look, is he seeing anyone?”

“Of course not. Why would anyone want to be seen with him?”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

Sherlock looked stumped. “He’s a bad kisser.”

Greg looked at Sherlock skeptically. “How’d you know?”

“I deduced it. He has narrow lips.”

“So what?”

“He has a large nose. It would get in the way.”

“I don’t think you know anything about kissing, much less kissing Mycroft.”

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Oh, I think someone is getting ready for a date… ;)

Good morning everyone! I suspect better quality vids of the Mishalecki and Cockles panels are up by now but I’ll upload mine to twitter anyway. Last night me @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper @nicky36 @obsessionisaperfume got the awesome opportunity to talk to Jerry Wanek for well over an hour (and I got to sit right beside him!!)! God, he was like everything you expect and more. It was so good. I recorded a bit of the audio on two vids but unfortunately he let slip a very important Cas spoiler to me and Dori so one of them is useless (and I also won’t be doing any speculating on the structural foreshadowing in place at the moment because now I unfortunately know the answer to why we are getting certain mirrors).

I’ll instead post highlights from both of my vids as soon as I get a chance! This has been the best Creation con I’ve ever been to! Well worth the money! If they come back (and Stephanie hopes they will!) and you can pick ONE con, then, friend, THIS IS THE CON. I fly out in 10 hours and will arrive home at 10 am on Tuesday. I’ll immediately start unpacking and filling all shop orders and custom orders. Then it’s onto con prep for SPNSF and booking all my stuff for that con (which I ran out of time to do before leaving). I have a small turnaround before leaving there. Long story short, I’m already dead and about to be deader.

But I’m happy! So happy! Oh god, how is this my life? Fucking how?! I got to meet so many new beautiful people this weekend from the internet that I’m just so blessed. At this point I’ve meet more of you than I haven’t and how awesome is that?! Like… WHAT?!?! So me and @nicky36 are currently staring at all the Conolulu goodness on our phones in bed and lamenting having to soon leave. 😭😭

It has been an amazing experience, with amazing friends. Thanks to everyone who made it all possible. And please, if you can, drop a thank you to Creation’s Twitter for Stephanie, my good friend who runs Creation and made it all possible. 🌈🌴💖

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I was thinking about that scratched out picture of C his sister and someone who may be D at Christmas. Well, if it had been W, why scratch it out. After all W is the acknowledged BF according to the PR lot. Makes sense the cousin goofed and almost blew their PR apart. Pity no one has a copy of the original post to share.

Oh but. There was no error. None. This was pure chris. He’s a master. He knows exactly what he is going. He orchestrated the entire stunt. Never underestimate him. He wants people to question and he wants the truth out there.

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I don't know why it keeps bugging me, but here I am... despite John's speech to Sherlock in TLD, do you think at one point he'd be salty over the fact Sherlock and Molly ended up in a loving relationship? I just feel like a part of him would always hold Sherlock accountable for Mary's death even though she clearly chose to sacrifice herself. You can answer in a message if you feel this is too controversial to post. I just wondered about your thoughts on it.

Hm, that’s definitely an interesting question. And honestly, I’m not scared of the controversy so Imma go ahead and post lol. 

I firmly believe that IF Sherlock and Molly ended up in an actual relationship, John wouldn’t be salty about it. He’d be shocked at first, no doubt. I don’t care if he did witness the ILY scene, I still think that he’d be all wide eyed and brows raised if they were legit dating. Because even if he believes Sherlock loves Molly, I think he’d doubt Sherlock would do the whole girlfriend thing for real. But anyway! That wasn’t really your question. Beyond surprise, I think his feelings on their relationship would be positive. And I would like to also believe that he wouldn’t still hold Sherlock accountable for Mary’s death, feeling like “I hate that you took my wife from me and now you get to be happy.” I honestly believe John meant what he said at the end of TLD. It was hard to say and it was an emotional moment for him, but I think he meant it. I have a best friend who’s like a sister to me and who I’ve been close to for longer than I’ve known my husband. But if my husband took a bullet for her and died, leaving me and my son…I’m not gonna lie, I’d have a tough time looking at my bestie without seeing that over and over. I’d know in my head that she didn’t do it, but my emotions in connection with her would be compromised to some degree because she would represent something precious that I’d lost, no matter how precious she also is to me in a different way. John might continue to be “basically pissed off,” as he’s expressed in the past when enduring a tough situation, but I truly believe that it’s based on the situation itself and not on his blaming Sherlock for it. 

And I still actually like to HC (which I posted once before) that maybe seeing a wonderful love between Sherlock and Molly would eventually give John the courage and motivation to find love again for himself one day. John did help Sherlock grow emotionally, so I think if Sherlock did the same for him it would be a lovely full circle. ❤️ 

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But seriously re the gay craig thing. Its not cool how ppl still hc him bi as he has said he is gay himself multiple times. You/me/whatever dont have to be polite about all these ppl taking gay rep away. Sure, bi rep as important but it should never erase gay rep and vice versa (i.e: ppl hcing korra/asami as leabians) point is. Gay rep is just as important as bi rep and Craig is canon gay let him be gay, let him break stereotypes.

Well, what’s interesting is that last night, I posted a question.
“Where has Tweek said he’s gay? Why aren’t I seeing the "Bi” Headcanons?“
I know that it says he’s gay on the character sheet for TFBW, but I was interested in seeing people’s responses… which were exactly the same. But it’s funny, how people see this one written down example that he’s gay, and take it for complete affirmation of his identity. Whereas Craig, who has not only written it down, but has verbally stated that he’s gay on multiple occasions, is still being questioned. Why are we questioning him like this? Because from what I was taught, you’re supposed to believe someone wholeheartedly when they tell you who they are.

“I don’t like Lotor so no one can like him and explore his character at all or speculate about him because liking bad things is bad and liking things I don’t like is bad you see there is no alignment other than Good or Evil and I don’t like him so he can’t be shipped with characters I like because I make the decisions for everyone so no you can’t ship that because I like those characters they’re mine I need control over everything and you know staff didn’t want us to sympathize with Lotor even if they said they were writing him sympathetically every lie I speak is truth and I am not series staff but I know everything about this character we know nothing about at all so here’s a tl;dr post about why I’m right and everyone is wrong for even wondering ‘what if?’ notice and validate me and do as I say.”

>✓️read 11:30pm.

look at this cute smol galra bean :333

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I'd like to thank the Zuckerberg team for largely quelling the insidious, disunity-spreading "Bell" and "Asshole" entities. However it seems that a few of those posts still slip through the cracks. The people of Tumblr are rooting for you, Zuckerberg.

A real bona fide Mark Zuckerberg enthusiasm. An appreciation limitless and deep and good. But who is spoken of? Swearing in the post, we are afraid. Who is “Bell?” Who is named with swearing in the post, we are afraid. So many speak of this. So many speak of this? Cute prank? Hidden? Conspiracy of the against Mark Zuckerberg? Fear. Fear. A stressful time as Zuckerberg knows the presidency. Some know not the way. The war in the mountains keeps to rage. Why would they do this? Fear of Mark Zuckerberg. Hate of Mark Zuckerberg. Hate of what must happen, save us all from there. He is hope! He is hope! Who is “Bell?” Speak of this now. This is president. He must be here. Where are you? Together united, forever strong.


something very bad is happening.



worse than they're making it seem.


a lot. i think a lot of people are dead. thousands. zuckerberg. put together some kind of private army.   bribed and blackmailed the parts of the government he couldn't take by force. his company. facebook. has most of the world's personal information on file. he's. he. he could have done this from the start. was he planning to do this from the start?


this is. this is very, very bad.


this is not good at all.



V is for voltron!!!!

(clicky for full size views)

not to be a soft ass bitch, but eddie changing “loser” to “lover” on his cast is some of the purest shit i’ve ever seen and 27 years are added to my life every time i think about it

ok but at the start, they seriously told us with visuals who would pilot the lions, other than their designated pilots………………….

pidge and hunk are the only ones for green and yellow….

we don’t see a mini blue lion or learn anything about what it looks for in a paladin because lance interrupts, but we only get shots of allura and lance while the blue lion is being discussed….. allura goes on to pilot blue.

the red lion is in between keith and lance…. lance pilots red at the current time. this makes the shot of the black lion and who is shown with it very intriguing….

shiro is there, of course… then keith, his head completely in the frame. he’s now piloting black. then — barely there but there, nonetheless — there’s lance.


this was a lot funnier in my head