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People in the Mystic Messenger Fandom Need to Chill

I shouldn’t have to write something like this but I figured I’d throw in my two cents about the fandom as of lately.

So I posted that I was voting for Seven in the poll that Cheritz, you know just sharing my own opinion. Then I had a couple people message me telling me that Seven shouldn’t win and that I shouldn’t play favorites on the characters. Like excuse me?

Look, I don’t care who wins the poll, new merchandise for any character is great, but I have no idea why people would tell me my opinions are irrelevant. This fandom keeps bashing on Seven and are saying that he has the most merchandise of any character but news flash: Seven is only featured on a cushion and nothing else that doesn’t involve the other RFA members. And sure Seven is going to be popular, I mean he’s basically the main character of the game and just because I like him the most doesn’t mean that people should say my opinion, or any other Seven fan’s opinion, is unwanted. 

My point is I don’t mind people sharing their opinions, in fact I love hearing other people’s favorite characters or plot points or whatever. I don’t appreciate people telling me that my opinion is ‘stupid’ or that I shouldn’t share my opinion. This is my blog and if I have an opinion that you don’t agree with that’s fine but don’t be rude about it. I try to not be so personal on this blog but this is something that I felt needed to be said.

Basically it’s okay to share your opinions just don’t bash other people’s opinions if you don’t agree with them. Let’s all just keep enjoying Mystic Messenger and the characters together!

Holy shiiiiiiit I actually reached 250 followers? 


I don’t know what to say honestly–no wait I do. 

thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou thank you! 

I never thought that this blog that was made in February of this year to get so much love and attention, but you guys have given me so much love and support and nice to someone boring like me! 

Makes you glad that I did make my Xander blog eh? I almost didn’t make it because of a bad experience from an old roleplay community I was in for 4-5 years, but with the little push by my friends in real life ( shout out to Meg @vallablooded and Neo @golden-eyed-servant love you two! <3 ) I made his blog and here I am. 

I promised you guys I would make a post about why I love Xander and why he’s in character of three routes ( because if anyone knows me for a while on this blog knows I ain’t chicken to talk positive about Fates )

Once again, I can’t thank you, my followers, enough for giving this blog so much life and while I am still learning to interact with others because of shyness and again, my experience from my old community, but I hope one day I will be able to talk more, and please, people who are shy of me–please come into my askbox, just drop any ask meme that catches your eye or start a little something with Xander–I will look into your blog about your muse and will interact! 

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I am so sorry but that boy is hufflepuff. Explain yourself lady! Lmoa

Listen, I get it. I know that Hufflepuff and Gryffindor share a lot of traits and it’s not like the Hogwarts houses are as clean cut as we’d like them to be, but I believe 100%, from the bottom of my heart, that Aaron Dingle is a Gryffindor and here’s why: 

Strong Morals
Aaron has a very strong belief system. He stands up for what’s right no matter the consequences. (Remember when he told people in prison that he’s gay simply because he refused to be taunted for it even though he knew it would make his life inside even worse?) Also, Aaron started lecturing Robert on what’s right and what’s wrong like two months after they met which highlights the very ingrained and strong black and white thinking that Aaron always had. Something is either right or it’s wrong, but society’s definitions of right and wrong don’t always line up with Aaron’s. Remember when Liv threw pineapples at David and Aaron immediately excused her? I mean, most people would tell you that is a wrong thing to do but it wasn’t in Aaron’s book of morals so he didn’t punish her or anything.

Now, that’s a predominant Hufflepuff trait, but Aaron is probably one of the least patient people in the village. He has one hell of a temper and gets angry quickly. He’s impulsive and often makes snap decisions without properly thinking through the consequences. That once again makes him a lot more of a Gryffindor to me. 

Again, a trait that both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor share but in Aaron’s case, I believe his loyalty is tied to his morals. What I mean is Aaron very much has a Dingle sense of loyalty. He’ll stand by his people until something goes against what he believes in, then he’ll be ready to tell you you’re wrong and to push you to do the right thing, or to try and make things right himself. 

Aaron can be honest if he wants to, but lets not forget that he’s done a ton of misdeeds in the past for no reason other than pure mischief or impulsiveness (I remember people reblogging a video a couple of days ago of Aaron stealing Edna’s bird house - that would be an example of that.) And selective honesty is not very Hufflepuff-like, they value it a lot more thank Gryffindors do, I feel like.

I know that’s a trait that both houses share (although it different ways) but it’s a prime example for why I think Aaron is a Gryffindor. Aaron is not just brave in general, but he’s actually brave to a fault so it tips over into recklessness and almost stupidity (I’m gonna bring up coming out to Jason in prison once again because that’s the latest example we had of that character trait.) His bravery ties into his lack of regard for consequences and his morals that I talked about earlier. 

So he’s moral and righteous and fights for the right thing while also being reckless, impulsive and headstrong. That’s 100% Gryffindor to me.

@dahlialalala replied to your post: “Anonymous asked: I told you. I don’t know if he is like “why can’t I impress my

im not anon but thank u for this 👏 i think lance do think he’s a great person since he’s a jack-of-all-trades, he can do pretty much anything. but being surrounded by people who’s actually really good at what they do? that’s probably what causes his insecurities the most– he feels replaceable, not to say the bad feedback by the people who he deem "better” than him. they praise him and he feels good/better bc he has a place to stand with them. idk just my thoughts lol xD

No no no no, I absolutely agree with this!!! I’ve mentioned in a post a while ago that Lance tends to idolize people - we’ve seen that with Keith, we’ve seen that with Shiro. And while he never outright said it, there is no doubt at all that he knows that Pidge is smart beyond her years, she makes no secret out of it. And Hunk is pretty much his best friend, he’s around him all the time, he has absolutely noticed that Hunk is a genius mechanic. Lance, seems to like order to some degree (at least for his thoughts/battles; I personally really love the headcanon of him having a clean room too but that’s a headcanon, nothing else :P): 

After just a day he figured out how to make the face mask and where the pajamas, bathrobe and lion slippers were in his room. His plans are always well thought out and come to him in order; we could literally observe his thought process in the other scene in the Balmera. He also takes care to position himself and aim before shooting, no matter where he fights:

Even when he gets thrown in the air or has to swivel around on a time-sensitive mission, he still takes the time to aim and get into position. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he has roles in his head for each of the paladins: Shiro is the “awesome leader”, Keith is the “amazing pilot”, Pidge is the “prodigy hacker”, Hunk is the “talented mechanic” and he was the “cool sharpshooter”. 

So yeah. Part of his insecurities might absolutely stem from feeling as if he can’t measure up to the team, especially if the certified genius of the group doubts his abilities. But as I explained in the ask you replied to, getting that compliment from Shiro didn’t totally rock his world, he knew what he was capable of. He called that shot, pulled it off and wasn’t surprised when he succeeded. And that bad feedback outside of battle??? He has shown that he knows how to avoid it (as I also mentioned in the ask lmao) but he just doesn’t, so either he doesn’t care for that as much or????? ?????????????? Lance wyd idek. 

But then. Then there is that stupid comic panel thingy with the monster calling him pathetic and Lance basically agreeing. And just. I’m??? ???????????? I really need elaboration on his insecurities and thought processes outside of battle. SEASON 3 I’M COUNTING ON YOU THROW ME A BONE HERE,,,


No. I am not posting the airport pic. It came from a private Facebook groul

No. I don’t think the fan is lying. The full (uncropped) picture shows her with him.

No. I don’t think the trip was anything more than business related because of the timeframe he was there, and the people he followed.

I think she is lucky to have run into him. I think she knows how this fandom can be and that is why she shared the pic with people she trusts, friends who would share her excitement. Maybe we could all be excited for her as well.

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i rly like the way you end each ask with live long and prosper. i feel like that's something spock would do if he ran a blog. what kind of blog do u think he would have? and if u want to expand wat kind of blog would each crew member have?

Aw, thank you babe!  Leonard Nimoy signed off his tweets with ‘llap’ so I can’t take any credit, it just seemed like a good thing to do help spread the love like he did.  I’m going to give this blog thing my best shot.

Jim- A Hot Mess ™ like he would shitpost really vague stuff and reblog anything that comes across his dash, no tagging system, approximately 27 unread messages 

Spock- Aesthetics and photography, aka that blog that never posts anything about themselves, has a killer theme, and everyone follows but doesn’t know why

Bones- One of those really sarcastic ask/advice blogs, seems really tough but takes time to message people who are having a bad day

Uhura- Too Pure ™.  Literally the sweetest blogger on this website, but absolutely drags bullies.  Extremely organized tagging system, now in 5 languages For Your Convenience.

Sulu- He made a tumblr just to use it as a public sort of journal, but people started following him because they thought all of the shit he gets into is funny

Chekov- A studyblr, he would reblog tutorials and masterposts and historical fun facts.  Posts a selfie every few months, shocking his followers who think he is an Adult

Scotty- The obscure fandom blog. The fandom isn’t popular enough to have a bunch of blogs, so anyone who is into it follows his blog because he has quality content.  Makes Life Hack videos

This was fun!


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Do you think Sasha is wearing a wig in the pics with bangs? Idk it looks weird and super thick and the head part is longer like she has hair underneath you know how you tuck your hair with a wig lol. I don't think it's relevant to the storyline at all but I wonder why if she is. Hope you're excited for tomorrow 👀. I saw a post where Keegan (lying ass) said that "oh everyone's always like look at all these plot holes" and he said something happens in the finale that fixes it all? Thoughts? :)

I think she’s wearing a wig too, perhaps for the 1 year flash forward they had to make everyone like a tiny bit different?

I’m not excited at all for tomorrow, I’m terrified that they’ll screw it up and PLL will go down as the most hated show in television history!!! Because of those feelings of being scared, it’s stopping me from being excited. I hope Marlene knows just how much is riding on this.

Keegan actually used the word “plot points” not “plot holes” in that interview, for some reason that was changed when it was posted on Tumblr. He never explicitly admitted that the show has plot points. But anyway, yeah I can’t STAND Keegan in interviews. I think he’s so damn annoying. Literally I think Keegan is worse than Marlene. Marlene at least tells us the truth. It’s not the truth we like, but it is the truth. Marlene flat out told us that there is no point going back to seasons 1 and 2, meanwhile Keegan is here saying we can go back to the pilot, it’ll cause our heads to explode, it’ll put the show in TV history, and other bullshit comments. Relax, dude. 

IF (very big if) Keegan is telling the truth, I HOPE HE IS REFERRING TO CHARLOTTE LYING IN 610!! That she made up a story just to gain the liars’ forgiveness, and her own story wasn’t properly researched, hence the plot holes!! It’ll fix so many things and I would be so satisfied if that’s what he’s talking about. But still, I don’t even believe that plot holes will be filled. If anything, they’ll create more with this finale. I hate being negative, but it’s better to be realistic than optimistic, and let them prove us wrong. 

a brief list of things that jenny calendar did not get to do

  • wear a really obnoxiously low-backed red dress
  • see Giles in an actual suit (as opposed to.. everything that is happening with him, fashion-wise, all the time)
  • make the assumption that Giles knew how to ballroom dance, only to find that he didn’t, because of course he didn’t, because why would he, and then have to learn alongside him 
  • Sawamura: Hey Furuya, do you know what a catcher says when he goes away??
  • Furuya: ...
  • Sawamura: "Catch ya later!!" Ahahahahahaaaaa! Way to go me!
  • Furuya: ... Do you know why the pitcher was sent away to the bench?
  • Sawamura: No why?
  • Furuya: Because he can't pitch to the inside anymore.
  • Sawamura: T_T. Dude that wasn't even a joke! You're horrible!

(It’s a screencap so it wouldn’t appear in the ship tag)

I’m sorry it disturbs you. I beg to differ though. No “fact” concerning these two during that period of time is available. That’s why we have headcanons. 

That comic shows my interpretation and understanding of the characters and that inevitably leads to the reason why I am not fond of any romance between them. I wrote it was some potential anti material only in the tags because that was not the main point of my post. Some tagged the ship anyway but it’s okay. So “determined to put others down”? I don’t know. 

More elaboration below. 

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I'm ace. Latina. I'm not white and I'm definitely not a sjm stan. I merely pointing out a problematic aspect of your blog. And don't assume an anon is white just because he/she criticizes you and your lack of ownvoices blog. and please, stop with the sorry ass excuse of "i don't know a lot of ownvoices" THAT'S FUCKING WHY I'M TELLING IS PROBLEMATIC TO ONLY RECOMMEND FUCKING WHITE AUTHORS WHO PUT INCLUSIVE CONTENT ON THEIR BOOKS. I'm done with some people in this tag.

“A problematic aspect of your blog” the fact that I haven’t finished a book recs list is problematic? I have a life. I post whenever I want, I’m in a semi-hiatus. I don’t live to do what you want.

And it’s a fact that most published famous authors are white because the book industry is white as fuck. Editors are white, people working in publishing houses are white, authors are white. I don’t know every non white author in existence, isn’t that list (without googling) enough for you? 

Sorry if I assume you’re a SJMess stan but you’re on anon I don’t have to believe what you say, you could be a white girl living in Atlanta or you could be telling the truth and I wouldn’t know. And why do you read the tag in the first place if it annoys you so much? If you care about diversity you wouldn’t be going to other people’s inboxes telling them “YOU’RE DOING THIS BUT YOU’RE NOT DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, you’re an annoying an anon that’s simply bitching because you have nothing better to do besides reading a tag that’s making you angry and insulting someone you don’t know. Get a life anon.

I believe that if something or someone revealed to Ignis what his unavoidable destiny is to be if he accompanies Noctis in the journey, he would still decide to go.

Not because he wouldn’t fear or try to avoid it, but rather because Noctis needs of him and he knows it. 

Unconditionally love and support and protect Noctis despite being aware of the size of the tragedy (that’s worse than death) yet to come, that’s the kind of person I think Ignis is.

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I feel like a detective right now. I noticed that Panic had a professional photographer out on the DOAB tour (Jake Chams), but every pic that Dallon posted from the tour on IG is by some other photographer. Why would he not take ONE pic of Dallon the entire tour unless he was told not to? We all know that Zack runs the Panic IG, so thats why Zack never lets Dallon show up on Panics IG (Zack hates Dallon). But Dallon would have posted some Jake Chams pics if he could have, right? Im a detective.

Jake’s a nice guy and he did take pics of Dallon, there are even a few on panic’s ig, though not many. I don’t think that Jake was specifically told not to take pictures/videos of Dallon. There’s no conspiracy against him. We’ve had all of this talk before. Who knows what Zack really thinks about Dallon but yes, it does seem like he posts significantly less of him on panic’s ig.
And really, the pics Dallon posts of himself are usually ones he found in the tags on instagram or twitter. I don’t think he’d go to Jake and ask him for pictures, that’d just be weird.

@sxekhaos replied to your post: @sxekhaos replied to your post: Wynonna Earp…

The beads are evil eye beads. Meant to protect you from harm. Which makes sense, she knows demons are real. So why wouldn’t she think that protective amulets are real too? It seems like the necklace might be important, beyond just its personal value to Wynonna. I think Dolls asked about it when he gave it back but she brushed him off.

Good catch with the beads. It is possible that it has protective properties, may have to re-watch season 1 and majorly read into the moments Wynonna is without it. I would definitely need to revisit when Dolls first asked her about it. And just to stir the necklace theories pot, is it significant that Gooverly hasn’t attempted to steal it? Considering her fascination with shiny metallic things. Plus, is the necklace something Wynonna ALWAYS wears? If its significance is purely personal (and sentimental), then the big question will be: why? 

little bnha things
  • puberty is more destructive than villains
    • no, seriously, it screws with everyone’s quirks so much. imagine all the possibilities
    • midoriya is the only one to have avoided this issue due to the nature of how he got his quirk. nobody knows why and he always nervously changes the subject if anyone asks 
  • all might has 500000 parenting and teaching articles bookmarked on his laptop and it’s adorable.
  • the day bakugou shows everyone that he can cook is the day class 1-a sheds a million tears
    • the girls are in shock at the gap moe. kirishima is crying with wide, shining eyes at bakugou’s manliness. kaminari feels betrayed
  • if midnight doesn’t want to deal w/ staff meetings she uses her quirk on herself and just. knocks herself out so they let her leave
  • kirishima has a habit of accidentally breaking stuffed animals bc he cuddles w/ them a lot when he sleeps but then his quirk will randomly activate and tear it
  • bakugou’s music taste is not what people would expect 
    • jirou gives him shit for it at first but eventually calms down and recs other similar songs
  • tsuyu is the one they all designate to get rid of all the lizards and bugs and other creepy critters that get into the dorms
  • if the lights in the school’s ceiling ever black out or run out of power and die the staff just gets kaminari to fix it so they won’t have to spend money on new lights 

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Thanks for the advice 😊 I just wanted to know and this may sound silly but why a fake name? I know it is to protect our identity but is there any other reason?

It’s just a safety measure. I personally think it’s one of the most important, along with using a texting app and not giving out your bank information. Some SBs don’t use a fake name, but I really don’t think that’s a good idea. For example, a shitty SD once tried to use my nudes to blackmail me. He threatened to post them on facebook and tag me and my family, and post them on other social media with my info attached. However he didn’t have my real name, phone number, or nudes with my face in them. This allowed me to just block him and forget about the whole situation. If he had my real name, that could have become very bad for me.

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Hi! Something I never understood was why Ned didn't tell Cat about Jon's true parents? I mean it makes sense not to at first because they barely knew each other but they did become close enough that he knew she would have kept his secret. I know it wouldn't make sense from a narrative perspective as Cat's POVs would have given it away but Ned had seen her mistreating Jon his whole life and he could have saved them both a lot of grief. Thanks!

Hey! This post probably covers Ned’s reasoning on the subject, hope that helps!

torque-witch replied to your post: This is why I don’t wear make up often…

At one point I just gave up. I put way too much highlighter on but you know what I’ll be a disco ball if I want. My bf said in some angles I look like I’m made of gold so…compliment taken even if he didn’t mean it lol

honestly, I’m a huge fan of “do whatever you want” especially when it comes to make up. I don’t wear this shit for anyone else, and I’ll highlight the fuck out of my cheeks if I want to. Being made of gold sounds pretty damn badass. 

Also, your winged eyeliner is goals. Always. 

Hey guys!

So I haven’t been posting much, and I apologize profusely to everyone I’ve been chatting/rping with.

For those who don’t know, I’m in a brand new musical! And we’ve got a Broadway producer backing us, and he’s getting people to fly down and see this and decide if they want to invest! It’s all so exciting! And time consuming.

So if I’m quiet for a while, you know why! I may post pics when I have some good ones; it’s been an exciting adventure thus far!