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can you recommend any inukag oneshots or short fanfics? can range from fluffy to nsfw.

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More? Of course!! 

I mean if you have already read all of The Ones Shots  and the NSFW List then let me give you a nice big chuck of one shots that I’ve recently read. 

Love, Thy Name is Ramen? by TouchofPixieDust for being my favorite oneshot hands down. If I could frame a fic on my wall this would be the centerpiece. 

In Sickness by sassy lion I am an emotional mess okay. This is so sweet I melt. 

The Kiss by XJaxX which all I can say is for Kagome is that the first is the worst. 

An Honest Mistake by FrameofMind okay I love love this author so much. I love the feeling her writing gives me. Ahhhhhh. 

Reliving the Past by kmf okay this is an angst and it’s kind of long but read this summary and tell me you don’t already love it:

Inuyasha would never physically hurt me,’ she said with absolute honesty. Break my heart, yes. Render my soul incapable of ever loving again, yes. Brutalise me with curses and taunts, yes. But the idea of him physically hurting her was ludicrous. 

Nasty Little Habit by Wowzer313 Oh my god. Inuyasha just lets her talk. I think he was completely into it while she embarrassed herself. 

In His Eyes by LoveAcrossTime Songfic because I love it. This song is beautifull. 
This author wrote many adorable things that I adore. She Loves Me is a classic. But can I list all her stuff I love? Cause her oneshots are amazing. 
To Tell Her and Kagome says “I know.” So sappy and sweet. 
Commencement rated M for a reason
Here WIthout You Inuyasha waiting for Kagome to come back. Urk. Right in the heart. 
Protector This one is intense. Battle scenes! I love it!! 
Always Wanted just something for the hopeless romantic in me. ahhhhh
Genuine Affection Kagome oh you sweet baby. 
Love and Joy things change always are for the better. 
Moments of Glory oh the sweetness of their bond. O. 
Cherish for the angst of Inuyasha’s perspective of the 3 years without Kagome. Angst like this always makes my chest feel tight. I can’t explain it. But it’s physical. 

Inuyasha’s Kagome by elfgurl87 a tragedy. ;^;

The Lost Locket by kikyohater92 I have always loved that locket Kagome gives Inuyasha. I like the thought that he takes care of it. anda fashgklhjr

Warmth by Aryndiel a Family fic with Mrs Higurashi. Seriously heartwarming. 
Beautiful Kagome talked to Inuyasha about his transformation in the Stone Oni episode. Oh my heart. This. 

Innocent Ears, Crossed Eyes, and a Bit of Tongue by lynnxlady pointless InuKag kisses!! 

 Lullaby by Emania prepare to cry if you are much as a crybaby as I am. 

Intoxicating by pinkduck totally M that’s all I gotta say

Wicked by Kayla Chavi talkes about mating (warning for those who dislike that topic) It’s kinda dark

Shikigami by Elvirus Okay I know this is incomplete but I have loved this fic for so long. It’s so funny. OM g

Sick As A Dog by Bons Baisers is a fav of mine. I love the closeness. 

The Mirror by Shilyn is an amazing author. I recommend her stuff highly. Soo gooooodddd

Hand to Hand by Inuyasha’s Pantsu so fluffy I love it!!! alsfhjrgkrejkghkg ktg

Until I Met You by Cataluna have I talked about how much I dearly love Inuyasha’s POV????

Cicatrice by Almandine-Azaleea Is so wonderful and I love that Inuyasha loves Kagome’s healing. But this author and her oneshots. Oh. 
To Catch A Star
What He Won’t Say 
Whispers In The Night
Neath The Light Of The New Moon
this one. Please at least read this one. It’s so heartfelt. 

Bookends by Ayrith so much flurfffff (this author has many one shots with multiple pairings. Totally recommend you check it out!!~~) 

A Farewell to Bloody Dreams by ShinaV Songfic Dusk and Summer 

A Toast To Stories Left Untold by Funky Nassau rated M and short and sweet.

Jealous Hanyou by Ayster rated M for a reason~~~

Just Us by Dragon’s Lover1 Inuyasha and prejudice. I love to read and hate the situation. akjfhjsklrgh

The Horrors of Togenkyo  by Isabella Rain based of the true events in the City of Nanking in 1937. It’s so ooooooo good. Rated M & Tragedy.