but klingons man


By tradition, the Klingon man spends the four nights before his wedding on a mental and spiritual journey. It is called Kal'Hyah, the path of clarity. And he is accompanied by his closest male friends.
Are we talking about a bachelor party? It is a similar ritual

AKA Bashir and O’Brien being 100% done with Klingon traditions.

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He died with honour, Klingon heaven is proud to accept him. Regrets to you and your family and his friends for we are getting an incredible man. Honour to you and your family for being brave throughout this time, and out condolences.

He died in his sleep, man.

For Klingons, that’s, like, the most dishonorable way go die. No Sto-vo-kor for him.

Still. I appreciate the words. Thank you.