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@hishap submitted: Headcanon : BH is fluent in many languages. Everyone wonders how or when he had the time to learn them all. It really comes in handy when doing international business or just showing off at parties.

Anonymous asked: He speaks in zalgo? HOW MANY LANGUAGES DOES THIS BOI SPEAK

Anonymous asked: What was that about BH not understanding Slangs?

Black Hat knows everything from Ancient Sumerian to ASL. Languages, codes/cyphers, even nonverbal communication– he’s well versed in it all. He’s been around a long time; no language is truly dead to him. Whether it’s traveling across the world to have a business meeting in Japan, or communicating with a monster through only body language, BH is prepared as fuck.

It’s also fun just to mess with his employees. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cursing someone out in The Ancient Tongue of Elder Gods.

So like I rewatched the midseason finale and I get where the lorca-intentionally-jumped-them-to-the-mirrorverse comes from but also like

We know shit’s happening with Stamets, including weird mirror boy back in, uh, Choose Your Pain, and he’s just been through an incredibly mentally and physically exhausting experience

So I dunno maybe it’s possible that mirror!Stamets was able to, like, take over in Stamets’ consciousness during the 133 jumps and just bid his time until he could come up with a reason to jump again (remember before the 133 he didn’t want to jump again he had to be convinced) or like right during that last jump was able to redirect, somehow.

Like, we know that Stamets’ role is basically navigating the mycilleum network, and honestly I’m more surprised that there haven’t been any major mistakes before like he must be really in tune with his mushrooms, and I don’t think, given the preview, that it was just a mistake, but given what we know about Stamets’ condition, I don’t think it makes sense to place the blame on Lorca, either

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in learning the klingon language, i found that there's no gendered pronouns for anyone. they just use the same third person pronoun whether they're referring to a person, a thing, or a place. so i headcanon that there is just no real concept of gender in klingon society. man? woman? those are terran terms, here we are all just warriors. the default is agender.

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By tradition, the Klingon man spends the four nights before his wedding on a mental and spiritual journey. It is called Kal'Hyah, the path of clarity. And he is accompanied by his closest male friends.
Are we talking about a bachelor party? It is a similar ritual

AKA Bashir and O’Brien being 100% done with Klingon traditions.

my saru ships thus far

saru/lorca/paralyzing moral crisis ot3 (main ship)

saru/ash tyler/overcoming their myopic idealism and learning how to navigate this new, worse starfleet together

saru/the furry alien from “i believe in a thing called love” (true ship)

saru/a klingon man he kicks w his hooves & gay saru starts doing ted talks about “navigating a predator/prey relationship” (ideal ship)