but kitchen far away

Do you think Royce Bracket ever used the transistor for incredibly easy tasks that he was too lazy to do any other way? Like
Do you think he ever locked himself out of a room he was using (the key or access card or whatever is like a manageable distance away like a down a hallway or smth) and he just … deconstructs the door to get back in, and then immediately regenerates it or some nonsense like that?
Like there’s just a trail of hastily generated ‘fixes’ in his wake.
Oor like totally unnecessary superfluous things. He’s practically recreated his entire lab/manor like 40 thousand times bc :
-the kitchen is too far away, so he made an entire new one
-his lab needed more ceiling so now everything in bedroom is clipping through the floor.
-every single room has a bathroom, he only remembered to include a shower in the original.
-the process probably ate his chairs or something idk
-uses the raw process blocks as tables for the A E S T H E T I C
-no fridge, he accidentally over wrote it while making some Artistic Design Changes ™

Do y'all have moments where you can picture the guy you like, his eyes and his smile and his scent, and you get so lost in make-believe that your eyes shed unwanted tears? Because right now, instead of finding sleep, I am finding him. And I. In a kitchen somewhere far away, slow dancing to Ed Sheeran. I am so much shorter than him, my head barely reaching his chest. He is so gentle with me, guiding our feet to the melody of some song not even written yet. His glasses are perched on his nose and he keeps pushing them back up, making me giggle. All I can feel is warmth. I can be myself with him. I can be vulnerable and silly and intelligent, and he finds all of these things beautiful somehow. Oh, how I ache. For his touch. For his love. For peace and quiet and softness. One day, heart.

Burning Love

Request from @buckythetinman : Hi! Could you a imagine where the reader introduces post-Winter Soldier Bucky to Elvis? Can it be really fluffy too? Thanks, doll!


You stood in the kitchen of the Avengers tower, rolling up the sleeves of your flannel before grabbing a myriad of ingredients for breakfast from the fridge. You hummed happily to yourself – you were an undeniable early bird. You slid across the hardwood floor easily on your calf socks, grabbing your phone and scrolling through your music to select the perfect “making breakfast at 5:30 a.m.” song. The kitchen was placed, strategically, far enough away from everyone’s rooms so that no one would be disturbed by the clanks or whirring noises from spoons or bowls or blenders. You would take advantage of this fact, blasting your music and having one-woman jam sessions as a good start to your day. Today was no exception and you grinned to yourself as the opening notes of the song floated through the air.

A little less conversation, a little more action please.
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me!

Ah, the King. You grabbed your utensils and drummed along on the counter tops with surprising rhythm, moving your head to the beat and spinning around the kitchen as you started making yourself one dope ass omelette and some fresh orange juice; singing with fun, excessive gusto and your best impersonation of Elvis’ signature accent. You laughed at yourself as you shimmied around, feeling like this would indeed be the opening scene of a movie about your ridiculous life.

You hoisted yourself up on the counter as the backup singers crescendoed, flipping your omelette and using the spatula as your microphone as you sang out.

Come on, come on,
Don’t procrastinate, don’t articulate
Girl it’s getting late, gettin upset waitin around!

You flung yourself back down off the counter, grape-vining quickly and prepping yourself for some pirouettes. You had been a dancer for years and years, but it had been a while since you attempted a few in a row. Your mouth open slightly in concentration, you went up into one turn successfully, then two, then -

As your head snapped around to spot, you were met with the sight of Bucky Barnes blearily staring at you, wearing only in a tshirt and boxer shirts. You let out a quick yelp of surprise and fell off balance, falling backwards with a loud “thump” and laying there stymied for a second as you swore through your laughter.

Bucky was there in a second at your side, looking at you in concern as you laughed maniacally, tears of embarrassment and hilarity flooding your eyes.

“Are you OK?” he asked quickly, gently placing one hand behind your head and helping you lean against the counter.

”Oh my fucking god,” you howled through your laughs, your hands reaching up to cover your eyes. You waved at Bucky, still laughing. “Yes, I’m fine Buck, thanks. Man, I wish someone would have recorded that, that was the epitome of how my life works.”

You kept chuckling but suddenly winced as you felt at the back of your head.  “Ooooo mama,” you grimaced and Bucky’s eyes flashed with worry. “I’m OK, Buck, I swear, can you just grab me some ice?”

He stood up and moved toward the fridge quickly and even in your slightly dazed state, you couldn’t help propping yourself up to quickly check out his ass. Goddamn, that man was attractive.

Taking care to not smash your head again as you quickly leaned back before he turned around, your grin suddenly turned to an open-mouthed drop as you yelled, “WAIT, SAVE MY OMELETTE, BARNES!!” You tried not to laugh as you heard the bag of ice being dropped on the counter, Bucky holding up the pan in the air and looking at your breakfast confusedly.

“It’s done, Bucky, just throw it on a plate for me. Thank you!”

Bucky followed your instructions silently, sliding the omelet onto a plate and bringing it and the bag of ice to you. He sat down next to you, helping to put the ice behind your head and wincing as you hissed from the cold sting. You noticed and patted at his leg affectionately, saying, “No worries, Bucky. Gonna take a lot more than a dance accident to take me out. You unfolded your crossed legs, stretching them out over Bucky’s as a makeshift table for your omelette. You felt his legs twitch at the touch of your bare calves, but he didn’t push you off.

You took this as a good sign and continued, slicing into your breakfast. “Really sorry you had to witness that. How much did you actually see of me in my morning routine of “Y/N pretends she’s a rockstar”?” You popped some of the omelette into your mouth with a smile, looking at him expectantly.

Bucky’s dark eyes seemed to lighten at your question, the ghost of a smile playing at his handsome features. “Not that long. Right after you jumped off the counter.”

You chuckled and wiped at your mouth with the back of your hand. “Good, you were spared from having to hear me sing for too long.” You cut another slice off your omelette, gesturing your fork toward’s Bucky’s face with raised eyebrows. He looked hesitant and you rolled your eyes, nudging him with your elbow. “C’mon, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And just coffee doesn’t count, sir,” you scolded with a gentle smile.

Bucky genuinely smiled this time and you felt your heart skip a beat. He brought his mouth to the fork and you couldn’t resist yourself: “Here comes the airplaneeeeee!” His shoulders moved up with a small laugh, his metal hand coming up to his mouth so he didn’t spit his breakfast out.

“I’m sorry, I’m the worst, but I couldn’t resist that opportunity.”

Bucky finished chewing and looked at you. “It’s OK, that was good.”

”Hooray!” you cheered, moving your fists excitedly but inhaling sharply as the bag of ice clattered from behind your head. Bucky was there first, leaning over you gingerly as he moved the ice up behind your head again. You inhaled again as you took in the warmth of his body pressing against you, his dark hair falling in his eyes. But you were mostly fixated with his lips, wondering how they would feel against yours.

He moved back to his seated spot and you snapped yourself out of your reverie. “Thanks. So what are you doing up so early?”

Bucky stared out in front of him, looking at his hands. “Couldn’t sleep.”

You nodded and dived into your omelet again. The two of you sat quietly on the floor for half a minute before you broke the silence. “Well, you’re always welcome to make my one person dance party into two if you can’t sleep,” you said sincerely. “I’m always up early.” You paused, moving slowly up to your feet as you put your plate in the sink. “I don’t sleep much either.”

You could feel Bucky’s eyes boring into the back of your head as you rinsed the plate off, your feeling confirmed when you turned around only to find him a foot away from you, staring curiously. “What were you listening to this morning? I liked it.”

Your mouth dropped comically. “You don’t know Elvis?! The King of Rock and Roll? My goodness, child, how do you not know-” Bucky’s face fell and you felt your heart sink as you realized the mistake you just made. “Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” You moved slowly toward him, placing a small hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you blinking quickly, “It’s OK,” he murmured sadly.

“It is,” you said seriously, trying to keep yourself from breaking out into a grin and failing. “Because since you don’t know Elvis, you just got yourself a prime Elvis teacher, my friend.” You held up one finger and slid back to your phone, scrolling through your discography before selecting your favorite.

“OK, this was a cover Elvis did, but it’s amazing and everyone knows it and it’s my favorite so you’re gonna hear that first. And it’s super easy to dance to!”

”Dance?” Bucky said, the apprehension in his voice evident.

“I mean, you totally don’t have to, but Elvis is a man whose music is all about good dancing vibes.” You smiled shyly. “And it’s always more fun to dance with someone else, anyways.” You pressed play on your phone, the steady piano and drums blasting throughout the kitchen.

Lord almighty
I feel my temperature rising
Higher, higher
It’s burning through to my soul

You gave Bucky a wide smile and a two thumbs up, scooching yourself incrementally toward him with the beat of the music. He still looked nervous, but  he took your hand anyways as you extended toward him. You gently grabbed the metal hand as well bringing both up slightly above your hips. You swayed left and right happily, moving his hands with yours then starting to push and pull toward the rhythm.

“See, you got this!” You said with a smile, and this time, Bucky gave you a smile that reached his eyes and you felt your heartbeat speed up way beyond the pace of the music. He really was adorable and attractive and sweet and -

You had an idea.

”C’mon let’s try something.” You dropped his one arm and stood next to him, extending his left arm with yours as you spun inward toward him, placing your free hand on his chest as he gazed down at you. You repeated the motion a few times, savoring the warmth of his body again against yours. Bucky seemed to be into it as well, his motions becoming more and more relaxed and his smile widening. As you spun in again, you felt yourself tipping backwards slowly and burst out laughing with surprise, Bucky’s grinning visage hovering inches above you as he pulled you out of the shockingly graceful dip.

”Barnes!” you shouted, jumping up and down as Bucky looked sheepishly at the ground. “That was amazing!! You’ve been holding out!”

”I don’t know … it kind of just came to me. Like a memory.”

You gazed at him tenderly, the happiness in his face at his recollection filling your own heart with joy. “Steve did say you always loved taking girls out to dance.” You placed your hands back in his and smirked. “So show me what you got, Buck.”

Girl, girl, girl
You gonna set me on fire
My brain is flaming
I don’t know which way to go

You spent the next few minutes twirling and laughing all over your kitchen with Bucky, his newfound memory instilling an enthusiasm and sense of no reservations that you hadn’t ever seen him express. It was infectious, it was magnetic and god, did you want him.

You had to hold back your surprise when Bucky grabbed your hips, moving you in front of him. “What’s this?” You asked with a smile, trying to keep the butterflies in your stomach from ending up on the floor. (You did just eat an omelete, after all).

”I think… you slide under me and then I lift you up on the way back up. At least, that’s how it is in my head.” He frowned and looked at you nervously. “Is that a thing?” You had to press your hands over your mouth; he really was the cutest bionic soldier in all the galaxy. “Hell yeah, Bucky, it’s a thing.” You cracked your knuckles and gave him a playful wink. “Let’s do this.”

You grabbed his hands again, savoring the touch before you slid underneath his legs easily, jumping back up to face him and then jumping up to wrap your legs around him; his metal arms supporting you easily.

You threw your head back with an excited “YES” as you both laughed, elated by the music and being in Bucky’s arms and god, he just looked so good and

Suddenly, you were sitting on the counter, your legs dangling off as Bucky’s stood in the v as his hands still held your thighs loosely. Your eyes widened with surprise as your heartbeat accelerated.

Bucky gazed at you, his eyes softening. “You’re the only one here who doesn’t treat me like I’m a time bomb,” he said breathlessly, both of your chests rising and falling from the movements. You felt a dopey smile spreading across your face but you didn’t care; you did have a decent crush on him, after all. “Of course, not,” you murmured gently, running your thumb lightly over his cheek. “You’re not a bomb, you’re Bucky.” And then he gave you a look that sent heat flooding through your body and you desperately wanted to be right about what was happening but there was no way right? He couldn’t be staring at your lips now, he couldn’t be moving toward you, both of your eyes falling shut before the inevitable, this had to be some kind of a dream.

But it was all true and you knew it the second you melted under the crash of his lips against yours, your hands tangling in his hair as your mouths broke together and apart fiercely but sloppily from the exhaustion of dancing.

You pulled away first, your eyes wide and chest heaving from the lack of oxygen and felt jolted as Bucky’s face seemed to collapse. He must’ve taken your dazed look as one of rejection. “I’m sorry, Y/N,” he muttered, moving to turn away but you grabbed his wrist sharply. “What? Bucky, wait!” He turned back to look at you and you patted at the counter top, waiting for him to sit next to you before you continued; your fingers interlacing with his once more and watching as he brought his blue eyes back to meet yours.

”Bucky,” you said breathlessly, trying to keep your voice steady with the frenzy of emotions swirling around your chest. You took a deep breath and squeezed his hand. “The only thing you have to apologize for is that you didn’t kiss me sooner,” you rushed out, avoiding his gaze and biting at the smile growing on your face. “I really like you, I have for awhile … just didn’t want to rush you into anything you weren’t ready for.”

Bucky smiled with relief, his head falling onto your shoulder before you brought your lips to meet his again. He pulled away first this time, cradling your face with such tenderness that you felt yourself losing oxygen once more from elation.

”I know I don’t really know a lot about dating and stuff like this … but I … I feel better around you, Y/N. I really like you and this … this is something I know that I want. That I’m ready to try.”

You couldn’t help the emotion filling your eyes as you wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, his looping around your lower back. “Goddammit, Barnes, you’re so cute,” you whispered into his neck and you smiled when you felt him chuckle. You kissed the exposed skin and pulled up to face him with a coy smile.

”Well if this, us, is going to be a real duo now, we definitely have a lot more dancing to do, don’t you think?”

Bucky’s face lit up as he squeezed your waist gently. “Thank you,” he said quietly.

“For what?”

Bucky jumped off the counter top and helped you down, lifting you easily before setting your feet onto the floor firmly. He kissed you again, lightly this time before he answered. “For being the right partner.”

You exhaled happily and kissed him, a smile breaking across your face as you felt him smiling, genuinely smiling, against your lips.

Your kisses lift me higher

Like a sweet song of a choir

You light my morning sky

With burning love

Nations at America’s House for Thanksgiving

Canada: complains to himself because his brother joins him for Canadian holidays  so he joins his bro. He eats a shit load of turkey. Canada is a turkey slut. He also brings some pie, knowing just how much America love pie.

England: reluctant to go at first but the gentleman thing to do is go. He’s always impressed by the sheer amount of food America is capable of preparing. 

France: Impressed by how well America can cook. He is glad he didn’t take after England or else he probably wouldn’t go. Sometimes he comes over to help and insures that England stay far far far away from the kitchen.

Italy: Ready to go. He’s no stranger to large amounts of food. This carbohydrate slut is all over visiting America to eat food. He shares some of Italian traditions and America always loves them. He’s terrified of American football. 

Germany: Just goes to please Italy really… He also doesn’t want to be rude and decline America’s invite. Enjoys to playing American football because he finally has someone more coordinated than Italy to play sports with. 

Japan: Loves to visit America but Thanksgiving kinda scars him. He’s not used to that much food. He goes out of respect to America and the fact that he considers him family. He eats as much as he can and attempts to play football. 

Everyone: sleeps their fat ass off after eating. America takes pictures and puts them in his scrapbook that he brings to the next world meeting. 


Giving thanks:

America: “I’m just thankful that you dudes all showed up. We’ve had our disagreements and haven’t always gotten along in the past, but it means a lot that you’re here. I’m thankful that I England and I have made up, Canada and I talk more, and France has been my ally from the start. I’m thankful that Italy, Germany, and Japan came today and played American football, even thought it’s obvious you hate the sport. I’m thankful that you all keep your patience and accept the fact I can be pretty annoying at times. And I interrupt meetings sometimes. *Glances at Germany* Sorry…..I also want to thank Canada. For the pie. Thanks bro. You know me so well…So lets eat this big ass turkey. I didn’t wake up at three a.m. to cook this thing to not eat it.”

forgive me, father,
for I have sinned.
I have loved a girl
in ways that you
would only ever allow
for me to love a boy.

forgive me, mother,
for I have sinned.
I have broken your heart
and scattered the pieces
on the kitchen floor
with the one way ticket for
so far away sat on
the kitchen table.

forgive me, brother,
for I have sinned.
I have not loved you
in any way,
and I refuse to put aside
these differences
for flowers and tea
on Christmas Day
when in the early mornings
you will still spit
the same cruel words at me.

forgive me, sister,
for I have sinned.
I have not picked up your soul
from the mountains
because I know
that’s where you belong,
but will never go.

forgive me, lover,
for I have sinned.
I have hurt myself again,
but how am I to stop it
with all of these gods
screaming your name
into my heart?

forgive me, father,
for I have sinned.
I have loved
in all of the places
that you have forbidden me
and hated in all of the places
that you made me.

—  samantha nicole | this bible throws so many stones (52 writings #6)
Soryu, MC and ......Inui’s Food....

MC: Soryu!!

Soryu: *walks into kitchen* What is it?

MC: *picks up two bentos* Here I’ve made lunch for you to take. This one’s for you and this one’s for Inui. 

Soryu: Inui? 

MC: He looked exhausted yesterday, I thought this might perk him up a little. 


Soryu: I’ll give it to him. *kisses MC and walks out of kitchen*


Soryu: *puts Inui’s food in a dog bowl* Good girl, Jasmine. Eat it all up. 

Beyond the Steel [chapter thirteen]

Thanks to hot-topical-castiel for the beautiful banner.

Summary: A love story of innocence and desire.
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female) [Pala Winchester]
Side Pairing: Sam/Becky
Rating: R

If you haven’t read Under the Hood; Into the Heart and The Hunters’ Rose, you will not understand this story.
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Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four,Chapter Five,Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, Chapter Twelve

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Mother and Son

Imagine Maryse having an argument with Robert or simply being under a lot of pressure because of the Clave and just sitting on a staircase in the Institute far away from the kitchen where the rest of the family gets ready to have dinner. She wants to cry, but at the same time she knows that she can’t break down with children around.

But then she hears soft footsteps and when she raises her head she sees young Alec standing in front of her looking at her questioningly. Maryse’s eyes shine with uncried tears and Alec just walks over to her and puts his arms around her whispering:

“You want me to bring you something to eat?”

And Maryse shakes her head. “No, sweety, I’m fine. I’ll be with you and the others in a second, I just-” She tries to get up, but Alec keeps his arms around her stubbornly. 

“You don’t have to be strong all the time, it’s going to break your smile.” 

Marries doesn’t cry that evening. She just sits there for the next ten minutes hugging her oldest son and when she lets go, there’s an honest smile on her lips. 

Can you imagine though, Eren working at Levi’s tea shop, and he’s always taking off with the milk when it expires and he must have the most accident-prone cat in the world, Levi thinks, because he always seems to be struggling to pay vet bills. And then he overhears Eren sadly saying he’s not allowed to have pets in his apartment and Levi’s curiosity gets the better of him.

Turns out, Eren doesn’t own a cat. He part-owns about a dozen strays he tries to surreptitiously look after and he makes sure to get them fixed, hence the endless vet bills and Levi just stares at him while Eren fidgets and tries to explain how wonderful each of the cats are, and how friendly they are and Levi can believe it because animals seem to love Eren.

And well, there is the enclosed garden area that is part of the tea shop, and as long as all felines are confined far away from the kitchen and if he finds a single cat hair, please don’t cry Eren, okay please don’t hug me Eren, it’s nothing really, I’m just glad you’re uh, happy, I suppose, don’t look at me like that.

And Levi’s tea shop becomes a cat cafe as well.

[closed RP with ainsley-russet]

Voterix put her apron on as she walked into the kitchen, standing as far away from the door as she could. She knew customers rarely looked in on the cooks… But it still unsettled her at the idea of it. She worked on getting everything where it needed to be, trying to prepare them all for the day ahead. She always came in early to do so…

Luminia sleepily clung to Ainsley, hiding her face in her wife’s arm. She was so tired… Though she liked last night more than she would admit in her sleepy state. She gently nibbled on the woman’s arm, her stomach rumbling loudly. “Foood…” She murmured. Having to work in a restaurant had been almost torture for her… Though sometimes Voterix slipped her snacks.

Vu'ni wrapped his arms around Ginger, softly kissing the back of her neck. “We have to go in to work soon.” He whispered, tucking the woman’s hair behind her ear with a soft smile. “You can always stay home if you need to…” He murmured, constantly worried she’d overwork herself. She was pregnant now, and he worried over her more than he usually did, which was an impressive feat.


Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle

Broken Home Part 2 - Ashton Irwin One shot

Requested: Yes

part 2 to broken home? it was so good!

Can you please do a part 2 for broken home??? It’s such a good story!

Author: Julia

A/N: This is part 2 of this one shot, not edited, also I’m letting you guys know right now, this is literally based off something my best friend is going through, so some bits are going to be harder for me to write.  

Content Warning: Swearing, mention of assault, I think that’s it, but lemmie know bbys

Once Ashton and I walked into his house, his Mum instantly knew that something happened, she gave us a questions look, but said nothing as Lauren and Harry were sitting at the kitchen table not very far away. She and Ash shared a look, and she just nodded in response “Why don’t you two go sit, I’ll get you some dinner.” I didn’t know what their look was about, but I followed Ashton to the kitchen table sitting silently, thinking of what my father had said to both Ashton and I.

“(Y/N) are you okay? Did you loose your Spongebob sticker I gave you?” Harry asked sadly, his eyes were locked on mine. I laughed and shook my head, picking up my phone “Didn’t loose it dude, see?” I showed him the Spongebob sticker he had given me about a month ago. “Yay!” He smiled, grabbing my phone to examine the sticker. “Harry, give (Y/N) her phone back.” Ann Marie laughed, setting two plates in front of Ashton and I. “Thank you.” I smiled sweetly, before taking a bite. “Thanks Mum.” Ash said with a small bit of food in his mouth already.

It didn’t take long for everyone to finish dinner, so Ashton and I did dished for Ann Marie, normally she would go play with Lauren and Harry for a short while, but she had them go play in their rooms so she could talk with us. I had my back to her, as I washed some silverware “So what happened?” I wasn’t looking at her, but I could tell her face was filled with pity.

I dropped the silverware in the other side of the sink, and turned to face her “Um, well we got there and my Dad was home, even though he wasn’t supposed to be because of work.” I turned not really wanting to look at anyone while I told her about how awful my Dad was to her son. “And he was mad at me and Ashton..” I trailed off focusing on the plate in my hands.

“What did he say?” She asked curiously, not sounding mad at the fact he was mad at Ashton too. “He called her a slut and a whore.” Ashton grumbled, rinsing off the stuff I’d handed to him “What? Why?!” She snapped, that’s one of the many things I love about Ann, she’s always been protective of me as if I was her own daughter. “Ever since he found my birth control he’s dead set on the fact that I “whore myself out to get away from Mum” and he refused to acknowledge that I have it for mine and Ash’s sake.” He sigh, still not waning to face her.

“When did he find your birth control, love?” I thought for a minute about her question, not really sure when he found it. “Maybe a month or two after I got it.” I guessed, glancing at Ashton who had a frown plastered on his face. “Does he often say things like that to you?” I finally built up the courage to turn and face her again, and saw that she was angry, but somehow I could tell it wasn’t directed at me. “Not often, but every time he’s drunk he does. But that’s nothing new at this point, he dragged Ashton in to it, I just don’t know if he could come around mine anymore.” The thought of that hurt, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t still come here.

“He can hold his own,” She smiled lovingly at Ashton “but what did he say?” I could tell that had piqued her curiosity. “Doesn’t matt-“ Ashton started, but I cut him off “He told Ash that I’m only with him to get away from my psychotic mother and kept referring to him like mud on his shoes. But the worst part was him telling Ashton that I am doing the same with other guys.” I heard my father tell Ashton that while I was upstairs getting my notes, Ashton just laughed at him, but I know that Ashton has always been a bit self conscious about being cheated on. Luckily he knows I would never do that to him.

“That’s a flat out lie.” Ann frowned, looking at Ashton. I looked over to him too, noticing his whole body was tense, worrying me. “Yeah it is.” I answer, touching Ash’s arm lightly. Instantly he looked up meeting my gaze, giving me a small -fake- smile. “So sweetie. Ashton and I have actually been talking a bit. I noticed that you’d been spending more nights here than normal-“ My anxiety kicked in quickly so I cut her off “I don’t have to stay, I swear. I’ll go home I don’t want to be a bother to you guys I’m so sorr-“

“No no! Honey, nothing like that.” She waved her hands to stop me, and she stood up giving me a hug. “Have things been getting worse at home?” I could sense that she was getting nervous asking, but I don’t mind talking to Ashton, or his Mum about any of this, I mean they have a right to know at this point. I nodded my head hesitantly “Yeah I mean, kind of.” The fights had gotten progressively more regular, and they started treating each other worse than ever before. I saw Ash frown from the corner of my eye, “Well, like I said, Ashton and I have been talking.” I nodded “Do you think you would do better if you moved in with us? I don’t want to make it seem like we’re trying to take you from your Mum and Dad, but you’re not sleeping well I’ve noticed, and you’re not as bubbly as you used to be.” I bit my lip, knowing she was correct in everything she’d said, before all the fighting started, I was always laughing or smiling at something, but lately it’s quite the opposite.

“I don’t want to intrude, it’s already nice enough that you let me sleep here. I couldn’t ask that of you.” I shook my head, it would be rude of me to take up more of their time, and space. “Love, no! You’re family, you always have been, I’ve talked with all the kids about it, everyone loves the idea, including me. We want you here, but only if you’re comfortable with it, and want to be here.” Tears were welling in my eyes as she hugged me, and gave me so much love. Ashton pulled me from her ams, and hugged me tightly, letting me cry onto his shoulder, my arms instinctively wrapping around him. After I was finally able to calm down from my crazy emotions, I looked at Ann, and nodded lightly. “Thank you so much, really.” She clapped her hands together and hugged Ashton and wrapped her arms around me at the same time.

“Oh that’s good honey. And don’t thank us love, we want you here.” I smiled nodding at her words, not knowing how I could ever thank her enough.

The next two weeks were the hardest of my life. I sat my mother down with Ann, and Ashton and we talked, and I told her that I was moving in with Ashton, and his family. At least until things calmed down with her and my father, or until they were officially separated -like I’d suggested a million times before-. She was sad, but she understood, she said that she’d seen it coming the second my father said those things to Ashton, it’s pretty universally known that Ashton and I don’t let other people hurt the other. My  father on the other hand, he threw a head fit, like I’d known he would, that’s why I wouldn’t let Ashton be there, I’ve never seen my father get physical with anyone, but it wouldn’t end well if the first person was my boyfriend. Once he had calmed down, he began to cry and that hurt more than I thought it would, my father almost never cries.

After that it was more simple. Ashton helped me pack the stuff from my room that I’d need, clothes, books, sheets and such. Today was the day I was finally set in their home, everyone was excited, and that made me feel less bad about intruding on their home. Ann set a few rules, as her son and I would be sharing a bed now -Ashton had convinced her somehow, not that I mind-. We weren’t allowed to have sex while anyone was home, homework had to be done before any real hanging out could happen, we were to watch Lauren and Harry whenever we were asked, and lastly, when we do have sex, Ashton is to wear a condom, and if I miss one pill, we don’t have sex for at least a month.

Ashton thought the whole ‘condom every time’ thing was ridiculous, but when Ann asked why he didn’t want to tell her it’s because he doesn’t like how condoms feel, as he so sweetly said it a few months ago condoms distract from how amazing you make me feel babygirl. I sad down on Ash’s bed, and looked around the room, it was weird to have my stuff all around his room, but when he sat behind me, pulling me so I was between his legs I felt comfortable. “I love you babygirl.” He whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my belly and locking his fingers together. “I love you too Ash.” I turn to kiss him on the cheek, seeing that there a nice large black and blue covering the right side of his face.

I jumped up, turning fully I could examine his face better. “Ashton! What the hell happened?” I plea, rubbing my thumb over the sensitive skin, pulling away as he winces slightly. “You’re Dad was home when I grabbed your books.” He said quickly, avoiding eye contact. It took me a second to process what he’d said, but the second I did I stormed out of his room, leaving the house quickly.