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facts™ about peep the dragon:

  • it has no gender. gender is for humans (and certain dragons who choose to have it) and peep has no time for that nonsense
  • its favorite tumblr blog is daily-dragon-facts
  • it composes poetry and it is amazing
  • its tears are not made of water but what they are made of is none of your business
  • it is too tiny to be terrifying but it still believes that it could be terrifying if it wanted to be
  • it has a tragic backstory that it does not choose to share
  • it really loves grapes and chocolate

- worked for years to find out the truth of what happened to her parents.
- avenged her parents by killing the person who killed them.
- her sass and sarcasm.
- helps julian with his siblings.
- took the whipping from julian because she couldn’t stand to see him in pain.
- tried to make julian hate her so he wouldn’t have to find out the truth about/ endure the parabatai curse.
- she didn’t want to invade the blackthorn’s privacy so she chose a different room in a different corridor.
- is one of the best shadowhunters of her generation.
- loves all the blackthorns like they’re her own family. (they basically are but still.)
- killed one of the seven riders which has never been done before.
- has and will continue to risk her life for all the people she loves.
- she’s so physically and mentally strong.
- loves julian with her whole heart.
- she’s always there for those she loves.
- literally shattered the mortal sword.

McHanzo Week: Day 5 (Traditional || Unorthodox)

Nightmares always keep them up, so making hot chocolate at 3am has become tradition at this point. Even when they don’t jolt awake, the familiarity of drinking something at ungodly hours in their pj’s means they’re safe.

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Theories on Cortana...

A few weeks ago I referenced this quote in an earlier post about Edom: When they arrived in the mirrored city of a destroyed Alicante Alec tells them Edom’s story (COHF 482-483): “They didn’t have seraph blades; they hadn’t developed them. It doesn’t look like they had Iron Sisters or Silent Brothers, either. They had blacksmiths, and they developed some sort of weapon, something they thought might help them.”


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“You’re my Soulmate…”

@uncpanda and her OC, Kit featured in a Soulmate AU! story of her and Bruce Wayne.

I tried to draw the face claim that Lady Panda had for Kit but that’s…still a work in progress. I’m getting there, though! 

Also, I suck at side faces. And drawing Bruce cause that guy took me at 10 tries to get it somewhat right!! 


I still can’t get over the fact that Bruce/Batman is 6′2″…bloody hell