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could anyone recommend me some blogs that write Felicity meta? (or like/reblog/answer this post if you do this kind of thing

not just olicity meta, but felicity specifically. 

i dont mind if there is olicity - on the contrary, i need some new pov for them too so i’d love suggestions on that front as well - but i need to expand my pov on felicity for this season and i would love to read up on how people perceive her character, to get some opinions that are not just my own convictions. 

anyways, thank you

So let’s talk about Sasha’s climactic scene

And why the Attack on Titan anime adaptation once again proves itself to be incredible. 

Sasha reading her bow and telling the kid to keep going is an amazing moment in the manga already–Isa deserves all the credit here. In the og flashback, Sasha refuses to abandon her principles just because outsiders are in trouble, she refuses to help them; a perhaps egocentric, but also human point of view-we tend to prioritize us and those closest to us over strangers. Then, in the current time, Sasha tells the kid to run bc she’ll certainly find kind and helpful people ahead; and stays herself behind to fight; she fights knowing that proper victory cannot be achieved, to save a random stranger; a kid, further emphasising that Sasha herself has grown into a great person and abandoned that egocentric child she once was.

It’s great stuff, but the animated execution of it made me realize just how good it actually is.

In the yumikuri flashback the S1 version of counterattack mankind starts…its positive a track expressing a sense of optimism and peace, it suits the “ordinary moments” she thinks about. Then, we cut back to present time. A newer arrangement of the track, led by faint strings with hints of an organ in the background–there’s a distant but growing intensity in there. 

As Sasha talks to the kid, most of it is shot from the kid’s perspective, so we get to look up to Sasha–she’s seen as the grown up here, perfectly fitting the above characterization. In the meantime, the music grows ever stronger-the organ is very present, and drums are added too. The buildup to the sequence is thus heavily emphasized. Also, listen carefully to Kobayshi Yuu (who’s performance here I loved). There’s definitely exasperation in her voice–they’ve been running for some time and are chased by a titan, not to mention that she’s afraid. Yet, you can still find a lot of tenderness in there–the kid is supposed to feel safe and secure, despite everything going on, and it just makes you love Sasha even more.

Let’s get to the real meat

I LOOOOVE this scene. Sasha spinning on her feet to stop and get into position looks really cool…but its’ the following take that I adore the most

The spin kills her entire momentum…she stands still and ready, and the camera lingers on her. But the kid didn’t do any spin, kid’s still going, not slowing down. Sasha however wants kid to keep going, seems to use her spin as a way to propel kid forward. And the moment her arm is separated from kid, the camera moves on as well–doing so, Sasha’s staying-behind-to-fight is visually translated and further emphasized without the viewer consciously realizing it. I have a hard time describing it, but there’s an incredibly powerful sense of organic dynamism in there that just sells the scene. It’s excellent visual storytelling, not only of the situation, but also of Sasha’s character–she’s strong and altruistic now, and she’ll fight against all odds to save the kid in need. Yuu’s performance here is perfect as well–there’s now definitive desperation to be heard, alongside remaining hints of kindness but also a certain intensity. Sasha is afraid–she has no equipment to protect herself, she has no weapons to eliminate the threat, but in spite of that, she still sends the kid away, she still stays behind, she still stands in the way of the titan. 

And THAT shows just how brave she is–Sasha overcomes her weaknesses, she fights against all odds, she dedicates her heart–and that is what the anime manages to portray so masterfully here.

And of course, that is what the best shot of the episode does.

We get an incredibly gorgeous wide shot…starting off once again from below, keeping both the titan and Sasha in frame, reminding us of the threat ahead of her, but in one amazing panning zoom, we fly all the way to a closeup filled with nothing but fierceness. The visual alone is amazing in its own regard, but the sound is what truly rounds it up. Counterattack Mankind A reaches its climax, going all out on instruments, cue-ing the all-so-familiar melody in an immensely epic arrangement worthy of the scene it accompanies. Kobayashi Yuu 100% sells it too–her first “now-go” is still a bit feeble and unsure as mentioned above, the 2nd “run” already stronger but there are still hints of fear….and then, with the musical cue behind, after getting a full frontal close-up–the all out “get runnin’!”, filled with nothing but raw energy and determination–Sasha’s abandoned all fear and is in all out character-climax-badass mode. Her shout echoes through the woods, the kid is literally hit by a shockwave and finally starts running (sidenote–her eyes were dark and lifeless throughout the ep, but only after that do they lighten up, adding once more weight to Sasha’s moment). And of course, Sasha’s accent arc comes to full circle in the same frame as well, as she yells the command out in her native dialect she’s tried to hide for so long. Pretty much everything that could’ve come full circle did–in terms of writing, performance, sound and visuals.

It’s an amazing sequence deserving of ludicrous praise for the creative staff–they’ve proven once more that Attack on Titan is a work of art. The manga is already without a doubt amazing–most of the points above stem from it after all-but the anime is so ridiculously good at presenting I sometimes can’t believe it with my own two eyes.

In case you couldn’t tell, I fucking loved this sequence and I’m gonna yell about Sasha all week long. 

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Iroh, though. He could’ve stayed in the Fire Nation and lived a cushy life. He could’ve had whatever he wanted - a comfortable home, a slew of servants, a tea shop - any retiree’s dream following a long, highly successful career in a war. He could’ve been mostly happy and mostly content, free to do whatever he pleased really as the Fire Lord’s brother and a former general. He didn’t have to do any of the things he did for Zuko. He really didn’t. Zuko wasn’t even his kid! But guess what? Iroh loved Zuko like his own son. And Iroh left everything he knew to follow this asshole of a kid around the world on a pointless mission all the while loving him like Zuko had never been loved before and I just... Iroh, though. Uncle Iroh.

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Is it common knowledge that Derek Hale has more than one black leather jacket? I've read fanfic and headcanon posts about a signature jacket, and other times it seems "dark clothing" just describes his shirts. Looking through google images, he has owned at least 3 different black/dark leather jackets!

I….actually can’t answer this with a definite answer? There is the signature leather jacket which most people (including Hoechlin) headcanon belonged to Derek’s dad. Apart from that, I haven’t given much thought to Derek’s wardrobe aside from that fact it is rather dark (and in the early seasons, rather rough and ready). However, that is not to say Derek hale doesn’t appreciate his dark colours:

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Derek’s wardrobe choice does get a little softer as the seasons go on and the leather is swapped out for jackets or soft jumpers with holes (poor Stiles, he never stood a chance). I think it is interesting, however, when we get de-aged!Derek we see him in this brighter green ensemble:

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All in all, it’s still a very Derek shirt - look at the button style - but I think it says a lot that de-aged!Derek’s shirt is brighter, that your eye is drawn to it more quickly (at least mine was). I think Derek’s wardrobe choices do often tend to reflect where he is emotionally a lot of the time. Early seasons!Derek wore a lot of leather (stereotypical lone wolf - pardon the pun - attire). Then as he started forming relationships and started to gain a little more emotional stability (as much as the writers let him, which wasn’t much tbh aside from his “evolving” arc, unless you are counting his relationship with Stiles and how Derek goes from zero trust 

to all the trust

Originally posted by elliotaldersin

<3) he goes somewhat softer. Which, tbh, woah, adds to showing how strong Derek really is - he truly gets nothing but more and more screwed over as the seasons go on - the amount of mental and physical abuse the writers continued to throw at him was horrible - and yet he kept fighting and kept going until he finally got to a place where he could go LATER BITCHES

in a lovely blue shirt full of promise and hope and lovely things.

I also think it’s kind of awesome that de-aged Derek is mostly played out with Stiles: Stiles is the only one who recognises young!Derek as Derek; Stiles is the one who is very reluctant to leave Derek at Deaton’s; Stiles is the one who takes de-aged Derek home (awww). There might be nothing in it and there might be everything in it, but I like the fact that when Derek is in this soft, bright green shirt (at an age where he has lost Paige but not his family quite yet) it’s Stiles who knows him as their Derek, it’s Stiles who he gets cocky around and shows off in front of by speaking Spanish just to piss him off (ah, true love). I think it possibly hints towards the fact Derek is most comfortable with Stiles when it comes to having fun and letting walls down (also shown by the scene where he lets Stiles touch him after Boyd dies - you know, aside from the fun part). I think it also points to the fact that if there is one person in the future who he could be his whole self around again (the person who he was before the fire) it’s a future Stiles (also hinted at in the anchor scene).

And okay, so I went way off track here?? And I am sure I didn’t even make sense??? You only came to my inbox to ask a simple leather jacket related question and instead you got me rambling about emotional stability and soft sweaters??  In answer to your question, I am sure Derek owned more than one leather jacket - I don’t assume he would have risked his dad’s jacket by wearing it all the time. It’s way too important to him. 

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Hey, I saw your tags on the ladywongs post, so I just wanted to know your opinion about the latest touka/mutsuki. honestly, I feel it unnecessarily complicated something so simple and it made me feel violated, cause I feel like I loved a character that was not touka. Do you perhaps...have an insight you wanna share?

Well, I was grateful for the shoutout that meta gave me and I’ve been a fan of a lot of metas that writer has produced, but this one in particular I very much disagreed with. I think the claim that Touka loves the idea of Kaneki while not really understanding the person ignores the fact that every time she’s made a serious observation about Kaneki she’s been bang on the money.

If she idolises Kaneki so, why has she made such a damning assessment about him? And it’s not just an assessment of the changed Shironeki that she resents, it extends to the Kuroneki she supposedly idolises as well. And what’s more, she’s completely right. This is even acknowledged by Kaneki himself.

Touka doesn’t idolise an image of Kaneki. Far from it. The chapter on the bridge is titled “Penetration” because Touka sees past the roles Kaneki plays to the scared kid inside. At this point, she probably has the best understanding of Kaneki than anyone in the series - maybe even more than Hide. For further proof, Touka knows at a FREAKING GLANCE just what Kaneki intends to do to himself when they meet up at Cochlea.

If this was just a casual “Seeya”, do you think it would be all Touka would say to him after all this time? She can tell Kaneki has no intention of making it out alive, so the first thing she does is to remind him that his death won’t affect him alone, and it very clearly shakes him up; setting him on the path to choose to live. Just like how their confrontation on the bridge convinced Kaneki to go back to Anteiku, if not quite in time.

Touka’s not being unreasonable because the Kaneki she idolised has changed. She’s mad because Kaneki’s going down a path of self-destruction, and it does destroy him. In the last quarter of the first manga the narrative breaks its back pointing out that Kaneki’s gone too far down the Shironeki path - it’s not just Touka, it’s also Yoshimura, Nishiki, even resident devil on Kaneki’s shoulder Shuu, not to mention events like Kaneki stabbing Banjou, seeing Rize crazed and helpless, and all the foreshadowing packed into ‘The Hanged Man’s McGuffin’. Touka is trying to help Kaneki because she genuinely does know what’s best for him because she genuinely understands him. I don’t think anyone would try to claim that convincing Kaneki to live at Cochlea was a bad thing either.

Now if Touka is ‘obsessed’ with Kaneki, if it can’t possibly be love because they only knew each other for two months, then it would stand to reason that Kaneki would be far, far more important to Touka than she would be for him.

Then why is it that in Kaneki’s mind, after only knowing Touka for two months and Hide for all his life, Touka is on equal footing with Hide? He includes the whole of Anteiku in the above panel, but Touka gets special mention with Hide in the next. 

And here, in his dying moments, Touka gets the biggest panel, placed on the next page for the biggest effect. Touka is just as important to Kaneki as vice-versa. 

But neither is ‘obsessed’ with the other.

Touka broke into Cochlea to save Hinami, not Kaneki. She didn’t even know he was there. She most definitely has a life outside Kaneki and her love for him is far from all-consuming. While he had lost his memories, she was fully willing to accept the possibility she might never talk to him again. She might love him, but if she was obsessed and didn’t have a life outside of him, there’s no way she could make a sacrifice like that even if her aim was selflessness. Yoshimura loved his daughter, and set up Anteiku anticipating her return, but he had a life outside of her too. It’s the same with Touka.

The original post tries to dismiss Touka’s feelings being a healthy form of love by comparing it to spending three years dedicating yourself to a co-worker who you knew for two months, but dumbing it down to their official relationship and a span of time removes an enormous amount of context to explain why she feels this way. In real life, you wouldn’t have fought side-by-side with your co-worker in life-threatening situations time and time again. These kind of high-pressure environments cause bonds and trust to become much much thicker much more quickly. “Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever”.

Sure Touka sees Arata in Kaneki. That’s not a bad thing at all. Arata was a great dude. Having an Arata in your life is a real positive thing, and there’s absolutely no reason why Touka shouldn’t chase it. People are hardwired to get with people who remind them of their parents - it’s in our genetic programming, it doesn’t diminish the love they feel for that person or make them love them less for who they are in the slightest. Trying to heal the wounds of old losses by emotionally investing yourself in new people is totally healthy - the unhealthy thing would be to shut yourself off from the world, just like Touka was doing at the start of the manga - a rut Kaneki helped her out of. It would be bad if she were just pretending that Kaneki was Arata, but she isn’t - she behaves totally differently around him and she has demonstrated many times an understanding of those personality traits Kaneki possesses that are completely different from Arata’s. It would be problematic if Kaneki got with someone who reminded him of his mother (read: Rize) because his mother was a horrible person; but Touka, even if she occasionally throws a hit at him (a product of her upbringing which is very rare nowadays - also Kaneki is nowhere near as vulnerable in this situation as he was a child, he’s the OEK for crying out loud), constantly gives Kaneki both the emotional attention and the hard truths that he needs.

This panel:

Is unambiguously a good thing. Touka’s development was never about growing into herself without the need for others, because she was already like that at the start of the manga. Touka’s development was about rediscovering the humanity she cast aside to protect herself from pain, and then balancing that with the strength she found with being a Ghoul. The first stage was greatly aided by Kaneki - whom she indeed admired, but never idolised - and the second stage she completed herself. 

Mutsuki’s love is a different beast entirely than Touka’s love. Mutsuki’s focus on Touka was precisely to emphasise Mutsuki’s jealousy, because Mutsuki recognises the bond Kaneki and Touka share. Mutsuki’s feelings are not meant to parallel Touka’s, but tie in with the other complicated entanglements of this arc, showcasing different kinds of love. I do strongly believe we’ll get both Touken and Akiramon resolutions soon, and positive ones too; the negativity around love this arc has displayed to us so far is set up to make those two relationships shine brighter.

So don’t worry anon, just because a meta says Touka is different from how you think about her doesn’t mean it’s right - it’s all a matter of interpretation. No one person’s opinion is automatically more important than another (except in this case maybe Sui Ishida - and maybe not even then, if you adhere to Death Of The Author literary theory), your analysis is just as valid as anyone else’s if you can argue it with evidence.

But even so, I am very much of the opinion in this fandom that if you see any meta that tries to claim that none of the main characters have developed at all since the start of the manga, take it with approximately this much salt:

Mr Holmes, you and I are similar, I think

In spite of the fact that Sholto appears to live as a total recluse who avoids contact with the outside world as much as possible, he has the cash to employ his own cook, gardener, security…

He probably also owns a detached house on a decent size plot of land, in order to maintain that level of privacy and to justify having a gardener. 

And we’ve all learnt from John just how far trying to be a hermit on only the army pension will get you.

In other words…..

Major James Sholto is a posh boy.

it’s common knowledge that the names of the three elven rings match the fates of the three Silmarils, but think about the ring-bearers, too —

  • elrond is obvious; he had the ring of air, but he didn’t have his father, who was sailing through the sky with a silmaril on his brow
  • galadriel and maglor were the last of the grandchildren of finwë left in middle-earth; she bore the ring of water and longed to go back across the sea all that time, while his fate was to wander the shoreline after he flung his silmaril into the sea
  • gandalf, wearing the ring of fire, fell into the deepest parts of moria battling a demon made of flame; maedhros threw himself and his silmaril into a fiery chasm

and i wonder if the wise and knowledgeable ring-bearers could’ve noticed this, and if gandalf’s death would’ve, in a way, completed the last of the parallels

and i wonder, then, if a part of him knew, or perhaps thought he knew, that at some point he would have to die.

I would have really loved to see an extension of this plot thread

When Shinohara visited Anteiku, he sensed some familiarity in Touka. This was because he was on the Corpse Collector case (with Mado) and was responsible for hunting down the Kirishimas, capturing Arata and sending Investigators after Touka and Ayato.

Shinohara had his own young family and was a loving Father. How would he have felt about condemning young ghoul children to die? I would have loved a confrontation between Touka, Ayato and Shinohara in the future, where he learns they were Arata’s children and comes to feel guilt over his actions in tearing their family apart. That’s the type of conflict I want to see in the CCG Investigators in current manga time as we shift towards humans and ghouls coming to understand each other more and more.

I want to write probably a million pages of meta because I’ve now spent two months thinking everything through and it’s like it’s starting to make sense to me and I want to share that, but guess whose real life insists on intruding upon my quality time with Sherlock and John.

For now though, just…

I’m on TV. I’m on kids’ TV. I’m The Storyteller. I’m … I’m The Storyteller. It’s on DVD…

(Literally on DVD)

I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are: a junky who solves crimes to get high, and the doctor who never came home from the war.

An Incomplete List of the Things Shaw loves about Root

- when Root tries to wink, but she always fails to keep one eye open. she seems to have no idea that she is doing something wrong, nor know why Reese and Harold chuckle when she attemps to wink at them
- when she uses really bad—like, nauseatingly bad—pick-up lines. and that whenever she uses them her face breaks into a wide, idiotic grin that sometimes makes Shaw grin too even if she tries not to
- when she calls her “sweetie” in her ~overt-come on~ voice
- when she lets Shaw eat off of her plate without protest. and that she doesn’t take anything from Shaw’s plate, even though that would be fair
- when she uses two guns at once
- when she talks to Bear in a silly voice while scratching his belly
- when she shuffles half-asleep across the kitchen in her bunny slippers for coffee in the morning after a late night of coding or saving the world
- that she always has her nails painted black because she is just that Extra™
- when she tries to act all cynical about the world but she is somehow still a hopeless, dumb romantic
- that she rides a motorcycle
- when she complains about being cold just so she has an excuse to curl up next to Actual Space Heater Shaw, even when the room is really warm and she can’t possibly be cold
- when her Texan accent bleeds through and she calls Shaw “darlin’”
- when she tries to sing along with the songs on the radio but she is really bad with remembering the lyrics and she sings half the words wrong. neither Shaw nor The Machine have the heart to correct her
- that she always lets Shaw drive
- when she falls asleep on the couch with her glasses half off her nose and her computer still balanced on her lap and she’s snoring lightly and it’s just really precious—even Shaw can admit that
- that when Shaw is upset, she doesn’t try to pry at what’s wrong when she doesn’t want her to and it’s enough to just be together
- when they encounter a dangerous situation and she grins in a way that terrifies anyone who isn’t Shaw and says “ready to have some fun?”
- when she gets annoyed with a man and her wide, innocent eyes become deadly (and the man’s eyes become terrified)
- when she uses combat moves she picked up from Shaw
- when they are lounging in bed or on the couch or somewhere and she runs her fingers across Shaw’s back, giving her chills
- when she yawns and looks like a tired puppy
- that regardless of how abnormal or broken she sometimes thinks she is, Root never fails to make her feel perfect

I honestly still cry about this smile. It was probably the first time he had smiled in MONTHS and he looks like such a little boy with pure joy on his face because Jemma is back and safe. After months of being terrified, feeling so alone, not knowing if she was alive or in pain, and he can FINALLY wrap his arms around her and know for certain that she’s safe. It also makes me laugh because I feel like there’s a little bit of “I told you so” impishness there too because he did what everyone kept telling him was impossible. MY BOY. Iain does SO MUCH with one look. :’)

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Only child viktor nikiforov freaks the first time he sees yuuri and mari sibling fighting, and fears a family falling out

The door slams.

Yuuri sits on his bed and rubs at his temple, and Victor just watches, unused to seeing his fiancé angry like this. He gets frustrated often, and anxious, sure–but angry? He hardly ever gets angry. And Mari, Mari had been even worse, her voice had been raised and her face flushed…

“Is everything okay?” he asks, keeping his voice gentle.

“Fine,” Yuuri snaps back, not looking up at him.

Victor’s feet grow heavier underneath him. Had they really just…? Had they really just fought and left without making it up to one another? Victor hadn’t been able to understand the quick slings of Japanese phrases, but he’d gotten the gist of the argument, which had something to do with the operation the hot springs.

“Sorry,” Yuuri adds, shaking his head. “Sorry, it’s… Everything’s fine.”

He flinches remembering the shrill sound of Mari’s voice.

For a second, he’s a teenager again–and Mari’s voice changes into Lilia’s, Yuuri sitting on the bed turns into Yakov sinking into the bench at the rink. He shivers.

Victor remembers this, and sits beside Yuuri on the bed. “Go and talk to her.”

Yuuri looks at him, shakes his head slowly. His words don’t contain the same bite from before, but they’re still terse. “Why should I be the one to–”


There’s a change in Yuuri’s features, then, a shifting of emotions. His eyebrows narrow. “Victor, are you…? You know that Mari and I have gotten into fights before, right?”

Victor takes Yuuri’s hand and his fingers instinctively move to play with the ring on it, spinning it absent-mindedly. “Fights as bad as that?”

“Worse,” he answers, and smiles, as though remembering something. “But it’s always about little things. And when we look back on it, we both recognize that it was silly. Don’t worry. We’re fine.” He tucks some of Victor’s hair behind his ear. His voice lowers. “You never had a sibling to fight with, I guess.”

Victor shrugs. “I saw Lilia and Yakov fight.”

“Oh, Victor, that’s…” He purses his lips. “I’m sorry. I’ll go talk to her right now. Don’t worry about it.”

Before he can get up, Victor hugs him hard. “I don’t ever want to fight with you.”

“But it’s normal,” Yuuri promises. “It’s healthy. Like with me and Mari, it’s all situational–we both love each other deep down. Fighting doesn’t change how you feel about another person. I’d love you before a fight, during a fight, after a fight. That can never change.”

He lets those words sink in as he buries his face in Yuuri’s shoulder. “I love you no matter what, too.”

Me: There’s no way twd writers would have the balls to make Desus canon. Too many homophobes would be pissed off. Remember the kiss between Aaron and Eric?

Also me: They purposefully made the episode Daryl and Jesus met cute and funny and FULL of romantic content between multiple couples. And they also made it an episode that sticks out in people’s minds because Rick and Michonne finally hook up.

Also me: And they’ve drawn attention to Daryl’s lack of a romantic life and have him being told by other character(s) he should give a relationship a try RIGHT AFTER he meets Jesus.

Also me: They also show Daryl consistently bonding with everyone who isn’t straight in all of his more recent relationships.

Also me: Tom and Norman are adorable and their characters have fantastic chemistry and they’re not at all discomfited by the desus shippers and they seem like they’d be all for it.

Also me: Jesus is canonically gay and Daryl’s sexuality has never been defined but he’s not shown interest in women.

Also me: This would make perfect sense! This would work on every level of the show! This is consistent story telling!

Me, having seen S4 of Sherlock: Nah, fam.

sometimes i remember that it’s been a long long time is a song from 1945 from the perspective of someone welcoming home their spouse or lover at the end of the war and that they, the makers of captain america: the winter soldier, chose this specific song to play in the background just seconds before steve and bucky’s first (at the time unknown) meeting after seventy years

One of my favorite things about Anders is just how much love and caring he has inside of him.

He loved Karl so much that he set aside his hatred of templars and confinement to stay with him in The Circle (and later, do everything in his power to track him down).

He cares so much about the downtrodden and disenfranchised that he ran a free medical clinic for years even though he never had to.

And he loves a romanced Hawke deeply, thoroughly, fiercely, despite the fact that by his own admission Hawke can never come before his cause.

I have seen some people say that they don’t like the Anders romance because of that, because Hawke can never be his number one priority. But frankly, that boy has enough love, enough caring, inside of him that he can afford to spread it around.

He LOVES, and I love him for it.

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

That whole episode was a huge mirror for Cas and Dean, and I can’t even imagine how is it possible to read it as not Destiel-coded.

To recap:

  • Dean is canonically Castiel’s human wakness. Sam and Dean are his friends, but Dean himself is his weakness. CANONICALLY!
  • It is more common for the angels to fall in love with humans than we originally thought. I wonder what could that mean?  👀
  • Ishim is a mirror for Cas: he fell in love with a human as an angel in a high position, he broke the rules, he showed Lily the Enochian magic, BUT unlike Cas, Ishim doesn’t have a pure selfless loving heart like Cas does, so he turned out evil, not wanting his secret to screw him over. Also his love was an obsession that lead to other angel’s deaths. Ishim is how the Heaven views Castiel, but this image was completely destroyed in the end.
  • We are told two things: Angels do fall in love with humans, but having a child with a human is an abomination. We are also being told that Benjamin’s relationship with his vessel is something more than friendship (THEY SAY IT IS A ‘FRIENDSHIP’, SOUNDS FAMILIAR, DOESN’T IT?), which is obviously broadly accepted, or at least not hunted down, because they don’t have a child. Castiel was known to have a female vessel, and if he kept her, he would probably cause a problem on that matter between him and Dean. Now, Castiel is visibly proud of Jim’s vessel, meaning he is comfortable in a man’s body (in s11 he even said ‘MY BODY’), and has a deep friendship with Dean… What can we deduce about that?   🔍 👀 👀 👀
  • Not to mention the “Old Married Couple Bickering” because that doesn’t even need an explanation.

Yeah, sure Jenny. Destiel isn’t real. Whatever you say. 

You know what I love most about Bellarke?

That you cannot pinpoint a moment in the series where they fell completely and utterly in love with each other- you just know that THEY ARE. And, guess what? They’re not going to be able to determine that moment either. It’s been a silent part of both of their characters for so long that loving each other is practically second nature. 

But the moment that they fell in love with each other doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are in love.

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I headcanon Ketch is all over 'alternative substances' ....

You know what, I think you’re right. But I don’t think his idea of a good time on drugs and DEAN’S idea of a good time on drugs is the same.

Dean is the “let’s split this joint and watch movies under some warm blankets and eat nachos” kind of dude

Ketch is the “let’s do cocaine off a stripper’s ass in the casino VIP lounge on a Tuesday afternoon” kind of dude

(Ketch is a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie - motorcycle, tattoos, reckless awol missions/problem with authority, indiscriminate killing. Dean is not. Often they are poised as the same in canon, but their reasons for doing similar things are different, which I think would translate here as well.)

I just have a lot of feelings about nygmobblepot 

so, I always end up thinking of oswald’s quote from season 1: “When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him." and how, after shooting oswald, ed is going to feel like he died that day too.

and he’s not going to know why he feels that way, he won’t understand, he’ll probably feel lost which adds to the idea of him trying to find himself and becoming the riddler, then one day it’s just going to hit him that he feels this way because he’s in love with oswald

I mean, I believe he’s been in love with oswald this whole time but he never got that moment where it really hit him (on a conscious level, perhaps on a deeper level he was somewhat aware), whereas oswald did. we saw oswald realise his feelings during the fireplace scene in 3x05 and then it was confirmed in 3x06, we haven’t had that moment with ed, but we will. I mean, this picture lends its hand to that. 

and then, because I love pain, you have ed’s quote from season 2: “for some men, love is a source of strength. but for you and I, it will always be our most crippling weakness.” but this was after he’d killed kristen and as we know any love there was obsessive and even if he genuinely did love her (which I believe he did) it was always doomed. and with isabella we the audience know that wasn’t love and even if it was, it’s different with oswald, they have a history that goes far beyond just being in love.

this just adds to this idea that ed is going to realise he’s in love with oswald and that’s why he feels so much pain. he’s going to realise that it was only his most crippling weakness because what he had with kristen and isabella wasn’t real love, but with oswald it is.

also, in terms of oswald’s mother she was only his most crippling weakness because he kept her in the dark and refused to distance himself from her to keep her safe, yes that’s partly down to love, but also partly down to arrogance and wanting more than he could have (i.e. being king of gotham and having his mother by his side). but what we’ve seen from season 3 is actually love has had some pretty positive effects on oswald,

anyway, it’s 5am and I’m not used to getting up this early so you can blame that and also @endless-nygmobblepot​ a little for this