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Volleyball!SF9 AU

I’m so sorry for the wait! I absolutely did not have any inspiration for this one when I said it was coming out originally.

I made too many parallels to the Hawaii Men’s Volleyball Team tbh. It was only two but like I wanted to keep it to at most, one.

Outsides: The big guns. These boys are all about the offense. The go-to attackers ready for any set, even off of a 1-point pass. Get the most sets and make the most errors, but their kills make up for any points lost 

Kim Youngbin

At first I was going to put Youngbin at setter but then I realized, Youngbin is strong af. Like when I saw he beat Inseong at arm wrestling WITH BOTH ARMS I knew he had to be in a hitter position. Outside!Taeyang and him would definitely be the two starting outsides. People may not expect Youngbin to be able to hit the shots he can, but that just leads to a lot more people to impress. He loves the line shot, right in front of the right back defender. Another shot he would use would be the hit either off high hands or off the block and out. He’s the smallest of the two starters and understands that his height can be a disadvantage - so in turn, he takes advantage of the wall the opposition provides him. As far as blocking, I don’t see him getting many but that doesn’t effect his level of play. When he rotates into the back row, he would serve a jump float with a lot of weight. It can really take a toll of the opposing team when not handled properly. Stays in the back row to pass and does a fantastic job defending the left back/area 5 of the court. Puts in all his effort while passing. Would be the captain of the volleyball squad and to him, that isn’t just a title given to him - it’s a mold he has to fit. Takes insane care of his squad in order to insure success and love throughout the team.  

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Yoo Taeyang

Taeyang would be the flashy outside hitter for the squad. Definitely would get a lot of attention. Loves hitting the cross court shot. When a tough block is faced in front of him, he won’t be afraid to try and blast a ball through it. Doesn’t really tip all that often but when he does, he tries to create a campfire in the offense. Behind the block is his best friend. Gets most of the blocks on the left side with his strong arms and huge vertical. Would definitely have a top spin jump serve when he gets behind the service line. He would be all about getting those aces, but that also means he could have a high amount of service errors along with it. Definitely would be open to hitting the bick/back row quick. The number of attackers changes from 3 to 4 when he rotates to the back. He’s really an all around player, fulfilling his duties in the back court as well. On the court, he is this huge personality and huge presence but off the court, his whole demeanor changes into a shy boy. When the line-ups are being called and he steps out into the sea of screams, the sunshine shines brightest.

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Kim Youngkyun (Hwiyoung)

Hwiyoung would be the up and coming outside hitter for the squad. He has shown a lot of potential during practice but doesn’t receive a lot of playing time during actual games. He definitely would be more reserved when starting out on the court before he is confident enough to just swing away. Once he’s in his serious mode, he becomes one of the smarter hitters on the team, not being afraid to use the off speed shots. Is a decent blocker on the outside pin, probably has a little bit of timing issues, especially with a faster offense. Definitely asks his hyungs (Especially Middle!Zuho and Middle!Rowoon) about blocking and the correct timing involved. When he serves, he serves a simple jump float in order to get back in the game. I don’t see him staying all that long in the back row for defense. Would probably get replaced by DS!Chani, even before he serves sometimes. Just because he doesn’t get all that much playing time, his fans still scream as loud as they can when he gets called out as a reserve.

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Middle Blockers: Part 1 of the major defense of each team. Height and speed are needed, although height can be substituted for a mad vertical. Don’t get set often but their efficiency is through the roof.  

Baek Juho (Zuho)

Zuho would be a blocking force at the net. His “sexy and erotic” body (I still can’t believe he said this please return baek juho) is able to move across the net swiftly getting to the pins with ease. His height paired with a strong vertical makes him fly above the net. Long limbs can get in the way though as the opposition can tool off his block easily but what can you do? Even turning your hands in can’t always fix that problem. Doesn’t see as many sets as his counter parts, but when he does, he is able to terminate in the deep corners. Would serve a jump float when he rotates to his one spot in the back row. If the ball comes to him during his service run, he will try his hardest to keep the ball alive, although it isn’t always pretty. He always gives 110%, in practice and in games. Zuho is also like two completely different people when you get to know him. On the outside, he can seem really intimidating and scary, especially on the court during a game atmosphere. On the inside however, like on the bench and in practice, people can see how much of a dork he really is.

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Kim Seokwoo (Rowoon)

Rowoon would be the offensive middle for the SF9 team. Out of the two middles, he definitely receives the most sets. Although deep corners are the sweet spots for any hitter, Rowoon loves hitting straight down, and he has the height and the strength to do it. Would also ram a ball against the block and out for points. As far as blocking, he doesn’t move as well laterally as Zuho does but his placing his strong arms across the net still result in stuffs. When serving, he would serve a top spin jump serve but not one with a lot of risk. He loves playing defense and does not want to miss his serve cause no serve = no defense. Honestly reminds me of Patrick Gasman from the University of Hawaii. Like literally that was where that came from but to me, it honestly fit Rowoon. He actually is a pretty decent passer and could play defense, but Libero!Dawon gets the playing time instead. Could actually be one of the pin hitters as well, but the team was missing a middle. Gets the team a lot of promotion through attending and hosting different shows and events.

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Right Side/Opposite: Swings from behind the setter. In charge of shutting down the outside attack, which is vital since the outside gets the most sets. Does not get set often but when they do, they usually terminate.  

Kim Inseong

Our first opposite who is left handed (as far as I know)! Lefties are very common on the right side as the angle is a lot easier for those with that dominant hand. They usually terminate a lot of balls on the right pin as their shot library is a lot bigger than those right handed folks in the opposite position. Inseong is very strong both mentally and physically and he’ll be very effective. He loves hitting that line shot and testing the libero, and for him, it’s very easy on that pin. If he tips, he likes to swipe the ball off the block and out. He tries to block as much as possible and will commit sometimes to the middle, especially on the three set. It results in a bigger wall, but also that means Setter!Jaeyoon will have to be ready for the tip as well as the hard driven line shot. When serving, he’d definitely want to serve a top spin serve. He wants power in any swing he does. His back row responsibilities are mainly on passing but occasionally he will hit the D set as well. International representative when they travel abroad, giving the team a mature and calm reputation - boy, aren’t they surprised…  

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Setter: In charge of spreading around the ball, allowing the offense to be run. Need nice hands to deliver a clean ball to any area of the court. Speed is also vital as location of the first contact varies especially when the level of play increases.    

Lee Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon was a bit of a challenge for me but ultimately he landed here, in the setting position. Sets all the way around the court but loves being in the front court. He starts serving first with a top spin jump serve. Through his time in the back row, he is still very active. When Opposite!Inseong goes up to block the middle attack or the 3 set, he has to be on his toes in order to be ready to get that tip shot. If he has to take the first ball, then he gives the ball to Libero!Dawon so all of his hitters can get to their positions to hit. When he rotates to the front, that is where Jaeyoon has his fun. He loves being able to attack in the front row. And blocking? Just the word gets him so excited. Blocks better than Inseong on the right side pin to be honest. Reminds me of Jennings Franciskovic from, you guessed it, the Hawaii’s Men’s Volleyball Team. He is such a physical blocker at the net and really makes his presence known. Such a loud player oh my god, he is honestly too much. Always does something extra when called out for the starting line-ups.

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Libero/Denfensive Specialist: Have the best passing skill. Second part of the major defense team. Reserved as best receivers and servers. Height is not required as they don’t play at the net. Liberos do not take up substitutions and they wear an off-colored jersey. Goes into the back row for the middle. DSs go into the back court for either the right side or outside player and take up a substitution.

Lee Sanghyuk (Dawon)

Position: Libero

Dawon only struck me as a libero. Reminds everyone of Libero!Jackson. Will go all out for every ball. During serve receive, he prefers to be behind the ball and pass than in front of the ball and pass overhead. As far as receiving, he may not always be in the perfect spot, but he stops his feet and reacts quickly. If a pass gets shanked, you best believe this boy will be chasing after it, chairs or barriers become just stepping stools for him. When this boy gets a pancake, oh boy, plug your ears. He will be screaming up and up until the first ref need hearing aids. The biggest celebrator on this team. Swears by using knee pads because wow the floor hurts. Wears protective sleeves in order to prevent floor burns. Loves sacrificing his body but absolutely hates the pain that proceeds. When serving, he’d serve a jump float. Everyone wants him on more shows to show his personality, but he would rather be in the gym polishing his gem. King of recovery and rehab. Has heat packs for days and KT Tape for miles.

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Kang Chanhee (Chani)

Position: Defensive Specialist

Chani would definitely be a defensive specialist. He’d be a secret weapon when he comes on the court. No one expects him to do much but pass, but his serve and back row attacks fly across the net with so much power. That serve would definitely be a top spin jump serve, he’d have the most aces on the team. If Outside!Hwiyoung doesn’t come into the match, Chani will sometimes be inserted for Middle!Zuho so the team can have a strong serve inserted into the rotations for every match. Doesn’t exactly know where to defend in the middle back but knows the basics. If Outside!Hwiyoung does play, he will serve and play the back court for him. Chani defends the left side of the court with precision and will pop the ball up with whatever can reach. If none of the hitters are producing much or a rally is going on for a while, Chani will fly in from absolutely nowhere to hit the pipe shot. People are shocked by his tough exterior yet cute and sweet personality. Never gives Outside!Hwiyoung a break. Loves his team and his hyungs.

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Wow for some reason I’m not as proud of this one. I hope this one is still good!

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CHEESE IN THE TRAP DEMOGRAPHICS: the types of people who watch this show

TYPE 1: Only here for the visuals

“Omg yoojung is hott!!!!!! omg inho is hot!!!! they’re so cute!!!!!!! i don’t really care about character development but who’s gonna end up with seol????? i wanna marry them omg”

These people are the classic casual watchers of k-drama that are there just to spazz about looks. Some might dismiss Seol as plain looking, etc. They tend to like any lead that looks better to them.

TYPE 2: Judges from the surface/ Armchair Psychologists


These people tend to go for InhoSeol, and most likely, they have deemed Jung as a cold, crazy insane psychopath along the lines of Hannibal from very early on in the show. They’re the people who are the first to comment in blogs or articles and they write paragraphs on how Yoojung is horribly inhumane and how the romance has no chemistry and how Inho is more deserving of everything, etc. 

Some will act more intellectual. Example:

“42 Kimyoung

February 2nd, 2016 at 9:14 PM

Never read the webtoon but watching this drama so far, I think Yoo Jung has a classic case of Aspergers Syndrome. He feels absolutely no compassion or feelings for anything and this form of autism description suits him to a T. Redemption is at least with Seol, he seems to be trying.

The episode last night was disturbing. I dunno how people can still ship an OTP where the girl was in a fight with a another, risking getting hurt and her man who supposedly cares just stands a corner and watch. I was INCREDULOUS. Wouldn’t it be instinctive for anyone in a relationship to be even more protective. I will dump the guy in a heartbeat if this was my situation. So he anticipated minor injuries and bought medication as a remedy. What if its more serious, just pay for surgery if something breaks. OMG.

I’m beginning to think thats the case with Inho’s hand. He likely got into trouble with those thugs because of standing up for Yoojung and when he was being beaten to a pulp by them, Yoojung probably stood by and did nothing to help and resulted in Inho’s hand being damaged.

I honestly don’t care about his secret pain and rubbish darkness that needs a damsel to rescue him. Just because he’s Park Hae Jin is no excuse for poor character.

A point of reference to the psychology of self centered people:http://www.nytimes.com/1964/03/27/37-who-saw-murder-didnt-call-the-police.html?_r=0

In closing – I never liked shipping wars but if the yardstick is measured on how to treat a girl right and not how to pander to Mr. Perfect. In-ho wins hands down. He’s NORMAL and so are his reactions. Will take his explosiveness and protectiveness anyway over a guy I’m forever trying to understand and JUSTIFY for.”

They will go on forever on how Jung is scary. These people tend to not have actual experience with mental disorders, social aversion or APD, but they will claim so. Ask them for qualified views, and they’d probably do this:

TYPE 3: The character analyzers// “chill guys stop diagnosing Jung”

“42.2.2 Lin

February 3rd, 2016 at 3:49 AM

Thank you. As a grad clinical psychology student I read all the comments on identification and diagnosis of Jung’s pathology and I like….does the audience know how difficult is is to identify such a thing and how it is so much more that checking off boxes of requirements met. We haven’t even gotten the background on Jung’s childhood, home environment, parental rearing, do much social developmental history we need and ever much beyond that. Those quick to label him as something or the is just like. You need so much more information.”

These people tend to go VERY in depth with character development of individual people and they focus less on the romance/shipping but spend time picking out prospects for reconciliation/growth and draw parallels to real-life situations, etc.

Probably the less aggressive ones out there. Also more likely to point out flaws in every character, esp Jung, but will defend them from haste judgement.

TYPE 4: The shippers of the drama couple

We all know what they do, but sometimes they overlap into any of the previous types in order to support their claims and to show that their OTP is actually the superior one and the right one, etc. 

TYPE 5: Actor stans/shippers

/religiously watches every behind-the-scenes video and timestamps every interaction/

They’ve probably watch most of Kim Goeun’s movies. They know about PHJ and SKJ’s past dramas too. Some of them may ship Haejin and Goeun in real life too, and yeah, there’s a lot of ship evidence, and they definitely won’t overlook any of it. 

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VOY 3X20 “Favorite Son”

Another entry in the “Harry Kim Must Suffer” series of episodes. This time it’s not at the hands of scary clowns, space STDs, parallel universes or promotion-stingy Captain Janeway. This time, Harry Kim is imperilled by that most dangerous of foes: a society of sexy women!

We start out with Harry on the bridge experiencing deja vu to the point that he takes tactical control and fires on a newly encountered vessel without apparent provocation. Everyone else is hella taken aback.

By the way, when they say “acting is reacting,” this is what they mean:

And my new favourite reaction shot:

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