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Hey, its the anon who asked the 1-pick question, :) I agree that anyone that isnt jihoon, daniel and jonghyun should be concerned too my favorites are ong and daniel so while i know dainel will be okay i am worried for ong... early on a lot of people were saying that he could be this years kim nayoung - dropping out of the top in the last couple of episodes, do you think he could still drop out? i would be devastated if after maintaining top 8 for the whole show he loses it at the end :(

Well, I’d say first off that there’s no point in comparing this season with the last, the variables have changed completely, so there’s no reason to be too worried about these pessimistic parallels :) 

Kim Nayoung’s fall was because of company voting going south after one pick, and we’ve seen very little of that this season (outside of Nu’est). There isn’t much company interaction being broadcast while the Jellyfish and Fantagio girls seemed inseparable on screen last year so their votes came in clusters. 

Ong-ssi has a lot of fans - he gets support primarily from a wide range of people, his really, very, heol hyperbole thing trended and he trends on Naver often too. He even looks like an actor and usually gets positive, memorable screentime from Mnet and is hilarious. Someone told me that Hong Seokcheon spoke of him as his fixed pick too, which is telling about his potential popularity.  

Having him not debut would not only be a shock, but a tremendous shame because of what a genuinely well rounded idol he is, so don’t worry about gloomy speculations and just hope for the best!!

CHEESE IN THE TRAP DEMOGRAPHICS: the types of people who watch this show

TYPE 1: Only here for the visuals

“Omg yoojung is hott!!!!!! omg inho is hot!!!! they’re so cute!!!!!!! i don’t really care about character development but who’s gonna end up with seol????? i wanna marry them omg”

These people are the classic casual watchers of k-drama that are there just to spazz about looks. Some might dismiss Seol as plain looking, etc. They tend to like any lead that looks better to them.

TYPE 2: Judges from the surface/ Armchair Psychologists


These people tend to go for InhoSeol, and most likely, they have deemed Jung as a cold, crazy insane psychopath along the lines of Hannibal from very early on in the show. They’re the people who are the first to comment in blogs or articles and they write paragraphs on how Yoojung is horribly inhumane and how the romance has no chemistry and how Inho is more deserving of everything, etc. 

Some will act more intellectual. Example:

“42 Kimyoung

February 2nd, 2016 at 9:14 PM

Never read the webtoon but watching this drama so far, I think Yoo Jung has a classic case of Aspergers Syndrome. He feels absolutely no compassion or feelings for anything and this form of autism description suits him to a T. Redemption is at least with Seol, he seems to be trying.

The episode last night was disturbing. I dunno how people can still ship an OTP where the girl was in a fight with a another, risking getting hurt and her man who supposedly cares just stands a corner and watch. I was INCREDULOUS. Wouldn’t it be instinctive for anyone in a relationship to be even more protective. I will dump the guy in a heartbeat if this was my situation. So he anticipated minor injuries and bought medication as a remedy. What if its more serious, just pay for surgery if something breaks. OMG.

I’m beginning to think thats the case with Inho’s hand. He likely got into trouble with those thugs because of standing up for Yoojung and when he was being beaten to a pulp by them, Yoojung probably stood by and did nothing to help and resulted in Inho’s hand being damaged.

I honestly don’t care about his secret pain and rubbish darkness that needs a damsel to rescue him. Just because he’s Park Hae Jin is no excuse for poor character.

A point of reference to the psychology of self centered people:http://www.nytimes.com/1964/03/27/37-who-saw-murder-didnt-call-the-police.html?_r=0

In closing – I never liked shipping wars but if the yardstick is measured on how to treat a girl right and not how to pander to Mr. Perfect. In-ho wins hands down. He’s NORMAL and so are his reactions. Will take his explosiveness and protectiveness anyway over a guy I’m forever trying to understand and JUSTIFY for.”

They will go on forever on how Jung is scary. These people tend to not have actual experience with mental disorders, social aversion or APD, but they will claim so. Ask them for qualified views, and they’d probably do this:

TYPE 3: The character analyzers// “chill guys stop diagnosing Jung”

“42.2.2 Lin

February 3rd, 2016 at 3:49 AM

Thank you. As a grad clinical psychology student I read all the comments on identification and diagnosis of Jung’s pathology and I like….does the audience know how difficult is is to identify such a thing and how it is so much more that checking off boxes of requirements met. We haven’t even gotten the background on Jung’s childhood, home environment, parental rearing, do much social developmental history we need and ever much beyond that. Those quick to label him as something or the is just like. You need so much more information.”

These people tend to go VERY in depth with character development of individual people and they focus less on the romance/shipping but spend time picking out prospects for reconciliation/growth and draw parallels to real-life situations, etc.

Probably the less aggressive ones out there. Also more likely to point out flaws in every character, esp Jung, but will defend them from haste judgement.

TYPE 4: The shippers of the drama couple

We all know what they do, but sometimes they overlap into any of the previous types in order to support their claims and to show that their OTP is actually the superior one and the right one, etc. 

TYPE 5: Actor stans/shippers

/religiously watches every behind-the-scenes video and timestamps every interaction/

They’ve probably watch most of Kim Goeun’s movies. They know about PHJ and SKJ’s past dramas too. Some of them may ship Haejin and Goeun in real life too, and yeah, there’s a lot of ship evidence, and they definitely won’t overlook any of it. 

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VOY 3X20 “Favorite Son”

Another entry in the “Harry Kim Must Suffer” series of episodes. This time it’s not at the hands of scary clowns, space STDs, parallel universes or promotion-stingy Captain Janeway. This time, Harry Kim is imperilled by that most dangerous of foes: a society of sexy women!

We start out with Harry on the bridge experiencing deja vu to the point that he takes tactical control and fires on a newly encountered vessel without apparent provocation. Everyone else is hella taken aback.

By the way, when they say “acting is reacting,” this is what they mean:

And my new favourite reaction shot:

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