but key was hella cute


boiiiiii I literally never post selfies on here but today I felt way too cute not to????? this is the first time in my life that I’ve felt so incredibly confident in a bikini (and w no makeup on) and it’s THE BEST FEELING. I have a body and I’m at the beach so now I have a beach body! I can’t wait to flaunt it all summer long ✌🏻️✌🏻️✌🏻️

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V important question: do you like Miller? Cause I high key ship it


I mean sure, she’s clever, funny, cute, and like hella talented, but she also wears pre ripped jeans. It’s hard to ignore that cause they just don’t make her stand out. 

I like Miller very much, we are actually engaged and in the process of wedding planning. @asklilyluna They ship us babe!)

The Flex-Off

Short, goofy drabble based off of this post , which seems to have gotten a lot of attention.

Thanks to everyone who liked, reblogged, and added comments to this! I hope it lives up to what you were expecting! :)

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@torakodragon did this HELLA CUTE commission for me featuring Hal in fairy-kei and a no-frills-but-hella-cute Dave holding hands. LOOK AT THE TINY SNEAKERS. I also really want that hoodie??? (I also want it to be cold enough for me to wear hoodies)

 It’s really precious and I can imagine a whole scene playing out where Hal is really nervous because maybe it’s the first time he’s gone out in public dressed up (taking selfies for the internet is another thing entirely). Dave has assured him that it’s going to be okay, and he’ll hold his hand the whole time and if anyone gives him any trouble he will destroy them. Okay maybe he won’t punch anyone, but he’ll growl menacingly.

Also, cute mental image of Hal getting ready and Dave coming in and helping him pick out a hair clip and maybe even fastening it in his hair for him. Helpful boyfriend stuff.

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95, 47, 83, 72. I know Halloween(you can make it a Christmas costume) is long gone but I can't get the image of the reader dressing up their cute pug/weenier dog up for the holidays. And gigantor kylo has to walk him/deal with it. For all he complains he can't help but melt when he sees his s/o smile. Maybe the reader has a shitty day so he ends up walking into the room with their dressed up dog and a pair of antlers on? He just really need to see his love smile again. Embarrassment be damned.

Aww, so I low key needed this and am happy to write cause its hella cute haha.

Modern AU Kylo +  “Dogs don’t wear clothes!” +  “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” +  “Enough with the sass!” +  “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”

Slamming the door shut behind you, you heard a sudden rattle from the frames hanging on the walls. On any other day you might have cared, but for today, it was about as meaningful as a passing breeze. Though you prided yourself on being strong, even you had a limit. Today was most certainly the day you hit it. 

Stiffling a cry with your hand over your mouth, you moved swiftly towards your bedroom, not bothering to truly watch where you were even stepping. Though your eyes didn’t wander up, you could feel the undeniable heat of a gaze following you.


Muffled and soft you managed to make a sort of whimpering sound in response, not wanting to say much more. Your tears were already at the brink, speaking to Kylo would really only make them worse. 

His voice met your ears again, this time softer in tone, “What’s the matter?”

Hardly turning to look over your shoulder from the doorframe you mumbled out quickly.

“Nothing, I just want to be alone.”

With that you shut the door behind you, bringing a faint pang to Kylo’s chest. He was certain he hadn’t done anything to upset you, unless he had done it unconciously. His softer gaze turned to the coffee table before him, sighing in defeat. 

Turning his gaze up from the floor he was suddenly met with another pair of eyes staring back at him. Just a few inches before him sat your puppy Cujo, his head faintly tilted as he stared intently at Kylo. Kylo furrowed his brows.

“What are you looking at?”

Cujo scooted forward just slightly, nudging his head against Kylo’s calf as he made a low whimpering noise. Looking up from his small stature Cujo whimpered, his doe eyes glistening under the lights of your apartment. Sighing Kylo looked at him, only to suddenly get an idea.

Meanwhile in your room you laid on your bed, flat on your stomach with your face buried into a pillow. Tears streamed carelessly down your face as your body heaved with every sob you made. You were sure you looked like an absolute wreck with your nose running, your eyes red and puffy and your face flushed. To say the least, you looked exactly how you felt.

Suddenly you heard a faint knocking at your door, “(Y/N)?”

Muffled by your pillow you attempted to muster up the words, “Go away.”

They however proved to be of no avail as you heard Kylo push the door open, his feet lightly shuffling across your floor. The only positive side to this scenario was the fact that your “ugly crying” as you called it, was dying down. Your eyes were growing dry, your body growing tired from the heaves you put it through. 

Hearing shuffling next to you, you tried to keep your face buried into the pillow before you suddenly heard that familiar baritone voice right by you.

“Come on (Y/N) please…please.”

You shook your head faintly.

Suddenly the faint sound of jingling bells accompanied Kylo’s voice.

“I brought Cujo. You know we hate to see you cry.”

Feeling your heart warm the slightest at the sound of that your head slowly began to perk up from the pillow. As your eyes looked before you, you finally saw the adorable sight before you. Kylo in his usual all black attire kneeled at your bedside holding your lovable puppy up by the “waist” with a pair of fake reindeer antlers atop his head and a puffy red collar with jingle bells at the ends around his neck.

The outfit was one you had chosen for Cujo, despite Kylo’s immediate rejection of the idea.

Dogs don’t wear clothes!” he had insisted.

You slowly propped yourself up on your forearm, as you looked at Kylo and Cujo with a blank expression. Watching you intently, a look of adoration and desperation settled into Kylo’s face.

“Please. Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

Before you could stop it, a slow and genuine grin began to curl your lips at the corners, your eyes brightening a little at the sight of your “two boys”.

“Please (Y/N)…you know I hate to see you like this…I know I can’t do anything and…please.”

Sitting up a little more properly you sniffled, tilting your head slightly at the two of them. 

“You’ve done plenty.”

Kylo faintly smiled, the appearance of ease so evident in his features.

“I thought dogs didn’t wear clothes?”

“For you, if it makes you happy, I’ll make an exception.”

You smiled, “Even on Halloween?”

He snorted slightly, “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”

Your expression turned for a moment to one of no amusement.


You smiled once again, gently patting the space next to you on the bed.

“Enough with the sass. Come nap with me.”

Kylo nodded as he stood from his place on the floor, carefully lifting Cujo onto the bed with you both as he placed his leg onto the mattress. Settling under the covers Kylo brought himself close to you, instinctively wrapping his arms around you as he craddled your head to his warm chest. Sighing in relief as you heard his heart beat you finally relaxed, feeling your anxious nerves finally beginning to unwind.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

You shook your head with a faint sniffle against his chest, “I just want to sleep.”

Kylo nodded as he clutched you tighter to himself, gently rubbing your back.

“We can do that.”

Cujo wedged himself between both you and Kylo’s legs, managing to watch you both with his adoring gaze. With a little jingle, Cujo settled himself in, cuddling close to you both as you smiled down at the sight of him in his holiday attire. 

“So you didn’t trash it?”



“…Cause it makes you smile.”

You smiled against his chest, placing a chaste kiss to the little bit of exposed skin his tshirt gave you. With a faint sigh your eyes fluttered shut as you nestled close to Kylo, feeling far more secure and content here. 


I seriously love tsukki so much. He’s such a “dick” but he has really grown so much and though he is characterised somewhat as an enemy of the main babies (tobio + hinata), when he features, he’s one of the most human characters. I bet the idea of being “average” both hurts and comforts him, and that’s really important, because being human is all about the antitheticals, about struggling and succeeding, about coming to terms with your weaknesses/insecurities, and your strengths. He might still be in to the process of accepting himself but I will always be excited to see his further growth.

Also, he’s hella cute

i think kuroo would really, really like kissing tsukki on his forehead, like when they first see each other after a long week, or when tsukki is being unintentionally cute, or even when kuroo wakes up to the smell of coffee and finds tsukki on the couch, drinking tea with his legs pulled up.

tsukki always complains about how embarrassing it is, because kuroo is almost a centimeter shorter, so tsukki has to bend his head at an awkward angle every time just to indulge his sappy boyfriend.

but then, tsukki keeps getting taller and taller, and he downright refuses to lower his head to have his forehead kissed. kuroo refuses to back down, says, "that’s how it is then?“ and tsukki’s like yeah, so he says, “okay,” and then stands on his tiptoes to kiss tsukki’s forehead. this catches tsukki totally off guard, making him blush and think he must be ill to think that his gross boyfriend standing on his tiptoes is hella cute.