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Your husband, Sebastian is at the premiere of a good friends movie in London. He flew in from Ireland where he is currently filming, but you unfortunately were unable to attend due to your work schedule. While doing an interview on the carpet, the interviewer tries to get Seb to reveal information from your relationship. She asks him a few questions that he successfully dodges but when she tries again for the fifth or sixth time he decides to answer the question thinking that it will maybe get her to stop. “So Sebastian, you and your wife have been apart for what, a month now? How are you both keeping that spark alive?” Sebastian looks around him, before turning back toward the blonde interviewer. “Y'know, FaceTime, Skype, and phone calls once or twice a day, and lots of texting.” He says smiling and licking his lips, while shoving his hands into his pockets. The lady before him smiles, believing that she’s about to get some juicy information. “What was the last text that was sent between the two of you? Anything dirty lately? She smirks and pushes the mic towards Seb. He wets his lips again with his tongue and looks down at his feet, thinking about the texts that you sent him before he left the hotel. He almost started telling the hopeful woman about the pictures that you took before hand, but he catches himself. “Oh yeah, super dirty! It was my Spotify playlist.” The lady’s wide smirk falls but she covers up her agitation quickly before letting him go. When you talked to him later that night he told you about the whole ordeal sending you into a fit of giggles. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t tell her Mr, or else you wouldn’t get the pictures that I’m about to send you.” Sebastian’s breath hitches audibly causing you to smirk almost evilly. “Well,” he says seductivly, “this is going to be a good night.”