but katie wanted me to post them for some reason

Works in progress and requests

Yeah, I’m copying Katie. Sue me. I figured you guys deserved to know what I’ve been working on; especially since I haven’t posted any new work recently. Sorry about that.

I also want to officially extend an invitation for requests. (I know I already have a few waiting, but they are going to require some more thought and research to write them properly. I promise I haven’t forgotten about them.)

Anyways, this is what you have to look forward to:

Part 5 of Love Bites- Its been a slow process for some reason, this is my top priority to get done.

A new Misha series- This one may get long. It involves Misha finding your Tumblr page after you meet at a convention.

A Casifer series- I don’t want to give too much away on this one; but it’s a slightly different take on the idea of soulmates.

That’s it for now. If y'all have any other imagines or stories you’d like to see, let me know. 💕

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Going back to my dwd crack folder, I felt the need to repost some mustache edit I did back then.

They’re still relevant imho.