but katie lmao pls

I like to imagine this is how ac villagers react to furniture in the trees. Onwards!

@ scream fans:
audrey is a PROBLEMATIC fav. don’t forget that, especially after this weeks episode. i am the biggest audrey fan and i applaud bex’s acting every week, no matter how small, because she’s my baby cinnamon bun. but don’t forget she helped hurt her friends, she’s keeping things from them, she got stavo beaten up, and she’s been actively helping the killer since day 1. we’re all rooting for her, but don’t shit on people who are upset about what happened to stavo this week (his artwork was NOT okay, but he didn’t intend on showing anyone and he begged for them not to hurt him). help make this fandom a hate free one. & remember, my ask is always open ❣