but kate is special

The Yarborough is a type of knife awarded to Special Forces soldiers during their graduation, after completing Q Course. Each knife has a personalized serial number, which is absent on civilian versions of the knife.

Since Kate is for all practical purposes a Green Beret (and beyond), one of my headcanons is that she received her own personalized Yarborough after her Batwoman training was complete.

Where does she get these beautiful dresses? Is there like a special Kate McKinnon designer stash somewhere? UPDATE: See my latest post for actual designer info/new photos.


Knox: You guys don’t think I’m like…..uncool or something, right?

Misael: Well obviously we do, but literally all of us are uncool so you’re not special, mkay?

Kate: I’m cooler than everyone here but whatever.

Misael: Ignore her. You should hang out with us more! You seem like the kind of person that would fit in with us.

Knox: Hang out with my sister’s friends more often? Hmm, we’ll see.


So when Spidey catches a thief who stole presents for her family, he calls the police to barge in her home…

When, in the same situation, Deadpool and the Hawkeyes bought the thief presents and made sure his kid wouldn’t know his dad was going to prison.

Edgar + Annabel, Always You
Revelation: a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way. Edgar Allen Poe discovers something very surprising...

Annabel’s last line brought this song, “Always You” by Ingrid Michaelson, to mind immediately, and I felt compelled to create a visual to accompany it. I’ve been so inspired by these characters and the love between them that is  tangible and unmistakable, especially when brought to such a bittersweet conclusion. Shipwrecked has created something very special in Poe Party, and Mary Kate Wiles and Sean Persaud give depth and meaning to all the interactions of these beloved characters.

Poe’s revelation about Annabel inspired this video. Enjoy.