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“Even in the depths of the darkest oceans, some light always pierces through.”

I binged this anime on Netflix and it ruined me.  So of course I totally recommend it.  x) 


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 7

Aaaaand it’s time for the episode you’ve all been waiting for! Episode 7 is here and with it we get a massive amount of Victor character development! This meta will probably have a large focus on that journey but there’s definitely more to be found here than just comments on his coaching. Let’s just dive right in!

When I first saw the scene from this first gif, I was struck by how… not “Victor” it felt. Not because it was out of character – in fact, it’s more like Victor than the alternative – but because the fact that he stays in and sleeps to the last possible moment to avoid being social went so clearly against his cultivated extroverted public image. Victor plays himself off as being a lot more social than he actually is when in reality he enjoys his downtime and own space more than he openly lets on.

With this second gif, we get Victor and his forcefully cheerful smile, attempting to get Yuuri to listen to him and trying to cut off the crash and burn that it looks like he’s heading towards. Victor spends most of the episode doing this, but initially his methods are all smiles, comfort, and friendly suggestions for ways that Yuuri can help himself (even when he’s trying to be more forceful about it, like here).

But then the suggestions don’t seem to be working so he gets to thinking. What can he do to help Yuuri? We actually find him wondering this more than once in the space of this series, even as far as episode 11. Here, however, it’s a very immediate question. Yuuri is obviously spiralling, and fast. But Victor himself isn’t familiar with anxiety from a first person perspective. Everything he tries all have roots in things that have worked with Yuuri before – but now to no avail.

This fourth gif has always stood out to me, not because of the shot itself but because of the words that overlay it. Chris is mentioning how he never thought that Victor would leave the ice and find someone to protect. He, who has known Victor for roughly 10 years, has no idea why Victor made the choice he did. I don’t feel that this means that Victor’s actions are out of character for him, but more along the line that not even those closest to him know his true struggles and desires (thought this is in large part because Victor himself wasn’t entirely of what those were either). If Chris thinks it’s out of character for Victor to want to leave the ice then it’s clear that he didn’t realize how much Victor’s career was strangling him.

I chose this fifth gif for a couple of reasons. The first: I love his costume (and the Johnny Weir reference is on point). Secondly, I find it interesting that he takes gold at Euros during his Senior debut, which means he was really good for being only 17, but didn’t start his winning streak until he was 22. What this says to me is that there used to be a time when Victor had actual competition, people that could stand up to him. He’s not been the lone winner at the top during his entire career, just the latter portion of it.

I find this sixth scene particularly interesting because we never hear Victor yell. He’ll exclaim things out of excitement, sure, but never shout. At this point, he’s desperate enough to try anything at all, even if it means yelling to try and get through to Yuuri (since nothing else has seemed to work so far). I really do feel that Victor has tries everything he can think of to get Yuuri out of his own head and it’s not anyone’s fault that it just isn’t working (not even Yuuri’s own). But Victor isn’t about to give up on him.

Which leads us to the scene where everything comes to a head. Victor tries one last ditch attempt – raising the stakes for Yuuri’s performance in an attempt to imitate the risks that existed for the Onsen on Ice – and it all comes toppling down. I do actually believe that it was good that this scene happened, not just for character development and them learning about themselves/each other, but because it also finally let Yuuri release the stress he’s been carrying all day by yelling and crying it out. It’s also particularly interesting that Victor is so out of his depth the moment that tears are involved. Everything else so far he’s taken in stride, even when things weren’t working. Now though, he realizes just how out of his league he is in terms of knowing how to help Yuuri, and the apologetic walk featured in this gif exemplifies it perfectly.

For this seventh gif, I simply love how confused he is. He certainly understood the meaning behind the motion – that Yuuri forgives him – but he’s bewildered at the way Yuuri chose to send that message. Victor really does love surprises, and I feel that even the small gestures like this are part of why Yuuri attracts him so much. He can’t predict what form things will take with him because everything seems to differ from the norm. And little does he know that he’s about to get an even bigger surprise.

I’m particularly fond of this second last gif, and even more so with the updated version. You can see how amazed he is painted clearly on his face (and this is before the quad Flip too!). I wonder what Victor’s expectations were for this performance considering how Yuuri has been all day – did Victor think Yuuri would flop? Somehow scrape his way back into a decent standing? Rise to the challenge and blow them all away? As it turns out, we get the last, and we can at least say that, with the faces Victor makes, this wasn’t what he had expected would happen.

In this last gif – the moment before Victor jumps Yuuri with the biggest surprise yet (both to us as well as them) – I love how simple his expression is. The expression here just looks like a mix of pride and adoration. That Victor looks at Yuuri with this much love is what really tips us off that something big and important is about to happen, even before the sound is cut and we get the Yuuri POV camera panning to the ceiling. Yuuri wondered if Victor was angry or crying but the answer was actually neither. He was certainly overwhelmed, but then he channeled all of that into returning the favour to Yuuri with something meant to match his own surprise – a kiss on international TV in return for a quad Flip.

There’s certainly a lot to unpack in this episode and I know for sure that even after all we went through, there’s still tons more. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed these small bite sized bits of meta! Victor’s journey through this episode is definitely one of my favourites – even if you ignore the amazing ending of it – simply because of how he tries everything he can think of to calm Yuuri down. That alone says a lot about him and his feelings for Yuuri.

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Bonus because I can’t get over how cute his moment of realization is:

Countdown makes me even more convinced that Tim needs a better identity of his own. 

Jason as Red Robin: *has a meaningful reason for taking it up, it being designed by the Bruce Wayne of Earth-51 for his Jason, actual character development when taking up a ‘Robin’ identity for the first time since his resurrection* 

Tim as Red Robin: *picks it out of the dumpster after Jason was done with it and wears it because it belonged to the bad Robin and he was feeling edgy* 

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Not a request bUT ON THE TOPIC OF PUPS IMAGINE WHIRL WITH HIS OWN LITTLE SHIT ARMY. He has like half a dozen tiny pups that just laze around and act nothing like their sire. But then they just abruptly scream bloody murder at random intervals and no one can explain why other than they're Whirl's kids of course they'd be like this of course. He just stares down at them proudly like "Ah, yes, I made these." Everyone is suffering, especially Cyclonus. Can't sunbathe in peace anymore

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Shrieking babies!!! Yes!!!

I like to think that the worst part about the pups doing their Unholy Murder Shrieks is that they get louder whenever the liaison is there. The pod thought they were awful before? Wait until they hear the hatchlings reach a pitch that no pup should reach with their itty bitty baby lungs.

( Somewhere, out there, Soundwave is wincing and clutching his head in pain when he makes the terrible mistake to try and eavesdrop on the Lost Light pod to see how Megatron is doing. He is Suffering. )

Maybe it has to do with the fact the liaison once jokingly cooed at what a good screamer one of the pups was after they ruined one sunbathing session for poor Cyclonus. The liaison, in their attempt to divert attention from the cranky mershark, started cooing and complimenting the pups for their performance.

Big mistake.

It seems like the pups have taken it as a contest now to see who can scream the loudest, the longest, and the scariest in order to get praise from their carrier. Their favourite target to test on is, you guessed it, poor Cyclonus. Especially when he least expects it so there are some days he wakes up from a nap and sees the babies have formed a circle around him, their little mouths stretched out wide as they all take a collective breath before-

Cylconus has One Fear now. )

I just discovered that I never actually made a post saying what time I was going to do a liveblog this week!


I thought about it a lot to the point that I thought I had actually done that thing, but it turns out I didn’t. I didn’t do that thing. 

So uh, surprise liveblog time? Right now?

Do you ever just cry because Yoon Sanha has grown up so much and you are so proud of him?

as a comic reader I fucking loved justice league. I don’t care what the critics say if you’re looking for real dc character content the movie delivered. arthur was his skeptical, harsh self. barry brought perspective and life. diana grew and led. bruce was vulnerable and real. clark grounded himself in hope and brought the justice. victor said BOOYAH

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New Vegas Companions reacting to male courier confessing to having a crush on them? (Including The King and Benny please?)

If I accidentally refer to the Courier with ‘they’, sorry, it’s a habit at this point. Also, I’m REAL sorry but I don’t think I’d be able to write Benny realistically, I feel like he would react pretty much the same as when you try to black widow him. Also as far as I know, Veronica is only interested in women, so that’s how I’m gonna write her.

Arcade: After the Courier had confessed to Arcade, he could practically see the wheels turning in his head. It took some time for Arcade to process what he had just said; once he had, he was a nervous wreck. He covered his mouth in hopes of hiding his expression from him. Romance hadn’t really been on Arcade’s mind for a long time, so the Courier’s sudden confession hit him like a train. He inhaled deeply, “are you, certain of this?” He was clearly trying to avoid eye contact. The Courier assured him that he meant it. His assurance seemed to only make Arcade even more nervous; he put his hands on his cheeks and turned around. A solid minute had passed before he turned back around, “I’m- I’m really not sure how to respond to that.” Straining to keep eye contact, Arcade stood up straight, “if you would, please give me some.. time, to think about this.” The Courier told him that’d be fine, and any time after that, Arcade was much more conscious of both his and the Courier’s actions.

Boone: The Courier was watching intently as Boone kept guard over their little camp. Without warning, the Courier told Boone that he had a crush on him. Boone didn’t look at him right away, he was thinking of a response. He’d been so hung up on Carla for so long that he almost forgot what it was like to feel like anyone in particular. He finally looked at the Courier, “are you being serious?” The Courier’s response left no doubt that he was completely serious. Boone looked away again, “If you would, please allow me some time to think.” Boone isn’t a wordy person, so the Courier had no idea what could be swimming around in his head, either way he had to respect his space, and how much shit he’s already been through.

Ed-E: I’d be mildly concerned if someone had a genuine crush on Ed-E…

Lily: Lily is basically your grandma soooo

Raul: The Courier had asked Raul to take a look at his weapon, it’d gotten pretty roughed up. While Raul was working on said weapon, the Courier told him he liked him. Raul glanced at him, then back to the weapon. “Boss, I don’t know if I’m the kind of person you should feel so strongly about. I’m old” The Courier insisted that he liked him nonetheless. Raul sighed, “listen boss, I like you too, you’re an alright guy. I just don’t like you in the same way, I’m sorry.” The Courier wasn’t entirely surprised, but it still felt bad. Raul noticed how upset he seemed to be, “either way, I still enjoy traveling with you, so if it’s alright with you, I’d like to keep helping you out.” He finished repairing his weapon, and handed it to him with a smile.

Rex: n o.

Cass: The Courier and Cass had stopped for a drink, he saw this as the perfect time to confess his feelings for her. Cass’s initial response was just a scoff. There was some silence before she turned to him. “No shit? You really feel that way about me?” After confirming that he really meant it, she scoffed again. “Y’know, I don’t really know when the last time someone said they liked me was.” She looked at the cup of alcohol in her hands, “I’d be lying if I said I never thought about you in that way at all. I guess I just figured it’d never lead anywhere.” Cass sighed heavily and leaned back, “Ah what the hell,” she drank the rest of what was in her cup, “what do we have to lose?!”

Veronica: Veronica used any downtime she could to give her power fist a tune up. While she was busy working away, the Courier told her that he had something to get off his chest. “Yeah? What’s that?” She didn’t even look up. He confessed that he’s had a crush on her for quite some time; that was enough to grab her attention. Her cheeks reddened slightly, “Oh jeez, I uh, I don’t really know what to say..” While playing with her sleeves, she looked up at him. “I’ve never really had feelings for a guy or anything, so, I’m sorry…. Feel free to tell me everything that’s so likable about me though.” She smiled and laughed.

Vulpes: Vulpes was, needless to say, surprised to hear of the Courier’s feelings for him. Rather than giving an immediate reply, he just kind of looked off in the distance. Once he finally collected his thoughts, he looked back at him. “This is, certainly, an unexpected development.” He cleared his throat, mildly nervous. “I’m not, entirely sure how to respond. I can’t say that my feelings for you are the same, but I don’t think that it’s impossible for that to change in the future.” The Courier was, as expected, a little bummed out, but considering that Vulpes said he could change, it gave him hope.

The King: The Courier had decided it was time to pay the King a visit, so the two were sitting together, having a nice chat. The King’s sentence was interrupted by the Courier’s sudden confession, which left a surprised look on the King’s face. He looked at him, then to his own hands, “I appreciate your feelings. You’re a real stand-up guy yourself, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve already got plenty of rowdy boys to look after.” He gave him a warm smile. “Please don’t be afraid to drop on in every now and then though. I enjoy your company.”