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I honestly can't tell if the furry thing is a joke at this point after dans live show

ooooo boy. did dan convert phil into a furry. or did they both follow the same path of discovery at the same time?

wow is this what yall have been holding out on me till anons came back??? ahahaha well ive talked about the furry thing a lot on this blog (just search furry in the search bar) and to reiterate: i think its def feasible (maybe even likely?) that its not a joke just bc elements of what is now deemed furry culture were kind of just commonplace things on the internet back in the 07-10 era??? idk it wouldnt rly be surprising to me if they were into it on some level!!

(oh and to answer the second question, probs were into it at the same time, or phil was first)

HI !! okay i know i can never fully put it into words how grateful i am for everyone last night, reading through those messages ( there were over 150 holy shit ) really made me feel better / more ! okay about things and i want everyone to know that i really really really love you guys and i’m so sorry i put everyone through that it must have been so exhausting to deal with me but i just wanted to reiterate that you guys are the best mutuals in like the whole world heart heart heart ( i couldn’t find the heart emoji / was too lazy to copy and paste it so like pretend they’re there )

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Hux waking up and just not feeling it, but being a general he gets up anyway to go do his job but Kylo notices that Hux is having a bad day. He pulls Hux into an empty room and gets Hux to open up about whats wrong. Hux admits his insecurities about his body and explains that he doesn't think he has the right body to be a general so Kylo drags him to bed and kisses every single part of Hux and kisses every freckle across his body, making it his goal to make Hux forget his insecurities.

If we’re going off of what’s been established in the books about Brendol calling young Armie ‘weak’, ‘thin’ etc then I think it’d be a fair assumption that Hux would have insecurities about his body, even more so when he becomes involved with Kylo–who is thicc and strong and could absolutely bench press Hux if he wanted–so it only reiterates to Hux just how small he is. Thin, and not even the tallest man on the ship anymore.

But Kylo thinks everything is perfect. They fit together, Kylo’s big hands on Hux’s waist, Hux’s long legs around Kylo’s hips. It just works. And the showers of kisses that Kylo gives Hux’s body helps to reassure him that his father was wrong.

Fire Emblem Warriors thoughts

I’ve made no attempt to hide my utter disappointment at this game and I think I made a post some months back that I might be reiterating…but I just want to say it one more time to outline my issue not just with Warriors but with what I encounter quite regularly for being a fan of the older games. Oops. I mean an “elitist.”

In my opinion: Fire Emblem Warriors biggest crime is that it could’ve ended, or at least severely broken “this”. What is this? The split. That’s what “this” is.

Since Awakening/Fates and all that, the Fire Emblem fanbase has been split. Badly. Warriors had the potential to be a Fire Emblem game for everyone. It could feature characters from all across the series’ history that everyone could bond over.

New favorites, old veterans, nearly everyone could’ve potentially had at least one character that really resonated with them, surrounded by many more familiar and maybe even some unfamiliar faces.

You can’t account for every single sense of taste but you could go for most of them. Ignoring that stupid “too many swords” argument the devs tried to use, you don’t actually HAVE to feature every single Lord. I think a game like this would be far more interesting with more of the B-teams from across the series. Some Lords, some plot important characters, A LOT of B-team. Because those B-team characters are the ones that people really invest into on the side, beyond the main lords, beyond the central characters, everyone has those side characters they just love.

And again, I doubt this game could cover every game in the franchise but it could do more than 3, two of which are already related and all 3 of which connect to one another. Warriors stated it would have support conversations. But with these games and casts being so interconnected ALREADY, what’s the point? They’ve already supported with each other once before, that’s another prospect lost.

Going back to unfamiliar characters, new fans would see these cool old characters, much like how Heroes introduces old characters, and they’d be inspired to learn more about these characters and maybe even check out their old games. Which btw Nintendo, you could release the games digitally on the eShop to make money off these new interested parties. In this hypothetical scenario where you did something smart at least.

But of course, in reality, they decided NOT to do that. Catering almost exclusively to the new fans, the new games and ignoring almost ten games worth of heroes and villains, thus widening the divide even further.

The saddest part is that the idea of a Fire Emblem Dynasty Warriors game is not new. People have wanted this kind of game for YEARS! And for those fan who wanted to play as their faves from Tellius, Magvel, Elibe or anything before that! Jugdral, Archanea…their wish finally came true.

Fire Emblem Warriors is real!

And it is nothing at all like how they imagined.

When I regularly bring up my grievances, I’m told to shut up and stop being an “elitist” and given these types of responses otherwise.

“Awakening Saved The Series” every time I hear that I have to bash my head into a wall. What does that have to do with anything?

Look. I think Fates is trash. The worst FE game ever made. And I think Awakening is way to over hyped. It’s decent but many other FE games did what it did, BETTER. Did I want those games excluded from Warriors? NO.

I don’t like them and they definitely should not represent Fire Emblem as a whole, but they are the most recent games (not counting Echoes because idk why) there was no version of Warriors in my head that didn’t feature those games. I’m just so disappointed that they are the ONLY games being featured alongside Shadow Dragon.

Beyond that there is the “Wait for DLC” argument and that is a huge insult and unacceptable. If you are a huge Awakening fan imagine if no Awakening characters were going to be in this game. No one and instead you were told just to wait for DLC, that’ll fix it. That wouldn’t feel good now would it? See?

I’m just asking for a little bit of empathy from the new fans for the many old fans being screwed over by this game.

I’ve made my decision that I am not buying a game for a roster comprised only of 1/3 of characters I actually care about and I am not holding over for DLC. It’s a disgrace. It’s an insult. It’s a huge slap in the face. And while at times it makes me angry, it more often than not disappoints me.

When the announcement trailer released, I was hyped. This is a game, a concept, a crossover that seemed SO COOL! I imagined playing a game not unlike Hyrule Warriors but controlling characters I absolutely adore, heroes like Ike and the Greil Mercenaries (Mia stands out) or villains like Ashnard and the Black Knight! And that’s just Tellius! I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do with this game only to get “Shadow Dragon, Awakening, Fates” only shoved in my face.

Yes they said mostly. But you know why I don’t trust them? Because the same thing was said for the last Fire Emblem crossover. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

The game would feature Fire Emblem characters MOSTLY from Shadow Dragon / Awakening. Come release, ONLY those characters are in the game. Caeda, Cain, Draug and Navarre (Shadow Dragon), Chrom, Tharja and Virion (Awakening) fucking knock it off with tharja pls.

But you know what got me MOST excited in #FE? Seeing Ilyana as an NPC hostess for a restaurant. THAT did it, above all else.

This came out longer than I thought it would be but again this is the last big thing I’ll write over this whole Fire Emblem Warriors thing.

If you follow me on twitter, I’ll probably still reference it through retweets or some comments because I just can’t let go of my disappointment. But regardless of what I say, this is my biggest stance.

When DLC is announced I just know its going to be painful. At this rate, I’d rather the DLC as well be restricted to Shadow Dragon, Awakening, Fates. That’d be far less hurtful than seeing my favorite characters relegated to such a role.

I’d go back to playing Fire Emblem Heroes which understands how to represent the series even if Fates/Awakening still hold such a majority, especially since Sacred Stones finally got their banner…but my tablet no longer works so I can’t play it again.

I’m hoping to pick up Fire Emblem Echoes soon, since unlike Fates that looks like an FE game I’d actually enjoy and of course I am still cautiously optimistic for Fire Emblem Switch.

I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan for so long, despite the fact that I feel so bad about the series recently, I refuse to give up on it just yet. I’m hinging everything on what Fire Emblem Switch turns out to be like.

I’m looking ahead to that in 2018 for countless reasons.

small addendum

what the hell happened to the voice acting? in Awakening, I enjoyed the vocal performances. no one stood out to me as bad.

Fates? yeah…poor quality i’d say. Especially in Corrin’s smash trailer. wow that was bad.

but this? VA changes sure, but some characters have their old VAs and according to ppl more well versed in those characters, they don’t sound good. The less we say of the OCs performances the better.

Regardless of if you’re excited for this game or if you’re me who is staying as far away as possible, the voice acting leaves a lot to be desired.

god keep ur fucking kink meme shit out of ao3 tag y'all make this fandom even more insufferable than it already is and thats saying something!!! The kind of shit y'all post require a fucking trigger warning it doesnt belong in a safe space

Edit: nothing to change just came to reiterate that white people are freaks

I think we need to normalize the idea of marrying friends. I don’t mean in a “the best romantic relationships come from the best friendships” type way, though I do believe that’s true. I mean in a “I have zero romantic feelings for you, but I would totally spend the rest of my life committed to a future where you are my primary partner and maybe even raise a family together” type way.

Like, I don’t think it should be an aromantic-exclusive option, or a plan B when you and your best friend are still single at 40 and want to take yourselves out of the dating market.

I’ve heard it mostly as that backup plan, that “if I don’t find anyone, I’ll just marry Trish haha”, and I don’t think that’s even what I’m talking about normalizing. That’s a secondary outcome, seen as “giving up” on finding “real love”, and even if a pair of friends go for it, it’s plagued with this general feeling of “sub par”.

What I mean is that marrying a best friend (or having a committed intimate or emotional platonic relationship) should be seen as just as worth doing as marrying someone you’re in love with. It should be normal for teenagers to try as many committed friendships as they do romantic relationships. It should be normal for someone to say “this is my best friend and if everything works out, maybe we’ll move in together later” or “Trish and I have been roommates for two years now. We’re considering adopting soon, or Trish might carry a child!”

And as an aromantic person, it shouldn’t be strange for me to say “I prefer friendship to romance”. People should hear that and nod their heads like “that’s understandable. John feels the same.”

Hell, I see so many people expressing that they prefer their friends’ company to their romantic partner’s. “My friends understand me better and I think treat me better” and they’re expected to go home to this person, to marry and have kids with this person. It’s bizarre to me. Your platonic feelings for your friend aren’t inferior to your romantic feelings for your boyfriend, and if one of them treats you better than the other, I think you should probably rethink which one is your primary partner.

I also find it strange that it’s not more common in poly spaces for a friend to be considered a legitimate “partner”. In a world where friendships were just as likely to bloom into life partnerships as romantic relationships, I think polyamory would be much more commonplace. “I committed to Josephine about a year ago and now we own a home, but I fell in love with Joe about six months ago and we’re all trying to make it work.” Josephine shouldn’t have to worry about her partner leaving her for Joe just because their bond is romantic and therefore the “sensible” relationship to choose over the other.

I’m just ranting at this point, but I reiterate: committed friendships should not be seen as strange and “sad”, but as a legitimate option for a lifetime commitment. Not just for aromantics like myself, but for everyone. It should just be normal.

And not to be presumptuous, but I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking

It has come to my attention that, regrettably, there are certain exotic animal owners who knowingly and willfully try to hide the law and will attack those who share it openly online because they believe that knowledge of the law puts their “community” at risk of being busted.

Well I’ve never been a big fan of online bullies, much less online bullies who try to hide laws. So I’m gonna go ahead and remind all 8,100 of my beloved followers that the rabies vaccine in the USA is proven to work on domestic dogs and cats in clinical trials only. This means if you have an exotic like a raccoon, a fox, or a wolf or wolf hybrid and it bites someone, it can be forcibly removed from your care and destroyed so its head can be sectioned to test for rabies.

The rabies vaccine offers these animals NO legal protection even if it does actually prevent rabies, because the government does not recognize the vaccines efficacy on a legal level. This is the sad truth of the law. It isn’t scientific but it’s there.

This information is important to anyone ever considering adopting, fostering or even temporarily caring for an exotic mammal. Why certain people in these circles wish to keep such potentially fatal information hidden is beyond me.

So, again, I reiterate (just to make them mad) that the rabies vaccine offers no legal protection to an exotic such as a fox, raccoon, wolf or wolfdog if it bites someone. (Wolfdogs are occasionally treated like domestic dogs but dont count on it!)

Lack of knowledge of rabies control law can lead to tragedy for anyone responsible for exotics.


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.

edit 2: For those who aren’t aware, mark has seen this! just leaving it up. :P


In case you missed it. FBI director James Comey, when called to testify in a public hearing to the House Intelligence Committee revealed two key pieces of information today. 

 1), the most obvious and expected announcement being that there never was any evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump. Not that anyone *really* needed this confirmed, but he was the last line of defense for the White House to continue on with this entire farce. But I obviously don’t expect him to ever come clean about lying or apologize to President Obama. 

 2) More importantly, Comey also revealed that the FBI has an actual ongoing criminal investigation into Trump/Russia connections. 

Since July.

While Comey was writing letters about Hilary’s emails, the FBI was also investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and the Russian hack of the DNC. 

So just to reiterate, because this is new information, there is an ongoing FBI criminal investigation looking into possible links between the Trump Campaign and Russian hacks of the US election and attacking our nations democratic process.

In case you missed it

In this time where the world, as well as kpop is becoming more aware of the impact of mental illness. I’d like to reiterate just how important it is that we realize idols are not perfect and that we should not expect them to be. To be an idol, you have to be so incredibly brave because you really don’t know if you’re going to make it or if you’ll be left behind. And even when you make it, there is still a lack of clarity and you have endless expectations thrust upon you. So, thank you to all Idols, whether a trainee or debuted, because you are pursing your dreams and giving so much hope to others.

Braved D.W. to listen to Niall on the podcast.

– Initially he told the producer he wanted to pull back on ‘Slow Hands’ because he thought it was getting too wild/funky. The song is ‘a sexy one’ with a 70s/80s vibe. Has a big riff/electronic guitar moment. Niall said it basically took on a life’s of its own.

–Album is 50/50 split between uptempo and more stripped/guitar driven.

– Regarding the new label, wanted a fresh start and to see a different side of the industry. He has freedom to work at his pace, but he also has great support/backing in large numbers. Having a lot of fun.

– Anticipates all the guys will tour their solo music and that it will take about a year. No timestamp on 1D reunion. When the call comes, he will be there.

– Niall leaves it open that One Direction could possibly reunite as a trio after Dan wonders “what if one member decides not to return”. Says no one has discussed anything / no specific plans have been made. It’s too soon.

– Regarding Zayn rejoining the group, Niall said “the fans would love it” but reiterates that these conversations are just too premature.

– Group did not want to make Louis’ X Factor performance a media circus given the circumstances. Would have been cringy with pictures/PR. Kept things private. Highly emotional obviously. Said Louis was incredible. *sniff*

– SOTT is “very Harry”. He was listening to it before the podcast. Said Harry was genius on SNL. Very funny. His Jagger imitation was brilliant.

– The guys are still connected/try to stay updated with everyone’s moves and new music. Lives by Louis, has presents all picked out for Liam’s son and will probably see Harry record for James’ show.

– Unbelievable to watch James’ ascent on the Late Late show. Same with Ben. Going to the show feels like home. He gets his haircut there, lol.

– Not on Tinder. Online dating not for him. Usually gets set up / bumps into ppl at bars. Can be quite shy with the “odd butterflies”.

– Promo through May/June/July. Eager to get back to work. Got all the time off he wanted.

– James Blunt is favorite Twitter profile. Thinks Arianna Grande is genius on Snapchat with fans. Golf channel favorite TV. Traffic app is his fave. “oh God I live such an exciting life..golf and traffic.” lol

The exploits that have occurred in Day-Lewis’ eternal quest to remain in character are legendary: he broke his own ribs for My Left Foot, fought random strangers in Rome for Gangs Of New York, and learned to speak Czech for The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, just so he could speak with a Czech accent. Just to reiterate that: The man learned an entire language, just so he could then perform his lines in an entirely different language, but with just a touch of an accent. That’s fucking bonkers, no matter how you feel about art and cinema and wacky mustaches.

It’s all well and good for Day-Lewis; it’s fun to have a really nutty actor out there to win Oscars for us and maybe make some nice shoes while he’s at it. But now other actors have picked up that the best way to be truly great is to torture yourself. That’s why Jared Leto starved himself to win an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, and mailed used condoms to his co-stars to prepare for the role of the Joker. That’s why Adrien Brody dumped his girlfriend and ditched his life to be in The Pianist. It’s why Jamie Dornan followed a random woman to get in the head of a serial killer for The Fall. If you replaced the second half of most of the sentences in this paragraph with “and then began a police standoff that lasted three days,” it would fit just as well.

It’s all the same path that made Dustin Hoffman stay up for days (supposedly) to look exhausted in Marathon Man, even though he got thrown shade from Laurence fucking Olivier to JUST ACT. Acting is becoming a war of escalation over what an actor is willing to do in real life, instead of, you know, while acting.

5 Reasons Why Method Acting Should Be Laid To Rest

Libra & Emotion ♎️🎭

(I’m not a professional but I’m a Libra Sun, Libra Moon, with Libra Dominance, and a 7th house stellium so I think this comes from a place of first hand experience)

Libra suns, like other air signs, do tend to detach from their emotions but not in the same way. Libra hates conflict. They hate tension and uneasiness. They need stability and reliability. Because emotions can be unpredictable, Libras feel the need to water their feelings down. Think of it as a filter. They try to rationalize and sort each emotion, find out the source, and put it into its proper place. So say if someone was rude to Libra, instead of reacting like their sister sign Aries would, Libra would accept the rudeness and then continue about their day thinking how and why that happened.

Libra also tends to put their feelings on a larger context. They ask themselves, I feel this way because this happened to me, but doesn’t everyone feel this exact way when this happens? So by concluding that everyone experiences a certain feeling, Libra decides they don’t need that feeling. If emotions don’t help a Libra, they get rid of them. And by get rid of them, I mean they either try to rationalize them so they don’t exist or they just try to ignore it.

Libra will ‘reject’ feelings if they do not believe they have the right to feel that way. For example, if a single Libra sees a cute couple they might have a pang of envy and feel resentment towards the couple in love. But then Libra will go “oh this is just my own bitterness, they haven’t done anything wrong, I’m just being unreasonable” and they’ll tell themselves to stop feeling like that.

Libra will also pick and choose what emotions to experience based on their environment. This sounds really weird I know. But if they’re in a group and everyone is wild and goofy and impulsive, Libra will match their behavior and try to match their emotions. For example, I won’t be excited about a something until someone else is and I feed off their energy.

Libra moons are a little more difficult to understand. They filter their feelings based on what’s “just and proper,” what benefits those around them, and what benefits themselves. Libra moon will choose to delete emotions they don’t know how to deal with. They also tend to never talk about their feelings. Or, and I’m guilty of doing this, will complain about small things so that their friends won’t ask what’s REALLY wrong on a deeper level (because if I never complained about anything, they would be concerned). Libra moons will avoid talking about their feelings. They like to help others though and by helping others, they learn about themselves. They can sometimes act as therapists, asking others how they feel about a certain situation and then those Libra moons will apply what they learned to their own lives.

After talking to other Libra moons on here, I’ve learned that I’m not alone in that Libra moons often feel hollow. Like there’s a cavern in our hearts. Most days it feels unfillable. Our emotions can overwhelm us and so we feel numb. Happiness is dulled, sadness is dulled until everything feels “meh.” There are many days when by all accounts we should be happy or excited but aren’t. It’s like eating bittersweet candy. You don’t really understand the flavor. It has both the sweetest and the sour mixed up together. Our emotions get all jumbled up together, we have trouble trying to separate them because we see how things can have both pros and cons.

Many Libra moons (and suns and 7th house stelliums) feel a continual longing. Specifically, longing for a relationship. There’s an incessant need for partnership, for a companion, to be understood. When that isn’t being fulfilled, it makes our lives imbalanced, throwing our emotions even farther off balance. At the end of the day, despite deflecting attention onto others, we secretly need love and a lot of it. The angsty phrase “I build walls just to see who cares enough to climb over” really applies here. Yes, we give other people a lot of attention. Part of that is to weed out who just likes us to listen and who actually wants to listen to us. We sort out the people who use us for validation from the people who actually care about us. When we find that there’s way more people who only use us, we can become depressed. There’s nothing quite as disheartening to a Libra moon than realizing that all your friends and family don’t ever stop to genuinely wonder how you’re doing. Despite Libra being called the fakest sign, we put that front up on purpose just to see who’s brave enough to look underneath. And unfortunately, very few people are willing to do so. Libra is a people pleaser and will seek companionship even if it is only superficial, but we will never be satisfied until we get that soulmate level connection we are looking for.

EDIT: thanks to @airmom I was reminded of a couple more key features When we do accept our emotions for what they are, it can be extremely hard to let go of them. It becomes like a grudge. Years can go by but when reminded of a situation, our feelings are just as strong as the day it originally happened. Libras tend not to hold grudges, but when they do, they hold them forever. Betrayal really hits home with this sign. If you betray a Libra’s trust, they may act like everything’s fine, they might still be friends with you, you might never even know your actions upset them, but Libras will never truly forgive you for it. This type of resentment just builds up over time. And Libras know logically that they should just get over it, but won’t. (Never tell a Libra “That was years ago, just get over it.” We can’t. We won’t. We’ll hate you for saying this because it implies we haven’t tried. We’ve tried moving on, and we already water down so many of our other emotions, just let us have this, ok?) Libras also will push to the side stuff they don’t want to deal with. They shove it into their closet so to speak. They won’t speak about it or acknowledge that it’s even there. But eventually the closet gets full and it all comes bursting out. Libras can be volcanoes. One little thing can set them off. If a Libra ever snaps seemingly out of nowhere, it’s because they’ve put off dealing with their emotions. Likely, they’re not mad at one little thing, but rather a whole month or year’s worth of frustrations. So if a Libra yells at you, it’s best just to shut up and listen. If they’re in this frame of mind and you start arguing back, they will never ever ever open up to you again. If a Libra actually trusts you enough to tell you what they’re feeling and you try to argue with them or put the blame on them, know that you’ll never earn their trust back. Ever. The next day they might act completely normal, but know this is a front and that they are mentally stabbing you. Again I just want to reiterate here that Libras do not often publicly express their anger (for fear of how others will react) so if they cry or scream in front of you, they’re at their most vulnerable and need your support. Most of the time, support in that situation is just shutting up and listening. Don’t give advice unless they ask. Just nod. Just care. And if they’re up for it, give them a hug. Not a wimpy one. A real hug. Squeeze them and tell them you love them. Libras just want to be understood.

Libras (especially moons) are daydreamers. This is a way out of dealing with reality. Libras escape in their fantasies. They write novels, direct movies, become superheroes, act out music, etc all in their heads. They’ll imagine real life situations over and over. This is why when things don’t go according to plan, they’ll become frustrated. Sometimes they just wish people could read their thoughts because it’s just hard to communicate them. The on,y time you’ll ever find a Libra unfiltered is in their fantasies. It’s the one place they let themselves be free and selfish. The world demands so much of them, their daydreams are their only escape. Libra has a strong martyr complex too. If they can’t find their inner peace, they’ll help you find yours. If they can’t be happy, they’ll try to cheer you up. If they haven’t laughed in ages, they’ll tell jokes until your eyes water and stomach hurts from giggling. They know what hollowness is like, what chaos and imbalance and self hatred is like. They help you be strong so they can tell themselves they will be strong one day too.

Because Saturn exalts in Libra, many Libras feel extreme self-hatred, unworthiness, guilt for no reason, and fear they will be dependent forever. This complex relationship between Saturn and Venus (which is Libra’s main ruler) creates tension. There’s a pull between wanting the beautiful things out of life like clothes, romance, confidence with feeling like they are undeserving of it. — Please be gentle with Libras.


Anyway, I hope you understand. And to those with my phone number, I’d appreciate it if you told me how you got it so I can stop it (11)

from happening again in the future. To be clear, I won’t be reacting to or reading any more Katie related tweets. Sorry, but that’s (12)

The way it has to be. And to the girl who texted me, Just to reiterate, message me again and I’ll put your name here. #NotJoking (13)

And to all the brill fans who know the difference between reality and television, take care and thanks for the nice chats. #ByeBye (14) -Rudhraigh McGrath (Katie’s brother) (x)

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I was reading a Clexa fic and the writer of the fic just made Clarke a lesbian instead of bi and it made me so mad to have someone else erase one of the only examples in media we have. I immediately wanted to have a bi erasure discussion with you. Like, I get people can make things canon how they want, but I feel like people always act like bi people don't exist anyway.

it’d be the same thing as writing ace characters as gay or a lesbian as bi. characters’ marginalized identities are important because of the representation they provide and with bi people it’s no different. people LOVE to say “where are bi people in history what have they done?” well, been erased, for one.