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How did you improve your eczema?

Plenty of drinking (tea, water), adjusting the sweet stuff to decent amount per day and building immune system worked out best for me . For immunity I started drinking goat milk instead of cowsmilk. It’s much healthier and less risky (though smelly and the taste you gotta get used to), the risk of lactose intolerance is near zero with it (cats, babies, whoever can drink this safely). Goat bodies are able to process a lot of eaten things and the effects of their food is strengthened in their milk. I switched to it during a very difficult time and though it took a few months, the effects and improvement was HUGE. I advice not giving up on cowmilk fully though, because your body won’t be able to process lactose after a while… Milk is in lot of foods and products - you can’t really run away from it completely. So it’s best to drink goatmilk instead of cowmilk, but still consume cowmilk, processed in other foods or in coffee etc. In small doses, so you won’t have stomachpains after drinking/eating cowmilk products after a long pause. A lot of people say it gets better with age or more stable hormones - so that can play a role too! So basically… (, less cowmilk/white sugar/stress and more balance in diet (some foodsinning allowed without worry) and drinking/vitamins and immunesystem building can help immensely! Hope it gets better for you if you’re battling the illness!

I wonder if he wears slippers around the house and what surahs he likes to read during salaah and what his last thoughts are before his eyes close for the night.
I wonder what his ittar smells like and what his hair feels like and what his voice sounds like early in the morning.
I wonder if he prefers texting to calling or listening to recitation almost as much as reading and if his mother ever sang him lullabies when he was a child.
I want to know what he feels like when he hears the rain pouring and whether he appreciates the beauty of creation when he sees the birds soaring.
I wonder why I love a stranger with all my heart
and why someone who doesn’t even know my name
means more to me, than I mean to myself.

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Lutz, you love food right? What's your three most favorite foods?

“Oh boy! as someone who’s passion is food (I LOVE FOOD) I cannot pick any favourites! but these are three dishes I REALLY enjoy:

  • Sauerbraten with Spätzle, @ask-baden makes the best!! (marinated pot roast with a sort of pasta??)
  • Bratwurst, obviously i mean look at how good that looks!! 
  • Schweinsbraten with Knödel (Roast pork with dumplings) 

Now, there’s a lot more of my country’s food I enjoy, but these are just so good!”

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Why waste $25 on a pose I'll use maybe 5 times? I could waste $25 on pizza! Or fries!

right!! i spend my money on a lot of stupid shit (i mean i bought a barbie a couple months ago simply bc she had pink hair and green eyes like me) but $25??? for??? a pose???? that pose better come with a milkshake from a mcdonalds where the ice cream machine isn’t broken and like, a gift card to applebees for half price happy hour

my professor showed up THIRTY FIVE MINUTES LATE today and proceeded to lecture to the FIVE students who were still there (including me and kristin) and kept making weird jokes abt me bc she “doesn’t have children to tease anymore” I’m screaming?? I love her ajsjdhd

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sorry if i missed you saying it earlier, but what are you watching that's got all this glorious gav x trevor content??

overtime shootout number two!!!


i really really really hate that when I try to research anything relating to human digestion or eating habits (ya know, medical/biological information) i get almost exclusively diet, weightloss, and fake nutritionist sites as my result instead of anything actually relating to what is healthy for us. i dont want to know how long i can go without eating and how much weight I can lose, i want to know how often i should eat because my body won’t tell me when im hungry!

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Sama: fuck everything i just wanna curl up and die
Koorii: pets you
Koorii: :(
Sama: idk if the fact it comes and goes by the minute is better or worse

Koorii: comes 2 cuddle you during break between kills
Sama: currently in a “maybe i want to live” moment lol
Sama: i h8 it when cramps leap out of a dark alley and beat me up for my lunch money

Aaaand I’m back after a century of inactivity. Here’s a quick fan art of Hana eating some Cup Noodles. 

Now, watch as I leave for another decade. 

do people still read tags?

This is one of the most shallow reasons for why Kara and Lena are a great match (especially because there are so many great non shallow reasons) but I love that Kara won’t have to worry about spending any extra money she has on food because Lena’s a damn billionaire. I know it’s a running gag about how much Kara loves food but she honestly needs a lot of it.

Kara probably has a semi decent income from CatCo but with all her expenses and the fact that she most likely isn’t paid by the DEO, every leftover penny goes to making sure she gets enough calories, especially after she becomes Supergirl and starts using her powers on a daily basis. That’s a ton of food she has to buy in order to balance out how many calories she burns.

But she never wants Lena to think she’s using the woman for her money. Never. So she insists on splitting the bill or ordering much less than she needs if Lena insists on paying and Lena finds it so damn frustrating because why won’t her best friend let her pay for her food???

Until one day it just clicks for Lena after she’s told the Supergirl secret and has done the calorie math in her head and God Kara how are you able to afford all the food that you need? and the next day when Kara walks into her apartment, she sees that Lena has finally used the key she was given to completely overstock Kara’s kitchen with all sorts meals, snacks, protein bars, etc., with a simple note on the counter saying Let me know when you’re running low and it’s stupid but Kara finds herself getting emotional at Lena’s complete acceptance of who she is.

do u ever spend literal days thinking about the baffling layers of nested self-aware satire in this single four-word caption in the Slayer’s Cake commercial because I do